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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the trains from part was partially submerged in a creek. the cruise had to fight some currents to get them out. it derailed after it hit a tree that fell off the tracks . it carried 214 people traveling from silicon valley to start at the time. let's talk about the situation with the transit strike . first of all, i think the thing that the skidding headlines is that the governor of new jersey says it could be a major mess from the state and it will not stop him from taking a trip with his wife. he is leaving with his wife mary pat and his taken a lot of heat for this decision. he says it's not his job to be directly involved with negotiations but however , he will remain in contact while away. >> it is a state agency.
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of going to be affected by this. he says he will be back before the plan strikes. the 11 unions are asking for an 18% raise . to present a board sided with union but new jersey says it will cost usd183 million by 2018 and it forces another strike. >> is a tough call. no one wants a fair hike but the union are asking 2 1/2%. they are not asking for huge figures. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are looking to increase their delegate leads. i almost said deflate gate. [laughter] juliet: michael bloomberg says he will not enter the race for president but he did have a campaign commercial . robert moses will talk about this with us in his room with the latest.
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curtis: 339 delegates are up for grabs. why and 89 of them on the democratic side and 150 on the republican side. michigan is the biggest prize of all. this is no doubt an important day for people named cruz and sanders were chasing the frontrunners. >> builders in four states cast their ballots. both parties vote in michigan . that's where bernie sanders and hillary clinton gathered. sanders sought to clarify from his comments saying that he did not know how to report. >> your people living in desperation and being abused by white police officers. >> clinton answered a question from a boy named
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sees samuel as a ally or adversary. >> were the differences about issues. compare that to the republicans. it's how they behave. >> the gop contest is fast becoming a two-person race. donald trump rallied his troops in mississippi. >> we have a big task. with a country that is in turmoil.>> trumps campaign aired in rubio's home state of florida. >> rubio has to win florida's primary to stay in the race. trumps main competitor, ted cruz, spoke on kennedy on fox news. the will of the people has to be respected in this race. >> the visions of a broker convention are the fantasies of the washington establishment. >> one person who will not enter is the former mayor,
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he fears his candidacy would lead to a when for trump or cruise. he is preying on people's prejudices and fears. >> back to marco rubio. cnn reported that some of rubio's aides believe he should bow out of the race before the florida primary. the aides think a loss in rubio's home state could do tremendous damage to him in rubio spokesman says that it's fiction. learning more about the fuel maintenance for nancy.. she will live at the reagan presidential library .
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next friday where she will be laid to rest next to ronald reagan. obama has ordered all flags to be flown at half staff. she died in her sleep from congestive heart failure. >> take a good look . kelly rivera was last seen yesterday at 815 and a bus stop . it was in spring valley. she was wearing a black jacket, white longsleeve shirt, blue overall skirt and brown boots with white trim. please take a close look and if you have seen her, call the spring valley police department at 845-356-7400. you can dial 911. saying no to a charity stair climb. they say due to logistics and other issues, the stephen soler tunnel will not be allowed to hold its
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the charity is crying foul and getting governors, and christie involved. the building is on by the port authority. >> wasn't so inconvenient? come on! it's so upsetting. >> they raise money for veterans and first responders in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. the organization issued a statement saying, as we learn from last year's event, the unique design and security requirement for one world trade center makes their crimes extraordinarily challenging. juliet: were warming up today! ben: i did not bring a jacket today. juliet: i brought a light leather jacket. sweetly it goes with your leather dress. it's not take long for a
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55 million for a secretly recorded video of
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will she be welcome back. it's tuesday morning and it's time to get you up and running out the door. it's another mild day coming up and we have mild temperatures out in sussex and 34 in monticello. 35 in poughkeepsie.for
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these temperatures are well above normal. we normally drop down into the mid-30s but it's not too bad today. we have a partly cloudy sky and not much happening right now. yes and no. there is a back-and-forth cold front sliding into the tri-state. often times what you see is additional cloud cover with showers along the front. his back near the eastern sections of pennsylvania but it does not look like it will be here for us on the tri-state. there's cool air trying to nose into the area but it does not do a great job. what will happen is high-pressure holds tight for the time being and it continues to give us the suddenly flow. it will give you warmer temperatures as well.
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not too much happening. there is additional cloud cover out there but as we head into the afternoon, you will see more sunshine it will be a warm and clear day. it's a record high temperature with 690. if we get to 700 plus we will do it. the next day is more or less the same. the record high as 740. the forecast high today at 64. we will see how things are shaping up but obviously, it's a warm one. 72 on thursday and it's a little bit cooler on friday. that is well above normal. 570 on saturday and don't forget so we can have to turn your clocks forward.
