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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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progress being made in the fight to control wildfires in western north carolina. a tragic 24 hours for police officers in america. the details on four shootings involving officers across the country including the one that took the life of a veteran san antonio officer. let's get over to bryan >> this is in the hillsborough area, an earlier accident involving a truck carrying bananas. traffic is flowing more freely out here. we'll show you video from the same shot a while ago. overnight that truck hauling bananas overturned. the driver fell asleep when the accident happened. thankfully the driver is not badly hurt but he will face charges in this crash. and they tell us that 40 to
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across the road and the cleanup continues now. let's take you back to the live camera and show you the situation as it stands now. this is 85 southbound and 40 westbound where it comes together and we have the two left lanes blocked right now. on the other side, 85 northbound and 40 eastbound coming in from the western side of orange county through hillsborough, we have all lanes open but some heavy residual delays as people trying to work their way through that area. let's head over to that part of the map an again, well in advance of the 70 interchange there heading into hillsborough. 70 is your best option if you're trying to get from the western side of orange county out towards durham this morning. you can pick up 85 on the other side of the delays. you will notice that red there, very heavy eastbound delays on highway 70. it might at this point be best for you to stay in the traffic. now that we have all lanes open we could see the drive times improving considerably over the next while. if you're coming in from
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this morning, take 54. it's wide open all the way through the western or eastern side of alamance county and south western orange county. we'll watch that and let you know how it evolves. tw alexander drive up to brigs avenue, a delay. consider using 54 or rather 55 as your beth alternate route between i-40 and t durham freeway. heavy delays on the eastbound 540 to the 440 exchange. back to you. if blarpz . a better idea who is being considered for top positions in the trump administration. >> we have more on this. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the
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governor and republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state. >> reporter: so is former mayor rudy giuliani. chris christie had a 30 minute sitdown with the president elect. >> a talented man. >> reporter: kansas secretary of state chris coback was called in. tough on immigration. james mattis seems to be a favorite for secretary o was impressive. >> i know that president elect loves leaders like general mattis. >> reporter: billionaire investors wilbur ross was in being considered as commerce secretary. the new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress poised to put up a fight but signalling cooperation in some areas. >> we could get a major infrastructre bill done, but maybe even in the first hundred days.
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a cabinet. that continues today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. rick perry is also scheduled to meet with the president elect today. he's reportedly being considered for defense, energy, and veterans affairs. firefighters are still facing a uphill battle in the western part of north carolina. >> high winds and dry conditions have helped spread more than 20 wildfires. wral bill leslie is in our newsroom with that story. >> reporter: we have learned over the weekend that more new fires have mcdowell county. there is a serious concern over work crews on the front lines of the party rock fire. strong winds put fire containment to the test over the weekend. that fire did not grow outside the containment lines fortunately. it remains at 7,000 aches and the
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who evacuated chimney rock village will be able to return today. we had a report of multiple structures threatened in boone up in watauga county in the area of margo lane and margo road and nearby in ashe county talking about the northwest corner, a house fire sparked a brush fire that at last report was 120 acres and growing, so still a very, very serious sit the mountains of north carolina. back to you. >> still precarious, thank you. a tense standoff between police and protesters at the dakota access pipeline. 400 protesters were there initially but they're now down to 100. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in an attempt to stop them from going over a bridge. the protesters say they were
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shot with a water canon in subfreezing temperatures. wake county board of xhisers james west will report on the state of the county. his presentation is expected to touch object areas such as economic strength, growth, and education, and provide a look at initiatives for next year. that meeting starts at 2 p.m. durham city council members take a vote on police body cameras today. they'll consider authorizing a contract to they could spend $282,000 a year for five years -- for a period of five years to buy the cameras and related product and services. law enforcement services are launching the click it or ticket it campaign today keeping an eye out for seat-belt violators. they'll be looking for any kind of illegal activity including reckless driving, speeding and dwi.
