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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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today. and we've got a look at the final seconds of the panthers game that ended with a loss for the cardiac cats. >> thank you for watching. i'm justin quesinberry, in for russ bowen. >> glad to have you along. good morning to you. i'm stefan chase. let's find out about the forecast with bill reh. >> if you remember how you felt yesterday you will feel that way today, except -- it's friday. so that's -- you good. 71 raleigh, 72 fayetteville, skies are clear, a few clouds up in virginia but i'm not too concerned about that so bright and dry at 9:00 a.m., 77, 90 at lunchtime, 94 and sunshine this afternoon. we'll see a high of 95 degrees. you're talking about the professional football game but we'll have the friday night blitz forecast and there's a certain game that is huge. that's coming up in this half
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north korea announced it conducted a higher level nuclear warhead test explosion. >> it's pyongyang fifth atomic test and second in a few months. it's called an act of recklessness. some shot a student in the head outside a utah high school. >> faculty members heard a gunshot and squealing tires around 9:00 last night. student's condition or if any arrests have been made. a 14-year-old girl shot a female classmate before shooting and killing herself. the victim is expected to survive. the sheriff's office said the girl who brought the gun to school move into the area six months ago. votes for campaign 2016 could begin as early as today. >> it will be the first
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their boat. beairshelle edme has more on if you plan to vote early. >> reporter: mail carrier could have a heavier load with ball lolls ballots across the nation. things are moving fairly quickly. it means you're typically voting by mail and can send it in via e-mail and fax. the first requirement to vote by absentee ballot is to be a be registered to vote. many people choose this option like military members serving overseas or around the country or college kids who won't be home for election day. the first step is requesting absentee ballot where you will
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number, date of birth. you will receive that, make your choice, mail it back, e- mail, or fax to the board of elections. there are some deadlines in order to make requirements for registration. you have to be registered by october 14 and. we have more information live in raleigh, beairshelle edme. the state board of elections vote on 33 plans for 12 hours yesterday. 33 counties did not come to a decision and had to present plans to the board of elections. sunday hours, extra voting hours, and additional locates were talked about. some areas were against extra
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have eight locatings for the first week of early voting. >> i'm really not shocked and excited and joyous and think what we were asking made sense. this afternoon, a funeral will take place for a fayetteville business owner beaten to death. they're accused of killing mike mansfield and men starred inside a bar on sunday morning before iting to the parking lot. surveillance video is not expected to be released yet several areas will mark 15 year since the 9/11 attacks.
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owners will walk up 78 floors, marking the highest level they reached in the world trade center south tower before it collapsed. the run begins around 9:30 this morning. third annual stair run honored nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks. six victims were unc alumni. participants will climb 2076 st of the world trade center towers. the memorial run is in less than 30 minutes. the 18th corps will honor victims of the 9/11 attack with ailette playing, gun salute,
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there will be a slide show and also two teachers who were there on that day in new york city at the terror attacks who will speak. you can head to for a full list of local remembrances that take place today through sun. information can be found on the right-hand side of the home inch the first nfl game of the season, books, so they thought. the broncos won 21-20. cam newton was sacked lee times. not the news you want to wake up but roads are looking pretty good through you have the hop spot scotch going on
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gourmand street is closed until friday. lake wheeler to tryon. no des are the it will get crowded later. that's at the crown coliseum. i-40 at 540, starting to pick up, no delays just pet. thanks, ali. . three people are recovering after being shot in two separate shooingsing plus constricting reports about what happened the night a kenly police officer used a
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the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
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the search is on for clues after two shootings within ten minutes of one another. police responded to maple street just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon where a man and woman were found shot. moments later, another call on harvard avenue where a man was shot. the victims are expected to survive. wele said officers are still investigating and following up on leads, but there is no word on an arrest. if you have information, call police. all right, what we've got going on, temperature in the 70ish degree range, nothing too extreme but will feel
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that should help. i'm expecting 72. sunrise 6:53 so at 7:00, 71, as cool as we will be, 77 at 9:00. plan on mainly clear, mild, nearly calm conditions for your drive time forecast today. sunny, hot, and humid this afternoon, southwest winds 5 to 8, 95 degrees. yesterday officially we hit 96. today almost low 90s on sunday and then a chance of a couple of showers and storms -- i'd say after 4:00 -- on sunday. otherwise muggy. cooler air son the way, i promise. it's an election year. i can make promises, right? >> that's right, bill. we turn to serious news. an orange county middle school grieving the loss of a student. fred see moore was a rying eighth grader and collapsed and
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gramberly hill posted picture from cam newton and note expressing deep sympathies and explains the team's motto "keep pounding." that came from sam mill who used the phrase during an uplifting speech during his battle with cancer. 5:42. an update about the hoa embezzlement investigation that involves $1 million in missing money. plus what hand i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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north korea announced it conducted a higher level warhead test explosion. in it's pyongyang's fifth test and second in eight months. 2016 president bible candidates are sharpening their verbal attacks. clinton labeled trump a gift for i.s.i.s.
