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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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why mike nyfong is testifying. one of our big stories, the tropical storm warning,. >> chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is straiking this -- tracking this system and two others two will come close to our coast but for us, the impact will parts of the coast could see tropical storm force winds. here's the big picture, gaston, the category 2 hurricane, not a player for anyone on land.
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coastline. here's the latest. 35-mile-an-hour winds. boy, is it a slow mover. right now about 150 miles but it is expected to make that turn to the northeast by the middle it will only come about 200 miles. our biggest story is something else. it's a cold front as we get ready for the holiday weekend. a raleigh police officer is recovering after a shooting. the officer was shot following a foot chase. our steve sbraccia is month
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>> reporter: that shooting left the suspect dead. he was killed a quarter mile down don ross drive. that's about the area where this happened. tonight we're ausing 911 calls as well as -- using 911 calls as well as eyewitness accounts. before pe asking for help. >> there's a man outside. they've been here four times now. >> did he pull up his shirt and show you a gun? >> i seen the gun in his hand. >> reporter: a neighbor said the officer went to this duplex on donald ross drive. >> he was knocking on the door trying to talk to someone.
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was inside the home when gunfire erupted. >> i seen the police running up the streets, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: she said she couldn't tell who was doing the shooting because had happened beyond her line of sight. >> that was up the hill past the nursing hoax -- home. >> reporter: at this point they are not the police officers or the man. the wake county d.a.'s office will have responsibility for deciding whether there needs to be a prosecution. they will take a look at reports being made by the fbi and the internal affairs unit. i'm steve sbraccia, cbs north carolina. we return to breaking news. the teenager living in durham
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custody is speaking out. 10-year-old wildin acosta was released two weeks ago after posting bond. let's take a live listen in. >> i was about 7 to 8 years old when my dad migrated u.s. when i was 13 or 14 my mom also migrated here. when i was in honduras i was only with my older brother who was about 22. during that time i would look
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as well because during that time it was only him and i. during that time i started my studies. when i was about 17 years old, i attended a church. we had one day we went to the park and it was my turn to talk about god to some youth. >> when i found a youth group.
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through a translator. he fled honduras and was put in ice custody. in the past couple of weeks he was released from the facility. he posted bond and is expected to have a new hearing. it's in the clear when this will happening. michael hyland is covering it and we'll have the at an infamous former durham county attorney made his way back in court. michael nifong is most remembered for his role in the duke la crosse case in 2006. he was accused of inappropriate comments and withholding evidence.
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license. he spent one night in jail for his contempt of court. david, what is his role in this case? nifong wassed lead prosecutor. they tried to get a new trial. they said new evidence implicates another man. after sitting in prison derl waits for a new trial. >> there's no dna. there are no fingerprints anywhere. there's no evidence he was in the apartment. >> reporter: more than a decade
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a judge overturned it saying mike nifong made false and misleading arguments to the jury. howard's attorney said new dna evidence presented another man's dna was found on one of the victim's bodies. they're asking the judge to uphold the conviction. >> the dna did not match howard, but there was sufficient evidence for each element of the crime to uphold urn, when you look at this case, you have to look at paul of the evidence. >> reporter: and we briefly spoke to nifong today. he is expected to testify at some point tomorrow. david hurst, cbs north carolina. the presidential and gubernatorial elections aren't the only tight races going on right now. >> diseb a ross and richard burr are neck and neck.
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into campaign donations for both sides. >> plus, multiple cases of zika confirmed in our area where the infected people are. >> as we head to break, a live look from the outer banks. wes hohenstein has a full look
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state
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multiple cases of zika in the county. it's a group that recently carry -- traveled to the caribbean, and none of them nan remember to avoid mosquito bites. coming up next, we are digging into the u.s. senate race here in north carolina. cbs h breaks down campaign contributions. >> the woke startings off busy. we're tracking the tropics and storms. we're tracking a cold front.
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democratic senate candidate deborah ross sat down with political reporter beau minnick who joins us in the studio. >> reporter: ross is calling her plan putting people first. sh opponent richard burr. >> north carolina clearly need as change. >> reporter: and deborah ross wants to bring the change. she's announcing annette thicks plan -- an ethics plan. >> so you're not make those deals while you're still a sitting member of congress. >> reporter: pros outlined her plan for cbs north carolina.
