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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the nation's first primary vote. and that will take place next week. bernie sanders and donald trump currently hold big leads in the granite state. that's according to the recent cnn poll. >> alicia: tonight, all eyes on iowa, you but in a few short weeks, south carolina voters will head to the polls for the first in the south primary. >> ben: first in the south. abc columbia's beth rousseau joins us live with more on how tonight's results in iowa could impact primaries here in south carolina. beth? >> ben and leash a, we are just -- alicia, just 19 days away from the gop primary and 26 from the democratic primary, but here in the midlands, numbers of both parties are keeping eye, close eye on tonight's caucuses, but for different reasons. the start of the iowa caucuses means presidential primary season is officially underway. >> it's truly an american system that has led us to this point. we are excited to see it happen tonight. >> party officials in the midlands say tonight's results could have big ballot implications in south
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>> we see from that history that iowa can influence what happens in some of the other states. >> for the gop party, reps say the caucuses are all about which candidate can maintain and gain traction with voters. >> for the past few election cycles the winner of the iowa caucus has not done particularly well after iowa caucus. tonight, can you meet the expectations. campaign, finish first, second or third, and the momentum that generates into new hampshire, and into south carolina and beyond. >> while democrats are facing a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are also interested in the gop race. seeing opportunity in the outcome. >> if it's trump, or if it's cruz, really a lot of their candidates will have to walk back a lot going into the general election. it will turn off independent, here in south carolina, we have significant independent voting population. >> the importance of first in the south primary plays in presidential selection is something members on opposite
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>> we get an opportunity to really vet the candidates, to kick the tires and figure out how they go out and talk to voters. >> tennessee, alabama, texas, the states look to us for guidance on who they should support for president. south carolina is a bellwether for those issues and those candidates in terms of what comes next. >> alicia: as we mentioned, south carolina voters will hit the polls in less than a month, but reps with both parties are reminding voters you can only vote in one primary, which can be confusing for voters because the primaries take place on different days. so just so you know, the gop primary will take place on saturday, february 20th, and then the democratic will be a week later on the 27th. reporting in the news room, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> alicia: thank you, beth. well, space will be a focus when the candidates come south for the south carolina primaries. today the conservative leadership project announced the 2016 faith and family presidential forum. the event will take place
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bob jones university. attorney general allen wilson will serve as the moderator. >> most candidates' spouses usually campaign for them, but only one has a president on the stump, of course, former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife hillary clinton on wednesday evening at allen university. bill clinton won the south carolina democratic primary back in 1992. >> alicia: looking to the future in lexington. in just a few minutes, mayor steve macdougall will deliver his state of the town address, on the agenda for tonight's speech, the town's vision, the planned project they have on tap, automated traffic signals, and the continued recovery effort from the 1,000-year flood. the power of healing through art, a local non-profit organization is helping veterans suffering from ptsd by channelling their creativity. >> ben: abc columbia's jennifer ready has the story of how art has helped one veteran get back on his feet. >> they say a picture is worth
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>> art saved my life. it's given me direction, purpose. >> for jim dukes, the layers of colors and details portrayed in photographs are a relief from a life that was once shadowed in hardship and self-doubt, after serving in th military disabling bombs. >> had five traumatic brain injuries, plus blind in my right eye, mostly deaf in my right ear. coping with a lot of those experiences over the years is more difficult, attempted suicide twice. >> he came through the pain by channelling his creativity. >> art and any medium heals people. >> capturing the world's moments through a lens. >> gave me a purpose of trying to determine whether i was going to be a man with a disability or just a disabled man. outlet. >> an outlet dukes hopes to provide other veterans through his work at the big red barn. >> my heart and soul, and inside. >> the non-profit healing
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monthly art workshops to help other veterans cope from similar challenges. >> once you can sit around the table and start creating art together and have these discussions, you realize that you are not such a bad person, you are not what you are experiencing. >> the art sessions provide camaraderie and hope. a safe haven for veterans. sounds -- jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> john: if you have been suffering from the winter blues, today was a nice break from, you know, all the dreary weather. >> alicia: gorgeous. >> john: it was like spring. >> alicia: my husband said before i walked outside, you are going to flip out when you walk outside. and i thought ufs -- i was going to have a big surprise. i thought it was bigger than the weather. chief meteorologist john farley joins us live with a look at our conditions. >> john: just the weather, alicia, that's all it was, wasn't a new car. but it could be next time around.
