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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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saying, if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb. my position has not changed. like ronald reagan, i am pro-life with exceptions. we're waiting to hear from senator ted cruz. he released this statement saying, of course we shouldn't be talking about punishing women. both democrat presidential hopefuls also took to twitter to condemn the comments. now to an exclusive interview with republican presidential candidate john cay kick who's in town campaigning
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andrew siff sat down with the saturday one on one. >> reporter: it's worth pointing out that my conversation with john kasich was really a few minutes before this whole trump controversy exploded. we focused on kasich's efforts here in the now center stage new york primary, which he says he'll use as a bring board springboard all the way to the convention. i spoke with john kasich in an exclusive one on one interview after he taped a town hall with nbc's chuck todd in howard beach. do you have a chance to win this state? >> i think at this point we just want to get our infrastructure going and compete aggressively here. >> reporter: compete but not win. up pressed kasich about his unusual strategy to win
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his aim, a brokered convention. tell folks who haven't really dialled in about the details of this campaign, about why you're doing that. >> first of all, i'd like to be president because i have a record of helping people to secure their jobs and provide better wages and make sure their children have a good future. this isn't an effort to deny anybody anything. it's really an effort so the people can understand who i am, what my philosophy is, what my record's been. >> reporter: in what may be a new controversy, kasich and his fellow republicans are refusing to say clearly they'd support trump if he's the nominee. donald trump against hillary clinton, whom do you support? >> i don't want to get projecting what it's going to be, because i don't think donald trump is going to be the nominee . >> reporter: some people will hear your answer and say it's hillary clinton. why wouldn't you just say donald trump? >> because i wouldn't project about are the yankees going to may the met play the mets in the world series.
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see. kasich's campaign will have several events in new york city before the primary. he'll also be up the tv ads pretty soon. hillary clinton's hoping to get her new york campaign off to a strong start ahead of next month's primary. clinton held a rally at the famed apollo theater in harlem. in her speech clinton called ted cruz and donald trump truly scary and over their heads when it comes to dealing with national security. >> you know, loose cannons tend to misfire. and in a dangerous world, that's not a gamble we can afford. >> earlier today clinton made a stop at a bakery in harlem with long time congressman charlie wrangle. the primary is april 19th. the federal government and newark announced a settlement today to reform the city's police department. it comes after a justice
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used excessive force and stopped people for no legitimate reason. among the reforms, retraining officers on how to conduct a proper stop and search. training officers how to the deescalate situations instead of using force and installation of cams eras in patrol cars and body cameras. >> reporter: when that federal investigation first revealed wrongdoing, a lot of people asked at the time, well, what is city going to do about it? today we learned the answer is, a lot. the newark police department is making sweeping changes to the way they operate. on the streets in newark today, a feeling of hope among those who say they've been harrassed by police for far too long. >> we really need i.d. t because the cops out here -- it's outrageous. >> the cops with the body cameras and somebody training them, let's hope they can save this city. >> reporter: news of officer
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attorney today and a consent decree to make historic changes. >> it requires better training and updated policies so that officers understand when they are permitted to stop, search and arrest and when they are not. >> reporter: laquan thomas says he'll believe it when he sees it. he says he's been pulled over more than 100 times without being arrested. >> i just keep getting stopped. they box my car in. this is a good thing. they need to start doing their job right. >> reporter: new policy requires an end to racial bias during stops. officers will also be taught how to deescalate a situation without the use of force. >> you have to approach them in a better way. excuse me, sir, may i speak to you? and then they will come over and start to talk to the police officers. when they, gets on the wall, get down -- you know, you can't approach people like that.
