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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 7, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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our future. a cemetery in the hollywood hills. then jackson's golden casket made its way to the staples center where the pop icon was saluted by greats fm the worlds of music, sports and civil rights. by the end of the day, the public memorial would get very personal. >> i just want to say -- >> speak up. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just want to say i love him so much. >> michael jackson's daughter telling the world how she felt about her father.
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>> one of most poignant moments of the day. they began with smokey robinson's statement objects half of diana ross and nelson mandela followed by spontaneous applause and flashbulbs and that's while the stage remained silent and empty the next 20 minutes. ♪ they called him the king with a human touch. >> michael jackson wanted nothing more than to give love to the world. to share of his singular talent and his soul and perhaps beloved back in return. >> reporter: the musical tribute started where michael jackson did. with the jackson 5. ♪ where there is love ♪ i'll be there ♪ i'll be there >> reporter: this original creation, maya angelou poem. >> now that our bright and shiny
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star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind. >> reporter: there were memories and they brought laughter. >> great as smokey sang it, i thought michael was better. and i went crazy -- like wait a minute, michael, you eat kentucky fried chicken? that made mayday. that was the greatest moment of my life. >> reporter: there were the memories that brought tears. >> i want his three children to kn wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. it was strange what your daddy had to deal with but he dealt with it. rr:eporte and for a few moments, we heard that voice.
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>> i will never let you part. for you are always in my heart. >> much as we may feel and we do that we need michael here with us, god must have needed him far more. >> reporter: but of all the music, jackson's friends know one song as his favorite. >> although our hearts are aching, we need to look up where he is undotedl perched in a crescent moon and we need to smile. ♪ if you smile with your ♪ smile it may be tomorrow >> reporter: so they said farewell to the one who never can say good-bye.
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♪ . >> michael jackson was a global superstar and fans around the world today paid homage to him in different ways. up to 10,000 people packed an arena in berlin to watch memorial service on big screens. and in britain, 300 students gathered in a school today performing one of jackson's signature dances and they are trying to set a guinness world book record for street world record, rather, for the largest "thriller" dance. in brussels a music station launched a website to honor jackson. it is called eternal the site includes -- invites people to tape and upload their own version of the moonwalk. there were tributes to jackson around the country. this was the scene earlier today in detroit. the birth place of motown records, hitsville, usa. makeshift memorial.
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and people leaving notes, flowe flowers, balloons to honor michael jackson. >> fans mere in the d.c. metro area also paused today to remember michael jackson. and many fans took the day off to attend viewing parties and watch jackson's memorial service with other loyal fans. chris gordon is live at one such gathering in largo, maryland, with more. chris, what did you witness? >> well, kimberly, this restaurant in largo is filled to capacity during the memorial service to michael jackson. local fans could have watched on tv or on their computers but they wanted to be part of the good-bye and they didn't want to be alone. it was an opportunity for local fans to watch together. the memorial tribute for michael jackson at the sideline restaurant in largo, maryland, owned by former redskin lavar arrington. >> didn't we all know? that's what i feel like. we all knew him. never met the man personally but, you know, i mean, he's -- a part of so many people's lives. >> reporter: the event was sponsored by wkys radio and 93.9
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whose disjockeys played michael jackson's music. >> makes people celebrate your life and never take things for granted. >> reporter: the fans moved to the music. michael jackson has always had that effect but now it is different because fans are saying good-bye to him. >> something lost. we lost. >> reporter: on 14th street at the municipal center there is a photo tribute to michael jackson in the windowf th emma may gallery and in front of the white house, people were asked to sign a book of condolences to be september to jackson's family and fans from as far away as malawi in africa remembered michael jackson's efforts to save at risk children. >> pray to god -- the peace he brings. >> reporter: the fans who watched the memorial service for
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michael jackson here in largo, maryland, say that his music will remain an important part of their lives. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thanks, chris. the memorial service's final flourish included family and guests going on stage and singing "we are the world." ♪ we are the world ♪ we are the children ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we are making ♪ ♪ it's true we make >> two of jackson's brothers thanked everyone for their love and their support. stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the michael jackson memorial. more on today's events coming up at 5:30. good evening. bob ryan at storm center 4. another beautiful july day and
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blue sky. temperature near 86 degrees. that dew point is 57. dew point of 57. mighty fine. no not a low temperature at frederick. 82. martinsburg, 56 degrees. lot of 50s early this morning. 80s right now. we are going to be seeing more of that. so delightful evening again. more warm comfortable weather ahead. cooler tomorrow. humidity fear not. it will be coming back. i will tell you about that. also, another chance to see the space station. last time we had the pesky high clouds. another shot and i will tell you where to look tonight. join you in a few minutes thank you, bob. prosecutors in the district are still studying the evidence to decide whether to file formal charge against former d.c. mayor marion barry. barry was arrested by.s. park police during the july fourth weekend for allegedly stalking a woman he knows. barry maintains he had done nothing wrong and police still have not released the arrest report detailing what happened. tom sherwood is live in the studio with us now and has the
