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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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the commute, it's going to be a tough one. some trains are not running. we will be with you all morning to help you get through it. "today in new york" starts right now. good morning everyone. it's monday morning. it is january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett. i'm in for michael this morning. >> we want to get you caught up on the latest from the storm. many people in our area continuing to dig out. in queens, some streets look untouched by plows. schools are open in new york city. many others are closed, though. that includes newark, there's a list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. take a look at that. most mass transit is running. expect overcrowding on the long island railroad. it will only have seven of the 12 branches running. >> might be difficult. of course, this morning, our live drive camera on the hunt or unplowed streets and unfortunately, there are plenty of them. we found this one pretty bad shape. this is calhoun avenue in the bronx. our live drive camera on the
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trouble spots. >> we have team coverage across the region. everything you need to know about the commute. our reporters are out in neighborhoods still waiting for the plows. we begin with storm team 4's chris cimino. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're dealing with temperatures well below freezing especially in the suburbs. above freezing briefly. it can happen today. when it refreezes we get patches of black ice out there. slushy spots. be careful, it's slippery. again, more melting by this afternoon with temperatures once again getting above freezing. sunshine mixing with clouds. highs mostly between 35 and 40. it won't feel that terribly cold out there today at least. upper 20s astoria. upper teens across long island. now down to 12 in westhampton. 18 up in danbury. looks like 11 in bridgewater. one of the coldest spots right now. the day planner will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. we'll start out steens in the suburbs. 20s, near 30 in the city. mid-30s by noon.
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let you know if there's any storminess in the seven-day forecast in a bit. let's go over lauren scala. any new issues? >> no new issues. but we'll take a live look at westbound on the l.i.e. this is approaching exit 22b. that's the van wyck suppress ways, college point boulevard exit. what's happening is they're diverting traffic on to the exit ramp. you can get on a little ways after this. delays are minor getting into the area. if you're getting on the trains, metro-north on the harlem line, southbound trains are not stopping at tremont or melrose. lirr is a bunch of service changes and suspensions. lori bordonaro will have more on that in a moment. bus service on the gladstone branch. also cross honoring system wide today. path, everything will be operating with the exception of service between newark and journal square. nj transit cross honors. more weather and traffic on the
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a far from normal commute this morning, especially for anyone who relies on long island to get around. lori bordonaro has more with that. >> reporter: darlene, we're starting to see commuters trickle in here in lynbrook. they're getting here early because many of the trains are expected to be crowded. the trains running will have limited service this morning. many of the trains here are only running about every hour. at least they are running after being shut down all weekend. four branches, however are still shut down, far rockaway, long beach lines, hempstead and west hempstead. there is no service to and from atlantic terminal in brooklyn. several feet of snow has been dumped on the rails and they're using equipment to try and clear the tracks. a lot of commuters were left stranded over the weekend. many had to make alternate plans. but this morning, certainly an improvement. however, if you use the lines that are still suspended, you will have to find another option, whether it is a bus or a
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darlene and kerry, the station is still very quiet at this hour. maybe some people opting to take an extra day off. back to you. >> not a bad idea if you can. lori, thank you. it's 5:03. a lot of you are waking up wondering when you can get off of your own streets. >> plows worked overnight but still ground to cover in some neighborhoods. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in ozone park queens with that. kat, good morning. >> good morning to you. one of the biggest problems residents are telling us, they just know the children will be standing on the side of the roads because there is school today. waiting for that school bus. case in point, this area right here that we're zooming into, that's a stop for a city bus. there's a snowbank right there. anybody trying to get on the city bus will either have to wait on the side of the road or climb that snowbank, which is unlikely. because some of these sidewalk areas are unplowed. they're unshoveled. we want to show you this video.
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this is 82nd street. residents are telling us that a plow has yet to get to it. many neighborhoods in queens, in fact, people are telling us that they haven't seen a plow ever since the storm hit on saturday. they are still waiting in woodhaven. you met a car owner digging out his car with the help of neighbors. they started at 10:00 last night. we talked to them at 2:30 this morning when they were starting to finish. a livery cab driver who lives in qu eens describes people being prisoners in their own homes. even if they get out of doors, on the street they might end up stuck. >> all the streets are blocked. none is open. yesterday i have an suv and i'm stuck. can you imagine that? >> reporter: the sanitation department is working. those workers have been on the job 24/7 as you know, kerry and darlene. some of the neighborhoods in
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82nd street over there, we're getting images, twitter messages from corona, ozone park and the mayor is not happy with this but he's hoping that the plows get to those streets that are buried. back to you, kerry and darlene. >> kat, thank you. one of the issues, too, we talked about is buns they do plow, you have huge piles of snow. you have to stick your nose out to see and you're in danger there. >> the piles are so much higher than you're prepared for. >> when you get 2 feet, 2 1/2 feet, close to 3 feet, where do you put the stuff? sort of back up into the hume piles. it makes you feel for boston last year. they had things like this, three, four in a row. let's hope that doesn't happen here. we don't think hits going to. we're still digging out from this one. toms river at 11. down to 10 in hills borough.
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30 in the city. we're the warm spot. lot of teens and 20s surround areas. patches of black ice out there. some patchy clouds noticed mainly to the north. in central new jersey, a clear sky and the snow pack, temperatures are cold. holding at 30 in the city. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine head our way today. we may lose a few more degrees headed to the mid and upper 20s. back to the 30s. 38 by 3:00 with lots of clouds. no snow, no rain to worry about. really nice chance of showers coming along later tomorrow. by then, warm enough for rain. let's head over to lauren scala get the latest on a monday morning. okay. let's talk about mass transit. lots to talk about. we'll start with the buses. they'ree pekted to stay operating today. both local and express buses. expect detours. the road conditions will affect thaem greatly. let's talk about the cold weather plan affecting two
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the d trains running local between west fourth street and 145th. then the f is local. otherwise, subways moving along fine. let's talk about the major commuter lines. metro-north harlem line service changes this morning. southbound trains will not stop at the melrose and tremont stations. you need to use the fordham station or the bx 41 bus. path at 6:00 a.m., service operates on all path lines with the exception that there will be no service between newark and journal square in both directions. they continue storm cleanup but nj transit will cross honor. for lirr commuters, this just came in. partial service was expected to be restored at 6:00 a.m. that's been pushed to 7:00 a.m. no service -- partial service on the other seven but no service in both directions between jamaica station and atlantic terminal. also no service on the long beach, hempstead, west hempstead
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we'll continue to keep you updated. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. so much so get to this morning. unlike in new york city. newark not as committed to getting back to normal today. schools there will remain closed. the mayor was out all night long, tried to help people dig out. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in newark this morning. tracie? >> reporter: kerry, now that people are waking up, they're seeing what they're up against on these residential streets. according to social media, you can go ward by ward in newark and see snow-packed streets like north 11th where we're standing. down the street a little bit of action. it may be tough to see. but someone is trying to dig their car out and part of the street. show you video now of what this street looks like. it is snow-packed and residents tell us there hasn't been a plow on the street since the blizzard began. not only do they have to deal with the middle of the street but all of the snow built up
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the passageway very narrow. we saw a box truck that was going to attempt to go down the street and he backed out instead. fearful he would get stuck. >> even the roads that may have seen a plow, they're still bumpy. it's the reason that newark public schools are shut down today. city hall as well. we spoke to a woman just a short time ago about what she sees so far. >> like every street, no plows. can't get out. >> what do you think it will take to clean this up? >> oh, my god. oh, man. a lot. it's really bad. >> all side streets, even from where i'm coming from work right now, nothing is done. >> reporter: we're showing you bloom field avenue. what a difference that makes. you can see a little bit of blacktop here. this is a main thoroughfare through several cities in essex county and then you get back to these streets and the story is the same.
