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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:44pm EST

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>> steve harrigan live in miami. fox broadcast network in the race for the white house it's been tight throughout the night with 84 percent of the precincts
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now with 51 percent of the vote to hillary clinton's 46 percent. >> again, these are numbers from north carolina. in the race for the governor, governor pat mccrory with a slight edge over attorney general roy cooper just 2 percentage points there with 84 percent of the vote counted. >> and to the race for us senate, 84 percent of the precincts reporting. burr with ross with45 percent. we'll have live coverage from both presidential headquarters in new york to right here in the capitol city. the results of three big races we're following are not only watched here closely in north carolina, but across the nation. >> no race is bigger than the race for president of the united states, the electoral
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we still have a lot of states still out and counting. north carolina very close. virginia very close. states like that, these battleground states we've been talking to you about for several weeks now, several months in fact, that's where the race is going to hinge. crews are both presidential candidates in new york city, our cullen browder is at donald trump's headquarters in new york. the early map is looking really good for donald trump, and i know there's a lot of excitement there at trump headquarters >> reporter: absolutely gerald. throughout the day the trump campaign has had this quiet confidence, i can tell you over the past hour that confidence has grown much louder. let me take you inside the hilton midtown here at 53rd and 7th. just up from times square. small venue compared to a lot of trump rallies, but i can tell you the crowd has really been energized over the past hour. here's why. because those numbers you were
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showing trump with a solid lead right now. alloda he suched ahead in -- edsurg ahead in florida. still not over, but surging ahead. also leading in ohio and also virginia. it's those types of numbers that have really energized the trump campaign tonight. throughout the day i've been talking to a number of trump supporters that keep talkin about this like vote, it defies the polls and the silent majority turning out >> they can't afford another four years of hillary clinton on top obama. pele have been sitting back in the shadows, and now they're coming out. >> reporter:owave a otra that ivanka ump
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>> and just blocks away our kathryn brown is at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters. that's where we begin, or continue our live team coverage. >> reporter: cullen browder was just talking about how energized the crowds have grown over there in the last 40 minute, and 's basically the polar po hat the clinton campful a lot of silence. the numbers not good for clinton. still very early, but they're not good.
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crowd went en they called new clinton, so that was big, big victory he they're also saying that she's leading in pennsylvania so every single time you see her making any kind of break ahead you're getting these huge cheers, but those are growing few and far between. now this is the scene inside the center, outside a picture was sent to me from a friend living a couple of blocks up in a penthouse, and you can see the crowds are surrounding the genter here, and -- the center here and the side of manhattan. the new yorkcity mayor is out there with local aders holding a rally, so they're cheering out there, d they're packing inside. the vip section haet filled up. hillary clton just blocks ay wahing the turns come with r faly with a
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repaired. she's been working allday. one a victy spch, the other a conc speech, and at this n'knowwhich one shll deliver, but i can tell you the mood here is a lot more somber than we were seeing about 45 minutes to an hour ago. >> kathryn brown live with the campaign in new york, thank you. >> and here's another look at the latest number ectoral count. far, and hillary statel out, up'lda soon as we em and bring the results you. race for governor isn't just being watched across the state. the entire nation is keeping outcome of the race. >> here's where it is now. mccrory with 50 percent of the vote, and cooper with 48 percent. you can see about 50,000 votes
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candidates. cecil pulling 2 percent of e vote. and adam owens is with the mccrory campaign tonight. >> he joins us live at the republican headquarters in raleigh. >> reporter: yes, they're really following every single update of the big screens in here every time the totals come in, and we were talking earlier about being able to feel the emotion in the how are things going? what are people saying? >> i think you can feel the collective heart beat and allegation, and nothing is definitive, or rather it's too close to call, but my goodness the numbers are coming in and we feel better and better about it as they do. >> reporter: and i heard a lot of people talking about how long they may have to be here
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race tonight at all. >> yes, and i don't have the answer for you there either, i wish i did. it may be a long night, but it will be a night worth sticking through and we're excited about the promising numbers, again it's too close to call, but you can feel the tension in the room, and these folks are really excited to welcome their governor right here at the marriott and tell him thank you for the last four years and tell him we want four more. >> reporter: when we will see him in the bi i appreciate it. and that really has been the stortonight. when we'll have some definitive answers in all of this. in e meti it's very stressful room. people really following again every one of the updates. we've said this would be a close race. the republican officials here with the state thought it would be close race, and that's exactly what we have tonight. >> that's why many people don't have the stomach for politics [ laughter ] >> good point.