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latest. tom? >> it is still a confusingins department but we know a little bit more about the woman involved. that's donna watts in the pink suit. walking barry into federal court april 16th when he had a hearing on his income tax case. and now she's the woman caught up in the july fourth incident. u.s. park police say that a woman believed to be watts flagged down an officer in anacostia park saturday and complained barry was bothering and following her. after an investigation, the officer arrested barry on a misdemeanor stalkingor charge. the woman declido t speak witho 4 une tuesdol b tutsdws u o monday that i didn't intend for things to go this far. at the court date in april, barry, who is separated from his fourth wife, proudly introduced the woman by his side. >> donna watts. donna watts. >> reporter: at a news conference monday, barry did not speak on advice of his lawyer
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but attorney fred cook said that the incident was only a personal relationship that was ending after a weekend lunch and beach trip that was abruptly canceled. >> they were in a relationship. they were in the relationship for at least a year, maybe 18 months. he was not following anyone. he was not attempting to go anywhere except his home. >> from where? >> going home from the house of the complaintant. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney for the district is still deciding whether any charges will be brought in this unusual case. sources say that private conversations are suggesting that there may be no evidence of any stalking because there is a clear relationship between barry and the woman. and no evidence that she's ever complained before about barry's behavior. intense legal discussions are still going. barry is due in court thuday to find out whether he will face any charges at all. kimberly and wendy, back to you guys? >> thank you, tom. when "news4 at 5:00" continues, former alaska
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governor sarah palin speaks out about her decision to resign her post. >> new controversy over an islamic school in northern virginia that has close ties to the saudi government. >> unique twist as police bust three people accused of stealing credit cards to go on a shopping spree. >> the government announced the new standard to reduce salomon allege and e. coli outbreaks in our food. >> i do know as much as we may feel and we do that we need michael here with us, god must have needed him far more. >> stevie wonder among those from the entertainment world remembering the life and legacy p michael jackson. (bell ringing)
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michael's favorite song was not one of the countless masterpieces that he gave us. but it was a song that charlie chaplain wrote for the movie "modern times." it is called "smile." today although our hearts are aching, we need to look up and where he's undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon and we need to smile. >> michael jackson's friends from childhood, brooke shields, remembering their lives growing up. in other news tonight,
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president obama is wrapping up his two day visit to russia where he met with the country's leaders, health and environme environmental experts and human rights advocates. the president urged the russian people to move beyond cold war thinking and work with the united states on common goals. nbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie has more. >> mr. president, i'm very glad to meet you here. >> today in moscow the president met with the man who many think is the real power here in russia, prime minister vladimir putin. the meeting went about a half hour longer than be planned. it was a frank maetding aides said which means they talked about areas of disagreement like nato expansion for some and eastern european countries and also missile defense. but they say that the meeting was productive and the president also gave a speech of commencement speech to a graduating class at a local economics school. >> it is difficult to forge a lasting partnership between former adversaries. it is hard to change man its that have been ingrained in our
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governments and bureaucracies for decades. but i believe that on the fundamental issues that will shape the century, americans and russians share common interests that form a basis for cooperation. >> reporter: tomorrow he heads to italy important the g-8 simt. savannah guthrie, nbc news, moscow. >> the president is in italy and will meet with pope benedict. then he will head to ghana where he plans to deliver a major foreign policy speech. demonstrators gathered in due popt circle today to protest the recent violence in china. exiled chinese muslim leader spoke to the crowd in washington today. blamed the government for the rising tensions. about 100 protesters hold flags and chanted shame on china as they marched the chinese embassy. at least 156 people had been killed in sunday since sunday in riots and china's region. there has been plenty of reaction to sarah palin's resignation announcement. now the soon-to-be ex-governor
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of alaska is revealing more details about that decision. in an interview with nbc's andrea mitchell, palin said she knew she would not be running for re-election the moment she became john mccain's running mate in the presidential election last year. she didn't lay out any specific future plans but she did not rule out a run for president in 2012. palin also reiterated that her main motive for stepping down are the ethics complaints that are against her which she says would cost the state too much time and money. she's got an estimated half a million dollars in legal fees. can you believe the weaer we have been getting away with this july? >> just like alaska. >> quite pleasant. >> let's go fish. >> yes. again today, not much humidity. but the temperature outside is our average i'm. 88 degrees. we actually made it to 88 today. we have been under a slew of temperatures a little bit below arm. right now our current temperature outside is 88. humidity is still at bay. only three 910-degree folks.
