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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sean: icy roads and crashes across the granite state. now at noon, we're live with details on injuries and rescue efforts, and what you can expect for the drive home. kevin: the morning mix gradually changing to rainfall. the latest with futurecast and stormtracker, ahead. sean: where a homicide investigation is underway right now. why police were originally called to the scene this morning. and a deadly scene out of colombia, where several members of a brazilian soccer team were killed in a plane crash. what we know about the developing situation. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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granite state. good afternoon. i'm sean mcdonald. from concord to the lakes region to northward from there, drivers had to take it slow due to the slick conditions. here is a live look in plymouth. very messy at 32 degrees. that was the problem, kevin. right around the freezing market kevin: temperatures have been inching up a degree or two an hour through the morning. in the northte been slowly getting back to near the freezing mark, and only a little more improvement as the afternoon wears on. there in mind, regardless of the road conditions, this is all precipitation we have sorely needed, with another wave coming behind us for tomorrow and tomorrow night. for the time being, with the wintry mix in central and northern areas of the state, that will navigate northward to
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a little more of an onshore wind, which should push temperatures up to the 40's. our highs will likely not be until 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. this will keep us from going near the freezing mark for most locations later tonight as the system pulls away. we have another system behind us and all the details and the raimi will see from that in a few minutes. sean: the rain and freezing temps sent drivers in parts of the state off the roads and stuck needin crashing. wmur's ray brewer is live in belmont, where the cleanup from one of those crashes just finished. ray: good afternoon, shunted route 106 is fully open. this accident involved a fully loaded cement truck, and two other vehicles and first responders say there's no doubt icy roads were responsible for the crash. from 7:00 in the morning a light rain had moved into much of new hampshire and it combined with
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freezing, enough to turn the roads treacherous. >> it came on really quickly. ray: in belmont this fully loaded cement truck was heading north on route 106. firefighters say it looks like the driver lost control on icy roads, and struck two vehicles heading south. the driver of the cement truck was trapped. the police actually got him out. ray: the driver was taken to concord hospital with what was described as non-life-threatening injuries. the drivers of the other two vehicles sustaining minor injuries and taken to laconia hospital. lane of route 106. still, firefighters considered themselves fortunate. >> it could have been a lot worse. this road is known for some pretty bad accidents. ray: elsewhere in the state it was pretty much the same story. cars sliding off the roads, in some cases rolling over. even trucks designed to be out in the weather were not immune
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pittsfield accident, but sections of roads had to be shut down. i-93 from franconia to belmont was also hard-hit. reporting live in belmont, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: developing news out of manchester this noon. a homicide investigation is underway right now after a shooting on thornton street. wmur's andy hershberger is live with the latest. andy, what do we know so far? andy: releasing few details about what happened here at 231 the thornton street in manchester, but they say one person is dead and they are investigating this is a homicide. officials say they were called to the thornton street address around 12:34 reports of shots fired. when they arrived, they say they found a man dead with an apparent gunshot wound. police say the victim is a resident of that address but they are not releasing a name at this point.
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me and my wife are usually up around midnight, 1:00. my wife said she was up at 1:00. we didn't hear anything. >> i just can't believe it could the neighborhood is really pretty quiet. sometimes there are issues over at that house. but mining, shocked. -- but, i mean, i'm sure. i can't believe this. andy: officials to have an autopsy performed tomorrow. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. sean: new at noon, hooksett police have arrested a man for allegedly stealing a bottle of vodka. it happened monday afternoon. police were called to coaker avenue after someone saw a man going through a car and a mailbox before going into new england brace company. police say 29-year-old michael murphy allegedly walked out a short time later with a bottle of pinnacle vodka. murphy was arrested for burglary, loitering, and prowling.
