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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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again, at 9:00 for your full hour of news, weather and sports. until then, have a great day. >> don't forget to send in your football forecast requests. good morning. remembering the fallen. a vigil to honor the victims of the worst massacre at a u.s. military base. we'll have the latest on the survivors of the attack and new information about the suspect's troubled history. 218. that is the number house democrats need to pass their version of health care reform. a vote could come as early as today, and president obama is heading to the hill to try to help. and rereunited. a father and daughter who spent a lifetime apart find each other at last. we'll tell you how it happened when we meet them in a "today" exclusive. today is saturday, november 7th,
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2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt just outside the main gates to this sprawling military base in texas. >> and i'm amy robach in new york. and lester, it was such an incredibly sad and somber scene there last night as that community of ft. hood came together to remember those who were killed. >> you know, amy, they process a lot of grief here over the years of the wars in afghanistan and iraq, but everyone acknowledges this was different. it is the first of many vigils for the victims of the massacre. meantime, the bodies of the victims were transported to dover air force base overnight, essentially taking the same
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journey that america's war dead do. this as the investigation into thursday's shooting continues this morning. let's bring you up to date. here's what we can report right now. the casualty count for thursday's attack has gone up. in addion to the 13 killed, we now know that 43 people were wounded in the attack. the vast majority of whose were from gunshot, but there were other injuries, as well, in the confusion. 23 victims remain in the hospital, about half of them in krop. the accused shooter, major anida malik hasan, has been transported to another hospital. coming up, we'll bring you the latest on the situation and the condition of several of the latest victims from the chief of surgery at one of the hospitals in the area. >> all right, lester. also coming up this morning, unemployment jumped to double digits, now hittingts highest level since the early 1980s. we'll find out what caused the bigger than expected jump and
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how the tt is responded. and democrats in congress try to drum enough enough votes to pass a bill with the president's help. all that in a few gnomes. but lester, back to you in ft. hood. yeah. we want to begin with the tragedy at ft. hood and the somber ceremony in memory of the 13 men and women brutally gunned down allegedly by one of their own. >> reporter: it's a military community that has honored the fall frn the battlefield more times than anyone cares to remember. but last night, the 13 people honored in this candlelight vigil were not casualties of war. even the army's top general on friday struggled to process it. >> i'll tell you candidly, this was a kick in the gut. >> reporter: major anidel hasan seen in a conference in januy, apparently did not leave a note. and officials continue to search
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his belongings looking for clues. >> the suspect, major hasan, was transported today approximately 3:00 p.m. to brook army medical center. >> reporter: hasan is described as a devout muslim who was increasingly anguished over his heduled deployment to afghanistan. he apparently told family living in the west bank he was suffering harassment in the military. >> translator: recently, he tried to get out of the army because soldiers ridiculed him for being a muslim and for his religious traditions. >> reporter: officials are still trying to reconcile the fact one man armed with two pistols, including this belgium model capable of holding 20 rounds of ammo, could account for so many casualties. >> 13 flag-draped coffins, the target today for our airfield for dover, delaware. >> reporter: the gunman targeted fellow soldiers who had gathered for medical screenings inside the soldier readiness center. nearby, others were attending a graduation. in the aftermath, stories of
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courage and heroism are beginning to emerge. >> my friend, come up with shirts as tourn cuts. >> kimberly munley, the civilian police officer, who shot and woundedasan despite being wounded herself, is among those being hailed as a hero. back in north carolina, her father spoke with reporters. >> when you're in a situation like this, your primary and secondary concern is just for your family, so you're not feeling that ill will or hard feelings against someone. you're just questioning why. >> reporter: a question the entire ft. hood community will be wrestling with for a very long time. several of the 23 victims still hospitalized this morning are being cared for in nearby scot and whitehospital. dr. w. roy smite is the chief of surgery there. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, lester.
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>> we understand a lot of those hospitalized still have very, very severe injuries. of the ten you received at your hospital, is it fair to say most of them are out of the woods? >> certainly there's been a great degree of improvement. of the six patients that we had in the icu initially, we actually only have two remain at this time so, the majority of patients have been transferred out of the icu. that's good news. >> and, doctor, my impression here, it seems like everyone in this community has some connection to this fort so, can you describe what it was like in the emergency room when your people g word of a shooting here and that you would be receiving casualties? >> absolutely. that comment about many people in the community having connections to ft. hood is absolutely correct. at our hospital, a large contingent of our staff and some of our surgeons and other medical providers have spouses or significant others that are deployed in the middle east or on base at ft. hood.
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so when we heard the news of a shooting at ft. hood, you might expect that it would be chaotic or people's anxiety would override their professionalism, but that really wasn't the case. of the several hundred people in the emergency room, you couldn't tell who was having that existential dilemma. people were professionals and did their jobs. >> and i understand at least one of the patients talked a little bit about what happened. can you relate what he sa? >> that's correct. one of the last patients that came in of the ten that we took care of over that hour and a half period or so was a very young man who commented that he had been in the center there where the medical records were being reviewed, he had been standing in line and had heard some commotion behind him and that someone had jumped up on a desk, quote, unquote, and was shooting weapons. and that's basically all he had
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to say abthat. he was actually quite distraught. >> yeah. dr. smyth, anecdotally whave heard reports of soldiers essentially performing battlefield medicine here, applying tourniquets, their training immediately stepping in. did you see evidence of that in any of the patients that you received? >> we did. several of the wounds actually were dressed. offeren times with civilian trauma, depending on the expertise of the emergency medical providers or speed with which the patients need to be transported you'll see patients that have open, bleeding wounds which can obviously complicate the outcomes once they get to hospital, but most of the wounds, the more severe wounds, were bandaged. there were some tourniquets in place. so undoubtedly that played a role. >> dr. w. roy smyth, we appreciate you'' spending time with us this morning. thanks for what you're doing and all the staff at the hospital.
