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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the 2-year-old die last night after suffering injuries inside a home. jean: we want to get right to wmur's amy coveno who is live at police headquarters in berlin tonight with new information in this case. amy? reporter: good evening. berlin is a city of fewer than 10,000 people, and everyone we came across today was talking about this tragedy. first responders were called to this home on york street around 3:30 sunday afternoon. half-year-old madison dana was injured and unresponsive. a neighbor says the mother told her madison fell off the bunk bed. she was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries last night, according to investigators. the state police major crime union and it the attorney general's office spent the day in berlin gathering evidence and conducting interviews. late today autopsy results determined madison died from blunt force injuries.
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>> blunt injuries is more than just a fall, it's more than a glancing hit. you're talking about a measure of force that is so strong that you're causing not only external but also internal injuries. reporter: this investigation remains active and ongoing, there are no suspects that have been named and no one is in custody. investigators are now asking for the public's help. if you have any information that york street home on sunday, you're asked to call 419-8124. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from a neighbor, a woman who says that madison's mother is a friend of hers. jean: more breaking news, this from ohio state university. police now say it was a student who attacked several people on campus. he's accused of running into
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officer shot and killed him. but as kenneth moton reports, it's still not clear why he did it. reporter: it came in as an active shooter call. >> i was walking down 15th, people started running up 15th, like don't go to campus, there's an active shooter. reporter: police and fire swarmed the campus in columbus after reports of a gunman on the loose. the university alertg shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. >> there were three gunshots and it sounded like a handgun. reporter: around noon a student captured this cell phone video. the scene secure. it turned out not to be an active shooter, but a man police took down after he crashed his car into a crowd of people. >> we need medics, we have a
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reporter: then police say the suspect pulled out a knife. >> he was running around cutting people. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb, west 19th, west of college avenue, struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting me meeds. >> there were multiple injuries related to cuts, most likely as the chief said from the stab wounds from the butcher knife. report late monday afternoon suspect as a o.s.u. student, born in somalia living in the u.s. as a legal resident. investigators continue to dig into the suspects background and motive. sources say at least one of his social media posts show he was upset about recent attacks on muslims. tom: they got the alert to shelter in place. >> we got another alert that
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so i just started texting and calling all my friends to make sure everybody was okay. tom: you can find the latest updates on and our mobile app. jean: we want oh to turn to the weather now and two rounds of rain on the way. the first, you want to keep your eye on a wintery mix that's expected to push in tomorrow. chief meteorologist mike haddad is tracking the impact that this could have on the morning commute. mike: looks like some benefl but before we get to that, temperatures will be right at or even a little bit below freezing. and that could spell tricky travel for the morning commute in some areas. you'll notice temperatures already sub freezing in places like lebanon all the way through the great north woods and close to it in plymouth and even though skies are mainly clear right now, that will aid in the temperature tumble back well below freezing during the next several hours before this moves in, quite a built. rain in the great lakes, and
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but when that rain bumps into cold air, that means the rain will freeze on contact in some spots, just in time for the morning commute. not everywhere in the state, but in some spots untreated surfaces could be slick between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. so do we get any beneficial rain during the afternoon and evening? and what about a storm number two this week, all of that straight ahead. tom: tonight a family broke out. suzanne roantree spoke to the homeowner about the decision to jump to safety. reporter: it was just after three monday morning that the volunteer fire department in charlestown, along with seven surrounding communities responded to ox brook road, he says his home disappeared before his eyes. >> the upstairs porch was on
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reporter: eight people escaped. >> there was four people on the second floor trapped in there, and the amount of time it took the volunteers to get to get up here, they had jumped out the second story window. the police officer on the scene and the residents helped them get out. reporter: when firefighters arrived, flames were coming from the back of the home. >> and out each window and the sides, upstairs, it was extending downstairs as well at the time. reporter: sean lives >> the place was engulfed, i knew it was going to be a total loss when it was all said and done. reporter: his stepdaughter and granddaughters who jumped from the second story to escape were all brought to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. one possibly broke her arm. fire officials are trying to determine the cause of the fire. the homeowner says he did have smoke detectors but didn't hear them go off. westing says he just paid off the mortgage last year and had