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residents, kerry, as to when they'll see plows. mayor razz baraka said they'll be up all night. >> so far -- that compounds the whole problem. we just checked a number of flight cancellations at the airports. according to flight aware. nearly 400 flights are canceled at our main three airports today. just checked. 234 flights canceled at newark liberty. 131 canceled at laguardia. 32 canceled at kennedy. if you're flying today, check with airlines and get an update on your flight status. >> 5:11 right now. some parl passengers wishing their flight was canceled. turbulence throwing people around in the sky. our live drive camera on the roads. meter avenue in the bronx. weather and traffic on the 4s is ahead.
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good morning. welcome back. it's 5:14.
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we have an update. the lirr, the expected partial service to be restored, it's not going to be restored until at least 7:00 a.m. a lot of that is due to refreezing. as we check in with chris looking at the weather picture, chris, this is a problem on the roads and rails and around the region, right? >> significant impact. there's a lot of residue. when you have that much snow that melts and refreezes, that's a process that will happen over and over again. not only last night. it's so much snow out there, takes a long time to break it down. the blizzard total at 26.8 inches. that was a tenth of an inch shy of tying the all-time record in central park in terms of where we should be so far for this time of the year. 27.2 inches. but where we normally are for the season. there's only 25.1 inches. the one storm exceeded our normal total winter snowfall in central park by a bit.
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more winter to go. i have a feeling the numbers will go up. patchy black ice. slushy spots out there this morning. be careful. sun mixed with cloud at times. next chance much precipitation, probably warming up tomorrow later in the day and in the evening hours. head today the 40s. southwest wind out of an approaching cold front. some variation to where we were 24 hours ago. colder in portions of central new jersey and across long island. yet the city, 8 degrees warmer this hour than yesterday morning and up towards north. same scenario. you see the satellite picture is there's more clouds in these areas. when you have a clear sky and snow pack, you lose the heat quickly. 18 in islip, same thing in danbury. 19 in newburgh. all the teens across new jersey. lower teens in bridgewater, down to 11. even up the shore in long branch, teens. lot of clouds, milky white.
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that's because you have warmer air. it rises up over the top of that cold air. reduces the moisture in the form of cloud. temperatures this afternoon, back into the 30s. that's where we should be this time of the year. that will lead to melting. clouds thicken up. patchy black ice possible. especially the colder suburbs north an west. the city at 32 isn't bad. some of the suburbs will slip to the low and mid 20s overnight. not as combed. the southwest wind during the day tomorrow. watch out for a couple of showers later in the afternoon. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 on, could be a few showers, but mild, back into the mid-40s. more melting and the rain will help. that will knock down the snow pack a little bit. once the showers go on through, a cold front will stall east of the area. then a wave of low pressure will form on that front. it looks right now like the bulk will stay to the east of us. it's just too close for comfort at this point to stay no. it's a total miss on friday. we're keeping an eye on it.
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colder thursday and friday. seven-day forecast, 38 today, 44 tomorrow. again the rain threat in the form of a couple of showers later in the day. a morning shower or a wet snowflake in the air wednesday morning. back to the 30s with colder air on thursday. upper 30s friday. careful eye on the storm on friday. we think it stays offshore. warmer on the weekend with temperatures in the low and mid 40s. heading out the door, climbing over the snowmen, what kind of commute do they expect? >> the roads are doing okay. a live look at the long island expressway in queens. all lanes were shut down a little while ago westbound. this is out by the van wyck expressway. exit 22b. you can see two lanes closed now. everything is starting to get by again. delays will ease out quickly. it's still pretty quiet. that's the latest on that. let's talk about the rails. if you're tuning in or heard darlene say a few moments ago, the partial service will resume at 7:00 a.m. much it was supposed to be at 5:00.
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so they're doing some work. the lines that will be providing partial service this morning, the port washington, oyster bay, part jefferson, ronkonkoma, huntington. let's talk about the fact that there's no service between i can't make a and atlantic terminal. no service on the long beach. hempstead, west hempstead. of course, as that changes, you will know right away. nj transit commuters, normal weekday service in place. but bus service will be provided between gladstone and summit on the gladstone branch. no rail service there. they're cross honoring. nj transit cross honoring tickets. parking rules are suspended today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thank you. 5:19 right now. seven people injured by severe turbulence that forced an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing.
5:18 am
the flight was headed to milan when it ran into turbulence over the atlantic. >> we were riding along and then turbulence. it's just kind of rolled on its side. and everything went flying and people -- it was pretty intense. >> none of the injuries is life-threatening. >> american airlines made arrangements to put the passengers up in hotel rooms overnight. they were told they were bringing in a new crew and the flight will continue into italy later today. >> a planeloaded with passengers had a small scare after delta flight 1409 landed from detroit. its wing was clipped by a boeing 767 that was being towed. delta says 153 people were on the plane at the time. nobody was hurt. the boeing aircraft was empty. >> c nbts money report, shakeup for multimedia. four of the top executives at
5:19 am
the executives are in charge of human resources and the twitter platform. they're on the way out in hopes of reversing the company's slump. that news announced in a tweet. >> of course it was. a hollywood star thankful for two little girls who came to the rescue during a blizzard. plus, look out below. a familiar problem on rooftops all across our area. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 5:24. this is our live view camera. eddie alonzo driving around the bronx. this is east tremont avenue. this is in the throgs neck neighborhood. lots of digging out to do. somebody trying to make a path from the street to the sidewalk. lots of people going to be parking their cars. you want to avoid having to go
5:23 am
find the entrance. >> people digging out hydrants as well. that's very important. oh, man. >> look out below. snow and ice fall from rooftops. that's following the massive storm in hoboken. firefighters used a ladder to knock down the snow from the building roof. >> that's crazy the way it all comes across. it's like a gingerbread house, or icing down the side but not as fun. >> my building yesterday, i was watching the ice fall off the windows of the high-rise. from my roof on to my balcony just smashing down. i was thinking about the people below. thank you balcony for catching that and saving someone. >> they had cordoned off the area and the security people were saying as people were walking by, don't look up. you don't want to be looking up with something like that coming down at that speed. >> oh, my.
5:24 am
off some of these higher buildings. 38 the expected high with a mix of cloud and sunshine. it's dry, nothing to worry about in terms of snow or rain at least for today or tonight. the bulk of the day tomorrow. not as cold. 20s in the suburbs. any time you melt things in the day, they refreeze at night. we'll see this play out over and over again. the patchy black ice. keep it slow for the monday morning. >> we're going to try. everybody is going to try for sure. >> thanks, chris. >> we have problems on the roads. this is the first overturned vehicle of the morning. starting to pick up. this is route 24 in new jersey. eastbound by 78. there's that overturned vehicle. be very careful. if you're just tuning in. lirr commuters, partial service will begin at 57 km. don't run out or stand on the platform too long. nothing will be going on for a while. seven branches expected to have partial service.
5:25 am
no service on the montauk branch east of spee yong. >> award nominee, not winner yet. >> one may be coming mark ruffalo turning to twitter users in new york to help after the blizzard. he posted a tweet saying that he lost his cell phone and his wallet and offered a reward and signed picture for their return. in a few minutes he tweeted that his search was over. he tweeted a photo of himself with two little girls. that's so cute. they helped him find his wallet intact. >> lots of good new yorkers out there. >> it's 5:27. coming up at 5:30, team coverage of the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016. >> reporter: i'm lori bordonaro live on long island where service is not yet resumed on long island railroad. i'll tell you what to expect for the morning coming up. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in ozone park queens.
