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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 18, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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we are following latest developments in a vicious beating in center city that badly injured a same sex couple. we are live as detectives questioned, several people, including a high school basketball coach. it is thursday september 18th i'm ukee washington. i'm's natasha brown in for ker contact katie and jessica are keeping an eye on things for us. >> katie, don't have a lot of good news so why don't you go over to you. >> do me first then. this will be another banner day weather-wise, jessica, good morning everybody. we can expect to see more sunshine, more of the same from what we saw yesterday. perhaps were you stuck in an office or stuck inside and could not get out and enjoy beautiful weather. we will give you another
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chance. storm scan three is quiet say for a couple clouds and they are still visible for us here through western suburbs but i do think sun will win the battle and bring out that included cover eventually. fifty-seven is the current temperature at the airport. we are bottoming out with the early morning low, 45 in mount pocono. the the sun just came up, so we will give it another half an hour, 45 minutes before we start to see rebounding take place on the thermometer. this forecast is yet again just beautiful. i call it weather trifecta. we have abundant sunshine, comfortable warmth with low humidity and nice light win a side from the trifecta it is really a good hair day. i do think that will continue for us as we head in the weekend if you can believe it, jessica, back over to you. good hair day is always good news, but how my hair act when i wake up in the morning. good morning, guys a lieutenant of problems outside. we have talk about this all morning. rush hour beginning to get underway now so i-95 at girard heading southbound, you can
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see everything starting to jam up. north bound moving better. water main break in tacony gillespy street and robbins. your alternate to get around. in real road closures yet but in word yet but ditman is where you wanting to to get around that mess as crews trying get that cleared up and out of the way. in new jersey we have problems, disabled koran 295 southbound at route 42. an accident not too far on 295 just southbound at mount holly, ukee, back over to you. social media helped police identify several persons have of interest in the center sit a tack of the same sex couple. we have learn a high school basketball coach was fired over the incident. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is at september rally with detectives to will tell us more, jan. >> reporter: we have learned that a person connect with this case was actually working asiana cysttent basketball coach at archbishop wood high school. now officials with the archdiocese says he was not a teacher but was working on a contract basis. he has how been fired. he will the not ab lud to work
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at any other schools. police continue to investigate and question persons of interest. he is latest person of interest to come forward to talk to police arriving at central detective late last night. while he offered no comment to "eyewitness news", his attorney had this to say. >> i'm sure the police will make an announcement in due time. >> reporter: now the the investigation continues as police try to locate a dozen men and women seen in the surveillance video. it was taken just minutes before a gay couple was brutally attacked in center city. victims say suspects yelled gay slurs at them while they before beaten. story spark outrages specially on social media and wasn't long before someone posted this picture eating at a their by restaurant before the attack. a twitter user then did some cyber work of his own and actually help id some of the suspects. >> that was kind of the even of the line. because everybody recognized the restaurant. we were able to go into facebook to see who mentioned
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the restaurant and who check in. >> reporter: no word of an rest yet but if charges are filed they won't come under a hey crime. only crimes motivated by race ethnicity and religion. in the lay state representative brendon boyle trying to change to include sexual orientation but that never made it out of committee. >> there is no question if this were called up for a vote tomorrow it would pass and would it pass overwhelmingly. >> reporter: meanwhile that restaurant where the picture was taken of the alleged suspects, before the attack, la viola has come under heavy criticism even though restaurant says it had nothing to to with this attack. it issued this statement that reads in part we were horrified to learn our patrons could have been involved in a crime. our thoughts are with the victims and we wish the gentlemen a speedy recovery. no charges will be file until they completely understand what happened last thursday night. reporting live outside central detective, jane car bay other for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> thanks, jan.
