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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> now, the good news for the heat is that dwyane wade's mri on his ailing knee is negative. he should be fine. the bad news, he had to sit out a second straight game tonight with the izards because of it. the great news? the all-star supporting cast put on a show once again. heat with another big game tonight and big night for our will manso getting a birthday surprise from bernie. happy birthday, will.
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this is great. hey, he didn't mean that. wow. that was harsh. white side flexing. 25 points. 23 rebounds. he can do that when you do stuff like that. inside and then how about this pass? between the legs to amari. that is the play of the nightht got to see it in slow mo. great night for the heat 114-94 without wade and chris bosch. thanks in part to a big night from their big man. >> it just shows how talented our team is. couple of our brothers are down. guys just stepped up for the offense and just took their place, y y know. >> baseball where barry bonds grabbed the headlines atarlins fan fest today tnew hitting coach met the media for the first and only time this spring. andf he produced quotes like he used to produce home runs about this time getting snubbed by hall of fame voters. >> i know that i'm a hall of fame player.
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in my heart and soul and god knows i'm a hall famer. >> he's definitely going to be great for me and the whole team to pick his brain, learn from what he's gone throu. >> and i'm glad they're excited. you know, i hope they don't thinthey know more than me because they don't, but -- (laughing). >> oh, on the ice tonight the panthers and the winnipeg jets. this one all about jaeger, the 44-year-old scoring two goals to go on third in the all time nhl. and he takes the spacey in space shirt. >> well, you know, you got to have great teammates to pass you the puck. and they did it. i got 20 goals at age 44 because of them. so thank you, guys. >> in college hoops, no. 11, miami visiting no. 5 north carolina for first place in the acc. canes hanging in there early. rodriguez taking it inside for 2. all downhill from there, though. canes getting blown out.
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>> miss america wave right there.
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you're gooat that, clay. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i i ink it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i he you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would ve expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. ma that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message he is here as well. evererody in the skateboarding world wants to see it conquered. >> he iss down. >> oh, gosh. >> he goes again. >> no. >> tries to take another run. security comes up in front of him and then another guy pulls a barrier acro. it's game over. it's heart brake. >> monday morng he comes down the stairs and we even see barrett. it looks like they have got permission. erything is a go. >> again he's just falling. >> wheel just ripped off.
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back out for more. 8> eight months of recovery. one incredible video. >> it's a pretty incredible moment. this video was put up and it's going crazy viral. people sending this video of dedication around to everyone. >> things start out calm for a guy. >> trying to dig up a wasp nest. >> how the job turns real bad, real fast. >> and the grandemy who can party way harder than you. meet the piadina the newest addition to olive garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden
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researcher bobob brown is carving away at this seemingly insignificant mound of dirt. >> he looks like he's looking for a beehive in the under ground. >> he's looking for a wasp nest that's very in the dirt but once he starts really getting in there we go from seeing one, maybe two wasps. it's literally a swirm. >> no, no. >> that myriends is imminent domain. >> you can hear the buzzing. you can hear them crashing into the camera. >> look,o you see that he has his sleeves taped? so they can't just slide up under there. >> he says that eve though he has all the equipment and he's
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he still gets stunned. he tells people don't tie this. one thing we get a clear shot of the neck and then he reaches in once enough of it is uncovered and he pulls it out and you get to see just exactly what it looks like inside. >> it's cool. >> and why are you having to dig it out. >> it's impact in the area. that's why he wants to continue doing research. >> i've got a three pack of wildlife videos. first who wants to see wild mustangs run through the field? >>here's the pony in question. you hear it snorting down the road. ripping through the gears. >> oh. run, run. >> oh. >> no, no. >> everything bad. >> did he clip one of the other cars?
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cars in the oncoming side of traffic. >> pulls in to lend the drivers some 8. you see the pony there off into the past jurors. >> wow, that pony is going to need new shoes, new tail. >> how about this next wildlife video? a couple of people driving through the outback. watch out. >> oh, the antenna out. >> watch it again in slow motion. watch how close this was. >> wow. >> gets close. takes a mega leap and as it's getting closer it realizes miscalculated this one. watch it tuck up it's legs and go sideways and it's giant tail clips the antenna. boom, uninjured. >> touchdown. >> now this next video, a very rare species too see. this time caught in the urban jungle. >> what's that?