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>> thanks, lester. >> here's amy. now another shooting spree, this one at an officeuilding in orlando, florida, on friday. police have one suspect in custody. nbc's tom trung is in orlando with the latest on this. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the suspect in these shootings is 40-year-old jason rodriguez, and he could make his first court appearance later today, this after police say he took a handgun and went on a rampage. right before lunchtime friday, a lone gunman created can chaos, panic, and confusion at this office building in downtown orlando. >> she was running towards me say, "get back many the office." >> reporter: gerri worked on the same floor as the shooter. some chose to barricade themselves inside. >> we locked our door, barricaded our door with a filing cabinet and made sure if was still in the building he
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wasn't going to get in our office. >> reporter: when it was over, one person was kill and five others wounded. they all worked for reynolds, smith, and hills, an engineering firm. the suspect is a former employee. >> we seched information he was terminated two years ago. >> reporter: the authorities say the shooter did not specifically target his victims. roughly three hours later, police tracked down jason rodriguez at his mother's apartment and took him into custody. >> i just can't believe that it's happening. i can't believe that anybody would come -- i don't care what's going on in your life. you don't shoot people. you don't kill people for whatever the case is, job loss or whatever. it's not worth it. >> reporter: the person killed in these shootings was 20-year-old otis beckford. when asked why he shot the workers, he said, well, they left me to rot. apparently he had filed for bankruptcy. amy? >> tom trung, thank you. president obama heads to capitol hill this morning to make a personal pitch to convince holdout democrat toss sign on to health care
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legislation. democratic house leaders expect to bring the measure to the vote on the house floor as early as today if check they can drum up the 218 votes needed to pass it. nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house this morning with the latest. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this rare saturday session of the house will be the president's biggest test yeto try to get his health care plan passed in congress, and he is pulling out all the stops to try to get it passed. the fate of the president's health care plan. today balancing on a razor's edge, facing a solid wall of republican opposition. the president is struggling to find the votes he needs within his own party. spending time on the phone with wavering democrats while allies fwis twisted arms late into the night. with some conservative democrats demanding restrictions on abortion coverage and publicly sponsored plans, others barring illegal immigrants from getting coverage, success in a saturday
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session of the house is not assured despite the support of most democrats. >> get our health care house in order and this bill does it. >> reporter: under the plan pushed by the president, all americans would be required to get health insurance. insurers could not reject an applicant based on pre-existing conditions. and those without an employer-based plan could choose to enter a government-run plan. total cost, $1.2 trillion. all of it paid for by a tax on the wealthiest americans and cuts in the growth of medicare spending. not one republican is expected to vote for it. >> the speaker's bill includes job-killing taxes and mandates that will hurt small businesses. and for the sake of our families and small businesses, this job-killing bill needs to be defeated. >> reporter: republicans plan to offer their own much smaller plan today. and amy, later today, the president will make the journey to capitol hill. we'll be behind closed doors with house democrats in a final
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push to get the plan passed. meanwhile, outside the front doors of the house of representatives, another protest by opponents on the capitol lawn. amy? >> mike viqueira thanks so much. and coming up later on today, we will get much more on the crucial vote count talking with steny hoyer and house republican whip eric cantor later in the broadcast. but first headlines from peter alexander at news desk. good morning to you. good morning to you at home this saturday. more of the flu vaccine is avlable. the centers for disease control says 38 million doses are now ready. that is double the number from just just two weeks ago. still a harvard poll finds only one-third of people who've tried to get the h1n1 vaccine have been able to. so far, at least 129 children have died from sfli complications. the virus right now is widespread in 48 state, and the cdc warns it still hasn't reached its peak. disturbing new evidence released friday in the casey anthony you are murder case. she, of course, is the florida
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mom accused of killing her daughter caylee. lab tests showed chloroform on some of the evidence collected by investigators. authorities ruled caylee's death a homicide, but they couldn't determine how she died. a preliminary autopsy prort finds three north dakota college softball players found dead in a pond died from drowning. investigators believe the dickinson state college stublts were on a star-gazing trip last weekend when their suv drove into the water in the darkness. how about this for a freak accident? an engine tail cone fell from ooh delta jet fou thous of feet from t sky after the plane took off thursday from new york's kennedy airport. the tail cone landed in someone's front yard in new york. the good news is no one was out, nobody raking leaves or anything. the part is four feet long. it weighs 20 pounds. the pilots didn't notice, the flight landed safely. delta is now investigating. and finally, if you live in boston or all the way south to
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philadelphia for that matter you may want to look away for just a minute. it was raining ticker tape friday for the new york yankees as fans celebrated their 27th world series crown. yankee players rode through the canyon of heroes to monstrous cheers. the parade ended by each player getting a key to the city and rapper jay-z. going to be a big cleanup heading into the weekend. amy? >> but all for a good cause. nbc meteorologist bill karin has a check of your forecast. bill, chilly outside. >> it is chilly. but what i love, the time change, we have the sun earlier on the weekend. >> a positive way to look at it. >> my glass is very half full or above half full, i should say. a huge storm in the gulf of alaska and unfortunately for the northwest that's going to mean a wet and windy weekend for you. the weatr has not been the best the last two days and
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that's going to continue. snows and rains in portland and seattle. the rest of the country, fantastic weekend. we can go all the way from california tthe southeast and charleston, sunshine and 07 degrees. a cold start in new england, but with the sunhe sunshine good saturday morning to you. meteorologist chuck bell 37 bright blue sky over washington this morning. it is definitely chilly out there. so bundle up as you head outside for your early morning activities. 27 now in frederick. 25 degrees in damascus. 32 at andrews air force base, prince george's county. 30 in fairfax and loudoun counties, northern virginia. even 36 degrees here downtown. our forecast for today is a beautiful one. sunshine, near 60 today. near 70 tomorrow. that's a look at your weekend forecast. amy? bill, thank you. a sharp spike in unemployment to
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talk about this morning. in october, the unemployment rate jumped 0.4% to hit double digits, 10.2%. that's a number we haven't seen since the early '80s. cnbc's melissa lee joins us for more on why it happened and what it means for the economy. >> good morning. >> 10.2%, a lot higher than some economists expected. why is that? >> absolutely. it was higher than what people expected and also the loss of jobs, 190,000 jobs in a month, was also higher. but let's put this into context. most economists believe the unemployment rate at some point would spike above 10% and the 190,000 jobs lost, that could be revised higher, and that's what we saw for the prior two months in august and september pe . we actually lost fewer jobs. the fact of matter is businesses are still uncertain about the economic environment a they're not willing to invest in workers yet. what they're doing is they've laid off thousands of workers,
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millions of jobs, in fact, lost in the past year or so, and they're able to do more with fewer people. productivity is higher. it's going at the fastest pace in six years in the third quarter. so they don't need to add anything yet. but we are seeing signs that soon they might have to add to those payrolls. we've just come off corporate earnings season. a lot of company, big companies out there, are signalling that the recovery is under way. cisco systems one of those companies saying that the recovery is under way. and if you dig into the jobs report, temporary hiring. that actually ticked higher. and a lot of people say that that is a precursor to full-time jobs because they aren't willing to invt the full-time jobs yet, but they need to bring many the temps and the hope is eventually the temps turn into full-time worker. >> speaking of the underemployed, those working part-time jobs versus full-time jobs, what are those numbers looking like? >> they have unfortunately also increased. 17.5%, a 46%-year over year increase. that is also people who are
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giving up on looking for jobs. the real concern is the gap between the traditional unemployment rate, 10.2%, the toe al unemployment rate, 17%, that is widening, so there is concern people are giving up on their job prospects, saying there aren't the jobs out there, i'm not going to bother to look, or i'm going to scale down my expectations and take a temp job instead. >> the t p just signed a bill that extend the first-time home buyers tax credit. is that a good thing or just a band-aid? >> a lot of people are saying that's just a band-aid. it is going to be a temporary solution. and there are some that argue that the first time around for those first-time home buyer, they would have bought those homes even without that tax credit. >> right. >> the fact of the matter is the plan is extended. it was expanded to people who've owned a home already for five consecutive years. and even if it's not bringing new home buyers to the table, it is putting money into pockets of those home buyers.
