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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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someone to kill a woman who she says ruined her life. the 20-year-old faced a judge in claremont thursday accused of telling another woman while living at a domestic abuse shelter that she wanted someone she knew dead. the incident was reported to a shelter manager and police. >> law enforcement the following daikon tacted the reporting party, the reporting party reiterated those concerns, and the reporting party agreed to cooperate with law enforcement in this investigation. reporter: claremont police and force say they set up a meeting between earle and an undercover officer, where earle confirmed that she wanted that person to kidnap, drug, rape, and kill a woman she knew. >> she expressed that her motivation was that he had taken her boyfriend away from her. she indicated that she was pregnant, and that she had a child as well. reporter: to show how serious
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officer where the woman lives and works and offered to pay him $500 to carry out the murder. she now faces two class a. felonies, conspiracy to commit murder and criminal solicitation to commit murder. one hundred thousand dollars cash bail. she will be back in court on december 8th for a proebl probable cause hearing. wmur news 9. tom: the man wanted on attempted murder charge has been by keene police. jeremiah holmes was wanted in connection with the september 3rd shooting in coatesville, pennsylvania. anonymous tips helped the u.s. marshal track home to a keene residence. he attempted to escape after a second floor window but tracked down by a k-9 and later taken into custody. jennifer: police have identified the elderly woman killed in an accident at her friend's house. durham police say 789-year-old janet du nham was dragged down
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own car as she was either getting into or out of it. she later died at the hospital. police say she was visiting friend at a knitting club. tom: new details tonight about the man accused of running from a crash scene in merrimack this week. we learned today he had just left court on an unrelated matter. we are live now with that story. reporter: authorities say that the man was leaving court after appearing before a judge on other charges when he ran a red light, crashed into another police say he was able to i will ruled authorities for more than an hour after the crash in a parking lot on the daniel webster highway. authorities say about 16 officers from several departments searched the wood and several developments in the area. a state police k-9 was brought in and he was eventually arrested. his lawyer says this all started when the suspect saw federal immigration officials in the court parking lot who have a
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>> my client did not engage in any criminal behavior, judge when he left the courtroom, or the courthouse, rather. what this -- what happened, this entire incident was precipitated in my opinion by immigration. >> this is a violent individual who has fled the scene. the the state is concerned about the safety of individuals where he pits hits a parked car and flees the scene driving through red lights. reporter: he faces charges that include resisting arrest. jennifer: breaking news the patriot's fans certainly don't want to hear. tight end rob gronkowski will undergo surgery tomorrow in los angeles after injuring his back in sunday's game. wmur is here now with how long he is expected to be out of it. reporter: it certainly hasn't been a few weeks for rob gronkowski. he took a big hit several weeks ago in the seattle game that
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missed game. last week he had to leave the game after this catch in the first quarter against the jets. initially it seemed hopeful he would make a quick return. now the patriot's website has confirmed he has a herniated disk and will undergo back surgery tomorrow in los angeles. he's expected to be out for eight weeks and will miss the rest of the regular season. now, if the patriots do continue their run deep into the playoffs we are maybe, and that is a generous maybe looking at rob gronkowski coming back this season. always room for some optimism but this is certainly a huge loss for the patriots. wmur news nine 9 sports. tom: turning now to new hampshire's drug crisis. safe stations have been open for two weeks in the city of nashua. jennifer: we checked in to see how they are helping the addicted get the help they need. reporter: they've seen almost instantaneous results as about one person per day has stopped by taking that first step on the
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nashua's safe stations program is barely up and running, but it's already helping people seeking help for drug addiction. >> so far in the last 14 days we've had 17 people knock on our door. reporter: the concept started at the manchester fire department, give people struggling with addiction a place to go, get a wick medical evaluation from amr and transport to a remember cover reprogram. there is a sign on east hollow street letting everyone know this is a gateway t to be treated like a human being who has a clear disorder. reporter: so far station 4 has taken the majority of nashua's safe station walk ins. >> i was actually surprised to see how fast it started. you know, we've seen all the reports from manchester, and it's a little bit bigger city than ours, and it's pretty stunning the numbers, and when they started knocking on our doors it was surprising to see how quick it's catching on. reporter: amr says after a