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thank you. wral's ken smith is with roy cooper's campaign watching returns at the democratic headquarters in raleigh. >> it's been a series of highs and lows, and right now governor mccrory has a little lead. what'sheood in the room there? >> reporter: the mood is rather tense, i can tell you that. it's a packed house here at the marriott city center in downtown raleigh. i'll get out of the way so our photographer chad flowers can show you all the cooper supporters just gathered around the television, hanging on every return that comes across the television, cheering when there's something positive about the democratic party. we're told that roy cooper right now is watching the returns closely with close family and friends, and at the appropriate time he'll come down and address his supporters. we don't know when that time will be because again it's been
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the polls tonight have indicated that this is a close race, and tonight we're seeing that close race play out each and every minute and each and every hour. i got to talk to the communications director for the cooper campaign, and here's what he had to say about the candidate tonight. >> he's been loose the last couple of weeks. he's been great, traveling around the state. yesterday he was in wilmin and charlotte. y he did nine early votes. we're seeing the enthusiasm and think it's going to be a tight race. we're feeling really good. >> reporter: and it is going to be a tight race and a very long night here, and it looks like people are settling in. it's like a party atmosphere here. the music is going, people are milling around and talking. back to you. >> all right, ken smith live at the democratic headquarters in raleigh. and this was breaking news earlier this evening. because of the voting issues
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board of elections decided to extend voting times at eight durham county precincts depending on how long voting was interrupted by various problems. >> another big race, the race for us senate. here's where it stands right now. >> richard burr is pulling ahead just a little now. 52 percent of the vote with 86 percent of the precincts reporting, just over 2.1 million votes. the rote. >> candace sweat is with incumbent senator richard burr. >> and she joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: i can tell you this room just erupted about 10 seconds ago. there's an outlet calling the race for burr, calling him the winner, so this crowd is electric. one of the things starting to happen that hadn't been going on the last several hour, the crowd is starting to gather
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in anticipation that burr will show up and take the stage at some point soon. again the energy is just electric. they're just absolutely electric. take a look at some of the this video from earlier. the crowd gathering around the tv, gathering around their phones. they are absolutely excited, feeling very, very confident right and going to take the race. we said and reviewed where he stands opposed to his opponent deborah ross on key issues like immigration and education, the judicial system. they're almost polar opposites on those issues. take a listen at what one of his campaign managers said earlier today. >> we always viewed this as a competitive race because it's a
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be one that was looked at as being competitive as far as the overlook of the entire senate landscape. and what you've seen is senator burr lay out clear contrasts between he and deborah ross. >> reporter: and again we are getting word that fox is calling this race for burr. people cheering and starting to gather around the podium. we're told senator burr won't show until he knows for sure how the race stands and where it's ending, so we're anticipating his arrival some time soon, scoop we'll hear from him -- soon, and we'll hear from him shortly. >> candace sweat live with richard burr's campaign, and we've not quite called the race. we'll keep you updated. >> deborah ross is spending her night at the democratic campaign headquarters. >> amanda lamb is live with the
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>> repte dorahoss has been watching the returns fr this race in hehotel room in downtown raleigh. we've not heard from her or seen her this evening, but as you said this race, burr has pulled ahead, and it definitely looks like there's a chance he could win this ce, and i know fox is calling it. we haven't called it yet, but a lot of concern from supporters in the crowd. people that say she's a sm candidate, ethical candidate, hardworking candidate, and is facing an opponent with a lot of experience. senator burr has been in dc for 22 years, and her supporters amphetamine like it was time for a change. >> it's clear the people of north carolina are ready for a change, someone who puts them first and works for them and shares their values. burr spend over 20 years in washington working for himself
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>> reporter: now, we just understood that we are officially now calling this race for senator burr. deborah ross has lost the race a few seconds ago. that came up on the screen here, and the crowd here of course is very disappointed. a lot of booing because they say that it was time for a change in washington, and they really felt like deborah ross was the person to go to washington and make that change, but we now understand she has will look forward to hearing from her at the podium when she comes down to, you know, talk to her supporters here in the crowd. back to you. >> all right, amanda lamb live at the democratic headquarters in raleigh tonight. that's tough. new information for them there. >> absolutely. of course this is burr's final term in the us senate. he said this is the last time he's running for that office. we have a lot more election 2016 coverage ahead. still waiting to hear from richard burr and deborah ross. >> and we'll also check back in
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and republican headquarters here in raleigh, and a closer look at how counties across the state are voting in the major races. >> and heading to break, another look at the big races we're following and the totals
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would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think . say yes to more. call now. >. welcome, back to we're starting with the lieutenant governor race. dan forest is in the lead. he's been there since 2013, an architect and the first republican lieutenant governor in more than 10 years. and right now elaine marshall is in the lead for the secretary of state. she's been there since 1997, an attorney and former north
10:20 pm
dale folwall is in the lead. he's a cpa and former state representative. the race for attorney general, this has been close for a lot of the night, but buck newton pulled ahead with 2.1 million votes. he's a north carolina senator on the judiciary committee and an attorney. and the superintendent of public instruction, that has become a very tight race as well. june atkinson in the position right now, but wilson is he's on the school board and an educator. now to auditor. for tight race here, but chuck stuber is pulling ahead. he's a retired fbi agent. moving ahead to the commissioner of labor. sherry barry, looks like she'll continue her role in the position. 2.3million votes. she's been the commissioner since 2001. former state representative and former business owner.
