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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. a jury in perugia delivering the deliberating the fate of amanda knox right now, following her emotional courtroom plea. we're live in italy, awaiting the verdict. on second thought. sources tell nbc news new jersey governor chris christie is giving "serious reconsideration" to running for president, and we could know his final answer in 24 hours. we'll have exclusive new information. and two princes, rarely seen video of william and harry, just 3 and 1, enjoying some private
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time with their parents. >> right, fine, thank you. >> you've got to try to do the piano. >> a glimpse into their royal family life. "today," monday october 3rd, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> that was pretty cute with the princes at the piano. >> he keeps hitting the keyboard. meantime it's a pretty emotional day in perugia. amanda knox has been fighting back nerves and tears as she addressed the court radioment in italian this morning, proclaiming innocence for a murder she did not commit.
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>> she called the charges totally unfair and said the past four years have caused her to lose friends and trust in authorities. we expect a verdict in a matter of hours. nbc's lester holt was inside the courtroom as amanda spoke. he'll have the latest live from perugia just ahead. also ahead the tragedy has struck anderson cooper's new show. a teenager lies in a coma after he was asked by a producer to record himself doing skateboarding tricks. he fell and suffered an injury. what anderson cooper says about the incident coming up. a husband captures the moving moment when his 29-year-old wife was born deaf hears her own voice for the very first time. >> it's exciting. >> he posted it on youtube for their family and one week it's already been viewed more than 4 million times. we're going to show you more and
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talk to that couple exclusively coming up. >> imagine the way her world has opened up since that operation, incredible stuff. let's begin though with deliberations now under way at the murder conviction appeal of amanda knox. lester holt spent the morning in court, lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the jury, six jurors, two judges deliberating right now. what an emotional day. the tension of the courtroom was palpable. i was standing at the front of the spectator area behind amanda knox's parents when she walked into the room. i think every one of us reacted to the site of her escorted in there. she appeared unsteady on her feet, when she spoke she began to break down almost immediately then found her voice, she followed raffaele sollecito. by the time they were finished, matt, at least one juror i saw was in tears. my colleague, keith miller, has been following this case from the beginning, he's outside the
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courthouse now where the deliberations are taking place. let's go to keith for more on what was said in court. keith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. well with the words "i have not killed, i have not raped, i was not there," amanda knox delivered her declaration of innocence before throwing herself on the mercy of the court. italy's longest running courtroom drama was broadcast live to dozens of countries, and attracted hundreds of journalists. the knox family remained upbeat right to the last moment. >> i amñi very hopeful. >> reporter: making the long journey from prison, amanda knox and her final presentation to the court declared her innocence. speaking fluent italian, the 24-year-old student from seattle insisted she is not guilty of any crime.
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in a voice breaking with emotion, knox said "i don't want my life taken away from me, because i am innocent." choking back tears, knox says she is paying with her life for something she didn't do. her co-defendant and former boyfriend also spoke to the judge and jury. raffaele sollecito said he had been living in a nightmare, in slow, measured tones. he declared he had nothing to do with the murder of knox's roommate, meredith kercher. he described his former girlfriend, knox, as sweet, beautiful, and shining. in a highly symbolic move, sollecito showed a bracelet he wears inscribed with the words "free amanda and raffaele. now is the moment to take it off" he said.
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both defendants denied knowing rudy guede, convicted in the murder and sex out assault of meredith kimpber. guede claimed he didn't kill kercher but his dna was discovered at the crime scene, mixed with the blood of the victim. today in a final plea from knox's defense lawyer, he repeated that there is no evidence his client had anything to do with the crime. it was an emotional and dramatic conclusion to a criminal prosecution that has spanned almost four years. the crowds are already gathering outside the courtroom here, even though the judge did announce he wouldn't be back before 8:00 tonight with a verdict, and lester, as we know, that's about seven hours from now but we expect the crowds to stay here because this case has such incredible intensity and interest, not just in perugia but around the world. lester? >> and keith, as we were leaving the courtroom, news conferences
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began outside and suddenly the blair of sirens, two prison vans carrying amanda knox and raffaele sollecito passed. both have been taken to prison 20 miles from here, the prison where amanda knox has been held. we were told we'd get about an hour's notice, part of the time requiring them to transport them from prison back into the heart of perugia. one other thing that is a subject of some conversation the judge gave admonition to the spectators you'd hear in any courtroom, no big reaction when the verdict is announced but he used the words "no cheering" when the verdict is announced, was he telegraphing where he thinks this might go. we should find out as keith noted perhaps as soon as our time tonight. >> lester is going to be talking to some of amanda's friends who
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were in italy, for the moment. we talk to samantha guthrie and an italian journalist in perugia, proxilla. proxilla, you spent a lot of time in this courtroom, often sit right behind amanda knox's parents and translate for them as this proceeding continues in italian. what was their reaction to watching their daughter deliver her statement today? >> well, it was a very emotional reaction, matt. the mother was in tears. the father looked around and looking for someone to explain what was being said, especially for as far as rafaelle is concerned. the family are english speakers and don't have anyone who translates the proceedings, sitting there watching their daughter making the appeal of her life and don't know what's
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being said so everyone tries to help out and translate for them. >> praxilla what did you make of the judge's instructions to the spectators not to cheer, do you think he was telegraphing where he thinks this is going? >> well, in the first degree, the judge told the court that he wanted respect for the victim and that things should proceed quietly, but a term like "cheering" was not used. cheering, i can't see a guilty verdict being cheered by anyone. >> praxilla, thank you. savannah, the system is different than here. we have the judge and assistant judge. the judge will be the foreperson of the six-person jury. does that make this more predictable than if it's all laypeople? >> i always am careful about predicting cases in this system and in the italian system all the more so because there's so much evidence and other stuff that comes in. what most people say when you
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have professional judges, as we do here, the foreperson and the assistant judge and lay jurors, is that generally those professional judges hold more sway over the non-professional jurors. one would think that a professional judge would be more likely to look at the evidence in this case and not be swayed by some of those character attacks we've heard. >> something else about this jury, there are five women on this jury. i guess that could go either way. you got amanda knox obviously one of the defendant was a woman and also the murder victim was a woman. >> female jurors tend to be harder on female defendants in this country so we'll see if that holds up. >> praxilla, best case scenario for the family and parents of amanda knox, if she wins on appeal, how quickly might she leave the country? >> well, she could leave immediately the country as soon as she could physically get on a flight, which could mean a
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private jet close by to a nearby capital or directly to a commercial airport. >> if the prosecution loses this appeal, might they try to go at this again or are they allowed to legally in italy? >> well, menini told nbc should the decision be upturned he is considering strongly to appeal to the supreme court, but matt, the only thing i wanted to point out is that we've always been talking about upturn, overturned or confirmed. now, there are other options, and whether it's overheld and the sentencing is increased or reduced, or that their positions are divided, one is concted and one isn't and there's a last case which would make the italian judicial system fave face, for a slander conviction and the initial decision for murder and sexual violence overturned which would justify
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amanda's four years here in prison in italy. >> all right, praxill praxilla trabbatoni, and savannah thanks to you as well. let's bring back lester holt on the scene, you've got more on the family and friends of amanda knox. >> reporter: the entire family is here, andrew, and jessica nichols are here from washington. andrew you were dorm mates freshman year with amanda knox. by now you've heard the translations of anything that happened in the courts. anything raise or lower your expectations? >> amanda did a great job laying her heart out on the line saying she didn't do this, and the four years she's been in jail have been just absolutely terrible for her and it's been a real violation of her freedom and she's just hoping they waive
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her. >> she started out saying "i'm not the person you've heard so much about." we've gone into great detail of some of the horrible things said about her character. was it important to show not only she's not that person but she has grown, she has matured in. >> she, they used so much of her behavior, she has grown into a competent mature person is part of what matters to her because she wants them to see she's experienced this on a deep level and this person they've made her out to be is not who she has ever been. >> her family and supporters have been down this road before, crushing disappointment, the pretile decision, then the verdict. i know hopes have been raised based on missteps with the scientific evidence, but is there a sense this will go the way that her supporters want or you could be disappointed again in. >> i'm as hopeful as i've ever been in my life but at the same
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time that fear of it happening again weighs on me and i think it weighs on everyone. >> reporter: her family thinks they're taking her home today in. >> i think they are. >> reporter: she's lucky to have friends like you supporting her. >> thanks for having us. >> lester, thank you very much. we'll have more from perugia a little later and hear from some of amanda's family who are anxiously awaiting decision in herseattle, washington. here's ann. now to politics and the 2012 presidential race. is the gop going to expand? new jersey governor chris christie is close to making a decision. jamie, good morning. there's been grow egg speculation over the last two weeks, so what is the latest? >> nbc news learned governor christie may be one step closer to getting in the race and giving it "serious consideration." i'm told he spent this weekend discussing it with his family,
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his top advisers and that protectively, they are now looking at what it would take to put together an organization, raise money and do a roll-out, and i'm told that he's taking a little more time this week to think about it, but it is serious. this is not just having meetings with partyt( leaders or donors. he is actively exploring the steps necessary to move ahead. i'm also told his family is on board if he decides to go, and that he has asked several people who were about to endorse other candidates to please hold off until wednesday. so if today is monday, and my math is correct, that means we should know something in the next 24-48 hours. >> jamie, i don't know if there has been a candidate who has been more adam ant saying he will not run. let me queet him "i simply do not have the desire to do it more do i think i'm ready." he has also said "what do i have to do short of suicide to let
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people know i'm not running." >> i think it's been a buildup of people lobbying him and frankly i think he looked at the field, the race, and he became more convinced that all of the reasons he said he would not run were now less of a consideration. that's if he gets into the race, and you know, we heard him last week at the reagan library, when a woman in the audience really begged him to run. his answer was not an accident. he said, "i'm listening. i'm feeling it, too." so this has been serious for a couple of weeks now. >> all right, jamie gangel, thank you for your reporting on this. it's been interesting. >> thanks. let us get the rest of the top stories from samantha guthrie, at the news desk. natalie morales is on assignment. on wall street several hundred people were arrested over the weekend during
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demonstrations on the brooklyn bridge. michelle franzen is in manhattan with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. demonstrators are beginning their third week of protest here, sleeping out and camped out at this park near wall street, their message of discontent over the economy and big corporations is still taking shape but their movement is gaining more attention each day. >> banks got bailed out! >> reporter: protesters fed up with the economy and social inequality turned out en masse over the weekend, demonstrators including this former marine who says despite having a job he's worried about the future. >> i barely make enough to pay my way. i don't pay my student loans every month because i can't afford it. >> reporter: voicing discontent and marching for change. some several hundred were arrested for blocking traffic on brooklyn's bridge saturday. growing tensions along with a movement that has taken off in
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the past few weeks with protests spreading to other cities around the country. >> we'll never be defeated! >> reporter: uprisings overseas have empowered protesters to speak out. >> those movements, those revolutions led by young people and i think they've been unemployed and wondering what to do so i think that's another, let answer say inspiration for why they are sitting in now. >> reporter: near wall street, a park serves as base camp, where the grassroots efforts of community organizing and traditional media have merged with savvy social networking. >> it's becoming more and more organized each day and we're building the infrastructure and then every day we get bigger and find out our infrastructure is inadequate. >> reporter: those numbers are expected to grow here in the park, with protests today and they've also got the support over the last few days of major unions, and we could see the biggest rallies later in the week, savannah, where they're expected to turn out and show
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support. >> michelle franzen, thank you. defense secretary they. leon panetta arrived in tel aviv. he addressed friday's drone attack that killed several top al qaeda leaders saying it will make operations more difficult for the terror group. he acknowledged he did not know if al qaeda's top bomb maker was among those killed in the strike amid some conflicting reports on that. the high wire survey for earthquake damage at the washington monument is on hold today because of safety concerns. this weekend a climber was tossed around by a wind gust, blowing him away from the monument and then slamming him back into it. climbers have been rappelling down the monument to assess damage from the earthquake back in august. it's 7:19, back to ann and matt and al. >> feel of fall etting snow in central pennsylvania and the
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mountains of west virginia. as we look right now here in the northeast, cooler conditions, upper level low bringing showers pinwheeling around it. some areas picking up from one to two inches of rain from new york all the way up into boston. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. a chilly one outside. we have showers falling across some of the neighborhoods. 49 degrees right now with a calm wind. as far as the rest of the day goes, more of this. you can see the showers rotating through prince george's county, anne arundel county and more pushing into loudoun county, rappahannock and culpepper. a wet up with today, going up to a high temperature of 56 to 57 degrees. >> and this that's your latest weather. to a tragedy facing anderson cooper's new talk show, a boy who was supposed to be on a guest in an upcoming show now lies in a coma. nbc's peter alexander has the
7:21 am
