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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a deadly attack against a u.s. diplomat out post in bengalsey. a british security contractor said he was there the night of the last year's attack and fought back militants of the compound. the knock times reports the contractor told the fbi he didn't go to the compound on the night of the september attack. lori logan today apologized and says the net work was wrong. secretary of state johner kerry arrived in geneva in opens of ?4rjclosing a deal in hopes of closing sanctions against iran in exchange for information on the nuclear program. first step would be iran's agreement to freeze parts of nuclear program buying time for a permanent deal next year. >> before flying to geneva me mote with netanyahus expressed
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anger about the emergency agreement because it stopped short of totally prevent iran from making nuclear weapons. today airports all over held a moment of silence at 12:20 in remembrance of the officer killed at lax last week. looking at video from reagan national airport. officers and passengers with silent as they honored the memory of hernandez. paul see on seia shot -- see on seia. police shot and wounded him, he was arrested. sees onia.
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what you might not realize is the reviews probably should be take within a grain of salt. john matarese helps you not waste your money. >> reporter: lots of us, myself included, read product reviews before we buy something. some reviewers are getting the products free. a new report from npr says the top reviewers , the people whose reviews you see first didn't buy the toaster or tv, they are members of amazon's vine community, amazon sent to it them free of charge to try out and keep , the only requirement, they are not allowed to sell it. why is amazon doing this? amazon says this is is t best way to get unbiased reviews. they give honest, well written
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reviews, reviews from the general public are negative,. >> amazon says members are not allowed to be product chills or not permitted to give more reviews. the customers get honest reviews this way. not happy with that? it maybe a case of don't waste your money. identity thieves made a fortune off the irs, $3.6 billion, paid to the thieves, includes 5500 fraudulent returns filed by a single tax preparer for refunds of $27 million. that is down from $5 billion the agency paid out the year before. the agency caught more tan 12 million suspicious returns, earlier hundreds of identity theft suspects were arrested. the american dream means having a good job, having a nice home. when homeownership goes up, so
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does unemployment. people are more reluctant to move to find a job once they signed on the a mortgage. homeowners are reluctant to endorse new businesses built in neighborhoods which leads to less hiring overall. maryland is the hot vacation destination. the state attracted 35.5 million visitors. tourism officials say new attractions including the casinos that boost the industry. investments like the national harbor helped, too. now, from abc 2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> starting off with the most powerful radar, five sweeps scanning clear. no issues in terms of precipitation. a few wintery type showers. light flakes edges towards garrett county. that's been it. partly to mostly sunny skies, gorgeous looking fall day. gorgeous looking fall day you col
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gusty at times. on and off snow flurry action in this direction today, agains across the baltimore area, it was back and forth with the sun and clouds and decent fall foliage, even though we are past the peak on the fall color. a chilly breeze. temperatures across the state, running in the mid to upper 40s, colder mountains and north westerly winds persisting, not as gusty as the same time last evening but a stout breeze continuing for another few hours, we diminish as we go past sunset. windchill factors, low 40s and upper 30s on the board. dry air coming in with us, most recent canadian shot of air. ly make the difference. you will go through the chap stick more once you get in to mid november, the particular blasts are coming in not just chilly but dry. th air interacting with the great lakes and bringing snows
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to up state new york today. vermont and back in the north we were pennsylvanias erie. i'm sure is a great place. cold blast coming in, through the night tonight. high pruto the west, as this settles in, shifts west to east, we will get rid of the wind flow, so it will be less breezy for a day saturday. we get a trough boundary swinging through, uneventful boundary that could kick the winds up a little bit on sunday. look for a breeze yes day sundays. both days sunny in the 50s. bouncing back to the upper 40s warm up on sunday. remember, sunday, we will get the wind shift coming through, it will be breezier. perhaps both days will feel the same temperature wise. milder sunday. around the world. we watch one for the record books. one of the strongest storms in three decades plus, storms like
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ca db reports showing this thing packs winds potentially over 190 miles per hour. it's like a large tornado coming in with the eye wall wrapped with the winds at tornado like speeds. tonight 32 as we get frosty. 54 tomorrow. 2-degree guarantee. not as chilly tomorrow night. let's look at the most accurate seven-day forecast, climbing in to the 50s for weekend. breezy around here for the ravens game. challenging some of the long field goals for cincinnati or for ourselves. veterans day, mid to upper 50s and sunshine. coastal lows tuesday in to wednesday. tuesday night in to wednesday, we don't know, how well this will form, how much the precipitation will skirt around maryland.
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lows in the 20s, highs in the 40s. count on, that count on wind. we will see what happens. i they thy a lot telephone precipitation maybe missing maryland. what does come in will be rain and winds, maybe certainly areas like hagerstown west could see wintery weather. stay tuned. here we are on a friday night. taking care of your turkey. putting it in beer. letting you drink beer on the farm saves you a step. one man has been giving the birds beer for 20 years. it makes them fatter more flavorful and juicier. they don't walk in a straight line. he prefers giving them lager or ale. poultry experts say it's not hurting the animal. it's the same as having a beer with a meal.
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burger cookies, and beer, combine them. full tilt brewery j'yis doing that. the newest edition of the line up. plan to debut it friday. the first pint poured at 7:00. costing you 5 bucks, full tilt brews in baltimore. says it tries to incop rate as much flavor in the beer as possible. you've had chocolate wine before. >> speaking of cookies, ravens fans have the sweet tooth. cookies by design says the cookies are the second most popular design. they make the themed cookie, over the last years ravens fans had the appetite, the cowboys came in numb one, green bay packer as third. the steelers and bears rounding out the top five. we are in there. and then when you get up -- can i play?
