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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 2, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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>> that would be congratulations to have a baby. >> dad figured it out. prize. >> they are going to be changing some if thehewant to take care of him. >> that's cute and funny. >> this next one is inspired by steve harvey and a recent >> oh, no. >> take a guess. >> oh, no, it's a boy. no, just kidding, it's a girl. >> it's miss colombia. >> this couple is about to do the gender reveal. they open it up to see what's inside. there's a big clue that that might not be in. that's right. as you see, at the miss universe competition, steve harvey had a bit of an issue making an announcement from an envelope. but is it a boy or is it a girl? >> they will know when the baby
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>> it's a baby! >>appy monday, everybody. thanks for watching. we'lllee you on the next "right this minute." a wild rhino gets stuck in a watering hole. >> that's not her only problem. >> why she suddenly h an added incentive to cape. >> if you are a driver. >> this would shock the heck out of it. >> what happens when the fast lane isn't fast enough. dramatic rescue at sea after a crew managed to see a distress light in the distance, how one brand-new yacht saved sailors on another. plus the ipad mini give away is back and so is the buzz word for your c cnce to win. >> on "right this minute," we
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>> that's why you brought us on. >> comedian ben gleib and stephanie simbari join us for a few laughs and high-flying fun. >> the field is so big. why? >> what you are looking at here is a beautiful blackhino in a national park in south africa but the unfortunate thing is she didn't get in the water just to have a bath and a good time. she got stuck and a you can see she's having a tough time getting out of that watering & hole but that's not her only problem. >> oh. >> problem number 2, 3, and 4 show up. we're talki about three lions who sniff her out. they realize she's in trouble and s s's also pregnant as well and she's got to fight these three off. >> can she go back in the water? >> she wants to get out. the lions are not making it easy for her. here's the thing, the rhino
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her footing, the lions are no match. >> thes exhausted. >> she a tank. >> once she gets out of the water, she's like, okay, come on, i'm ready for you. >> oh, my gosh. this is great. look at her go. >> the second one jumps on her back but look how fast she is and h she can move. >> that lion had nothing. tried to bite into that rhino booty and got nothing. there's no way. >> i love how the crowd reacts to the whole thingng when it's over. >> you know what, you got to be aware, if you buy a beach house in this area, bee -- beware of the baboons. somebody got video. they turned it over to police but wildlife authorities say they don't have any fingerprints on file. they took the babies along. what are they teaching these
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>> oh, the humanity. >> paint yourself a visual picture of sailing out of the dominican republic on a brand-new yacht. got that picture?? >> yes. >> that's actually a nightmare for these people. soon after setting sale from the dominican republic, a crew of three sent out a distress signal. there you see the vessel going down. >> oh, no. >> taking obwater rapidly before the crew could get their coordinates to the coast guard, they lost all communication. now the coast guard put out a distress signal to boats in the nearby area asking go check this location out. well, the four-person crew on this catamaran managed to see the distress light in the distance. here they are rescuing the crew in the dark of night. it's 1:00 in the morning. they are throwing life preservers o o there and jumping in the water to pull these peoplele aboard.
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the horror tse people are experiencing while they are in the water. they can't see anything but flashing light. >> imagine their relief when the other boat shows up. >> you can see this crew pulling them on board. one of the guys takes the camera and gets a quick interview with the people that they save. listen to the gratitude here. soon after the crew is rescued, the coast guard calls back inin we're on our way. you see the coast guard arrive and they transfefe those three guys off of the boat to fety. one last cool part about this is the boat that saved thesese three, left from capetown, south africa, was on its way to miami to a boat show. >> these guys should,stay in touch because they were supposed to meet. >> police in australia are as puzzled as you will be after seeing what happens in this video.