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also developing philadelphia police are looking for the man who robbed a 7-eleven convenient store in bridesberg. it happened around 3:00 this morning on the 1500 block of bridge street. police say a mandy mannedded cash from the clerk and then took off with $300. in one was hurt. police in northeast philadelphia rushed a man to the hospital after an overnight shooting in tacony. "eyewitness news" on the 3100 block of barnett street. police say the 24 year-old victim was riding his bicycle when he was shot in the face and leg. it happen just after 11:30 last night, investigators are still searching for the shooter this morning. happening today a pennsylvania state trooper will be laid to rest as the search for his killer, continues. meantime, just as a precaution many schools in northeast pennsylvania are closed for a second straight day. here's wendy gilette. >> reporter: line of mourn tours honor life of pennsylvania state trooper, corporal brian dickson spilled out of the rotunda in merrywood university in
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scranton yesterday. dick son was killed friday night outside police barracks by a gunman still on the loose. police spoke directly to the suspects identified as 31 year-old eric frein. >> in the event you are listening to this broadcast on a radio, portable radio while cowering in some cold damp hiding place, i want to you no one thing, eric, we are coming for you. >> reporter: a couple hundred officers searching a large rural area, they are looking for a man who used to dress up in eastern european military outfit to play war games. he is described as a marksmen who does not miss. it is a scary time for those living nearby. >> if he does that to police officers, then he can do anything to anybody. >> reporter: k-9 units did sweeps of the area where viewing for dickson was hell. hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country paid their respects. >> everybody that wears a uniform and wears a badge, is a brotherhood and that is the way it is and we all stick
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together. >> reporter: green has held a grudge for at least eight years. wendy gilette for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. also philadelphia city council takes up its final vote on a bill that decriminalizes possession and use of marijuana legislation which is expect to pass would fine people caught with less than an ounce of marijuana $25. if police catch someone smoking in public they will face a hundred dollars fine or up to nine hours of community services. mayor nutter had said he won't sign the bill which with then go into a bill on the 20th of october. developing right now voters in scotland are deciding whether to declare independent from the uk. a huge turnout is expect in a decision that is just too close to call. 97 percent have registered a yes vote would trigger 18 months of negotiations between scottish leaders and london based politicians, on how the two countries would separate. it is senate's turn to take up president obama's
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request to arm and equip moderate remember else in syria in the fight begins isis. >> house approved a measure yesterday as susan mcginn is reports congress is voting as australia acts on a possible threat from this terror group. >> reporter: australian police detained 15 people and more than a dozen raids today in a major counter terrorism operation against isis. officials say supporters of the islamic state are planning to bee head a random person in sidney to demonstrate its reach. >> for who we are and how we live that makes us a target. >> reporter: here in the states the the senate is expect to vote on a key piece of president obama's plan to defeat the terror group. >> the amendment is adopted. >> reporter: yesterday the house approved that measure, to give the president 500 million-dollar to arm and train moderate rebels, to take on isis militant in syria. the president called the the decision an important step
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forward. at moment easily passed the house despite doubts from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> the last thing that we should do is armies lamb i can rebels, to fight other islamic rebels. >> we don't know if somewhere down the line they will turn our guns right back on us. >> secretary of state john kerry testified about the u.s. strategy in the house this morning. yesterday he told senators more than 50 countries have join the fight against isis. susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. your time 7:09. another nfl player is facing domestic violence charges. we will have details on new allegations against arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. straight ahead new video of a wild police chase in l.a. we will tell you how this scene all ended. katie? and natasha today will be another really nice day out there, with more sunshine, more comfortable warmth and eventually we will see the temperatures dropping off, but i'll tell you why that is happening and when your next
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police deal with a growing scandal. arizona and carolina panthers. they now have more on the league's off the field problems. is the latest nfl player to face charges of domestic violence. in a home causing a
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fracture and aggravated assault on a child. >> after she was physically assaulted, he had took a shoe and threw it at their 18 month-old child. >> he admitted that these incidents occurred but he's denied that he has physically assaulted the victim in this particular case. >> the the arrest came just hours after the minnesota vikings explained their reversal on running back, a korean peterson. >> we made a mistake and we needed to get this right. >> the team bench peterson last sunday after he was indicted for whipping his four year-old son with a tree branch. he was slate todd play this week. but now on paid leave still earning his usual $691,000 a week. the carolina panthers, put defensive end greg hardy on paid leave, on wednesday, he was quick in july of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening her life. nfl commissioner roger goodell is under fire for the league's response to domestic violence. some of that pressure is coming from sponsors.