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richard burr saying he voted against the stock act of 2012 which was designed to combat insider trading. >> he put his own interest ahead of the people. >> reporter: insider trading was already illegal and a redundant law. they're critical of the 2011 bill that burr cosponsored that re vehicles while he had stock in some natural gas companies. burr said that never became law and could not change the value of any stock. >> on education, on veterans issues. he's chairman of the senate intelligence committee. that's something that north carolina voter really care about. >> reporter: the burr campaign also voiced their own concern with ross' record looks at ross' time in the statehouse of
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>> the creation of the sex offender registry in north carolina she doesn't have an answer for that. >> it sounds like politics as usual. i voted for it. i voted to strengthen it 18 times while i was in the general assembly. they're in the looking at my record and not paying attention to what the people of north carolina really want. >> reporter: most polls have burr up although ross' nu have rillsen. libertarian shaw hall has risen. we have more on including her responses to donald trump and hillary clinton. digging deeper into the numbers. burr is winning the fund- raising bat with $8.7 million. ross has brought in $3.9
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of burr's 4,000 donations 65% came from people living in north carolina. rolls has 5,000ite emized -- itemized contributions. a chapel hill school will redo its first day of school. children were sent home after a madge knocked out part of the -- power outage knocked autism part of system. the assistant superintendent said concerns about hot classes led to the precaution. parents told us it was invice- presidential and a good idea for student and staff safety. in the weather center with chief meteorologist wes hohenstein. watching some thunderstorms. >> we have three tropical systems, one holiday weekend and some thunderstorms. good news, they're not severe but heavy downpours mainly south of the triangle.
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showers and storms moving from east to west, so still sweeping across from the coast. goldsboro you're ready to get a heavy downpour, mt. olive, clinton and south into sampson county. not going to be around all night. most everyone else is dry. once again hot. there's only a few days left in august and they're all going to be around 90. as we head into this evening homework done you can sit back and enjoy 83. should be dry by 10:00. through the 70s overnight and day two of school or day 22 for some of you depending if you're year round or traditional. 69 is how the thursday morning mr. start off -- will start off. i think the headline stealer is
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tropical depression number 8 but the impacts for north carolina will be next to nothing for all three systems. what i'm excited about is this cold front. that will be here thursday night. yes this will bring us some rain but it will bring us a great cooldown. here's the big picture. gaston, category 2 hurricane. there's tropical depression number 9 and 8 and away tracks from the national hurricane center. the latest, there it is. if you watch that, it's not completely organized. it's not symmetrical or classical looking but we're starting to see a little bit of a circulation. 35-mile-an-hour winds. it's about 150-miles from cape
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biloxi or macdill in tampa. they were investigating both systems. a lot of dry air, a lot of upper level winds. we showed you earlier but i want to talk about this another easterly turn and why we're more account -- confident than normal. the entire cluster takes it off to the northeast. remember, when we look at these computer models, going. with tropical depression number 8 and look at tropical depression number 9, also taking that hard turn which will keep it 200 miles off our coastline. we'll start it tomorrow morning. there is what could be a tropical storm, continuing to move off to the northeast, leaving us generally dry tuesday and wednesday and here comes, as we get into wednesday
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staying well offshore as we wait for the cold front. a little bit of rain but also cooler temperatures. before the cooler temperatures get here, highs around 90 but after the front we've got 80s with low humidity as we head into the holiday weekend. our coolest day sunday, 82 degrees. that's a high temperature. >> and overnight lows. >> the best news is tropics not going to be a us. >> thank you. here's jeff jones with sports. >> as you know, it's game week for the tar heels. they tell us about the impact this first game could have on the rest of their season. plus, the broncos make a big
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay,
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g our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this.
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been waiting for. your guys are either 3 or five days away from kicking off the season. no one seems to be more motivated than the guys in chapel hill. the tar heels ended the year with back to back losses. it's not the way they wanted to finish things. they're looking forward to redeeming themselves this year. the coach said one game will not define this sean. break your season. it's -- this is the first important game. you heard me say it because it's our next game. then we'll focus on what happens after that. >> the tar heels opens the season this saturday against georgia. georgia announced their star running back will play in the game. he's recovering from a season ending knee injury. to the nfl and that week
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denver announced trevor simeon will start with is being-- with carolina. the second year pro gets to make his debut against the nfc champs. there will be a new face on special teams. they spent several years with the 49ers and most recently the browns. in high school football we saw tons of great plays this weekend and this might be the best of the bunch.
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he tossed an 85-yard touchdown. talk about making something out of nothing, very nice play there. they went on to win the game. >> plus, keeping a close eye on the tropics. >> many times going into the holiday weekend we like to ramp it down at work. i can't do that this week. we've got three things. we've got a cold front and three more days in the 90s before that cold front brings us rain thursday. we've had a lot of we've had tropical systems on top of us, ?? worried about your cable internet price skyrocketing? don't wait for that to happen. switch today to high speed internet from at&t... and enjoy the peace of mind... you get with an everyday price. call now and switch to high speed internet from at&t. at just $30 dollars a month, with a qualifying bundle, you get an everyday price with no extra monthly fees.
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y23aoy yi0y captioning sponsored by cbs >> calling it quits, hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin splits with former congressman anthony weiner after he is caught up in another sexting scandal. also tonight a wild scene at lax. >> it was running towards us. >> for the second time this month, reports of gunfire touch off panic at a major u.s. airport raising concerns about security. >> takata is linked to another death, this time a truck carrying air bag inflators explodes and levels a house. an remembering gene wilder and his comedy from willie wonka to young frankenstein.


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