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average by now is 12. 1290-degree days. i think we may get one as we go into the weekend. right now outside, after the morning low temperatures, you have friends in chicago and 59 degrees this morning in chicago, st. louis not bad. new orleans, 75. because of the humidity down there, once again, there is heat down to the south and miami today tied a record of 95 degrees. fot. lauderdale, 9 degrees. look at all of the dry air reasonably really comfortable air for now that we are heading into the hottest time of the through so much of the country. down south, that's where the humidity is and as we get into late friday but especially saturday, the dew points will be creeping to near 70. you are going to notice the change. once again, the pattern with an overall northwesterly flow and the atmosphere. some spin up to our north. that's the area once again that's getting nasty thunderstorms through parts of new england. as a matter of fact, there is a severe thunderstorm watch out until 7:00 right now burlington,
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vermont, heavy thunderstorms. look at the line moving through boston right now. concord, new hampshire, it had heavy thunderstorms, boston right now, the temperature is 63 degrees. with nasty thunderstorms. look at framingham, massachusetts. west of boston. winds gusting to 23 miles per hour the current temperature, 62. we will stay here. fallschurch, 87 degrees with the nice comfortable air. overtonight tonight, once again, those storms up in new england move off. high pressure settles in on us. little weather front. i think those clouds that we had out there will break up enough to give it seeing the international space station tonight. i will show new a second. we will be in the southern sky rather than the northern sky. folks did see it. as we get into thursday, some of that humidity begins coming our way. but not tomorrow. mid 80s. so for this evening, very, very nice. we have some clouds out there. ility will be breaking up. sunset is at 8:36. nice to get the late sunsets. as we go through the evening,
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skies by tomorrow morning for the most part will be clear and with the low humidity that heat rapidly escapes. so it is not really a warm morning, pleasant morning. 60 to 67 degrees. again tomorrow, with a light north to northwesterly breeze, some fair weather clouds but a beautiful sky and nice and blue. air quality tomorrow cold yellow but the uv index will be nine. very, very high. youngsters going out. lather up with the sun block. blue sky kind of day. here is where to lk rfo for retheinternational space statio this evening. to anighghit b bie rlear. yountetrsha'trl don t have do go bed unl :3100 will s eeit. noee it. will tgi high int t mhe s troueren skokloowards t sthndou aok southeast. 9:35, about 45 degree ha twaup y he and que .brhtig n a e-mail yeen mt ng nyisa why it o syibright? illuminates it. nows is completed and has the big, big solar panels out there. >> powerful spotlight. >> look for it again tonight.
