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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 21, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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breaking news for this morning, judgement day, for blade runner owes cents car pistorius, olympic athlete sentenced to prison for girls his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. good morning to you, today is tuesday, october 21st, i'm nicole brewer in for ukee, on assignment. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we want to start things offer quickly with traffic and weather together with katie and jessica good morning, ladies. hey, good morning, i see you're outside, i don't have my umbrella today. that will a problem? >> i don't think so, jess. generally one of those things where it is totally your call. right now i cleary don't need my umbrella as the day progress, there will be couple of showers scattered and dotted across the delaware vale, but not enough talking about wash out by any stretch. it is just going to be one of those things, we have active weather to discuss for couple of days. showing you storm scan3, over the last few hours did have
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speckles of green dotting the region here, but that's pretty much wound down. and i can tell you skies are actually trying to break for little sunshine right now, though the sun has yet to officially climb over the horizon, once it does it will be limited through the day. see at least little bit of t now, that said, there will be some showers here and there, as i said, especially toward the second half of the day. specking milder day by comparison, already, off to miler start, 68 is the expected high. but we generally hung out into the mid and low 50's across the region so far this morning. so, despite the fact that we are going to be tracking some gloomy conditions down the road here, especially tomorrow and thursday, we are also tracking a cool down and some showers, i have some better news, and that's where that third headline comes into play. what about the weekends? not looking bad right now. that's your little teaser. meantime, you do still want to have jacket ready to go, still jacket weather, but a lot milder by comparison to what we saw this same time yesterday. jess? >> thanks, katie, looking forward to the weekends. just after 7:00, and we go outside right now to our cameras on top of the platt
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bridge. where we did have disable vehicle, just minute ago, completely jammed up. that is the pleasure of having live cameras here. so headed eastbound toward the city moving along great so far. elsewhere on 422, at 29, the eastbound lanes is where you can see most of the headlights and traffic coming through. headed toward king of prussia where you will see most of the problems. an accident out in the lehigh valley on 78 eastbound closed at route 145. your alternate to get around that for clean up just take route 22. out on the new jersey turnpike northbound still a car fire compromise ago lane there at exit 7a which is i1956789 on 295 out in jersey northbound another crash at route 168. and a disable car, excuse me, mass transit currently a good alternate, septa new jersey, dart, running on time, no delays. more now on breaking news this morning. oscar pistorius is sentenced to jail time in the killing of his model girlfriends. >> alphonso van marsh tells us
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culmination of the star's epic fall from grace. >> mr. pistorius -- >> oscar pistorius stared straight ahead as the judge sentenced him for killing his girlfriends. >> the sentence imposed is maximum imprisonment many of five years. >> judge said decision to send the parra olympic track star to prison for five years for killing reeva steenkamp was hers and hers alone. >> it would be a sad day for this country if an impression were to be created that there was one for the poor and disadvantage, and another for the rich and famous. >> police immediately took pistorius from the courtroom to a holding cell. last month, the judge cleared the 27 year old of murdering steeb steeb but convicted him of manslaughter, known as cull recall homicide in south africa. the judge ruled, pistorius acted neglectly and with excessive force, when he shot the model through bathroom door in his home on valentine day last year. >> pistorius insisted he thought he was firing his pistol at an intruder, when he
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shot four bullets hitting reeva steenkamp in the hip, arm, head. defense lawyers say pistorius may serve just ten months behind bars, and the rest of his five year sentence under house arrest. alphonso van marsh, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". and new this morning, philadelphia police russia man to the hospital after an overnight shooting in the city's fair hills section. officers respond today call of shots fired on the 300 block every east indianna avenue just before 3:00 a.m. investigators say, they're now looking for two hispanic men wearing dark hoodies, seen running from that area. anyone with information should call philadelphia police. also, new morning, fire destroys corner row home in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood overnight. it happened around 12:30, the 2,000 block of granite street. firefighters battled flames from the second floor of the home, for about ten minutes, before getting it under control. >> no one was hurt, but the family left homeless. >> cause of the fire being investigated.
