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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 20, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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is lance has 5.7 million followers on vine. 3.5 bililon loops, meaning views. here's a video clip of this funny contest. >> this one i particularly like, taking grandma for a ride in his audi. >> as you see, that's where he und success. next time you try to tell your kid to get off social media, you ma want to think twice because this guy here got a corvette out of it. dad was spchless, gets in the car, still wiping the tears away from his eyes. i just love this. i love the whole thing. >> thanks for watching,
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we'll see you on the next "right this minute." it's new mind-blowing foodage from the maui hltspot -- jaws -- where surfers are taking on the giant. ow hear from the man who captured what it's like to take a pounding by waves. a hero jumps through a frozen lake after a little girl fell in. why she wasn't the only rescue of the day. a youtube star with a generous spirit hits the street. >> to figure out who he could give this bike to. >> the moment he makes one deserving man's day. >> what do you think of t ts one right here? >> aw, man!
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shot to win a new ipad mini. the catch of a lifetime. and, telling guys -- >> that they have small feet. >> hey, your feet aresmall. >> the prank that proved size does matter. >> that funny to you? >> i also notice how he's wearing super bigshoes. >> yeah, but he should have worn longer shorts. in a world of surfing, the ultimate is big-wave surfing. and in big-wave surfing the ultimate is jaws, the name given to the break just off maui named after the blockbuster shot because this break is just so unpredictable, like a shark attack. as you can see, in this incredible video from 16, of all of these balancelsy surfers taking on the giant.
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>> he's falling like of60 feet, swallowed up by the white water. >> looksk like she's at the top of a mountain. >> that's pretty much what they are. they're at the top of the mountain and they're justtrying to tame the beast. so many times, time an time again, we're just seeing these guys -- bashed. this was shot by a friend of the show. a few years ago a pretty famous video. in fact just for you guys, our old friend grover cleveland is live via skype. welcome baba! >> what's up, dude? it is good to see you again. >> you guys are looking awesome. >> give us some new information on jaws. you're there shooting. how high are these waves? >> jaws won't even stop breaking until it is probably 15 foot hawaiian which is a 30-foot & face. so the waves that we just saw
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close to 50-foot. there are some 40-footers in there. 80-foot bases, i would say, and they were hard to judge because they were so big and there was nobody on them. they could not be paddled into. >> what kind of surfer do you need to be to even attempt this? >> these are young kids on maui. these young kids, there was a kid 10 y yrs old from australia out there. somemere in their 20s, up to 3030h. most are kids trying to conquer these big waves by paddling in. personally i was skeptptal about what i was going to see, but these guys#are giants. they're animals. they're committed. they can hold their breath for four and five minutes. they train for it. there is no way on earth the human body can take the punishment that these guys are taking. i don't know how their limbs are still on their body. these kids are no longer really wiping out bad like we first saw in the beginning. they're actually conquering this and doing really good jobs riding them.
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examples of why you should be careful around water. the first one in china. according to witnesses, there was a family playing out on the ice. does that look like it is able to support a family? >> one l lk at that and you can tell it is thin ice. >> and unfortunately, their 5-year-old daughter fell in and shs was drning. but lucky for them a police officer jumped ithe water and grabbed the girl. you could see a ladder that somebody has thrown out thereo they can pull that officic and the girl to the shore. watch this -- oh, slips and falls on a chunk of ice. she's scooped up by family members, taken to the hospital where they say the little girl is recovering in stable condition. the police officer did not want to give his name. he just said he was there to help out that little girl and move on and do his job. >> i'm glad this video is getting the attention it is getting. it should go viral in their country as well with a big reminder, a message to say -- be careful.