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still to come, heavily armed police, bomb sniffing dogs around the area today. the new research that could lead to a potential weapon in the fight against diabetes. liz crenshaw. banks are making it a lot tougher for their credit card customers. why? my story is coming up on "news4 at 5:00." tell uutbo a someone you think is really special. se-iril uhe t story and clear close-up picture or video to ?t
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d.c. officials celebrated a new city resource that could help play a role dealing with the housing crisis. >> whoo! >> mayor adrian fenty on hand for the official grand opening of the district's new housing resource center in southeast washington. low and moderate income residents can come to the center for help with buying or rehabilitating homes in d.c. there's also help available for those in danger of foreclosure. police in fredericksburg got a surprise today that when they arrested three people suspected of theft. turns out the women that they were searching for were really men. an employee at the gomeallery store in fredericksburg called police yesterday and said three women came into the store distracted her and then stolen her purse and in an office in the back. wi thin minutes the victim's
5:25 pm
credit cards were used at area stores. police tracked the usage and arrested anthony austin, elliott chanel thorpe and michael destiny allen on larceny, fraud and forgery charges. all three are residents of d.c. when "news4 at 5:00" continues, a new controversy surrounding an islamic school in northern virginia. and that has close ties to the saudi government. airline propose as plan to get passengers to pay for standing room tickets on flights. >> we continue our coverage of the memorial service to michael jackson with a live report from los angeles. "news4 at 5:00" continue >> i want his three children to know wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. it was strange what your daddy had to deal with. but hay dealt with it. >> reverend sharpton evoking emotion, talking about the troubles jackson faced and the barriers
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5:29 pm
family friends and entertainers, 20,000 people sang a final good-bye to jackson inside the staples center in los angeles this afternoon. one of the memabor moments of the service came when usher took the stage and sang one of jackson's hits. ♪ like the sun sets ♪ ♪ gone too soon
5:30 pm
>> that was usher making a tribute toel momhaic jackson. st whaayh news4 foreor m on the jaconor memorial serve. coming up on "news4 at 6:00," aygrill have a live reptoray from l.a. and how people across the country remembered jackson today. if you have been writing on the red line today you may have noticed a bigger police presence than usual. that's because several law enforce many agencies are conducting a training exercise to make sure that they are ready in the case of a terrorist strike. megan mcgrath hases our report. >> reporter: officers on horseback, officers on metro atforms, police on nearby streets inspecting trucks. >> check the other side. >> reporter: it was a sight to see but no need for alarm. the increased law enforcement presence is part of a training exercise to detect and deter terrorist activity. >> they will just be out in the stations and on the trains but patrolling and people will see them as they go about their day
5:31 pm
and walk through. they are there and it is a presence. a law enforcement press sxens security presence. >> reporter: over 100 officers from a number of agencies took part in the exercise and they focused on a section of the red line that runs through montgomery county. the idea to bring together some of the first responders that would be involved in the event of a real emergency. officials stress that there is no information leading them to believe there is a threat but should the worst happen, they want to be prepared. >> this is just a chance for the 12 federal, state and local agencies to practice coordinating and communicating together if an event were to occur. >> reporter: metro riders didn't seem to take much notice as they made their way to work. with last month's metro collision most agree it is important to be prepared should disaster strike. >> i think that it was very important to have people train, you know, so when people got injured and all of that, and
5:32 pm
they were able to, you know, dispatch the different areas and as they were able to, you know, take care of patrons that ride the metro. >> i think probably pretty important that they do them occasionally. i think you are going to scare a lot of people unless you tell them. >> i think it is good to do the training and everybody knows, you know, what to expect in the future. >> reporter: this is an all-day training exerse. expect to see a lot of police officers up until 7:00 tonight. in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news4. >> area police do conducts the drills on paerdic basis. today's training exercise is planned and not done as a result of the metro train crash or any known threat to the region. metro wants to pick up a stretch of the red line decided that deadly train crash. the rehab project was proposed nearly a year ago and not in response to the crash that happened two weeks ago. the mey from the proceeds pod $177 million contract would be used to fix up the public address system, closed circuit
5:33 pm