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a culture can be changed. so we welcome it. >> reporter: in a city notorious for its murder rate and violent crime, some question whether this new approach will make the city safer. >> i kind of feel safe when i see the cops checking people, so it kind of goes both ways. >> reporter: i asked the president of the newark police union if he was worried about fighting crime with the new policy. he said absolutely not. they're looking forward to the new training and a better relationship with the community. a federal monitor will oversee the entire process. tonight we're seeing video after man police say threatened a woman's life in a violent subway robbery. this man came up behind the woman in brownsville on march 4th. the woman says he threatened to kill her if she didn't give up her cell phone. after a struggle he punched her
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indian point nuclear power plant says it is running safely. governor cuomo is not convinced. inspection shows hundreds of missing or deteriorating bolts in the reactor. the company says the bolt issues didn't impact public safety and will be fixed. the governor says the faulty bolts are troubling and validates the state investigation into the aging facility. news 4 also found broken bolts kept new jersey's salem two reactor shut down for months in 2014. four felony counts of endangering the environment. he is the master mind behind dumping toxic materials. he will be sentenced to one to flee three years in prison and be held responsible for the cleanup cost. a memorial today for the man who helped rebuild the new york
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that's his grandson earlier today performing a musical trouble to the former commissioner. his family and friends gathered to honor him after he died of cancer last week at the age of 83. he also served as deputy mayor. former mayor bloomberg touched on his legacy. >> he answered the call of duty from wherever it came, because it was the right thing to do and because it brought him joy. he wasn't in it for the glory. he never sought the spotlight. with uncommon humility he served with great honor. coming up, a former rikers inmate is suing the prison. coming up, why he says he's paralyzed after being held there there.
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to remake the nassau coliseum going? janice huff has a check on the weather for us. we didn't have to worry about blowing away today. the winds died down as predicted. next, 70 degree temperatures. after that we're tracking
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a part of the university's endowment does fund financial aid for low income students. but the goal is to encourage yale to do more to stimulate the state's economy. >> we'll be pleased if the bill didn't even result in a penny of additional tax revenue if it did spur additional spending and investment out of that very large endowment. >> we reached out to yale's public affairs office but have not received a response. a liker's inmate er liker -- riker's inmate is suing the prison for becoming paralyzed. >> he had gone for medical attention numerous times to the medical expert there is, to the physicians there, as well as complaining to prison guards about his pain in the back,
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and the best they did was give him aleve. >> ruben n n n -- a plan to reroute flight paths is supposed to reduce noise at a major hospital, but
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. lester holt joins us now. coming up tonight, donald trump made some news in an msnbc town hall meeting about nuke weapons and abortion. also, coming up tonight racing the biological clock. women are turning to a common test to be end the mystery over how much longer they can have a baby. a way to kind of really see the window. it's nicknamed the baby deadline test. we know a woman's chances to have a baby decrease by age 30.
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what that deadline is for a particular woman. we'll tell you more when we see you at 6:30. sibila? >> now to the project to remake the nassau coliseum. it started three months late and it's been the target of recent criticism about how much progress is being made and at what cost. so today the people behind the project let news 4 inside to see how it's coming along. >> reporter: photo op launched the nassau coliseum renovation four months ago. critics say the project has been a mystery ever since. today the coliseum's developers sought to address any questions by allowing us to see the work now underway. >> we are on time. we are on schedule. we are on budget. just where we wanted to be. >> reporter: demolition work like the removal of asbestos is still ongoing.
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than 40-year-old arena has been stripped to bare concrete. >> it's about renovation rather than demolition. >> reporter: renovation work should be completed next march, a 13,000 seat arena and amenities like a beer garden. all nassau says with no cost to taxpayers. but not everyone is buying it. >> we've all been kept in the dark. >> reporter: in a strange twist, a long island developers group wants more government over sight, arguing the project is being controlled by outsiders like the nets owner. >> we want to make sure long island has a voice. >> reporter: during our our tour officials danced around questions about where the islanders will ever play here again. >> you have to stay tuned for
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breaking news right now. a teenager struck by a car in the bronx. live pictures here from chopper 4. this happened just after 4:00 at east 156th street and union avenue. the 17-year-old male was taken to lincoln hospital with head and body trauma. the occupants of the car ran away after the crash. we will keep you posted as we get more information. a plan to reduce airplane noise over -- city leaders in program say the proposed path will send jets over schools and the garden state plaza as they approach the airport. there is good news for people in woodridge new jersey. the station along the bergen
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in 2008. the opening has been delayed at least five times since 2011. the station will sit in a neighbor of apartments, townhouses and shops. there's quite a bit of changes in the forecast coming up over the next three to five days. we do have warm weather coming, we do have wet weather coming and we might a little snow mixed in. right now we take a look at this beautiful view from our top of the rock camera. you may notice a lot less wind. still breezy and chilly this morning. tomorrow the wind is going to be warm. the temperature right now is 50 degrees in central park under mostly sunny skies. shore areas were in the 40s because of the south wind. jfk, 49. islip 49 as well. 56 in central park and 50s in bridgeport and newark this afternoon as well.
