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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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discovered about the family and who helped get them all out. >> a very busy night with news that is for sure. 5:30 in the morning good morning everyone. it's north carolina news thanks for watching, i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we're going to get to the morning news but first let's get to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont with the forecast. good morning, guys. yeah, thursday or friday eve as our ali likes to call it. lets get started with our forecast. pretty clear skies, again, no rain as we do start o head out the door you will not need the umbrella. you'll need those sunglasses as soon as it's sun rises. so lets get to the current temperatures, we're here in the mix of mid-60s in the triangle. off to the east the low six ties through louisburg, clayton through rocky mount. 61. >> we head towards roxboro, 66 there. south, 66 in raeford and 68 in fayetteville. so here's a look at your forecast for the day ahead.
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pleasant. >> warming up fast today. 84 at lunchtime. we make it to 90 that could be the first 90 degree reading of the week. more on the rest of your work week forecast and the weekend ahead in just a little bit but right now send it over to ali what's the latest. we have a lot going on on this friday eve as i like to call it. through the raleigh area we do have a crash out there causing some moderate delays. wilmington street at tryian road heads up to you there. we have eastbound, ramp to gorman street closed you want to get off at lake wheeler road, i-40 west. starting at 9:00 a.m., we're going to have inside lane closures on i-40 right near the wake county johnston county line in garner between exits 306 and 309. for maintenance work so a heads up going to be a lot of crews working outside there. head through fayetteville, no accidents, no road work to report to you there.
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not too much tulane about there. head on the clayton bypass, certainly the time to do it to u.s. one only going to take you 11 minutes. a live look outside at i-40 at lake wheeler road. again, the area you want to take to get onto gorman street is that exit. right now, we're going to take you back to breaking news. the death toll in italy has risen to 247 after a devastating earthquake rocked the central part other country on wednesday. >> it struck e searchers continue to dig through the rubble in homes of finding survivors. emma wright has been monitoring this all morning, live in the studio with an update. emma a local group actually felt that quake. >> reporter: they did the elon of the women's basketball team was travelinin europe and staying in italy not far from the quake. everyone is okay. overnight rescue crews searched for survivors. the hardest hit areas were
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one of the worst hit was the town of amatrice where initial reports by the government said over 50 people were injured and -- 50 people were killed and dozens more were injured. more than a thousand people have been displaced by the earthquake. some of the rescue operations have been slow because of the remote locations of some of the towns and villages. the elon women's university basketball team was in rome. they say they but shaken up. >> just still kind of in shock about the whole thing and knowing that we were so close but fortunately, we were blessed to jerry one being okay and nothing major happened at our hotel. >> reporter: the team is safely back in north carolina this morning. italy however is undergoing urgent search efforts. at least 12 people are dead and more than two dozen injured after a militant attack on the american university of
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students, three police officers, and two security guards. the assault began yesterday evening with the suicide car bombing at the university's entrance in kabul. eight and a half hours later the siege ended when police killed the two tackers. more breaking news a barn full of hay and farm equipment went up in flames. the call came out around midnight near race track and lancaster store roads. crews blocked lancaster store road to fight the fire. no reports oin into how it all started. the assistant fire chief says he expects the fire to burn for days but says it will not spread. also breaking overnight two men are in the hospital that's a stabbed each other during a fight. according tour the aberdeen times they got into a fight around 9:30 ate home on rockingham street in moore county. authorities have not released the men's names or conditions. today the greenville man accused killing his girlfriend
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court today. dibon jab toone beat 32-year- old garlette howard and the three girls to death last week with a hammer before leaving town. he's now officially charged with murder of the three girls. he'll face those new charges in court today. fayetteville police are trying to track done people who kidnapped raped and beat a woman. the victim was walk when two suspects approached hit her over the head and dragged her into a car. police say is to an abandoned house where she was beaten and raped. police are trying to figure out if she was targeted. a fort bragg satellite and radar composite jen is expected in court to face additional rape charges. police say 127-year-old justin lewis was already charged with indecent liberties wilts a child. yesterday they charged him in connection with the rape of a
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fayetteville police upgrade aid charge for a man accused intentionally hitting and killing a man. investigators say atkins called 911 after the incident but died at the hospital. police originally charged riley with involuntary manslaughter but upgraded the charged yesterday to first degree murder. riley is expected in court today. update to a story we brought you yesterday. a pregnant woman, her 8-year- old son and >> the house is on the cobble stone subdivision off highway 70. the fire quickly spread. but not before the entire family including the dogs managed to escape with the help of neighbors. >> my husband ran next door thank you go check on them. >> there's a fire outside of their house. it looks like it's coming from a car. i'm going to the back door now. >> the homeowners tell us the fire was starred by an outlet outside of the house. it spread from the suv to the
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the red cross did help the family find another place to stay. their second child due in october. but how traumatic. >> that situation could have been so much worse. time right now 5:37 a wake county principal will leave her school and head to a courtroom. what police say she did and what she says really happened. restaurant. shots fired inside when customers get into a fight with
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beautiful coming out this morning. could have left a window open but that's about to end. a wina. >> it's a winda. >> it was very comfortable. my ac wasn't running full blast. now tomorrow, a whole didn't ball game some enjoy it as who walk out the door. here's a live picture from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. as we start our morning just a few cars in downtown. so let's get to temperatures right now. 66 in clayton. 68 in siler city. also in the mid-60s around roxboro and durham. henderson right now reporting 64 degrees so very comfortable. humidity still pretty much nonexistent for this time of year. 78 at 10:00 a.m. this morning. 84 at lunchtime. just a few clouds. still should be comfortable if you want to eat outside. later today the temperatures
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weekend just around the corner. let's talk about. a small chance for shower or storm both afternoons and the temperatures look pretty similar. 75 saturday morning. 93 in the afternoon. mid-70s a again sunday. back to 90 by sunday afternoon. a closer look at the rain chances and all you need knew know in your 7-day forecast coming up in 10 minutes. the cost for epy pens jumped hundreds of dollars and got the attention of lawmakers. still to come is defending the price hike. >> a recall e woman accused of
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welcome back. it's now 5:43 top stories. 247 people are dead after an earthquake strikes in central italy. >> the magnitude 6.2 quake reduced towns to rubble. emergency crews are searching for survivors. >> a very tough, tough night.