tvs and platform tiles, track, fencing, and station signs between the fort totten and and the takoma stations. the metro board will consider the proposal at its meeting thursday and decide whether to award that contract. let's get a check now of the forecast. >> hi, kimberly and wendy. another great sky with a few puffy cumulus clouds. it is mighty fine. near 90. look at how the dew point at arlington is 50. maensz, 54. we have dew points in the 50s. even though it is quite warm and summerlike. it is mighty comfy. nothing really on doppler. overtonight tonight, later on, temperatures i think out in the shenandoah valley, west virginia, once again will as they did this morning drop into the 50s. mid 80s tomorrow for you folks heading out to work and once again, a nice comfortable air kind of day. air quality will be code yellow to code green. temperatures by the weekend will be rising along with the humidity and with it the afternoon chance as we get into
5:34 pm
saturday afternoon and i think even sunday afternoon. afternoon shower or thundershower. hey, it is july. after that little bit less humid but still quite warm. mid to high 80s and near 90. average high as we move into the middle part of next week, 89 degrees. hottest time of the year coming up. not the next couple of day. >> thank you, bob. fairfax county residents are getting ready to weigh in on a proposal to expand an often controversial private school for muslim children. a hearing is set for monday before the fairfax county board of superviseors. julie carey joins us now in the newsroom with a look at the issue. >> kimberly, that school is called the islamic saudi academy and for years, the textbooks put tonight the spotlight. now there is a new concern. how an expansion will impact traffic in fairfax county. overdue for mooing the 34 acre site in the quiet fairfax station area is where the sometimes controversial islamic saudi academy wants to expand and set up its main campus. funded by the saudi arabia
5:35 pm
embassy four years the academy operated private school for muslim children at the mt. vernon campus. 750, k through 12th grade students attend this school. 200 to 300 pre-k through second grade students were taught in the pope head's road building. >> they would like to build a much nicer permanent facility for their students there. >> reporter: the expansion proposal has stoked strong opposition on two fronts. residents along winding pope's headoad fear with up to 500 students traveling in traffic dangers will increase. >> very good neighbors. the only concern we have is the traffic situation and impact it will have on that. we are concerned not only for our safety but important the safety of kids that would be driving on the roads. >> in recent years, too, some of the textbooks used at the academy come under fire. congressional panel found some contained language intolerant of other religions and a long with
5:36 pm
passages that could suggest violence. . >> it is the same fundamental issue we haveith the county is that they look for the easy out when they need to be taking a harder look. ensly they are guilty of judging a book by its cover. they rather look at lawn clippings and grass height than governmental reports. >> reporter: the academy's wyer counters the case before the board is about land use, pure and simple. she says the kay academy is promising a long list of transportation upgrades. >> they hired a transportation consultant, some one that specializes in traffic and transportation. as a result, have put together, i think, a combination of improvements and conditions that will minimize any impacts on popes head road. >> reporter: he's not made up his mind yet. >> we need to address the transportation issu. i think there's significant transportation issues that if we can get those addressed we go
5:37 pm
from there. >> reporter: the expansion plans have already been the subject of a packed and very long planning commission meeting but that session ended with the planning commission unanimously recommending approval. board of supervisors expects a similarly long meeting monday before they cast their vote. back to you now. >> julie carey live in the newsroom for us. still to come tonight, the polluted waters of the chesapeake bay and bacteria that's becoming dangerous to people. >> a new technology that you playing the guitar -- have you playing the guitar like a pro.
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♪ ♪ care enough about me ♪ hold me >> jennifer hudson with passionate rendition of jackson's hit "will you be there." today's memorial service. a groundbreaking innovation out of the university of maryland, it is poised to change the way many guitarists think about their music. engineering professor jacobs created a new gadget that can create bigger and better sounds on guitars. he did witness the help of some of the students. the special circuit board as a result of their work in jacobs' own zes ire to help musicians capture the exact notes that they imagine in their head.
5:41 pm
>> it is a big wide range from big and fat sounds to sort of throaty sounds to nasally sounds. and the idea is just to have a lot of different variety. >> jacob and his students created a company to market the coil guitars. which will start selling at about $1,000 each. should be quite cool. you heard of the massive recalls involving products lycopene it butter, tomatoes, beef, cookie dough. coming up next, the government's new standards to help reduce salomon allege and e. coli outbreaks. i'm liz crenshaw. would you pay for standing room only for an air power line flight? two airlines want you to do it coming up. from standing up to sitting down, lindsay czarniak does that for lunch with former maryland star and current washington mystics rookie marissa coleman.
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rules being adopted to make food safer to eat. the food and drug administration and the agriculture department are adopting the new standards recommended from a food safety panel. among the changes, fda will establish a better tracking system to trace the origins of a bacterial outbreak. sxeg poultry producers must follow the new standards to reduce salomon allege contamination. the agency that inspects meat will increase sampling of ground beef products and fda will tighten standards for vegetable growers to help reduce outbreaks of disease.