5:26 am
plowed. the case here and so many other neighborhoods across the borough. you'll hear from residents what they're up against. all that and more when "today in new york" returns right after
5:27 am
insult to injury. 7 of 12 lirr lines were supposed
5:28 am
there is a delay. we're talking now with frustrated commuters. also backlash over a decision to keep new york city schools open. these are live pictures from ozone park queens where the streets in front of one of these schools is almost impassable. these are live pictures in east tremont in the bronx. black ice a major concern for drivers this morning. "today in new york" starts now. good monday morning to you. it's january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm kerry barrett in for michael today. we want to get you updated on the latest. everything you need to know before you head out the door. the pafrgs service expected to start at 5:00 a.m., it's been pushed back to 7:00 a.m. schools in new york city are open. but a lot of districts are closed. we have a list scrolling along the bottom of the screen for you. as this digout continues, the storm now being blamed for ten deaths in our area.
5:29 am
covering conditions across the area. we begin with chris cimino and what we can expect today, chris. >> it's a quieter day, that's for sure. we saw melting last afternoon. now we've got refreezing overnight. we have patches of black ice. we have to be on lookout for that this morning. not widespread problems. more melting again by this afternoon. sunshine mixes with clouds. temperatures back to between 35 and 40. i think we'll spend a few hours above freezing. we'll cut into the snow piles out there. it is cold to the north and west. califon down to 7. franklin at 14. sparta 20. towards the city, holding at 30. a lot of teens across long island an the jersey shore. intervals of both clouds and sunshine. not a bad looking day. temperatures should feel okay. a high of 38 degrees. cheng out the rest of the forecast -- here's lauren checking out the roads.
5:30 am
on the long island expressway. we'll take a look at this. earlier all lanes were shut down westbound. this is westbound by exit 22b, the van wyck expressway, college point boulevard. it's slow slow going through the area. we have another accident on the l.i.e. now on the border here. westbound by little neck parkway. exit 32. that blocks the right lane and we have an overturned vehicle in new jersey. watch out for the slippery roads on route 24 eastbound approaching 78. we'll take a closer look at all of the changes to the rails when i see you next on the 4s. >> thank you so much, lauren. we want to get to the phones now. adam lis berg, spokesperson for the mta on the line. good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately, i have bad news for long island commuters. we had hoped to restore service on seven of the lirr branches starting at 5:00 a.m. but we had a lot of dirt rails freeze overnight.
5:31 am
our customers, we don't expect to be providing that service until at least 7:00 a.m. >> adam, let me ask you a quick question about that. i was looking at your twitter feed and pictures of you guys digging out from the snow yesterday. guys like actually hand shoveling and brushing off the tracks. how do you deal with ice? do you use salt? what's the process? >> we have alcohol trains. they're spray de-icing material on to rails and third rails. and we also have on other parts of the network, scraper shoes and they can scrape ice off a third rail. once ice builds up, the train can't make electrical contract with the rail and you lose power. that's the real risk out there. we had lines that we can still run trains on, but we can't run electric trains on. we were planning to run some diesel trains to get through this morning.
5:32 am
that we can't move the train down and others we have tracks where the tracks are open but the third rail is not. so while we're trying to patch this together and get a new service plan going, we're advising people to check before you head out. if you've headed out to the station, i'm sorry. this is not how we wanted to start your monday morning. stay informed. we're doing our best to get the tracks and the third rails cleared to get you back into the city today. >> before we let you go, adam, what about bus service? is there a contingency plan to get people on buses this morning? >> unfortunately, you can't replace the long island railroad with buses. if it gets to the point where we look like we will have a lot of service out for a while, we could consider setting up shuttle bus service. we haven't ruled it out. but we're advising people to
5:33 am
we're hopeful to get train service moving later this morning. we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. we want to head to lori bordonaro at the lirr station in lynbrook. commuters not happy to hear this news, lori. >> unfortunately not a lot of -- a lot of unhappy customers. service was supposed to resume, partial service at 5:00 this morning. now it will not be resuming until 7:00 a.m. many of the tracks have refrozen. i want to show you so many commuters who showed up early this morning. the first train here at lynbrook was scheduled for 5:30, 6:00. a lot of commuters came early, some at 4:00 this morning. they need to get to work. some saying they will take a cab, some saying they'll go home. a lot of people not sure what to do here at this point. here's what some of them told us. >> it's 4:00 this morning, the trains are not running. it's crazy. i've been here.
5:34 am
the trains weren't running. got to get to work. it's crazy. crazy. >> reporter: once service resumes, hopefully at 7:00 this morning, service will be very limited. so many of the trains will be more crowded than yush. that's another big concern for many of the people here. they're wondering if the train does come, if there will be room to get on it. >> tough morning ahead for lirr riders. thank you. >> news gets better and better, doesn't it, chris? >> we've come quickly from 2 1/2 feet of snow. it's going to take a while, a lot of patience. the snow will melt every day for the most part. it refreezes at night. upper 20s in and around the city right now. farmingdale, upper teens, 18 in danbury. low to mid teens across a good chunk of new jersey. patchy cloud cover out there. that's the way the day will play out.
5:35 am
morning commute, the emphasis is watch for slippery spots. black ice and slippery slush out there. there will be a few clouds in the mix. temperatures settle into the upper 20s in the city. low teens north and west. quite a bit colder there. meantime as we work our way through the day. that's the way we play it out. intervals of clouds and sunshine. probably more clouds deeper into the day. 38 by 3:00. that should be the high temperature for the afternoon. a few hours above freezing. it will feel pretty good. it's going to get sloppy under foot. i know you didn't wear your best shoes today, lauren. >> maybe that's why i fell coming into the building. be careful out there. it's a good thing you can't see my stockings. running. both local and express buses in the city. check in with your carrier. that. on the subways, everything is running fine with the exception of the d and the f. you have the d running local
5:36 am
145th. and between forest hills in queens. let's dive into the metro-north this morning. other service operating fine. everything with the exception of the harlem line. trains will not make southbound stops apartment the melrose and tremont stations this morning. you'll have to use the fordham or the bx 41 bus as an alternate option. at 6:00 a.m., service on most lines. still no service between newark and journal square. you can use nj transit. they're krots honoring. all the night side of the street rules remain suspended. >> thank you for helping us. new york city schools are open but people are questioning whether the streets and the sidewalks are safe for students. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in ozone park with a look at that. kat? >> reporter: kerry, to say the least, it will be a challenge trying to navigate the sidewalks, the roadways and we want to zoom in to these people right over here. it looks like for the last
5:37 am
they've been trying to get their vehicle out of that. so many cars are buried on top. there's snow all around them and snow as well. you take a look at a street like this which looks like it hasn't seen a plow since the blizzard hit over the weekend. that street is 82nd street near 101st avenue near ps 64 school. that will be open like all the other schools in new york city. in many neighborhoods in queens, people are saying it's going to be difficult getting to work and/or school in woodhaven. we met a car owner digging out his vehicle with the help from neighbors. they're asking for help from the city around 60th road near the l.i.e. >> i thought they were ready. they said it on the news. what is this? it's crazy. even a 4 by 4 can't go on these
5:38 am
>> new york city's public advocate and other local lawmakers imploring the mayor to call for afr delay to the start of school. for now, schools are set to open at their regular times. again, school is open across new york city. a live look at the drivers trying to get out. a tough day as you might imagine, kerry, for so many people as they try to dig out their vehicles but also some of their streets. they can't even get to their cars. back to you, kerry. >> it's tough, too, kat. once people are walking in the streets because they don't have sidewalks to walk on and then the plows have more difficulty getting in. it's this back and forth where the snow goes. whether the street or the sidewalk. >> reporter: exactly. you hope that drivers are careful. people are taking to the streets because the sidewalks are covered. >> kat, keep us posted and stay safe yourself. up next, not only digging out from the snow. we'll show you how the capitol
5:39 am
this blizzard. live pictures from the throgs neck bridge. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
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photographer eddie alonzo made his way over to the van wick expressway. the road looks good, kerry. we've seen a lot of roads covered with snow, especially in the five boroughs. van wyck is looking good. >> he said the bridge is not bad as well. a little bit of good news fourer for you. 5:44. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. still a lot to get to. >> we could use good news. when you see that shot, actually around the edges, i think, of the main roechltds that's where the runoff is thicker. part of the main road and middle lane, things like that, well-treated. the asphalt in good shape. back roads, side roads, walkways, be careful. take it slow. things have refrozen overnight. looking at teens and 20s in the suburbs. again, the flags aren't moving all that much. not a lot of wind to speak of. the temperatures are down in the
5:43 am
windy. patchy black ice, slushy slippery spots too. a quiet day. the next rain shower twice, later tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures warm into the 40s by tomorrow. the school day forecast, those who have school today, the city schools, mid and upper 20s at the bus stops. recess time at 36. dismissal time at 38. there will be melting during the course of the day. there will be slushy puddles i'm sure in a lot of the crosswalks today. 28 in elmhurst. 19 in oceanside. 20 in floral park. the city rolleding on to the effect if you will. it drops off by the lower teens. teens and low 20s in the hudson valley. clouds gathering off to the south and west. that's all that's gathering. nothing in terms of snow and rain. it will be headed our way tomorrow. in and out of patchy clouds.