10:21 pm
commissioner of agriculture. steve trotser looks like he'll maintain his position. and commissioner of insurance, another very tight race, but mike causey an interesting race. he's a retired insurance agent, but this is his fifth time nning for office and he's also a lobbiest. so far that's how the council of sit playing out, and we'll continue to >> >. republican sweep there. and the democrats set up their headquarters in downtown raleigh to watch the results. bryan mims is live with them, and right now the numbers not looking too good. >> reporter: yes, we heard a big groan projecting donald trump as the winner of ohio, and nbc news projected that richard burr has won the senate
10:22 pm
too. it's a rather subdued crowd. that's safe to say. they're standing watching the results, watching the results right now, and they are kind of muted right now. we haven't heard many shouts or cheers in the last little while. as a matter of fact i heard one supporter just before the air saying give us some good news. we haven't seen any of the candidates yet, but we'll keep monitoring the results and let you know how the mood is here among the democrats. back to you. >> all right, bryan mims, thank you. north carolina's republican party also watching the numbers
10:23 pm
raleigh, and sloane heffernan is there tonight and a much different mood at this point in the night. >> reporter: yes, there may be groans on e democratic side, but there are cheers here at the republican headquarters, here's the executive of the party i like to call him the grand poobah. >> do i get a little hat like fred flint stone? >> reporter: we're covering the council of state race, and right now technically republicans are winning every single race with the exception of the secretary of state, and you even admitted to me just a minute ago that some of these races the republicans are actually overperforming. what's your reaction to this? >> well i ain't unhappy. i think, you know one of the things that irritated me all year is the talk about the superior clinton ground game. the republicans had a pretty
10:24 pm
that's something our partners did, and donald trump is going to win north carolina. pat mccrory is very close, but i believe he will win. the lieutenant governor has been re-elected. no question about that. we're going to hold the incumbents down the ballot. we're going to have the next treasurer. we're way up in that, and we may pick up the auditor and a couple more. very close in the attorney general race. i'll give it's been roughly, except for the auditor, and that's a little different because he didn't have much of a constituency. it's been nearly four decades since an incumbent council of state, down ballot council of state member has been defeated. i believe the last one was democrat john brooks in the labor commissioner race after the horrible chicken fire.
10:25 pm
we're slated right now to either break even or possibly pick up seats in the state legislature. it's a phenomenal thing. >> reporter: it's looking good according to one of the speakers just up there. looking to be a great night he said for the republican party. greg to of the gop, thank you for -- director of the gop, thank you for joining us tonight. and not a lot of disappointment here, just a lot far tonight. but of course a lot of votes still haven't been counted, and we'll continue to be here throughout the night. back to you. >> sloane heffernan live at the republican headquarters in raleigh. tonight's election impacting the balance of power in the north carolina legislature. >> david crabtree and laura leslie have a closer look at the changes and what it means. >> yes, and one of the things we have to wait on is all of
10:26 pm
still possibilities of votes that haven't -- pockets of votes that still haven't come in, but first the balance of power in the senate. republicans lead, and here in wake county we don't see a reason for that to change. >> right, but we do have to reiterate we have pockets of state without the answers. >> yeah, and moving along to the house, it could be a little let's pull this up. right now 74 to 45, and it represents the veto-proof number, bullet the democrats are shave can be but the democrats look like they've -- but the democrats look like they're shaving the number. in wake county two seats have changed. >> yes, it appears, because they're provisional results, we
10:27 pm
provisional ballots say, wait for the final canvass in the cases so close, but the democratic challenger joe john, and representative gary pendleton may have lost his race. both very close, but on the other hand you see the one down here, an independent in deer county. republicans thought earlier this year they'd lose to democrat, but as it turns out it looks like the republicans take over the seat so that may have been what it was they were talking about. if that's all that changes it's 73, still a veto-proof majority. >> and we're continuing to watch the races. at 11:00 tonight we'll have more on the races in the legislature, but we know in the races where there's been a flip or appears to be a flip and a
10:28 pm
razor thin wins, it appears house bill 2 impacted the races. >> it may havism pacted a couple -- may have impacted a couple of race, but a coupleof others expected to be close weren't close. >> all right, we'll be back later in the newscast. gerald and linda, back to you. >> thank you. this may be the most historic election of our time. not only is north carolina and the nation waiting to see happens, the world is also watching. still ahead we'll look at where the congressional races stand and we'll take another look at what's going on at the campaign headquarters in new york. clouds increasing across the area this evening, and check out the regional radar view. rain is on the way. we'll check out the time line of the arrival, and what happens when it passes coming
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hillary clinton wins virginia by a narrow margin, she picks up 13 electoral vote
10:32 pm
>> and we want to look at the north carolina congressional races, district 1, butterfield the incumbent. , district 2, mcneil holding, beat elmers in the primary. obviously this is clearly slanted toward holding. whoops and now price the democrat is winning, this is in district 4. that's orange and wake counties. on to district 6. glidewell, an army veteran, awarded the bronze star in vietnam.