details on this. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. the show was supposed to focus on teenage minds and risky behavior. things went terribly wrong when a teenager on a skateboard was badly injured. just three weeks into anderson cooper's new show "anderson" a terrible tragedy. a source close to the show tells nbc news a teenager now lays in a coma after the producer asked the boy to record video of himself for a segment on the science of the teenage brain. >> our source says one of anderson's producer encouraged one of the teenagers to film all of the "crazy stuff" he does, and shortly before the teenager was to appear on the show he was injured in a skateboarding accident. >> reporter: the teenager whose identity remains undisclosed reportedly sustained a head injury after doing a trick and falling from his skateboard. the accident has many asking did the producer encourage dangerous
7:22 am
behavior? >> the principle "do no harm" applies not to physicians and nurses but to tv producers, too. >> reporter: a representative from the anderson show released the following statement. "as part of our routine process, we ask guests for video footage and photos. we did not provide the family with a camera. we're very concerned about him and are thinking of him and his family at this time." >> one of the things my source said to me is that this accident occurred and that anderson was personally "distraught" about the situation. >> reporter: the tragedies like this one aren't new to television. in 1995, a guest on "jenny jones" was murdered after revealing his secret crush on a friend and on "nancy grace" a guest committed suicide after taping a combative interview with the host. and now as a teenager lays in a coma, some critics are already calling for a new standard in
7:23 am
television. >> even if it is legal for television producers to do these sorts of things, to encourage guests to place themselves in harm's way, it's not ethically intelligent. ethics holds us to a higher standard and that's a standard that television producers should be following. >> we did reach out to anderson cooper as well who released the following statement, "i was very saddened to hear the news of this accident and want to express my deepest concerns for the teenager who was injured. i take this situation seriously, and my thoughts and prayers for his health, well-being and recovery are with him and his family." matt? >> all right, peter alexander, thank you very much. just ahead, how is dr. conrad murray feeling as his trial tied to the death of michael jackson enters its second week. his former administrative assistant had a chance to speak with him before she testifies later this week. with him before she testifies later this week. we'll talk to her
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unforgettable moment when a deaf woman hears her own voice for the first time. plus young princes william and harry playing with their family. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk. good morning. it's 7:26 on this monday, the 3rd of october. i'm joe krebs. we have a cold morning. meteorologist veronica johnson las the forecast. good morning. >> our temperatures right now are in the mid and upper 40s. we've got light showers falling throughout the area. we'll see the showers rotate through all through the day. it's going to be overcast and wet and feeling a lot like mid november still. even this evening stilt showers will be continuing the make their way through. we'll drop down to the upper 40s again. take a look at your four-day
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forecast. tonight 66. the system blows out of here. closes to 70 starting on wednesday. nothing but sunshine through the weekend. >> veronica, thanks very much. we'll ta
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good morning. i have a report of an accident. this is 295 north at the 11th street bridge. delays for you traveling 295 north start from the beltway and continue to the 11th street bridge. also 270 jammed at shady
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7:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 3rd of october, 2011, and it's beginning to feel a lot like fall here in the northeast, just 49 degrees now or so on the plaza, and these people don't seem to mind. i saw lenny with a hat and coat on for the first time of the season. i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. just ahead two of the most watched trials in the world right now. in the moment we go to seattle, washington, the hometown of amanda knox, friends and family are gathering to
7:31 am
watch the verdict, the verdict could come at any hour. >> we'll get the latest from the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. this week we'll hear from dr. conrad murray's former assistant and coming up we'll be talking to her exclusively. what would it be like to hear the sound of your own voice or the sound of your child's life for the first time in. >> a new medical implant is allowing a 29-year-old mother to experience something the rest of us take for granted. you can see her emotional reaction, also when that device was turned on. >> maybe you can put it down for a second. >> let us begin in this half hour with today's much anticipated verdict in the appeals trial of amanda knox. nbc's stephanie gos somethik is seattle, wash waington, stephans hometown. >> reporter: they were waiting,
7:32 am
sometimes crying glued to the television screen during the final statements especially amanda's statement. in front of the television set there are three photos, a photo of amanda knox, raffaele sollecito and meredith kercher, the student who was killed and three candles. there is not just hope but expectation for acquittal. we spoke to a number of people after the final statements and gave us their opinion on amanda herself and the status of his case. >> she's grown up a lot. you know, she was just a couple months out of her teens when this happened. she was a little kid, and she's a young woman now. >> i think if she said there wasn't an acquittal we would be amazed, and flabbergasted really, and i -- it seems that it's not in the realm of possibility. >> reporter: a lot of the people in this room have been
7:33 am
organizing support groups for amanda now for four years. a lot of the groups helping for funding some of the expenses of the trial. they say they raised as much as $100,000. there's a lot of anger here in this room as well, anger at the italian justice system and some anger at the u.s. government, anger the u.s. embassy in rome hasn't done enough to help amanda but right now the focus is on this verdict, matt, and they are waiting anxiously to hear what it may be. >> we'll have to find out how long a wait that will be. stephanie gosk in seattle this morning, thank you very much. 33 after the hour. here's ann. >> matt, thanks. now to the trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray entering its second week after opening with several days of powerful testimony. in a moment his former administrative assistant speaks out in an exclusive live interview. first nbc's jeff rossen is in los angeles with the latest on this story. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. week one in this trial was explosive. here we go, getting ready to set the table for week two in this
7:34 am
trial, that has garnered a lot of attention, and we are right in the heart right now of the prosecution's case, trying not only to show that dr. conrad murray gave michael jackson a deadly dose of propofol but also that he was trying to cover it up all along the way. we've heard from michael jackson's friends, and his employees, and now we're hearing from the paramedics from the lapd who were here that day and responded to his mansion the day he died, and they claim dr. murray was lying from the get-go. >> he's not breathing and we need to, we're trying to pump him but he's not, he's not -- >> okay. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived at michael jackson's mansion they say he already appeared dead. >> describe dr. murray's demeanor, please. >> frantic. >> reporter: on the stands friday those paramedics offered damaging testimony against dr. conrad murray. >> what i said initially of course was, "what's his underlying condition?" at that point he said, "no, he's not taking anything," and then
7:35 am
he followed that up with, "i just gave him a little bit of lorazepam to sleep." >> did dr. murray ever mention having administered propofol to michael jackson? >> no he did not ever mention propofol. >> reporter: doctors say he gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol right before michael jackson's death. >> the blowout for conrad murray was not only that he was not truthful with the paramedic and the firefighter but also the fact that, had they had been given the right information there was a chance of saving michael jackson's life. >> reporter: but dr. murray has his supporters. how is he doing? is he scared? >> no, he's actually doing very well. stacey ruggles was murray's assistant at the time. he says the only man to blame
7:36 am
for michael jackson's death is michael jackson himself. >> in no way shape or form could i imagine dr. murray causing a death to anyone, anyone, and to say that he is to blame for this i do not believe that. >> reporter: but was he negligent? >> i don't feel he was negligent. >> reporter: in fact when cross-examining the paramedics, murray's defense attorney tried to paint dr. murray as a well-intentioned physician. >> would it be fair to say that dr. murray also did everything in his power to help mr. jackson at that time? >> yes. >> he wasn't just standing around and talking on the telephone or researching the computer, correct in. >> no, he was not. >> reporter: by the way, there was drama outside the courthouse as well, right here on the "today" show on friday, ann, as you know you interviewed standing in this very location one of the members of the murray defense team, there he is right there. shortly after the interview hours later this lawyer was hauled into court before the judge who said he was shocked to see this live interview on the
7:37 am
"today" show, saying this lawyer may actually be in contempt of court. he's even set a hearing date in the future. the defense team says he had every right to talk and they do object and so we'll follow that through and see how that goes, but either way, the judge now saying all lawyers in this case on both sides, no longer allowed to speak about it publicly. ann? >> jeff rossen, thank you so much for that. stacrugles began working for dr. murray in 1997, scheduled to testify as a prosecution witness tuesday. we saw her a moment ago in jeff's piece, now joining us exclusively. ms. ruggles, good morning. >> good morning. >> you were able to speak to dr. murray on the phone, i understand, just recently. can you describe his emotions as he is facing these charges during this trial? >> yes, ma'am. he was very upbeat, positive, and very happy that this trial had begun. >> why would you say that's the case? why would he be happy that the trial has begun?
7:38 am
why would you say he would be upbeat, given he's been charged with recklessness and negligence? >> you know, to be honest with you, i don't know, but he's a very positive person. he's a very faithful person, and he's -- all i can say is that he's glad to be going forward, so he can move forward with his life, he can move on and everyone else can move on. >> you have worked for him, have known him for some 16 years. you just said in the piece we just saw that you don't believe that he could be guilty of these charges, but what is it that you know about him that makes you disbelieve that he could be, have been reckless or negligent when it comes to michael jackson? >> i've never seen dr. murray negligent in any way, shape or form. he has saved hundreds of lives. he's opened clinics in different parts of the united states and
7:39 am
including trinidad, tobego, in order to help underprivileged people. it's not his nature, never been his nature. anyone you talk to that knows him personally would tell you the same thing. >> on the morning of june 25th, 2009, the day that michael jackson died, there was a moment where you were on the phone with dr. murray. what happened in that telephone conversation? and did you gain anything, glean anything for what was about to happen from that telephone conversation? >> which telephone conversation are we talking about? >> you spoke to dr. murray on the day that -- >> i spoke to him sunday. >> tell us the nature of these conversations and if you got any sort of hint that something was askew, something was going to happen or something was wrong with michael jackson. >> no, when i spoke to dr. murray there was no indication. he sounded fine. he sounded his usual self.
7:40 am
>> you're going to testify tomorrow for the prosecution and yet you're talking to us today basical basically in defense of the man you work for. why are you coming out now and speaking publicly in. >> it's come to light to me that people don't really understand this man. they don't know who dr. murray is. dr. murray and michael jackson's beliefs were pretty much the same. they both believed in world peace. they believed we could all live together harmoniously, and he is about love as well, and i think that might have been what connected the two of them together. >> i see. can i ask you this, did the defense or any member of the defense team ask you to speak to us today? >> no, not at all. >> all right, stacey ruggles, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> you bet. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> ann, thanks so much. we've got anniversaries here, 20
7:41 am
years. what's your names? >> john and lisa redd. >> good to see you. 50th anniversary ron and vera. where are you from? >>is with pi >> wisconsin. >> another 50th anniversary, what are your names? >> james and. 120 years of wedded bliss, yes. let's check your weather and see what's going on. we've got the week ahead. cool and warmer in the northeast. mountain snows through virginia. midweek above normal temperatures, ohio river valley into the plains. looking cool and wet out west. the latter part of the week much above normal temperatures from the great lakes to the gulf coast. looks wet and cool out west. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here it is chilly. it's also wet. so you're going to need both the umbrella and a nice warm jacket this morning. 49 is the current temperature. we'll be going up to a high temperature into the 50s, but that's it.
7:42 am
you've got rain moving out and more that's moving into areas of loudoun county, culpepper and greene county. the high today, 57 degrees, going up to a high of 66 tomorrow. nothin >> and that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you. come up next the little princes, the just released video of william and harry in private moments with their parents. y pr, degree deodorant with motionsense and...silver high heels. you should probably try this. what is it? degree deodorant. the more you move the more it works. ♪ [ sniffs ] yep. it's working. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything you need to stay fresh. like degree deodorant with motionsense, only $3.83. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart.
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7:46 am
we are back now at 7:45 with newly released video of princes william and harry as children spending a little time with their parents. nbc's michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace. good morning outo you. >> reporter: good morning. it's the kind of home video that tends you make you embarrassed when your parents show it. it was shot on british television, it shows prince charles and lady diana, about the age their sons are now. too cute. the little princes, william aged 3 and harry, 1. >> you've got to try to do the piano. >> reporter: try to behave for the kacameras, with limited success. there's prince charles playing peekaboo and princess dianadian
7:47 am
radiant young mother. this was 26 years ago. dieia was only 24. remember she married at 19 and describes william much as he is today. >> he's very enthusiastic about things, pushes himself right into it. he's not at all shy and very polite. >> reporter: a patient prince charles finally gets william to come out from hiding under a table, and there goes harry, for the same spot. >> it was particularly groundbreaking. you've got prince charles sort of goofing around. you've got the late great princess diana, up until this point, everything to do with royals and royal children was very staged. it was very stiff, and you would never have seen that level of sort of intimacy. >> reporter: and charles and diana talk candidly about their royal wedding. >> reporter: did you get the idea it was becoming an enormous success so that you could enjoy it in. >> enjoy something like that? oh, god, it was terrifying, such a long up that aisle for a
7:48 am
start. >> reporter: when you came out what did you say? >> you really want to know that? >> i can't remember what i said, i must admit but all i can say is i did enjoy it enormously. i kept telling myself anyway to remember this for as long as i could. it was such a unique experience. >> reporter: not the love match everyone dreamed, but their two boys have been close from the beginning. now all grown up, both in the military, and part of london society. here's harry's ex-girlfriend chelsea davie, and pipa middleton in a daring red gown. all of the glamour makes the old videos so sweet. listen to what this anchor, who bears an uncanny resemblance to ron burgundy, says after theana. >> young women are different these days, they've become
7:49 am
people but i now think she's a very impressive young women. >> reporter: oh, 1985. the video just looks like normal life in any family and part of it, princess diana talks about how she's very excited to visit the u.s. for the first time. now her son, prince harry, is on his way there any day now for two months, arizona and california, for "exercise crimson eagle" elite apache helicopter training. >> michelle kosinski at the palace this morning, thank you very much. still ahead what's the real story behind those strange tweets from ashton-demi. first these messages. hi, mom. how was school today?