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the families will be staying with relatives and are getting help from the red cross. >> food and clothing so they can start to take steps to get their lives back in order. jean: president-elect donald trump is stabbing by his claims tonight that there was widespread voter fraud in the election. trump claims serious voter fraud in new hampshire, virginia and california. but as sally kidd reports, he has not presented any evidence of that,s including wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania launch recount efforts led by the green party. reporter: the results in all three rust belt states would need to be overturnedded to impact the outcome of the election, and analysts say that's not likely to happen. elections officials are up against a tight deadline. federal law requires any election dispute to be resolved
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time frame and is going to require election officials throughout the state to work extended hours. reporter: president-elect donald trump denounced recount effort in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan as ridiculous, tweeting sunday that he not only won the electoral college but also the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally, a claim not supported by evidence. >> frankly, it's some of the more irresponsible president elect. it's also it logical. if donald trump has evidence or believes that millions of votes were cast illegally in favor of his opponent, he should be the first person asking for a recount. reporter: mr. trump also alleges serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. >> there's been no evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that. reporter: a trump spokesman
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registration irregularities. >> a research study that said approximately 24 million or one out of every eight voter registrations in the united states are no longer valid. reporter: fact says while that's an accurate quote from the pugh research study, the report does not allege that people with invalid registrations actually voted. tom: here in new hampshire, state officials say there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud despite touches insistence, but the secretary of state says case dos happen. mike cronin is here with their reaction. reporter: with every election state leaders say there are incidents of illegal voting, but nothing that would support donald trump's allegations. hillary clinton beat trump in the granite state by about 2700 votes. but the president-elect says there was serious voter fraud. the attorney general's office is investigating four complaints of wrongful voting incidents. but it says they're isolated and
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the new hampshire secretary of state says he doesn't want to speculate on what trump means. >> if one is prosecuted, does that mean there's 10 that aren't, or 20 that aren't? there's been at least one in every single election for at least the last decade. >> perception issues related to elections are important, and it's important that voters have faith elections are conducted with integrity. reporter: the a.g.'s office says new hampshire has a good record of fair elections. we'll have reaction from the governor and governor elect at 6:00. jean: traffic watch time. a lot of people heading back to work. we start with live pictures looking over i-93 in windham, moving alon at this spot.
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the commute. >> hi, looks like we're off to a good start. things look good from 93 from windham to manchester. 293 doing well north and southbound, and getting through the hooksett tolls without issue. in concord a little backed up on 393 eastbound getting through chichester. typical volume on 101 west. everett turnpike northbound, no backups on 101, but the usual delays between newington and dover. tom: fighting overdose deaths for the vaccine, the potential new tool in the works to reverse the opioid epidemic.
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west could result in tricky travel for some. a look at tuesday's timeline ahead. jean: then a man suspected in a series of bank robberies faces a judge. tom: then at 6:00 new details about what investigators al happened to a child living in
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jean: the suspect in the deadly church shooting in charleston, south carolina can represent himself at trial. today a judge ruled dylan roof can act as his own attorney at his upcoming federal death penalty trial. roof is charged with gunning down nine black parishioners at the parcel ston e man yell a.m.e. church last week a judge found him competent to stand trial. tom: u.s.-cuba relations are in uncertain territory follow the death of fidel castro. the former dictator died friday night. tonight marcy gonzalez reports that president-elect trump is threatening to terminate relateses with cuba if the country doesn't show reform. reporter: cubans lining up by
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to fidel castro. the first public memorial since the 90-year-old's death friday beginning with a salute. marking the end of an era for the island nation castro ruled for nearly half a century. >> we lost a great figure of the cuban people,. reporter: the somber reflections beneath lowered flags, a glaring contrast. exiles in miami. >> now that he is gone, there is an opportunity to really get behind those opposition leaders in cuba so that we can secure better future for the people of cuba and also for the united states. reporter: and hope for the thawing relationship between the two countries highlighted as the first direct commercial flight between the u.s. and havana took off from miami. >> this is history.