7:20 am
those people can they take those thousands of dollars they've gotten from the u.s. government and spend it on rugs or dishwashers to go into those homes. >> melissa lee, thanks so much. here's lester. amy, thanks. the u.s. navy is commemorating the terror attacks of september 11th in a special way this morning by commissioning a ship built from the remains of the twin towers. the ship's name the "uss new york," and joining us from the ship's nooer new york city is the navy's highest ranking naval officer. admiral, we appreciate you joining us this morning. i know this is a big day for the navy, but it's got to be tainted by some sadness over what happened here at ft. hood. >> well, russell, it is a great day for the navy, but on behalf of all of our sailor, the men and women who serve in our army, and their families, we extend our condolences to the united
7:21 am
states army and their families. but it's a great army, a strong army, a resilient army, and we stand with them as they go through this difficult time. >> and we're looking at the bow of the "uss new york"" behind you and i understand that 7 1/2 tons of steel from the world trade center was put in the bow of the ship. why is that an especially significantly part of the ship, both structurally and symbolically? >> well, structurally, lest teshgs bow, or the stem, as we call it, is what will lead this ship for the four decades that it's going to serve the navy. it's the strongest part of the ship as it breaks through the seas around the world carrying this ship on its many different missions that it will perform. but it also ties this ship and ties the crew and the many sailors that will serve on this ship over the years to the city, to the strength of the city to the tenacity of the city, to the courage of the city. and that bond will never be broken. and we're proud to welcome new
7:22 am
york into the fleet today. it is a big day. and it's a great day for new york. >> this is an amphibious assault ship, so it's meant to carry several hundred marines and their equipment to any conflict in any part of the world. does the ne "new york" on the side of that ship in some ways strengthen the mission or at least give greater purpose to the mission? >> i think it does. the ship is extraordinarily versatile. it will carry marines and other men and women of armed forces into harm's way to be sure. but the versatility of this ship di ai lous it to do so much more. it will participate with other countries' navies in maritime security operations. it has the ability, as we've seen just this past summer, to respond promptly, wherever it may be, to humanitarian disasters. this summer we responded with our amphibious ships in the
7:23 am
philippines, indonesia. so when people see "new york" they will identify with the city, with the strength, with the resilience, and it will bring health and hope to many around the world. >> admiral, we appreciate you being with us this morning. thank you so much. we'll take a break, be
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still to come on "today," a father and daughter separated for 30 years meet face to face for the first time, and we will meet them live. there they are.
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7:26 is your time. 37 degrees. the shine is back this weekend. chuck bell will have your forecast after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. saturday, november 7th, 2009. sheer look at what's making news. suspected gunman in the ft. hood traj dishgs nidal hasan, has family in our area. his relatives say they are cooperating with the fbi into the investigation. his relatives released this statement which they say hasan's alled actions do not reflect their beliefs or feelings. hasan prayed in silver spring. worshipers there say he was a calm man and they are stunned. new developments this morning in the shooting of an
7:27 am
international monetary fund official in bethesda and a personal plea for help in solving the case. 54-year-old moaty was shot in his home last month as he pulled into his garage on millwood road in bethesda. the suspect was last seen running from his driveway. police released a photo of a ski mask thought to belong to the attacker. he remains in the hospital and his wife is asking anyone with information to come forward. now to the latest on the swine flu. today there will be vaccinations at the fairfax county government center from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. children from the ages of 4 to 9 are eligible as well as children up to age 18 who have medical conditions that put them at a higher risk for flu-related complications. we will take a break now and chuck will be back with a look at your weekend forecast.
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good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures right now, upper 20s to low and mid 30s across the area. off to a chilly start. plenty of seasonal sunshine today with temperatures closing in on 60 degrees for your saturday. near 70 on your sunday. >> thanks, chuck. coming up at 9:00 a.m., tips on
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how to stay fit for the holidays. a full hour of your news, weather and sports. we will see you then. we are back this saturday morning, the 7th of november, 2009 weather a look at the lively crowd spending saturday morning out on our plaza. i'm amy robach here in new york for a special split edition of "today." >> and i'm lester holt coming to you from ft. hood, texas. and coming up in this half hour, new details are emerging about the man suspected of the mass shootings, and they're raising questions about whether the military may have missed some big red flags. we'll get some insight on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> and then, lester, we'll switch gears and bring you a story about a father and daughter who have finally reunite affidavit 30 years.
7:31 am
how did the surprise reunion happen? we'll give you a hint. it all came about because of something lots of us do every day. we'll meet them live in just a few minutes. if your high school senior is stressing about college application, don't fret. we'll tell you what you need to know now before those deadlines creep up on you. lester? but first, military officials investigating the mass shootings at ft. hood say that the suspect, army major any dni hasan, left no note behind. he said gd-bye and gave away his belongings, including his koran, to a neighbor the day before the shooting. here with more background, nbc news military analyst, retired army colonel jack jacobs. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> a lot of people who certainly watch coverage of the war might have seen them at a military base. every soldier is walking around armed, they would be able to defend themselves in a case like that. not the case stateside.
7:32 am
>> no, never is. as a matter of fact, although the place is full of weaponed athat ear all locked up. they're issued only when they're required for training, live fire exercises on the ranges. so, though there are lots of weapons here, people aren't wandering around with weapons. >> hindsight is 20/20, but we're hearing so much about this major right now, the concerns he had about the war, his family said he was aha raszed, he had concerns about being deployed. why was someone like this not flagged and why would they be on a list for deployment? >> that's my question, too. there was plenty of indication the guy struggled, not just here but in his residency at walter reed. he had substandard ratings. as a matter of fact, the guy in charge of authorizing patients to go see him, i believe, did not assign very many, if at all patients to him because he was concerned about major hasan. so, it's a very good question.
7:33 am
>> there's ban lot written and said lately about the military's mental health program being overwhelmed by the number of troops returning with postmau trau mattic stress from the war zone, suicideevels at new rates here. sit possible the system is just not capable of catching soldiers with serious mental problems? >> there are two parts of is. the first the actual care system, and it's much, much better than it used to be when i was in vietnam. people would come home and say that's enough for you and good-bye. now at least we care for people. the real linchpin in identifying people who need care is the chain of command and the soldiers around him. and that's one of the things that failed here. there were plenty of indications that the man was struggling and yet the chain of command did not refer him to health care, did not pull him away, did not flag him to prevent him from overseas movement. at the end of the day, it's your community and the community in the military is very tight, it's
7:34 am
your community that tells the difference whether you're in trouble or not and can get you care as quickly as possible, and the's the part that didn't work here. >> colonel jack jacobson, always appreciate you being here. amy. time for another check of the weather. bill karins is out on our plaza. good morning. >> you're right, it is a little chilly out here. a lot of beautiful people out here on thi saturday. i like to learn something on a saturday. these ladies with the university of auburn with the equestrian team, correct? you're competing tomorrow where? >> connecticut at sacred heart. >> and day of rankings. what are you ranked? >> number one! >> number one for right now. well, good luck this weekend. you should have great weather up there, too. we're dealing with a beautiful saturday in so many locations. we're going to be nearly perfect up and down the eastern seaboard. a cold start and should be a fantastic afternoon. middle of the country, gorgeous weather, and that continues right through your weekend. we are going to watch in the
7:35 am
northwest. that's wherehere you'l good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. outside of your window this morning, beautiful clear sky. it is on the chilly side, though. temperatures right now in the upper 20s to low and mid 30s. pretty much area wide. we will be warming up quickly now that that shine is out there. full sunshine today with a high of near 60 degrees. sun goes down at 5:01 this afternoon. tomorrow sunny and warmer with highs up near 70. dry weather will last into early next week. have a great weekend. >> that's a look at hopefully your beautiful weekend forecast. amy? >> bill, thank you. coming up, college deadline applications are just around the corner. are your kids ready? expert advice to get you through the process. and later the amazing story of a father and daughter separated for decades now brought together by google.
7:36 am
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it's crunch time for college applications right now. they're due for most schools in just a few weeks. and high school seniors hoping to get into college are facing barriers like never before, from a huge applicant pool to the tough economy. kathleen kingsbury, education correspondent for "the daily beast." good morning. >> hi, amy. >> it's harder than ever for anyone to get into college these day. with applications due in just a few week, what can students do to make their applications stand out? >> absolutely. right now is the time to be fining your personal essay. your grades are in and your tests are done. so now is the time to be writing that killer essay. and the key to that is making sure that as the admissions officer reads your application they get to know you and they feel a personal connection with you. so, while it should be well edited, it should also not be overly poshed.