7:50 am
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7:52 am
so ann was in los angeles last week for the appearance on "the ellen degeneres show" and the two of you could not resist having fun with unsuspecting tourists. take a look. >> ann, if you can hear me, scratch your left cheek. put the mike closer to her mouth. really, right up her mouth. put it right up against her mouth. put it up against her mouth. can you speak louder, ma'am? >> can you speak louder? >> yeah. >> wow. >> and that was just the beginning. i mean by the time i was done with this, it's like earbud jokes, i was really, tears rolling down, on today. >> plus this woman is
7:53 am
traumatized. >> exactly. >> she'll be in therapy. we look forward to seeing that.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
is only $9.97 a roll. good morning. i'm joe krebs. it's 7:56 on this monday, the 3rd of october. let's get the forecast from meteorologist veronica johnson. >> good morning, joe. that's right. clouds, dreary weather. more rain coming through the area. albeit it's light rain. 49 is the current temperature. the wind at six miles per hour. we have a little moving out and some more moving in. that now through lauk down through faulkier county. we'll keep the showers rotating through today. should be drying up by tomorrow morning. we'll start with clouds tomorrow. sunshine, 66 the high for tomorrow. 70 degrees with sunshine most of the week. joe? >> veronica, thanks very
7:57 am
♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing. ♪
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7:59 am
good morning. i'm seeing a couple accidents on tut outer loop. the ramp to 295 is blocked by the accident. you connell pass on the right shoulder lane of 295 to continue on to 295. the outer loop at 450, this accident blocks your two left lanes. it is involving a motorcycle. starting to see delays all the way down at 214, joe. >> danella, oh... ( sigh ) you... you haven't got a longer straw, have you ? it's not funny, i'm gettin'...
8:00 am
gettin' straw stress. is that drink ready, huh ? yeah, sure. here... i'll just... oh, don't worry about it. i'll get it the next time i come around... yeah ? cheers, hon ! it's 8:00 now on a monday morning, third of october, 2011. looks like these people managed to squeeze an extra day out of the weekend. there's nothing wrong with that. we're happy they've joined us here in rockefeller plaza. we'll go out and say hi to them a little later on. inside the studio i'm matt lauer along with ann curry. just ahead a remarkable, emotional moment on tape. >> 29-year-old sarah churman was born deaf but thanks to a new device she just heard her voice
8:01 am
for the first time. this videotape was seen by more than 4 million people on youtube. just ahead we'll talk to sarah and her husband exclusively. >> wow, life-changing experience. >> yes. plus ashton and demi, over the weekend seen together amid rumors of marital trouble and some rather unusual tweets. are they having a private conversation in a very public forum? we're going to find out in just a little bit. a lot to get to. let us begin this half hour with the latest on the amanda knox murder appeal. she addressed the courtroom in italy and right now the jury is deliberating her fate. lester holt is in perugia. lester, good morning again. >> reporter: matt, good morning. an amazing morning in court today, a lot of tension in that room and a lot of emotion as well at this hour, amanda knox and raffaele sollecito are at a prison about 20 miles out of town, awaiting to hear the jury's decision. when i say jury end tunder the
8:02 am
italian system it's six jurors and two judges. amanda knox walked into the courtroom as the teng was filling the room, she looked unsteady on her feet, her knees were weak, she was led to her table where she sat down and conferred with her lawyer. when she began to speak her chance to have a last word in this case, her voice almost immediately cracked, she told the judge "i'm afraid." he offered her a chance to sit down to deliver her remarks and she simply said i'll be afraid or nervous either way and went on to say she wasn't there. meredith kercher was her friend, she would never do the things she's accused of and she's not the person she's been described in court. raffaele sollecito before her also had his say before the court and talked about his tender feelings he still has toward amanda knox and again proclaiming his innocence and his desire to go free. the family of meredith kercher is here in town, kept a low profile through much of this, matt. through their attorney they have
8:03 am
said they have a desire that the original verdict be upheld in this case, so again we could have a decision later on in the afternoon, new york time, east coast time, and of course we'll have it for you as soon as we get the word. >> lester holt in perugia this morning, lester thank you very much. let us get a check of the top news this morning. natalie is at the news desk while savannah is on the assignme assignment let me flip that. governor chris christie spent the weekend looking at whether it's feasible to put together a national fund-raising organization this late in the game in the gop nomination. about 700 protesters were arrested saturday as they tried to march across the brac lin bridge. members of several unions plan to hold a solidarity march
8:04 am
wednesday. an american was awarded the nobel prize in medicine, bruce buettler and ralph steinman won for their discoveries regarding the immune system. the government's $2.8 billion september 11th victim compensation fund reopens today. people who became ill after smoke and dust exposure can now apply. the fund does not cover cancer, however. congress agreed last year to reopen that fund which had operated for two years after the attacks. to wall street, cnbc's mandy drury is at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. a sell-off in overseas markets is not sentting a good stage. last quarter was the worst for u.s. stocks since the height of the financial crisis three years ago. this week we need to see evidence the u.s. economy is picking up speed. we need to also see europe is making a concerted effort to get
8:05 am
its debt crisis under control. there is one good thing coming out of the worries, savannah, that is that gas prices across the country continue to drop and now the national average for a gallon of gas is below $3.50. back to you. >> some badly needed good news. mandy, thank you. a quick roundup of what has you talking online. he probably hates the attention but andy rooney is the top google search after his final appearance on "60 minutes" last night. >> i spent my first 50 years trying to become well-known as a writer and the next 30 trying to avoid being famous. i walked down the street now or go to a football game and people shout "hey andy" and i hate that. i don't say this often, but thank you, although if you do see me in a restaurant, please just let me eat my dinner. >> rooney spent more than one-third of his 92 years on the cbs show. what fear of commitment,
8:06 am
kiss rocker gene simmons tied the not saturday with his girlfriend of 28 years, actress shannon tweed. of course the wedding was filmed for the new season of their tv reality show. their teenage daughter sophie serenaded the couple with "etta james at last." journey guitarist neil shawn interrupted a concert to serenade his new girlfriend, that's white house crasher mikhail salahi who turned 46 last night. >> now to al and the weather. >> we have birthday girls. >> jennifer. >> lisa. >> happy birthday, very nice. let's see what's happening. pick city happens to be utica, new york, have some of that jeale. that's pretty good. news channel 2, scattered showers, 61 degrees. as we show you what's happening as far as today is concerned, chilly in the northeast, 50s and
8:07 am
60s. 70s in the upper peninsula of michigan. 90s in the southwest. as far as your weather krns are concerned, we're expecting to see showers in the northeast, later this afternoon. more wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms in southern florida. a beautiful day, mid plains all the way down into the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here, september's gray wet weather has pushed into october. it's only going to be sticking around for one more day and that's today. 49 is the current temperature. we've got a light wind at six miles per hour. you can see on the radar right now showers coming through heading east toward prince william county and eventually stafford county, too. wet weather throughout the day. occasional showers will be light, 57 degrees your high temperature. tomorrow, 66. we break out with sunshine. starting on wednesday, sunsh >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up next, demi moore and ashton kutcher spotted
8:08 am
together for the face time since rumors of marital trouble. we'll have the latest on that right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear. double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan. yes? molé sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology,
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8:12 am
is there trouble brewing. if there is, it may be playing out right before our eyes on twitter. near's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: this weekend ashton kutcher spotted behind the wheel, wedding ring on at a motorcycle dealer reportedly buying two helmets and the hollywood super couple were both at an l.a. kabbalah center saturday. the tabloid frenzy fueled by their own words and actions on twitter. >> i doubt it's a publicity stunt but i think these are two very publicity-savvy people who are managing what might be a bad situation in the best way possible. >> reporter: from the beginning, ashton and demi have captureed atension for their 15-year age difference and plenty of pda. the picture of marital bliss bolstered with tweets lovey-dovey for everyone to
8:13 am
read. >> the couple have lived their romance out through twitter. >> reporter: after spending their sixth anniversary apart, demi in new york and tmz capturing the photos of ashton partying in san diego their tone on twitter seemed to change to more cryptic messages, a photo of demi with eyes closed captioned "i see through you." known as @prskutcher demi unfollowed her husband. he's back now on her list, an indication he was just recently restored. ♪ men, men, men, manly men >> reporter: the "two and a half men" star tweeted a song. ♪ don't believe the hype >> reporter: and posted "when you assume to know that which you know nothing of you, you make an ass out of u and me" they now tweet about charities, ashton the bears game, wondering just what their silence is now
8:14 am
saying. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >> bonnie fuller, editor in chief of and robi ludwig, psychotherapist and contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> why are so many of us interested in the marriage, what may be happening or not happening in the lives of ashton kutcher and demi moore? what's the fascination? >> well, they're an iconic couple in hollywood. they're gorgeous. they're famous and of course she is famously 15 years older than he is, and i think a lot of people really thought that they were making this cougar/cub relationship work. he's also been very involved with her daughters and women love that, that he's been so loving to them. >> i think, too, they redefined the may-december relationship and shared a lot of their relationship with the public, so whenever you do that, people feel included and invested in the success of that kind of relationship. >> as we just heard they were seen together this weekend at
8:15 am
this l.a. kabbalah center, so is it possible that all this gossip is for naught, that actually everything is just fine and we're actually just paying too much attention? >> i think where there's smoke there's always fire but perhaps they're a little bit ambivalent as to what they want to do with their relationship which is not uncommon for it couples who are going through their struggles. >> it's also very suspicious that they have this quiet on twitter. the couple usually tweets to each other all the time and they are very loving in their messages, and as well, ashton unfollowed demi for several hours last week, too. >> but all marriages have issues, every single one. >> yes. >> i don't know of a single one that doesn't and there are times people are together and can't even see each other on the dance floor so to speak. it's possible that may be going on. on the other hand he is starting a new show and that new show, i think we heard at the beginning of this last piece, the question was sort of raised, is this
8:16 am
possible this say publicity stunt, your view? >> i doubt this would be good publicity. yes, it's like his character, if there are, if there is trouble, i mean it relates to the character that he plays. however, i think you know it's still disrespectful of the marriage that he's been in, so i don't think that this would be a publicity stunt. >> it really does seem like feelings are being hurt here, and the silent treatment on twitter is reflecting the silent treatment going on in their relationship. it could be that he's young and right now he's coming into his own, and he wants to explore what that's like for him, and he can't do that, being a stepfather of three and married to an older woman. >> well, they're both beautiful, talented people. >> yes. >> i think we all wish them well. >> that's true, with he do. >> robi ludwig thank you so much, and for joining us this morning. coming up next the 29-year-old woman who was born deaf who just heard her own voice for the first time. we'll talk to her exclusively coming up right after this.
8:17 am
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8:21 am
we are back at 20 after 8:00 with a story i love. a woman who just heard her own voice for the very first time. 29-year-old sarah churman was born with a rare genetic deformity that received her badly hearing implant. her husband was rolling with the camera when she tried a new implant for the first time. >> beeping. >> technically your device is on. can you tell? it's exciting. here you can put it down for a second. just get used to the sound. what does it sound like? do you want to grab some tissue? >> i don't want to hear myself cry. >> can you hear me?
8:22 am
>> that video has now been viewed more than 4 million times on youtube. sarah and her husband, sloan, are with us exclusively along with nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. good morning to you all. you're crying again. >> it's tough. >> tissue, there you go. the moment speaks for itself, but try to explain what you were thinking at that moment. >> millions of things, half of me was just scared to death that it was going to come on and i wasn't going to like it, just because you know, before this is all i've ever known for 29 years so the new, the fear of the unknown and not knowing what it was going to sound like, was it going to be overwhelming, and it was just nervousness, and then the other half of me was just like oh, hurry up and turn it on and i was so nervous, i kept moving the remote, and the remote had to be in a certain spot to get it turned on so it
8:23 am
was like the third try before it actually happened so the anticipation was horrible. >> for the record the very first voice you heard was the voice of the technician. >> yes, ma'am, i believe her name was melinda. >> and your own voice did it sound the way you imagined it would sound? >> well, the funny thing is you know, we live in texas, and the first time we ever traveled outside of the country everyone kept talking about her accents, so i was kind of surprised that i didn't think i had an accent. >> i was surprised also because not being able to hear for 29 years and you do have a little bit of a texas accent. you've managed to pick something up. sloan, you decided to role on this so you can share the moment with family and friends. you put it on youtube and went way beyond family and friends. what's your reaction to that in. >> i can't get over the fact that i nearly did not video it. if it weren't for my mother saying "you're going to video this, we need to see this," i wouldn't have done it, because this was intimate for us. this was like getting married or
8:24 am
having a child. i mean seriously. >> it is intimate. when i started to read more about you, sarah, what made it even more emotional for me, this did not come easily. you didn't just write a check and say yeah, i want one of those. this is an expensive device, it's an expensive operation. you really had to scrimp and save and borrow to get this done. >> yes, sir. >> yes. >> that makes it even nicer. >> yes, very much more appreciative, absolutely. >> nancy, people watching this are going to be moved by the sheer emotion of it and perhaps curious, maybe they know somebody who is severely hearing impaired. tell me about her condition and who else might be a candidate. >> you hit on i think the most important thing, matt. you can tell by sarah's speech she's had some ability to hear because she can articulate words pretty darned well but you can also tell she's had a severe impairment, just by her speech pattern, but the cool thing about this is, it uses the normal anatomy of the ear so it takes the bones in the middle
8:25 am
ear, sends them to a processor and then sends them the nerve that goes into the brain and all of this garbled stuff is turned into sound so she can really hear it. hearing aids normally have a lot of background noise and distortion. this makes it much better, its et cetera a surgical implantation approved by the fda but only a couple hundred people in the country have them. >> think of what you're getting to hear for the first time, two children, 4 months old and 20 months old, to hear their voice for the first time. what was that like? >> that was pretty amazing my oldest is actually 4 years old and she's quite the little talk enand sounds so grown up and very articulate and my youngest i can hear the texas accent on her more. >> she still has a ways to go, dialing this up to max yet, she hasn't gotten there. >> for the first time you got to hear sloan's snore. >> i don't listen to that. >> that's when you turn it down. >> i love the story, sarah, what a pleasure to meet you.