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that kind of risk. . now this next video comes to us from france. as you can see, all of these people have gear on because they're going canyoning. but as you can see, this guy is on the edge of that rock cliff but he gets a little too close. luluy for him he fell into water. >> he didn't hit anything on the way down, also very lucky. >> but look at t t view from the camera that we're seeing, too. this guy standing at the very edge of a mountain. he's probably watching that guy fall and looking down at his own feet thinking -- >> this video happened a few months ago but it is getting passed around now, probably warning people, hey, on your summer vacation, be careful where you're standing. a while back i gave a
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been sitting in my garage for a while, to find out later on that he found work and got off the streets with this very same bike. >> that bike actually facilitated that man to move up in life. well, he wanted to do it again, so he headed to the store, picked out a brand-new bike, and hit the streets to figure out who he could give this bike to that coco benuld benefit from it the most. he went to a homeless meeting and met the person he thought should get this bike. >> they took your brand-new bike? what do you think of this one right here? >> aw, man. holy jesus, man. i can't even say how much that means to me. >> so you can see by the tears in his eyes that he is incredibly grateful for this gift. >> later on in the video, he jumps on his bike and he takes off. >> that's really nice of omar. it's small gestures that might give eople hope. >> you see several other guys also have their own bikes, but part of the reason they get stolen is because they don't
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so omar gave them all locks so they could lock up their bikes and prevent them from getting taken from them. >> if this video moves you in any way, i encourage you to get out in your community and do a similar act of kindness. you never know. it could change someone's world. hey, whas up, everybody? it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you'll need three things. friday's buzzword, you need to be at least 18 years of arnlg and age and a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by, everybody, for the "rtm" ipad mini give-away. you fellas ever wonder how marines train? >> i do now. >> well, it's really cool.
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>> this is a u.s. marine. they're in norway working with the norwegian battalion on techniques of driving a tank so that they can be prepared in all types of weather. >> that's not driving. that's drifting. that's drifting like a 40-ton war machine. >> i say keep it up, fellas. >> semper fi. from tanks to transformers. >> oh, cool! >> he looks like a robo cop. but he's about to do some really cool scenes. >> this is genius. when you are skiing, no matter where you fall, you're pretty much just in control. >> something like that. he's a little more athletic about it though. >> sign me up. >> total control, too. look at him go.
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>> his back is a sled. the guy's thought of everything. >> he's got skis on his knees, he's got skis o his elbows. whatever point he decides to land, he's going to be doing it graceful. kate has a huge problem. why this video is causing huge controversy. >> hoping this is a character. i really am. because this just seems ludicrous. and tameime for some fun in mid-air. or not. paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 thinof it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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closed captioning provided by -- d bond healing lotion. packed with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. leaves skin nourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. think you have a huge problem? >> so i need to make a video because something really bad happened. i got in a fight with my mom because this is the phone i wanted. samsung galaxy 6s-plus. this is the phone i got. >> problems are huge for this airl. >> so that made me really angry and i broke one of my mac books. >> this it where things get better. >> it better erget better quick. >> the reason i need for mac books.
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this one is for receiving messages, this is for blockckg messages, and this is for leaving messages. >> the internet is grossed out by this girl. >> i really, really, really need a new mac book or money to fix this one. >> now we're get bng to the real meaty part of this. >> if you guys could donate to me to get a new mac book or fix this one, then i'll be a lot help. >> i hope this is a character because this just seems lied krus -- ludicrous. >> she actually posted later she got $65,000. >> i really do need all of these mac books and it isn't my fault that i broke my laptop. >> but here's the thing. thqs is just a character. >> we do live in a society where we did doubt it. >> this one's just as important as this one. this one's just as important as this one. this one's just as important as the rest except it is a little more important because i have a pink keyboard.
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in a world where something like this isn't that farfetched. she is a former reamountlity star and she did get ,000 to buy furniture for her home. that's why kate decided to do this video. >> thanks for watching and please donate to me. >> i'm still boiling with rage now that i know it's fake. this guy doing a little paragliding coming in for a little swoop. a woman walking dog -- mayday. change plans. [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> did he? did he? >> don't know. that's where the video ends. comes in -- and -- >> ooh. >> we've seen worse. so i'm going to say that guy's okay. >> this guy out on his atv. cruising around. this is a quad. four wheels.
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just off-road park area. en -- rolls right over. it sounds like somebody took a tool box -- >> how did he not get smushed? i'm surprised he doesn't have a hip injury or something. >> he is an experienced rider. >> i guess so. >> knows how to handle that kodiak. roll camera. thumbs up. thank you, kodiak, for being a tough machine. he continues riding around, having aood time. >> allrightee then. dr. albert is on a mission to access his -- >> he's going to demonstrate. >> get ready to be schooled by a dog. >> come on. plus, the buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini is coming your way. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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allergies? for all of them... there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it's time to go back to school, school. please take out your pencils, paper, because you're going to take notes. our professor today, dr. albert. dr. albert is the dog. he's going to demonstrate the principle of chicken soup bebeg poured into a tall cylinder. you will see that albert has a little bit of hard time accessing the liquid. it's too low. hence, theif you put something in water that's heavier than the water displaces, it will just sink to the bottom. >> no. someone trained him.
