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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 1, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EST

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how much more to expect, plus when skies clear again. >> it amazes me that he was nice enough to help out. shelley: and a stranger's act of kindness inspires a young girl and her father to pay it forward 100 fold. >> and no one covers new hampshire like we do, now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: tonight, an 86-year-old woman is dead after she was hity i'm tom griffith. shelley: and i'm shelley walcott. such a sad story. police say it appears she was dragged by the car and then it ran her over. wmur's suzanne roantree is in durham with the details. reporter: durham police say it was about 3:00 this afternoon when they got a call that somebody had been struck by a car on baghdad road. police say someone who witnessed
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located an 86-year-old woman who sustained very serious injuries. reporter: police say the woman had been visiting friends on baghdad road. when she got in car to leave she started to back her toyota down the driveway but then opened the door. >> it appears that she stepped out of her vehicle, and had left the car in reverse stepped out, , the car rolled back and struck her. reporter: police say the woman was found in the road with traumatic injuries, her car idling just feet away. >> it appears that the vehicle was in reverse and had rolled him a driver into the street and came to rest of the road near a telephone pole. reporter: the woman was transported to portsmouth regional hospital where she later died. bagdad road was closed for several hours during the late afternoon as investigators tried to reconstruct the accident. >> the accident investigation is ongoing. we have enlisted the services of an accident team.
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they will likely released the identity of the woman released in the accident tomorrow morning. tom: tonight, the investigation into the homicide of a two-year-girl in berlin continues. the attorney general's office says no arrests have been made in connection to madison dana's death. sharon white who helped care for her says that she met her parents when they needed a place to stay and a helping hand. she said after madison was born, she got to know the beautiful little girl who she last saw about a year ago. she was in shock. >> it is something that i knew could have happened. i worried that i probably should've contacted her on saturday. tom: a gofundme page was started by a relative to raise money for funeral expenses. anyone with information about what happened to madison is urged to call the tip line. shelley: right now, hudson police are investigating an armed robbery at the derry road walgreens. police say just after 7:00 tonight this man entered the store with a knife and demanded
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they say the store clerk complied and he ran away with the money. police say nobody was hurt during the encounter. anyone with information is asked to call police. tom: let's turn to the weather now, we have seen a good bit of rain. take a live look outside in hooksett, 43 degrees. roads are still wet. temperatures in the 30's and 40's around the state. how much more rain will fall tonight? let's go to chief meteorologist, mike haddad. mike: off through daybreak tomorrow. temperatures as mentioned, 30's and 40's, well above the freezing mark. no issue in terms of traveling about the state. watch out, visibility cut down due to fog. the roads are a little slick due to wet conditions. rain continues to come in. more intense rain through toronto and buffalo, east of
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daybreak tomorrow. you will see on futurecast in the coming hours, how that rain intensifies. could even be a rumble of thunder in extreme southern parts of new hampshire. then it all winds down during the early part of the commute tomorrow morning. in terms of additional rainfall, try three quarters of an inch to an inch in many spots. another dent in the dropping for the ground freezes. good news for central and southern new hampshire. more changes by the end of the week and the weekend, straight ahead. shelley: warning people of a utlity scam targeting eversource customers. police say someone became victim to the scam and lost $2000. eversource issued a warning back in july that scammers were pressuring people to make payments over the phone and in person. the utility says in reality, eversource rarely makes unsolicited phone calls. tom: we're learning more about a massive real estate project that's been in the works for nearly 10 years. the more than 640 acres that used to be woodmont orchards in londonderry will become woodmont
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they've been planning the massive urban manual project since 2008. wmur's cherise leclerc is live now with more on what people who live nearby can expect. reporter: tonight, the developers got conditional approval to start building. that means people who live here will see the structures come up in the spring of 2017. it is a first of its kind development in new england, in the making for neay >> it is unique. reporter: the woodmont commons are one step closer to reality, getting a conditional approval from the londonderry planning board wednesday night. the project will eventually house everything from a hotel, apartments, restaurants, retail, single family homes and an assisted living center. but some people, like ray breslin who can practically see the development from his front yard, have some concerns. >> with this new development,
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even greater. i have seen a backed up 15 cars. reporter: michael kettenbach, president of the company that owns the land, pillsbury realty says they have solutions for that and have been meeting with new hampshire dot and says a new interchange on i-93, exit 4a will improve traffic flow. >> i think eventually 4a will mitigate traffic. the advent of pillsbury road coming down will lea reporter: there are also some concerns over safety. >> i hope they address the safety issue. reporter: kettenbach says there will eventually be police and ambulance substations at the commons. and the new development will attract hundreds of new jobs. >> it is going to be a fascinating process that will take 15 to 20 years to complete. reporter: one of the first buildings you will see come up will be a brewpub called 603
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the spring of live in 2017. londonderry, cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. shelley: very interesting, thank you. the new hampshire gop caucus is now nominated a house speaker. it is a face familiar to just about everyone. republicans nominated speaker shawn jasper for another term over republican representative laurie sanborn. the vote was 109-104 on a second ballot. sanborn now says she will not run against jasper when the fulo jasper won two years ago by running against former speaker bill o'brien, cobbling together a coalition of republicans and democrats. democrats say they won't join in the vote so jasper apparently has the deal sealed. some are indicating there could be a late challenge. >> all of our speaker elections in recent years have been very narrow. i do not think it says too much.