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criminal violations last year. wake county had the highest number of incidents with 2700. all state wants you to make it safely to your thanksgiving destination. they have roadside rescues for $2. roadside emergencies including tows and flat tires. they allow you to connect digitally with the service provider en route to help you. we have to get through some cold days. >> we're chilly on the back side of the front that came through on saturday night. take a look at our south hill sky cam, looks beauty. lots of sunshine. holiday decorations going up everywhere, it likes beautiful in south hill. in durham 34, 37 in wake forest,
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freezing in many spots. 32 in roxboro. at lunchtime expect upper 40s, highs in the mid-50s, so it will cool off quickly later in the afternoon. blustery like yesterday. we have a high fire danger today. sow we recommend outdoor burning. we'll take a look at traffic. i'm sorry, heading back to lena. we already heard from bryan, didn't we? police departments across the country are on alert and warning after attacks on several police officers. >> investigations are underway in four cities. what some police officers are doing to stay safe today.
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. wral news on fox 50 is back renee chou and lena tillet. we're following a developing story this morning. four police officers shot in four different u.s. cities. >> three officers were hospitalized, and one has died. all within a span of 24 hours. the most recent shooting was in kansas city, missouri, where there was a shootout at a traffic stop. an officer and two suspects were shot. one of the suspects died. the officer is in critical but stable condition. no update on the second suspect's condition. also in missouri, police in
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traffic was shot twice in the face, but is expected to live. another car pulled along the marked police car, fired twice, and pulled away. police say the gunman later died in a shootout with officers. in san antonio, texas, an officer was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket. the gunman walked up to the officer a driver's side window and shot 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi twice killing him. has any relationship to the original driver who was pulled over. a person of interest is in custody. and in florida, a suspect is in custody after shooting a police officer during a traffic stop as well. that suspect was captured after exchanging gunfire with officers. the officer was treated at the hospital and released. police departments across the country, as you can imagine, are telling their officers to be careful and vigilant. san antonio police are being
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a 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl killed wilson in a fight over clothes and shoes. the victim's home was 15. an argument broke out over a pair of shoes. there are renewed calls for a ceasefire in >> the latest on there.
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?yes, we have no bananas, we have no banas
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have no bananas today ? ?. >> a bunch of bananas missing, that's for sure. [ laughter ]. >> a lot of cleanup in hillsborough. bananas spilled on the road. >> 30 or 40 pounds. >> 50,000 pounds. >> that the truck was carrying of those bananas. >> there's a shortage at your grocery store you know why. no serious injuries with that crash, so bryan will talk about that in a bit. >> it's day when you talk about bananas on the road. >> temperatures are below freezing, you could say something about the bananas and freezing temperatures but we'll just go on. let's take a look at what's happening. over by the north carolina museum of natural sciences, a pretty day. a cold start this morning. our temperature at the airport right now is in the 30s, it is 34. starting to warmup.
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see the temperatures climbing just a little bit. we did make it into the upper 20s at the airport earlier today. wins are west at 5 miles an hour but gusting up to 20 miles an hour later this afternoon. compare that to yesterday when we had gusts at 30 miles an hour, not quite as windy but it will feel nippy today. our dewpoint is low, and we have high fire danger we recommend you don't do outdoor burning. we're coming on up above freezing now, but barely. high pressure keeps things nice for us. snow in new york, some places have seen a foot and a half of snow. around that low and that high we get into this northerly flow. you felt it yesterday with the
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day on saturday. we get into warmer air behind the high pressure system and eventually we have a cold front that will come through and it will warm us up ahead of it for parts of thursday. satellite showing what's happening down here in the tropics. mike was talking about it over the weekend, too. max winds at 35 miles an hour, drifting to the west, and it is likely to go ahead around nicaragua and costa rica. when it gets a name it will be otto, it may be a hurricane. it moves out here in the pacific. so not something that will affect the united states, but of course when you wonder, where did we get that "o" storm from, yeah, it's down there, we'll watch it for the next few days. 54 today, 57 tomorrow, 60 degrees on wednesday. and that puts us up very close