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nashua police say the trucks were stolen from the u-haul on northwest boulevard in two separate incidents back in september. police arrested 35-year-old michael nadworny for allegedly stealing both. they say 26-year-old chelsea osterman helped him out. she is expected to make a court appearance later today. a plane crash leaves at least 75 people dead. coming up, who was onboard the flight when it crashed in colombia, and what we know about the investigation. and, the man allegedly behind crash faces a judge today. what he's charged with. kevin: wintry mix continues up north, and more rainfall on the docket not only later this afternoon, but with the next system. a look at the weekend, coming up. sean: plus, in today's "grow it green," just because the growing season is over doesn't mean you can't work in your garden. some tips for keeping it healthy
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sean: right now, investigators are on the scene of an airline disaster in south america after a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team went down in a mountainous region of colombia. 81 people were onboard and officials say all but 6 died in the crash.
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latest on this developing story. elizabeth: new and heartbreaking images from colombia, as crews begin removing bodies from the crash site, where you can barely make out this was a plane. and incredibly, there are survivors. according to authorities, there are 6 survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. 75 others onboard, many of them, members of a brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament, were killed. the brazilian president today offered his condolences to the victims' families, calling the incident extremely sad. the circumstances are still under investigation, but so far, we're told the british aerospace rj-85, owned by a charter company, was near its destination, flying from bolivia to colombia. and this is a look at the flight radar, showing the final moments. the plane circling several
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problem before crashing. the soccer team from chapecoense posted this on facebook, before they got on that plane. one of the players, alan ruschel, a 27-year-old defender seen here with his teammates, is said to be one of the survivors. authorities say in all, 3 soccer players, two crew members, and one journalist survived, and for the 75 victims, the brazilian president just declared three days of mourning. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. sean: bus crash that killed six children last week briefly appeared in court today. a judge rescheduled johnthony walker's preliminary hearing for december 15 at the request of his attorney. walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide, as well as charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. records show parents, students, and school officials had expressed concerns about walker's speeding in the weeks before the crash. this was the second time in two months that walker was involved
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the fbi is trying to determine a motive behind a violent attack at ohio state university. police say a student drove a car into a group of pedestrians monday morning before stabbing several people on campus. 11 people were injured before the attacker was shot and killed by police. now we're hearing some of the 911 calls that were made during the attack. >> franklin county 911. yeah. i'm on the ohio state campus. there's been a -- i think there's some type of terror >> what do you -- >> because they guy ran across through a crowd of students. he did it purposely. >> this guy in a honda civic came out, ran to the crowd, jumped out of his car, started chasing people with a knife. he was running down woodruff. that's all i seen. oh, my god. sean: all the victims are expected to survive. investigators say at this point, they can not rule out terrorism
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canceled hundreds more flights today. officials say the airline has scrapped 816 flights for today, and another 890 flights scheduled for tomorrow because of a pilot strike. the pilots, who've been in a pay dispute for more than two years, also walked off the job 4 days last week. wmur learned that new hampshire democratic party chairman ray buckley will announce his candidacy today for chairman of the democratic national committee. in an email, buckley confirmed to fellow party leaders that he reform from top to bottom. so it got dicey out there this morning. kevin: it did, and temperatures continue to slowly improve and will continue to do so through this evening. that sets up the next system already on its heels. sean: in today's "grow it green," we''ll tell you how to keep your garden healthy throughout the year. now time for our u local hot shot. looks like someone is ready for the holidays. a lot of great decorations out
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>> now, meteorologist kevin's -- kevin skarupa with your storm watch9 forecast. kevin: it has been an 8-1 0-degree difference in a lot of areas and that is a huge difference for southern areas of the state, which are contending with pockets of light rain. contending with temperatures right near the freezing mark so you could be driving along wet highways anywhere but temperatures down your 31 or 32 degrees. not seeing much with snow left at this point. we have the winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00, freezing rain out to our west. through the next couple of hours, conditions will continue to improve as a half in southern
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keeping the clouds locked in. the wind blowing on tour with the water, temperature over the ocean at 51, bringing in milder after the afternoon. luckily, highs coming in at 8:00, 9:00 tonight. you see the rain extent -- rain mix line extending further north. temperatures will continue to inch up by a dege to upper 30's to near 40. most organized rainfall at the present moment closer to the coast line. more gathering to the southwest moving across southern areas could this all beneficial precipitation if you didn't have to travel. the ic next unneeded but -- icy mix unneeded but any precipitation at this point is a good idea.