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overdoses, seven of them fatal, november saw those numbers go down with 28 overdoses, and only two fatalities. whether it's part after wider trend is yet to be seen. but safe stations is now in place here to help and could be put to use in other cities as well. >> this program is being looked out by the bronx, new york city fire department, and a number of other agencies across the country, so i really hope it spread, i hope it i a station-wide model that can make a difference. reporter: says they are averaging 12 minutes of out of service time for each safe station arrival. that is better than they arrested. jennifer: and next week louisiana cone yeah fire is announcing its only program aimed at fighting the opioid crisis. the department along with its community partners will even veil its new and innovative program on tuesday afternoon at the central fire station which tonight they say is not a safe stations program. tom: now onto a developing story
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andover. news 9 has just learned a former student has been indicted on three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. jennifer: it involved another student and took blaze in the dorm in october of last year, that is according to the school. suzanne roantree has more from andover now. reporter: according to a health tere sent out by proctor academy it happened in october of 2015. >> the school has confirmed to wmur that the male student was he is charged with three counts of felonious sexual assault against a 16-year-old girl. in a letter sent to parents the school says it learned of the alleged incident in a dormitory shortly after it happened on october 25th, 2015, and "reported it in accordance with all state reporting guidelines." the boy left the school on the same day. proctor academy responded in an email to wmur stating "there is
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sexual or otherwise. we are saddened by the impact it has had on our community and the young woman's well-being is of kick concern." the letter says he entered the girl's dormitory let in by residents of the dorm after check in hours and after the faculty and resident had retired for the evening. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: tonight the city of portsmouth facing a lawsuit over its wastewater treatment plant, why a group of new upgrade don't go far enough. jennifer: plus manchester police make a special delivery of food and presents this afternoon to queen city residents. mike: sunshine and mild temperatures for some out there today. will bright skies linger into friday and the weekend? the forecast coping up. jennifer: we'll get you caught up on the rob gronkowski situation, but it's thursday and that means hometown hero. we'll introduce you to this
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tom: an overnight crash lead to a dwi arrest in seabrook. jennifer: state police responded to a crash on i-95 northbound at the entrance of the seabrook rest area. they found a car that was jumped the curb and drove head on into a large tree. the driver was charged with dwi and has a court date next week. rick: more than a dozen people have filed a lawsuit over a multi-million dollar plan to make changes to the wastewater treatment plant at portsmouth's pierce island. the complaint says the federal government should step in and force the relocation of the plant to the peas international trade port. they are arguing that the facility is outdated, too small
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pose more environmental concerns. a sport smith's attorney disagrees. >> unfortunately they've decided now after the court has approved the modification and this is going forward to bring this lawsuit, essentially claiming that the environmental agencies have abrogated their responsibilities. tom: and tonight on wmur news at 10:00 and 11:00 you will hear from one of the plaintiffs for more on why they want this plant to be moved. well we had a bright first one in three or four days it seems. mike: yes. temperatures, wow, for early december much warmer than the normal, take a look at that,
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tom: in tonight's spirit of giving a group officers above and beyond to make special deliveries in manchester. reporter: police from manchester and nashua are spreading holiday joy to seniors this afternoon helping out the caregivers much offs efrs officers got quick training at the headquarters in bedford. the goal is to help the elderly and disabled in the greater manchester and nashua areas
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long as possible. officers loaded up their vehicles and delivered christmas gifts and groceries. officers say helping out this way is reward and senior residents say it is greatly appreciated. >> i love it. they are so nice, they come by here with your food. they brought me a nice gift i wasn't expecting. >> we are really happy that we were asked to partner with caregivers and be a part of the great work that they do and we are more happy to help them with nare generous cause. reporter: service year round. you can find a link if you're interested on jennifer: jennifer: and you can help make sure that every child gets a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving toy drive. it's coming up december 2nd which is tomorrow and it runs right through 94th at the toys r us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings. you can give new unwrapped toys for the toys for tots program and need is particularly great