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thickening up. a front comes through late wednesday, early thursday morning, with a chance after shower. by lunchtime most of that is out of here and we'll see partly cloudy skies and 64 at lunchtime and a high of 69. so nice and warm for both thursday and friday. friday is going to be a great day to spend time outside, and maybe you're lucky enough to have tickets to the nc state and unc game, we end up with a high of 70 during the game so a beautiful day on friday. over the weekend we down a little bit. 59 saturday, 56 degrees on sunday, and our morning low drops back into the mid-30s for sunday morning. otherwise, not too bad of a seven-day forecast. freezing temperatures for the next couple of mornings and then after that a bit more mild. renee. >> thanks, elizabeth. pope francis is allowing all priests to absolve women who have abortions. that extend the special
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in a publicized document he wrote there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart. following more breaking news, a suicide bomber killed at least 28 people inside a shi'ite mosque in kabul. 45 no group has claimed responsibility. iraqi forces are regrouping and searching for vehicles primed for use in suicide bombings. iraq special forces foiled two attempted suicide bombings earlier today, firing on the vehicles which exploded before reaching their targets. troops are going from house to house in four neighborhoods. the battle for mosul started in mid-october. syrian government forces
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bombing aleppo over the weekend. this video was released showing the aftermath of an airstrike. 164 civilians have been killed since assaults started six days ago. every hospital in the rebel held eastern part of the city is damaged or destroyed. the syrian government is saying no to a truce calling on insurgents to withdrawal. they will not allow the people of eastern aleppo gunman. the families on board those of malaysia flight are going on a hunt for wreckage. the debris collected has been found off of africa's east coast. a group representing the families says
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search by investigators. a search in the southern indian ocean could be suspended. the worst train crash in five years in india, 145 people are confirmed dead as crews continue to search the wreckage. the passenger train was midway through a 27 hour journey when it slid off the tracks sunday morning. 14 cars derailed. now anxious relatives are searching for their family members among the train operators across the country tested for sleep apnea. a safety advisory was sent to railroads stressing the importance of sleep apnea screening and treatment. the engineer's in the deadly crash in new jersey had undiagnosed sleep apnea. the train was going twice the speed limit
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killing one woman. regulators are drafting rules to screen engineers. the interior secretary will allowance later today in montana a two year ban on mining claims. the ban could make large scale mining more difficult. three dozen oil and gas leases were cancelled in montana last week. cyber monday will start earlier. walmart is kicking off its cyber monday deals on black friday. they began offering its online deals on sunday night last year in an attempt to get ahead of the competition. this year the cyber monday deals go live at 12:01 on friday. some analysts think online sales
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the next steps as the state's 100 counties try to certify who won and who lost the governor's race. the concerns being expressed hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? happy thanksgiving from publix.
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. i'm lena tillet with your top stories. let's get to bryan with some issues out there. >> we're trying to recover from the truck of overturned bananas. the southbound side of 85, westbound side of i-40. still have that left lane blocked. traffic is able to get by and it's light
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northbound 85. still blacked up. lanes are open but big residual delays coming in from the west. considering using 07 as your alternate route although it is badly backed up this morning, just need to be patient heading through hillsborough. back to you. thousands of firefighters are still on the front lines of the wildfires burning in the western part of the state. high winds are making it hard to contain the fires. they're opening chimney rock village to the public at noon today. > enforcement are working to keep the roads safer during the upcoming holiday weekend. they're have the click it on ticket enforcement campaign. the program is credited with increasing the use of seat-belts and decreasing the traffic deaths since it began many years ago. temperatures are warming up little bit. we're looking at low 30s. wilson looks gorgeous.
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yesterday, not quite as windy but we have high fire danger. mostly mid-30s, 34 in roxboro, we warm up into the mid-50s today and upper 50s tuesday, wednesday increasing clouds with with a high of 60. a lot of people are ieg black friday deals to get a new television. in our next half hour on fox 50, what you
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. focused on people and community for 50 years. this is wral news on fox 50.
