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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 8, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good ! it gives you a second chae. my name is jackie walker and i am on your side. happy days are here again. whee! ooh. celebrate summer with giant and enjoy mouthwatering fruits and vegetables at prices you can handle. like sweet cherrs, just $1.57 a pound. only at giant. k,eahibsenri, k,, and burgers on the grill. people: oh! at giant, you'll find fresh, delicious, quality meats at prices that sizzle. like super g split chicken breast, just 99 cents a pound. only at giant. marion barry will not face stalking charges and tonight the woman involved finally tee tails h -- details her side of the story. >> jim and dorren are beth off
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tonight. the legal, media circus that has swirled around marion barry, began saturday night, he was arrested charged with stalking. the u.s. attorney's office is not going to pursue the charges that's only part of the story. jackie benson is live outside the wilson building with the rest of the story. jackie? >> wendy, sources tell news 4 that neither mr. barry nor his attorney, fred cook, will likely be present in the courtroom tomorrow. to hear the stalking charges dismissed. >> the arrest of mr. barry should have neveraken place. the false allegations against mr. barry should have never been made. >> spokesperson natalie williams confirmed council member barry did award an employment contract to donna watts brighthoff, the woman at the center of the arrest controversy. >> ms. watts at the time, was qualified for the position and
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went through the proper channels in order to get, be awarded for that contract. >> for donna watts brighthoff, a painful end to the relationship with the most controversial charismatic politician in d.c. history. he claims he was intensely jealous of her ex-husband who remains a friend and helped her through cancer treatment. here's how she describes what happened after barry left her home, july 4th. >> i said he is bothering me. make sure he goes home. i thought it was d.c. police. because they just let him go. i wasn't thinking that i was -- that's my fault. i wasn't thinking bad things. i wasn't thinking the worst. >> she says she was blinded by what she still refers to as barry's political brilliance. but she says there is one mistake she will not make again. >> it's never his fault. he is never wrong. and -- he is slippery.
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>> mr. barry's spokesperson says he does have some concerns about his treatment by united states park police officers that night. in her words, he does plan to pursue those concerns. wendy back to you. >> jackie, thanks. >> latest squirmish with the law one of many legal episodes during marion barry's long career. tom sherwood has been around for most of the ups and downs. he joins us tonight as well. talk about nine lives? >> craig, some people believe barry is persecuted by police. but many others believe he has gotten away with way too much. since his 1990 arrest, on controversial drug charges, that resulted in only one conviction in a six-month prison sentence. barry's return to the mayor's office and to the d.c. council has included several run-ins with the law. in october, 2005, barry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for not filing years of inme taxes. he was sentenced to three years
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ion. 2006, the ue.s. rycret serviceto sedpp barryed r g ruinree lithnn dght. edsu oenr drug testing at the scene. a judge later find barry not guilty. december, 2006, park police charged barry with driving on spended the d.c. dmv later blames a computer error. and in february, this year, prosecutors seek to revoke barry's tax probation after he is late filing again. a judge extend the probation two more years and then the four-day drama over his relationship with a woman he has dated. it is with no charges being filed. so, there won't be a media circus at superior court tomorrow, but the debate over barry will continue. >> probably many years to come. let me ask you here. will this have any effect on his standing on, on council? >> barry is liked by the council members. he is losing influence.
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whether on job training. or towing broken down cars, and he is losing influence. he is losing influence. the typesf things that distract. >> you mention the irs probation. will this have any effect on that. had he gone to trial, been convicted. could have affected the probation on the irs case. that's off the table. he is back, two more years. the irs charge. >> marion barry. >> there again until the next time. >> tom sherwood. appreciate you sticking around. thank you, tom. >> there are calls for metro to fire a train operator caught texting on the job. this video was put out on youtube. itad been seen by more than 17,000 people. it shows the train operator from metro texting with his head down last month while the train barreled ahead. the operator was suspended but returned to work this week. today, at large, d.c. council member kwcalled for texting
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violators to be fired. >> there is no excuse. it's disappointing. given the fact that our train operators and operation personnel and for that matter every single person at the transit agency knows what the rules are. >> video taken on june 5 on the blue line. metro officials emphasize there is no evidence that the operator killed in last year's crash was texting. two families in mourning after a hilt and run crash on the beltway. both victims were fathers working hard to support their families. now both families are outraged that the woman accused of hitting the vehicle drove trunk. michael flynn has the report tonigh tonight. [ inaudible ] >> fighting back tears, the brother of talks about the three kids and wife mendoza leaves behind. the 39-year-old was one of two men killed late last night in a hit and rush crane on the beltway. his suv hit from behind on the
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maryland side of the potomac. the impact sent the nissan over a guardrail over a 60 foot60 ba.emntme the suspect.nt 33-year-d, keptdriving. she was arrested after another crash.ep investigators say the blood alcohol level was .15, .20. twice the legal limit. >> of course. how can you mess with a beautiful family like this. >> you are mad? >> very mad of course. >> mendoza works as a server at the mandarin oriental hotel and construction contractor in his spare time. his passenger was a friend and construction worker. and 37-year-old, also from springfield. the two were on the way back from a job site when the crash happened. >> you come back. he was out doing what heeeded to do. for his family and himself. ce back.eded tomo >> his son says his dad worked seven days a week. this family too is dealing with strong anger against the person