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you saw a vehicle drive by and suddenly out of nowhere, look at this. >> what? mode him down. >> another vehicle comes into frame at a very quick clip and runs into thosese people, knocking them all to the ground. >> it's random. >> it's puzzling. as the car is backing up, you see someone is trying to jump into the passenger side. this is in australia, the driver is on the other side. the car is backing up. suddenly it takes off. there's no word whether if it was an accident, targeted. it looks suspicious. police are investigating this, trying to figure out who the heck the driver is. the motive behind this incident. they are ting to identify all of the victims involved. they have identififd only two and they have confirmed that they did sufufr some serious injuries, although not life-threatening. they are still trying to get to the bottom of this and that's why we're seeing the video, hoping that someone provides them with more leads. >> that is pretty wild. >> this other video is going to
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this is on a freeway in dallas, texas. >> oh, oh. >> all right. >> oh! >> whoa! >> yeah. >> did he miss it? >> yes. it happened so fast. the driver of the u-haul truck speeding on the shoulder. the driver of this car says going maybe around 90 miles per hour. >> the red light. the guy is not trying to brake. he's out of control. >> there's the license plate. you know the u-haul truck was rented. they should know exactly who was in tt truck at that time. >> we're back with another give away giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. >> to enter, you are going to need monday's buzz word. you need to be at least 18 yeerngs and a lel u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word coming up in a minute. >> stand by with the rtm ipad
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anybody can go sledding on snow. some people like to fly into the face of convention, pe. in the wind. this guy is sliding down in nick raw ga. you can see the enjoyment turns into a grimace. >> whoa, i'm going faster than i thoughgh >> dwrafle and -- gravel and everything starts kickingngup. now he gets a face full of volcano. now he sees it coming. he's gritting his teeth. this doesn't look like very much fun at the moment. >> he begins drooling. >> he does. >> all over his face. he's looking great for the selfie, and then -- >> oh! that's an epic crash! >> the endingg shot.
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volcano. i almost feel like i'm goingng to stick to sledding on snow. if you can get past all that dirt and dust, there you go, it was an experience. >> he had one epic ride and he got one epic walk back up to the top because he went quite a ways. >> i love that he never stopped recording. there's bits of ash stuck to his face where saliva went. meet the mostt polite baby ever. >> what. >> here what baby juda has to say after his cute little sneeze. >> that was him? not mom? >> no, that was the baby. and a day in the life of a global nomad. >> this girl has lived amazing places and she's 17. >> a look at her school day in @ndonesia. >> i'm too old to go back to
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by --escription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. on "right this minute," we love saleses but we also love guests for this pticular segment we have ben gleib and stephanie simbari. both of them comedians we loved. >> that's not why you brought us on.
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to impress the people around you, do cool things, like ice skating or flying a kite. >> never goes well. >> i have two examples of this. i believe this guy is trying to ( impress his lady and look he's showing off some cool moves. are you impressed yet? >> he's very easily impressed. >> he's like oksana baiul. >> he's going to try to do his best oksanan baiul move here. he@ fell like seven different times! >> pulled every muscle in his body. torn acl. ripped the ligaments in his ankle. but he didn't go down. >> he continues. nothing is going to keep him down. >> he's my favorite. this next guy, flying his kite and doing so well. look at the height.
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excited. he's not even paying attention to where he's running, and then -- >> yep, yep. >> i lovethat. >> you okay over there? >> arguably that fall was more impressive than anything he did with the kite. >> it was. >> oh. >> the field is so big. why? did they put a trash can in the middle of the field? >> you okay over there? >> hi, my name is maya. i'm a 17-year-old senior in balli, indonesia. >> she goes to thereen school in indonesia. >> i've been there. >> you know what an amamang education she has. she calls herself a global nomad when she wasn't in school, she was living in the caribbean. this girl has lived amazing places and she's only 17.
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traditional high school. today's lesson includes a field trip to a biodiesel plant. >> we're going to get into the itty gritty there. >t's all about sustainability. it's built out of bamboo. >> the future, though. >> i love seeing this kind of stuff. i love knowing that it's out there. i wish it were more widespread. kids like this, i truly believe they will carry our future forward. >> when you leave at this, you don't know how luc you are. at such a young age, she knows what she's doing is cool and innovative. >> she has a website where pepele can find out about her academics, what she's done, where she's lived. >> that is to cool. the last class of the day, they are learning about their olfactory senses, they go out and pick the lemongrass and they feel it.
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she ges to the echo market, she pops on her motor bike and goes back home. >> am i too old to go back to school? >> no, you are never too old to go back to school and learn something new. >> if you have a case of the mondays, i have a cure. >> starting with the sharpest knife in the world. >> oh, wow. >> then an unfamiliar object flying around. >> for goodness sake. >> watch and decide. guess what's back, back again, the ipad mini is back. go tell your friends, the monday buzz word is coming your way. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand.