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anheuser-busch, fedex, mcdonald's, pepsi, and vees after told the league they are watching how it handles these cases. danielle nottingham for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. lets get your traffic and weather together now. here's katie. >> today it will be an absolutely beautiful day but much like we have seen in recent mornings we are starting off on a cool note. i always love when we can show you a camera that has imperfections on the lens because it looks like it has been filtered but this ace live view for you, through that sort of of, you know, imperfect camera lens here in atlantic city. the just a beautiful view. the it is cool outside though. lets show you what is going on first and foremost with storm can three where we don't have a storm to track here but we have a frontal boundary and it is a whimpy front. look closely. squint harder. you can see a thin line of light precipitation coming across lake ontario and canadian border. that will continue to weaken with time. even though it does cross our region it will in the bring us anything more than a couple
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clouds. looking at the temperatures here locally it is close to where it should be. pretty close. we are a few degrees shy. normal low on this particular day of the year is 60. we have obviously cooled off more than that. look at how much cooler by comparison to the north. forty-eight in scranton. forty-five in albany. we have actually have our first round of widespread freeze warnings, watches, and frost advisory. some are in effect this morning. some overnight into tomorrow but it is just too far removed to affect us but sign of things to come, guys, eventually it will start creeping our way too and typically as we head say mid fall is when we do start to see some of those frost advisories and warnings and watches, begin to take effect here. mean while we are just four short days away from the official beginning of the fall season according to the astronomical calendar. autumnal equinox will take place when you will see sun's most direct rays over the equator at 10:29 p.m. of course, the sun won't be up but that is when it will
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happen on the other side of the earth. the school day forecast, how could you not give it the an a plus. you have to be road i for a morning like this it will be a day you do need sweat shirt or fleece somewhere along those lines but a beautiful day. if i had room a would add a few more pluses, i swear. so nice outside. seventy-six this afternoon. it doesn't get better than this. tomorrow will be a cooler day by comparison, at best, we will hit 70. at best. most of the day we are talking in the 60's. would i definitely suggest you my friend have a heavier sweat shirt ready. >> yes. >> yes. >> i have had difficulty. >> so wear jacket all stack up here. >> yes. >> look at you. >> yeah. >> i like the hoodie, i love it. >> uggs, and hoodie. >> it doesn't feel any different from when were you inside. >> we like that. >> we are talking about this good stuff. i don't anything but bad stuff. katie has her a plus i have a
7:17 am
c minus at least, lets get outside you can say, maybe this is a d, here on ben franklin bridge. coming from the new jersey side and westbound over into the city. you can see really slam solid crawling from the toll plaza into the city, just the entire length of the bridge pretty much. in real problems coming into new jersey, from philadelphia, 95 at cottman pretty much same story there as well. slow go heading southbound. we are moving better northbound. we have that right lane compromised due to construction there. septa is having problems, 20 minute delays due to signal problems. and mass transit otherwise not doing too hot hot. new jersey river line suffering from 15 minute delays due to signal problems as well but amtrak and dart looking okay. gillespy street at robbins street is an alternate to get around that the water main break. just take ditman street, ukee, back over to you. it was a wild police chase in los angeles and it was all captured on camera. take a look at this, two people are behind bars this morning after leading police on a chase for more than an
7:18 am
hour. officers laid down a spike strip and then thought this is where would it end, but the driver just took off again. that stolen van just kept going, with two flordia is tires you can see sparks right there police surrounded that man taking a male and female into custody. this video from inside of a school bus. as it loses control and slams into two houses near atlanta, georgia. the the driver is being hailed a hero after swerving to avoid another car, that crossed the center lane when this happened. the driver managed to avoid a nearby car full of children. she was only person on the bus at the time and amazingly no one was injury. well, this out of control wild fire in northern california prompts a state's governor to declare a state of emergency. it is threatening more than 2,000 homes and 1500 other structures. 2500 fire fighters are taking
7:19 am
on, this blaze, that is now consumed 27,000 acres of trees, and brush, in an area of east of sacramento. so far it is only 5 percent contain. your time is 7:19. a philadelphia dog has quite the tail if you will to tell. >> we will tell you ball this dog's incredible cross country journey with you first here's what is coming up tonight the on the cw philly. beginning it. let's tawith style.territory step up the savings and get moving. yeah, like that. that's the power of the home depot. 12x24 ceramic tile is now just $1.48 per square foot. let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte,
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breaking news right now in the tacony section of northeast philadelphia chopper three is live over the 6300 block of gillespy right where it meets robbins street. you can see there that the water has stopped, flowing, leaving behind a muddy mess, in that intersection. but good news here is that this is not causing any kind of a problem, with traffic. so that is a good thing there. also here is a look at the headlines on "eyewitness news", manhunt continues for eric frein, the survival list police say ambush two pennsylvania state troopers in pike county last friday. corporal brian dickson was killed as his funeral services take place in scranton later this morning. a developing story, persons of interests are being questioned by police, in connection with a beating of a same sex couple last week in center city.