5:44 am
we had to break out a little bit. clearer sky overnight as well. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, could be sunshine around. clouds to the south and the north and west. notice that little line of showers. that's a cold front that will come on through. ahead of it, a southwest wind will send temperatures into the 40s. late tomorrow afternoon and evening, front going to stall offshore thursday and friday. there will be a storm trying to form in the front. move along it on friday. we'll show you the impact on that in a second. 38 in the city this afternoon. normal temperatures. but above freezing means more melting going on. >> hudson valley and long island as well with temperatures in the upper 30s. tonight's low, freezing in the city and looking at 20s to the north and west. refreeze there. not as cold. a good trend. we stay in the 40s on wednesday as well. 42. maybe a rain or wet snow shower early. we're going to take a careful eye on how close that storm
5:45 am
keeping it offshore. that's where we think it will go. we have a few days to go before it gets here. saturday and sunday, no cold air in sight. highs between 40 and 45 should feel pretty nice. let's see how nice the commute is rolling. lauren? >> a bunch of problems on the roads. starting up north on the taconic. northbound by route 301 an accident with injuries. delays starting to build through this area. in in addition to that, particularly there -- heading over to new jersey and the summit area, route 24 westbound, originally it was reported as eastbound. it is westbound. near morris avenue. an overturned vehicle in the left lane. let's head over to queens on the l.i.e. this accident has been there for quite a while. exit 22b there. delays picking up on another accident on the l.i.e. westbound by exit 32. little neck parkway. something else to keep in mind.
5:46 am
that partial service begins at 7:00 a.m. on seven different branches. no service on the long beach, hempstead and far rockaway branches. no services between jamaica and atlantic terminal. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thanks, lauren. in new jersey, the extreme snow forced newark to close schools and shut down many city as ofs. tracie strahan is there with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, darlene. we've been here for a few hours and we're watching the first vehicle go down north lechth street wins we've arrived. they're stuck at a stop sign. these are roads snow packed. plows nowhere to be seen. we'll show you video what it looked like when we arrived. it hasn't changed for 48 hours after the blizzard. residents are taking to social media complaining that they haven't seen any clouds since the blizzard. not only are the streets covered in snow, but their cars are buried. even if they tried to dig out
5:47 am
here's video now from last night. even the streets that are somewhat passable are pretty bumpy and icy as well. a newark mayor, roz baraka admonished residents saying if they had heeded the travel warning in place, the plows wouldn't have been stuck. they'd have somewhere to go. we spoke to a woman this morning who is not sure about that. >> in newark, none. over this area, none. our section none. it's like the majority of newark. >> reporter: want to bring you back live at bloomfield avenue. a lot clearer and smooth sailing. but people are being forced to stand in the middle of this very busy street waiting for the bus. even the buses are having a tough time getting throughout the area. we're going to continue to bring you updated. i have reached out to the mayor's office to see what their plan of attack is for the rest of the day. what it's going to look like for
5:48 am
>> tracie strahan in newark. tracie, thank you. at 5:50. while we're bouncing back from the blizzard here ourselves, washington remains frozen in its tracks. congress is taking the day off. d.c. schools are closed. federal, state and local workers being told to stay home. only a few underground lines are running on the city subway system. >> it is a mess all over the region. as we go to a break right now, we want to take you back outside to the live view camera. our cameraman, evidence i alonzo driving in queens. i've seen a lot of problems and complaints on twitter about the streets in queens not having been plowed. snow covering the roads there. people, as you mentioned before, kerry, have to walk out in the
5:49 am
week. 5:54. 30 degrees looking at the george washington bridge. >> i'm like i can't hear you. sorry. >> i thought you were going to dive under the desk. >> equipment failure. malfunction. >> there we go. i think we're going to be okay. >> feel like charlie from charlie's angels. you let me down now. >> blizzard monday, chris. >> you get it together, will you now. it's almost 6:00. i understand. it's a tough weekend for a lot of us. a lot of folks having a hard time. down to 29 in the city. seeing teens, low teens across new jersey. upper teens long island. out of westhampton, down to 12. anything that melted for a couple of hours yesterday refroze today. just be careful. looks like what could be icy, remelt things this afternoon. the upper 30s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. tonight a pac sky. not as cold tonight.
5:50 am
suburbs. a little precipitation tomorrow. believe it or not, probably rain. just a few showers and not snow. warmup the next couple of days. little more melting. hard to get rid of it. >> the towers of snow. >> that's right. there is a car stuck in one right now. tracie out in the newark area. here's a report. route 21 southbound before delavan avenue, there's a car stuck on the roads. delays are starting to build. even on the more major roadways that we are having problems out there, so keep that in mind as you head out the door. a live look at delays on the road. not really due to snow but plenty of con jex gestion out there. this is eastbound before you get to the brooklyn bridge. a slow ride to leave yourself plenty of extra time to get to work. >> got it under control, this part of it. the situation anyway. >> okay.
5:51 am
this is in westchester county. the owner of the sports underdome in mt. vernon. hoping to have the facility back open over the weekend. nobody was inside. that's good. it is the second complete collapse, though, of the athletic complex. the ice hutch which sit next door was able to withstand the weight of the snow. >> in virginia, a similar scene where the heavy snow collapsed an nfl training facility. the air-filled dome where washington practices was knocked to the groun. it will be reason inflated after the snow is removed. >> might take a while. >> i'd say kite a bit. next at 6:00, massive snow piles creating issues for our emergency personnel. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching. download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. we're back in two minutes.