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one didn't work. >> get there, albert. oh, you sly dog, you. i love that t tre is a diagram in front of him. heould be looking at him and -- oh! got it. >> third ball does the trick. >> if i were a science teacher in likeeay grade school, you'd show this video. >> hey, kids, let's go to the u tubes.s. >> i think they'd be more likely to remember that experiment at test timeeecause they're thinking about the dog experiment. >> not his first video. he has a website called dog where albert just does all kinds of experiments. in thi older video he learns how to access the ball. he has to hit all the flippers. he eventually figures out if i do it the right way and hit them l in a row, i can hit the ball. >> i don't know if there's anything exciting that can be
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fact, i think, that having fun at work makes for productive work space. everybody diligently at work when this guy throws the first shot. then the volley goes back. the volley soon goes into -- a barrage when everybody gets into the battle. >> oh, my goodness3 everybody's in on it! >> now, take it easy. before you get all green on me and say, oh, they're wasting paper! well, this paper that they're using they say was already legislated to be recycled. though instead of immediately recycling it, they figured why not get one more use out of it. >> they repurposed before the recycling. >> they double recycled. where did all this paper come from? it be went through the viking office supply business. that's where this video was posted.
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>> that's so cool! now we are no strangers here at "right this minute" to office hi-jinks. just yesterday there was@a challenge going on in the office. our camera guy, adam, put on his ninja hat. bam! >> wow. >> he did. i just hope nobody expected him to, because of the cheers right after. it's time t give away another ipad mini. you're going to need the buzzword, you need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> head on over to and enter the buzzword. >> you can enter on facebook and twitter each every day. >> get over to andnter friday's buzzword governor. governor. >> next week we'll have another bonus give-away day. that's right, you'll have a
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good luck, everybody. does size really matter? >> what's up, you guys? i'm luke donahue, here with danny duncan today. we're going to be telling guys they have small feet. >> see what happens when these pranksters put their plans into action. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> this is crazy. some of their reac today i'm going to show you probably the coolest diy i've
2:56 am
>> a diy video that even the most inept human being on earth can follow. and it is creating something pretty coco. ooh, glow in the dark ice cubes. figured this out pretty quickly. can anybody figure out the one stepo this diy wizardry? all you need is tonic water with quinine in it. if you do that with a black light, you get glow in dark liquid. so quite simply, you just take that tonic water, you put it in some ice cube trays, feze it, then you end up with -- ta-da! glow in the dark ice cubes. you mentioned food coloring. food coloring kills it. buy tonic water and quinine.
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it's the age-old question -- does size matter? >> to be honest? yes. >> a prankster thought he'd go around and tell guys they have small feet. >> that'ss wonderful indicator. >> notice he's wearing very large-sid shoes. i'm sure he picked up a pair that's probably three times his size. >> great observation. some of these guys don't notice that. >> why are your feet so small?
2:58 am
look down. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm totally kidding. these are not my real shoes. >> i'm fine with me, myself. i'm going to get another tattoo. >> pretty small. >> 1 1 1/2. >> that guy has no issues. he's confident. >> you got some really small feet. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> okay? >> i'm just letting you know. >> is that funny to you? >> it's a complete joke. those aren't my real shoes. >> people take it so seriously. >> the girl is like, oh, no, here we go again. >> i'm sorry, i was just doing random people. >> i'm not a random person. >> all right, tough guy. >> take those littltl shoes and keep walking. >> he got a little [ bleep ], huh? >> those are fighting words right there. >> no, [ bleep ]. you got [ bleep ] feet.
2:59 am
>> what size are you, bro? >> 19. >> heeind of laughed it off like most people should. >> why are your feet so small? >> [ bleep ] you. why the hell y ask me that? >> yeah, i think you can definitely take out the very insecure ones. >> it's an amazing psychological experiment. i couldn't believe these people are getting so angry. >> it's even funnier because they clearly have on these clown-size shoes. no mor for the show but lots more on


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