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70s still. by the way, 4 degrees from the record high today. we got to 76. the record, 80. but, yeah, definitely a warm one. here you go. still breezy out there. you can see the flags on the statehouse, blowing in from the southwest, bringing us clouds, but also that warmer air. that's going to be the indication, not only tomorrow, but forth -- for the first part of wednesday, then things change. we will get to the midterm then wednesday in a bit. here you go. warm this evening, 60s all night long, and again, it stays a little breezy, by the time you get up tomorrow morning, we will be north of 50 still. so not bad. no problems in terms of getting the kids out to the bus stop. tomorrow, no sweat, in terms of rain, it's wednesday when the rain gets in here and some storms. here's a look at the forecast. i did throw in a scattered showers tomorrow evening, but that's just because it could be a couple sprinkles. i wouldn't change any plans. it won't be enough rain to slow you down. it's wednesday, solid line of storms comes through here, that could cause us at least some thunderstorms. we will talk specifics on that just a bit. >> all right, thank you so much, john.
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an alarm and bloodhounds helped kershaw county deputies catch a burglar over the weekend. sheriff matthews said deputies responded to the alarm at a home on spring creek road just after 4:00 in the morning saturday. matthews says deputies found kristopher dixon hiding in the woods. at that time, investigators say bloodhounds tracked his scent from the home to the spot where he was captured. a north carolina couple will be spending a little more time south of the border than they probably originally anticipated. newberry sheriff police officer said stephen taylor of deep run, north carolina and bridgette clark of la grange are charged with having a car full of drugs, including cocaine, meth and pot. investigators say the couple was arrested after a deputy saw them acting suspiciously in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant on highway 34 right near interstate 26. >> ben: up next on abc columbia, gas prices take another dive. >> alicia: plus, it may not be too long until your car drives itself to the gas station. we hope you stay with us for
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gervais. if you haven't made dinner plans yet, chipotle >> ben: welcome back. if you haven't made dinner plans yet, chipotle could find its way back into the rotation. today the restaurant chain announced its e.coli outbreak appears to be over.
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and dozens of customers in several states, you will remember, reported getting sick after eating at chipotle. no deaths havbeen reported. next monday it will briefly close all its restaurants for meetings with employees. >> alicia: gas prices continue to creep lower and lower. great news for us here in south carolina. this week, reports the midlands average is 1.62 a gallon. that's 28 cents less than it was last year. if you're looking for a bargain, we found a few places selling gas for tomorrow led by one of g-m's vice presidents, its goal it to figure out a strategy to make g-m the leader in self- driving technology. the move shows self-driving cars are not just as a concept for g-m any more... but the company sees them as something that
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up next 3 chief meteorologist john farley has a look at your seven day forecast. stay with
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news at six. >> john: nice warm night out there.
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a little before 6:00, here it is. beautiful, huh? yeah. couple of clouds in there, and there were a few sprinkles down south of o. -- orange burstorangeburg. how warm did it get? we got to 76, 4 degrees shy of a record as i mentioned earlier. look how cold it can get. 16. we were nowhere close to that. let's show you the headlines as we go forward, what is going to happen, it is going to be warm tonight, warm tomorrow, and then storms arrive wednesday, late in the day primarily. we get to specifics on that in a second. first, though, here you go. there are a couple of sprinkles down south of columbia, nothing big, and that line of storms that's up to our northwest, line of rain, that's going to continue to push off to the east. the focus now, this storm system around denver. what is happening here, big kink in the jet stream. as that pushes to the east, it will touch off a significant severe outbreak, from eastern texas all the way over to arkansas, maybe even louisiana tomorrow. that same line of storms will
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to wednesday, but once it arrives, it will be much, much weaker. we may see a couple strong thunderstorms, but in terms of severe outbreak, very unlikely. let's show you what wednesday looks like. tomorrow will be quiet, it's wednesday when the fireworks happen. 7:00 in the morning, it is quiet, generally, but watch what happens, line of storms making its way through the upstate. by noon, still not here yet. middle to late afternoon, that's when the line will be coming through and that's where we could see a solid line of thunderstorms. widespread severe, no. but thunderstorms, something we haven't seen in a little while. the whole thing continues to kick off to the east. and basically we are done with it, although we could see a lingering shower into early thursday. tonight, pretty warm, with a mix of clouds in there. tomorrow, similar to today in terms of temperatures. we start out in the morning, fine, just a couple clouds, no problems at all. as we work through the day, what you will see is the temperatures warning again --
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low to pushing mid-70s. winds at times out of the northeast, at times out of the southwest. pretty a warm day. there are the showers, the thunderstorms, i should say, wednesday. then we have a few lingering into thursday, and then after that, back to more what we would expect this time of year. we have got 50s during the day, and freezing-ish at night. over to you. >> ben: john, thanks. coming up, carolina basketball gets ready for its toughest stretch of the season. >> alicia: a former alabama running back may not be coming to columbia to play for the gamecocks after all.