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>> happening today, attack last month on same sex couple in center city prompts philadelphia city council to propose new legislation, it was strength ends the criminal code for hate crimes. >> eyewitnesses news jan carabeo outside city hall. what can you tell us? >> reporter: nicole, erika, good morning. what i can tell saw number of people are scheduled to speak at this hearing, happening later this afternoon, including the philadelphia police department, the commission on human relations, as well as number of advocates, all hoping to strengthen penalties for hate crimes against people based on their sexual orientation. now, councilwoman blondel reynolds brown as well as councilman jim kenny holing this hearing, in front of the public safety committee. now there is all comes after in response to the september 11 attack on a gay couple in center city. the couple says several members of this group caught on camera just before the attack yelled gay slurs at them and beat them. one of the victims spent more than three days in the hospital and had his jaw wired shut. now there is story sparked
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national outrage and three people from bucks county were eventually identified with the help of social media, and arrested for the assault. but currently, here in pennsylvania, they can't be charged with a hate crime, because the law only covers race, religion, ethnicity, not sexual orientation. while some state lawmakers worked to change that, philadelphia lawmakers want to takings in the meantime. this bill here in philadelphia would provide additional penalties for crimes motivated by sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities. the defense attorneys for the three suspects in the center city case, however, maintain, that anti-gay bias did not motivate client. >> here at city hall around 1:30, the hate crimes bill comes upright around 2:00. >> jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> thank you, "eyewitness news" has just learned the pocono mountains school district canceled today. authorities continue their search for accused killer, eric frein. a law enforcement operation err reported possible cents siting near a post office
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yesterday, in swift water. that's close to pocono mountain east high school where another potential siting was reported on friday. frein has been on the loose now for 39 days. and, happening today, a philadelphia day care owner accused of leaving five children alone inside her mini-van heads to trial. karen thompson faces multiple counts of child engage errment, wrecklessness, prosecutors say the 39 year old left the children unattended while she shopped at port richmond supermarket in july. the children range in age from six months, to nine years old. >> young girl who almost lost her life will receive the metal tonight. malala yousafzai will be at the national constitution center. in 2012 tal began gunman shot her while returning from school because of her vocal support for jen gender equality, education for girls. malala yousafzai is also this year's winner of the nobel peace prize. so excite to go have her in town. >> very impressive, impressive
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young lady. >> i agreed. beaten up, dragged. coming up on the "cw philly", aspiring model punched repeatedly for her purse. now she is speaking out about the vicious attack caught on camera. >> plus, we'll have this: >> the cdc announces new guidelines for healthcare workers treating ebola patients. i'm susan macinnis in washington with the latest on the government's response to the virus. ♪ >> now, we don't want the showers around here, but little wet weather is expected today. so, i guess we'll take it, if we have to. >> no real choice here, but it is true. >> grab umbrella for you before you head out the door. don't forget the umbrella that's the message. we'll be right back.
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>> flock city police release this vicious attack on the street of brooklyn. now, the woman who became the focus of three preditors, as she walk alone, is speaking out. she tells hazel sanchez at sister station cbs2 in new york the attack left her beaten but not broken. >> twenty-one year old aspiring model, again lynn reyes, says it is difficult to watch this video of three grown men cranking up on her, beating her, as she lay helpless on the gown. all just to take her purse, and cell phone. >> he just rushed me. so the first thing i thought of is this really happening? >> the brutal attack happened around 2:30 in the morning on thursday october 2nd.
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reyes was walking alone, in front of 680 franklin avenue in brooklyn, wacking past three men, they jump her, punching her in the face multiple times, breaking her nose. >> i just remember them, like, the whole attack, then for them leaving me, i remember them just dragging me, and then i started yelling for someone to help me, and then that's when i realized that what was coming from my face, but i didn't know where from my face. >> three men got away, but surveillance cameras got clear pictures of them as they escaped the scene. reyes said she is confident police will catch her attackers ands sheen's not afraid. she said nothing will stop her from pursuing her modeling career. crown heights brooklyn, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. now exclusive with "eyewitness news", mom pleading for the person who stole her van to return the precious cargo inside. fifteen year old olivia's custom-made wheelchair was inside that stolen van.