7:39 am
and make sure when the admissions officer is done reading it they feel as though they know you as a person. another key is making sure your teacher recommendations are in order. make sure you have chosen people that can talk about your current accomplishment and your future potential. try to turn your applications in ahead of time because a lot of college offices start reading applications as soon as they get them. so that's just one more advantage that you can have. >> all right. and, you know, if you're lucky enough to get into your coveted college, you got the tuition costs to deal with. and even in a down economy, we're seeing those tuition rates rise, up 6.5% at four-year public colleges and universities. so what can families do to try and deal with these rising costs? >> i think there's one positive outcome of the recent economic outcome, it's that families are talking about finances and colleges up front and really discussing what they can afford. one thing definitely to do is
7:40 am
apply to a broad range of colleges. maybe you'll apply to your dream private university, but also consider schools that are a little bit more affordable. so, for example, you know, your state university or your community college. also you don't necessarily have to apply to public universities. a lot of private universities have larger endowments so they can gave lot more aid. and then finally, make sure you're applying as soon as possible by the end of january at the latest, because schools are much more willing to give more aid earlier in the admission season. >> and also adding that, the availability of private student loans is also decline, down 52% in the 2008-2009 school year. what can families do who need those loans to pay for school? >> talk to your financial aid office at your colleges. for one thing, they might have some extra cash that they can help you fill those gaps. another is make sure that you've exhausted all of your government loan options, either work-study or loans that parents can take
7:41 am
out. >> okay. and also, facebook and myspace. this is something completely new for those of us who are from college way back. they're part of college applications. what are some social networking dos and don'ts when you're applying for college and have that facebook or myspace page? >> i think all aply cants should be wary o using social networking sites. >> or posting pictures. >> absolutely. make sure you put your best foot forward. you hear from a lot of college admission offices they use facebook to vet that candidate. make sure you don't have any inappropriate photos up. make sure there's no vulgarity on your home page. and make sure that you're really putting your best foot forward. and if you want to contact an admissions office through facebook, make sure you keep that interaction to a minimum and make sure it's always appropriate and doesn't verge on being too personal. >> all right. and we should mention this whole application process is a big stress. the stress can carry over into
7:42 am
college. it's estimated that college students have considered taking his or her own life, 1 in 10 college students. >> yes. >> that's surprising. any brief, quick advice for just trying to deal with the stress? >> don't panic. be yourself. get a lot of fluids. keep perspective. in yes reality, where you go to college is a lot less important than what you do in college. coming up, a desperate dad turns to the internet to find his missing daughter and ends up with a lot more than he bargained for.
7:43 am
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30 years ago, when dr. scott beck becker's wife left, he was disconnected from his daughter. nbc's ron mott has their story. >> april antone, you know, searched the web from her home in atlanta searching more or less from a miracle. >> so i went, okay, i'll do scott robert becker looking for april. that's what i googled that night, and popped up and i was floored. >> reporter: floored because on the screen to her wwas a letter
7:46 am
her from a man she thought she'd never find. it said dear april, i'm your dad and i want to talk to you. >> i mist have cried for three hours straight. >> reporter: in an instant, a mystery that starred two months after her birth was finally solved. >> 30 years has passed. he missed everything. he missed everything. he msed high school, he missed junior high, he missed me being active in drama and theater. you may like them in a tree. missed my kid being born. >> i'm a grandpa, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: but scott becker, who lives in kansas, is about to catch up on lost time and couldn't be happier. after all these years and thousands of dollars spent on pooift eyes and the like, the payoff was more than becker ever treatme dreamed -- his daughter wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her. >> what more can i ask for? a daughter.
7:47 am
and two grandkids. it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: an amazing reunion drif on t driven to reality by a simple search engine. >> and joining us, the newly reunited father and daughter. good morning to both youf. >> good morning. >> this is such a great story to finally be able to tell. i know, scott, you start sod many years ago trying to find your daughter. april, you said for ten years up you had a website looking for her. you finally met her on wednesday night. tell me what that was like if you can. >> there's no words. if -- there's just no words that can describe that type of feeling at all. overwhelming. happy. scared. overwhelming again. quite amazing. >> april, what was that moment like for you? you said you cried for three hours when you saw efrl online. and then when you met him in person, what was it like for you? >> just a feeling of peace, a
7:48 am
feeling of peace, of knowing that i can finally put this search -- you know, this hole that's been in my life, it can finally rest and i can move on. >> and growing up, your mom never really told you the full story about your dad. and you mentioned you felt like there was something missing. and anyone would feel that way if they don't know their dad. how hard was that for you, and when and why did you finally decide to try and find him? >> oh, i've been trying to find him for a very long time. i just didn't have a lot of information. you know, it was very hard growing up. my mom is an excellent woman. i love her very much. she did a good job. but every child deserves to know their mother and their father, and i'm a big advocate of children's rights. so i think the reason why i'm here is to just give hope to anybody who's going through the same situation and let parents know who may have a child that's going through something that i went through to think twice
7:49 am
about it because it's not okay. >> it's tough. and google actually ended up helping you find your father. i love the search that you chose. you said scott becker looking for april. what made you think of that search? >> i've always been looking for him, always been googling his name, trying to search him out. and, you know, i just -- all these years i just thought you know what, maybe he's actually looking for me. when you do the sech, so many hits come up and so many wep pages you can do to. i thought, looking for april and it popped up. couldn't believe it. >> scott, you started this website ten yrs a. you actually had a couple people trying to pretend to be april, wanting to be your daughter. how did you realize this was the right one? >> i was just going to bed and just checking my e-mail for one last time that night, and the e-mail came up and the subject line it says, i think you might be my dad.
7:50 am
well, you know, overwhelmed and all that. and then you read it and you go, now reality sets in. i haven't had an e-mail on that address for about two years. >> oh, wow. >> but i've gotten taken a few time, and so i -- kind of cold, actually. i just sent an e-mail right back to her. i said, fine, what's your mother's maiden name and are you green? >> and that meant what? >> of course i'm green. my birthday is st. patrick's day. i know exactly what he's talking about. >> and her mom's maiden name was on there. i went to her facebook page, and su enough there's a picture of her and her mom. >> and you got to meet your grandchildren as well. >> i'm a grana. i'm a grandpa! >> well, congratulations to both of you. i'm so glad you found each other. you look like you're having a great time. >> i am. thank you. >> dr. scott becker and april
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
still to come on "today," you've heard of divorcing couples fighting over the house, the kids, baugh baseball team? coming up, a major league split involving major bucks. and one of the heroesover ft. hood, a young woman the force's commander called an amazing lady. we'll talk to her mom live. ♪
7:54 am
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7:56 is your time now. 37 degrees. sunshine back in the nation's capital. how long will it stick around? chuck bell will have the answers after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. it is saturday, november 7, 2009. he's a look at what's making news this morning. one of the victims of the ft. hood shootings lived in northern virginia. on arrived at ft. hood a day before the incident. dr. eduardo caraveo was an accomplished psychologist, teacher and motivational speaker. he was part of the 467th combat control team preparing for deployment. c caraveo was one of three people
7:57 am
in his unit killed. charges may be filed after a group of people out for ay ride on the tow path of the c&o canal crashed in the water. police say the car lost control and wound up in the canal last night and everyone got out safely. three people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. driving on the tow path is illegal. if you plan to ride metro this weekend, expect delays. add 30 minutes to your trip today. track maintenance will have trains sharing one track between cheverly and stadium-armory. braddock and van dorn on the blue. chuck will be back with a look at your forecast. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. we like the sun, chuck. >> yes, indeed. we waited all month literally for a nice dry weekend. last time we had two dry days on the weekend was back the first weekend of octor. we will have a beautiful sunny and dry weekend. off to a chilly start. heading out the door temperatures this morning, upper 20s in the western suburbs to low and mid 30s around town. it will be a beauty of a day today. plenty of shine and high temperatures, very close to that and close to 60 degrees.
