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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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his instincts kicked in. anthonyserillo does not call himself a hero. >> we are grateful for this man coming to save my dad. >> the fire broke out at 1:00 p.m. wednesday, dan was home alone. >> he would have died. >> kazirhas ms and was trapped and could not get to his wheelchair. they saw the smoke and called 911 and rushed to help. i'm trying to tell the fire department there is a guy in here that cannot walk and they said leave the house. >> reporter: he did not think he was putting his life in danger, he had to act quickly. >> we got him out within a minute and the flames started to
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come out of the window. >> firefighters say the cause of the fire was accidental. they say a heating lamp fell and started the flames on the second floor. for the family one thing that was no accident is their unexpected encounter with anthony, they are forever grateful for his life saving decision to run into their burning home and save their dad. >> there is no words to describe what to say to him. >> think he is a hero, i do. i really do. he is very humble and i'm proud of him i really am. >> a hero indeed. back out live we are told that the neighbor also came to help the victim, two family dogs were also saved. the damage estimated at $30,000, the family is just grateful that no lives were lost. live in newcastle county, delaware, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. incredibly brave. more th
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more than 14 people were hospitalized after a suv, taxi and school bus crashed into the td bank and now a septa was was involved too. from our new jersey newsroom now, police are investigating an early morning crash on delsy drive, chopper 6 hd was over the scene this morning, 37-year-old andrea veky veered off the road and hit a tree and died at the scene. a person is in custody after a deadly ambush in west philadelphia late last night. the shotted were fired at 11:00 p.m. and the victim was shot at point-blank range as he was getting out of his car. annie mccormick has the story tonight. >> he was the intended target,
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he was shot at seven times and hit four times. >> police responded to a shooting last night and when they arrived they found 41-year-old maurice addsite dead. captain clark says that officers captured the suspect immediately after the crime. >> seconds, right after the shooting we got flash information that there was a male with a red hoody seen fleeing on foot and officers saw the male running into a location around the corner and went inside and got him and brought him to the homicide unit. detectives interviewed witnesses throughout the morning on why he became the target. there are video cams in the area and from local businesses too. >> we are talking to family and friends to find out what he was into and find out what this was about but right now we don't
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know. >> reporter: police say the suspect is 23 years old and they are not releasing his name at this time, he is expected to be charged later today. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia city council formed a new committee to help secure more funding for public schools. they held their first public hearing today ways to improve education and get more funding to pay for it. they are dealing with significant budget cuts in resenyears. the mummers will be performing in manayunk on saturday and business owners hope it will boost business. details were announced for the second annual mummers mardi gras parade. seven string bands will strut in their costume for more than a mile in manayunk, it was meant to be a family friendly
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celebration and organizationers are asked to keep that in mind. >> if you want to have fun by adding a littleeverage lets say that does not belong on the streets of manayunk but in one of our many establishes here. >> they don't have to worry about insensitive incidents like at the new year's mummers day parade. events continue through 6:00 p.m. spring training is officially underway for the phillies. pitchers and catchers reported to clearwater, florida. jeff skversky is live with more. >> reporter: hey guys, it is beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees today. i'm sure you are jealous, what an assignment. hopefully it will be a great
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assignment to cover the team this year because last year they were the worst team in baseball and many expect that to be the case again this year but don't say that to manager pete mccannon, he thinks the team will be better than people expect. lets look at pitchers and catchers for their first official workout today on day one. lots of new faces, charlie morton and vincent valesquez to name a couple. how did it go? mccannon says great. pete who stood out to you on the first day? >> i'm trying to put a name to the face that is why we had everybody wear their uniforms with their names on the back because we don't really know everybody. i know of them and where they sit with the organization and the veterans and young guise and prospects and the guys we have had last year. i know most of them.
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>> i'm excited to see the young guys. happy that they are here right now. and i feel good. >> reporter: lets hope so, because they were one of the worst pitching staffs last year and they have a brand new staff hopefully things will be a lot better and they are leaning on veteran carlos ruiz the oldest player in camp. we'll have more coming up on "action news" at 5:45. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> thursday almost friday, matt pellman in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down. 95 how are we looking there? >> we are catching delays as we play the game called the afternoon commute. a double whammy on 95 the sun
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glare and now also a crash in the southbound lanes by 420, might be able to see it there, it's taking out the right lane and police arrived on the scene and coming south of philadelphia international airport it is extra slow now, speeds of 14 miles per hour because of that accident. headed northbound toward the wells fargo center, expect extra traffic for the circus in town and a crash on ridge avenue close to scotts lane and the crash on 422 as you come eastbound through pottstown taking out the left lane, speeds are just in the teens there. and in doylestown an accident shutting down lower state road and the 202 parkway gets you around that and in burlington county watching debris in the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike past the connecter but speeds are not bad in that neck of the woods. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, the pope chimes in
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about this year's presidential election, coming up the pontiff's surprising comments and how a gop front runner is responding. and the battle between apple and the fbi, the silicon heavy weights backing apple's stand for privacy. >> and temperatures in the 20s this afternoon, the winter gear you can put it away and we'll have a spring feeling in the upcoming weekend.