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the teen has cerebral palsy, severe epilepsy, and significant developmental delays. now, she has to wait until january to get an appointment for a new one. her mother watched surveillance taken from the shoprite in port richmond. >> could you see him break out the window from the time he broke out the window, got in the car, backed it up, took off, was 19 seconds. gone. >> the wheelchair was last seen inside the back of the family's 2002 forward winds star mini-van. maroon, with white mark on the bumper. it has handicapped pennsylvania plates and license plate number right there: pd0628. if you have any information, about this van's whereabouts, or that wheelchair, you're asked to call police immediately. right now, it is 7:13. we want our traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we start things off with a quick check on the live neighborhood network. out to kutztown, i want to show this to you. we have little light fog that tried to settle in. it is actually thinning
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outright before our very eyes. if you look higher up, look closely, you can actually see these clouds moving along, so that wind is starting to kick up just little bit. and you need that wind to be nice and very, very light in order for fog to settle in. but that said, 48 degrees, by comparison to what we saw this same time yesterday, not shabby, cool enough to require a jacket, but, no where near as chilly. meanwhile, here's the whole reason that we're warming up little bit here. sitting in the mild sector of storm system, continues -- continuing to develop, continuing to rotate, some showers through the area, even earlier on this morning, we had some showers rolls through portions every chester county, montgomery, but today it will be and even for the next few days one. days where you see off and on showers here and there, especially, into the afternoon. so, we going to warm up little bit more readily today. upper 60s expected then the colds front associated sweeps through, knocks the temperatures back, but keeps the clouds, keeps the showers around, for two more straight days. so it, does stay damp on thursday, and i would say, kind of raw, chilly, because
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you're going to be dealing with more after on-shore northeasterly component for the winds flow, which will be chilly wind for sure. now the rain chances over the next few days, not all that impressive, you will want to think about maybe keeping the rain gear at the ready, though, as we go through the next few days here, but no day is a wash out. clouds, showers, that's generally the theme for us, and those showers will be off and on. with every passing day, but obviously most mother bridge for tomorrow. let's look at the eyewitness weather three day forecast, shall we? few showers in the forecast today, tomorrow, into thursday, the most obvious difference the sun goes away, temperatures start to drop off. so by the point we hit thursday, we will have hard time even getting to you 06 degrees, in fact, most spots probably do not, so it will be a chilly kind of just one of those damp and raw days >> i wish i had good news, but i don't. we get right to t help me get through t we'll get through
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it, guys. out to the schuylkill expressway, we start off right away here at city avenue. where you can see, completely not even moving, almost looks like still shot. you can see brake lights really just slamming up city avenue here. actually the westbound side. so headed toward the king of prussia area, this is just volume. this is completely your normal typical delay. actually little earlier for this morning, but headed westbound toward the king of prussia area completely slammed solid. that is has been for the last half hour or so, as women. otherwise on the blue route at route one, starting to stack up just little bit headed southbound toward 95, the northbound lanes moving along there, as women. now, also, dealing with 15 minute delays on the west trenton regional rail line due to police activity, at the wood born station. an accident out on the boulevard, at southbound at red lion road taking out lane there. and travel times, majors, starting to slow up, if i advance my map, there go, 422 eastbound into 202, 13 minute trip, real heavy. fifty-nine real heavy headed southbound from woodhaven road into the vine about 34 minute trip there, currently no
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problems, at the philadelphia international airport. nicole? >> cdc issues new guidelines, how healthcare workers treat ebola patients. the stepped up measures also stress the importance of more training, and supervision. >> still being monday towards for ebola symptoms, agency issued new steps to ensure no more us healthcare workers contract the virus. cdc director tom freed end announced revised standards yesterday. among them, the hell care workers, wear protective suits, that leave no atlantic city or hair exposed and use respirators over their face instead of just goggles. >> one of the critical aspects of these guidelines is a very structure wade of doing that, step-by-step, which is supervised, and in a way,
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ritualized. >> two nurses treated ebola patient duncan became infected, while still unclear how they contracted the virus, health officials say the greatest risk lies in how healthcare workers remove their protective gear. >> if there is some sort of fluid on the front of that gown, and you take it off, and come in contact with it, well, that could be a very deadly mistake. >> reporter: the cdc last updated guidelines for treating ebola over the summer, but admits the infection of the two nurses proves they were inadequate. the agency also plans to ramp up training of healthcare personnel across the country, to help prevent more transmission. now, a trained monitor must supervise workers putting their equipment on and taking it off. in washington, susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" philly. ebola concerns keep two students at home for a little while longer in maple shade, burlington county. the family of two student at yolkem elementary recently spent time in eastern after