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a chance of showers on those days. it's at 10 150 and the weather app is at the apple itunes store with all the good stuff. let's bring in nine as rosales. she says things are looking pretty good for the thursday commute >> we will get off to a good start. it's on the fdr drive but traffic is looking fine at route 80. no problems in either direction at the george washington bridge. the upper and lower levels is looking good in the lincoln and holland tunnel. ben, back to you. >> erin andrews wins big in court over a secretly recorded new video for the stocker in her hotel room. the jury has awarded her 55 million .
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nashville tennessee and michael barrett says someone in hotel gave her room number to him and room next to her in 2008 . >> we are disappointed for the outcome. our clients oneness in 2009. immediately, they work with happened. >> and andrews has shown phenomenal courage in , safety and privacy. she is a true american hero. >> . it was sent to 2 and a half years in prison after confessing and since been released. he has to pay andrews usd28 million. does he have that? the owner of the marriott hotel must pay her 26 million.
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hotel could have to be very wealthy to hand over 28 million this guy is hulk hogan. we know him. he takes a cnn is sex tape lawsuit. he says he was completely humiliated about the tape that came out with him having relations , and all adult engagements. i never know how to pronounce that. he claims he did not authorize the tape to be made or authorized them to publish it. he is suing them for 100 million. he says the post is for the dead free speech under the first amendment. his best friend's wife. interesting. >> and executive order for bill de blasio regarding transgender will allow people to use the facilities based on
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identify with. quest and went into the men's room as a woman and they are saying you can't go in there. then women are saying you can't come in here. >> it's a major dilemma for a transgender woman every time she goes out. >> we are just trying to do our business.we want to fix our business or relieve ourselves. >> fear of transgender people using the restrooms they identify with has been the emphasis behind dozens of bathroom bills introduced across the country this year. the bills seek to our transgender people from using designated bathrooms if we not born that gender. mayor deblasio says it goes against new york values. >> somehow, he is making a comeback and we will not allow that to happen. >> surrounded by advocates, the mayor signed an executive order which
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buildings to allow people to use the bathroom or the locker room of the gender of which they identify. >> we are ensuring that transgender new yorkers can use single-sex restrooms and other facilities in city government buildings and areas consistent with their gender identity .. >> discrimination on the basis of gender identity is broadly prohibited under a human rights law since 2002. this order is more specific with signage and agency offices, public parks and recreation centers as well as training for all employees. city schools already have a similar policy in effect . >> some people are concerned with safety but i think it's a little presumptuous. to assume that someone is transgender that they would do something vile or unacceptable , i think it's perfectly fine. >> i think everyone has the right to use the bathroom
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>> the order requires that signage is hop and all facilities informing people of the rules. all staff members need to be trained within the next two years. >> thank you, stacy. peyton manning is very emotional when he announced his retirement. is it because he could not work in the endorsement?
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peyton manning has retired. the quarterback says he would miss the game and with his voice cracking, the five-time mvp says now is the time to and the 18 year nfl career. >> i look back on my career and i know without a doubt that i gave everything i have to help my team walk away with a win. there were other players that were more talented but there was no one who could out prepare me. because of that, i have no regrets. >> that's tough! manning hangs up his cleats just one month after helping the broncos when super bowl 50.
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starting quarterback to lead them to a title. he did it in indianapolis. there is a rookie record records. in the meantime, the tennis star says she failed a drug test at the australian open back in january. however, there is a little caveat to this. ben: she said she tested positive for mel downey and that she's been taking for a number of years and caught commonly used for angina. she has never said why she is taking the drug.i guess she might have some issues. that became a band subject because it helped oxygen intake and endurance. there is no word on penalties that she might face. nike has suspended his endorsement contract with the russian star and they will continue to monitor
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>> march madness is almost here. there's a big tournament to watch. it's the big east. there is the broadcast home as it was for the regular season. who will win? play-by-play announcers broadcasting for decades. do not assume the top seat will take it all. >> you look at seton hall, providence , without question villanova knows they are not playing the following week. it's the other team that is playing with desperation that don't want to get on the bus to go home . they don't know they will get the call on selection sunday.
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intense basketball see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> spring is springing. yesterday was pretty spec regular. juliet: yes, it was nice. temperatures rising into the mid-60s. then it goes into the 70s? we will have a paid blob of some tomorrow and it will be awesome!it could be one of the nicest days of the year. ben: of your life! rockland county police hopes all recognize this 10-year-old and help find her. take a closer look . the threat of a new jersey transit strike will not derail governor chris christie's plan to go on vacation today for his wedding anniversary. we will have a live report . >> he needs to get out of new jersey because he spent so much time there. michael bloomberg says he


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