5:52 am
now at 6:00, an apology from the mta. it plans to resume partial service on the long island gets pushed back. new york city schools open. but a lot of parents not happy about that. these are live pictures from ozone park queens where piles of snow pack the streets in front of the schools. live pictures from east elmhurst. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. ts monday morning, january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> 6:00 right now. i'm kerry barrett in for michael gargiulo bad news for long island railroad commuters. service was supposed to be restored at 5:00 a.m. now they won't be running for at least another hour. >> so far the blizzard blamed for ten deaths in our area. new york city schools are open. but a lot of others are closed. in fact, we have a list scrolling for you at the bottom of the screen. >> with a team of reporters
5:53 am
area. we begin with storm team 4's chris cimino and what we can expect today. >> what we can expect to see, the snowmelt a little bit more and refreeze again overnight. that happened yesterday. that's the concern this morning. areas of black ice and things that have refrozen. something that looks wet could be icy. be careful and keep your pace slow. more melting this afternoon. temperatures above freezing. i think today for a few hours, sunshine mixes with clouds. most areas between 35 and 40. temperature of 29 degrees in the city. skies mostly clear. patchy clouds. it may slip a couple of degrees early on. back to the mid-30s by noon. upper 30s by 3:00. a changeable sky. a slushy afternoon indeed. wet roads, icy roads, slippery roads. lauren? >> the newest problem, this just came in. this on the southern state parkway headed eastbound.
5:54 am
well. shuts down a lane. this is causing delays on the southern state. leave yourself extra time if you're headed that way. an overview of the commuter lines. the harlem line is not stopping at tremont or melrose. nj transit commuters, the gladstone branch has bus service. path, full service as of 6:00 a.m. no service between newark and journal square. new jersey transit will cross honor tickets and the lirr. leave that to lori bordonaro. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thanks, lauren. lori bordonaro is in the lirr station in lynbrook where commuters are trying to figure out what to do next. lori? >> reporter: yeah. it's been a really rough morning for a lot of commuters showing up here at the lynbrook train station thinking they'd be able to catch a train into the city and no trains much we just saw one come by here a few moments ago and as you heard shortly a little while ago, the mta saying the train wouldn't be coming
5:55 am
we did see passengers get on that train so looks like they may be running a little bit early. they were supposed to start running at 5:00. some of the tracks had refrozen. we saw one train roll through. we spoke to several commuters earlier. one rep that works for the mta, they're not sure what they were going to do next. >> go back home. >> i run forest hills. i run the place. >> i'm very sorry. this is not how we wanted to start your monday morning. stay informed. we're doing our best to get the tracks and the third rails back into the city today. >> as you heard, the mta are very apologetic. giving. many concerned about the trains being overcrowded because, again, they are going to be running on a modified schedule. kerry and darlene, back to you.
5:56 am
it is 6:03. right now viewers reaching out to us on facebook and on twitter. upset because crosswalks and bus shelters are still packed with snow. a lot of them. these are like pictures from astoria. you can see the problems that we've been talking about all morning long. snow piled up around the cars. the crosswalks are blocked. the sidewalks are covered. it's a similar scene. unfortunately, across all five boroughs. that includes manhattan as well. katherine creag is in ozone park for us this morning with a look at things there. kat. >> reporter: we just saw a little boy, kerry, walking with his mother. the child might have been 8 years old, 9 years old, walking actually right along the street here, walking that way. they weren't on the sidewalk because the sidewalk is covered with snow. they were in the middle of the street walking. presumably, he had his backpack, presumably walking to school. new york city schools are open today. we are a few blocks from ps 64
5:57 am
school, 82nd street near 101st avenue, as you can see, it looks like a plow has not gotten to it in many neighborhoods in queens. people are telling us, messaging us that it's going to be challenging getting to work and/or school today. streets are buried, cars are buried. woodhaven, we met a car owner who is digging his vehicle with the help of neighbors. they started at 10:00 last night. talked to them at 2:30 this morning when they finally started to finish up. we talked with a livery cab driver says if people can et out of their front doors on the streets, they might end up stuck. >> all the streets are blocked. none is open. yesterday i have an suv and i'm stuck. can you imagine that? >> reporter: new york city's public advocates and other local lawmakers are asking the mayor to call for a delay to the start of school. for this moment, schools are set to open at the regular times.
5:58 am
will be open today, kerry. en 's so difficult, as you know, trying to close down school or announcing that schools will be closed because it's more than a million kids in the new york city public school system and the archdiocese as well. some parents feel like it's a school today. >> of course. i would imagine there would be a few that opt not to go. kat, thank you. >> all about getting that child care together and the alternate plans for the kids. it's so hard for so many kids. weather. at least we don't have more snowfall this morning. >> this is the good news. cold temperatures, especially in the suburbs. a refreeze after yesterday's meltsing in the area. single digits with a clear sky, light wind and deep snow pack. jackson down to 8 degrees in new jersey. green ridge at 9. 14 in mercerville. 16 in sayreville. the cloud line sits up in here. that's why primarily we're seeing temperatures mi >>lder. 29 in the park. look at this. 11 sussex. 10 in morristown.
5:59 am
down to 9 pe outs in the pine barrens out at westhampton. in terms of the commute, black ice, slippery slush through the morning. be careful, slow down your pace. should be a fair amount much sunshine. few clouds mixing in. temperatures bottom out at the mid and upper 20s. low teens in a lot of the suburbs north and west. not a lot of wind to deal with on top of the cold temperatures. feels better by afternoon. we started melting process again. forecasting a high of 38 degrees. evening. clouds will probably bring rain or snow. what's the commute bringing us, lauren? >> some good news for the lirr. partial service is operating on the following branches. the port washington, oyster bay, port jefferson, huntington, babylon, green port. no service on the montauk branch east of spee i don't think. in addition to that, still no
6:00 am
and atlantic term nam. they projected 7:00 a.m. they're a little bit early. you can expect delays and overcrowding. buses, all scheduled to run this morning. you want to check on your individual carrier and line to make sure you're not detoured this morning. different roadways have been plowed and some are a little behind there. the mta cold weather plan has two subways affected. the d train and f train are running local for a stretch. but they are running. may take you longer to get to work, but you'll be able to. alternate side of the street parking rules remain suspended. the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 6:08 right now. schools closed in newark as well as many city services. tracie strahan is there with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. we're on north 11th street. something we've seen too often is people stopping on bloomfield avenue, a little better plowed, dropping people off who have to walk down the middle of the street like the gentleman you see there. it's been that type of struggle since the blizzard hit.
6:01 am
from north 11th street. the piles of snow are right in the middle of the road. also, they're blocking in those cars. that's the reason that newark public schools were canceled and city hall shut down as well. we want to show you video from last night. the story much of the same from ward to ward. we spoke to a couple much people early this morning who really had to trek their way through their streets to get to their homes. they say they never really remember it being like this. take a listen. >> last year it wasn't like this. but everybody is getting stuck. it's nobody coming out. so -- sneemt. >> you think you should have seen plows by now? >> i think so. >> reporter: we bring you back live. the other side of north 11th street. something we haven't seen are the headlights coming towards us.
6:02 am
it down for five minutes now. you also see people walking in the middle of the street. this is bloomfield avenue, a major thoroughfare through several cities. you can see the blacktop in that area. it's the residential streets that remain a problem. we're going to send st. back to you in the studio. >> tracie strahan in newark. tracie, thank you so much. the snow causing an issue for firefighters trying to rescue three people from a burning home in queens. they have a dig through the snow to get to this home in kew gardens hills this morning. there was a neighbor walking his dog when he saw the smoke. he walked into the house and a woman said her husband and children were in the basement. >> we tried to get into the basement. we couldn't get in. couldn't see anything. couldn't breathe. you get the smoke stuck in your throat. >> the fire department was able to get everybody out and also able to save the family's pets, including this cat. >> all right. >> poor guy. >> for sure. it's 6:10 right now.