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cam decided to keep their kids home for a week beyond the 21 day monitoring period, although the students in symptoms. the families were not in a area where there is an ebola outbreak. >> time 7:19. remembering a legendary designer. >> fashion icon oscar de la renta has passed away, we'll take a look at his legacy coming up. >> first what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> breaking news, manhunt for eric frein in the poconos, forcing officials to close schools in the pocono mountain school district. frein spotted in the community of swiss water monroe county yesterday. wanted for deadly ambush of the state police barracks last month. >> also, some breaking news right now. suspect is in custody after stand-off in montgomery county. police arrived at the norriton east apartments after reports of shots fired. several buildings were evacuated, in a swat team secure the team. so far we don't know the identity of the suspect in custody or what sparked the stand-off. >> more breaking news this morning, women ill pea and, double amputee oscar pistorius, sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend. the sentence handed down in south africa earlier today. 7:22, right now, fashion industry is remembering the
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glamorous life of legendary die sign err oscar de lawyer rain that this morning. >> man who dressed first ladies in hollywood royalty alike died at the age of 82. chris van cleve has the details. >> i have lived through period of life where the woman that i started dressing 50 years ago is such a very different woman from today. >> reporter: for those five decades, oscar de la renta turned the difference noose success on the runway. hollywood red carpet and on inauguration night. helped american fashion take its place on the global stage. >> mr. de la renta loved women. and you saw in every design that he did. he honored women, features, he honored our bodies. >> i'm in my oscar gown tonight but most comfortable in my pajamas, really, oscar needs to design pajamas. >> first made name for himself until the 19 60s as designer for the most famous woman in
7:24 am
the world, jacqueline kennedy. first lady's became bit of specialty of de lawyer rain that, dressing hillary clinton and laura bush for their husband's inch our all balls. just last month made hence lines for dressing george clooney's bride for the couple's wedding. to de la renta, the dress was not the most important part of fashion, clothes for the frame is the real masterpiece. >> the woman looks great in it. you have to look at the woman first. if you look at the gown first and you look at the gown after, then it is cents a bad gown. >> oscar de lawyer rain that was 82 years old, advice cran cleve, cbs news new york. >> wow such an icon, i feel like every time you see an owes car de la renta piece, beautiful fabric, bold colors, of course not like i was wearing them, but if you saw them in magazines, just elegance. >> absolutely. >> and i love how naomi campbell, a gentleman of fashion. and he just has that air about him, too, when you see him, interviews. >> he will be remembered that way, that's for sure. we will take short break. we'll be right back.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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>> katie, little rain tonight? >> here and there, tracking some clouds, some showers, somewhat in the off and on variety, throughout the course of the afternoon, and into tonight, as well. that all comes courtesy of area of low pressure, which is developing, and strengthening, as it sort of rotates through our region. soap, when we go to storm scan3, see that activity over the last few hours, generally in little lull right now, no huge deal here. we've just generally got some clouds, and little bit of sunlight trying to peak through the cloud cover right now. that will help us warm up as a result. 68 degrees our expected hype, drop it down to 51 tonight. again, looking for couple of scattered showers along the way. that's also the scene for tomorrow and thursday before the sun starts to shine brightly once again.
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jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, unfortunate situation out on the schuylkill expressway for quite some time now at city avenue. so headed westbound toward the king every prussia area, see all brake lights even eastbound now starting to stack up as they head toward the center city area. otherwise, 15 minute delays on the west trenton regional rail line due to police activity, atwood born station, expect small delays there. lehigh valley 78 eastbound closed at route 145. take route 22 as your alternate. nick snow. >> jess, thank you. next update at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, monica lou inch skin breaks decade long silence. more local news weather and traffic on the "cw philly".
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breaking news right now. a person is struck by a car in levittown, and that's causing major disruption on septa's west trenton line. this is a live picture for you, from chopper three, over the wood burn train station. the accident happened right at the railroad crock cents cents there.
7:30 am
you can see police on the scene, investigating, and there were initial reports, the victim was struck by a train, but again, that investigation has forced septa to suspends all service on their west trenton line. happening today, philadelphia city council holds a hearing on proposed hate crime legislation. >> the bill is in response to a brutal attack on a same sex couple in center city last month. eyewitnesses jan carabeo with more on this afternoon's session, jan, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, erika, good morning. currently here in pennsylvania sexual orientation isn't covered by the state's hate crimes law. some state lawmakers work to go change that. meantime philadelphia lawmakers want to strengthen the penalties for hate crimes committed here in the city today another step in that direction through a hearing on proposed bill. that's happening today right around 2:00. this bill is in response to the september 11 attack on gay couple in center city. the couple says several members of this group caught on camera just before the attack yelled gay slurs at them and beat them.