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reporter: president-elect trump saying his administration will do all it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. and other memorials for castro are planned in cuba throughout the week, and with his funeral planned for sunday the white house says for now there are no plans to send a u.s. delegation. mike: hope you had a good thanksgiving weekend. we had a dry commute home yesterday with temperatures very close to the afternoon for this time of year and lots of sun on this monday. you notice a few cloud early in the day, up in new found lake, gutty winds, a bit of wave action out on the lake, no ice just yet as temperatures remain well above the average. but with mainly clear skies right now, temperatures are beginning to fall off, already
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while that is cold, it's not all that frigid for late november. so we'll start to see that temperature climbing over the next self hours. and across the rest of the state where we're just a limb above freezing, clear skies and light winds will combine to help the temperature tumble back interest the 20's by early morning. this is in the seasonable zone for this time of year. that not much of an issue. what is an issue is mild air surging in from the south overriding the cooler air creating a cloud an -- canopy and some rain. before we get into the steady rain we're going to see a bit of a wintery mix move in, and then maybe some beneficial rain, or not. and will it help with the drought, josh is here with a look with a drought update. josh j.: thanks, mike. we're certainly going to be watching the drought as far as how much rain we've had this year and what we're going to be seeing over the next several
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for concord. keep in mind that if you're in southeastern new hampshire, the drought is a little bit worse there, as i'll show you in a moment. but in concord, you're eight inches behind, we have made some head way on that drought. notice since september we're just about average, although the last month, this month we are a little over an inch and a half to two inches behind thus far. here's where the current drought statistics stand. the farther north you head, the closer to average we severe drought in central and southern new hampshire. but the extreme drought area has shrunken a bit. the chance of rain this week, it virtually a 100% chance both tomorrow and wednesday. mike will detail that for you in a couple of minutes. how much could we see, well, the first batch, and there's the second batch of rain in southern new hampshire, could be one and
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locations. lesser amounts the farther you head to north. of course this is very beneficial rain for a couple of reasons. biggest being that the ground is still unfrozen, so the rain sinks in and that helps the water table rise. of course when it's frozen the water just runs off and the water table remains the same. so that's why it's so important. we'll talk about these temperatures that you'll be expecting the next couple minutes, mike has that. mike: yes, any rain we can get over the next week or two before the ground freezes, certainly beneficial. while ski areas don't want a lot. rain, i think you have plenty of man made snow that will be able to absorb some of the rain. temperatures in the predawn very close to 30, 31, 32 degrees. so if you're traveling through four, five or 6:00 a.m., notice
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9:00, we're still near freezing with light rain moving in, could start as a wintery mix of sleet, wet snow and rain concord north and west. light rain to the south. by the afternoon it goes over to all rain. while wet snow could linger for a couple of hours. the evening commute will be wet, the morning commute will be wet. but to the north and west, could be icily on untreated surfaces. next system moves in wednesday afternoon, could bete soaker wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. mainly dry to follow, a good part of next weekend looking seasonably cool. could be another storm to contend with early next week, but true to track tomorrow and later wednesday. tom: thanks. flu season already in full swing. jean: still aahead, the message for expecting mothers who may be thinking about skipping the vaccine. tom: plus it is cyber machine day and why experts think the
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trm a potential breakthrough in the battle against the opioid epidemic. researchers in california are working on a vaccine that they i say could prevent fatal overdoses, the vaccine has
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hydrocodone from reaching the brains mice, reducing the symptoms of a drug high. it appears to last at least 60 days. experts have yet to test the vaccine on humans but say the results show enormous clinical potential. jean: flu season is well under way and if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, experts say now is the time. but tonight dr. tim johnson has an important message for pregnant women who may be having second thoughts about getting colder and the sneezes getting louder, it's time once again for the flu shot. to protect yourself from the fever, muscle ache, sore throat ask runny noses that come with the flu. but many pregnant mothers wonder if getting the flu vaccine is safe for their unborn child, and some ask if this shot during pregnancy is linked to autism. researchers at kaiser permanente addressed this question,
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what they found is that pregnant women did not have a greater risk of having a child with autism. yet more support for pregnant women to get the shot. especially since these women are considered to be a vulnerable group, and the effects of the flu in moms to be can pose health cial -- risks to babies in the womb. so roll up are sleeve, it's a si concerns later and that's nothing to sneeze at. jean: a man faces a judge months after a deadly drunk driving crash in boston. tom: next, what else police uncovered about the driver, after he allegedly slammed into an airport shuttle, kill two paynes. jean: the mystery deepening tonight over the indication of a california mother found beaten and chained on the side of a road weeks after she vanished