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will hold a meeting in raleigh tomorrow to decide legal matters related to election complaints filed with more than 50 county boards of elections. >> that follows an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss governor mccrory's challenges to election reports. emmy victor joins us live in raleigh with a closer look. emmy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, renee and good morning, lena. the state board of elections decided they're not going to step into this process. they're going to leave ts of the counties in which they were all filed. this all went down yesterday at a meeting in which lasted about two hours. the complaints were filed in more than half of north carolina's counties. most of the complaints were filed by governor pat mccrory supporters. the concerns include voters with active felonies and people who may have voted in more than one state. roy cooper is leading over mccrory but more than 6,600 votes.
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briefs and arguments from the attorneys, representing the cooper and mccrory campaigns. right now there's only one county in the state of north carolina that the state board of elections will intervene in, and that is baden county. back to you. >> thank you. roy cooper released a video message saying mccrory is doing what he can to >> our margin victory has grown since election day. i'm confident that once the results of the election are finalized we will come out on top. >> cooper went on to say that over the next few weeks he will be sharing his vision for north carolina's future. roxboro's police chief is asking for peace following the murder after 23-year-old man. julio downy was found lying in a yard along pine ridge drive over the weekend. officer say harris pulled the
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first-degree murder but in a letter the chief says 2/3 of the facebook comments on what he calls a "senseless murder" were so vial and racist they couldn't be viewed. this tragedy is having emotions running high. the hate that is being spread is prolonging the healing process, enough is enough. benny harris is due in court on december 13th. a kerry man is due on child pornography charges. he was arrested and charged with multiple counts of exploitation of a minor. videos were found of children between the ages of 4 and 11 were found in his possession. he's being held on half a million dollars bond. firefighters were battling a warehouse fire in downtown goldsboro. here are photos sent to us after the fire
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this was on south carolina street. the building had been a thrift store and storage site but it was vacant after flooding from hurricane matthew. burning debris threatened homes around the building. >> we had debris because of it hit houses. very little damage. >> nobody was hurt. investigators have not determine what cause the fire. during hurricane matthew troopers put in 23,000 of overtime. one sergeant was logging hours at home while parts of his patrol area were under water and that wasn't the only time we found him at home while on the job. watch wral investigates tonight at 6:00. it's pretty but on the chilly side. >> need your heavy coat this morning. >> absolutely.
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some spots but it is starting to warm up a little bit. looks beautiful out there right now. 30 in nightdale. 36 in wilson. so yes, still cold out there but starting to warm up a little bit. at lunchtime, 50, expect mid-50s for highs this afternoon. at 5:00 back down to 48 degrees. we have high fire danger today, you want to avoid any outdoor bur because it has the potential to spread pretty quickly with the breeze that is blowing. especially since it is gusty. we don't want to see anything like what's happening in the western part of the state. if you're heading out the door this morning, heading above the 20s, but clear and chilly for your morning run or just you're heading out to walk the dog, bundle up a little bit this morning. from here we'll see a warmup toward thanksgiving day. we have a front coming through that we'll
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will be. the coats for the children campaign is underway. >> and you can help by donating new or gently used coats and toys at jiffy lube locations. you can go to and search key words coats. throughout the years we've helped collect 158,000 coats for the salvation army and rais families during the holidays. >> joins us on december 9 for or annual coats for children telethon. it will include live specials and lots of giveaways, running from 6 in the morning until 7:30 at night on december 9th. days out from black friday and toys
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shelves. tonka ride dump truck, and on the way home it burst into flames and caught his real truck on fire. toys "r" us is not recalling the toy as it appears to be an isolated incident. the latest features are eye catching but the consumer product safety commission wants you to look at a feature you may not have tug we're talking live to the commissioner next. how new york is honoring the
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. wral news on fox 50 is back with reni chou and lena tillet. when you're looking for a new tv this week, thursday night or friday
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might consider size, brand, hd or l.e.d.. but safety experts want you to consider something else. every 30 minutes a child in the u.s. is injured when a tv falls or furniture tips over. we have to make sure those new tvs are anchored. joining us with that important warning is the commissioner maretta robinson. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good monk. >> this anchor >> around the holidays, people have young visitors in their homes. >> and i would only add to the statistics that you just told your viewers, that we have a child die every two weeks as a result of falling furniture and falling televisions. so we really want to get the message out, first of all, so that people recognize that the danger is there, and secondly, they know how easily they can keep this from happening in their homes.