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a barn hay and farm equipment went up in flames. call came out around midnight near race track andrew lanier caster store roads. the sis ant fire chief says he expects the fire to burn for days but says it will not spread. >> u.s. women's goal keeper hope solo has been suspended for comments she made about sweden forcing the americans out of the rio olympics. she called them a bunch of cowards for focusing on fe sweden beat the u.s. 4-3. a wake county middle school principal expected in court to face accusations she says are not true. rdu airport police arrested her in june. davis is the principal at east cary middle school and was taken into custody after mr. license plate matched one from a vehicle stolen in fayetteville. however she told parents she's not driving a stolen car and believes someone took her license plate and switched it with not one. they dent believe davis was at fault the school district says.
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raleigh police are investigating a crash that sent two to the hospital. officers responded to the southall road and amberfield way fear pine hall plantation. the two people taken to. hospital are expected to be okay. right now we don't know if police have filed charges. a raleigh woman facing charges after police say she never showed up to pick her child up from a bus stop. it's protocol for moms and dads of students up through first grade to wait for students apt the bus stop. bus driver of driver says that was no contacted police. when police showed up at the home they say they found three children, ages one, three, and eight all unsupervised for more than six hours. >> the children are in protective custody. the durham sheriff's office is searching for thieves caught in the act. it happened in broad daylight. the homeowner owner took us around to see.
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house has been targeted. >> you would like to think that everybody can respect your things and property. you treat others the way you want to be treated. so i mean i guess i guess they want their things stolen and broken into. >> . >> fortunate he says his alarm system went off before they stole anything. you can see that video camera worked, as well. if you know who they are if you have any information call authorities. police in durham are still looking for the suspects who robbed two students at gunpoint in a dorm room carolina central university. the victims say someone knocked on the door at new residence hall. forced their way in, took several items and restrained them. no one was injured. the army resistive who shot and killed five dallas police officers showed symptoms of post true make the stress disorder. mike ca johnson returned home in 2014. at the time doctors concluded heaped no significant risk to himself or others after he
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anxiety, depression and hallucinations. [sound of gunfire] >> gunshots interrupted lunch at a restaurant in isn't. a waiter got into a fight with two customers and started shooting. witnesses say the customers were mad because their order was wrong. and they started hitting the waiter. well, the waiter left but did come back with a gun. >> he fired several shots at the ceiling. nobody was hurt but the waiter and customers all facing charges. survivors and victims families from th nightclub shooting will not be billed for out of pocket expenses. officials with both orlando health and florida hospital temperature the newspaper they will write off the costs. 49 people were killed in that june attack. lawmakers are demanding an explanation from the drug payinger responsible for the epipen. the cost which is used for people with severe allergies has gone up from rough lil' $100 for a two back in 2009-
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changed to better reflect product features and the value. the ceo has seen a pay raise of 600%. turning tour the weather we know for friend, family, people up in indiana, severe weather with all the tornadoes that they saw. not a good situation there. >> not a good situation. that's cold front. that will make it into our area. for us at least it is going to weaken considerably. just a few shower or storm approaches us. that won't happen until the upcoming weekend. in the meantime this is 66 degrees live picture from the raleigh studios. looking out over the beltline. trying to see that glimpse of brighter conditions. remember official sunrise just under an hour away. so we'll start to see color here shortly. let's get to the current temperatures. if you're getting ready to head out the door, still early but feeling fantastic. 61 in louisburg, clayton and
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66 in roxboro. towards portions of chatam county, 68 in siler city. sanford you're registering 62 as we start our morning. so here's a look at what to expect for the day. 70 at 8:00 a.m. so pretty pleasant there. pretty sunny. you'll need the sunglasses for your morning drive. 84 at lunchtime. a few clouds. then 90 the afternoon high. yes, this will be hotter than where we've been this week. humidity starting to make a comeback. i don't think you notice significant changes there, though, until tomo still in control of our weather. a few afternoon clouds and again, hotter. that starts stew slide to the east tomorrow. make weighing for the cold front. >> hotter ahead of that. humid, as well, but that front finally starts to move through as we head towards saturday. and in the meantime, as that front approaches, the humidity is going to climb. so today, we're clearly in that muggy category. that's dewpoint temperatures in the mid-60s. dewpoint temperature around 70