8:00 am
coming up on 9:00 a.m., a full hour of your news, weather and sports. tips how to stay healthy and fit during the holidays. good morning. remembering the fallen. a vigil to honor the victims of the worst massacre at a u.s. military base as new information surfaces about the suspect's troubled history. by the numbers. house democrats need 218 votes to pass their version of health care reform. a vote could come as early as today, and president obama is heading to the hill to try to help. and foul play? a college soccer player caught on tape getting rough with her opponent. now she's suspended and sorry. today, saturda november 7th, 2009.
8:01 am
welcome back, everyone, to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt coming to you this morning from outside the gates of ft. hood in texas. it is a community in mourning today for the victims of thursday's horrible mass shooting. >> i'm amy robach in new york. lester, we have a lot to get to this morning, including what could be a make-or-break vote on health care. house democrats need 218 votes to pass their version, and they're enlisting president obama to help today. coming up, house majority leader steny hoyer and republican whip eric cantor will join us live to do the math. bufirst latest from ft. hood. lester? amy, thanks. this morning we're learning new details about the shooter. major nidal hasan has been transferred to a hospital in san antonio, about 150 miles from here. report lid he is in a coma but listed in stable condition.
8:02 am
military investigators say during the attack major hasan fired at least 100 rounds from at least one of the two weapons he was carrying and that the guns were purchased privately and legally off the military base. the tragedy here at ft. hood claimed the lives of 13 men and women, 12 soldiers and one civilian, while 43 others were wounded, most of them in the barrage of gunfire. there were some other injury, as well, many of them risking their own lives to help their comrades. nbc's mark potter has more now on the fallen and the heroes of ft. hood. >> reporter: when the shooting started and the wounded fell, the soldiers who were spared did whatever they could to help save lives. >> my friends, they took their t-shirts off and they started cutting up the shirts, made them as tourniquets. >> reporter: sergeant andrew hagerman, a military policeman, arrived right after the shootings to find what he called controed chaos. >> the biggest thing was trying to get all the wounded out.
8:03 am
>> reporter: those wounded were rushed to area hospitals, and emergency rooms were also filled with soldiers not wanting to leave their injured friends. >> took care of their buddies out there and they wanted to just stay and make sure their buddies were okay. >> reporter: at the emergency room, some of the wounded soldiers actually drove themselves here in their own cars. others who were more seriously hurt were brought here by their buddies in their cars. among the wounded, a 21-year-old army specialist keara bono, newly married and preparing for deployment to iraq. >> she was mad when i first talked to her, saying they shot me, they shot me, more mad than anything, and that's her. >> reporter: 27-year-old nathan hewitt was shot in the hip and calf. he served in iraq, left the army, and reenlisted when he lost a factory job. among those killed in the shoot-out was 19-year-old aaron nemelca, from utah. >> we'll miss everything about him. he was fun to be around. >> and russell sieger, who wo
8:04 am
worked at the va hospital. in a radio interview, he explained why he signed up for the army reserve four years ago. >> i've always had a great deal of respect for the military and for service, and i just felt it was time i stepped up and dit it, actually. >> 21-year-old michael pearson of illinois had been trained to defuse bombs. he died after being shot three times. >> he was the best son in the whole world. >> 21-year-old francesca valez died in the shoot-out just after returning from iraq. >> i just want everybody to know she's a wonderful person and didn't deserve to lose her life. >> reporter: valez returned home early because she was a month and a half pregnant. for today, mark potter, nbc news, ft. hood, texas. >> and among the heroes who emerged from the tragedy in ft. hood is 19-year-old soldier amber bahr. she helped put a tourniquet on a fellow soldier's leg and carried him to an ambulance, then
8:05 am
realized she had been shot as well. her mother, lisa, joins us now. we appreciate you being here. i know you've had a few phone conversations with your daughter. can you tell us how she's doing? >> she's doing good. she was released last night. she's in obviously some pain. she went to an nco's house to heal so she didn't have to do it in the barracks. >> can you tell me how you first learned of the rampage here and then subsequently the fact that your daughter was involved? >> i got a phone call from the e.r. doctor telling me my daughter was injured, couldn't tell me how, what happened, anything. and then it was hours and hours and hours later where we finally got a phone call that she was shot. and then again hours and hours before we figured out what
8:06 am
happened. >> and i know she was in a lot of pain when she talked to you. i also know she really isn't allowed to talk about the circumstances of the shooting. but the general, commanding general of this post on the "today" show yesterday morning specifically talked about your daughter and the fact that she came to the aid of fellow soldiers before she, in fact, realized she was wounded. has your daughter told you anything about her heroism? >> she doesn't understand what the big deal is about her. she was doing what she was trained to do. she doesn't understand why everybody is maybing a big fuss about her. >> you know, any parent who has a child in the military, and in this day and age certainly understands the possibility of deployment, but did you ever for a ment worry about amber's safety here at ft. hood? >> absolutely not. it was not expecting that at all.
8:07 am
>> and describe amber for me and the kind of person she is. >> she's tough. she's headstrong. she know what is she wants and usually gets her way. that's my daughter. >> well, she did a heck of a job here and we're glad to hear she's out of the hospital and recovering this morning. lisa, thank you so much for being with us. we do appreciate it. and now here's amy. lester, thank you. president obama heads to capitol hill this morning to make a personal pitch to convince the majority of democrats to sign onto health care legislation. they need 218 votes to pass it. meanwhile, republicans have a plan of their own. virginia congressman eric cantor is the house republican whip, and democratic congressman steny hoyer is the house majority leader. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> congressman, you and speaker pelosi have said for weeks now you are close to getting that number, 218 votes.
8:08 am
that said, how close are you this morning in terms of numbers, and will you bring it to a vote this morning? >> well, we're not going to bring it to a vote this morning. later on this afternoon or this evening we will bring it to a vote. we expect to have 218 votes. we believe the american having millions of uninsured americans without health care security is not only bad for them but bad for all of us because we're paying more and having a less healthy nation. we're going to fight for and have been working for, and every candidate in the last election said they wanted to see a health care reform bill that gave affordable, quality health care to all americans. that's what this legislation is about. we think we're going to be successful later today. >> all right, congressman cantor, democrats say if there is any postponement of this vote it will be because of republican delay tactics. what is the republican plan today? >> well, i tell you, amy, i think what's construct sieve to look to see where the
8:09 am
bipartisanship is surrounding this health care bill, and the bipartisanship is around objecting and opposing the bill that steny hoyer is speaking about. i think the question is asking why is it that maybe 40-some of his members are going to join republicans in opposing this bill. i think the answer is there has been a message sent by the voters in ts country as recently as this tuesday. people across this country are extremely concerned about what washington is doing to them, not for them. this bill is a massive overhaul. the system that we know, it will not allow folks to enjoy the kind of health care that we have to this point. and frankly, it won't do anything to reduce cos. >> congressman hoyer, i want to have you respond a little bit to congressman cantor's points because there are members within your own party who hav serious concerns about this bill. some say it will cover illegal immigrants. others say it will fund abortion. we're down to the wire now. what compromises have you all made on those two issues specifically?