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but on the other hand, i do not think there is anybody that two , years ago, thought i had a chance of being nominated by my party to be speaker a second term. shelley: if jasper wins, this will be his second term as speaker and 12th term in the house representing hudson. tom: president-elect donald trump now says he's planning to exit the business world and focus on the white house. the announcement comes as trump fills out his economic team. he is tapping billionaire wilbur ross for secretary of commerce and wall street investor chair treasury secretary. he says the trump administration's first priority will be taxes. >> we repatriate trillions of dollars back to the united states. we will have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. tom: trump says he will hold a news conference with his children on december 15 to discuss his separation from his businesses in greater detail. meantime, green party presidential nominee jill stein
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presidential vote. she has already requested recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin. stein says it's important to determine whether hacking may have affected the results. michigan's recount could start as early as friday. shelley: some good news for students in portsmouth. they will be able to set their alarm clocks an hour later next year. classes will start an hour later at the middle and high school. after doing research on sleep deprivation in adolescents and surveying the community, the school board voted 8-1 to make the change. many parents are happy their kids will get an extra hour of sleep. >> 7:00 a.m. for my eleven-year-old is just torture, he's just a zombie in the morning and he's just not ready to get up that early, so it impacts everything. >> mornings next year will be less of a challenge i think developmentally it's the right call for everybody. shelley: the changes will go
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south tonight. coming up on news 9 tonight why officials say massive wildfires are becoming even harder to fight even though some rain has fallen. plus, an act of kindness by a cashier leads to even more generosity. what she did for a little girl that was a few dollars short at the register. mike: it will be a mild start to december tomorrow as temperatures jump well above normal. how warm it gets, plus when it starts to go back down. shelley: hot shot. here is an adorable shot of a dog named d.x. dress up like santa claus. so cute. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of ulocal members, by logging onto
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weather and wildfires sliming the south. the death toll is on the rise. shelley: tornadoes in alabama killed five people and injured at least a dozen more. the storms tore through just as firefighters began to get wildfires under control in tennessee. those fires have killed at least seven people and have damaged or 700 businesses. officials say rain has helped with the fire but is also creating new challenges. >> we are experiencing some small mudslides and rockslides because there is no longer that foliage that is holding everything together. shelley: tonight hundreds are , still in shelters and the fire chief says their work won't be finished for quite some time. tom: a science panel is now urging a rewrite of food allergy warning labels. the national academies of sciences, engineering and
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an ingredient are confusing to people with food allergies. it's says regulators and the food industry should clear consumer confusion with labels that better reflect the level of risk. shelley: the holiday spirit is in full effect at manchester's toys "r" us. one act of kindness, led to even more generosity, with people hoping to pay it forward. chelsea provencher braved a packed toys "r" us on black friday so her daughter, violet could use some gift s. , into a bit of a problem. >> we get up there and ring everything up, and i am $5.52 short. i had grabbed all the change i had in the car i had no money on , me, i felt helpless. shelley: she told the very disappointed eight-year-old she had to put one of her new toys back. that is when a nearby cashier stepped in. >> the young lady at the register next to us was finished with the customer and said, no
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it. i said, no, we can put something back. shelley: that cashier was sheilla nelson, who says she didn't think twice about helping out. >> it was just an instinct because i like to do nice things for other people. shelley: roger provencher was so moved by sheilla's kindness toward his wife and daughter, he decided to pay it forward. he went right back to the toys "r" us, insisting on donating $552 to the store. thanks 100 times over, in the distributed among future customers, who might need help with their purchases. >> it amazed me that she was nice enough to help out when someone was distressed because of something so little. shelley: but when toys "r" us corporate heard about roger's kind gesture they decided to pay it forward as well. they returned his generous donation, and made one on his behalf, money still to be donated to customers in need.
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make sure that the store and sheilla are rewarded. shelley: such a great story. again, toys "r" us does plan to recognize that cashier sheilla, for her kind gesture, that started that chain of generosity. tom: also, you can make sure you help every child in new hampshire to get a gift this holiday season by donating to our spirit of giving toy drive. it kicks off friday and runs through sunday. toys "r" us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. the drive benefits the toys for tots program. our radio partners as we gather up for a happy and great holiday. mike: a great program, the kids get what they should have, makes for a great season. tom: and we are getting much-needed rain, but it ends tomorrow. mike: yes, then we see the temperature is coasting back to more seasonal patterns. we will see what happens.
