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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's niece niece -- cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts right now. >> denise: remember this? you were bundled up and schools were closey because of the bone chilling temperatures. last year at this time we were below zero here in cleveland. what a difference a year makes. tomorrow we can make a run at 65 . >> romona: don't break out the shorts and sandals just yet.
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jeff has his jacket off. >> jeff: maybe one day you can bust out the shorts. by the way, on february 20th last year we had 17 below zero. a little different story this year. there is a wind advisory for the western counties. we have a 51 gust in sandusky and 46 in cleveland and check out these temperatures and because of the strong south wind wind -- let's hit the button. 57 lakewood and it is near 60 in euclid. now, the headlines go like this. it remains windy overnight and tomorrow and unseasonably warm. as ramona just mentioned we will make a run at the 60s tomorrow. then with the wind shift tomorrow night and sunday, down we go. back to where we should be. the next alert day will be on wednesday. and that will be for a little rain-snow mix.
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regarding this very changeable weekend ahead. ladies, back to you. >> romona: thank you. in a controversial move, the cleveland police cadet class was sent to columbus to do their training at the highway patrol academy. they fought the move only to lose in court. some dropped out because being away for five days a week for several months was too much stress on their families. we are curious. what do the cadets do in training and is it any better than what they would be doing in cleveland? paul got access inside the patrol's academy and went looking for answers in the cleveland 19 news investigation. >> reporter: it is every bit as military as any military school teaching strength, courage and character, a
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one of the core values the highway patrol academy stresses is attention to detail. notice the bed has sharp, crisp creases and the closets, everything in place and a place for everything. much of what they hope to create in a caw dit is instilled by discipline. 43 remain out of the original 50. some left voluntarily and others not. >> one 35. >> fallout. >> the lieu tenant -- lieutenant dave dillon oversees the group and he is impressed. >> as a group and as a team we embraced the core values and have adapted very well. >> he -- we didn't have a stopwatch, but lunch wasn't longer than 10 minutes. the cleveland class just completed the first of three
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>> you are assigned a badge number from your narcotics division. >> and then advanced training. phase two is basic police skills. it is what they are working on now. what the cadets are doing in this dormitory is collecting evidence. what they don't know is the evidence they will collect is related to evidence found in cars in a different part of the building. they switch after lunch and see if they can figure it out. this is where the field applications are learned. there are blood droplets, a knife, a credit card and other materials to be collected and cataloged. fingerprints to be lifted. every piece documented. >> basically they have had to go in and identify the evidence at the crime scene and now processing it. once they collected their evidence they can put their case together. >> reporter: the second half of the case, a car believed to have been used in the dormitory crime. is there evidence to make a link? it is like connecting the dots, but it must be done properly to stand up at trial. >> if he just collected the bullet he will move on to
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evidence -- the next piece of evidence. >> reporter: while not addressing the controversy he recognizes going from civilian to police officer is challenging. >> for some it is more of a shock than others. the academy here is a residential academy. which in and of itself is a shock for some. >> reporter: shock or not, we are told the cadet class is marching toward graduation. cleveland 19. >> a local couple is being remembered. they died in a car accident in florida on thursday. there was a moment of silence at the chagrin falls boys basketball game to remember leonard may. he and his wife lana died at the crash. may was a teacher, coach and athletic director in chagrin falls. lana was a retired elementary
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may left a legacy of 46 hard working years. >> a lot of what we do whether it is academically or athletically as a community can be tied back to the work he did. it is a significant loss to the school district. >> denise: diane kifner was also killed. her husband, paul, is in serious condition. >> romona: tomorrow voters will lineup to cast the ballots in the south carolina and nevada primaries. while the candidates are scrambling to get last-minute votes, is it a slam dunk for the front runners? dan deroos has more on the poll numbers. >> dan: before any candidate can get to super tuesday, you have to survive these tests. when you get to states like until name and when you get -- like new hampshire and south carolina. it is weird the way it happens this weekend. just the republicans are up in south carolina this week.
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the democrats are up in nevada. we are using real clear politics. i love this. this is an average of the major polls that are out there. donald trump with a commanding lead. something serious would have to happen for him to lose. maybe the people polled would go out and vote, vice-versa. john kasich who hasn't and isn't expected to do well in south carolina. as long as he doesn't come in last he should see it as a victory because this isn't a strong state for him. we can see these lines here. this blue line is trump's lead over the last six months. you can see it has been a little bit of a decline lately. the people that are on an up tick are rubio and cruz. you can seen see kasich does register. he is the purple line here. let's get to nevada where it has grown into a tied race. when we look at the polling
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clinton has a .2 -- or a two-point lead. that's virtually a tie. it is interesting to watch nevada tomorrow to see how that comes out. >> denise: thanks, dan. people are saying goodbye to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the president and first lady were among the thousands paying their respects. he passed away after serving nearly 30 years. his funeral is tomorrow. >> denise: last night we showed you how more and more women are signing up for gun training. from a mom who wants to protect her family to a woman who works nights, conceal carry classes particularly for women are selling out fast. and tonight a lively discussion on social media on guns, safety and violence in america. >> romona: specifically churches where pastors are resting with an uncomfortable question.