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google ceo is backing apple as a legal fight brews between the tech giant and the fbi. a judge has ordered apple to hack into a phone owned by one of the shooter in the san bernardino massacre. they say that the order could create a troubling precedence. president obama is set to make an historic visit to cuba next month. the first sitting president to visit the country since calvin coolidge. and he will raise issues of
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human rights and political freedoms in talks about cuban president, raul castro. stocks slips after companies reported weak earnings, causing markets to fall early, that included a 3% drop for retail giant wal-mart and dow jones fell 40 points and the s&p finish about 9 points down. health check tonight, more women are waiting until they are older to start families and some experts want them to be aware of potential risks. reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman is live at the big board. >> some say that if you have a baby late under life in could raise your risk for breast cancer and now they say it could raise your risk for stroke. they found that women that give birth in their 40s are at a greater risk of stroke compared to younger mothers, doctors believe that mothers in that age
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range are more likely to have high blood pressure and diabetes and other conditions. but overall the risk is low. but need to know about it especially if they have a family history of stroke. puerto rico could be hit hard by the zika virus, with tens of thousands of people infected. with 30,000 births on the island every year there is a good chance of babies born with abnormally small heads. one in every four people in puerto rico were infected by another virus carried by the same mosquito. also, today a wellness doctor is weighing in on the presidential campaign not on the political views, but on how they
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stay healthy and how you can have their energy too. as we know it's not an easy road for any of the candidates, they are constantly traveling and in high stress situations, dr. michael royzen says there are lessons we can learn from them in staying healthy and energetic on a hectic schedule. the key is managing stress with regular exercise and meditation and try to get 7.5 hours of sleep and avoid the five food felons. simple sugar, added syrups, stripped carbohydrates, trans fats and foods are saturated fat. now of course the candidates have a team of people helping them and many of us do not.
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try to plan ahead, schedule time for sleep and relaxation and try to make meals ahead of time or figure out places can you go to find healthy foods. >> all right i would like to have an advanced team helping me. >> next life. >> let me know how that works out. coming up at 10:00, an all new episode of "how to get away with murder," tensions at analise's office running high as her students try to get back to life as normal. tgit expert, alicia vitarelli losing the #~ hgtawm you got that? me either. and a special investigation as "action news" looks into a cemetery that committed a grave error. >> a grieving family says their loved one's body vanished.
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it was suppose to be in a double graver but now the cemetery can't find her. >> they have no idea where mary is buried. >> the shocking way the cemetery told them they plan to find their body. >> they will dig up four or five graves before they find the right one. >> why cemetery mixups may not be protected under state burial laws. don't miss my special investigation coming up on "action news" at 11:00.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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or visit u.s. airlines are getting better at on time arrivals but worse apparently at online service according to the annual consumer report. the report out today said that 79.9% of all domestic flights were on time in 2015, up 3% from the year before and drop in the number of reports of mishandled bags but customer plains are up year after year. now they have a solution for
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potholes. it's pothole protection. it would keep the wheel elevated instead of letting it drop into the hole. ford has similar technology and this will be the first mid size car to offer the feature. dozens of people became new citizens at a special naturalization ceremony. they were worn in at washington park, george washington was on hand for the special event and president, barack obama congratulated the citizens in a video message. they come from 30 different countries. hundreds of students at st. joseph's university attended an event set to kick off their careers. it was a jobs fair, many companies were there to talk to
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the students and accepting resumes as they begin the next step in their lives. coming up a check of the forecast for you. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge and a beautiful sunset beginning. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast when we come back.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. adam joseph is in for cecily tynan and we had sunshine today but it did not really worm things up. >> no especially with the wind out of the north-northwest and windchills in the 20s this afternoon. this is a live snapshot from north creek resort. this is their type of weather waiting to go up the chair-lift and take a rundown or two this afternoon. the winds continue out of the northwesterly direction, 13 in allentown and 15 in wilmington and teens at the shore and with winds, you factor in the winds with the air temperature, this is how it feels, 4 in the lehigh valley and 20 in reading and similar in wilmington 37 in millville and mid-20s at the shore with the poconos coming in at 12 degrees. warm thoughts and as we look