7:31 am
of course there is story sparked national outrage, and three people from bucks county were eventually identified with the help of social media, and arrested for the assault, but currently, in pennsylvania, again, they can't be charged with a hate crime. the law only covers race, religion, ethnicity. bill here in philadelphia will provide dish nay penalties for crimes motivated by sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities if approved for example of violation can carry up to a $90 fine, as well, actually, 90 days in jail as well as $23,000 fine. -- $2,000 fine. three suspect in the center city case maintain and gay bias, hearing today at city hall starts at 1:30. the haim crimes bill will come up around 2:00. reporting live outside of city hall, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. victory for philadelphia's school teachers. >> a judge blocked the school reform commission from cancelling the contract with the teachers union, members of the philadelphia federation of
7:32 am
teachers protested following the src's announcement. by cancelling the contract, src can force teachers to pay portion of their healthcare premiums. it would save the district $44 million this year, and $50 million yearly after that. the president, jerry jordan, released a statement reading in part: the decision is a testament to the notion these kinds of contract changes should be decided as the bargain table. philadelphia's schools will appeal that ruling, they say, in a statement: the school district expects to ultimately prevail in the courts and will pursue this matter forcefully, for the cause is urgent, the children of philadelphia cannot continue waiting. coming up on 7:33, time for traffic and weather together. bundle up today, katie, what do you think? >> definitely milder than yesterday at this same time. you will notice the difference out there. but, it is still cool enough that it would require a jacket. i mean, now we're starting to round out the month of october, getting close to halloween, this is the time of year where you start to put on the extra layers, just as
7:33 am
norm. so, yes, still some evan flow on the thermometer for us here, but yes, you know, we in the mid 50's, so i suggest the extra sweatshirts, the extra fleece, whatever you would want, but right now, you might want to think about walking out the door also with a umbrella now, even though things are very quiet for the time being, we've some clouds out, there not necessarily going to stay that way through the day, because we're tracking a area of low pressure that's developing with time, rotating through our area. so, while it is milder by comparison, to yesterday this same time, look at this, surplus, is easily into the teens, with the amount of warmth that we've gained since this same time yesterday. that's going to help us warm up nicely into the upper 60s. but it is still just 54 degrees after all. forty-seven outside in atlantic city at this hour, 48 mount pocono, that's how it translates to the actual thermometer, and despite the clouds, you are going see at least few peaks of sun along the way, but it will be more at premium as we go forward. and eventually there will also be few showers to dodge here and, there as w the key here is that correct it is not a wash out by any means at all. but you're going to have some
7:34 am
wet weather to dodge. so again, i would say, mainly your call. so really do you care if you get hit by couple of raindrops or not? that dictates whether you want the umbrella or not, jess, over to you. >> rush hour in full swing. head out now to the schuylkill expressway, city avenue. see the eastbound lanes moving along nicely, westbound lanes have a jam for quite some time now. soy headed westbound really slammed solid toward the king every prussia area, and out on new jersey, in 42 at creek road, the northbound lanes right here is where you can see that. >> southbound toward expressway. updating breaking news, 15 minute delays due to police activity from earlier accident on the west trenton regional rail line. still an accident out in the lehigh valley. seventy-eight eastbound, closed, route 145. your alternate to get around there, take route 22. on the pa turnpike westbound another accident. just at mid-county.
7:35 am
an accident also on the boulevard southbound red lion road. 295 a crash southbound at route 42. you can expect a lot of volume in the area right now heavy populated area as the rush hour begins to get underway. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, jessica. safety alert for millions of drivers this morning. >> federal regulators want your megan took check your airbags. chris may explains potential danger. >> cbs news investigation has found multiple cases in which airbags exploded, and sent metal shrapnel flying through cars. it happened to stephanie, she barely survived. >> instant blindness on my right side followed by gushing blood. terrifying. yes, i thought i was going to bleed out at first. >> four deaths may be linked to the defect. the latest from orlando, a 51 years old woman driving a 2001 honda accord. this was the call to 911.