5:45 pm
credit card companies are cutting way back on lending. liz crenshaw reports on why your credit card company may be making your financial life more difficult. would you pay standing room fares for your next airline ticket? >> i know you guys want to hear about that. we will get to it. let's start with the credit cards. "usa today" reports banks are pulling back severely when it comes to credit card lending. in the first four months of 2009, banks issued 38% fewer cards compared to last year. what's more, the average limit on cards dropped 3% this year. the banking industry responds saying that loan delinquencies rows to a record high in first quarter of the year. for consumers, this means that low risk borrowers can still get credit but less credit than before. the average credit limit now is slightly less than $4600. you may have missed it but a bunch of new rules went into effect july 1 for student aid
5:46 pm
loans. good news. new student loan programs now cap student loan repayment based on income and family size. there's also a new rule for students taking jobs in public service fields such as nursing and nonprofit work. for those workers student loans will be completely forgiven after ten years of service and payments regardless of the leftover unpaid amount. there is iorenfmaonti about on online new standards for lighting december i don't believed to save large amounts of energy. the new standards affect fluorescent lighting and take effect in 2012. the energy department estimates the u.s. will save $4 billion a year and avoid almost 600 million tons of carbon emissions by 2042, equivalent of removing 166 million cars from the per year. the alliance to save energy
5:47 pm
calls a new standards the goliath of energy savings. finally, what they want to hear about would you pay for standing room only at 30,000 feet. believe it or not. the "usa today" reports that two airlines, china's spring air, and ireland's ryan air, are considering stand-up seats where passengers would be strapped in standing up sfapding passengers could increase airline capacity by 50%. by the way you probably won't be standing on u.s. flights where the law actually mandates seating for anyone above the age of 2. pack us in like sardines, standing up when you said ryan air, got it. >> guinness onboard? >> no. michael o'leary who runs it, he -- >> one more way -- >> interesting airline. >> interesting. >> lots of legroom that way. >> no cramping.
5:48 pm
so the -- polluted waters of the chesapeake bay are harboring bacteria becoming more dangerous to people according to the new report from chesapeake bay foundation. foundation -- the foundation -- the foundation claim more people are getting sick after being exposed to a back tear yeah. the number of exposure cases in virginia has jumped from 12 to 30 in the past decade. a similar spike has occurred in maryland. this bacteria can cause skin ulcers and blood infections in people who have exposed cuts and stomach problems for people who eat contaminated shellfish. chesapeake bay foundation will baker called the spread and other bacteria in the waters a national disgrace. he called on the federal government to do more to clean up the bay and protect the public from pollution. the foundation sued the environmental protection agency in january and saying that the government had failed to enforce the clean water act by not taking stronger action to clean up the bay.
5:49 pm
in other news for your health, researchers say they may have found a potent weapon in the fight against diabetes. scientists at harvard say a hormone produced by fat cells appears to lower the risk of type two diabetes. the researers analyze data from 13 studies that included more than 14,000 patients. their study confirmed higher levels of the hormone were associated with a lower risk of type two diabetes. regardless of the patient's ethnic group. now sechar will determine if the hormone could be used as an effective treatment to help prevent diabetes. we will see what's coming up in just a few minutes on "news4 at 6:00." >> jim vance will talk about michael jackson. >> who isn't? right? whether you want tor not. coming up on six sick, we will continue our reports on the memorial service today for michael jackson in los angeles. also, we are going to introduce you to a 15-year-old pilot who has teamed up with a tuesday gigi airmen to fly her way into the record books. in spain today, the running
5:50 pm
of the bulls. we will have more on that. those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. >> thank you, jim. lindsay czarniak here now with another addition of lunch with lindsay. >> where are we eating today? >> one of my favorite new places. washington mystics rookie and former maryland basketball star marissa coleman told me to keep the fingers crossed because there is a very strong chance that she will take the court tonight after missing the last six gamesith an ankle injury. coleman is a fierce competitor who still hasn't gotten over the sting of losing to louisville on the ncaa tournament. she valued her time at maryland so much that she says she still has one foot in college park. something that she shared over lunc lunch. >> we have two seats for. >> did you what's the right way to do when you do a cheese tasting? >> you want to start with this.