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wednesday. trump stands by his remarks and said she is trigger happy for voting to go to war in iraq. well fargo agreed to pay $190 million in fine and compensation to the government. it illegally opened more than 2 million deposit and credit card account without authorization and authorities of employees were fired. jesse sanafore appeared in court yesterday and unlawfully used a taser after a chase. he later died. he was running towards the officer and refused to follow orders but district attorney doyle revealed two credible witnesses say otherwise. >> they said he turned and put
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got out of the truck and never put his feet down on the ground. >> he was released on $20,000 unsecured bond. patrick cannon is expected to be released and was accused he will pay off a fine and serve probation. more than two dozen hoas targeted and $1 million missing. we have been following story for weeks. last night, police updated those affected in wake and john on johnston counties. >> want to be a part of where i live. >> reporter: that's why she
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homeowners association. cornerstone took advantage of that. >> close to $1 million in losses. >> reporter: hoas entrusted corner stone to manage lauren freeman and a representative from the state attorney general's office and others tell me the investigation would take time and should move forward. >> do you think they'll get their money back? >> it's early in the process. we're lucky to know some have
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of the homes, how will we take care of that? all of that will take time. rene chavez has been going to duke for therapy and has had no complication and said the procedure has been life changing. >> little by little, slowly, i am discovering everything i can do. >> he has returned to writing with that hand and has a 5-year- old frandson at home and one of the goals was to be able to play ball so we have been
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well. >> he has received calls from people interested in future transplants. amazing recovery and can play. >> football or baseball? >> feels like it's football season. it's hot start. a big number. >> nine. >> sunny skies and will be humid, near steamy category and will have a chance of storms.
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hot. 30% chance after 4:00 in the afternoon through the evening hours of a shower or thunderstorm and a couple of clouds but in general, partly sunny skies and forecast roxboro and 70 durham, 72 goldsboro. the heat index numbers will be in the upper 90s, around 4:00, 94, 89 at 6:00, a warm evening
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august, right? this is going east and will show up into the afternoon and there it comes, mostly sunny and will see the front approach. in the a shower or thunderstorm. 95 degrees. tonight, 80s for friday night blitz, warm and humid, 75 in the fourth quarter so plan on warm, hot football games. saturday, big game, 92 degrees. greenville, 90s, hot and muggy
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sunday and cooler air next week including 83 by thursday. there could be another front on wednesday as we kick to 88. the 90s should be done for a while. ali? >> good morning. hopefully people remembered to drink water. we have a crash in raleigh prying and early, take you to it, raleigh at newborn crash is not causing delays. it's closed between martin and davy street for hopscotch and expect it to be busy and fun. durham, no delays there and fayetteville, crash free on 95 and cumberland county fair,
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quiet on 540 and crash free. >> glad to hear that. thanks, ali. a rescue effort in the french alps. why 65 people had to spend the night in a cable car and what they were given before crews could reach them. and here's what is later on cbs this morning. captain will be on the hudson river to talk an the day his plane talk an the day his plane crashed down come on duck! (puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage.
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an operation to rescue dozens of peopling stuck in a cable car high above the french alps continued. 110 people got stuck when cable car stalled yesterday. officials believe the car
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about half were rescued and the other half had to wait until this morning. the stranded tourists received survival blankets, energy bars, and bottles of water. it was not safe for helicopterrers to bring them down because of the darkness and rough flight conditions. the annual stand up to cancer telethon will air tonight right here on cbs north carolina. joe biden is set to speak. she lean deion, dierks bentley and keith urban more than $370 million has been pledged for research. and "in god we trust" sign and decals will be put on signs and buildings. it won't cost a dime for the city to do it. harnett county approved having the decals on county buildings. independently, the sheriff's
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killings. a golf club in sanford is up for sale. currently an appraisal company is taking online bids. the 18-whole hole course was designed by a protege of donald ross, who designed pinehurst number 2 course. the market value is $1.9 million. time right now is 5:57. north korea conducted its fifth and largest test. world leaders are now responding. >> also coming up -- lauren? hundreds are now filling the memorial stadium and everyone behind me is expected to climb more than 2,000 steps in honor of victims killed 9/11. we will have a live report nicks. and we have your forecast and your traffic this morning. we'll break it down for you,
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>> this is a time to put country over party. now on cbs north carolina, hillary clinton is in the tar heel state. the message for voters and lawmakers in north carolina. plus this. >> this was muskie want scale. customers charged for accounts they didn't know they had. investigators hope to learn about the origin of life through as road. we'll have more on the first-of-


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