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they will get quite a snowpack building. heavy snow, over half a foot. plus, northern and central maine, a little big of mixing. it is all wet for new hampshire. you will notice in doppler radar it is steady, rain filling in. has been over the last couple hours. coming more intense. intensity is picking up a bit. there are heavy downpours to the west. a little bit of mixing going on in the higher terrain. there will be some accumulation of over 2000 feet. but below that level, very little if any. we have two batches of heavy rain, one in eastern new york, down through eastern pennsylvania and jersey, then a
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buffalo, points south. both of these have to work through between now and daybreak. all told, we could have over and injured brain in many parts of new hampshire. this is the tally from now until daybreak. just under an inch, but we have already seen a good quarter to an inch of rain. many will see a total of an inch to an inch and a quarter and this latest storm. that puts an drought, dropping the deficit down from 20 to 18% around the concord area. 30's, 40's now. no threat of icing on the road. a very isolated event in the north. mid-30's in the morning, lower 40's in southern new hampshire. a cold front to december 1. these overnight lows, they are not the normal high temperature for the first of december.
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little cool down. we gradually cool into the mid-40's friday, then back to average saturday and sunday. in terms of that rain, a continues to intensify. cannot rule out a brief under shower and parts of southern new hampshire. by 6:00 a.m., heavy rain is gone . skies already starting to clear just off to our south and west. by the middle to end part of the commute, developing partial su temperatures. they top off, 40 central. a lower 40's north. a few clouds lingering and a few scattered showers. those showers will turn into snow showers friday and saturday in the north country. a slight chance of a flurry or snow shower friday evening in southern new hampshire. drive for the weekend but chilly. mid-40's north, to mid 50's at
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clouds, partly sunny south. the same story saturday. more sun on sunday, but highs in the 30's to around 40 south. seasonably chilly, right through early next week. no big storms or snow producers just yet. but we have a ways to go. tom: do you have an arbor behind
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have their best night tonight. this is still a young team, and they are getting used to some new players. so they will certainly have nights like this. they should have been able to handle the detroit pistons in boston but it didnt work out that way.
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the dunk is up by three, took five shots. isiah thomas doing what he does and drives a nifty reverse layup. kentavious caldwell pope with a three for detroit. pistons led by six points at the down the stretch, the c's just half. could not stop them. pope with a jumper in the lane he scored 25. detroit wins it, 121-114. they out-rebounded boston by 18. another good early season friday. challenge for unh basketball. on the road at providence college unh in blue. , iba camara with a jump hook in the first half. unh led 19-18 midway thru the kijana lovewith a nice drive on first half. the baseline up and under for the freshman from texas. daniel deeon with a 3 pointer. jaleen smith 20 points, 7
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unh 76-62. >> they were reading the defense well. the game plan was, we would slip our big guys. they ended up switching and went through five. i think that was the biggest difference. >> that is basketball talk for you. the acc-big ten challenge. virginia tech at michigan. newcastle new hampshire's duncan number 22 in yellow. he came off the bench with a three-pointer right away. robinson finishes with 15 points, including three shots from three point range. virginia tech didn't lead in the game until there were only 98 seconds left but they win 73-70. on the hilltop cody ball and , saint anselm college hosted bentley. he gets an assist as taylor knocks down a chris braley, the
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12 rebounds. number 10 in black is matt barr from stratham, he gets a nice assist. the hawks win 91-86. a few of key patriots players on offense did not participate in practice today. tom brady, rob gronkowski, martellus bennett, and julien edelman, all with various injuries. the most series is the gronk, who has missed two games with a back injury. but the rest of the patriots were back at work on the practice field today, ready to at 1:00 p.m. the rams are 4-7 this year. so the pats are heavily favored, by almost two touchdowns. and the calendar is about to turn in 33 minutes. which is great news. the patriots are historically awesome in december. >> you want to play your best football. we will be here for a while. it is a time when you want to put everything else aside and focus on these last couple
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means, that it is almost over. >> when it comes down to crunch time, this last month here, just one of play good football, give ourselves a good position. >> it's a rivalry weekend for the unh hockey team. they play friday in durham, then saturday night in orono, maine. >> we have a lot of confidence. obviously there are things we arin of upside. >> i think the boys are feeling pretty good. there fired up. we are all looking forward to it. >> it down there there is a little hostility. you have the fans screaming and it gets you fired up. the first couple shifts are different but then it settles down into a normal hockey game. >> coming up tomorrow at 6:00, this terrific tumbler is our
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still to come,. shelley: a little girl saving
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stoughton, massachusetts saved her baby sister's life with what she learned in health class. tom: miranda was two-days-old and still at the hospital when her big sister noticed her changing colors and choking. as she hit the call button, she gave her mom a play by play on how to turn the baby over and pat her baby's sister's back to stop her from choking. >> i was thinking i will have a baby sister so i want to know all these things. i was glad they were teaching it. grader her own stethoscope for such a good job. congratulations. mike: rain. mild for december first. 55. enjoy that before we start to cool down. shelley: they give her joining us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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