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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening. thanks for watching north carolina news at 11. we're following breaking news in raleigh. you're looking live right now at i-40 and lake wheeler road where there has been a wreck. traffic is backed up. headed westbound for miles. crash happened just before 10:00 and 295. if you're headed in that direction, you might want to find an alternate route. the right two lanes are closed at this hour. traffic is expected to be backed up for at least another hour or so. >> right now, all eyes are b on hurricane matthew. as it moves through the caribbean. right now cuba and haiti right in the path. storm team, bill ray ising
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the latest hurricane plane said they haven't changed any winds. they have noticed the pressures dropped ant eye is concentrated a little bit. they're thinking the winds is beginning to stay sustained. you can see the eye there. just been wobbling around. kind of drifting to the northwest and north. a lot of thunderstorm cluster around it. and some blowing up to the northeast of it. there's jamaica. and there's haiti. and here comes the path for you. 145-mile an hour winds. that's a category 325 mile south of haiti. let's move it through. and you can see it nipping haiti and eastern cuba tuesday. and wednesday in the eastern bah had a ma'ams -- bahamas. that's down to a category 3. that's still the same strength of what hazel was and flied -- floyd when it came through. this is the latest the
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of the wilmington. and a close up view of this category forecast two storm shows that cone of uncertainty. almost a circle. which means the it national hurricane center a little uncertain past that time. i'm more optimistic it's not going to go this way. and here's why we're looking. the national hurricane forecast goes up to about there. and what we've got to look at, past that, is what we look at to make the seven day. and right now model, west of the european model, they're pretty close together here. and the canadian model, way out to see. but let's looked at these two. there they are together. this is not two hurricanes. it's one storm. but look at difference. the american model takes off in sunday morning the european model could still be putting rain along the coast. but as long as either one of those happen.
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that means no landfall for north carolina. and that's what we're concerned about. we'll have to keep an eye on it. as we get closer to the week, hopefully this will be more insync. and we'll get a better handel. right now i'm looking at minimal impact. but we'll have thats from and your back to work and school forecast in a few minutes. a mom is grieving and seeking help as see prepared dechina smith was killed in a car crash late last night. the first in her family to go to college. cbs north carolina is here on more what the mom has to say to the driver responsible. >> reporter: she's relying on her faith to get through this and holds no grudges against the young man charged. >> faith has a lot to do with it. that's what's keeping me
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her goals. the first in her family to go to college, she had just started classes, hoping one day to be an ob/gyn. >> she said i'm going to be in school until i'm 29. >> i said as long as you're happy i support you 100ers. >> reporter: but those dreams would never come to be. saturday night, she was killed in a crash at the intersection of pilot rile lee road and franklin county. state highway patrol says 18- year-old mccalabrese ran a stop sign. investigators say she wasn't wearing a seat belt in the back seat. >> it's very dark down there. and there's only a stop sign. i think they should do better with maybe brining lights. it's a dark area. >> reporter: it's echoed by i neighbors in the area. >> they have quite a few wrecks
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anybody. >> reporter: smith says her daughter and brees were friends. >> i want him to know i city love him. -- i still love him. i just hold my head up high and take it day by day. she had other siblings i have to be strong for. >> reporter: troopers charged brees demeanor death by motor vehicle. her mom is inviting people who would like it honor her come to whitney pang tomorrow evening at 6 and asking for help to coverage funeral expenses. we have a link on our website. still no arrest on a greensboro shooting that killed two students students from a and t university. investigators say the two were caught in the cross fire while attending a house party a few blocks away from the university's campus. police say the students were innocent bystanders. adding there's no evidence they
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fayetteville police have charged ma ham ma al d -- muhammad alradi in a shooting. police say he shot his uncle after aneurinement. detective say he got into a heated arguemen and pulled a gun and shot him. police say the men we are business partners. he's charged with first degree murder. hillary clinton made a surprise visit to a charlotte members during the sunday morning service. she spoke to the predominate i will african-american congregation. she dressed the -- addressed the officer involved shooting death. and the unrest it poll elod. she had a message about those who she said further divide our country when times are tense. >> they say that all of our problems would be solved simply by more law and order.
