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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 17, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> at the plaza with the potential hooker. bill: police show up to see broken glass. >> we don't know what goes on. a thousand bucks a night at the plaza. >> her daughter. they are the 1st mother-daughter. >> always wanted to be a police officer.
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>> ii went searching for the soul of anthony scalia today. >> all right. a nice neighborhood. nobody home. soaking wet. the conservative conscience of the us supreme court died last weekend. >> a little word association.
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>> and also obama care.
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action. >> there you go, fish fry. what do you think? good thing, badthing, bad thing? there's a lot to talk about. hit me up on twitter. bill: 2523. >> looking for this man. he allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint around 1:00 o'clock. the man walked up behind her. told her to drop everything, she did. got in to her black honda accord. if you know him please call philadelphia police.
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car crash. ford mustang spunmustang spun off the road and hit three trees. currently at the hospital in camden or she remains in critical condition. we have a chance to meet and try on dresses. very sweet, young woman. we wish her a speedy recovery. >> new york's ex- governor at it again. allegedly on saturday night he was at the plaza with a potential hooker. her name is fed long a gorgeous, 25 years old. of $1,000 a night hotel room. >> want to keep a low profile which is understandable. >> something went wrong.
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hospital where she was treated for superficial cuts to her forearm. the young woman has recanted her story. >> extremely common for alleged victims to recant their story either because it did not happen but i want to continue there relationship. >> police say there is an investigation going on. >> what is different in this case is usually the police immediately arrest. >> the young woman has gone back to russia. >> in my experience the prosecution will do a lot of things. threatened them to >> a woman called 911 essentially saying of having
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police show up in the former governor answers and set everything is fine only to come back later and see broken glass and blood on the curtains. it is at that.that they took her to the hospital and there she said this is what happened. it sounds like right from go they're are two different stories coming from the young woman. >> absolutely. the theabsolutely. the reason why we think is because spent a lot of offered an article making $5,000 a night. >> this might to you off an investigation into a prostitution ring. a lot of things. at this time we don't have enough information. >> he just doesn't get it. >> maybe he's a sex addict. we don't know what goes on in the bedroom with him why he keeps using prostitutes. there probably is something more.
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the left of, as he is called. bill: other than knowing, i don't know. maybe it's just unlucky. >> is doing okay. >> one week ago new jersey governor campaigning his heart out could revive his lagging campaign. well, that campaign is ended. the man who came to earth landed right here in trenton. >> how does it feel to be back? >> good. >> a lot of stake, a lot of things that have to get done now.
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that's a long time to wait. really putting it risk the fiscal future. >> future. >> a broken system created by unsustainable give voice. the reality is continuing to bury our heads in the sand only grows the problem and diminishes those with the courage to take on this challenge.
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basically business as usual.mohu;v= >> this is a day that chris christie never thought would come. it was not that long ago that he was being begged to run for president. it has been a dramatic fall. the government has to pick up the pieces. maybe thinking about what could come down the road. >> i hope to god he doesn't. republicans are ever going to win we need to give people a decision to make. what is the.if you accept that premise? that is the.we are at.
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any role? >> after my people. a tough talking governor. bill: thank you. appreciate it. >> he can now at oscar to his list of achievements. his new memoir emerged from our cooperation in congress. good day new york. a possible nomination to the supreme court. >> really. you could be the next supreme court justice. >> my focus. >> there she is, stephanie trump.
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>> one of the most infamous characters in new york. at the age of 16 accused of one of the most shocking crimes in new york history. along with four teenagers accused of beating, raping beating, raping a jogger in central park in 1989. patricia mealy was left for dead in the mud. her i had exploded out of its socket. she lost 80 percent of her blood. tricia was attacked. a term police use to
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running wild in the city. police discovered the body they started running a teenagers. they ended up at a police station. interrogator for hours. a crime hea crime they did not commit. with the city on edge and outraged all five were convicted. >> what was that like? >> l. >> or 13 years in prison. >> any anger? >> about to meet up. >> the other inmate. >> right. >> eventually through dna evidence all five were
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dna match the same spent time at rikers island and upstate prison with reyes, convicted murderer serial rapist. not only was she is serving time for his crime was left with a scar in a fight over a tv channel. >> he stood at the scar. >> while. >> so you still after all these years.
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still here. still maintaining innocence. while. >> not met reyes in prison to this day off i would never have been exonerated. >> more of the best friend and your best friend. >> a total stranger. >> and the only reason, was fighting. >> never able to identify the attacker. ever want to meet her? do you feel that point. >> to feel bad about what happened? >> $41 million from the city. >> my mansion is my state of mind.
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believes the city is racist. >> the police of the biggest gang members out here. >> ain't no order. >> now praises the mayor. butbut he believes that is why the cops turn their back a little more than a year ago. >> mayor deblasio made history. bill: what is interesting that of contex look back at the cops with a solution with the giuliani took office. they went from thousands to hundreds. you can jog through central park today.
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that solve it? >> absolutely not. i mentioned is my state of mind. the values family more than friends. he has been on an incredible journey. >> driving down the road in
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>> police and firefighters back in the hudson river monday. the video is taken by megan hunter this photo. driving down the road over the weekend. one hell of a friend. buffalo hollow road. he immediately got out of his car, corralled them back the lady answered she said zero, my god. >> there is something about a mother-daughter bond. home of the force to be reckoned with. they not here on the streets chasing.
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mother-daughter pair. >> when she was little she was issuing to be a police officer just like mom. >> i guess a good experience. can always go to her. the 1st hispanic woman to reach a commanding rank in the force. >> the 1st. >> but then i asked them what drives them to do what they do? >> i never feared coming into work.
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the city still remains plagued. the forces made significant changes. >> on each corner. >> income here at different times of day. >> the dynamic duo proved that women can do anything they put their mind to. even if one ofone of the most dangerous cities in the country. bill: honestly to be a copy many city. it is really, like given an award. >> very close.
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dish nation. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "dish nation," fantastic show today. what is going up in dallas, texas? >> hi, rickey. >> hi. you all give a warm welcome and show your love for the beautiful, the sexy, the fabulous housewives of atlanta, one time for sherae! >> what's up, baby? >> hi, guys. >> so much to get to today. later on we'll break down kanye west's latest rant and first the 58th annual grammy awards went down last night and it wasn't the most exciting thing on tv, but there were definitely some highlights. the show got off to a pretty rocky start when our boy bow wow could aren't get the timing right. >> the 58th annual grammy awards


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