8:26 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> what a pleasure, nancy thanks very well. we're back after your local news and weather. 8:26 is your time on this monday, october 3rd, 2011. let's go to veronica johnson with the forecast. if we can hold on a little longer. >> exactly. a little longer. keep your jacket handy today, certainly on the you're outside, and that umbrella, too. we've got an overcast sky. showers are falling in a couple neighborhoods right now. at 49 degrees we'll see wet weather rotating through throughout the day as low pressure makes its way eastward. your high today 57.
8:27 am
for the evening still a little wet, but not tomorrow. huh-uh. into the 60s and then sunshine starting on wednesday. eun? [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question. can the aetna app make you healthier? well, that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view claims, get reminders for mammograms, find in-network doctors, track your health goals... run with it. i got my cholesterol down. i lost five pounds. [ female announcer ] see for yourself, aetna. know more. get better. ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase.
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8:29 am
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8:31 am
home. i'm ann curry along with matt lauer, samantha guthrie and al roker. this morning we'll catch up with the actress and producer and also the wife of tom hanks, talking about rita wilson. >> belike her and she's very accomplished and also starting something new, taking over a section of "huffington post" dealing with life after 50, everything from health and relationships, all kinds of great things. we find it very interesting to talk to her, she's join us in i up aical a couple of minutes. how to save on food and phones, we've got really good tips. we'll warm things up with a live performance from the reigning "american idol" mr. scotty mccreery, taking pictures with the crowd. >> someone else in the crowd, another award winning country singer, talking about tim mcgraw, it's so great to have you. you are cuter than a button i'll tell you. in the meantime -- right, right?
8:32 am
you're here to talk about your new movie called "dirty girl" and you play a very important pivotal role in this movie and it's sort of interesting because it harkens back to your own experience. >> yeah, you know it's an interesting role for me when i read the script, something i could relate to. it's got juneau temple in it, a lot of great people in the movie, the story is about discovery, a young girl who grew up without a dad and on a path to sort of find her father. she discovers a lot about herself, a lot about her mother and had sort of not a good relationship with, and she discovers her dad, for me it was really something that was close to my heart. >> i think most people remember that you didn't really know tug, famous pitcher, was your dad. >> i was 11 years old when i found my birth certificate in the closet. >> it's poignant for you as well. you're in as al mentioned kind of one major scene so you didn't
8:33 am
spend a lot of time shooting this. do you like being able to get into something, be intense for a day or two and then get out? >> well, yeah, because i'm lazy, so -- i don't work a whole lot, so it's nice. you show up, get paid and leave, you know? >> we hear that maybe there's a another project in the works, you may star opposite beyonce in the remake of "a star is born." >> that's something i'm hearing going around. it's something that would be a lot of fun. i'm a big beyonce and big clint eastwo eastwood, director of the field. i'm a big fan of the second remake of the film with barbara streisand and kris kristofferson. i thi i. >> on the scale to this one to ten is happening, ten or a one? >> i'm not going to put a number on it.
8:34 am
i don't want to jinx myself. >> have they offered it to you? >> not, not been offered officially. >> better offer him, clint you heard it from us. thank you, tim mcgraw. "dirty girl" is the new movie. much more is coming up including a check of the -- >> weather. >> -- weather,. >> weather looks good. >> it looks good. that's all we need to know. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. right here it is wet. another day with rain coming through the area, just like this weekend, too. it is chilly outside. we've got rain pushing into prince william county into culpepper county. spinning through the area. still wet in prince george's county and anne arundel county. keep the umbrella handy. your high, 56 to 57 degrees. tomorrow much improved, a breezy 66 and then sunshine, quiet,
8:35 am
>> and that's why are your latest weather, joining us award winning actress miss kathy bates, second season of "harry's law" a role originally written for a man. >> yes and then my producer's wife said, what about kathy bates? and so a story when the emmy nomination came out, bill got up early and he said oh, my god, kathy got a nomination and his wife said "i want a present." >> that's right. this is a great show. you got a lot of great guest stars coming up this season. >> reporter: alfred molina, jean smart, jason alexander from "seinfe "seinfeld." it's a nice group coming in. >> what makes it different from a lot of legal shows and police shows we've seen, they're cut and dry procedurals. this one has some heart in it. >> harry started out in a shoe store downstairs, in the middle of a ghetto that's become
8:36 am
gentrified, a lot of it is happening. >> what attracted you to the role? >> it was the part itself. it's rare that you get a part for a 62-year-old woman, you know, who is going to lead up a tv show, let's face it, so i jumped at the chance. >> we're glad you did, kathy bates. >> thank you, al. >> thank you so much. catch "harry's law" this wednesday night, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central, right here on nbc. kathy always good to see you. >> thank you, al. let's head back over to matt. >> thank you very much. when we come back, rita wilson helps women and men deal with life after 50. we'll talk to rita in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. back now at 8:38 with actress and producer rita wilson along with her husband tom hanks, she's one-half of one of hollywood's biggest power couples and she's been named editor-at-large for the newest section of,
8:39 am
called "huff post 50." we just heard from matt talking about having to deal with life after 50. this is about celebrating and not just about putting sugar coating the whole thing. the truth is, it is cool. we're both in our 50s. and it's a cool time of your life. >> cool time, you feel more vibrant than ever. i feel you understand how you want to spend the next let's say third or more of your life, and the distractions seem to fall away and you really focus in on what you want to do. a lot of us are empty nesters, a lot of us are raising twin toddlers at home, which i think is funny, too, but that happens, and so it's really sort of defining how you want to, the quality of your life and so many people are reinventing themselves either by choice or by not having a choice sometimes we're in a very rough economy now, people are losing jobs so i'm really interested in how people are taking whatever those challenges are being brought to them at 50 and above.
8:40 am
>> you're talking about reinvention, retirement, culture, health, the science of aging which is pretty cool because you're always going to get all of that good information, finance, parenting, all that stuff. >> yes. >> there's a sense at this age that you know what you're supposed to do and you know, you start to be very clear about how you're going to spend your time and there's kind of an awakening. >> that's right. >> people can be writing things and you're going to go through them and figure out what to put on. >> right. it's an interesting, it's great. i'm exposed to a lot. i am a boomer, so i think you might be a boomer, too. >> i totally am. >> some people might call us jonesers, born between '54 and '55. i like saying boomer because it's like boom! i'm here, watch out! but yes, i'm exposed to a lot. i'm dealing with many of the issues that boomers deal with. i have a mom that's 90, who needs a little bit of help right now but she's incredibly independent and vibrant. i'm also still incredibly alive
8:41 am
in terms of the work that i'm doing, and i also have a grandchild, and i have teenagers. >> unbelievable. >> there's a lot to be juggling there. i'm curious. >> a few years ago you basically got out of your own career comfort zone and starred in "chicago" on broadway. so this is the whole idea of, like you can be a grandmother on one hand but this videotape of you, you're like, you're pretty seriously, you know. >> look at that. >> showing your stuff. that's the thing, not being stuck. >> i'm a firm believer in putting yourself out of your comfort zone. that's where i think a lot of growth can come from and whether it's like i said a choice or something that you did, that is imposed on you, i think being a little bit on edge is where that growth comes from, and i'm curious about how other people are doing it, men and women. i want to hear about their experiences. >> we're going to get to -- >> so we can apply them.
8:42 am
>> thank you, rita. i look forward to reading it. this is "today" on nbc. [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ]
8:43 am
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back now at 8:43, this morning on "today's money" author michael lewis, his best selling books "the blind side" and now "moneyball" have been made into hit movies. his latest "boomerang: travels in the new third world." welcome back. >> good to see you matt. >> last time you looked at the causes of financial meltdown here and elsewhere. this time you travel and i like it because you take a look at the way different cultures are impacted by what's happened, perhaps even how your culture affected the way you got into this in the first place. why'd do you this? >> exactly right.
8:45 am
two reasons, one is it's really clear we're going through now the volatility in the stock market, the sense of uncertainty in finance here in america, it's all part of the same financial crisis. the financial crisis really never ended and we've got this act two, and act two is the bad loans, the debts that were piled up in the credit bubble have been nationalized, and the only reason we got out of the problem three years ago is government's come and saying credibly we can stand behind the debts and now it's a little unclear. >> what you do is look at human behavior and temperament and you say the kind of person you are might have determined how badly you got taken into this. >> exactly right. >> the dark rule analogy. >> exactly right, it's as if someone piled up a bunch of money in a dark room in all of these little societies and said do what you will with it. it was a story of temptation. >> some people with a larsonist heart are going to grab the money and say it's a good thing
8:46 am
and i'm taking it. >> different cultures do different things, the cries sis different from place to place. >> let's play a travel global word association. i'll give you the name of a country and briefly tell me about their temperament and how it affected their circumstances. iceland? >> iceland shows you the problem with men. it was male overconfidence. iceland was a place where you had, i mean it's a country of 300,000 people, and they piled up debts in their banks of $140 billion, and overnight they went from a nation of basically fishermen, that's how they made their money was fishing to a finance of financiers and doing it in emulation of us. >> uh-huh. >> but it was men, which you see in the aftermath is women coming in, and getting rid of the men and saying we're going to do this differently. >> i want to get a lot of countries in, so briefly greece, this system was a sham. >> yes, greece had a dysfunctional state that was being bankrolled by easy credit, and what they really wanted to do with the money is bloat this
8:47 am
state, and what it exposed is a kind of lack of civil society in greece. >> and if there were some smart people here, some good guys, you got to look at germany, because they didn't get wrapped in this, perhaps because of guilt or whatever, they didn't want to take this money, their reward is going to be what? >> probably bailing out greece, but it's a little unclear whether they're going to do it. this is very interesting. german people behave very well. the german people alone in a room with a pile of money, they didn't want anything to do with it, but the banks did all kinds of goofy things with it, and the germans outside of germany did very bad things, but inside of germany it was very stable, but so what you've got is different people behaving different ways. this phenomenon of exposes the differences in the cultures and in one case you've got a currency in europe that's prime ministerissed on people behaving more or less the same way with money, and when they don't it creates these frictions. >> speaking of money, changing subjects with an axe, "moneyball" one of your most
8:48 am
popular books, made into a movie. there's been oscar buzz. brad pitt is the star. what's it like to sit back and watch the movie? >> fraudulent. i had nothing to do with it. i wrote the book but people seem to think i wrote the movie and maybe even acted in it but what i've done with "the blind side" and "moneyball" i sat back and waited to see if it was any good before i jumped in and started taking credit. in both cases they did so i've got to work up a pattern. >> you're going to take up "liar's poker" also and adapt it for the screen. >> i'm going to write that. >> there's no frud lent screening there. >> when we come back, i'll talk about that but the "moneyball" is wonderful. i can't believe how it turned out. >> michael lewis, the book is "boomerang" good to see you. good to see you. up next, a performance from scotty mccreery from
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ i love you this big, oh, eyes i've never seen, this big ♪ >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> just five months ago 1-year-old scotty mccareer yea was crowned the "american idol" and he's now ready to launch his solo career with the latest album "clear as day."
8:51 am
good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> my how fast the train has been. 17 years old and tomorrow you release your first album. how are you doing? >> i'm young so i can take the heat and the business going on. >> you are young, just 17 to be dealing with all of this in. >> you know i'm just kind of staying grounded, staying in touch with people back home and mama is out on the road with me keeping me sane so it's been all good. >> that's key. i understand you're going to be singing the "national anthem" at the world series game one. >> yes, ma'am. >> going on tour with brad paisley next year and most importantly you turn 18 this coming sunday. >> five days after the album drops, a pretty good birthday present. >> no kidding. how are you going to celebrate? >> we're going home october 8th, a big concert cd release birthday bash and a good time up there in raleigh. >> what are you singing today? >> "the trouble with girls" the new single. >> i bet you know something about these babies.