7:23 am
so far no arrests have been made just yet. bicyclist is in critical condition after being shot twice in tacony earlier today. police say robbery was the apparent motive behind this latest violence. a new jersey woman, meantime wins a legal battle to get her pet bobcat back from a zoo, on one condition, apparently, renovating her ocean county home. jenny fine added an enclosure to her front door and also an 8-foot cage outside. animal control seized the bobcat after it escaped her home five times in three years. fine, who lives in stafford township climbs the 38-pound buddies more of a high bread and a house cat. a dog survives quite a journey from the philadelphia suburbs, all the way out to the west coast, as ann state reports, in one really knows how in the world she made it that far. nearly 3,000 miles away to
7:24 am
oregon. >> reporter: we don't know what her story is, but it seems to sound kind of like a disney movie. >> deborah wood manager of animal services in washington county says gidget was found wandering the streets in oregon. >> she came to the right place. >> reporter: one of the thousands of stray they see each year. >> but we feel like she wins at ward for one who came the further are. >> reporter: begin it's micro chip was registered near a address near philadelphia her owners were shot to get a call from oregon. >> the owner says i'm in pennsylvania. my doggies where? >> reporter: apparently gidget escaped around easter in one knows how she got here. >> this he were very, very relieved and worried. >> reporter: owners were smart. deborah says mike chip company had their aes there and phone number. many pet owners forget to update their info. >> i wish it could talk and tell us the the story. >> don't you though. what is her story, um-hmm, is
7:25 am
that what happened. >> she wants to he will to us her story. beginning it is telling quite a story 3,000-mile journey she is talking b owner has not been able to afford a ticket out to fly to oregon to pick up gidget but we are told a reunion is in the works and very generous strangers paid gidget's vet bills and boarding fees. very nice folks in oregon taking very good care of gidget. that is grass night. sending philly love for that. we appreciate it. 7:25 right now. you're watching cw philly on you'r[ male announcer ]ly on automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪
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well, good morning, everyone i'm natasha brown. lets get over to the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center. it looks like yesterday, katie. >> yes, beautiful day underway. we are off to a cool start, it is once again you'll want to think about having a extra layer walking out the door but you can get rid of it later on. storm scan three high pressure in place. it is quiet. we have a whimpy because we have a lackluster cold front that will drop on through. nothing more than a few clouds. another nice day. seventy-six with sun. last night we dropped to 56. just a shy of a few degrees of what is normal. tomorrow you will net that is cool front. reenforcement of cooler air. we will warm up this weekend. jessica, over this weekend.
7:27 am
>> looking forward to tomorrow, good morning everybody. 7:26. rush hour completely in full swing now as you can see from the new jersey side of the ben franklin bridge from the toll plaza on, heading westbound in the city, just completely crawling and we're compromise ago this right lane due to that ongoing construction. now, transit problems as well, septa is having signal problems causing 20 minute delays. new jersey river line having future signals problem n problems on amtrak or dart. natasha, back you have to. our next update 7:55. up next this morning why a branch of al qaeda may present a more immediate threat to u.s. home land security. for more local news weather and traffic continue to watch us on these cw
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no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh good morning, a social media campaign helps philadelphia police zero in on, several people, accused in an attack on a same sex couple. >> in a new develop. basketball coach at a catholic high school lost his job in connection to the incident.
7:30 am
"eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us now from central detectives to join us more about that. >> good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. ukee and in a cash a progress is now being made on this case. we have learned that somehow someone associated with this brutal attack of this gay couple was also working asiana cysttent basketball coach at archbishop wood high school. now officials at the archdiocese say that he was not a teacher, that he was working there on a contract basis. he has since been fired new because of this alleged connection and that he won't aloud to work in other schools eacher. that comes as news as police investigate and persons of interest. most recent was this man who arrived at central detectives to speak with police last night. of course, this is all tied to the assault of the gays couple in center city last week. police say suspects are in this group of a dozen men and women captured here on surveillance video just before at salt. victim's say this group shouted gay slurs at them as
7:31 am
they were beaten. one of the victims was so badly injured he was in the hospital for more than three days no word of any arrests yesterday but if charges are filed the charge won't be a hate crime. under current law only crimes motivated by race, religion and ethnicity can be prosecuted as hate crimes. an effort to change that law in 2009 to include sexual orientation never made it out of committee. meanwhile police are crediting social media for helping in this case. a picture was posted on line of the alleged group eating at a nearby restaurant before the attack. a twitter using, who wishes to remain anonymous, then did some cyber of his own and did help police id some of the suspects. >> then when the larger photo of the group out at dinner hit, that was kind of the end of the line because everybody recognized the restaurant and able to just go into facebook and see who mentioned the restaurant and who checked in. >> reporter: now that restaurant, la viola has been criticized, on the internet.