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>> clinton also invited 9-year- old alafat to stand behind her. she spoke tearfully to charlotte city council last week about the scott shooting. meanwhile the state gop released a statement saying clinton is trying to persuade voters from the obama coalition when they have been unenthusiastic about clinton for president. still ahead, bill has your complete forecast. pl we'll have the reason the mvp
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for what's important tomorrow. all right. another nice day. but a hot day. we are october. >> we don't want to say hot, but pretty warm. the record is 91. >> and the record low, 32. so it can freeze on this but -- >> frost on the pumpkin at that point. >> yeah. we would have had that. but nowhere close to that tonight into tomorrow morning. don't worry about any extremes like that. 65 degrees. with partly cloudy skies. no rain. temperatures all in the 60s. 61 to south hill, virginia. 64 rocky mount and wilson. satellite picture, picking up some of the thin clouds. but relatively dry at the surface. we're not looking for any
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we do have some of these overnight clouds. we could have a little fog develop by your drive time forecast. especially east and southeast of the triangle. some fog is possible. otherwise pleasant temperatures and dry. when you hit the bus stop, we're back to school. any fog burns off. we should start out the day, mostly sunny. we'll pick up a few partly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. so with that in mind, the rays of sunshine for your monday could come >> 6. >> yeah. six. little bit of fog. otherwise partly sunny. how about 10:00. you'll see about 70. upper 70s into the early afternoon. topping out around 80. 77 at 6:00 and 72 at 8:00. so by definition, jq would say that's another day. fayetteville, a high of 83 today. you'll do it again tomorrow.
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81 in benson. and in the triangle, 79 chap million hill and durham. 80 in carey. 80 in raleigh. we did get up to 79 today. still above normal. a normal high 77. stationary front out east. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. a little flow out of the northeast for that high. and that'll build in to the northeast. which will keep our temperatures in check. as a matter of fact, it'll be a little cooler on tuesday. in the 70s and even cooler stil w with that northeast flow around. so as we look at forecast, once again tomorrow, 80 degrees. we will see highs right around 80 edegrees. compare that to what's going to happen tomorrow -- or tuesday, i should say. and 77. you can see the yellows taken over the maps. so a nice little spat there. and even cooler on wednesday. 74. now at the top of the newscast, we talked about how i think
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forecast. at least my long range maps. i'm going to keep that and mean that we could show a couple showers our way on friday. but the bulk of the rain, if it stays off shore, will continue out to sea. this is your long range friday outlook. maybe a couple showers coming our way. on saturday, just depending on the speed. we'll somehow you hoe one model is a little slower. it could mean, if it's the slower version, could mean some outer saturday. set p sunday. 72. sunshine. low humidity and 72. that's not going to be hot. things are going to be really, really nice. we deserve that. but we got to keep an eye on matthew and we have too that all week. s we will be in here all night toen motor and hopefully it'll continue to behave. >> that's what we want. all right. you're caught occupy on news and weather and it's time to pass the baton. >> throw the football.
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hello and welcome to the sunday's sports wrap. tonight we'll break down a record setting weekend on the football field. plus highlights and reactions from the highlight game and weal give you tips on your fantasy line ups. and go into the locker room. anded a story of a local >> we have all of that. but we'll start with cam newton and the panthers. knowing they could not afford a loss. unfortunately that's exactly what matt ryan wanted to give them. he went 5 for 5 and finished with a touchdown pass to jacob tammy. great for my fantasy team. after a failed carolina drive, the falcons get the ball again and score again. pantherrers -- panthers offense
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early. scores in the pick six. the falcons up just 7 points at half. in the second half, the panthers went into comeback no mode. they were down three scores until that. but on the the two point conversion, things got scary. for some run, newton slowed down. oh, you don't that because you take huge hits. cam went into the locker room and did not return to the game. late in the qb led carolina down the field. if you're a panther's fan, that's the play of the game. you're a falcons fan, this is. ends carolina comeback homes with a 75-yard catch and run. finished with 30 yards receiving. 300. that's good enough for fifth most in nfl history. julio and the falcons give the panthers a third loss of season
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>> we saw julio as an explosive player. we knew he was an explosive player. sometimes you have to get credit to point. and again -- opponent. i'm giving credit to them. they did some good things. >> >> the panthers take on the buccaneers one week from tomorrow. the bills ron effort branton gives him the shot. breaking out some no one was hurt. on the field, it was the buffalo bills throwing the knock out punch right here. for the touchdown. can you believe that's all they would need? could not generate any offense. and has this costly full. new england shut out at home for the first time in 23 years. cleveland taking on washington. deshawn jackson wearing custom calculates to protest -- cleats