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if you have the case of the mondays, i have the cure. the truth, the goliath of gossip, the one and only. >> what' up? i want to say what's up. welcome to anothere episode of real or fake where you choose is it real or iit fake? let's roll the beautiful clip. >> here we go with video one. >> oh. >> oh, wow. >> all i can say is i want that knife. >> it looked like a samurai sword. >> i'm going with totally al. >> real. >> of course, it's real. >> i say real too. >> i love the collective moan
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sliced through that first slice, you know. so satisfying. 100% real. sharpest knife in the world is what they are claiming. for that instance, it probably was. here we go with video two. >> fake. >> oh. >> for goodness sake. >> i wish we would have seen it on the news butood effort. >> for a second, what is it? >> i've en this in a movie. i can't remember what movie i saw it in. >> i want to challenge you, is it visual effects dubbeddnto the video. or is it some legitimate thing? >> it's a ufo. >> fake. >> what do you say? >>t's not really. this guy youtube page has
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great wall of china, l.a., he's seen a aens everywhere, he's got the video footage to prove it. but it's all fake. >> here we go with video three. >> okay. guy misses a putt. we've seen that before. >> oh. [ bleep ]. >> oh. >> farar right, far right! [ bleep ]! >> i was going to go with real up until we had suddenly this pshot of the ball going in the pond. like no, dude. >> it's fake. >> i know a five-year-old who caca edit better on the iphone. >> it's a fake. get real or get the fake out. here's the 100% fake. >> these t videos show how precious our babies can be. we start with aaby who is
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you see the baby moving in there, and then suddenly you see that very suddede movement there. i think it's the hand. no. >> it's a foot. >> they are always like hitting himselves in the face. >> you wonder why moms are disgruntled are in pain. >> i thihi it was cute they were able to capture that movement in the video. now they have it forever. >> this is little juda. he is four months old when this video was recorded a fewonths ago but it was just recently posted. [ baby talking ] >> he sneezes and he says oh, no. >> that was him, not mom. >> ah. oh, know.
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>> mom and dad are loving this. apparently he had never done this before. >> if they didn't get it on video, people would be like you are just doting parents. >> oh. oh, no. >> it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> you need three things. buzzzz word, 18 yeernls and a legal u.s. resident. >> head own over to "right this minute".com and click on win ipad. >> win the buzz word and you can enter each every day. >> let's reveal monday's buzz word, king. >> click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word, king, king-i-n-gk-i-n-g. >> we'll have bonus give away day where you have a chance to win a flat screen tv. good luck everybody. mr. how-to, mike boyd has a new challenge to master.
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>> his challenge is -- >e needs to ride it for 30 seconds without falling. >> see how long it >> sculptor roman white is going to make your heart sing when you soo he this beautiful sculpture he's working on. he starts with a block of purple heart timberhich has that rich red color to it.
2:57 am
that? >> yes. isn't it beautiful? watch how he carves into it, as he chisles bits and pieces away. it starts to look like a human heart. >> he's sosoalented. >> isn't it amazing? he starts shaping the heart. he starts adding the major arteries. when he puts the final touches on, it you blooinchts. >> he even has a hand holding that heart. >> mega-impressive. >> yeah. i heartrt him. >> what? >> i heart him too. >> mike boyd is back here on "right this minute." you might recognize mike. he's t guy that learned how to kick flip, documented the entire thing and in five hours, 47 minutes, he's kick flipping like a ninja.
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and people who liked it shared another idea. >> another one that learning how to ride a unit i cycle. it's stuff. >> his version of a win is significantly more than that. his challenge is he needs to ride it for 30 seconds without falling to see that he can do it. this is day one. hour zero. >> when i tried at least the globetrotts were there saying here's how you start. here's what makes it easier.. he's figuring it all out from nothing. >> the entire thing is basically this trial and error. >> okay, curly from the globetrotters. what he's doing wrong? >> remember they showed you there's a technique to kind of step up into it and it's hard to describe. >> he has a theory, nick. >> the key is to lean forward and not where your momentum is almost like a bike forward. >> see if that one pays out for him. he changes venue and then look
2:59 am
>> hey, hey. yeah. at was a win. >> good. [ bleep ]. >> oh, no! you got to do it again. 7, 8, 29. >> 38 minutes, if you want to learn how to ride a unicycle it really doesn't take that long. happy monday, everyone. thanks for watching. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sununy at and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50.


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