6:03 am
pictures now. this is east elmhurst in queens. a viewer called in and toemd us about the heavy snow in the street. you can barely see the blacktop. we invite you to tweet us, send us on social media some pictures. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new york." you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for
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6:06 am
welcome back. 29 degrees out. it's monday morning. so you're looking at east elmhurst. we see cars stuck. lots of snow. this is our live view camera. eddie alonzo, our photographer has been driving from throgs neck over to white stone. now he's in east 'em lurs elmhurst. you see lots of problems. it's hard to maneuver and get around. >> he's looped around a couple of times. the car and the truck has been stuck for quite a while. that will be the scene all
6:07 am
morning as people are getting up to make their way to work and school. the first time since this blizzard hit. >> keep the pictures in and the videos. >> got him out. >> close the trunk. slow it down. we'll be good. >> want to see what's going on. >> knot in my stomach. >> going to hear a lot of spinning wheels in the area. people are finally trying to dig on out. only had .4 inches of snow the entire winter leading to this weekend. that changed in a big way. the total was for this storm, a tenth of an inch shy of tying the greatest storm in central park since record keeping. 27.2. to put it even greater perspective, that amount was more than one snowstorm we get for the entire season which is 25.1. we're above normal. i would suspect we'll add to that. 26 in hoboken.
6:08 am
temperatures dropping into the 20s, even in the city. a lot of teens across long island, the hudson valley. 18 newburgh. white plains. single numbers, bridgewater, 9. another single digit in westhampton where it's 9. portions of northwest new jersey, single numbers. not a lot of wind. skies are clear with a snow pack like that. clear skies, any heat near the ground, not much. radiates out of the space. that's why it's cold. lot of cloud cover to the south and west. that's not producing any type of snow or rain, though. it's milder air that's trying to push in our direction. sun mixing with clouds for today. your highs where it should be. 38 the normal. that's where we expect to be midtown this afternoon. clouds thicken up at times overnight. still patchy black ice forming. low in the city. don't think we'll have a significant refreezing issue. suburbs in the 20s. watch out for slippery spots late tonight and tomorrow morning. southwest wind ahead of a cold front. a few showers move in late in
6:09 am
as that front comes through, the back edge of it, a rain or snow shower tuesday night into wednesday morning. not a big deal. thursday is colder and drier. the front is going to stall offshore. a storm will form along that front. all of the computer information we're seeing is keeping it to the east of us. some just to the east of us. some not too far enough for me to feel comfortable about saying we're out of the woods by friday. we'll keep you posted. right now, we're leaving the threat of snow. the possibility certainly does exist. 38 today, 44 tomorrow, 42 wednesday. a lot of melting going on there. couple of rain showers later tomorrow and tomorrow night. thursday is dry. we'll keep a careful eye on the storm friday. temperatures between 40 and 45. little after 6:17. if you're hefding out the door into this mess, what are we looking at, lauren? >> the roads are slowing down. icing condition reported in the
6:10 am
route 21 southbound. a car completely stuck in the snow by delavan avenue. delays continue to build. an overturned truck on routes 1 and 9 in the express lane. to route 22 completely shut down because of that. heading over to queens, we have an accident right now that shuts down the ramp from the cross island to the eastbound l.i.e. that's affecting it from both directions where that accident is. expect delays through here. the southern state bark parkway, the accident eastbound. the delays, all westbound because of rubber necking. let's talk about the lirr service has been restored. we're going to get more in a second. harlem line on metro-north, no southbound stops. gladstone to summit, buses only. path is doing fine. no service between newark and journal square. but new jersey transit cross honors. now for lirr. partial service operating but before i did say that it was on
6:11 am
the port washington bran. only ports jeff rong konkoma. you need to continue to check on the port washington branch. more weather and traffic on the fours. trial begins for the rookie nypd officer accused of killing an unarmed man in a dark brooklyn stairwell. the family and loved ones of akai gurley are planning to pack the courtroom. the officer is accused of shooting and killing gur live at the pink houses in east new york. liang's attorney says it was an accidental shooting. a scare for an airplane full of passengers at newark airport after delta flight 1409 landed from detroit. its wing was clipped by a boeing 767 being towed. delta says 153 people were on the plane at the time. nobody was hurt. the boeing was empty.
6:12 am
passengers jolted by severe turbulence on an american airlines flight. it was diverted for an emergency landing last night. it was met by a swarm of ambulances. three flight attendants and four passengers were hurt. flight from miami to milan ran into turbulence. >> it was a very strong bump. the pilot said he never took a bump like that. never ever. >> i'm happy to be alive. you know, it was scary. i was just praying the whole time. >> none of the injuries is life-threatening. american airlines put the passengers up in hotel rooms overnight. the flight will continue to italy later today. it is 6:20 right now. as we go to break, more live pictures from queens. this is what -- we were behind a salt truck but it doesn't appear to be the case anymore. yeah, there we go. salt trucks throwing down ice on the roads this morning as people
6:13 am
and school. the temperatures creeps up and it should be working right now. we had issues with refreezing overnight. we're hoping that you make it out of your neighborhood this morning safely. keep tweeting us pictures and a video, nbc 4ny.
6:14 am
welcome back. you can earn extra money helping new york city clean up all the snow. the mayor's office is looking for people who can clear crosswalks, bus stops and fire hydrants. they're paying $13.50 an hour. with higher amounts for overtime. to find out, just how to apply, go to our website, might have overtime. >> little bit. >> make extra money.
6:15 am
>> you saw the people -- it's the crosswalks and getting -- you have the whole strategy. every corner i approach, no i'm not taking that one on. it's going to be slushy in each one of those spots today. things will continue to melt which is a process that's good. the problem is it refreezes and makes for a sloppy mess. 13 in sayville. same thing in melville. down to the 20s, 10 in morristown. 9 in bridge water. teens across the had you had ton valley and most of interior connecticut as well. we expect a mix of clouds and sunshine. it will feel good in the sun in the afternoon hours. gets sloppy as we continue to melt some of that snow. things refreeze tonight. not as much in the city with a southwest wind. it's relatively mild with a low of 32. 20s again in the suburbs making for slippery spots. a few rain showers in the forecast tomorrow. i'll tell you about the rest of the seven-day forecast in a little bit. >> thank you, chris. >> lot to get to, lauren.
6:16 am
transit commuters. we have 20-minute delays systemwide. they just came out with that. bus service between gladstone and summit. no rail. but they are cross-honoring systemwide. buses are operating. but expect delays and detours. harlem line on the metro-north southbound not making stops at the melrose and tremont stations. path, no service between the journal square. lirr is now restored service partially on six branches. so that is an improvement. they did that early after they reported it would be two hours later than expected. slol but surely coming back there. coming up next, the debate over school closures as we clean up from this massive blizzard. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in queens. the challenge is how to get to school with sidewalks covered with snow. some streets have not been plowed.
6:17 am
the trek of getting to school is next. no school in newark today but residents say plows have yet to report to duty on residential streets. i'm tracie strahan live in newark with an update straight ahead. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new york."
6:18 am
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6:19 am
now at 6 clone :30, a morning of confusion as partial service is delayed and resumed early. backlash over a decision to keep new york city schools open. live pictures from ozone park queens where the street in front of one of the schools is practically impassable. live pictures from queens. we've been following this school bus. it was not able to turn because of all of the these piles of snow. having a rough time there. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. we've seen that scene all around the five boroughs today. it's monday morning, january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> 6:30 right now.