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house full of worship. >> reporter: they are a place of peace. a house of refuge. >> all units responding. >> reporter: but they could also become targets for violence. >> active shooter. multiple people down. >> reporter: charleston, south carolina, june 17th, 2015. nine people shot and killed during a bible study at the emanuel ame church. east cleveland, march 1st, 2013. >> people were running all over each other and screaming and hollering and pandemonium. >> reporter: a gunman opened fire during the middle of a funeral at the church. >> i am afraid to go to church. >> reporter: terrifying moments forcing pastors to evaluate how thisy will protect their people. >> we did some checking and found 76 cases of violent deaths reported in church across the u.s. last year. should people be allowed to carry guns into church for
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in ohio it is illegal to carry a concealed handgun in a place of worship unless you get permission from a church leader. don't expect to get that permission if you are going to a catholic church in cleveland. >> we have 186 parishes. in each one of those the sign is up at the entrance to the church itself that says no weapons understate law. that's what we apply in all situations in the diocese. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the catholic diocese of cleveland says while people can't come to services armed they do have professional security teams working in some of their parishes. but near cincinnati, mount caramel christian church is taking a different approach. >> we have a right to say yes or no to that. >> reporter: some members have asked permission to carry their firearm in church and he has allowed it on a case by case basis. he said the reality of the
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no longer immune from violence. >> whether it is vandalism or threat or heaven forbid a terrorist event you cannot be naive. >> reporter: mount caramel has a trained security team and they pay for a iewn formed armed -- a uniformed armed officer during services. his company assessed the ohio church properties for safety vulnerability and devises plans. he does president think allowing parishioners to conceal carry is a good idea. a trained security team is the best defense. >> whether talking san bernadino or church shootings they are over in three to seven minutes. police are a nonfactor. >> reporter: regardless of where you stand on the issue, one thing we can all agree to do is pray for peace in a world plagued with violence. cleveland 19. >> romona: as we said, ohio
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holders to bring guns to church without the pastor's approval. we checked other states around us and only michigan prohibits weapons inside religious buildings. we were surprised to find that indiana, kentucky, pennsylvania and west virginia all allow weapons inside churches as long as the carrier has a proper license. >> denise: a local basketball team wins a game by more than a hundred points, but some are calling it unsports man like. coming up, we hear from both teams on the lopsided score. then -- >> if you took your finger and taped on his arm it is like tapping on a counter top. >> romona: one boy's battle against a rare condition that is turning his body to stone. what doctors are doing to try to fight the disease. >> breaking news and weather 24/7.
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: wednesday night a local high school girls basketball team won a game 108 108-1. this picture of the scoreboard soon went viral and reaction has been pouring in nationally.
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team's -- the teams involved thought of the lopsided score. >> reporter: ramona, gilmore academy won the game and the school's athletic director said the coach tried to keep the game in hand. but it ended with a lot of upset players and parents. the scoreboard says it all, 108-1. a stinging loss for northeast ohio college preparatory made worse by the national attention it has got them. >> the students from been downtrodden and the girls were sad and humiliated. not only on a local level, but on a national level. >> reporter: she says she is proud of the players for playing through to the end of the game. >> that's where i am at this point as the principal of the school and making sure my young ladies are understanding we support them and they went out and they played and they played with integrity. >> reporter: this was an early
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we asked gilmore academy athletic director if they played differently during the dame. >> my coach took steps to minimize things during the game to try to keep the score low. it is unfortunate that the other team went zero for 28. they had a cold night shooting. >> reporter: while he applaud the other team for fighting hard, in ohio there is no mercy rule to stop the game early in cases like this. he hopes that will change. >> figure out a way we don't have to have these types of games. it can be stopped. there is some sort of a running clock or something like that. >> reporter: kevin clark thinks the ball was dropped here. >> they owe that other school an apology. this isn't what gilmore stand for. >> reporter: gilmore's
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is no real winner in the match up. >> romona: this has been a hot topic on our facebook page. hand? you can join in by leaving your opinion. >> denise: a colorado boy is battling a condition so rare that only 40 other cases have been reported. it is called stiff skin syndrome and it slowly turns his skin rock hard. three years ago his parents in thed odd looking spots on his skin. they spread to his legs, back and hips and eventually his leg stopped working. now with every passing day the symptoms are getting worse. as of now there is no cure or treatment to fight the condition. >> you know you love them so much and you don't know what to do. you try to fight for everything you can. but it is okay. you don't know how to fight in his case.