8:10 am
>> it's not going to fund abortions. it's not going to fund illegal immigrants. and furthermore, amy, let me point out, mr. cantor mentioned the recent elections. there were two congressional elections held which federal issues and health care in particular were issues. in both of those district candidates won, two democrats won, one in a district that had been held by a republican for a hundred years. and the issue was should we have a health care reform bill like the one that's going to be on floor today, and in both those districts, the candidates pledged to vote for this bill. that was just some 96 hours ago. those two members who have just come from the electorate are going to b voting for health care reform for all americans to give them the security they need and to bring costs down which are unsustainable and the cbo of course says our bills are paid for. the republican alternative which they will offer frankly is a bill which will result in there being more uninsured americans
8:11 am
ten years from now than there are today. that's not what americans voted for. that's not what they expect. and i think we're going to see the majority of the house of representatives vote to pass this bill, send it to conference so that we can get health care security for all americans. >> congressman cantor, both the american medical association and the aarp have endorsed this bill. you down played those endorsements this week. but these are two very respected organizations. don't those endorsements give this bill some credibility? >> amy, i think what we need to do is lettake into account the people that are watching your show this morning. these are moms and dads taking care of their family, having breakfast together. and what is it that this bill will do? what is it that our republican plan will do? one bill will put the government in between the families and their doctor, one bill won't. one bim will make it so that we have over a trillion dollars worth of spending over the next ten years and increase the deficit more than any that we have seen before. one bill will actually save money and will lower health care
8:12 am
costs. the congressional budget office says that the republican plan is the only one that will actually reduce insurance premiums. and one bill will make sure that we take smart, reasoned approach to improving the system we have, and the democratic approach is basically let eelis let's overh entire system and create an entirely new government program that folks will have to get used to. i think that's the perspective and the important point, which is why we're seeing such a large bipartisan vote against this bill there will not be a bipartisan vote for this bill. >> congressman eric cantor -- we're out of time. real quickly, congressman hoyer. >> the ama and aarp endorsed it because they believe it's a good bill and do not believe the statements congressman cantor just made. >> thank you both for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. now more of the morning's headlines from peter alexander at the news desk. peter, good morning. >> good morning to you at home.
8:13 am
we begin in kwlooefld authorities are still working to identify the remains of 11 bodies found inside the home of a convicted sex offender. nbc's ron allen now has the latest. >> reporter: the residents of this cleveland neighborhood still wonder, who are the women found murdered in the plain-looking house on imperial snav 11 sets of human remains were recovered. in custody is anthony sowell, the alleged serial killer, who police believe lured some of his victims with drugs and alcohol. so far only a few have been identified, women who had been missing from their families for months. >> my daughter was a loving mom to her children. she was a hairdresser. >> reporter: others in this neighborhood still worry. they posted pictures of more than a dozen missing women on a memorial across from the murder suspect's house. one knows two of them. >> it's sad. it's horrible. >> reporter: residents say they complained to police and health officials. sowell was a registered sex offender on parole who had to keep in touch with authorities,
8:14 am
sometimes meeting on his porch as recently as a couple of months ago. a local city councilman blames the police, the community, and himself for not being more vigilant. >> hopefully the department of justice wi come in and look at how did this happen in this neighborhood. >> reporter: meanwhile, police dig through sowell's house and his past, fearing his alleged attacks may reach back years and far beyond these streets. ron allen, nbc news, cleveland. also this morning, a new mexico college soccer player who became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons has been suspended indefinitely. if you haven't seen this, you better look. defender elizabeth lambert there in the red, an elbow to the ribs, retaliating later with an elbow to the back. later she yanks her opponent from byu down by her pony tail. look at that. lambert released a statement saying her actions were uncalled for. byu ended up winning the game
8:15 am
1-0. looks more like wwf than mountain west women's soccer. she's been suspended. >> might have have a career in that sport, maybe not so much in soccer. bill karins is on the plaza with a check of the weather. good morning. good morning to you, amy. what a crowd out here. a near-perfect weekend. so many areas except up in the northwest. here's a look at the weather. as far as the big forecast picture goes, ida, we have a tropical storm out there down in thth western good sat kay morning to you. meteorologist chuck bell. it is a beautiful saturday morning here in the washington area. where mperatures are in the chilly 30s now. 33 in fairfax and loudoun county. 30 degree mismanassas and culpeper. 30 in frederick. upper s on the map. panhandle of west virginia. also west of the blue ridge. temperatures low to mid 40s alongside the bay. it will be a nice day today. seasonable sunshine. highs today up near 62 degrees. shine near 70 tomorrow.
8:16 am
all right. what's your perfect saturday? a good book -- >> my perfect saturday is a good book, french toast and lester holt. >> a recipe for a lot of people. inside to amy. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. - [sighs] oh, honey! - oh, yeah. he went to jared. - he totally went to jared. female announcer: celebrate life's unforgettable moments with pandora charms and bracelets, now at jared, where you'll find a fabulous pandora selection. girls: awww... - they are so cute at that age. let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheeri, ringing )
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now to a divorce battle involving diamonds -- baseball diamonds. the owner of the los angeles dodgers is divorcing his wife, who also happened to be the team's ceo. nbc's michael oku has the details. >> reporter: it's an all-out "war of the roses." los angeles style. >> this is classic theater. >> reporter: that's frank mccourt. he and his estranged wife, jamie, ran the l.a. dodgers until frank fired his wife, the ceo. jamie was often a no-show in the office, frank says, what's more had an affair with an employee, her driver, and even jetted off
8:19 am
with him on a european holiday on the dodgers' dime. >> jamie's lawyers have said she's in a relationship with this guy, it happened after the couple separated, shouldn't be a part of the issue. >> reporter: in happier times, the mccourts lived lavishly, hopping among their nine homes from malibu to mexico. court documents filed by jamie's lawyers depict the pair as one of california's richest, an estimated wealth in excess of $1.2 billion. to maintain the life to which she's become accustomed, jamie is swinging for the fences. seeking more than $487,000 per month in spousal support, $320,000 if she getser job back. >> if, in fact, they had this type of lifestyle, she is legally entitled to make that request. >> reporter: rich, but then heather mills settled for $48 million with paul mccartney. michael jordan dished out a lot
8:20 am
for his ex-wife. now will jamie mccourt join that ex-wives club? nbc, los angeles. still to come, bea smith warms up our kitchen with down home cooking.
8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come on "today," the hottest new trends in cold-weather clothing, including what the u.s. olympic team will be wearing in vancouver in just a couple months. plus, find out what real-life troubles brought t king of wrestling to his knees when i go one-on-one with hulk hogan. would you like a pony ?