7:36 am
>> honda among nine automakers currently using the airbag from t a/k/a ta cover ration from japan, monday honda recalled nearly million from its cams. replacements will only be made available in warm weather states. since t a/k/a ta believes high humidity makes explosions more like. >> i what about drivers in pennsylvania, new jersey, del snare toyota recalls involves passenger side airbags. for now toyota says if you own an affected car, avoid sitting in the passenger seat. why is it a nationwide recall in effect? one watchdog group says it comes down to money. >> how in the world can you approve a geographic recall that doesn't involve the two states where people have been killed? >> as for t a/k/a ta says it is constantly investing in,
7:37 am
look to go improve its product. chris may, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and you can read the full list of vehicles that are recalled for airbag issues on our website. just go to click on consumer. >> new 2-dollar per pack tax has many smokers on the move. "eyewitness news" at ace news and tobacco just over the city boards nerve bensalem, bucks county. the manager there says business is booming since the tax took effect october 1st. smokers say they're too long take the trip to save a few bucks. >> i think they're picking on the weak. >> a lot cheaper. i get them for my friends. >> while i'm up here i grab cigarettes. no brainer. >> passed the special tax last month, and plan to help plug a hole in philadelphia's school district budget. >> 7:37. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, hearing another retailer could be the
7:38 am
victim after cyber attack, who are we talking about it time? >> good morning, nicole, erika. staples confirms, it is investigating a credit and debit card breach some of its stores, especially in the northeast, if it discovers issues, staples says custom letters not be responsible for fraudulent charges, but, you know there is comes after k-mart and dairy queen recently announce that its custom verse credit and debit card information stolen, so really, the best advice to people, just check your credit card bill statements. nicole, erika. >> weighing in on the cappuccino potato chip. not all rave reviews, right? >> ya, that is right, there is a winner of the frito lays poe tail owe chip new flavor contest, it is wasabi ginger. it beat out the three other finalists including cappuccino, which has a lot of buzz, mango salsa, and cheddar bacon mac and cheese. about 1 million votes were
7:39 am
cast. frito lays chief marketing officer says the winning choice shows americans want food with more ethnic flavor. nicole, erika, did you guys ever get to try any of those fly snores. >> did i not. >> no, but cheddar bacon mac and cheese, now, that is something i would be too long try. >> we'll get behind that one. >> cappuccino, not so much. >> for research purposes did i try them all, i did like the mac and cheese. >> feel free to send some our way, we can help you out with that. >> you got it. >> for money tips and information, head to our website >> cappuccino chips? >> can't get over that one. >> i want it in a cup, not in a bag. >> i hear ya. >> a mom furious with the retailer toys "r" us. >> because of comings figures based on the hit tv show breaking bad. coming up next, the response from the toy chain, from the toy store chain. also this story: >> british scientists are putting a new spin on washing clothes. i'm alphonso van marsh in sheffield, england, that story
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coming up. >> ♪ >> rain is shed dollars our way, katie says not a bad idea to grab the umbrella the next few days. >> grab a jacket with a hood perhaps just in case you get spot in spotty shower action. full forecast for you coming up. >> ♪
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>> updating breaking news, septa west trenton line suspended between neshaminy falls and west trenton. this as police investigate a serious accident in that area. chopper three live over the woodburn train station in levittown where person was struck by a car just a short
7:43 am
time ago. you can see it happened there right at the railroad crossing they're still work to go get an update on that victim's condition, but as you can see from the air, the front of the car we're told, when we can go over to the car, we're told it sustained severe damage, what may have struck the person. once again the investigation is forcing septa to suspend service on their west trenton line there. is the car. see the damage in the front of it. again, it is suspended between neshaminy falls and west trenton. >> good heads up there, 7:43, right now, some children might be thinking about what presents they want this holiday season. little early. but one florida mom making sure some toys aren't on that list. >> she started a on line petition calling on toy stores to ban toys from the show breaking bad. if you didn't know, the hit show tells story of a chemistry teach here turned into a mess cook to support his family. , figures come with bieber, lab mask, and lab coat. >> knowing that those are the
7:44 am
items that one needs to make mass, i just think it is wrong. >> the petition already has dozen every signatures, from across the count rip, but hopes more par lengths sign it, meantime, toys toys "r" us saying toys are collector items, only intended for people 15 years and older. 7:00 # four, washing machines are going green. new casino supposed to be better for your clothing and the environment. some major us hotel chains are already using it. also, engineers are working on version to be used in homes. cbs news correspondent alphonso van marsh shows us what makes them so different. >> london white rose drawnly -- laundry trying to clean more than 1500 shirts a day. use plastic feeds, just little water. >> within the first week, we new that the water saving was more than 68 to 07%. >> the machine makers say that's about 350,000 gallons
7:45 am