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tom: now chief meteorologist mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: over an inch and a half of rain in the state capitol bringing it over to 30 inches of rain, 19% below the average since the first of the year. we are still in the extreme drought, extreme southern new hampshire that does not include this latest storm with another inch, inch and a half in many spots. now that we are in december what do you normallyxp well a high the 1st of the month 42 by the low of 23. by the end of the month the average high is at freezing with a normal low of 12 in the state capitol. we average about three and a quarter inches of rain or melted snow and snowfall we average over a foot in the state capitol. but we were nowhere close to the norm for the first of december today. look at these temperatures well above the average, about 7 shy, right at 7 shy of the record of
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record high in portsmouth 60 high, nine shy of that. mid to upper 50s for a couple of hours during the early part of the afternoon, a little bit cooler still 50-plus will lakes region points west and 40s in northern parts. we are below 50 in many spots, if not all of new hampshire right now, but still running above the average for this early hour of the evening in this time of year. overnight tonight it will not be all that cold. yes it does drop down near freezing, low to m 3 ten degrees, above the average for the overnight lows. it will be a relatively mild start to the day tomorrow, not as warm as today. but certainly above the average, mid to upper 40s for highs and then all of the 30s take over in many spots as we push on into the weekend. a couple of low 40s in southern new hampshire. now in terms of sunny skies we had little bit today. central southern new hampshire, more cloud up north. same theme for friday and on saturday with a west to northwesterly wind that tend to
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mountains. a couple of mixed rain showers ear errol early up north. everyone could see a brief snow shower tomorrow night as the next front moves onto our south florida. that will separate the above normal temperatures to the normal temperature pattern by saturday, so here is that slight chance of a flurry or brief mixed shower anywhere for tomorrow night. once we get into saturday full sunshine south, more cloud, a few flakes up north and then plenty of sun statewide as we go into a couple of snow showers, but out ahead of all of that we are still above average tomorrow by about 7 or 8 degrees, near 40 north to around 50 at the coast, then here comes the cooldown behind that mixed or snow shower in spots tomorrow night. back into the low 40s south, low to mid 30s north. even a bit cooler, full sun and sunday. a little bit breezy tomorrow, strongest wind over the next few days will be on saturday, quite a gusty start to the weekend. few snow showers scattered about
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a few mixed showers the middle of next week. good news for ski country temperatures will be dropping they will be blasting 24-7 starting tomorrow night. tom: a tough break for for for rob gronkowski. jennifer: the patriots are confirming back surgery.
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jennifer: pray tree at's tight end rob gronkowski will undergo back surgery for a herniated disk. gronk left last week apartments game against the jets after this catch in the first quarter. it seemed initially pretty hopeful that he would return quickly but he is now headed to los angeles for the surgery tomorrow. rob gronkowski is expected to miss eight weeks which would mean that he misses the rest of the regular sean. going in the playoffs who knows, maybe he'll make it back in time for that. our hometown hero this week is an elite power temblor from brentwood. here is melissa dusett in her own words. reporter: i'm melissa dusett and i'm an elite power tumbler. i grew newspaper barrington and i graduated from spalling. throughout my high school years i was diving.
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gymnastics. and my junior year i went back to gymnastics and got a full scholarship at the university of alaska. i competed for alaska for two years and transferred to bridgeport on a full scholarship. it's in conjunction where trampoline and double mini. it's not an olympic sport but you can go to the world championship. it consists of eight skills. you have 80 feet of tumbling on a rod floor and then 30 feet of the cleanest, hardest tumbling path. right now i train full time and work full time at qvc here and then three days a week i'll train at roots gymnastics which is three hours away. i qualified so now i'm training for world championships which will be in gull t bulgaria in 2017. jennifer: wow.
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the unh volleyball team is going to begin their tourney against nebraska, first round match is tomorrow at 8:00. the wildcats are making their fourth consecutive playoff appearance but they have yet to get out of the first round, so maybe the fifth time is the charm. good luck to the wildcats. and the boston bruins are in action tonight at the garden they will once again be without their captain, he will miss his fifth game but he did skate with the team this morning so certainly a good on the carolina hurricanes tonight at the garden. tom: all right. jennifer: right now on christmas only 24 days away. and the white house is all ready for the holiday season. get a look inside this year's decorations. tom: tune in for new hampshire chronical it follows world news. we'll see you back here tonight right after "the great american baking show."
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tonight, breaking news, reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will president-elect make the same also breaking the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding dozens at gun point. inside their efforts and the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now raising. this evening, the announcement from dolly parton.


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