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responsible for the deaths of two fathers. >> took our family, we can't go see them. so -- >> in fairfax county on a dui charge. expected to be extradited to maryland to face a charge of falg to stop failing to stop at the scene of the accident and police say she could face other charges. at maryland state police barracks, rockville, michael flynn, news 4. recent jail breaks have prompted anne arundel officials. >> over the weekend. six offenders escaped. another teen got loose last month. today, anne arundel executive, offered to notify neighbors about any security breach. an e-alert system. and an angry letter he sent. earlier this week. tomorrow, he plans to tour the
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detention center. when we come back. new details about a fallen quarterback. police conclude that steve mcnair's girlfriend was the one to shoot him. >> 14-year-old leads officers on a high-speed chase. >> congress holds the microscope to bottled water -- do you know what you are drinking? >> bob, nice night. >> wonderfulch wonderful night. hot weather to talk about. just not here yet. what have you got? >> coming up in sports. the.c. united star. at rfk. the nationals, catch a case of the drops. sex symbol, brings her star power to
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a high-speed chase in michigan, ended with a surprise. they followed a stolen suv. the chase reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour before
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the tahoe hit an embankment, went airborne and crashed last week. the 14-year-old driver said he just wanted to take his little brother an cousin out for ice cream. no one was seriously injured. nashville police confirmed steve mcnair was victim of a murder/suicide. investigators said today that mcnair's 20-year-old girlfriend shot him four times while she was sleeping. she then killed herself. they were dating though mcnair was married. she suspected that mcnairas involved with another woman. public memorial held tomorrow in nashville. the day after michael jackson's public memorial, new developments in the investigation into how he died. toxicology reports are not due back for a few weeks. but investigators reportedly want to talk to five additional doctors, who prescribed medications to jackson. they have already talked with the doctor whoh asit wckja
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w rnsohrso baore ftrle conol of jackson's estate, and soaring record sales have added substantially to its value. will sarah palin factor in the governor's race in virginia. parade handout shocks parents when they see kids catching pill bottles full of can candy. >> michelle obama and the girls enjoy vacation time in italy. >> find out how long we may have to wait before we get any more rain. fios guy! where ya headed?
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president obama will spend one more day in italy with world leaders for the g-8. one of the issues fighting global warming. president obama did agree to support the goal of keeping the world's temperature from rising. but countries such as china and india have yet to commit to green house gas reductions. this year's summit. the president saw some of the
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rebuilding efforts firsthand. italian leaders are hoping the summit will bring extra money to that area. >> i am very pleased that the united states, like many other countries will be contributing to the -- help the rebuilding process. >> other big issues include the worldwide economy, iran, and north korea's nuclear tests. while the president was in meetings his family got to experience italian culture. michelle obama was spotted touring rome's coliseum. malia and sasha went out for ice cream with their grandmother. they made and ate black berry gelatto. friday they leave italy and head ghana. aide say sarah palin's decision to resign as governor of alaska was due in part to her willingness to help republican candidates nationwide. the question now -- is whether they want her help. bob mcdonald is running for governor in virginia.
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he had conversations with palin, but has stopped short of saying he wants her help. the democrat running for virginia has called in president obama to help him. in new jersey the only other state with a gubernatorial race this november, republicans say there are currently no plans to bring in palin. alec baldwin may be jumping into politics. the 30 rock star told playboy magazine he is kidding a run for congress, baldwin is very involved politically. he raises lots of money. he said he is considering for office in several states including new york. >> don't know if congress can hold al franken and alec bald n baldwin. >> but people they like him. awe they would watch. they would watch. >> outside. beautiful night. a few cloud. look at this. people come from all over the
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world to see sights like this. other things in washington too. >> yeah. >> the moon. >> always low humidity like this. july. we don't make a big deal of it. wendy mentioned want to keep it to ourselves. hear about the heat and humidity. everybody comes. we like it. 72 degrees. kidding. 81 degrees our high temperature. we have gone now, ten days in a row. our temperature. day after day. below average. three, 90-degree days. we were in the 80s. 66 degrees in boston. you got friends up around the lake. it was in the 50s. meanwhile, the heat is on. down south. look at dallas fort worth. 101. vero beach. record high. 95. lubbock, texas. 103 degrees. we are still seeing the temperature below average ough. with the current temperature into the 60s and 70s. not a lot of really steamy weather. the dew point that is the real measure of humidity have stayed into the 50s. as long as they're in the 50s,
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you know how refreshing when you head outside. that's because the best pattern around us. we will see the change. we go through the next couple days. the nasty weather some of the storms right now. continuing to stay to our south. columbia, south carolina, getting some nasty showers and thundershowers. while there is really nothing going on around us. so overnight tonight fl we'll continue to see the showers to our south. general area of high pressure will be still, dominant weathermaker. with that, even though the wind will be turning into the north and northeast, it will be dry. the humidity, that will be coming back as we get late into the week. and especially as we get on into saturday. few more cloud, out in the blue ridge. and in the valley tomorrow. because of the northeasterly breeze. still temperatures a bit below average. tomorrow morning. head out. once again. and pleasant. not quite as cool as this morning. and not quite as dry. but, low 60s for july. when our average was up into the high 60s.