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ahead. daylight savings time we spin the clock forward an hour when the sun is setting closer to 7:00 and only a month from now spring will begin and then 102 days, we are countsing down to memorial day when many of us will be thinking of the shore once again. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar the high pressure is to the north than brings in the sunshine. this high migrates to the south and when it parks itself off the coast tomorrow, a warm front is draping to the south and west and that pushes in during the day tomorrow and along with that comes this ribbon of clouds, it stays clear and cold below normal and 13 in the lehigh sally and 14 in reading and 20s in philadelphia as well as the shore toms river to trenton anywhere in the upper teens. first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., sunshine will be there to greet you. but it's not lasting long, as the front approaches, and passes
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through at at 2:00 clouds litter the area and that helps to keep the temperatures down for most of us the philadelphia on the five-day at 5:00, we hit 40 or so degrees as the clouds quickly increase and then the warm southwesterly winds kick in on saturday, sun and clouds and 60 degrees and even on sunday, even though we lose a couple of degrees, it's balmy, 58 degrees and morning sun giving way to afternoon clouds and pleasant and sun and clouds on monday and 54 degrees and average here we drop to 44 degrees on tuesday. with a wet snow or mix coming in in the afternoon. >> thank you. >> put my tv outside. >> rick, that is a lot of
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exercise. stick around for more "action news."
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. pope francis is the talk of the republican candidates. the comments he made that are said to be aimed at donald trump. and the wait is over phillies fans, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today we are live in clearwater with more. first, we begin with breaking news from our delaware newsroom. delaware police are on the scene of a serious assault here on the 2300 block near 23rd. authorities responded to a home and found a woman unresponsive on the floor of an apartment. they are not saying what the woman's condition is or if they have suspects. we continue to cover this story for you and will bring updates as soon as we get them. a person that thinks only about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a
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christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> pope francis and donald trump tangled in a debate over faith tonight. the leader of the roman catholic church finds himself in the middle of the race for the white house and tonight pope francis' comments believed to be aimed at donald trump is drawing reaction from the republican candidates. >> returning to rome in his visit to mexico, pope francis was asked about donald trump plan to build a wall along the southern border. he did not want to tell americans how to vote. but said a person that only thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> trump had this response. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise
5:32 pm
you the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> it showed that the pontiff is a political figure and accused the mexican government of using him. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> vatican city controls when they come in and how they come in. and as a result the united states has a right to do that as well. but john kasich had kinder words. >> that pope say pretty remarkable guy and a remarkable person. >> with a few days before the next votes are cast. the race is tightening with a virtual tie with ted cruz. >> donald trump is in second place with 26%. >> i expect a storm of tweets any minute now.
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>> cruz adds that the race should be about who will appoint conservative u.s. supreme court justices. bernie sanders may have won big in new hampshire, but hillary clinton is adding delegates due to the superdelegates. former secretary of state clinton picked up 70 recently and senator sanders picked up 11. 481 delegates for hillary clinton and 55 for hillary clinton. it takes 2,300 delegates in all to win the nomination. and we'll have more including pope francis's remarks tonight on world news following "action news" at 6:00. and now police are asking for your help to identify a man
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suspected of robbing two philadelphia businesses at gun point. one happened on galaxy smoke shop. the police say the man pulled a gun on a woman behind the counter and took money and ran off and then police say the same man held up this auto zone on oxford avenue. fortunately nobody was hurt in either crime. two drivers are in the hospital tonight following this crash along the garden state parkway ocean county. just north of route 72, it's still not clear how the crash happened but both cars ended up flipped upside down along a wooded area along the road. both drivers received serious injured. a philadelphia driver ended up in the hospital after slamming into a business in sprau berry mansion. this is the scene just before 4:00 a.m. and the driver lost control and slammed into a truck and hit a wall and door.
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the car was totalletotalled. fire hit a newcastle home, smoke and fire poured through the home along the 100 block of granite road. six different fire companies responded. officials say it started in the basement and spread throughout the home. folks in wrightstown, burlington county, may have heard a loud boom or felt the ground shake, there was nothing to worry about, there was artillery drills. in addition to firing live guns they were doing controlled demolition, this will continue by the way until sunday. and the delaware board of education is expected to vote tonight on a controversial plan to redistrict wilmington schools. the city education improvement
5:36 pm
condition recommended sweeping changes, including removing the christina school district from the city, and moving those students to the red clay district and schools that serve the red clay district will still get funding. well, a new facebook photo album is part of an investigation in newcastle county, this is video of stolen items recovered by police, and they posted them hoping to get them back to their rightful owners. you can log on to look at the pictures, if anything was taken from your home or property you can start the process of getting it back to you. there will soon be a new shop at terminal market. it's called condiment, it specializes in hand crafted customizable condiments, and they will be the 80th tenent at the reading terminal market.