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8:26 is your time now. 37 degrees. live look outside right now. the sun is back. chuck will have your forecast after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. it is saturday, november 7, 2009. sheer a look at what's making news this morning. the suspected gunman in the ft. hood tragedy, nidal hasan has family in our areas and relatives are cooperating with the fbi in its investigation. his relatives in falls church released a statement in which they say hasan's alleged actions do not reflect their beliefs. hasan also prayed at the muslim community center in silver spring. other worshipers there say he was a calm man and they are stunned. new developments this morning in the shooting of international monetary fund
8:27 am
official in bethesda. a personal plea for help in solving the case. moaty was shot in his home last month as he pulled into his garage on millwood road in bethesda. the suspect was last seen running from moaty's driveway. police released a photo of a ski mask thought to belong to the attacker. today there will be vaccinations at the fairfax county government center from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. children from 4 to 9 years old are eligible as are children up to age 18 who have medical conditions that put them at a higher risk for flu-related complications. pea will take a break and chuck will be back with your forecast.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we looked outside ande saw something that we haven't seen in so long on the weekend. >> no kidding. sunshine on the weekend. a very hard thing to come by around here. for the last month, rainy weekends, last four, five weekends in a row. little sat zane shine will get everybody's spirit moving in the right direction. temperatures low 30s in the werp suburbs and near 40 degrees downtown. mid to high 30s across much of southern maryland, waldorf, st. mary's county, 45 degrees. it will be a beautiful, bright and sunny saturday. highs today, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. sun goes down at 5:01. sunshine and great weather lasting until tomorrow. tomorrow and monday, high temperatures, nosing in on 70. >> very nice. thank you. cong up on "news4 today," a
8:30 am
full hour of news, weather and sports. tips on how to stay fit and healthy for th holidays. we will see you at 9:00. welcome this saturday morning, november 7th, 2009, a very happy crowd out on our plaza on this november morning. thanks for sharing your day with us. i'm amy robach here in new york. >> and i'm lester holt in texa . this morning. still to come in this half hour of "today," we are going to help you get ready for winter. from your car to your skin to your wardrobe, we've got it all covered, including cool gear for cold weather. that's coming up. amy? and hulk hogan, you may know him from his antics in the ring, but his personal life was crumb
8:31 am
j and at his lowest point he considered suicide. he's written all about it in a new book, and we'll hear from hulk himself coming up. and then a bit later, a taste of southern cooking courtesy of bea smith. i hear she's going to be combining pork and root beer. too bad you won't be here to taste it, lester. >> no, but i will be making my way back to new york. and of course we'll continue our coverage of the horrible tragedy that occurred at ft. hood. i'll be back in new york tonight and reporting on "nbc nightly news," but i will catch you a bit later on. >> all right. we look forward to that, lester. we'll get to all those important stories, but first another check of the weather from meteorologist bill karins. bill? good morning, amy. a little chill by but beautiful sunshine around much of the couny. fantastic everywhere with the exception of the northwest. that's where we'll still have good saturday morning. beautiful weather is expected here in your nation's capital for today and tomorrow.
8:32 am
actually, nice weather will last into early next week. to get your weekend under way, temperatures in the mid to high 30s. most neighborhoods now, 41 in quantico. 45 degrees. 28 degrees in martinsburg, west virginia. great weather for today and for tomorrow. today's highs up near 60. both tomorrow and monday. highs near 70. have a good weekend. the dolphins playing today. they play sunday against new england. let's talk a little bit about "sunday night football," though. they're so arrogant, too, what they did to my jets. a little about the forecast. this is a big game, huge game. weather will not be an issue. one of these teams will be in first place when this game is over. big game on nbc sunday night. let's send it now inside to a football fan himself, peter
8:33 am
alexander. bill, thanks very much. this morning on "today," winterizing yourlife. temperatures are dropping and that means now is the time to prepare for those cold, snowy days. >> that's right. this morning we'll have all aspects of your life covered from fashion to beauty to winterizing your car. >> first up, though, we begin by winterizing your wardrobe. from the latest trends to the newest technology, men's health magazine editor, brian, welcome. >> good morning. >> what's in with jackets? you want to make sure first and foremost it's breatheful. >> absolutely. ventilation is a big trend in winter wear right now. we have some coats here from a brand called giox. they're known for the shoes that breathe, but they also make coats. sometimes you get a little warm in your coat going indoors and outdoors, so they utilize a ventilation system on the shoulder since heat rises. rather than trapping in the
8:34 am
perspiration and steam, the heat rises out of the jacket into the environment so you're cool and dry inside. >> what do you want to spend? >> these are roughly around $300. shoes can look like they're designer but they're intended for the outdoors. >> absolutely. most people know the shoes that breathe. they have a membrane in the sole that allows to same thing, sweat to go out, water doesn't come in. they have a completely new waterproof line for winter for men and women in both dress shoes and sort of outdoor styles. again, style and function. >> good padding. look pretty warm. >> yeah. >> i like this a lot. tech-savvy earmuffses and gloves. what's the deal? >> these are from a brand called 180s. these come in a variety of styles but they have a built-in headphone you can connect to your ipod or mp3 player, so you can listen to your music and keep your ears warm. >> the challenge with the big gloves on is how do you get the spinner to go? what's up with the fingertip? >> these are called tech touch pods, fabric pods, and they
8:35 am
allow you to use all the touch-screen functions on your ipod or iphone without taking off your gloves. you won't be losing glove like i do all winter. >> we're proud here at nbc, the olympics coming to nbc fewer than 100 days from now. this is the official gear, our sort of first look at ralph lauren's product? >> ralph lauren is the official outsfiter for the 2010 games. he's designed a complete collection for men and women. this is a women's look. vests, hats, scarves, similar things for men, great stuff. >> time is limited, winterizing, but sheer jr. ling popular? >> we have boots from j. crew. this is a foe shearing hat from banana republic. warm, cozy, comfortable. >> running out of time. i'm taking these gloves with me. amy? peter, thank you. wipt rising your beauty routin from dealing with dry and sense
8:36 am
tif skin to moisturizing chapped lips. frances, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with dry skin. extra moisturizing i'm assuming is one of the bigge helps with this problem that comes up every wenter? >> moisture, moisture, moisture, and keep the hot showers short because that robs the skin of moisture. we love the lubriderm. put it on while youfr skin is still wet. it will trap in moisture and keep it smooth all day. everybody has now what i call flu hands because we're washing them all day long and then we're also using -- >> that purell dries everything out. >> so drying. we love this from clinique. deep, deep, deep comfort and it's also good for your cuticles. >> oh, okay. >> reapply all day long. >> i have chapped lips or maybe i think i constantly do, but this looks great. what is this? >> this is a total classic. it's elizabeth arden eight-hour
8:37 am
cream in the lipstick form. my mom has used it for years. it's a favorite. you need something with wax in it so it adheres to your lips and doesn't slide off. drink lots of water. >> good tips. some tools for your beauty regime. >> this is a soft body brush. you use it all over your body. looks funny but it's invigorating. >> this the shower. >> before you get in the shower on dry skin and it helps your moisturizer work better. >> okay. this is for -- >> from dr. scholl's. >> and other things to add to your winter beauty routine. exfoliators we have. >> you want to make sure it's something you can use every day that's gentle enough to use that often. so we love the rocque resurfacing disks. >> frances, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> here's peter.
8:38 am
amy, thank you very much. winterizing your car. it's starting to get cold outside. icy roads found with stormy conditions. what do you do to keep yourself safe? jake fisher from consumer reports magazine. thanks so much. as we look at this car, the priority is visibility in the winter months. >> yeah, absolutely. if you can't see out, you're sunk already. e most basic things are, we're getting to be cold here, an icy window, snow on, there get yourself a snowbrush and a scraper. throw it in the car. a couple bucks. don't be out there with a credit card trying to scrape the window. >> as you show us the wiper blades, how often do you change those? >> basically six months to a year they've worn out. you can tell because it should be nice and smooth to the touch. after about a year, it gets rough like sandpaper. you don't want to tate waite till they get bad. >> couple bucks. bring it to the place and they can replace them. >> absolutely. >> check your levels.