7:32 am
the restaurant said it had nothing to do with this attack. it issued this statement that reads in part, we are horrified to learn, that any patron, that would have been involve such a crime. our thoughts are with the victims. we wish the gentlemen, a speedy rehe coverry. as for the charges no charges will be filed until they completely understand what happened last thursday night. reporting live from central detectives, jane carabao for eyewitness news at cw philly. >> thank you. also in the news police are working to track down a suspect who held up this west philadelphia corner store. this is surveillance video from the grocery store, at 3800 block of poplar street. and, for the record in the bottom right of the screen of the pile of bananas. the the robber stuffed one in his sweat shirt pocket as if he had had a handgun and then pointed it at the cashier demanding money and cigarettes. he got away with an unknown amount of cash and he also got away on a bicycle. just as a precaution, the poconos school district canceled school for the the second day in a row as the search for eric frein,
7:33 am
continues. 391 year old self-taught survivor list is main suspect in the deadly ambush on pennsylvania state troopers friday night. brian dickson was kill in the attack. state police released these new photos of green as the man hunt continues. >> we have in excess of 200 law enforcement officers currently engaged on the ground in and around the pike county area looking in any possible location for this individual. >> corporal dick son will be laid to rest later today. in the meantime police warn the public that the frein is considered armed and extremely dangerous. it is now 7:33. we will check on traffic and weather together now. katie good morning. >> hi there natasha, good morning everybody. today is starting off, with more cloud cover than what we experienced yesterday through central pennsylvania, pennsylvania farmland area, but overall we're looking at almost the exact same story as what yesterday provided. that was, more sun then anything. comfortable, in terms of
7:34 am
humidity. we are in the dog with the breeze. it is a very dry air mass. with that said a nice hair day coming up here basically with again that lower humidity, no win issues, it will be a nice day 567893 is current temperature and that cloud cover as whitefield elementary school. you can see that thin veil of clouds on storm scan three but it is still quiet. there is a weak cold front crossing from north to south later on today and it will knock these temperatures back a smidge. we are in the 50's from philadelphia, towards down the shore, in the atlantic city and if it is cooler in the higher terrain. meanwhile expect sunshine in philadelphia, anyway, we're off to a nice bright sunny start. there are some clouds out there but it is a bright, day, and we're going to end up with temperatures easily rebound go into the mid 70's, just shy of seasonal to normal high this particular day of the year is 77. we are going for 76. jessica, over to you. >> katie, i can't wait to get outside later today. 7:34. and rush hour is completely in full swing, we have jams all over, accidents popping up
7:35 am
every where, lots of delays and we are starting off with a major delay from the new jersey side of the ben franklin bridge. this is westbound jammed all the way up in to the the city, also compromise ago this right-hand lane, due to construction. now out in new jersey, on 42, you can see creek road, pretty much having the same problem. headed northbound towards those bridges or possibly 295 interchange a lot of slow going there. in real problems on the southbound side. septa having 20 men delays due to signal problems and number river line having future signals problems as well. amtrak and dart running on time with no delays there. still that water main break, your fault to get around it take ditman street to avoid gillespy street and robbins street. now back to you. lets get a check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. another record day on wall street, so what is behind this. >> reporter: well, good morning, ukee and in a cash a market opens this morning in, record territory after fed
7:36 am
chair janet yellin said that the central bank plans to keep interest rates at record low levels. she says for a quote considerable time as long as inflation stays low. investors liked. that dow jones rose 24 points closing at that new record high. the in a nasdaq was up nine. ukee and natasha. >> jill, apple's new i phone and smart watch aren't even on store shelves yet but is apple planning another make major product launch, how bit. >> reporter: apple is unveiling a sixth generation ipad ape at an event in october. it is expect that new ipad air and mini will get faster processors and faster id. if you have the in the preorder the new iphone yet you can down load apple's new operating system ios8. it has a lot of cool features like a smart keyboard that suggest is appropriate words to finish your sentence. it also recognizes to whom you are typing, so to a friend or a boss to make sure that the tope is right, and it can also send that person your exact location with a map, and there
7:37 am
has been a bug though with the new health and that should be fix by the end of the month. but ukee and natasha these phones are smarter then we are at this point. >> that is a trip. >> don't to have think about anything any more. >> thanks, jill. for more money tips and information from money just head to our web site at cbs police in virginia, they are searching for a man, last seen, talking to a university of virginia student before she disappeared. an eyewitness told charlottesville police that he saw that man wrap his arm around hanna graham's shoulder outside of a downtown mall n1 has seen or heard from the 18 year-old freshman since last week even. the police chief spoke about his meeting with her parents. >> i can't imagine and as a husband, i can't
7:38 am