5:37 pm
>> good to know. >> time to get a check of the traffic scene right now. >> how are we looking? we are looking to catch up after a crash. it's pushed off to the side at the split by route 1, the roosevelt boulevard. police are on the scene, extra stacked at girard at the boulevard and then breaks up a bit and then on the brakes again. on the big picture if are you going to use ridge avenue instead i wouldn't. east falls there is an overturned vehicle crash at ridge near scotts lane, and a wreck on 75 northbound and that is off to the side and northbound finding slowing towards the wells fargo center for the circus tonight and the accident in pottstown is gone but the eastbound lanes close at 100 for construction tonight at 9:00. and better construction news is in aston township, they reopened
5:38 pm
the aston mills bridge having been closed since july but as of this afternoon go ahead and use it once again. >> back over to you. >> thank you. still to come on "action news," a woman famous for trying to hitch free rides on airplanes is arrested again. and phillies pitchers and catchers report to spring training today. jeff skversky is live with more on the first official workout. and we are think being spring but not until the upcoming weekend, 33 in philadelphia today but you see the warmth to the south and west, it's moving in our direction. and it is thursday that means all new tgif episodes tonight. we'll have a sneak peek coming up. pet moments are beautiful,
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a woman with a history of trying to sneak on board airplanes conresist trying it again. marilyn hartman dubbed a serial stow away, was arrest the at chicago o'hare airport charged on a trespassing violation and ordered held on $100,000 bond.
5:42 pm
a local high school football star that now sports a super bowl ring was honored in philadelphia today. the linebacker is a reserved member of the super bowl winning denver broncos. before becoming a pro he played football at anderson high school. he was dubbed a senior selection. he went on to play football at nebraska. all right well we have ducis here with the latest on spring training. >> the first day and the first workouts, baseball is back and this is the first of many workouts over the next six weeks for the philadelphia phillies, there are several jobs to be won and jeff skversky joins us live from clearwater on day one. >> reporter: hey ducis carlos ruiz and ryan howard are the only two players left from the
5:43 pm
phillies world series team back in 2008 but their days could be numbered. both could be part-time players in 2016 and the phillies can get out of both of their contracts at the end of the season as well. check out chooch, carlos ruiz could be taking the field for the final time with the phillies. he is 37 years old. the oldest player in clearwater and he is coming off his worst season as a philly and hit just .211 and ruiz believes he has a lot to give and is competing for the starting job. and helping to mentor the top prospects and his young rotation, but listening to ruiz talk he knows the end is near. >> i don't know how long i'll be here. i know that i want to enjoy all of my teammates. >> that is a winning catcher as far as where he will be this
5:44 pm
year it remains to be seen. we'll look at him in the spring and hopefully he will stay healthy, and i think he will, he looks to be in good shape and he'll get playing time and it's between him and rupp. >> never trained to be a backup, every year i train to catch 162 games. rupp tells me he thinks it will be a friendly competition between himself and carlos ruiz and helps him develop. rupp hit nine homers in a part-time role. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we'll talk to you again next half hour. the sixers apparently made a trade, they aacquired joe elanthony. and now he is becoming public enemy number one, he was
5:45 pm
suspended for a dangerous check and while he had to be disciplined again by the league office he knows there are eyes on him. >> i don't want to change the way i play but i want to stay as clean as possible and not to give the referees an opportunity to call penalties on me. >> nick cousins a pleasant surprise for the flyers. he has more playing time and has four points in his last six games. he has earned the respect of his teammates but the captain doesn't mind busting his chops. >> for a young guy he is smart defensively and is always in good position, a terrible guy but his heart is in hockey now. >> great player but terrible guy ha, ha, ha. i don't know what to say to that. no, it's funny. a terrible guy, i don't know
5:46 pm
about that. >> the way i talk about you rick. great anchor but so so guy. >> are you a great guy. >> thanks monica, i'll pay you later. tonight is the biggest night on television for 6 abc, all the favorites, "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" and "how to get away with murder" are on and start at 8:00 p.m. >> find another place to work -- >> owen and nathan continue to be on each other's throats on "grey's anatomy" as the hospital deals with meredith's brush with death and they perform a risky surgery on a 15-year-old patient. >> i'm ready. well -- i'm done with the first half. >> and -- >> you can cut chapter two -- >> mely's -- when a profile
5:47 pm