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-- sports is nextfebruary we still got that many games? my god. [ laughs ] oh. that means we got a whole football season [ laughter ] >> february couldn't get here fast enough for frank martin. hi, i am sam. we'll have more usc basketball in a minute. first, carolina football will not be getting a former
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al signing day. tiron jones verbally committed last week. he was kicked off the team after the 2014 season ended in an arrest for marijuana possession. he played at a junior college last year, reportedly will not sign now with carolina wednesday because of academic issues. jones says he hopes that will get cleared up and he can come to carolina this summer. that could open up a spot at usc for newberry high school standout, ufari werts. he led the bulldogs to back-to-back class 2-a state title games as quarterback, athlete. still waiting to see if he offer. the drama of national signing day continues through wednesday. usc offense very much in doubt, back in the back field, the running gak, 96th in the country -- the running back, tied for 11th in the sec. top running back, ben wilds, of course riddled with injuries in the senior season,
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williams the backup, struggled last season to say the least. basketball doing the opposite of struggling these days, moving back into the ap top 25, duke out after 167 straight weeks, that's the fifth longest run ever. michael correira just missing out on sec player of the week, despite having a career week last week. gamecocks now one game out of first place in the sec lined 7-1 texas a.m.e., in a three-way -- texas a&m, in a three way tie with kentucky and lsu. frank martin one year left on his contract after this season, says he's not worried about his long-term future at carolina. >> it's my job to do my job. that's all i can be worried about. if it's worthy of me having a contract here, i trust the people in place to put that in front of me whenever the time calls for it or whatever it might be. if i am not the answer here, then it is what it is. what am i going to do, you know? if i start worrying about
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able to coach my guys? >> those guys going to georgia tomorrow. starting the toughest stretch of the season by far for usc games against lsu, kentucky and florida to follow, martin asked today how he's approaching the much more difficult part of his schedule. >> you mean the first part was easy? [ laughter ] if the last 8 had been easy, i don't know what hard is. holy cow. i rarely speak about us, but i got to think people are going to play us aren't sitting around saying we got an easy game. good, glad we are playing south carolina. that's an easy one. all these teams are hard to beat. >> usc women certainly fall in that category. gamecocks stay at number 2 in today's polls, usc hosting number one uconn one week from tonight. next home game, thursday against kentucky.
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news at 6:00. dz >> john: seven-day forecast, you see tomorrow once again, pretty warm. clouds in play, but a line of wednesday. right now the timing looks like it is sometime
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late afternoon. we will update you on the timing as it gets closer. lingering showers into thursday. after that, back to, he well, february, 50s, 30s, and even some 20s by the time we get to saturday night, sunday morning. media day watching abc columbia news at six. thanks for making us your choice for news. stay tuned for world world news tonight i coming up next.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the showdown in iowa is here. the first votes cast in the race for president. after months of fiery attacks, neck and neck battles, it all comes down to this. >> get out of bed and caucus! hillary clinton with her final pitch. a razor thin lead in the latest poll. >> so excited! >> on both sides tonight, the polls so close, it all comes
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>> we will win tonight, if the
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