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jean: a man suspected in a
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dating back years. >> all i'm going to say is that this is an unfortunate tragic accident. jean: new revelations about this massachusetts man accused in a drunk driving crash months ago that left two people dead. mike: quiet now, but a wintery mix moves in. tom: still plenty of of time to cash in on cyber monday deals, but why experts say sales this year could fall flat. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: topping news at 5:30, the man suspected in a series of bank robberies in manchester is being held on bail tonight. michael giles faced a judge today after being arrested last night. tom: but he has a history with police. kristen carosa explains. reporter: michael giles was arraigned by video this morning,
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that date back to january of this year. 40-year-old michael giles was arraigned in manchester district court monday, charged in connection to three bank robberies, all felonies. according to court paperwork the first incident was on january 22 of this year, police say games walked into a citizens bank on elm street, passed a note to the teller and demanded cash, the cash drawer was emptied and he ran out. last wednesday police say giles walked into a td bank on bay to the teller and threatened her with a weapon, he got away with $500. four days later police say e walked into a td bank on south willow street and demanded cash, walking away with $580. on the same day police say they found a person matching the description of the suspect, he had clothing with him and money on him. according to police, that man
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the other robberies as well. >> he's on official probation for a bank robbery in 2010, so given that he's currently on supervised release, we ask for bail in the amount of $35,000 cash or surety. reporter: giles asked the judge to lessen that bail. >> i'm here to apologize and -- 35,000 there's no way anybody in my family, maybe 2,000 some would be able to. reporter: the judge kept bail at $35,000 cash or surety. he's due back in court on december 7. in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. josh: new at 5:30s the salem mother captured on overdosing on the floor of a massachusetts dollar store appeared in court today, she ran from the cameras
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she'll have to appear in court on a child endangerment charge. her attorney acknowledged mcgotta want's substance a-- mcgowan's substance abuse problem. tom: police in rye are investigating burglaries, someone forced their way interest three homes yesterday and attempted to get into a fourth, but a person was at that home at the time. 2300 block of ocean boulevard. police ask anyone near those homes for the beach there who may have seen something to contact them. this manchester man faces several charges accused of stealing a wallet from inside a church. the woman spotted him reaching into her purse. an officer later found him hiding under a pile of leaves,
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jean: a resentencing hearing has been postponed until neck year to the man convicted of murder when he was a teen. lopez was 17 when he shot and killed a nashua restaurant owner in 1991. two years ago the state supreme court ruled that lopez and others convicted of murder as teenagers could receive new sentencing hearings. prosecutors say the hearings will be oh hard for the families of the through old records. the massachusetts man charged with drunk driving and killing two people says he had a beer prior to the crash. the man facedded a judge today. his right to drive in massachusetts is now tem prarl suspended, he's accused of crashing into the back of a hotel bus that was heading from logan airport in august. the attorney says his client
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who died and were injured in the case. reporter: has he expressed remorse -- >> e has. reporter: investigators say he was driving 80 miles per hour and had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. tom: the spirit of giving this season extends to the durham campus at u.n.h. staff members organized the u.n.h. wildcat santa, a fundraiser to benefit families in need it went to graduate students to those in dining services and cleaning staff. many are raising families and could use a boost during the holidays. >> for our community members here at u.n.h., we're looking for them to donate. cash donations are always welcomed and wanted. and from our local business owners, possible donations of their services because we do
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tom: the wildcat santa has been going on since 1990. you can also make sure every child gets a gift by giving to the toy drive, the locations are in manchester and nashua. you can give new, unwrapped is to for the toys for tots program, the need is particularly great for donations for children under 3, and those jean: a great tradition, pack up the kids, we'd love to see everyone there. the day is still young, but cyber monday sales are expected to slump this year. tom: why experts predict fewer people will be taking part. jean: the special dedication to the former executive counselor unveiled today. mike: tracking two systems over the next few days. tom: james trairl returning to
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tom: it was back to work and the markets today, the dow jones industrial around fell. still over 19,000.