imagine what they are going through these past several days. >> fbi is now aiding in this investigation. happening today lawyers and federal prosecutors in the boston marathon bombing case are in court. defense lawyers will ask to nor dzhokhar tsarnaev trial out of massachusetts. he pled guilty to the attack that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. the officer at the center of the shooting in missouri goes before a grand jury. officer darren wilson shown here receiving a commendation from the city of ferguson earlier this year spent four hours telling a grand jury how, and why, he shot and killed 19 year-old michael brown. the seven men and five women on the grand jury will deciding whether to indict wilson. our coverage of the couple attacked continues after a short break. >> still ahead a twitter user hell topped crack this case and that has us asking if social media playing a bigger role in law enforcement.
7:39 am
attorney lisa gerber is joining news a couple minutes to talk about that, katie. natasha, today will fee fewer more sunshine and warmth that is nice and comfortable. not too hot, not too cool and eventually we are going to have to deal with some wet weather. i'll tell you when our next best chance of for precipitation is on the way, it is all comi [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but theyour coverage,n about the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [announcer] call 1-800-farmers and see how much you could save.
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police got a helping hand from social media. >> we're joined by attorney and cyber security expert, lisa gerber. welcome. thanks for being here. this is a serious case. police need lots of tips. tell us how social media really is helping in this case. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> well, social media, this whole incident has really exemplified how social media is so powerful with the
7:42 am
relationship between, the philadelphia police force and the public, so here, the platforms that the the police can use facebook, twitter, they have pre files not only can they communicate with the public and tell them information about crimes that have happened, or going on currently but also they can receive information like they did here, and allegedly get identities of criminals. >> is there any other example or instances in which social media has helped police in their investigation. in the past four years it has been a huge up tic in the amount have of crimes that are being identified through social media. right now, not only are police releasing surveillance video, photographs to identify people but there are careless criminals that will post photographs bragging about what they have seen with cars or clothing but actually in pennsylvania there was a teenager who posted a photo of himself committing a crime desecrating a religious statue and got charged criminally. it happens all the time. >> yes. >> it makes it easier for kids
7:43 am
to be captured. >> wow. >> lets talk about the the evident though. when talking about twitter and you are getting images on twitter, facebook, social media, how dos that play into evidence in the case. >> mess important point i think is to understand that anything you post on your social media profile via facebook, twitter, you tube, instagram this is public domain information. it is not provide. even if you closely machine for your own privacy setting it does not matter because attorneys can request this information and can be discoverable. right now information, photographs, status update, comments, friend you have on line all can be used in a court case if found legitimate and authenticated by a court. >> lease, look down the road, for me, do you see social media becoming a consistent tool for police to use in their cases. >> i think it will definitely be a consistent tool. it is such a pur full force right now. >> you think it maybe gives people more opportunity to help with the crime, via
7:44 am
privacy or whatever the case may be. maybe in the past you would be lear toy step forward and give fur but now you have a platform in a sense. >> for sure is there a platform. it is extremely passable. as an attorney in family law cases or personal injury cases social media is within of the first place we look at for research for pictures, updates. huge treasure trove of information. >> anyway to you flip the switch there i negative down side. >> things to look at for us your own personal privacy. when you see these instances of careless criminals posting photographs thinks all accessible information. >> what about on the other side of the law do they have to look out the for certain things. >> sure as evidence, it is definitely significant. >> very good, very good. >> all right, we appreciate that. >> thanks for coming. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good stuff. our time 7:44. lets look at traffic and weather together and start off with katie. >> good morning everybody. we will start off with a wider zoom on storm scan three just to show you what is going on
7:45 am
with a movement in our atmosphere. frankly not a heck of a lot has really change here but if you look closely you might have to squint harder but you can see precipitation overflowing right new through portions of upstate new york right across the canadian border in to the lake ontario region. that is a cold front. it is a very lackluster cold front, however, because as it drops south here it does not have moisture v moisture starved system. but it will actually knock our temperatures back i think here, as we move forward in the forecast. lets get a quick check of the tropics, edward still churning away, been a hurricane for the last two days, it will week when time but continues to remain a category one but it the is well out to sea. we're talking about hundreds of miles of space between philadelphia and edward. it is still churning up the surf. you do to have watch out once again here today if you make it a beach day for a moderate risk of rip currents. so all the life guards are done for the year if you take a dip be very smart bit. be careful. water temperatures generally in the lower 70's, low to mid