10:33 pm
the incumbent with the lead. district 7, this includes johnston county, wayne county, and samson county, and district 9, the incumbent with the lead over cano. burr is getting ready to address his supporters in raleigh. we're going live. do we have >> i'm grateful for the work we do for north carolina, and there are no two senators from any state that work closer than tom and i do, and i'm grateful for that [ applause ] >> tonight i am truly humbled by the support ifs receiverred from people across the state. it's an honor to be elected to
10:34 pm
states senate. this is for those that believe in me and continue to have confidence in the fa that my values match your values, and for that i'm grateful. [ applause ] and i have to give thanks first and foremost to my family. [ applause ] >> their support and understandinas them through this. campaigns and being away from town so much. it's unbelievable. i could have never accomplished even a fraction of what i've done witho the strength and help i get everybody day from my -- every day from my wife
10:35 pm
>> it goeshoutsayi my children have grown up with it. e was 8, one was when i went to congress for the first time, and for many, the outcome wasn't that good. for me, i'm able to look at two adults that have grown up to be great contributors to the communities that they live in. >> richard burr addressing supports, reelected to his third and final term at us senator from north carolina. still waiting for deborah ross to address little different mood in that room of course. >> absolutely. >> decision 2016 is for from over. just ahead we break down how counties in north carolina voted in this election. >> our election night coverage continues right have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg.
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all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 100 meg internet and unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. >. welcome, back to wral's decision 2016 comp. the race for the -- coverage. the race for the white house is il especially in north carolina. >> it's going to be down to the wire. here's the latest numbers and where the electoral count stands. as you canee here with this map, this graphic up, north carolina has been a major battleground state in this election. >> that's right, david crabtree and laura leslie are joining us now, and guys when you look at the numbers, most of the votes obviouslily, more than 90 percent have been counted.
10:39 pm
precincts have been counted. we know that. these are some of the numbers we have. these have just been updated. they haven't made it to the screen yet. both of the candidates now have over 2 million votes each in north carolina. about 7 percent of the precincts are still ou yet this state still hasn't been called, and when you look at the map you see the possibilities of the urban -- pockets of urban areas going for hillary clinton. a lot of trump supporters in the rest of the state. >> and we're still trying to get information, but what we can say at this point is we know some of the counties with the slower reporting have been coties that tend to be heavily democratic. now whether or not there are enough democratic votes out there to change the outcome of the races, we don't know that yet because we're still trying to determine exactly where those are, but no real big surprises here in the race for president. the counties that often do vote
10:40 pm
this case, mecklenburg county, triad county areas. >> but look at this part of state. >> yes, solid red. >> we've seen democratic votes from wilmington that we didn't see tonight. >> and i think that's a trump factor right there because he spent a lot of time campaigning in this area right there. so you, know, he pretty much was all over, he and pence all over the southeast part of state, and i think you're seeing that pay off for him. now looking at how things are shaking out for race. want to have a look at that, state view, i think we'll see pretty much the same pattern. state view. >> there we go. 's going to come forward. >> or it's not. anyway. >> you can't see, but there's a little bit of blue there that i was talking about earlier that we didn't see in the race for the presidency that we're seeing in the race for governor. >> and again, that's the effect of campaigning that, you know,
10:41 pm
think sometimes there's a tendency to forget how much it matters when you're blanketing part of a region with rallies. last but not least a quick look at the us senate. or try to see if we can get a state view up. can we? >> there we go. >> and this one looks a lot like the presidential. you'll see the also watauga is not there, doesn't look like it went for ross, but basicay prettyuch the same as we're seeing in the presidential race. >> there have been some surprises here as we were talking with bruce thompson on wral 2, and bruce was the clinton treasurer in north carolina. >> right. >> they' bven a little surprised at the turnout and intensity of the turnout they say.