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>> denise: awful. physical therapy is helping somewhat, but doctors are using chemotherapy to stop the condition from spreading. that seems to be working. once his skin becomes stiff there is no reversing the affects. >> romona: so sad. beware when filing your tack returns electronically. they say electronic tax scams have gone up 400% from last year. thieves send an official looking e-mail or text requesting your personal information. clicking on certain links can lead to malware infecting your computer. the agency is working to stop the scams. >> denise: drink up tonight. drinking in moderation is good for you. research researchers say three to five drinks a week can lower your risk by 33%. and heart attacks by 28%. it doesn't matter if it is beer, wine or liquor.
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in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle. >> romona: the consumer product safety commission is getting tough on hover boards. they told manufacturers to improve safety or face massive recalls. the group is asking for the removal of all hover boards on the market until it can be proven they are safe. >> denise: a popular downtown event kicked off today. ready. week. more than 50 restaurants take part in the 10-day event. you can get lunch at many of the restaurants for $15 or dinner for about $40. for a participating list you can visit the cleveland 19 news app. boy does that look good. are you raw i went out to enjoy some and that's why my belt is so tight.
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>> romona: good. >> jeff: the weather service just put out a special weather service that the next couple hours is looking at the 40 and perhaps up to 50 mile an hour wind gusts along the lakeshore. the much warmer air is in place. it is unseasonably warm. let's go to the wind gusts. here. it is 36 in elyria and look at that wind gust at 45. 51 in sandusky. 43 at burg lakefront. we have a system moving through. we have fast moving and brief showers. now it is going from west to east and it will set the stage for tomorrow. you can see the entire region is warm. it does drop to the upper 40s around chicago. we will only drop to 50 degrees for a low temperature
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by 1:00 in the morning the wind starts to decrease. still a windy day tomorrow, but with that sunshine it will feel fantastic. we drop to 50 in cleveland and the skies clear out. southwest wind 19 to 38. and look at this by 1:00 in the afternoon it is interesting along the lakeshore though because you will probably hit your high in the early afternoon. after that we start to cool. meanwhile everybody will start to drop in temperature tomorrow night. 65 is the high with the sunshine and still winds gusting up to 36. it is sunny and unseasonably warm. 50 at 7:00 a.m. and 58 at noon. 62 at 5:00. but then we start to feel the change. by saturday night down to 31 and low clouds on sunday and because of the wind shift and
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37 on sunday. it looks quiet to start the new workweek here. monday is partly cloudy and 37. 39 on tuesday with increasing cloud on wednesday. light rain and snow mix and a bigger drop in temperature by the end next week. >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by the national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: in your friday night fallout, more reaction from rihanna's last-minute cancellation at the grammys. >> romona: and more on the death of harper lee. so many stars are sharing their thoughts 0 social media. katie couric tweeted "so sorry to hear about harper lee's passing." "to kill a mockingbird" was a gift to us all. oprah said lee was her first favorite author and she wanted
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>> denise: rihanna has postponed eight tour dates now because of bronchitis. her doctors ordered her to 48 hours of vocal rest on none -- on monday night hours before she was supposed to perform at the grammys. the singer is hoping to reschedule those shows sometime in may. >> romona: there is a message to cavs fans and the upsetting spot where he could land
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: after 12 years anderson's time with cleveland came to an end. the blazers waived him for salary cap reasons so he is still in cleveland. he wrote a letter to you, cavs pans. cavs fans. it is long, but here is part of it.
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into the crowd and seeing 20,000 people wearing wigs that match your hair. that's something i will cherish forest of my life and will never forget. he goes on to say i say goodbye and more importantly i say thank you. thank you for your support. thank you for coming out every night whether we were winning or losing, and thank you forgiving me the best -- for giving me the best 12 years of my life. you can seat entire letter on cleveland since he is a free agent he will get interest from other teams. espn says golden state is interested in him. there is a shot that they can run into the nba finals if he dozened up signing there. kent state are taking on the zips. they needed a win to pull within the east. they trailed by 15. they would never get a lead.
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up. >> kent state 1-1. >> the indians are out in spring training and they added a veteran to the mix. this close to joining the team. it is not official yet. he needs a physical. he has agreed to terms in a a one-year, $5 million deal. he is having visa issues so he won't be able to join the club for a few days. he will provide depth at third base. mets, braves and donors -- dodgers. he will be 37 next month. short-term guy.
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>> dan: enjoy the 65 tomorrow,
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>> jeff: enjoy the 65 tomorrow and then sunday 37. >> denise: thanks for joining us for news anytime download the cleveland 19 news app for your smartphone or tablet. >> romona: we hope you have a
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