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central parts of the state, places like plymouth, franklin, bristol, tend to hang on to the coldest of the air the longest, even longer in portions of the north country. there will be areas here with freezing drizzle. steady improvement through the afternoon. southern areas of the state climbing through the 40's late this afternoon and extending into this evening. that should keep temperatures above the freezing mark anywhere away from them white mountains. further north, colder air. milder air to the west. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 40's to the lower range of the 50's. evening commute not necessarily a bargain but it will be better than the money committed this will be pockets of rain, a couple of brief downpours. activity starts to wane overnight. tomorrow morning, temperatures statewide are above the freezing mark. you shop for tomorrow morning.
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starts to move in. 40's to the low range of the 50's. some of that could be having through the wednesday night time frame. it should wrap up thursday morning and then quite weather coming forward with temperatures continuing to go in the 40's to the 50's through thursday afternoon. cooler air starts to drain in, but not overly cold. partial sunshine, and a quieter weather pattern as we had our way through the weekend. let's head to "grow it green ray: welcome to today's "grow it grgreen." i'm joined by jeremy from unh cooperative extension. we are talking about the importance of soil testing. why the fall? jeremy: fall is a great time. one, it doesn't take as long to get your results back because not as many people are
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the fall and it will have time to react by the time spring rolls around so you don't have to wait the full season. ray: what is the best way to go about testing the soil and getting that sample? jeremy: you need three things. you need a good trial, a container to mix in, and then a bucket of some sort to collect in. typically what you do is in a garden spot or lawn area, wherever you are simply got 6-8 samples, typically representative samples, as long as you don't have major changes in the soil type. sean: -- ray: something from the side, something from the center? jeremy: random pattern is best. mix it well. remove any debris, rocks, twigs, any grass, you want to keep that out of the sample. next that really well.
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it to the lab in durham, unh. ray: trying to fill this out, what are the important things? jeremy: all the contact information goes up top. the important thing is cap codes. back of the form, it will to be options for crop codes. blueberries, potatoes, flower gardens, specific things like that. ray: you get your results back and compare them to this? jeremy it will help you understand what the numbers mean and how you can utilize them. if you have questions afterwards, collis of the education center. talk with master gardeners there and they can help you better understand how to use the numbers. ray: when spring eventually rolls around -- i'm sure it will eventually -- you will be all
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sean: today is giving tuesday, and people across the country will be helping important causes by donating their time and money. with 2016 being a record year for weather-related disasters, the red cross is asking the public to open up their hearts and wallets. if you donate to the american red cross before midnight, your
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dartmouth is also asking people to give the gift of healing and health to thousands of children this holiday season. to donate, head to there is millions, tons of good causes to donate to. help out if you can. you can help make sure kids across the state get gifts this holiday season by supporting our spirit of giving toy drive. you can donate new, unwrapped toys this friday through sunday at toys "r" us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. for donations for children under three years old and older than 10. should be good. erin will be out there friday. kevin: shaping up to a fairly unsettled pattern over the next couple of days. rainfall for the evening commute. it dies out overnight. another batch of rain moves out tomorrow afternoon and night. fairly quiet conditions otherwise friday and the
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more gray on that seven-a forecast. kevin: november is the cloudiest month of the year. sean: starting tonight at 5:00, we'll bring you any new developments in the homicide investigation underway right now on manchester's west side. plus, all your binge watching may cost you soon, kevin. why leaders in one state are proposing a so-called netflix tax. we'll have the latest at 5:00. that does it for us.
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now on celebrity page tv. two struggling stars getting the help they need. >> i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. >> the latest details on kanye west's hospitalization and selena gomez's battle with depression. the most star-studded mannequin challenge ever. we'll tell you who is involved. who is behind the epic video. then, tour and receives a welcome home better than any sellout crowd. plus, channing tatum becomes the king. >> do you work here? >> no. >> why doesn't anyone want to ride the elevator with him? >> come in. ?? ?? big stars, big hollywood. celebrity page tv starts now. welcome to celebrity page. i'm sonja isabelle.


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