10:42 pm
where they were at this time tonight. >> it is getting increasingly hard to see where the votes would be for hillary clinton to win the state at this point. at this point it's not impossible, but looking more and more improbable as the minutes go by. >> and we'll be back in the next hour. the numbers will be upted then. a lot more sings then,ut ba lot of race -- precincts then, but a lot race, we may t know until well past >> we may t know willbe, but we'll be here tbring it to u. >> all right, dave, thank you. >> -- david thank you. >> we have it all covered fo you tonight no matter how long it takes. >> plus mike maze ins us with
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we have a milder evening in progress, clouds upon us, but we're aw arrive. let's put io tion, dry overnight, but joining elizabeth the morning at iky see rain on rth and west of and duri the commute it should be pushing into us. north and west of raleigh by 8:00 a.m., and 9:00 moving by. by lunchtime the front moving through, and once the front moves through the winds kick up at northwest sabres territory to 20 inthe afternoon --5 20 in the afternoon, and spotty
10:46 pm
northern pln, r mogoing to go mostly cloudy, th winds light the rning, but picking up in the afternoon. highed in mid-50s in the northern counties tolow 60s for fayetteville. 61 leer in the triangle, and showers on the increase in the morning and into the eastern counties. thers the seven-day forecast, have the umbrella ready. 30s in the morning on wednesday, 62 and cold front by friday night passing by dry. warmer friday, 68, but once this front moves by the air is coming from canada, so should be colder this weekend. the coldest weather so far this season in fact. the forecast high is 53 saturday, morning low of 40, and mostly sunny skies. 30 sunday morning, the first widespread hard freeze of the season rebounding to 61 in the afternoon.
10:47 pm
a little rain during the day tomorrow, but th's it the next seven days, and the coldest weather sofar this season for the weekend. >> thank you. and hwill wake county transit tax, 53 percent for, 47 percent against. and 85 percent voting for the school bonds. moving on, the facilities bonds 80 percent to 20 percent just durham county community college bonds 84 percent to 16 percent, and the durham county museum bond 78 percent to 22 percen these not even close. orange county school bonds, 75 percent to 25 percent, and the. orange county housing bond 66 to 34 percent there. that also passed. >> overwhelmingly for a lot of those. >> and it's been a huge night, so here's a quick look at where the races stand, and we're
10:48 pm
noh carolina for donald trump. fox news has confirmed it. we haven't, but fox news is reporting that they're calling the race in north carolina for donald trump over hillary clinton. >> and we're watching the governor's race. extremely close there. look voters in durham had another hour or so to vote depending on their situation, so the numbers continue to trickle in throughout the night. >> and of course the race for us senate already called. richard burr giving his ech. we're still waiting to hear from deborah ross to concede the race, and we'll bring you that speech right then.
10:49 pm
there's a live look at the democratic head quarters. expecting to here from deborah ross at some point. it was a hard fought race. we expect here in just a few minutes. again, if you're watching this on you'll continue to see these live, see her address supporters live online. we'll have that as soon as deborah ross comes out. following the results of the market futures on wall street, down more than 500 points. we'll continue to watch this situation, and continue to update you on things as they change. again, this week made news, the buzz on wall street was if clinton wins the market like that better than trump because they feel she's more consistent, and the markets like
10:50 pm
night. so many close race, and we'll continue the coverage on wral, but we're also getting word that deborah ross will be giving her concession speech coming up in about a minute or so, and that may take us past our time, so tune into wral for that as ll. >> and we saw the council of state races, some incumbents trailing and down in the races. it's been a really good night for republicans here in north carolina. we're still waiting to see what the governor's race entails. the biggest race in the state outside the election, but roy cooper and pat mccrory, this has been one of the ugliest and most expensivraces and one of the most contwhat politics is all about. >> and we've seen it. >> yes, front row seat. >> thank you for watching the election night coverage continues on wral withlive team coverage on how all of the races are playing out. >> and of course we'll be tracking results throughout the night. maybe even the morning to see if anything changes. complete coverage, including
10:51 pm
and what they mean for north


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