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and the nasdaq closed down by 30. gas prices nationwide, they're slightly lower than what we're paying in new hampshire. still fairly priced at 2.12 and 2.13. jean: happy cyber monday to you if you've been spending a lot of time online, but expert say don't expect any record breaking sales. tom: many e retailers save their best holiday deals for today, but more shoppers are turning to the internet earlier for discounts. consumers spent more than $3 billion online on black friday, that's a 21% increase from last year. overall weekend sales were up, but individual spending was actually down. nationals say shoppers spent roughly $289 we've over the four-day weekend, that's 3.5% less than last year. the national retail federation sites rampant discounting by stores that shoppers have come
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jean: luftansa pilots want retroactive raises dating back five and a half years. the airline countered with an offer friday that the pilots shot down, setting the stage for more strikes tomorrow and on wednesday. l.l. bean is pumping up production of its they have a 1,010 square foot building and is hiring more workers to keep up with the surge in demand. a dicked a ago bean sold fewer than 100,000 of its famous boots. but 2018 they expect that number to surpass 1 million. it says a combination of form, function and those nostalgia is behind the surge in popularity.
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the raymond burton laboratory this morning, burton graduated from the university in 1962. the space was made possible by a gift from two of his friend. the open lab is a technologically advanced area that gives students and faculty a place to work together and share ideas and information. >> raymond was all about education and he loved the university, he graduated from here. so this open laboratory is going interest and passion that he has, pass on his legacy to other students. tom: that open lab features movable seating, dry erase and smart boards, and high end audio and visual equipment. jean: a mother who vanished jogging turned up weeks later on
5:43 pm
tom: the patriots could be without ron gronkowski again, but this time due to a back injury, details later in sports. jennifer: then ahead at 6:00, the attorney general's office is calling the death of a young child in berlin a homicide. we have details on what may have happened. and a charles stown home destroyed by fire, the family including children escaped by jumping from a window, how
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jean: new details about this california mother found three weeks after she vanished while jogging. police records show she was found in chainses and had had had been badly beaten when she flagged down a driver begging for help. tom: but as lauren lyster reports, exactly what happened to expher who is responsible is still a mystery. a missing northern california mother who law enforcement believed was held captive for three weeks was discovered along this road. >> she is heavily battered. reporter: authorities say 34-year-old sherry papini was released by her captors early thanksgiving morning about 150 miles from home, bound with restraints but able to flag down a passing motorist. >> i saw a woman, a woman with
5:47 pm
the road, kind of frantically waving what looked like a shirt. reporter: alison spotted her and called police. >> i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. reporter: authorities say papini was terrified and could only offer a vague description of her pt for two hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark s.u.v. >> we don't know what role these women played. the real key is the small details she can remember. what was the room like what does it smell like. reporter: investigators now analyzing the rerestaurants, surveillance video and papini's past including a previous marriage and her online activity. the county sheriff saying they have no reason to disbelieve her story, saying they plan to interview the california mom
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angeles. jean: james taylor is returning to fenway, he will play at the historic ballpark on august 11. it will be his third straight summer playing at the park. bonnie raitt will also perform and tickets go on sale friday. their last four games but will be without al horford tonight when they take on the heat in miami. horford will physician the game for personal reasons, he and his wife are expecting their second child. game time 7:30. patriots beat the jets 22-17 yesterday, but rob gronkowski left the game in the first quarter with what the patriots are calling a back injury. he left the game and did not return. patriots have not commented any
5:49 pm
previous back surgeries. gronk missed last week's game recovering from a chest injury suffered two weeks ago. and this was the reaction last night when the u.n.h. volleyball team learned would it be facing top seeded nebraska in the first round of the ncaa tournament. the wildcats earned an automatic bid to the tournament by winning the american east conference title, their fourth in a row, making this their fourth consecutive appear nance the ncaa's and seventh in program history. to new hampshire will travel to the universi o time 8:00 eastern this coming friday night. that's sports. we'll have more at 6:00. mike: fairly quiet today, seasonably chilly, a bit breezy. we take to you a winter ji scene for some time lapse photo as top mount washington. look at that beautiful shot, a little snow at the observatory