of water saved each year. major hotel chains, like hilton, and choice, are already using the washers that some us locations. the british scientist who is developed technology say small amount of water helps the beads gently rub against the clothes, and act like sponges, to absorb dirt. >> physicist steve jenkins says machines use about half the detergent and energy as traditional washers. >> well, we can clean as effectively as a hot cycle, at cold. >> one and half million these feeds spin through every machine. they are about the size after grain of rice. but they're hard, like a marble. >> xerox insists the beads can't slip through the washer's drain, rarely get stuck in clothing, and can be used in up to a thousand washes before recycling. engineers are working on a washer-dryer model for american homes, they hope to sell within two years. >> in chef field, glands, and
7:46 am
ton vaux van marsh, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i how about that? >> we check in with kate. >> i good morning, i wanted to show this cool shot very quickly live neighborhood network. look at the beams of sunlight, just casting out from the clouds here middle township, cape may courthouse, very good ex many and what you will find today. peaks of sun, more clouds than anything, off to relatively mild start, certainly by comparison here, 57 degrees, the current temperature in cape may. >> across the back lays, towards the northern planes, see the core of the cold starting to sing back, twin sits, currently 39 degrees by comparison to our 54, much cooler, some of that chill will be headed our way with time, courtesy of this guy. so storm scan3, shows us, the combination at least of our next our of low pressure starting to take shape. remember in the northern hemisphere, areas of low pressure, you get counter clockwise flow of these areas -- of these areas of
7:47 am
pressure watch it bakesly means, these rounds of showers will continue to rotate through our region today, tonight, tomorrow, thursday, no day being a wash out, but it is cents enough to mess with our mid week. now, i want to stress that this is a model. put future rain and the in progression here it, looks at this point, like new jersey would have the best shot to see maybe some heavier rain roll through, currently, the model pegs it 2 inches plus in any given location here, so that's a possibility, not a guarantee, but, you know, you are looking at couple of tents every ann valentine versus philly a loft discrepancy going on, here's your bottom line. looking at clouds, showers, over the course of the next two, three days, somewhat offer and on in nature, but could be pockets of heavier rain within that. that's why i would say, not the worse idea to keep the umbrella at the ready. fall foliage, starting to peak here, perhaps going to be traveling i80, maybe head in the i80, state college, should see real nice views here. with foliage add at its peak
7:48 am
across central pa. school day forecast, give it c plus. i think that's pretty generous, frankly, milder day, but we will see the clouds, going to see couple of showers, and shooting for 68 degrees. so that official daytime high. next two days, cooling things down little built here with more clouds, certainly more showers, probably chilly breeze to go with that, so of the next three days, today's the nicest one of the pack, with at least little sunshine to go along with that forecast for some showers. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, rush hour completely in full swing, we have jams, incidents all over the place, i'll start off first at 95, just at the betsy ross bridge, so, headed southbound, toward center city, where you can see complete back up there, 422, at trooper road, pretty much jammed solid, there as well. so trooper road right here, and it casino of wraps around, headed eastbound on 422 toward king of prussia where you can see most that far back up, and delay, the westbound side, moving along nicely, though, to update the breaking news on septa, west trenton regional rail line, completely
7:49 am
suspended now due to earlier accident for investigation, west trenton, to neshaminy falls, so to up at least 35 minutes delays, up into center city. and out in the lehigh valley 78 eastbound, still closed at route 145, your alternate to get around, there just take route 22. otherwise, on the pa turnpike, still a crash there, westbound, just at mid-county. out in new jersey, another accident thereon 295 southbound, just at route 42. nicole? >> jessica, thank you. in sports, the flyers try to follow up their first win of the season with another win tonight against the blackhawks in chicago. now it, won't be easy, because the blackhawks are under defeated so far this year. flyers defenseman, braiden coburn, could play tonight an after missing four games with a injury. now, coach breath brown, and the sixers, are wrapping up the practice schedule. last night at the were in brooklyn to play the nets. tony, and henry simms, shared the team lead with 13 points apiece, but the nets got 20 from mason and beat the sixers 99 to 88. noel still dealing with
7:50 am
respiratory infection, sixers play one more practice game this thursday, against the pistons, in detroit. well, the eagles return to the practice field today, ahead of sunday's match up with the cardinals and arizona. with a win, the eagles can move back into a tie for the top spot in the ffc east. fingers crossed. inside linebacker mychal kendricks said on website yesterday he'll be on the field when the eagles resume their practice at novocaine. out four games in a calf injury. injured eagles guard, evan mathis, says he hopes to make it back to practice tomorrow. he injured a knee in the first game of the season. mathis says, he'll be in starting line up by november 10th, when the eagles play the panthers at the linc. we'll be watching. and hey, wild game in prime time last night. the pittsburgh steelers scored three touchdowns, in a little more than a minute, and beat the houston texans, 30 to 23. the text and were ahead 14-nothing, when the steelers errupted at the end of the first half. steelers quarterback, ben roethlisberger had two touchdown passes and receiver antonio brown through for another.