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>> you okay? [ bleep ]. >> what? what the heck is going on. i don't know what to say. m speechless. >> so women like this really do grow on trees. >> the girl with the pink hair blows a few kisses andnd motions for the window to roll down. that's when she realizes it's a woman and the driver simply trying to offer some help at the beginning turns hostile back. >> yeah he might be on something. >> a tree. >> wildlife. >> some say to the old and wise y@u must first be young and stupid. the young lady is dropping som
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>> granny having a go with it. guys she is just warming up because when you get to these kind of parties and beer is in big supply you have to play some beer pong. are you ready? because this is it. >> yes! >> and the crowd goes wild! >> insane. she just drains it. ding, dinin ding. [ screaming ] >> this isn't a trick shot video. granny after having a yard of beer is able to make that shot. >> granny has some interesting stories to tell. >> a simple hike up that begins to take an epic turn. >> don't go in there. >> see why this adventureres
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they begin to take an epic turn. >> oh, look at that. it's tiny. don't go in there. it's like a rabbit hole. they h he to go through that little tiny hole and watch what theyeyet signed this 95 foot on the cave floor. starting to look a little epic. >> yes, yes. >> pretty cool ve. very tiny. to get their gear through. what is else is in the bag of tricks that they're carrying on their back after they asend back up through the cave? pop out of the hole and continue on a short hike down the rockwall here but they ain't done yet. >> how about a base jump? >> by the way, i need to add all this epic was done in one day. >> what? >> this is efficient time management.
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in brandon's backyard. the cascade mountains of washington. this is the first time he has done any kind of rock climbing. he's definitely outside of his comfort zone. as he gets to this launch sight they have h to go through to get to the launch point. >> i can't believe what we just went through. what an unbelievable day. >> didid you land safely back at this resort? and i'm sure that they're planning their next epic adventure. >> oh you [ bleep ]. >> you can't stayay on tv what this man says when he see these two cougars in british columbia. >> i haven't seen cougars like that since i was single. >> an animal expert does believe that they're young and just curis just looking at him. >> there he is. >> he did find the third nes. just says he was in the car 20 minutes.
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>> i didn't see it. i probably just sleep in the car. >>his next one is one where you have to pay very close attention because i don't think you would believe me if we didn't have video. >> this is in the brazilian stste and apparently he walked into a bar. a monkey walks into a bar and picked up a knife and look at that. there's monkeys on the roof and eventually called onhe cooks shoulder and called it a night. >> they're adopting nick. >he sad thing is they think this monkey may be domesticated and the owner probably got tired of it and let it go. they need to check and see if they can release it into the wild or if it needs to be taken in. either way the monkey will be careful one way or another.
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>> beware of the monkey. >> they have named him. they call him chico or king kong. >> frankrich ferguson hits the road to remind peopleexting and driving is not funny. see the comical way he makes
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>> >> i do not accept this. ieject this. the guys over at pop sugar poed this video to let this guy school you on how to do it. don't do it. >> first,t, start by brushing your long locks as if you're running your fingers through my little pony's beautiful mane.
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themselves whether it be a braid or a bun. >>f you're going to go there, here's how you do it. >> the right section over the middle section and then cross the left section over the middle section. just keep weaving that hair until you created a long, tight braid. >> now i'm curious to see how this guy's hair looks. >>ctually not that bad. >> who is that special someone in your life? they're going to appreciate this. repeat on the other side. >> don't text anddrive. >> oh! >> yeah, rich ferguson is back at it. this time he is remimding folks that texting and driving is not funny. >> that's not even a prank though. that's just like community service. >> public service announcement. >> and a stunt because he could actually get hurt.
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>> how many times have you felt like doing that, too. when you know the person isn't going when the light is green. you just want to do the same thing. stop it. >> yeah but during road rage he tells them to have a good dayay afterward. >> i just call the police to them. >> in the spring when windows are down. i just don't need a mega phone. >> have a good day. >> get off your phone. >> oh, gosh. but so far all of these people have laughed because they know that they have been caught and they know there wrong. >> but a a the reaction is not the same. >> yeah. you hear that good old siren. >> don't text and drive. >> he can simply throw this phone. >> don't text and drive. >> my bad man. >> he's like you got me. youu got me. it's cool.
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>> caught you. busted. >> just pay attention though. >> you're in the way. >> the light is red, pay attention. the light is red. >> lots of laughs today. thanks for sharing them with us. we hope you joius on the next (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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, a bride and groom get ready to rumble on the way to the wedding. >> i don't know what he could have said about your sister. >> see if he can get to the church on time. >> an off road racing and the ultimate expression of sportsmanship become a viral hit. >> a little girl at the airport with mom says we're just meeting a friend of yours. >> the moment she realizes who it really is. >> and a prankster pretending to break car windows to see whose


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