5:50 pm
bleed the peak of mount washington. then more in the way of clear skies developing during the course of the afternoon. certainly looks the part of winter, and even no the next system that moves in tomorrow will be primarily rain in southeastern new hampshire, we could see a wintery mix during the morning commute in many parts of western, central and northern new hampshire. for some tricky travel for some. mainly northwest of manchester, the next system to follow that one will bring primarily rain our into wednesday night. mainly dry to follow for the balance of the week into and through next week. temperatures are already coasting back below freezing in some spots, while it's 34 in manchester, auburn at 31, at the coast upper 30's. monadnock region down near or below freezing in many spots, same story in the lake sunapee zone. certainly heading into the freezer over the next several
5:51 pm
pittsburg through lincoln where it's an even 30 at this hour. future temperatures show we do fall down to freezing or below. so if precipitation moves in early enough tomorrow morning, we will see a light glazing of ice on untreated surfaces, again mainly north and west of manchester. the reason why, warm air will not bump right into new hampshire, it will override the cold air and that means clouds develop, with some rain. rainfalls out of clouds, but right at the ground, that's why we get freezing rain, now in far northern parts of new hampshire, it may be cold enough at all levels for a little sleet or wet snow during tuesday morning. but traveling out and about through the predawn hours will be mainly dry statewide. here's a leading end of the light rain around 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 scooting into the monadnock region where temperatures will be right near or below freezing. again that means a little bit of light freezing rain, once you get lakes region north it may be
5:52 pm
or wet snow. then it goes over to all rain during the late morning and afternoon lakes region south. tricky travel during the late morning and early afternoon, will be in northern new hampshire where you could see a one to three-inch snow and sleet accumulation before that changeover to plain old rain. some of that rain quite heavy during the afternoon. once the system clears later tomorrow night, we get another batch of rain moving in as you can see by wednesday afternoon. it clears out by early thuy, rain or snow shower is possible, couple of flakes up north on friday. the weekend is looking fairly quiet. monday rain or snow could move in, tough to call how that will play out seven days out. but the first weekend of december is just several days away. can you believe that. tom: they're tough to get a hold of, so imagine winning super
5:53 pm
tick scets what you need to look out for to win. then at 6:00 -- >> these christmas trees are hitting the road for a great cause, it's part of a national effort involving local school
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tom: bud light is giving away super bowl tickets for life. jean: they have randomly placed gold super bowl 51 cans in select beer cases. striking gold is just the first step. you then would need to enter a sweepstakes by taking a picture with the can, posting it on social media. the grab prize winner of super bowl tickets for life will be time to go to the super bowl. tom: i need to write that all down.
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>> everyone is talking about it, it is a sad story. jennifer: a 2-year-old girl is dead. right now the attorney general's office is trying to figure out what happened before the call for help came from this berlin home. tom: plus flames destroy this
5:59 pm
lost everything. mike: the next system brings a messy mix and rain to the granite state. when it begins plus the impact it could have on the morning commute. jennifer: and top state election officials respond to president-elect donald trump's sweet making accusations of voter fraud here in new hampshire. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: there are new details off the top tonight at 6:00, the death of girl has been ruled a homicide. good evening, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the attorney general's office calls this an active investigation now into her death. wmur's amy coveno live in berlin now where she spoke with investigators and neighbors. reporter: the death of madison dana is the talk of this small city, everyone here knows one another and there is outrage that she was killed.
6:00 pm
worse. >> she was one gorgeous little girl. and it's sad. it really is. reporter: her name is madison dana. she was two and a half. and is now the center of a homicide investigation in berlin an autopsy was completed this afternoon. investigators say the cause of death was blunt impact injuries. >> it's more than just a fall. it's more than just a glancing hit. a measure of of force that is so strong that you're caung injuries with it. reporter: the emergency call came in around 3:30 sunday afternoon. first responders rushed to york street. the little girl was unresponsive and taken to androscoggin valley hospital. >> blunt impact injuries can involve an item, an object, a static object or an object that's being manipulated by a person. reporter: some people saw the med flight helicopter sunday, but investigators say madison passed away and was never transported.


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