7:46 am
70's at best right now, but it will prove to be a absolutely beautiful day. wave heights between two to 3 feet. the the swells have started to drop off a little bit. let's go take a look at that beach forecast for you. it will be really pleasant out there. uv index is so high despite a lowering sun angle on a daily basis, despite the sun going down earlier and earlier you still need to lay on the the sun block that is a given in matter what time of the year. meanwhile as we go out to the live neighborhood network temperatures still cool here. everybody on this particular list, still into the 50's, west grove, valley forge, list goes on to princeton and hockessin. the lets go take a lot the at eyewitness weather three day, notice, we will talk about that cold front. it will knock the temperatures back and most noticeable during the day that it has gotten cooler. we will not drop off like a rock overnight tonight. we will still get new to generally, seasonal territory. normal lows about 60 degrees on this particular day of the year but we will drop off to 56 degrees. still with sunshine. and then by saturday a warm front comes along an you
7:47 am
guessed it, it will warm things up, back over to you. break out. good morning, 7:47. we are going outside right now where you can see everything is starting to stack up all across the board. ninety-five at girard heading southbound toward the city is where you can see most of that heavy congestion and volume. north bound, at least moving along a little bit nice every. over on the schuylkill expressway, at city avenue, both sides really, jammed. so eastbound going in to the city crawling and really the same story heading westbound into the king of prussia area now mass transit is also having a lot of problems. twenty minute delays on the cynwyd regional rail line due to signal problems. we have 15 minute delays on the new jersey river line due to signal problems as well, so that water main break, out in northeast philadelphia, gillespy street and robbins treat your alternate to get around that mess as crews out on the street trying to clean that up and get it out of the way just take ditman street. natasha, back over to you. thanks very much. we know there has been a lot of bad publicity in the nfl with several players getting a rested for violent
7:48 am
crimes and now we're hearing about a football player who sacrificed his career to save his brother's life. chris's career with the pittsburgh steelers was cut short because he needed a kidney transplant. his brother, played for rival baltimore ravens was a perfect match, so he decided to just quit football to donate his kidney. >> i am the oldest, of the kids and i have to take care of my family. >> it has definitely brought us closer, as brothers, it has really been a really hum blink experience for me to see him make this huge sacrifice for me. >> they do say brothers similar size made the match even better and the surgery went smoothly. both brothers should be able to return home to hawaii in about six weeks. what a story. well, phillies wrap up their series in san diego
7:49 am
tonight after breaking their three game losing streak. cole hamels turn into a strong performance against the padres last night out west. he struck out nine in seven innings. hamels grew up in san diego and rooted for padres as a young little boy. phillies got two run batted in from ben reveer and darren ruf had two hits and a couple runs scored. phillies win last night late final score was five -two. veteran umpire joe west is suspended by major league baseball for grabbing jonathan pam he will one's jersey sunday avenue. west tossed the phillies closer when papelbon made an obscene gestures after blowing a save. west was suspend ed for one game. papelbon was serving a seven game suspension. eagles play their first divisional game this sunday with washington making its annual trip to philadelphia. former eagle desean jackson will be coming to town. coach chip kelly and birds are undefeated after two exciting come back wins. washington is one-one in the early willing this season. desean injured his shoulder against the the jacksonville
7:50 am
jaguars but word is, he will play sunday and he is ready to go. >> you know, i'm not here to be buddy, buddy, i want to win, football games for this team right here. so, when game time comes, you know, i could careless about anything else. >> see you sunday d jack. michael kendricks sat out practice yesterday with the calf injury, now you if he cannot go on sunday, kacie matthews or manny oucho will get the start. it is week three of the nfl season. we kick it off, tonight on our sister station, thursday night football, features the tampa bay buccaneers, and atlanta against the falcons. chester county native and penn charter grad hot matt ryan starts for quarterback the at the falcons. get it started with the pregame at 7:30 tonight on the cbs-3. natasha, back to you. love the sound effects, ukee, thank you. legendary entertainer tops the headlines this morning we have the latest on liza manilli's health and plus how you can own a piece of pop
7:51 am
culture history. thatat and a lot more in today's word com
7:52 am
7:53 am
kristin wig stars with an old friend with skeleton twins. >> and one of the most famous in met or cycles in hollywood history is going on the block. susan marquez has more. >> this motorcycle took peter fonda on a 1960's road trip in the movie easy rider. harley davidson is now up for sale at a california auction house. it is expected to go for over a million-dollar. new movie skeleton twins features former saturday night live stars kristin wig and bill hater. it is story of a estrange twins who reunite after cheating death. real life friend ship helped them on screen.