8:40 am
they can fall with more force, thousands of people, 3,000 pounds for a flat screen tv and 12,000 for an old box tv, right? >> that's exactly right. and as i said, people don't realize that this is a danger in their homes. and we want people to go to it will show them why they're such dangers and so them how quickly easily and cheaply they can do it. has the kinds of devices can you easily attach from the back of your furniture to the wall to keep the furniture from falling. >> and can you share with us some other ways to keep kids safe from falling tvs and furniture? >> yes. and i guess i would just like to also say, even if you're not a parent if you have kids visiting over the holidays you need to think about this.
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chemicals being locked up, gates on stairways, we don't think about falling furniture. what i'd really like people to do is think about, if a dresser is in a room, a child will climb on the dresser and they need to make sure that they don't have things on top of t but there are other things that you can do besides anchoring your furniture. if you can't anchor it, make sure you don't have any tall dressers that are accessible to children and make sure that if you have a television that's put on a piece of furniture that's not anchored t the wall but is on a low piece of furniture and that it's pushed back as far as possible to keep this tragedy from happening. >> a very important reminder for everyone this holiday season. thank you so much for talking with us. and you can learn how to secure your furniture and where to purchase mounting equipment by visiting
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years ago. >> the role sylvester stalone built into a blockbuster franchise. carolina cash five numbers
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. ? this christmas fireside is blazing bright, and ? ?. [ music ]. ? ? and this christmas will be, a very special christmas for me ? ?. >> oh, yeah, you're going to be
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the big day. >> all right. [ laughter ]. >> that's right. it's only a couple of weeks, right? [ laughter ]. >> hmm. >> we're in the christmas spirit coming off the parade. it set the tone. >> exactly. was it a good parade? i missed it this year. >> it was wonderful. i think its one of our best just in terms of the weather it was fantastic. >> the weather was phenomenal. hot in a sweater. a lot of people in shorts and t-shirts. it was fantastic. >> exactly. yeah, nothing like what happened on sunday, and there's nothing like a little snow to put you in the holiday spirit. and this is the real stuff at sugar mountain. yes, it was warm there on saturday morning, but that front blew through quickly and by saturday evening they were able to start making snow. look at it! it looks like smoke. that's the them making snow. they're going to open today. just a minute ago the ski patrol
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how about that? appalachian is likely who open tomorrow. there's not snow everywhere. you can see it only where they've been making it. kind of neat. it doesn't take long. give them 48 hours of freezing temperatures and you have snow in the mountains of north carolina. opening at 9:00. back here, still chilly and if we had a snow blower we could have made snow this morning it we're getting warmer now. in fayetteville, beautiful, no snow there. 34 officially at the airport. it will be a blustery afternoon with gusts up to 20 miles an hour. 35 right now in fayetteville real snow that is falling, natural snow i guess up here in new york. which has caused trouble.
8:47 am
half in some places. around that system and around the high our winds are coming out of the north northeast. we'll see it gust up to 20 miles an hour. it's dry behind the front that came through on saturday. we have a high fire danger today. don't do any outdoor burning because fires could spread quickly today. our next weather maker is across the rockies right now and it will edge toward us in the next couple of days. it stays nice and dry and bright around here. finally by tomorrow the snow eases up in neyo what we'll see is this front starting to take shape by late tomorrow. it crosses the mississippi valley with rain, and it's not going to do much for us. here's 6 p.m. wednesday, the clouds start to thicken up in the afternoon and then late wednesday night, early thursday morning we'll see a quick blip of rain and then skies clear by midday on thursday. if you're traveling on wednesday, there's not a whole lot of snow to be
8:48 am
up and down the east coast it looks nice and dry. very few of the hubs are going to be dealing with snow. minneapolis with a little snow but rain in chicago and down the mississippi valley. some snow in the rockies in the sierra, but just rain across parts of california and say seattle and portland. 60 on wednesday, wednesday the skies will begin to cloud up a little bit, but 60 is close toor year. a nice day on thursday, yes we'll start off with clouds and a few patchy light showers but by lunchtime partly cloudy and 64. a high near 70 degrees. the same thing again on friday. and for the weekend, we do cool back down into the 50s for highs. morning lows sunday in the mid-30s. but not a lot of freezing temperatures in this seven-day forecast. the next couple of days, yes, but getting into the weekend, just looking a little bit milder. renee.