8:52 am
let's go! ♪ ♪ the trouble with girls is they're a mystery, something about 'em puzzles me ♪ ♪ spent my whole life trying to figure out just what them girls are all about ♪ ♪ the trouble with girls is they're so dang pretty ♪ ♪ everything about them does something to me ♪ ♪ but i guess that's the way it's supposed to be ♪ ♪ they smile that smile, they bat those eyes, they steal you with hello ♪ ♪ they kill you with good-bye, they hook you with one touch, and you can't break free ♪
8:53 am
♪ yeah the trouble with girl is nobody loves trouble as much as me ♪ ♪ they're sugar and spice and angel wings, hell on wheels in tight blue jeans ♪ ♪ a summer night down by the lake, an old memory that you can't shake ♪ ♪ they're hard to find, yet there's so many of 'em ♪ ♪ the way that you hate that you already love 'em, but i guess that's the way it's supposed to be ♪ ♪ they smile that smile, they bat those eyes, they steal you with hello ♪ ♪ they kill you with good-bye,
8:54 am
they hook you with one touch, and you can't break free ♪ ♪ yeah the trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me ♪ ♪ the way they hold you out on the dance floor ♪ ♪ the way they ride in the mid of your truck ♪ ♪ the way they give you a kiss at the front door, leave you wishing you coulda gone up ♪ ♪ and just as you walk away you hear that sweet voice say, stay ♪ ♪ they smile that smile, they bat those eyes, they steal you with hello ♪ ♪ they kill you with good-bye,
8:55 am
they're the perfect drug, and i can't break free ♪ ♪ yeah the trouble with girls, is nobody loves trouble as much as me ♪ >> and again, the album is called "clear as day" scotty mccreery, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> it was really great. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you all of you for getting up this morning. >> happenly early birthday. >> thank you, sir. we have heard "keeping up with the kardashians" hoda kotb is going to try to do that all week long as she's joined each day of the week with a member of
8:56 am
the family. first up chlaode -- i haven't even been clinking. >> is that the youngest? >> the youngest, the best. >> i'm worried there's no filter on this one. >> there's none. >> you never know. >> okay, well -- oh my gosh you are drinking. there's alcohol involved. >> really? that's odd. >> usually they wait until 10:00. it's only 8:36 in the morning. oh my goodness. >> a little jet lagged in there as well. 8:56 is your time now on this monday, october 3rd, 2011. good morning. i'm eun yang. let's go to meteorologist veronica johnson with a look at if forecast. how much longer before the sun comes up, veronica?
8:57 am
>> hope is in sight or i should say sunshine is in sight. we have to turn the corner around this monday. 49, gray sky right now. clouds are delivering some showers in the sayer yeah. you can see them rotating through. d.c. wet, baltimore, too. the showers will be spinning around the area all day today around an area of low pressure that will move out later tonight. we're wet and also chilly, the high 57. much improved tomorrow. back to sunshine on wednesday. eun? hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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8:59 am
traveling inner loop of the beltway i 66 an accident blocking your left lane, jammed at robinson term nall. it's a very slow commute all the way to i-66. right now
9:00 am
we're back with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 3rd day of september, 2011. we're only getting into the 60s but pretty bright skies, not sor along with ann curry and al roker. natalie is on assignment. coming up the situation involving amanda knox and the jury. she spoke to the jury and the
9:01 am
judges this morning asking to be set free. will she be? we'll check in with lester holt in a couple of minutes. we'll help you save money on gift cards, clothing, your cable bill. the secret to saving 10% on a lot of your expenses coming up. if you're feeling tired during the day the obvious question or reason is probably you're not sleeping well. what's not so obvious is what is causing you to stay awake. separate fact from fiction, one of these is napping. king of the naps. >> 30-minute naps. >> only one a day. >> oh, six, seven a day. adds up to 3 1/2 hours. >> he's napping right now. >> let's go inside, natalie is on assignment, samantha guthrie at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you. in the news today, it is decision day for amanda knox in perugia, italy, the american college student was convicted in
9:02 am
2009 in the death of her british roommate, meredith kercher. now her fate is in the hands of the jury as they deliberate and try to reach a verdict as soon as today. nbc's keith miller reports. >> reporter: italy's longest running courtroom drama was broadcast live to dozens of countries and attracted hundreds of journalists. the knox family remained upbeat right to the last moment. >> i'm very hopeful. >> reporter: making the long journey from prison, amanda knox in her final presentation to the court declared her innocence. speaking fluent italian the 24-year-old student from seattle insisted she is not guilty of any crime. in a voice breaking with emotion knox said "i don't want my life taken away from me because i am innocent."
9:03 am
choking back tears knox says she is paying with her life for something she didn't do. her co-defendant and former boyfriend also spoke to the judge and jury. raffaele sollecito said he had been living in a nightmare. in slow measured tones he declared he had nothing to do with the murder of knox's roommate, meredith kercher. he described his former girlfrie girlfriend, knox, as sweet, beautiful and shining. he showed a bracelet he wears inscribed with the words "free amanda and raffaele. now is the moment to take it off" he said, "offering to the jury to set him free. rudy guede, convicted of the murder and sexual assault of meredith kercher, an exchange
9:04 am
student from england. his dna was found at the crime scene mixed with the blood of the victim. today in a final plea from knox's defense lawyer he repeated that there is no evidence his client had anything to do with the crime. it was an emotional and dramatic conclusion to a criminal prosecution that has spanned almost four years. >> that was nbc's keith miller reporting. lester holt is live in perugia with the latest. lester, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. right now amanda knox and raffaele sollecito are awaiting the verdict in a prison about 20 miles from central perugia. we got word a short time ago from the member of the italian parliament who visited with amanda knox after she returned from prison, she was allowed to go in the prison chaplain, playing the guitar and singing and saying she wants to go home
9:05 am
to seattle. her parents want that same thing. i was in the courtroom this morning when she walked in, she looked very nervous, appeared weak in the knees, being helped to the table, she was wearing a dark blue overcoat despite the fact it's a warm day in perugia. she took it off, put it back on again, nervous when she began her remarks but seemed to find her voice, though she broke down a few times. raffaele sollecito spoke in rather tender terms, the love of his life, he talked about. she talked about how sollecito was there for her after they found the body of the roommate meredith kercher. clearly some affection, feelings to them, separated by four seats as they sit at the defense table. it was an emotional day in court, the verdict could come later on today, the judge said no sooner than 8:00 p.m., that's 2:00 p.m. eastern time. >> in an array of possible
9:06 am
outcomes so people are clear on what could happen, it's he not either all or nothing, either she walks out of prison or returns and finishes the rest of her 26-year sentence. that's a good point. she was convicted on six counts including slander, another man being part of the crime who was not. there's a slander charge, a possibility she could be acquitted on the murder but found the conviction on that case would be upheld. the judge could say you're sentenced to time served or may serve another year. keep in mind an appeal works both ways in italy. the defense gets to appeal but so does the prosecution. their defense we want her to stay in prison for 30 years, that's a life sentence here in italy. >> lester, speaking of the differences between our system and the italian system, the appeal is almost like a second trial, very different from what we have in this country. how successful are appeals typically there?
9:07 am
>> reporter: about half of them in serious criminal cases are successful, so much higher chances than you would in the united states. that's worth pointing out, there's been criticism in the u.s. about the italian justice system but the appeals process is one that i bet a lot of american defendants wouldn't mind because it's essentially a redo, unlike our court of appeals, this system pretty much everything goes, you can bring everything back on the table and take another look so it is a do over and in this case even her parents, amanda knox's parents admitted to me this is one case where the system may in fact be working in our favor, they said. >> certainly has given her a second chance, lester on duty in perugia for us, thank you. a new survey suggests 10% of american parents are not following government guidelines for having their children vaccinated. parents are refusing some vaccines and delaying others mainly because of safety concerns which many health experts say are unfounded. well who knew a dolphin could take down a lion? it happened this weekend at the
9:08 am
box office. "dolphin tale" took the top spot from "the lion king" taking in $14.2 million. "moneyball" came in second and "the lion king" slipped to third. still on the topic of our furry friends, catholic churches around the world held their annual blessing of the animals on sunday. the tradition is observed in memory of francis of assisi, the patron saint of creatures great, small and furry. eight past the hour. >> ava in a earlier you mentioned today's supreme court session, the students of john jay saluting our supreme court justices here by dressing up. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> good to see you. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> you didn't know it but al roker used to be a supreme court justice, with a check of the weather. >> actually i used to be part of the supremes. that's much, much different. >> oh, sorry. >> you heard me sing with diana ross. it's really moving. thank you so much. let's show you what's let's show you what's happening for today.
9:09 am
we've got showers moving into the pacific northwest as a frontal system comes in there. low pressure will finally exit the northeast and that will end the showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. beautiful weather from minneapolis. 79 and sunny, 88 down in corpus christi. we have sunny skies, hit or miss showers and thunderstorms through the southwest and southern florida. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. 49 degrees right now. we've got rain falling throughout the area. i was online reading one of the tweets. someone said it feels like it could snow any moment. not quite. still in the 40s. definitely chilly, and it is wet. we've got showers coming through the area right now. light showers, and that's all we're going to see today is light showers continuing to rotate through. we'll hit a high today of around 56 to 57. so staying on the cool side like november. tomorrow warming up. then sunshine by wednesday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. this morning on "today's
9:10 am
consumer" how to save 10% on nearly everything from your energy bill to gift cards and pet medicine, there are easy ways to cut back costs. jean chatzky, a cell phone is a huge expense for people. how can we save 10%? >> let your contract expire and go to a metro pcs or straight talk, one of the plans that gives you everything for a flat $45 a month, because the average cell phone bill with the $73, we don't use all of our minutes. >> if you don't get the contract you might not get the snaziezie. >> you have to live without the iphone. if you can't do that, get texting for free with a cool app called text plus so look for that. >> purchasing a new car, look for dealer cash, what's that? >> dealer cash is unadvertised cash that goes from the manufacturer to the dealer. go to a website called, they list what's available and tells you how much
9:11 am
is on the table so you can take that off your offer. the other thing to do, go through the internet sales force, they're actually paid based on the number of cars they move rather than the price they get for each individual car, so they just want to sell them. you'll get a better deal. >> highly motivated. >> they are. >> next step has to do with energy and the cable box. i never thought about this. >> remember when the cable boxes made the headlines for being energy hogs? they actually cost you $40 a year each. lou manfredini gave me this tip, hook up a timer to your box and let it go to sleep and set it to wake up a half hour before you wake. >> they don't want to wait for it to reboot. >> get the kilowatt energy meters to figure out how much keeping the cell phone chargers and computer charges plugged in is costing you.. it's a lot. >> let's talk about clothing, in
9:12 am
this case press "subscribe" for some of the retailers, not unsubscribe. >> follow your favorite retailers on twitter and facebook. they send you special sales. the caveat if you can't handle the e-mails all the time, stay away from this one. >> you say a gift card is a great idea for the holidays. >> you can save money on gift cards that other people aren't using by buying pre-sold gift cards at sites like plastic jungle and gift card granny. you can get 6% off home depot cards and 15% off kohl's and sell the gift cards you're not using. >> back to the cable business. you can definitely cut the fat from your cable bill. >> you can do it going whole hog getting rid of your cable and subscribing to hulu plus and netflix and renting dvds from the red box or go through your bill and say am i not using these channels and by just getting rid of the channels you used to use and not using anymore you can save yourself significantly. >> last but not least we're all
9:13 am
animal lovers. there's a good way to save with pet expenses how? >> ask your vets for discounts. if you're getting medicines from your vet, ask them to prescribe the human version. 75% of animal medications were originally developed for humans. >> really? >> then you can go and fill the generic human prescription at a costco pharmacy or something else inexpensive and it will cost you less. vets get a lot of sample medications and if you have a nice vet they're willing to give them away. >> for the lightning round, we can save 2% by getting the right credit card. >> get a cash back credit card, go to to find the right one for you and that will save 2% off the top. >> jean chatzky thanks so much. great tips. coming up next, sleep myths keeping you up at night, right after this.
9:14 am
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today's health" is brought to you by pronanel, helps protect your teeth from acid erosion. this morning on "today's health" common sleep myths that could be making you tired. dr. holly phillips is a medical contributor for "prevention" magazine. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> you know all about this with an 11-week-old. >> one thing is not a myth, 11-week-old babies keep you up all night, that one i'll throw out from the beginning. >> first myth, napping only makes us more tired. true or false? >> you know what? that is false. really napping all depends on how long you nap in terms of feeling refreshed. 20 minutes is enough to improve your mood, alertness and energy. if you sleep longer than that,
9:18 am
then you might end up groggy because you'll enter slow wave sleep which is our deepest phase of sleep and you don't wake out of that very well. >> where you nap is important, too. >> you know, during the time of day, in particular, if you nap between 1:00 and 4:00, that's ideal for most people's circadian cycle and when it won't interfere with your sleep at night. >> don't get into bed and get comfy. you should maybe be in a chair. >> exactly. >> if you take a nap or exercise too close to bedtime, that's bad. >> right. that actually is a myth. some recent research found that vigorous exercise right before bed actually doesn't keep many people up at night and helps a lot of people sleep so at "prevention" magazine we recommend you try it out for yourself but keep a sleep diary, see how you sleep after you've exercised. many of us only have that time between work and bed to exercise, so it's best to make the best of it. >> another myth, skipping a little sleep isn't all that bad. it's not good. you can't make up that sleep.