6:20 am
we'll update you on the storm. service is up and running earlier than expected on the long island railroad. >> unfortunately, the storm being blamed for ten deaths, two in new jersey, five on long island and three in new york city. while some of the streets are still buried, schools are open in new york city. a lot of other districts are closed. we'll have a list scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> a team of reporters covering the conditions. we begin with chris cimino and what we can expect today. chris? >> okay. another cold start. especially in the suburbs. there will be additional melting of the snow. we have to watch out for patchy black ice. that residue and things that melted yesterday afternoon refreezing overnight. it looks wet. it could be icy. more melting again this afternoon. we'll see sunshine today mixed with clouds. it will be a decent looking day and decent feeling day once we shake the real chill. most highs between 35 and 40 degrees. not a lot of wind to worry about either. that is good news as we continue to clean up.
6:21 am
mid-30s. upper 30s by mid to late afternoon. high of 38 heading to the 40s tomorrow. more on that coming up on the 4s. here's lauren scala with the latest. >> thanks, chris. good morning everyone. while the roads are not in fantastic shape, no major problems. you can expect a slow ride to work. we have minor accidents. a car stuck in the snow on route 21 southbound. this is just after chester avenue. you can see heavy delays through there. but we know you're waiting for the updates for our major rail lines. metro-north harlem line, southbound not making stops at tremont or melrose. nj transit reporting 20-minute delays. between gladstone and summit, path is running fine with the exception that there is no service between newark and journal square. new jersey transit will cross-honor. of course, lots of changes for the lirr. but a partial service restoration, lori bordonaro will have more on that in a bit. more weather and traffic ahead on the fours.
6:22 am
at the lirr station. partial service restored but commuters still feeling frustrated at this hour? >> reporter: yes. indeed, dar leechb. partial service has resumed here on lirr trains. we've seen a few trains roll through here already. they are running on modified service and commuters are -- tried to be patient. many showed up at 4:30 this morning thinking that service would be restored by 5:00 a.m. many of the tracks froze. commuters we spoke with were scrambling to make alternate plans some saying they had to catch a cab and others saying they would head home. >> still can't get to work. the snow has been stopped since yesterday. paid a lot of money for the railroads. great. >> people headed out to the station, i'm very sorry. this is not how we wanted to start your monday morning. stay informed. we're doing our best to get the tracks and third rails cleared to get you back into the city
6:23 am
big concerns is overcrowding on the trains. commuters telling us that the peak trains especially are already crowded. now with all of this limited service, they're concerned they won't be able to get a seat. kerry and darlene, back to you. >> lori, thank you. 6:33 now. new york city schools are open. people are questioning whether the streets and the sidewalks even are safe for students. we've got live pictures now from queens. this is in east elmhurst. we've been checking out a lot of reports, unfortunately, not just in queens but all over the city, in all five boroughs of unplowed streets, sidewalks that are not safe either. as i mentioned, a similar scene in all parts. this particular area looks okay. you can see the sidewalks are clear. some of these cars are still snowed in. but for the roads for the most part look okay. other parts, not so much. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in ozone park where folks are struggling this morning. kat? >> reporter: with parents and children trying to get an early
6:24 am
boy right here on this very road where that school bus is. we want to show you the video of that little boy and his mother having to walk in the street because the sidewalks are covered with snow. this was just a short time ago. then you have streets around here at ozone park that have not been plowed over by ps 64. there's 82 nds street there near 101st avenue. it looks like it has not been plowed. when we saw it earlier this morning since the weekend, people are digging out their cars. they tell us side streets and sidewalks are buried. take a listen. >> these mounds are on the sidewalk. like you have to -- you've got this little space to squeeze through and walk around. it's terrible. you have to fight your way through in order to walk anywhere. >> reporter: and the city's public add voe datz, other local lawmakers were asking the mayor to call for a delay to the start of school. kerry, for now schools are set to open at regular times. you saw that school bus a moment
6:25 am
>> it's amazing looking behind you to imagine that a school bus is able to navigate that and do so safely. a lot of people have questions this morning. kat, thanks for keeping us posted. >> chris, every time there's a blizzard and unfortunately, we've lived through so many at this point in the new york city area and the tristate, you see the scenes where people are trying to navigate around the huge mountains of snow. >> there are so many roadways. we want to get the major roads cleared first. it takes longer to get to the side roads and back roads and they ends up looking like this longer than folks wants them to. you have to be careful and patient. it's slippery slush. areas of black ice through the morning commute. be careful walking and driving no matter what the case might be. we start out with a fair amount of sunshine. as cold as the lower teens, we've seen a few upper single digits now in the northwestern suburbs early on this morning. things that melted yesterday, frozen solid again this morning. mostly clear skies right now. i anticipate sunshine mixing
6:26 am
but i also expect temperatures back into the mid and upper 30s. we'll have several hours of more melting snow turning into that lovely thing we call slush. seven-day forecast on the 4s right now. here's lauren scala. >> more on the roads. most of the problems are on on ramp ps and off ramps. take it easy. garden state parkway southbound ramp to 78 west. there's an accident out there. one lane getting by and there are delays. the ramp shut down from 1 and 9. the express lanes. that's an overturned vehicle there. this is a big problem here. cross islands to the l.i.e. that's affecting northbound and southbound cross island there. right where the ramp meets is where the accident is. be very careful. if you're getting on the subways, everything is moving nicely. q is running local and manhattan f running local in queens. as far as the subways, running
6:27 am
in new jersey, the extreme snow forced newark to close schools and shut down many city services today. more. tracie? >> reporter: darlene they knew buses wouldn't get down the side streets. we see a couple of cars trying to do the same. we'll show you a video of north 11th street. mounds of snow in the middle of the street and blocking in several cars. a lot of people say they haven't seen plows throughout several streets. ward for ward since the blizzard hit. we spoke to a man who says he's not sure if a one-day delay of schools will be enough. >> at this point, i don't know if a plow could come through here. it's all frozen. it's definitely a lot of work. >> reporter: another thing we're starting to see is that gentleman. people are pulling on to thoroughfares that are more clear and getting on there. they're not sure if their cars will make it down the side streets. mayor razz baraka was out
6:28 am
a lot of people saying it's too little too late. back to you. >> tracie strahan in new jersey. tracie, thank you. as we go to break, more live pictures now from queens. we're looking at east elmhurst. our live view camera. we saw people waiting out in the street for a bus. this is the type of situation where you can't get easily from the bus stop through the pile of snow to the bus when it arrives. certainly a dangerous situation and a lot of people sending us, calling and sending tweets and messages on social media. specifically about queens feeling like it's been forgotten in in blizzard cleanup. >> still shoveling out this morning. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up.