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and our average high temperature is 88, 89 degrees. and a lot of sunshine. uv index was 9. going out to the pools, whatever. lather it up. that sun is mighty. mighty strong. we'll again have some of the fair weather clouds. more for you folks out towards the blue ridge. our winds turn a little into the south-southeast. very lit. humidity. it wouldn't be washington. coming in a bit on friday. but you really notice it on saturday and sunday. not quite hazy, hot, hume iid. with the humidity. each afternoon. y be an afternoon thundershower. after that still in the 80s. but no seen of 90s day after day. >> nice. all righty. >> not bad. >> take it. >> looking for it. >> still to come. questions from congress about the safety of bottled water. >> how a man known as beer bandit got a cart full of it out the door without attracting any attention. >> next in sports. some sloppy, sloppy, sloppy play
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for the nets.
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nobody was -- f >> hello. [ inaudible ] one point, there may not be a hotter team in baseball right now. would you please? >> sorry. >> good lord. >> the rockies, the bes winning percentage in the majors since mid may. the nationals had their hands full. and had trouble tonight. the nationals committed three errors. led to three unearned runs. couldn't get the bats going. they were swept in colorado. 10-4. let me take you to denver. bottom of the fourth. nationals are down 1-0.
11:24 pm
nails it deep to right center field. it bounces up. and over. the wall. the ground ruledouble. one runner would come around to score. and like that the rockies take a 2-0 lead. bottom of the firth. and the bases were loaded. and that is going to clear the bases. yep, not one, not two, all three runners are going to come around to score. now we take it to the bottom of the fifth inning. tyler clifford, in, and he pops one up. an easy out, right? well, catcher behind the plate. boots the ball, aye-aye-aye. drops the easy pop up. the nationals commit three errors in the game. and dropped the game 10-4. head to houston. for a makeup game. to seattle. where the mariners defense,
11:25 pm
helped the orioles make a great ninth inning comeback. down 3-1. the bases loaded. bounces one to second. sure fire double play. a runner comes around to score. and everybody is safe. so the orioles are leading 4-3. and the low. throw to first. another run scored. two errors help the orioles score five in the ninth to take the win, 5-3. the capitals' coach, has created the motto refuse to lose for his team. and the second night of action. the capitals are finding it hard to win. they were beaten by the freedom. capitals fell to the st. louis aces. downtown. redskins offensive lineman. chris samuels was there. a big anna kornikova fan. she couldn't play. mixed doubles match. capitals, far court.
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stubbs takes control for her team. win, backhand overhead to win that point. in the women's double match, the ladies, get things going here. exchanging groundstrokes. and it would be the winner down the line. and 21-15. it was a d.c. united star that broke the game open to night for the united states. we are at the gold cup. plenty of fans showing their spirit in downtown tonight. there was no score in the 73rd minute. great passing. by the u.s. charlie davies. passes, drills the shot into the back of the net. d.c. united star comes up big. six minutes later in the game. usa again has the ball. and crosses the ball into the
11:27 pm
box. leap, perfectly. head the ball past the goalie. usa wins 2-0. making a big impression. the guy is fun to watch. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> coming up. a true display of heart in the ironman competition
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police near dayton ohio are looking for a guy being called the beer bandit. caught on surveillance video. police say he walked over to the beer fridge, loaded the cart
11:30 pm
with ten cases and walked out of the store. store officials are, store officials there say they were in the middle of a rush and didn't notice. >> there is a controversy involving children and drug use. it surfaced following a fourth of july parade. pharmacy andedalic ctealr in west virginia provided fake pill bottles filled with candy for the fourth parade. the parents are worrying the handouts will give kids the wrong idea, encouraging them to reach for real prescription drugs if they want candy. the pharmacy sponsors say the idea did not have any ill intent. it looks look candy. if they're young they don't know the difference. >> these are not real prescription bottles. hot twegear olderge kidsho w wee ticoll ngeccandy. >> pharmacy says it will not be handing out anything mistaken for pills in the future. >> congress is calling for stricter standards. they say that consumers pay more for bottled water under the
11:31 pm
assumption that it is safer and healthier. but tap water is in fact more closely regulated than the bottled kind. officials say bottled water is safe to drink but they want bottled water manufacturers to disclose information municipal utilities are required to bx is making compromises.
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>> 22 years after getting a heart transplant, he became the
11:34 pm
first heart recipient to win an ironman triathlon. he was 26 when diagnose. his transplant dpgave him a new lease on life. he set his sights on the ironman. last august he made it to the finish line after swimming, biking and then running a full marathon. doctors are studying him to learn more about how cardiofitness can help other heart recipients. >> amazing. >> that's our broadcast. the tonight show with conan o'brien is next. >> see you back here tomorrow. until then that's the news. good night. [ cheers and applause ] [


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