8:49 am
the iconics macy day parade. today the city and the new york historical society will unveil plaque mark the official starting line. you'll see all the pageantry of the macy's thanksgiving day prayed on wral thursday morning starting at 9. members o in new york preparing for the a parade. the cary high school band are going to the parade as well. you can watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day a read on wral on thursday. today is the 40th anniversary of an american icon. we're talking about rocky
8:50 am
>> doing the victory rocky motion right nought now. 1976 was the first movie. it still resonates with fans. an all around underdog story we love to watch over and over again. rocky was made on a budget of a million dollars, but it went on to more than 225 million worldwide. the film won three oscars including best pictures. fans recreate this famous scene on the steps of the museum of art in philadelphia. >> are drake and justin bieber were the win biggers of the music awards. drake took home four awards and
8:51 am
he had the most ama nominations scoring 13. justin bieber took home four awards, one for video of the year, and song of the year for "love yourself". selena gomez opened up about her battle with depression and lupus. she won favorite pop rock female artist. >> i had to stop 'cause i had everything, and i was absolutely broken enough to where i would never let you down, but i kept it too much together where i let myself down. >> she thanked her fans for their loyalty and reminded them if they are broken they do not have to stay that way. the 24-year-old announced in august that she was taking time off to treat depression and anxiety and panic attacks.
8:52 am
movie goers, harry potter movie took the top spot summoning $75 million. the movie made about 143 million internationally. critics and audiences gave the a good score. it is part of a five dr. strange was in second place and trolls closed behind in third with $17 million. and now here is bryan shrader following the trolls. sorry. what kind of segue can we make? [ laughter ]. >> ha-ha ready. ready for this again? this right here? what color are the flip-flops. this again. >> really?
8:53 am
that? >> somebody posted it on twitter and everybody is abuzz about it. the dress thing, and i think there was a jacket, too, that followed thereafter. the dress was, gosh, that was our great national nightmare that weekend. [ laughter ]. >> what color was the dress? now the flip-flops. >> the debate is? >> yeah. >> blue? >> or white or yellow or grey, da-da-da-da-da. we shoul here. >> it looks like sky blue and grey. >> blue and black. >> grey and khaki. >> they take these terrible pictures and when you look at a professionally made picture of the flip-flops they are in fact blue and black. >> oh. >> but the lights and the quality of camera and all that stuff. >> that's not fair. the other one made more sense. this is a bad camera.
8:54 am
know if i believe him, but when you were doing the story of the american muse inc. awards i didn't know any of them, the fello in georgia says he doesn't know who won the election. he claims he wears headphones and a sign says i don't know who won adon't tell me. >> he is the guy that hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more
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we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. . welcome back. time now is 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm lena tillet.
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>> the truck hauling bananas overturned in the night, nobody hurt but we're seeing a dlachlt hillsborough at the 85-40 split. the left lane is blocked heading through hillsborough but eastbound traffic the lanes are open. seeing residual delays. consider using 70 as an alternate route although it is busy. the state board of elections is working on guide lines for dealing with elections complaints. the board declined to take control of the problem deferring to local control. state leaders will meet tomorrow to talk about giving legal guidance to county. beautiful start to our morning. warming up bit by bit. >> started in the upper 20s in some places and warming up into the low 30s. still cold out there. blue skies for us in roxboro 46, raleigh
8:58 am
up to 20 miles an hour leading us to high fire danger, don't do any outdoor burning today. 57 on tuesday, wednesday increasing clouds with a high of 60. renee. >> whether you plan to fly on drive, be prepared for lines. your patience may be stretched to your limits. this may be the busiest day in almost a
8:59 am
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