6:29 am
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welcome back. looking at east elmhurst queens. there's our live view camera. lots of stuck cars we found this morning as we're driving around. we were in throgs neck, to astoria, east elmhurst. the scene looks very familiar throughout the five boroughs this morning. >> unfortunately, so. check these pictures out. these are from a viewer, dawn, in jersey city. so many of you are tweeting us and sending pictures. this is casper court. not far from autobahn park. she says her street is never plowed. it would appear so. we're hearing a lot of stories like that. people that are completely
6:32 am
>> that is insane. >> coming up on 6:44. certainly a lot of snow to clear, chris. you mentioned earlier, it's all about where to put it. but i think if this is your neighborhood and your street, you don't feel like you want it cleared. >> now you're concerned how it's going to get done. you need it done. >> some of these streets, they're two-way streets. there's no snow to go two ways. be careful, be patient navigating around today. still areas of black ice out there too. the sky is mostly clear right now. not much of wind. the park at five miles per hour. fairly light wind. the chilly temperatures will gradually climb to or at freezing. sun mixes with clouds from time to time. by tomorrow, the next weather maker is a cold front. ahead of it, warming up with a southwest wind to make it a rain shower chance late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening. school day forecast for the kids
6:33 am
unfortunately, temperatures in the upper 20s at the bus stops early on. mid 30s at recess time in the upper 30s at dismissal time. more clouds building as we go into the late afternoon and temperatures in the mid-30s at that point. at 27 in elmhurst. central park, 29. oceanside at 19. it's 9 in westhampton. 18 in white plains, newburgh. upper teens in the jersey shore. lot of single numbers and teens in northwest and central new jersey. a big snow pack and clear skies. fair amount of cloud cover, yes. rain or snow from it, no. what that is, it's a push of warmer air. future tracker shows some clouds moving in. 3:00 in the afternoon. the clouds thicken up a little bit. then they break up again during the first part of tonight. a few more clouds overnight. partly to at tim -- tomorrow morning, starts out with sun. more clouds and notice a line of showers trying to form to the north and west. for the most part, that breaks up. there might be a passing shower. that's about it. then the front will stall on
6:34 am
keeping our clouds around early. the question mark is does a storm form. it is quiet and becomes partly cloudy. a temperature in the upper 30s. north abdomen west, partly cloudy tonight. 32 in the city. 20s in the suburbs. a southwest wichbltd we are talking about temperatures probably staying at the freezing mark in the city. not all that cold north and west. into the 40s we go tomorrow. into the 40s on wednesday. little cold on wednesday night into thursd . thursday's high 36. all eyes watching that storm. potential for friday. right now it looks like it stays offshore and back to the low to mid-40s for the weekend. dry saturday and sunday. let's find out how the commute is treating us on this interesting monday morning. >> expect a slow ride to work. i see conditions on the roads. a few of the problems we're seeing out there, pretty heavy delays southbound on the hutch because of a tractor-trailer that struck the overpass about mamaroneck road. delays continue to build.
6:35 am
new jersey, the george washington bridge, lots of snow on the ramp blocking lanes. delays are building. usually none there. otherwise, a five to ten-minute wait aught the george washington bridge. an accident inbound by the lincoln. an accident in the left lane, 15 minutes to get from the new jersey turnpike. after that, free and clear into the tunnel tolls. the rails, packed commuters, everything operating fine. with the exception of the fact that there's no service between newark and journal square. new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets today. new jersey transit is operating up to 20 minutes late. they have delays systemwide and bus service in place between gladstone and summit. heading over to the metro-north harlem line, no stops at melrose and tremont today. the lirr partial service now restored. expect big delays there. that service has been restored on the port jeff, ronkonkoma, huntington, babylon and green port branches.
6:36 am
of spee ong. no service on the long beach, west hempstead and rockaway branches. they have not restored service on the port washington branch. expect to shortly. more weather and traffic in a bit. back to you darlene and kerry. happening today, opening statements beginning in the trial of the rookie police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in a dark stairwell in brooklyn. the family and loved ones of a kwie gurley are planning to pack the courtroom. they want to make sure the officer is held responsible. gurley was shot in november of 2014 at the pink houses in east new york. liang's attorney says the shooting was accidental. >> hillary clinton is telling former mayor michael bloomberg he won't have to run for president. clinton predicts she'll be the democratic nominee. we learned that bloomberg is weighing a third-party run. only if bernie sanders is a
6:37 am
those candidates welcomed a bloomberg candidacy. it is officials the panthers facing off against the broncos in super bowl 50. the broncos bating the patriots 20-18. quarterback peyton manning, the oldest qb to lead a team to the super bowl. the panthers running over the cardinals 49-15. quarterback cam newton expected to receive the mvp honors by the way. super bowl sunday is february 7th. >> done a great job. it's 6:49. as we go to break, more live pictures from queens. we're still in east elmhurst. we've seen stuck cars. that school bus up ahead cannot make this turn. this has a lot to do with t snow piled up around corners and limiting visibility when you're trying to make the turns, especially for a large vehicle like a school bus sniemts and . >> and the streets are narrow. you're watching "today in new york."
6:38 am
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welcome back. 6:52. it's 29 degrees out right now. we've been following this school bus around east elmhurst and the school bus and vehicles that are large like this having a really hard time. there were questions about keeping new york city schools open today. it was decided by the mayor that schools would be open. it's a million school kids, it's hard to find contingency plans. judging from the amounts of snow that we've seen in some neighborhoods like east elmhurst and the difficulty with which some of the vehicles are trying to get around, it's not going to be an easy morning. >> i actually saw a lot of people yesterday, even if you're in a big truck, like a huge pickup truck, if the back isn't heavy, people are slipping and sliding and fishtailing around. i saw a lot of people with huge bags of sand. >> right. >> in the back of their trucks trying to weight them down to get traction. they're still struggling with it this morning. >> the "today" show is coming up in a few minutes.
6:40 am
>> my kids are desepressed. they only have a two-hour delay this morning. have they seen the roads? no. guys, ladies, good to see you. >> i'm sure it was a busy weekend for you. we're going to talk about the lingering problems from this historic blizzard. washington, d.c. still shut down this morning. a backlog of canceled flights at airports nationwide. we'll be live with complete coverage. >> an interview with donald rumsfeld. this morning he'll weigh in on the press depgs race, his legacy and his surprising entry into the business of app creation. those stories plus a favorite. kate hudson stopping by. what she's doing in her new movie that she's never done before when we get started on a monday morning. >> have a great show, guys. see you soon. we'll be right back with an update on how the storm cleanup is impacting this morning's commute. of course, a check much weather
6:41 am
welcome back. 6:357. a shot of the school bus east elmhurst squeens queens. lofts problems on the roads. we've been following the roads. some parents questioning if opening the schools was the right decision. >> katherine creag is in ozone park. >> reporter: we knew it would be a challenge in ozone park queens just getting to school. for one little boy a while wag walking in the middle of the street with his mother because the sidewalks are covered with snow.
6:42 am
not been plowed at all. this is 82nd street near ps 64. that's really the big problem, darlene and kerry, for so many people trying to get to school. back to you. >> now to tracie strahan in newark where schools are closed. tracie? >> reporter: but they're not sure if they'll be open tomorrow since residents say they haven't seen one pass of the ploe on residential streets since the blizzard. video from the morning. the streets and the side streets are still snow packed. the cars are lodged inside of snowbanks as we bring you back live. mayor roz baraka said the plows would eventually get to people. they're wondering if that's too little too late. back to you. >> thank you very much, tracie. a final check of traffic. >> let's start with the roads. an accidents headed towards the lincoln tunnel on 495 eastbound by pleasant avenue. it will take you 30 minutes to get to this point. once you're past it, things are moving fine.
6:43 am
to an hour on the raritan line. gladstone and summit, no rail service. new jersey is cross honoring system wide. partial service restored on the oyster bay, port jeff, ronkonkoma, hunting ton and babylon. no service east on the montauk branch as well as on the four others. then over on the harlem line, no southbound stops today at tremont and melrose. and then for path commuters, still no service between newark and journal square for ongoing snow cleanup. new jersey transit will cross honor. otherwise, path is doing just fine. that's the only suspension there. lauren, thank you. >> chris, one more check of the weather. >> it's quiet, actually. all things considered. we're not adding insult to injury. sunshine to start. clouds building up in the afternoon. temperatures climb above freezing into the upper 30s. not as cold tonight with a low of 32 in the city. that means melting and refreezing overnight.
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