5:51 pm
start with a lighter premier one. >> what's it like for you being drafted by the mystics? you know, to be playing for your hometown team. were you nervous. >> so nervous. my mom was making it worse. grabbing my legs the hold time. you are make morgue nervous. >> your mother plays football, right? robert morris and you were going to be wearing number four because that's what he wears at college. >> yes. >> what's that relationship like? >> he has been my number one supporter, number one fan. we are four years apart. he is four years younger. i remember winning the championship, freshman year the first person i went to. he was crying. he is a soft for in high school and crying because his sister won the championship. >> i love this one. >> beer added on it that's probably why i like it. >> i know and you maryland basketball star vasquez have a unique friendship. it was not always positive from the start, was it? >> definitely not.
5:52 pm
we had a rocky start to our first -- pretty much he discredited women's basketball. he said our national championship was easy and if they were -- if they won one it would have been a lot harder. that right there kind of set back our friendship. we didn't speak for a couple of weeks. he finally apologized. and played him one on one and i beat him. >> i don't just do court, off the court, too. >> yes. we hang out every once in a while. go to movies. to the mall. he is a good buddy of mine. >> you guys would be a great couple. play basketball. >> we have -- great basketball genes. >> part of the reason we brought you to the cal girl creamery, your country music obsession. >> i love the lyrics. all country lyrics are great. i'm like obsessed with it. people get in my car and hate it. i'm just blasting "can you trash me." people hate riding with me. they have to listen to country. i have a variety of stuff on my
5:53 pm
play list i listen to. kevin chesney. ♪ first time is the one time feeling ♪ >> you said your mom is a flight attendant and your dad is a police officer. in this area. so what is that going to be like for you to be able t have them here supporting you and watching you as do you this? >> it will be great. they have been there from the beginning and made so many sacrifices to help me succeed and to accomplish all of my dreams and i was joking around telling the mystics coaches they should hire my parents. they probably got 200 people getting to season tickets. they are out there promoting. my mom is handing out the schedules. they are excited. she tried to convince me to move back home. i'm like, mom, no way. >> free rent. >> come on. >> come on, she says. marissa is awesome and her parents are great. they will get to see her because she's coming back to the court. very exciting. cow girl creamery terrific.
5:54 pm
>> wonderful place. coming up, remembering michael jackson's impact on pop music and pop culture ♪ >> as great as smokey sang it, i thought michael was better. >> reminiscing on a young michael jackson, outdoing smokey robinson on his own songs. having the right tools is crucial
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to being able to manage your diabetes properly. it's very important for me to uh check my blood sugar before i go on stage. being on when i'm feeling low can be like a rollercoaster. it does at times feel like my body is telling me to do one thing... and, my mind, my heart is telling me to do something else. managing my highs and lows is super important. with my contour meter i can personalize my high/lo settings so it really does micromanage where my blood sugar needs to be. i'm nick jonas and never slowing down is my simple win.
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we leave you tonight with a look at michael jackson's impact on pop music, pop culture and on us. >> good morning. the king of pop is dead. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help. he is not breathing. >> simply in a state of shock over michael jackson's death. >> it is almost like losing a family member. i mean, michael jackson has literally written the soundtrack to my life. >> emotions of shock and disappointment. >> very sad thing. >> to you, michael is an icon. to us, michael is family. ♪ make it a better place
5:58 pm
♪ for you and for me and the entire human race ♪ >> message of his songs, his lyrics. i know he is very much alive. ♪ >> here we are on the front steps of the main house here at neverland. when michael jackson was here there was music in the air. this was a room where michael jackson would greet his closest friends. this corner here, there was a grand piano. >> revolutionize the deliverance of a song. >> he is a part of the pat everyone of our lives. >> if i didn't know michael jackson i wouldn't be who i am today. ♪ never could say good-bye >> he was a friend. he was my little brother. >> he was like my son, showman. >> world can turn down the chatter and turn up the music and really enjoy the greatest
5:59 pm
artist that has ever lived. ♪ man in the mirror ♪ i'm asking him to change his way ♪ ♪ if you want to make the world a better place ♪ ♪ change >> he will forever live in all of our hearts. >> time on this earth, he did good. he wanted good for everyone. ♪ make that change >> coming up, continuing coverage of the michael jackson memorial service. wendy rieger joins jim vance next for "news4 at 6:00." his music reached across the barriers of race,


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