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a cool breeze today, but a warm breeze tomorrow. stays a little bit cooler at the coast because of the onshore flow. there's a look at that south wind. generally between five and 15 miles per hour at a steady pace. occasional gusts but not nearly as bad as 24 hours ago. right now it's in the 40s and 50s in terms of temperatures. near 60 right now in morristown and bridgewater. we see some 60s around cleveland and 70s around louisville. we'll also get some rain showers but not until late thursday night-early friday morning with the next system coming our way. it stays dry for the next 24 hours. and this mess or at least part of it that's producing thunderstorms and severe weather and possibly tornados over parts of louisiana, arkansas and texas heads east in our direction for friday.
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40s through the rest of this evening. tomorrow morning around k 8:00 we've got 40s and 50s. by 2:00 we're approaching and going beyond 70 in some of the inland areas. the rain doesn't really come in until friday morning. it's going to come in two stages. morning rain, then we get a little bit of clearing and the temperatures soar again. and then the last part of the system comes friday evening during the evening commute with a few more showers. that's the last warm day for a while. we're really going to cool down here over the weekend. 60 on saturday but even colder with maybe some snow flurries saturday night into sunday. an arctic blast hits us as april will be already in force. we've got the 1 first day of april
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>> that's an april fool's joke, isn't it? >> i i kid you not, i promise. is april upon us? yankees fans are holding their breath while mets fans with now exhale, sort of. coming up in sports matt harvey returns to the mound, but the results aren't pretty. highlights from port st. lucie
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matt harvey was back in action today? >> it was good to see him out there. after a medical scare turned out to be less severe than anticipated, matt harvey took the mound in port st. lucie as the mets wrapped up the grapefruit league portion of the spring. maybe harvey should have skipped this start and jufr mped straight to opening night. zimmerman opened a three run shot. noah syndergaard went three innings in relief of harvey and suffered the same fate, sur vendering a vend er . the mets will play two games in las vegas against the cubs before moving onto kansas city to open the season sunday night. the yankees are holding their breath after playing the braves
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check out what happened in the 7th. andrew miller gets drilled in the right wrist by a line drive. it was the only pitch he threw. he left the complex and went back to tram pa ampa for x-rays which were negative. the initial diagnosis is a sprained right wrist. radio city music hall will be jumped tonight. it's the mike and the mad dog reunion show. the iconic radio team will be reunited for one night before a sold out crowd. celebrities will be turning out in force to join the dynamic due duo. the sold-out event will benefit msg's garden of dreams foundation. >> what do you think of this re reunion show? >> it's incredible. you know how popular they were
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this is exciting, exciting evening. >> it's been eight years. they worked for 20. if it takes the field of dreams to get them together, it's helped over 275,000 kids. >> and finally opening day is just four days away. but not everyone is in mid season form. exhibit a, the nationals defense, sure the offense scored 12 runs but in the first daniel mur murphy and zimmerman have all sorts of trouble on this pop fly. it was generously scored a single. mets fans hope it's a sign of things to come for their divisional rivals. maybe they should have watched tulane last night, visiting lsu, the green wave turned in a slick double play. but hey, it's the 25th game of
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you know what? you can always learn from the youth, you know? they teach you well. >> yeah. coming up next, nbc nightly news. breaking news tonight. trump's abortion bombshell on msnbc. calling not only for a ban on abortion but saying women should be punished for having one in it's outlawed. tonight pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates slamming him, and late today trump with a rare reversal. violent night. a major outbreak of severe weather injuring tens of millions. tornado warnings and flash floods sweeping across the country. hospitals held hostage. filled with patients and paralyzing by hackers creating chaos, demanding ransom to gain back


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