piece on fritz comes into question. all on "scandal" at 9:00 p.m. >> the police won't tell us about phillip. >> they found him the first time. >> there was no reason to hide. >> if we work on this -- >> your sister shot me how can i help you. >> she was drugged. >> and tonight's "how to get away with murder" each student is trying to get their lives back on track as we learn more about analise's past. >> settle in for a jam packed tgit. it starts with grays and then "scandal" at 9:00 and "how to get away with murder" and then "action news" at 11:00. >> did you know the stars are just as excited as you are about the episodes. kerry washington tweeted happy scandal thursday. are you ready? and viola davis got some of the
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adam is here with the freezing cold but we get a quick payoff. >> but the temperatures soar saturday and sunday and even monday temperatures stay in the 50s. aboundant amount of sunshine did little to warm us up with the high pressure that came in from canada. the present temperature in philadelphia just 36 degrees, our normal is 44 degrees, we are well below that this afternoon and very dry air in fact with a dew point only at 3 degrees. the dew point in summer, is typically in the 60s and 70s when it feels humid or oppressive. that is extremely low and the winds out of the north-northwest at 16 miles per hour creating a windchill of just 26 degrees. there are the winds from the northwest pulling the numbers how it feels into the mid-20s
5:52 pm
north and west. 26 in philadelphia and 29 in millville and only mid-20s at the shore and the poconos sitting at 12 degrees presently. there is the high near syracuse and it migrates overnight tonight and directly over us and heads to the south and east and high pressure is sinking air and doesn't have much wind with it when you are situated with the high. we are not dealing with a windchill factor. clear cold and below normal temperatures overnight. 13 in the suburbs and 21 in center city with the northerly wind 3 to 6 miles per hour after gusting at speeds of over 20 this afternoon. the school day forecast tomorrow it stays chilly and southerly wind is light at 4 to 8 miles per hour. and a lot of clouds pulling in and temperatures will be below normal starting at 23 in the morning and by 4:00 your temperature of 39 degrees. in fact the other numbers around the region, early morning sun a
5:53 pm
little bit but the clouds increase, only mid-30s north and west and right around 40 for millville and dover as well as cape may and then the numbers step up here as we get into the upcoming weekend, the exclusive accuweather forecast, we'll show quick clouds tomorrow, early morning sun and then the clouds take over at 41, the warm southwesterly wind kicks in ahead of a warm front that passes by tomorrow and 60 for a high in fact as we look at a snapshot of future tracker here, even the poconos spring skiing at 50 degrees and 59 in reading and low 60s for the state of delaware, if you think of heading to the shore because of a southerly wind off the water, it should be in the upper 50s and we stay there until sunday, very mild sun in the morning and clouds build and there could be an evening showers as a weak system passes by and behind that
5:54 pm
it's still 50s here with sun and clouds and late in the day on tuesday, wet rain and light snow mix at 44 degrees, we'll watch the storm from the south depending on the track and the type of precipitation we see but overall the temperatures stay in the middle 40s as it is looking right now, but some snow is in the mix but that is something we'll continue to follow after the weekend. get out and enjoy that. >> thanks adam. stay with as we move toward the weekend, storm trackerer 6 live is just a click away. you heard about kanye west tweets about being $56 million in debtor so. now the philadelphia police says kanye, we are hiring starting salary, $47,920, could you be debt free by the year 3122.
5:55 pm
we post that job offer on our 6 abc facebook page. follow us on social media for the latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news and on twitter #6abcaction.
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5:57 pm
and right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a four car pileup ends up smashing into a center citibank. we have the latest. and they credit a good samaritan for rescuing a loved one from this house fire. a new jersey payroll company is accused of collecting the tax from city workers but never forwarding to the state. i'll have a full report next. those stories next. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a
5:58 pm
great night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and bill cosby wants his settlement payout returned and jahlil okafor settles a speeding ticket. but the big story involved four vehicles and a plate glass window. this is how it looked at jfk and 15th in center city.
6:00 pm
a suv crashed into a taxi cab and a school bus and septa bus. vernon odom is live now with the full story. >> reporter: jim, of course this took place right across from the northwest corner of city hall just around noon time when hundreds of pedestrians were walking around there and this could have been far more disastrous. this smash up involved a school bus a taxi and an suv and a septa bus and more. it culminated with a crash into this bank branch at jfk. the injuries were minor. >> there were as many as six vehicles that impacted one another at some point and it's yet to be determined


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