7:51 am
the texans have lost three games. not doing so good there. hopefully are you able to do them better 7:51, right now, and we have something for to you talk about. >> that's right. ukee, taking a selfie, before he joined the set of the talk. find out when you can see ukee on the show, comining up next.
7:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm.
7:53 am
>> fan favorite. bethenny frankel will rejoin the cast of the real housewives of new york, for the show's seventh season. you might recall,, frank he will left the show four years ago to launch her own beverage company skinny girl. and headline her own talk show. and, another talk show host, making headlines this morning. jimmy fallon, wrote his first children's book, called your baby's first word, will be dada. so funny, fellow dads, to make sure they don't miss out on the milestone like he d despite first efforts, daughter's first words was ma ma. >> oh, the book due out june 9th, just in time for fathers day. good news here. ukee back in los angeles, as guest co-host cbs the talk. >> this is real exciting. starts his day with a pre show meeting there. regular co-host, julie chen, sarah gilbert, sharon osborne, iesha tile over, cheryle underwood. so what do they like best
7:54 am
about working together? ukee got the inside scoop. >> it is kind of like a girls breakfast/lunch of just chatting away, and we get paid for it. >> hello. well, this is not ukee's first appearance on the talk. if you remember, he co-hosted lasts year, and cbs -- >> knocked it out of the park. >> asked him back. and there he goes, doing his thing tomorrow. catch ukee on the talk again tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 on sister station cbs-3. >> remember last time, he got down with, what was it, tlc. >> showed off his rhythmment prime time. you know? and you had mentioned in and out buryinger. >> yes. >> delicious. >> talk to him about it. >> probably fast asleep right now, west coast time, 5:00 a.m. >> lucky guy. >> we'll be right bacack.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> we wet right over to katie. >> that's not the worse idea. i would say, have some type of rain gear on stand by, not the worse idea, just because we do have area of low pressure that continues to develop out there. so, yes, we will be dodging some showers. no day is a wash out. so if you want to just maybe be acquaintances with your umbrella, perhaps, that's also a good idea, too, but at the moment, you can see some speckles of green out there, little bit of lull here, right now, but eventually there will be few more showers that rotate through. it is a milder day however. we're flirting with 70 degrees, which by comparison to yesterday, that's definitely the bright spot of this forecast, we drop to 51 tonight. temperatures take modest little hit hereby tomorrow, low 60s at best, more clouds, more showers, though, they
7:57 am
will be somewhat scat nerds nature, the story for thursday, as well. jess? >> thanks, katie, aid fight with my umbrella, don't have one any more. i have got to go get another one. good morning, everybody, just coming up on 8:00. outside 95, just approaching the betsy ross bridge. so, headed southbound toward the city where you can see most of the volume starting to pull in, problems out on septa west trenton regional rail line completely suspended now up to 35 minute delays, suspended from west trenton into the neshaminy falls all the way newspaper center city, erika, back over to you. >> next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, the fight over ebola waste. local news weather and traffic continues with us, on the "cw", on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl. have great day.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
>> a person struck by a car in levittown, causing delays if the west at any tron line. wood burn train station, there some on the victim's condition, we do understand that person was rush to the hospital, with life threatening injuries. because of where that accident happened, septa has to
8:00 am
suspends service on their west trenton line, between neshaminy falls, and west trenton. >> suspect in custody, swat team wolds to secure the scene at the dekalb ants there, after a reports of gunshots. so far we don't know the identity of suspect in custody. we will update you on this breaking news from montgomery county against once we have more information. >> right now the big news of the morning, convicted murderer oscar pistorius head today south african prison right now. olympic runner just few hours ago for the 2013 death of his model girlfriend. cbs correspondent alphonso van marsh with the latest. >> mr. pistorius, please rise. >> oscar pistorius stared straight ahead, as the judge sentenced him for killing his girlfriend. >> the sentence imposed