9:19 am
>> not at all. you know, recent research found just skipping 90 minutes of sleep was enough to decrease your alertness by 30% and more shocking people who skipped six hours of sleep for one night had the same level of dexterity, reaction time and mental acuity for people legally drunk. if you've had a bad night of sleep it might not be the best idea to drive or if your work requires you're physically with it, if you do construction or work in something dangerous it might be a good idea to call out sick. >> or work from home, you should be in bad shape before you think about taking any sleep aid. >> that's right, that's actually also a myth. sleeping pills work best if taken for a very, very short period of time, right when you start having trouble sleeping. what happens is people once they start to experience anxiety also get depression, sorry, once they
9:20 am
start to expand sleep problems they get anxiety around going to sleep. so you goet in bed and start to worry that you can't fall asleep. >> becomes the catch 22. >> that's when sleeping pills are most effective for a couple of days to break that cycle and non-drug alternatives, something called cognitive behavioral therapy can also help. >> does a warm glass of milk help in? for >> you know what? for a lot of people does. anything that will calm why you are mind and make you feel like you can go to sleep. >> alcohol helps you get to sleep but doesn't give you good sleep. >> it triggers adren lin in your system and wakes you up later. it helps you fall asleep but you don't get restful sleep. >> last myth, doesn't matter when you go to sleep but just matters you sleep. >> that's completely wrong. people who go to bed earlier are less likely to develop depression or any of the other health problems, like obesity, and other things related to sleep than people who go to bed later, even if you're sleeping the same amount. so i no longer feel quite as
9:21 am
guilty for going to sleep at the same time as my 2-year-old. >> you got to sleep when you got to sleep. >> exactly. >> dr. holly phillips thank you so much. still to come the 9-year-old girl who swims with sharks. but first these messages. things like fresh fruit, fruit juices, have acids that can soften our enamel. once you've lost your enamel it's gone for good. pronamel iso-active is different, it's new, it's a toothpaste in a can. it starts off as a gel, transforms into a foam and actually surrounds your teeth and gets into all those nooks and crannies. dentists recommend pronamel. pronamel iso-active rehardens enamel and helps protect against the effects of acid erosion.
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and i have weight watchers online to thank. the fun, funkier me has come out to play. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] join for free today. hurry, offer ends october 15th. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. 9:26 is your time on this monday, october 3rd. let's go right to meteorologist veronica johnson with a look at the forecast. another cool day for us today? >> indeed it is. certainly quite chilly out there. a lot of folks have their coats out or warm jackets. 49 is the temperature. sun has been up for a couple hours. we haven't had any sunshine at all, just cloud cover and this. it's rain on the radar. we're going to see more of this throughout the day today. the afternoon and even the evening, your high today just 57 degrees.
9:27 am
another chilly one. hold on because tomorrow we have the promise of more sunshine, 66 a high. and then starting on wednesday, a stretch of sunshine. eun? >> veronica, thanks so much.
9:28 am
good morning. all of your eastbound lanes are blocked of university boulevard at dennis avenue due to the accident here. the fire department is on the scene. and on the inner loop of the
9:29 am
beltway, an accident at i-66, now it's in the right shoulder lane. we're still seeing delays at robinson terminal. it's not so bad but you're having a slow commute as you make your way towards the dulles toll road. average speed is 28 miles an hour. back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. more news,
9:30 am
♪ you're just in love ♪ i'm just in love with you >> that is joe jonas, the middle brother of the jonas brothers. the 22-year-old has a new solo album coming out, dabbling in fashion and food. he'll share all of his passions here wednesday on "today." i used to listen to the jonas brothers with my daughter, leila. coming up this half hour, today safety, the salad bar, restaurant or grilling burgers at home the way food is handles
9:31 am
can make your family sick. ten tips to keep you and them safe. most 9-year-olds are playing with barbie s but this 9-year-od swims with sharks. we'll get to meet her next. and an authentic easy to make mexican meal to spice up your weeknight dinner. a special edition of "steals and deals" tomorrow, where we share exclusive deals of all kinds with our good pal joan martin. >> and a las vegas vacation package from the palms casino resort at 54% off. tune in tomorrow for that deal and there will be steals but first, al, how about a check of the weather? >> will there be any wheeling and dealing? >> there will there be any whe and dealing? let's check the weather.
9:32 am
chilly here in the east. wet in the northern new england area. showers along the west coast. in between much above normal temperatures. midweek, the warmth continues to expand to the east into the mid atlantic states and southeast gulf coast, much below normal weather out west which will continue along with a lot of moisture at the late week period, below normal temperatures northern new england, above normal from the plains back into the gulf. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it would be nice around here to move into a better pattern, drier pattern. guess what? we are. starting tomorrow. 49 is the temperature right now. we are still wet across the area with showers making their way on through. into d.c. and up toward baltimore, still around prince william, the high today 57. lit be chilly. you'll need your warm coat and umbrellas, too. tomorrow, 66.and that's your la. >> al, thanks.
9:33 am
coming up next, you are what you eat, take care of your health by taking care of your food. we'll have tips. and not your ordinary child's play, why one 9-year-old swims with sharks. there's a place called hidden valley where kids not only eat their vegetables, they can't get enough. hidden valley ranch makes vegetables delectable. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno.
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9:36 am
four healthy grains come together in crispy flakes and crunchy granola bunches. honey bunches of oats. did you know every year about one in six americans get sick from contaminated food? dining in or eating out how do you make sure your food is safe? "good housekeeping" magazine focused on the topic. rosemary ellis good morning. >> good morning. >> was it frightening looking at this? >> it is scary. 48 million americans get sick from something they eat, more than 3,000 die mainly the elderly and small children because they're vulnerable.
9:37 am
our food safety system is not remotely air tight. there are huge loopholes and not enough safeguards. >> this will increase as we import more from different places? >> we're importing more every year, the budget to inspect foods are decreasing but one great thing happened in the last couple of weeks i'm happy we were a part of. we produced this special report "why your food isn't safe." at the same time senator gillibrand introduced an act into congress to safeguard poultry, where the biggest dangers lie, and meat. they pushed the biggest usda to declare the six most dangerous kinds of e. coli bacteria as adulterants. they have to test and inspect and make sure the food isn't tainted. >> common sense. >> duh. they'll be started in march, fewer people will die every
9:38 am
year, it's a beginning first step. >> first of all you say prioritize your shopping. >> here are some things you can do yourself no matter what the government does. when you go to the grocery store buy your canned goods and packaged goods first, buy the cold stuff last. run by the produce aisle last, get the meat and fish last. >> also make sure your produce cooler is cold. >> if you reach in and whatever you're buying doesn't feel cold, don't buy it. bacteria thrives in twaurmwarmt. if things supposed to be cold get warm it's more likely to make you sick. >> keep a cooler with ice packs in your trunk. >> if you have a long way to drive or four or five errands on the way home from the goesry store keep the cold things cold. food should not be out for more than two hours. things that are supposed to be cold need to be safeguarded more. keep it chilly. >> i've done this, don't wash raw meat or poultry, why? >> it's counter intuitive. anything you cook, that's what
9:39 am
kills the bacteria, it's not washing it but when the stream from your faucet hits a piece of meat or chicken it slashes and the contaminants go over your sink, counter and so don't wash it, put it in the oven. >> prevent pros contamination. >> right. two ways to do that, one is to keep separate cutting porboardsr meat and poultry, cross-produce, and seal it up in bags so it doesn't drip on anything. >> use one of three methods to defrost your meat, poultry or fish. >> all exactly what most of us don't do. most of us put it out on the counter. you need to either thaw it in the refridgeor or a bag in the sink in cool water. >> this is important, make sure you wash your fresh fruits and vegetables.
9:40 am
>> any kinds of fruits, and also good to dry them with a paper towel because you can scrub off any bacteria on them. what you don't need to wash interestingly are things that are prewashed, say you know lettuce that comes in bags. in they make you sick washing does not get the bacteria off. >> eating out, your restaurant's health inspection? >> right, you can do that going to a website called, and it will tell you and also in the restaurant there are a cup of very smart things to do especially ordering a burger because ground beef is one of the most easily tainted foods there is. ask how they know it's done, and if the answer doesn't involve the words "meat thermometer" order something else. >> and then salad bars. >> salad bars, what you want to see is people when they replace food not dumping new batches into the old batch. you want to see them remove the old batch and put in a new bowl in. >> rosemary ellis a lot of great
9:41 am
advice and timely. >> thank you. still ahead the 9-year-old girl who swims with the sharks. we'll meet her, after we get a bigger boat, right after these messages. planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand has a lens approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear.
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covergirl and olay floats above lines and makes you look younger. can your anti-aging makeup do that? simply ageless from olay and easy, breezy beautiful, covergirl. as the fiercest predators in the ocean sharks have long been feared and misunderstood but for the addison family which runs a marine expedition company in south africa sharks are the family business. joining me mark, gail and 9-year-old ella addison. we'll talk to you in a moment about you swimming with sharks. mark, what is extraordinary about what you do, you swim with the sharks withouts cages. isn't that cages? >> no, i think cages spread fear and not understanding, we've spent most of the best part of
9:45 am
our lives trying to understand the animals better. i feel confident without cages is the way towaforward. >> what kind of sharks do you encounter? >> we have a fantastic array from great whites through to the tigers, the bulls and of course there are over 100 species you can interact in the coastal waters so not all of them are big and dangerous. many very small but very vital in the ecosystem. >> mark you spiwim with the shas and gail and ella, you've been swimming since 5. >> yes. >> why do you do it? >> because they're amazing and i can. >> are you afraid ever in the water and you see them? >> no. the first time i got in, i was, but then i've been fine ever since. >> if i understand it right, the first time you got in, you forgot to ask mom and dad if it was okay. you just jumped right in, right? >> yes. >> what happened? why did you decide to do that? >> because i couldn't handle just sitting on the boat and doing nothing.
9:46 am
>> well, gail, i know you thought as a mom it was a foregone conclusion someday ella would be swimming with the sharks but did you think so soon at 5 years old? >> no, they were given strict instructions on that particular day, ella wasn't allowed to go on the boat. i knew she wouldn't be able to do that so they begged and begged and they went, and only when they got home did it come out >> they confessed. >> under duress. >> you still look a little afraid about having to confront mom that ella was in the water with the sharks. >> i don't think the danger was in the water, it was on the beach when we got back. >> we laugh but these are animals unpredictable by their nature. some might be saying wait a minute, i don't care how experienced you are to have a little girl in the ocean with the predators is too much of a risk. what would be your response? >> not true. when that first happened it wasn't my intention, it was an
9:47 am
impromptu experience. she proved at that age it's possible. i have implicit faith in the animals and obviously it's with certain controls and protocols in place. it's definitely safe to interact with the animals. we found the sharks, ella needs to do a lot more. >> what's important to remember swimming with sharks? >> keep your hands under your arms like this or the back. >> why is that? >> because they could think you're bait and then by accident come and bite you. >> and i know, gail, your theory is that actually ella's learned a lot of skills other than the obvious, just by being able to swim with the creatures. >> well it definitely teaches discipline because you don't get a second chance to say sorry, mom, i should have kept my hands away. the instruction has to be followed first time straight up and you also have your child's undivided attention. how many parents have that? so it is wonderful.
9:48 am
ella works with a lot of animals and animals are very good for teaching children how to behave. >> ella it's great to meet you and jack, your penguin here and mark and gail. thanks for coming from south africa. good to have you here. >> thank you, guys. it's been a great privilege. coming up, mexican food made easy. first this is "today" on nbc. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man.
9:49 am
there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
9:50 am
♪ whoa, mexico, sounds so sweet ♪ in "today's kitchen" mexican food step by step. >> chef marcella has new recipes from her new cookbook, "mexican made easy." >> i grew up 45 minutes from the border and i love mexican food.
9:51 am
tortill tortillas. >> kind of a 101 on mexican cooking make people feel comfortable with mexican cuisine. not everybody is like you, grew up on a border town. everyone wants to know how to cook it and make it easy at home. starting off with tortillas, it's confusing, they're at the market, you see so many. white corn tortillas which i prefer, a little bit more pliable, yellow corn tortillas slightly sweeter, blue corn, perfect for chips, all of them are perfect for chips, blue corn a little bit higher in protein content, sometimes they're a better option and a nice color. >> yellow soft for tacos. >> making a soft taco thee stand up nicely. making a soft taco once you add the salsa it starts to get soggy. white corn a little better. >> so what kind of tacos are we making? >> floutas, in spanish means
9:52 am
flute. one of my favorite recipe, it's great making leftovers, when you have leftovers sorry, you can fill a flauta with any protein. >> this is the corn? >> the corn tortilla. >> do you have to heat these first in. >> you bring up a great point. if you don't warm up the tortilla they're not going to be pliable. they're going to crack. >> a tight roll? >> the tighter the better. secure it with a toothpick, put a couple in there just like that. >> thank you. you're frying it up for how long? >> until it's crisp. you don't want to do it too long. you already cooked the meat. you're not looking to cook anything. you want to crisp up the tortilla. four minutes. perfect >> what do you serve with it? >> sorry g ahead. >> what do you serve with it. >> don't add tuna because you don't want to bring down the temperature of the oil. al is the chef, he knows what he's talking about.