8:39 am
why is that so important? >> first of all, even if you have good wipers you need wiper fluid. take a look at your power steering fluid, take a look at your brake fluid, take a look at your oil. make sure there's enough in there. don't wait for the light to go on because at that point you could be doing some damage. >> light goes out, 10 degrees out, you won't be enjoying yourself. >> absolutely. >> flip side, if we could, quickly. kick the tires. what should you be checking on the tires you presently have? >> you need to check your tire pressure. if you haven't checked in a while, they'll probably be low. if the temperature has dropped a lot, they lower because of the temperature. every ten degrees you drop one psi. they can wear out quickly. but handling. the car won't handle right with low pressure. get yourself for about 20 bucks a digital gauge, easy to track. >> significance of the new tires here. how important are those winter tires come the winter season? >> if you are driving where there will be snow, take a look
8:40 am
at winter tires. huge difference. >> thank you very much. that's it right now. we're going to give you an update on winterizing your life. be right back. h... by offering the expertise and advice necessary... for everyone to make informed decisions. because sometimes all you need to start living well... is an invitation. join us this month for your... free diabetes testing. to find a testing location near you, go to or call 1-877-w-and-you. walgreens. there's a way to find answers. from benefiber. a natural fiber that helps your body stay healthy, in four refreshing flavors that you can take with you anywhere.
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toys 'r' us...where kids are a big deal. ™ for decades, one name has evoked the excitement and spectacle of professional wrestling like no other -- hulk hogan. but life outside the ring has teed his legendary strength and stamina and even brought him to the brink of suicide. his battle back from that point is the starting point of his new book, "my life outside the ring." hulk hogan joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> let's start at the beginning of your book because it is powerful. off gun in your hand. your son has been in a terrible accident. your wife has just filed for
8:44 am
divorce. >> right. >> how difficult was that for you to relive that moment and put that on paper? >> it's tough. i mean, you know, i've read the book several times, gone through it, and those first few pages are really, really hard for me, just to think about, relive, look at even the print. it's a tough one. but, you know, i bottomed out, and, you know, i've heard so much about people threatening to commit suicide -- >> yeah. how close were you to actually pulling the trigger? >> i don't know. i don't know. and i just thought, you know, that's what cowards do, and that would never happen to me. and then all of a sudden i found myself there. i mean, so many things happened at once, you know, with my son and that situation with the wreck and my wife filing for divorce, which i thought i'd be married forever. married 23 years. and not talking with my kids or my ex-wife now and then coming home to this 20,000-square-foot house my kids were raised in, all my animals -- we were animal lovers -- dogs and cats and fer retds, everything gone. every single closet empty, the
8:45 am
pictures of my family, all got me at once. >> you said you don't do well alone. >> no. i don't en like to work out by myself. i'd rather go to the local gym with other people. >> interestingly enough, a phone call from your "american gladiator" co-star laila ali snapped you out of it. >> she was someone i had just met. i worked with her casually, knew her father. for someone to call me out of the blue. it woke me up. >> how is your son and his friend john doing? >> john is doing very well. he got out of the hospital and he's getting better every single day. >> in terms of john, you're facing a civil lawsuit. >> yes. >> there's not a lot you can say about it. but can you take me back to that moment? that was something that perhaps led you to that point y you had a gun. >> yeah. it was just something that -- it made things so i couldn't figure out how to put the pieces back together. it just totally came out of
8:46 am
nowhere, and it was an accident, and john had been spending most of the time at our house. he was part of the precision driving team and he was helping my son, and he was like another child to me. he was another extension of my family. we worked out every day together, was around me all the time. and when this happened it just totally took everything away that i thought i could possibly glue glue things back together. i didn't know how to fix that. >> hulk hogan,s thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
8:47 am
8:48 am
nothing says comfort food like southern cooking. >> bea smith is with us to share a tasty meal from her newest cookbook. b. smith from southwestern pennsylvania. let's make sure we get it right. >> a girl's got to do what a rl's got to do. >> absolutely.
8:49 am
>> root beer pulled pork today. i'm putting in thyme and mustard and paprika and cumin and sage. >> the works. >> salt and pepper. >> do you have to pick a specific cut of pork to make this work? >> this is a pork butt, and that works well. but i also suggest if you don't want to use pork, you can use a turkey breast. >> okay. >> and you can pull that. >> rub it in. >> rub it in dry. >> like rk on a saturday morning. give us a sense about the browning. >> when you brown it in a little olive oil, look how beautiful that looks. then you put in -- >> how long you going to let that go, though? >> brown it. >> short time. >> put my root beer in. >> i want to drink a little when i look at that. what does it do for it? >> instead of using stock or something like that, the root beer just adds so much more flavor. my dad made homemade root beer, so i love root beer. come on over here. this is cooked. look how beautiful that looks.
8:50 am
>> how long do you let this cook for? >> an hour in and then the root beer an hour -- then bring it out and then back in another hour. >> okay. >> this is my favorite part of the segment. >> you pull the pork. >> yeah. literally just with -- >> falls off. >> get your hip in it and pull that pork. over here, it's mixed already with the barbecue sauce. >> and you can pick any sauce you want. you have lots of different -- >> yeah. barbecue sauce that's in the book. and then i'm going to have greens with it, collard greens. >> collard greens. >> and make them with turkey instead of ham hock, but this has ham hock. they're very healthy for you. and fried green tomatoes. >> fried green tomatoes. >> can i taste some of this  while we're doing this? >> of course. >> how do you do this? >> there's a little red pepper here and what you do, you dip the tomatoes in buttermilk, then dip them in a little flour and
8:51 am
then -- >> these are low fat, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> what's on top there? >> this is great. >> let me jump in here. >> did you get a little pulled pork -- take a little there. >> take the butt off. >> the pulled pork, everyone these days is looking for economical and fast cooking. >> right. >> this is something that you can pretty much put in a pot and let it cook itself. >> and it's great on a buffet. you know, people just want to help themselves and you can make the little buzz if you want to. >> whoa. >> i like a woman who likes to eat. >> you just got it on your chin. didn't mean to get you. we should say thank you. that was terrific. >> excellent. >> i'm taking this with. >> thank you for having me. >> with her mouth full, i'll s thanks very much. stay hydrated at all times. get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. ♪ and don't worry-- lots of people live active lives with asthma.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
that does it for us this saturday morning. bill karins, thank you, and peter alexander, always a pleasure to have you here, pinch hitting for lester while he is away. >> thanks so much.
8:55 am
good pulled pork today. >> beautiful. >> my pleasure. >> coming up tomorrow on "today," the latest on the health care reform vote and will oprah leave chicago for l.a.? we'll fd out. lester holt will be back here for that and will also be back tonight on "nbc nightly news."
8:56 am
for 9:00. i'm eun yang. here is what we are working on for 9:00. notoriously hard to come by but we sniffed it out where you can get the swine flu vaccine today. and inside the "real world" house. strangers shared a home in d.c. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. bright and uny weather. a complete check of the forecast and a long list of college football forecast to get to as well. "news4 today" starts in a few minutes.
8:57 am
>> those stories and much more when "news4 today" starts
8:58 am
a dis turbed mind. a search for answers. a deadly rampage at ft. hood. we are learning more about the man that is accused of being the gunman and warning signs that may have been overlooked. giving eight shot. crowds of people turned out in fairfax county trying to score a swine flu vaccine. the new criteria for getting
8:59 am
one. trouble on the tow path. adventure turns to misadventure when a car plunges into the c&o canal. why this may be a case of a joy ride gone wrong. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. it is saturday, november 7, 2009. we will have a look at today's top stories in just a moment. first, check in with meteorologist chuck bell. the latest on the forecast. i'm just as happy to see the sun back. >> no kidding. after a couple of very gloomy weekends around here, right through the peak of fall foliage. the sun returned just for in time for the first full weekend of fall. 39 downtown right now. lot of low to mid 30s in our western suburbs. mid to upper 30s in our eastern suburbs. out towards annapolis and shady side, colonial beach. there's the dew


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