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stay there as we head into the upcoming weekend. so certainly going to make it feel a bit hotter than the low 90s that we're actually expecting. here we are at 7:00 a.m. this morning looking at pretty clear conditions. still around lunchtime a cloud or two. heading into the afternoon very similar to yesterday. so calling it partly cloudy, as we million dollars closer to sunset. few clouds will hang around overnight and will start us off on our friday. friday afternoon i can't completely rile of rule out a most of you will be on the dry side. ideal for any outdoor plans. update on the tropics. hurricane gaston strengthened winds 75 miles per hour. that storm and then 200 miles north west of puerto rico we have this area of unsettled weather. still abouty 50% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone. could be into the weekend before we see this develop into
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water near the bahamas. here we are raleigh high today of 90. >> 89 in durham and 92 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, we'll fall to near 71. stay on the warm side. mix of a few clouds, as well. as we head into the coming days those temperatures just continue to climb for us. 92 friday, 93 saturday. right around 90 on sunday. both days over the weekend having a small chance for isolated shower or storm. school on monday. 90 as we head into the afternoon. most of us staying dry as we head through the early part of next work week. 5:51 right now. let he head over to ali with a check on the commute. good morning things are looking a little bit better. crash we had on tryon road cleared. and road work is going to be wrapping up soon on i-40 eastbound ramp at gorman street is closed. you want to take the lake wheeler exit and get on the i-
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gorman street. if you're traveling through nash county a big heads up to you reporting the story all morning long, a barn on fire has roads closed at racetrack road andrew lanier caster store road. luckily these are local roads. haven't seen it affect much traffic but it is out there. let crews clear that up for you. fayetteville no delays to tell you about there. 95 moving well. wes this morning through raleigh no problems there. southbound into raleigh on u.s. 1 done to 16 minutes there. overall not too bad. 70 from i-540 to downtown, 12. taking i-540 to airport boulevard, just going to take you about 8 minutes. outside now to the durham freeway at cornwallis road we are starting to see things pick un. durham has remained accident free this morning, as well. beef we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning.
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today governor pat mccrory is set to get what his office is calling a major stayed wide law enforcement endorsement. the fraternal order of police already endorsed him for his second term. >> he u.s.a. received the endorsement other north carolina troopers association. no word on w endorse him today. a news conference set to take place in raleigh. he will face attorney general roy cooper this november. and today, south carolina governor nikki haley will campaign in fayetteville for governor pat mccrory. the two differ when it comes to house bill 2 and republican presidential nominee donald trump. hailey has publicly criticized trump while mccrory joined trump at a rally last month. rocky mount is joining a state wide initiative to cut down on underage drinking.
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the program calmed the talk it out campaign. they teamed up with wake county sheriff's office and wake and mecca bc stores to pass out bumper stickers. the message ties promote conversations about the dangers of underage drinking. at 11:00 this morning the rocky mount police chief will hold a news conference. and today a group of people plan to rally against rdu's plan for the future of nearby land. they're concerned about the impact on trails at lake road. people will gather at 11:00 this morning. that's when the annual greater raleigh convention and visitors bureau event is taking place. the ceo from rdu is one of the speakers. well, as students get ready for school to start some will be lucky enough to be in a brand new classroom. >> good morning, white oak elementary. >> white oak elementary is one of five new schools to open the doors this year. >> the surrounding area that
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growth. they will help accommodate the in flux of new students it also has the latest in ever changing technology so students can collaborate better than ever. >> through the technology, through the apps through the programs that we have. just a shift in learning. >> school staff is busy all week long getting everything from the catch tear yeah to hallways and classrooms ready. white oak will start with 400 but has a capacity for you, because you were there. >> just a great people and a wonderful new building. i'll tell you, every corner you turn there is construction. so you can really see the need out there for it. >> good stuff. >> yeah, for sure. time check, it's 5:57 still ahead breaking news a massive search for survivors continues after an earthquake hits in central italy. >> coming up, the new information we have learned about the number of victims who have already been discovered.
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a siege at american university in af gaps ends with more than a dozen people killed. the details as the dust begins to settle. >> a rape and kidnapping investigation is the top priority. they work to track down three suspects. >> the bell will be ringing a little later for durham high schoolers. we're going to show you why they're doing things differently this year. those stories and much more here on cbs north carolina. hello and good morning it is thursday. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase alongside ali warshavsky taking a look at traffic watching for problems. storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. we know that we had some


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