9:53 am
>> go on some more, stop it some more! [ speaking in spanish ] >> so your question was what to serve it with. >> yes. >> this is why i love this, you have proteins, carbs and veggies, nice and fried, absorb the extra oil, shredded iceberg, colorful, and some pico de gaya salsa. >> a little guacamole. >> and fresco. >> let's move to the back. >> this is a chicken adobo. tell us about that. >> simple a dobo you make with a lot of chilies. this has tons of flavor. sauteed onions and garlic and i love the chilies, one of my favorites to cook with.
9:54 am
the guijillos get bitter if you cook them too much. soften up the chilies, let it get soft and blend and that's your adoba right there, really simple. you add it on your flattened chicken and the reason i like to flatten it is because it cooks quicker. more evenly, easy to maneuver, move around on the grill. put that adobo on there all over the place. >> on the side? >> yeah, all over. we're going to add a little bit of salt, and then go directly on your grill pan, once it's on the grill pan you can do the other side. >> skin side down. >> so you can do the other side. >> how long do you keep them on there? >> finish this in the oven at 350 until it's 160 on the inside. make sure chicken is fully cooked. >> serve with the night acoutrements. >> few seconds left, tell us about the soup. >> like the flauta, it has
9:55 am
protein, veggies and my son fausto loves it. >> hoda kotb has the kardashians coming up next.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now on this monday, october 3rd, 2011. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's go right to meteorologist veronica johnson in the storm center for a look at the forecast. >> hey there, eun. less than 24 hours and we'll get the rain out of here. for today, it is going to be
9:58 am
wet. light showers moving through the area right now covering a lot of the radar, especially down to the south and west around western fauquier county. the high 57 degrees. the rain will move out to night. we've got a lot of sunshine. in fact, i'll go on record and say this will be the nicest stretch since before september. danella. >> traveling eastbound university boulevard at dennis avenue, still only the left lane gets you by the accident there. on the inner loop, seeing an accident right at the 270 spur. your delays actually start at i-66. i'll give you a view at georgetown pike. you can see we are very slow. in fact, traveling on the inner loop in this area, traveling at about 39 miles per hour. >> coming up on " these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it.
9:59 am
yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. go to and save $600 in your first two years with our best price online. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality, more hd, plus america's fastest, most consistent and most reliable internet. why keep paying so much for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- $89.99 a month with a two-year price guarantee and the option of no annual contract. ordering online is easy.
10:00 am
you can even chat live with a fios agent. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, it's fun day monday. here to help put the funn fun day is my co-host for the day, none other than khloe kardashian sitting in for kathie lee gifford. our crew does not usually clap.
10:01 am
khloe is the youngest, the most straight forward, funny. >> most fabulous. i would think so. >> you tell it like it is. >> you have to. >> why? >> i don't know. there is a way to sugar coat things to get your point across, but i'm not down for bsing everyone. >> let's show proof of that. here is with your mother. >> i'm going to drink. >> drink. >> doing something very weird. >> no. i am doing something that perhaps has something to do with you. and i can't say anything because your husband would kill me. >> what's happening? now i'm really freaked out. >> nothing's happening. >> tell me what it is. >> no. i will not tell you what it is. >> i'm going to tweet that you're getting plastic surgery. >> you can tweet to your heart's content. >> please, tell me what you're
10:02 am
doing. >> that is a mom confrontation. >> i thought there would be something so much worse. this is g-rated what you just showed. >> but you don't hesitate when it comes with your family telling them exactly how you feel. >> but i don't hesitate with anybody. especially with your family. they know you the most. they know when you're going to be bsing or hiding things. that's way like about having so many brothers and sisters. we all tell each other how it is. if any one of us is getting a big head, who do you think you are? relax. you are not president obama. >> will you please tell me what things are true and what things are not? judge this one says, "it's baby time" for kim. is that true? >> i really am not in the bedroom with them, so i cannot tell you who is wrapping it up and who's not. i don't know if it's baby time for them. ask kim when you see her. >> does she like these
10:03 am
magazines. when she sees something like this? >> she loves these magazines. >> what do you mean? >> she loves reading this junk and seeing what's true and what's not. like this is way love though when i get to see how freaking cute he is with his glasses, stuff like that. >> do you look for yourself in these magazines? >> no, i don't. only when i'm on an airplane do i buy these junk magazines because i'm bored. but i know what i'm doing so i don't have to look at the magazines to see what i did for the day. oh, i can't believe. look, kim. obviously, i know what i did. sometimes i don't know what my sisters are doing. >> you keep up with them. it doesn't sound like watching your show you're crazy about chris her husband. >> i'm not crazy about anybody at first. >> really? >> i feel like i'm really a bitchy girl. >> let's watch what we are talking about. >> let's watch.
10:04 am
>> yes, it will come eventually. >> the dallas mavericks. we are going to hive to tell chris that -- >> that's my husband. >> two years married. >> two years married. >> you only knew him a brief time. >> 30 days. >> is it blissful and happy? >> i love being married. i do. for me i feel like, sounds so corny, but i'm obsessed with him at this time of my life. of course there are moments and times you get agitated or you're annoyed with some one. i wouldn't trade it. i love that i did it. all you guys thought i was crazy. >> we did. >> september 27th just passed two-year anniversary. i cannot wait for my 50th anniversary. >> are you kidding? what about kids? do you talk about that? >> yeah. all the time. we would love to have kids. it's so hard. i never knew about ovulation and
10:05 am
the limited amount of time you have to get pregnant. nobody ever taught me that. when you have schedules such as ours, it's hard to hit that mark. it's frustrating, but definitely want to have kids. >> let's talk about because we do have it? okay. there is something that shows how you feel about kris' husband, we think. >> he always feels that you hate him. >> i think he says disrespectful things to me and mom and kourtney. >> you don't give him a shot to get to know him and talk to him behind his back. >> i don't [ bleep ] behind his back. i said to it his face. everyone else is [ bleep ], everybody else is having concerns. i'm doing what everyone else is saying behind your back. >> you're talking about him. >> everyone was. they just didn't say it to his face. >> khloe is saying everyone is
10:06 am
talking about chris behind his back, but she is stirring it up and creating all this drama. i don't want any of this bad energy at my wedding. if all of you are talking behind my back, there is no reason any of you should abt my wedding. >> all i'm doing is telling you what is being said behind your back. kim, you don't want me at your wedding? >> no, i don't. >> okay. now wait. do you still feel that way about chris? >> here's the thing. that's all going to be in kim's four-hour wedding special she has two days back-to-back. the thing is that i am someone, i am a straight shooter. if i feel a certain way, i never said anything behind his back. you'll see that. i said everything to his face. but my entire family was commenting and saying things to me about kim or their concerns, so i felt, i'm her maid of honor, one, and i felt it was my job as a sister. let me say it. if you get mad at me, we'll get over it. at least i feel good about
10:07 am
myself saying something. i said it to his face. it is what it is. >> let's see what you know about chris. let's play a trivia game. why wouldn't we? it's our trivia game, it's all about chris. what is chris, your sister's husband? >> chris humphries. >> what is kris' middle name, kurt, nathan, julius or irving? >> i have absolutely not one clue. >> his middle name is nathan. >> was that an option? okay. >> in what city was kris born, hackensack, new jersey, los angeles, california, minneapolis, minnesota, st. paul, minnesota. >> somewhere in minnesota because that's where his family lives. let's do minneapolis. >> you got it right. see how smart you are? kris humphries is how tall? >> i think him and lamar are around the same height so i'll
10:08 am
say 6'9" because lamar is 6'10". >> you are right. >> i am a bad mf. >> hello. we are going to give that quiz to every one of your family members. >> i'm a mother fairy. >> that's what you are. >> here's the question. if your husband -- okay, your husband is on the computer and you're on the computer, do you think your password should be shared and used by both. should you know lamar's password and should he know yours? >> if you need that much trust to feel comfortable, i think there's more deeper issues than that. also to me, like even text messages, anything you could read them the wrong way or you don't know who -- for example, i have a ton of hair and make-up people a lot of my hair and make-up people are gay. if you read the name rob and it says, okay, baby, see you later. if my husband were to read it and they don't know who rob is, they could authentic i'm going
10:09 am
on a date with someone later. you never know. >> do you know lamar's password? >> i only know lamar's passwords because lamar doesn't know how to use the computer. he is computer illiterate. i had to buy him a computer and show him word for word. i had to share the screen with him to do it for him. >> does he know how to do basics like googling and www dot? >> not really. he said how do you get to twitter. >> you trust him and he trusts you completely? >> 100%. 100%. also, we are open. we don't have locks on our phone. there is no reason for me not to trust him. i feel like if you need someone's every last password, first of all, you need privacy, too. you gossip with your girlfriends.
10:10 am
he sent a text that was a sexual text to me, we were sexting to one of his teammates accidentally. sexting is when you text sexually, right? >> not pictures. >> not photos. we were texting and he sent to it his teammate. whenever i see his teammate, i literally want to cringe and die. that's how bad he is with technology. he sends it to the wrong person. >> you talked about wanting to have a baby, we now narrowed down our beautiful baby contest. just five. we received 37,000 entries. here are the finalists. ready for them? the final five are being revealed right now. first up is -- coen from ohio. next we have trinity from arizona. >> those blue eyes are so cute.
10:11 am
>> alia from michigan, brayden from tennessee and berkeley from oklahoma. how old is mason? >> almost 2. >> he would have qualified. here's the good news. all five of these kids are going to come to new york for a fashion show next thursday. i think we are going to pick the one litter out of the five. >> i don't like -- this is like really mean. it's like tiaras. why are we picking the cutest baby? >> it's exciting. >> i think it's mean. >> unless it's mason. >> mason is the cutest. >> why chris's family hates him. do they hate kim? >> i don't know. >> is that true or false? >> i don't know. >> we are going to come back.
10:12 am
khloe and i are going to have southern comfort going on. we have tim mcgraw in the house. woo! >> the latest celebrity news wrapped up after this. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! captain. unidentified object. it's a cascade complete pac. the best of cascade powder and gel combined in one vessel. fire! ♪ [ mom ] wow! [ female announcer ] cascade complete pacs. love it or your money back. if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand
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10:14 am
grammy award-winning singer tim mcgray has established himself as an actor on the big screen and films such as "the blind side" and "country song."
10:15 am
>> his newest firm "dirty girl" prepares him to meet somebody very special. take a look. >> i didn't know about you. >> they didn't tell you? >> no. >> i don't have to forgive him when i see him. >> tim mcgraw joins us. it is so great to see you back on the big screen. you saw "blind side?" that was a terrific movie. you play a father role in this movie, as well, right? >> this movie actually hit home for me when i read the script. it's about a girl searching to find her father, but she is also trying to find herself, figure out who she is. when i was growing up, i found
10:16 am
on my birth certificate at 11 years old and found out who my father is. i related to it. >> what made you want to look at your birth certificate to see who your real parents are? >> i wasn't looking for my birth certificate. i was looking in my mom's closet. i think i was looking for christmas gifts and came across my birth certificate. >> we are so used to seeing you sing and the last several years we've seen you acting. did you say i'm going to take acting lessons and learn how to do this craft? >> i probably should do that. actually, throughout my career, early in my career i had offers to do things. i never did anything. i wanted to but i was a little, i didn't want to put anybody off. to go do something and be really bad at it. nobody wants to see you do anything any more. i just waited till a couple of things came along that i thought i liked. i did a small independent film
10:17 am
with rick schroeder called "black cloud." then "friday night lights" i did after that. it's something i enjoy doing. there are a lot of factors. i've got to have time. i only have a small window where i can do films. my wife's schedule, got to fit the kids' schedule. and it's got to be something i like. they've got to want me. >> how do your wife and kids support your acting? >> they support everything i do. my wife is always supportive. >> how cute are you as a couple. 15 years you guys are married? >> 15 years, which is 82 in hollywood. >> and we were reading, what do you have a barbie doll twin set of you and faith? what that is? >> i've got to talk about that in front of my friends?