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justice. the rest of his team look pretty good. kirk cousin tossed three touchdowns on the day. two of them going to jordan reid. washington had a 34 point lead when he came down with that interception to sale it. carolina could have used josh norman today. washington beats cleveland 31- 20. dallas rookie quarterback prescott went without his security blanket. dez bryant out with an injury. looking to take advantage and even the bryant says hishes he could play. early on, the cowboys sure could have used him. sweeps in for a 14-0 san francisco lead. but dallas battles back. replacement, ties the game. from president cannot. that leaves up to a another dallas rookie. zika with a 138 yards. dallas wins 24-17. well, if you're like me,
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what make nfl sundays fun. the other part is winning fantasy football games. we'll let you know about all the fantasy studs. and who fell short of expectations and we'll let you know who you need to have in your line ups next week. let's start with today's studs. and if it's hard to look much further than jones. but he gets his own segment. the falcons white out had 300 yards seeing. that's only happened one other ti i think it's fair to say if he's on your team, you're celebrating a win. and rob ronskok, was drafted in the first or second round in many fantasy rounds this year but he hasn't played a that the level yet. jets running back mack forte also struggled. 37 yards on the entire day. so if you're already looking ahead to next week, here's some guys i think will have break
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against the browns as well as. carson wentz is coming off a bye week. and mike evans will in this case a carolina defenses that just gave up 300 yards to julio jones. and if you have line up questions or a trade you're think ant making. feel free to reach out to me on facebook or twitter. so, guys, which play it you select for the high school play of the week?
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well, in college football, we saw some great games yesterday. nc state picked up a big win over an instate rival.
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tarheels. put on an absolute show. once again this weekend, wrapped up over 400 yards through the air and even found the enzone once on the ground. came down to a 54-yard tarheel field goal. the ending was as dramatic as it gets. and in the locker room after the game, you could feel the excitement. >> you know, it's about our preparation. and then just playing out there. playing together, loving each you played hop harder longer than they did. >> that's a good recipe. the tarheels have another chance to get a big win this saturday when they take on virginia tech. the new college football polls came out this afternoon. and they were a few shake ups in this week's rankings. the top two teams the same as a week ago. alabama and ohio state. clemson moves up 5-3 and follow their upset against florida state, they are now ranked number 17. now, speaking of unc, they're
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virginia's goal keeper ends up on the wrong end of the head butt. they give up a quick goal. cavilers up 1-0. but with just eight minutes left in regulation. carolina's megan buckingham drills a shot. they went to overtime to set this will one. but even after ot, this a 1-1 tie. marie had his ups and downs. and everything seemed to come easy. his college words were marked by transfer after transfer after transfer. but murray got it together and next year he'll realize i had life like dream. >> i think it'll will hit me once i hit the first tee shot in my first event. >> reporter: he's been training for this moment since he was 8
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i have been working for the last 15 years and change. >> a golfing legend growing up in the triangle. he won three straight championships. and was the top ranked golfer in his age group. on this day, the memories come rushing back. >> it wasn't long ago where i remember my dad was just driving me out here. i got the scholarship when i was in the 8th grade and obviously i didn't have a license then. my dad would pick me the first thing i wanted to do every day. >> that hard work has paid off. a spot is secure. nothing can slow down murray. not even a chicken. >> so i by the into a chicken leg. -- bit into a chicken leg. already had a root canal. and it fractured. so i pulled it out a week later and i have been toothless ever since. >> last weekend murray went
11:26 pm title. so he should be able to take care of the tooth. time day -- final day play today. and what a match. whooping and hollering and egging each other on. reid will finally close out the match. with a birdie at the 18 ott hole. ryan moore will then close out the win. concede the short put and the americans are victorious winning by 17. sprint cup racing. on the bubble to 12. his hopes dash. when the engine blows. murray eliminated from the chase. very much alive. he loves racing. getting his second win. the monster mile. the man to beat in the chase. as the drivers head you have to charlotte. north carolina state's basketball. continue their success. getting a commitment from former garner high school.
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state championship. scoring 16 points in the state championship game. well, every week we see hundreds of great plays on the high school football field. last week was no exception. on friday, we showed you three plays that earned spot of our game of the week. today you died that will emanuel deserved to gave the capitals some first momentum rife. congrats to will teammates out at broaden high school. that is all of the time we have for the sunday's sports wrap this week. be sure 20 join us for even more local sports news. we'll of course break down the panther's season. it looks like he has a concussion. so we'll update you and we'll also swing by out tarheels. you can find that all right
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