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visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities and get this deal before it's gone. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. offer ends november 16th. technology that lets you play with the big boys. that's powerful. ♪ we sent mike masco to check out the activity. mike he has cool art work, too, there. >> reporter: it's amazing. i'm really, going to spend my paycheck, hanging out with you tonight. you are from connecticut.
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you brought your art work down here. let's talk about this. this is amazing stuff. look at this. tell me how first off the inspiration. i live only the edge of a nature preserve. i can't look out the window ñi without seeing this. >> look at this. the dimensions of your art. >> that's secret. i don't want you to go in to business and take my job away. >> reporter: that's my retirement. hope it's my retirement. i tell young people, tell me, boy i wish i could be an artist. i said what do you do, you are in high school. how much do you have art? once a week. what do you do after school? i call my friends. grab an easel and paint. i said don't wish anything. >> if somebody watching us here, are in to art, they don't know how to break in, can they
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talk to you? >> if they would like to, yes. my problem with young people is, all right rs most young people graduate from college, they have 4 years of college. they never worked a day in their life, hardly, maybe a grocery store but not hard. so anyway, they graduated from college, they get a beret. you got this beret. here you go. now they got five or six friends with berets. they go to the local cafe and sit on the sidewalk and talk about art. they don't know a dam thing about painting. now years of school they touch on a little bit of everything in art. not enough about anything to learn how to do it. >> you change your entire lifestyle to paint. >> i worked 17 years in engineering. taught me how to meet deadlines, work for a project
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beginning to send, and one day i had a chance to head up a product styling department. a big company. i said oh boy, all they might is timers. i didn't want them to make timers for bombs. i didn't want to be any part of that. i had a chance to head up the department. the gentlemen i worked for was retiring. i told my boss, i said i don't want the job. it was in the early 70s, things were bad. >> give me the cop conclusion real quick. >> the cop the conclusion is, i said i have become an artist. she says i found two cents.
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record breaking 126 bridesmaids. the best man had their hands full. the would's most famous christmas trees in new york city, displayed for thousands. this is the second time in 6 years, that the tree was delivered fromkt account, tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for november 4th and will remain until january 7th. get are the in time. >> your child is sneezing and sniffling, is it a cold or allgergies? >> how you can tell a difference when abc2 news starts at 6:00, right now. >> thousands of women complaining about a popular birth control device. the complications from e sure, which leaves them with severe
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pain. forcing some to get hysterectomies. women with e sure, wants the product pulled off the market. there is another fight the ladys are destined to lose before they start trying. >> despite complications they can't sue the company that makes e sure. joce sterman explains why and talks to the activist who enlisted to take on goliath. >> reporter: two coils generating a conversation for thousands. >> everyday there is a handful of women that tell us the stories and symptoms. >> reporter: detailed at facebook page joined by 3000 women, who used a birth control device. the original maker called it a safer, cheaper, less invasive way to tie your tubes. users like crystal donahue claimed it caused them nothing but problems. >> it's hurting us.
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i feel that the fda let us down. >> reporter: the food and drug administration approved the device in 2002, and still tracks the problems. more than 900 adverse reactions reported to the agency. although the maker says that's a tiny fraction of the more than 750,000 users. for the women with complications, the issues they reported have been painful. nausea, back pain, cysts, the needs for hysterectomies they hope will get their bodies back to normal. even if they succeed, they still can't take civil action. >> why has this group not gone together and sued the company as a group because of the complications. >> reporter: they can't sue because of a rule you never heard of. called fda preemption. bars lawsuit against some fda approved devices. >> they have given it a pass. >> reporter: the attorney has ñr been fighting device and drug cases that involve the fda for
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almost three decades and says law firms turn down preemption on a daily bases. it's ones you put insides the body, the assure coils or pacemaker or pump. the ideas is that the companies that make them get protection from the fda and can't be sued because the agency scrutinizes devices. atrneys and patient advocates consider ate flawed concept. >> this is $100 billion industry. there is simply not enough money or time or people this the fda to give it the oversight or attention. >> reporter: that comes during development, and approval before devices hit the market and long-term testing. even if a product or device turns out the be problematic, preemption means if you took them to court the case would likely be thrown out.
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they drafted one of the country's most famous activists to help with the cause. >> let's put the truth out there and deal with what we have got. >> aaron brockovich collected the stories of women who dealt with side feghts and pushing to make the fda or bare and sells e sure to pull the product off the market. all this dodging and shucking and denying, dutys and responsibilitys, i don't know what else it takes for us to look at a group of women, thousands having a problem that maybe something is wrong. you can't just amount mass hysteria. >> reporter: the efforts of the women she is trying to harness. she believes the stories should be shared not just shine a light on problems with e sure but preemption. >> this needs to go to the next level, that's in washington. >> we need people going to congress and making sounds and
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noise. that will get things changed. >> reporter: change is what the women want. they are hoping to end their pain and make sure no one else ends up with the same problems they shared. >> i don't want to share with anybody else, i want it to stop immediately. >> reporter: doctors spending the weekend at a global gynecology conference agreed to meet with the group of e sure parents tomorrow in dc. >> they want the doctors to hear about the unreported side effects and talk about inconsistencies and study and spread the word to other obgyns to be aware of the issues with the device. looks like speed and alcohol are a factor in the deadly crash in hunt valley. two drives cited. two people died in the crash last night at york road and thorton mills. the drive of the car crossed the center line hitsing another car head on. 85 year


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