10:18 am
>> look at you two. come on. >> that's not to scale though. >> tell us about "a star is born." so beyonce -- tell us your role. beyonce is going to be in it. there are rumors you may be also in it. >> as far as i know it's rumors. >> come on. >> i heard about it. i would certainly be interested in it. >> blink or nod or something. just a little hint. >> it's certainly rumors. i love beyonce and i love clint eastwood who is directing it and i love the original two. >> that is terrific. we love when you come see us. thank you for visiting us today. see you soon. you can kafrp tim in "dirty girl" it starts on friday in a theater near you. talking about a-list actresses, guess who is here, kathie baits is in the house. [ female announcer ] enjoy the luscious fragrance of glade vanilla passion fruit and... ♪
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♪ ♪ just pop up pop tarts. sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun... [ laughs ] ...they make ordinary extraordinary. [ cheering ] so you can make any day joylicious! katie baits has no shortage of talent, ten nominations and oscar for best actress along the way. >> her most recent role kathie stars in "harry's law" as a no-nonsense criminal defense attorney who has no problem speak herring mind. my type of lady. >> have to pick a theory and stick with it. the case is housekeeper, housekeeper, housekeeper, she is the one we have to focus on, unless we can find out who the hell the victim has having an
10:22 am
affair. with oliver, you need to light vinny's ass up, you hear me? tell him if he doesn't dig up something, he's not getting paid! >> kathie baits is here. okay, this seems like such a fun role to play. are you enjoying playing harry? >> i am. it's been a blast. i'm so happy we are back for a second season. we've got a great guest cast. the first three episodes we have alfred molina, jean smart, jason alexander is coming up. it's a wonderful season this year. >> don't you think she seems so ballsy? >> that's why i love her. >> i love also that role was made for a man and they couldn't find anybody and then they found you because you're that ballsy and that straight forward they want you. >> i love it. >> the name harry, did they think since they didn't find the guy, did they think about changing the name? >> when i came onboard they wanted to make it harriet. i think her close friends should call her harry for short.
10:23 am
it was a way to keep that feel to it. >> it was so cool. recently the emmys were announced. you were one of the nominations. you won all the big awards. it may be a yawn, i don't know. when the call came in and said, you're nominated for an emmy, what was your reaction? >> i was thrilled. the funniest reaction was my producer. his wife ellie suggested me for the part when they couldn't find anybody. they were terrified to cast a woman. she said what about kathie baits? when the come nations came out he said kathie got a nomination. he said from the other side of the bed he heard ellie say, i want a prchlt. >> was it a big transition going from movies to television? >> yeah. last year was a steep learning curve for me. i had so many lines to learn every day. was a tough schedule and everything. i don't know. this year it feels different. i feel much, much happier. the scripts are wonderful.
10:24 am
i'm enjoying every minute of it. >> what about broadway? that's another thing you've done your fair share of. is that what you would like to see yourself do again? nothing is harder, i don't think. >> i don't think anything is harder than that. it would have to be the right part at the right time. it's very demanding. it's the actor's gymnasium. >> what about movies? any other movies? >> i've been so wrapped up with "harry's law" i haven't been able to say yes to anything but that. >> and you continue to get really cool laws. there is a complaint when you get to be of a certain age for all of us the roles dry up. you seem to keep getting good ones. >> i feel really grateful. that is another reason it's unusual to have a 62-year-old woman be a lead on a tv show, you know? we are beating the odds. i'm really grateful. >> my dad used to have sunday movie night when i was a kid. one of the first ones was "misery." i remember i was terrified of you. then i saw you in "fried green
10:25 am
tomatoes" and "titanic" and i thought, you're not so scary. >> kathy, we wish you a bang year. you can catch "harry's law" wednesdays at 9:00, 8:00 central. still to come, we'll bring you up-to-date with all the celebrities.ncer ] there's noy or wrong way. every baby plays by his own rules. and they need a diaper that lets them do it. new pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs and bottom ♪ with up to 12 hours of protection for all the freedom to play their way. pampers. it's time to play. [ guy ] ring, ring. progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. ring, ring. progresso... ...switch our phone service?, i think we're pretty happy with our phones.
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10:27 am
washington monument is out again this morning. coming up on "news 4 midday," we' we'll show you the video of one climber being blown off the monument by wind and precautions being taken. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. also coming up, a dream come true for one deserving virginia student, a new look for her
10:28 am
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we are back on this fun day monday with "today's buzz." our special guest host khloe kardashian is filling in for kathie lee. >> i i am on the right day. very public tweets about their turmoil to a reality show union, andy cohen is here with the scoop. >> there is a little affair going on with you two today. you're obsessed with andy and you're obsessed with part of khloe. >> yes. i complimented her on her
10:31 am
backside. >> my booty. i could give you some of mine, but i like it and my husband likes it, too. >> gene simmons and shannon tweed. >> yes. they got married after 20 years. they had a tense encounter on this show. >> yes. it was awkward. >> awkward moment. they got married after 28 years and there were 400 people there including hugh hefner and bill mahr. >> it was awkward. tell us the truth. why do you think they got married? >> well, they were shooting their show right now. you're looking suspiciously. >> no. >> you don't think they would have gotten married as quick as they did if they weren't shooting a tv show? >> we chose -- we weren't in production when they were dating or wanted to get -- they first started dating, kourtney and kim
10:32 am
"take new york" season one. they picked up the cameras because kim wanted to get married before the season started. >> what are you saying about shannon and gene? >> they shot the whole thing. >> that's my only thing. it's just when you get every single inch on camera. that is something that is like, how did you get every single thing on cst detail is a little too controlled for me. >> i'm reading between the lines and i hear what you're saying, khloe. >> do you? >> here is what's happening with ashton and demi. they went to kabala on friday wearing wedding rings. ash tweeted, if you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. ""that is one of my favorite saying. maybe they are trying to work things out. >> are you interested in this
10:33 am
story? do you think they are? >> i'm mildly interested in it. >> i'm not interested in any story. you never know what happens behind closed doors. if you are having a tough time in your relationship, it's so much harder when the public is focusing on you. if you are reconciling or going through a tough time, let them go through a tough time. it's so hard. >> maybe they shouldn't tweet about it. you know what i mean? >> you know what, you get sucked into a crazy vortex. people are writing about it. i should say something on twitter. i don't know what i'm talking about. >> yes, you do. >> michael jackson. >> michael jackson. the kids are in a blackout surrounding the trial, which i think is a good thing. tmz reports that prince, who was around on that fateful day, will take the stand if need, if called, if need be. catherine apparently is very upset they showed the photo of michael.
10:34 am
>> i am, too. >> and so is khloe. another thing khloe and catherine jackson have in common. >> during the o.j. trial, those kids were put in a blackout. i think it's important to do that. >> real quick, melissa mccarthy on "snl." >> hilarious. ratings are up. you were there. that hidden valley sketch was hilarious. ratings were way up. she is just on fire. >> i love her. >> watch her eating the yogurt. >> hidden valley ranch. >> here it is. take a look. >> thanks, andy. i'm glad you two connected. made your connection. >> we have more to do. sorry, babe. there is a whole new episode of "what what happens live." that is on bravo. who is on it? >> kyle richardson. you've got to come on it. >> and me. i'm so shameless.
10:35 am
>> i know. she'll be on tonight, too. >> up next, how to live with your husband's annoying little habits. [ mom ] hey guys.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
annoying things some husbands do. not the case in your house, perhaps leaving wet towels on the floor is. >> author jenna mccarthy writes all about husbands during good times and bad. "if it was easy, they'd call the whole damn thing a honeymoon." i love it. >> was that really your husband in that video? >> it was. >> he was cringing just a little bit while he was on. what's great about this book is that you really do touch on things we all have. issues we have with our husbands. what is yours with lamar? >> after seeing that, there are
10:40 am
a few things. definitely, he loves to eat in his sleep. he'll eat and fall asleep while it's still in his mouth and drool all over chocolate all over my custom made sheets. all over my sheets and it gets on me. this is disgusting, but he won't stop. >> experts are saying the two things couples will fight about most are sex and money. according to everyone i spoke with for this book and certainly in my own life, we don't fight about those things. we fight where on the tooth paste roll you should squeeze it. i squeeze it up here, he squeezes it from here. it's a big issue if you're not squeezing it from the right place. >> you asked a bunch of women questions. i guess you got flooded with things. here are couple of them. this is from jane. "every single day my husband leaves his sock drawer open about half an inch. and every single day i close it all the way. i mean, how much extra effort does it take to close it the rest of the way?" >> none.
10:41 am
she thinks he is doing that intentionally. he doesn't see things the way she does. he's just a guy. doesn't matter if it's all the way closed. >> you leave. >> i learned to pick and choose my battles. i'm not going to have a fight with lamar over if he keeps the room dirty. lamar is a basketball player, travels all the time, used to housekeeping. he is used to being dirty. i let him do it. >> is that the right solution? >> it's one of the biggest things. frankly, it's the only thing you can do. you've got to let it go. if you look at it in context of, if half an inch away from the dresser is my spouse's most annoying thing. >> the woman who has to dry her feet before she steps on the bath towel because her husband is ocd. >> he doesn't like her to have a wet bath mat? >> right, i would put that in his face. >> i would wait until he goes to work, dance naked dripping wet and throw it in the dryer.
10:42 am
it would be perfect when he got home. >> husband leaves dirty clothes on top of the hamper. she bought a hamper without a lid and she leaves it on the floor next to it. >> i don't think he is trying to drive her crazy. men don't see the same things women do. >> that's why they have wives. >> exactly. if you cannot laugh at this stuff, if you can't say it's fairly universal, i heard stories of guys who eat sunflower seeds in bed, there's always going to be some annoying thing. we have our own annoying things. >> i have a lot. you didn't know? >> jenna, thank you. the book is entertaining, a lot of fun to read. a lot of women will get a kick out of it. hottest new coats under $100. sears big columbus day mattress sale is on now.
10:43 am
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10:47 am
time for today's style. as the temperature drops in most parts of the country, it's time to check out fashion forward coats all under $100. >> inspired by the designer runway trends, we have the five picks of the season. >> hello. >> you always see these great looks on the runway. i can't afford that, but wish i could have them. i can't believe you found them under $100. >> fall coats are very transitional. these you can wear into the winter. our first look is the new shape for the fall. the cape. >> this is what the cape looks like. >> this is what the cape looks like on the runway. this is one of michelle obama's favorite styles. where is our mama. >> she has a secret sign that will reveal the price. >> this one is -- ta-da, show the price, $74.99. this is worthington at j.c. penney.
10:48 am
don't wear it with a skirt. it's beautiful with the longden yim. make sure you have a handbag like this. i made a mistake of trying to wear a cape with a shoulder bag. this is beautiful and great with the '70s look we are seeing. >> next we have a burberry coat that makes a big orange statement. on the runway, burberry showed the bright. sandy wearing an orange coat. this one is how much? $91. and the lines make it look modern. if you wear a lot of black and gray and navy, this is a great way to add color into your wardrobe with a fall coat that is a pop of color. it covers everything. >> i like that. nice job. >> thank you. >> the third look is a coat gone wild inspired by dkny. >> animal print. every day an animal print can be
10:49 am
overwhelming. we found this at old navy. show them, joan. we saw men's car coats and animal prints. this one was $99.94 at old navy. >> that is a great price. >> it looks nice if you're tall. if you're on the shorter side like myself, i would recommend looking for a short style. i love the subtle animal print. very beautiful, glamorous. >> looks great. this one is a parka. this is inspired by alta zarra. >> we saw all the models wearing coats that looked a couple of sizes too beat. fashion meets function. >> i like that. >> put up the hood. how much was this one? $68.99. we found it at it's actually 40 bucks now.
10:50 am
you can trade a profile, say you're looking for a coat, say your size and they will e-mail you when it goes on sale from your favorite designer. >> thanks, kerry. >> we have the crop shearling. >> that is adorable. how much is this one? >>his one was $81. >> i just discovered. i wasn't sure what the price would be. this is perfect. this is this season's take on a motorcycle jacket. and shearling can be an overwhelming material if you're petite. this can become a blazer. >> thank you. how is the baby? >> the baby is good. >> she just had a baby. >> crawling around like a crazy woman.
10:51 am
>> coming up next, we'll turn last night's dinner into today's lunch. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else? why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did.
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time to head to today's kitchen. we are getting saucy with chef and owner of a great restaurant. >> today is two-for-one. what we are thinking about or talking about is if we have leftovers or if you think a little ahead of time, if you're going to spend time in the kitchen the night before, why not make extras to make fun stuff. we have a pork tenderlion here. you're going to make a salad. you're going to make a sandwich. i'm slicing this up.
10:55 am
the thing we want to do is make it as easy as we possibly can. >> starting with the salad now. >> what has she got? >> artichoke hearts. >> look at her. >> olives. >> sun dried tomatoes. a little bit of roasted peppers. >> pepper. >> fresh thai basil and pepperocini. it's all vegetables we got from a jar. really easy. i'm from long island, what do you want me to do? >> i don't know. >> i'm going to do a little bit of olive island, some lemon. you're going to toss that up. >> toss. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> what's happening with this? >> you're going to make a sandwich. this is garlic, spread it on there. get garlic bread going. don't be shy. there you go. >> cooked in olive oil right in the oven 350 degrees. >> like butter. what else did you put on there?
10:56 am
>> that's the puree of the garlic. put a little bit of this pork down here. take the same vegetables you mix into your salad and dump it right on top. >> okay. >> you guys are pros over there. >> what's happening? >> feta cheese. >> come on down here. >> i've got my wine. >> that's it? >> this is our sandwich. we played it. it was a bit of my favorite salt and vinegar chips, pickled vegetables, wrap it up in a tupperware. >> i did a great job. a at cafe, the branzino fish was so terrific. >> thank you very much. >> >> thank you for coming. >> i told him not to bring sports-related activities. it will go back to 1922.
10:57 am
tame him. cut him off. don't let him talk too much. don't give him the note cards. >> bruce jenner jones me tomorrow. all week is kardashian, kourtney, kim, khloe. >> kardashians, baby. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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