7:54 am
>> i can be very vulnerable in front of kristin because we have that relationship in life, in a way. >> reporter: film is both comedy and tragedy and explores the intimacy of the sibling bond. >> couple guys come into rob the place. >> lie am knee neeson stepped out for a walk among the tomb stones. neeson plays a former police officer and alcoholic haunted by regrets, he puts his own life on the line. >> he is a unlicensed private investigators still trying to to the right thing. >> reporter: walk among the tomb stones opened up friday. liza manilli is in the hospital recovering from back surgery. the 68 year-old entertainer has been sidelined for most of the the year because of april injury. she's expect to make a full recovery. that is your eye on entertainment, susan marquez for cbs nice, los angeles. ladies and gentlemen, listen up, the victoria secret fashion show will return to the cbs network. >> they will strut their
7:55 am
stuff, showing off latest trends in fashion, the the she will include musical performance, pink carpet interviews and a behind the scenes look and you can watch it, mark your calendars for december 9th on our sister station cbs-3. check this out, person you see right there in the middle of the screen, yep, that is bill murray getting his groove on there. six three-year old actor was getting down the the hit song turn down for what he broke out his best dance move. it looks like he had i great time hanging out with this wedding party.
7:56 am
good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. lets get your friday eve forecast, katie is in the weather center. >> it looks like a nice friday eve for us here this whole week has really been very, very nice. a quiet pattern overall responsible obviously and looks like despite passage the of the cold front today we will keep sun around for you. storm scan three is showing not a heck of a lot, no storms in sight. i see a couple extra clouds, no huge deals, mostly sunny, beautiful afternoon unfolding, cool at the on set as been the normal for us and we will drop down to another cool night low of 56 degrees. tomorrow is coolest of the next five because of that cool front but we will see that sunshine all day tomorrow,
7:57 am
jessica. thanks katie. nice to look forward to sunshine. good morning. 7:56. around the work zone on 202, where we can see an accident is taking out right-hand lane right shoulder police activity trying to get that out of the way as they cross southbound toward 29. you can see them picking up that right hand shoulder. expect small delays there. septa, transit alert there. cynwyd regional rails, 20 minute delays due to signal problems, that water main break in northeast philadelphia as well use caution natasha back over to you. >> thank you, jessica. next update 8:25. up next, cbs this morning benefits and risk of testosterone replacement therapy. we're on the cw
7:58 am
7:59 am
a thief held up 7-eleven in bridesberg and man walk in the convenient store in the 1500 block of bridge street around 3:00 this morning. police tell us he demanded,
8:00 am
cash and got away with $300. in one was hurt. also developing, police in, northeast philadelphia are searching for gunman who sent a bicyclist to the hospital in critical condition: investigators searched the 3100 block of barnett street in tacony. the the 24 year-old victim was shot twice riding his bike. it is time, and and i'm here, and, very much that what we saw yesterday. sunny, comfortable, low humidity, light wind, and temperatures, that at least by the afternoon, feel pretty darn nice. it is cool, out there this morning, i'll give thaw as it tend to be this time of the year. sun angle is getting lower with every passing day. daylight hours, appreciate getting smaller and smaller, less and less with every passing day but we are getting and seeing enough sunlight that we will warm up nicely. we do still have a couple clouds but we do think they will dissipate out


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