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tv   Frontline  PBS  October 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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pannedling does nothing to help the homeless. roosevelt leftwich is live to explain. what is this all about? >> this is for people that feel vulnerable at outdoor places. the american civil libertiesunian says such a law would push them out of the city entirely. >> i'm already in a wheelchair. i gave my life. if they eliminate that they are going to hurt a lot of people. >> it is your freedom to be in the public area. there are some -- also some protections we should have from people boeing being aggressive or in our face.
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>> the proposal is expected to go to the council's judiciary committee sometime next week. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> what do you think? is it a good solution? if approved will it make you feel safer? join the conversation on facebook. another crash involving delegate don dwyer but we're told this one was not his fault. it happened yesterday morning at route 100 in pasadena. police say the driver tried to make a lefthand turn at a red light into the path of dwyer's car. dwyer was just sentenced to 60 days in jail for operating a boat under the influence and crash that injured seven people as well as driving a car while impaired. that happened in august. he will face penalties if underaged drinking happens in your home. that is a warning that is sent out from leaders in the state of delaware. it comes after these photos surfaced of maryland attorney general doug gantzler at a
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house party. it was for graduating high school seniors. he says he was there to talk to his son and then left. town officials say that homeowners can face fines or the loss of a rental license over disturbances on their property. they are hoping these photos will get people to stop underaged drinking on their property. a seventh corrections officer pled guilty in a racketeering conspiracy case involving inmates at the baltimore city detention center. kimberly dennis pled to smuggling drugs and other contraband for members of a black guerilla family gang. and she also admitted to a sexual relationship with two of the inmates and faces 20 years in prison. a man facing charges of trafficking a minor. the man we're talking about is 38-year-old rodney hubert known to his victims as noah. according to the federal indictment he solicited a 19-year-old to work for him as a prostitute. he also allegedly offered a
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16-year-old from baltimore city $400 to pose in provocative photos. the indictment claims hubert recruited a driver and security guard and created on-line advertisements for both of the girls. there is a group out there now that is educating the community to recognize sex trafficking victims. >> if a girl comes to school with material needs that she didn't have before and starts talking about an older man who is acting as her boyfriend who she met on-line. that teacher, if they are trained can know to start asking more questions. >> hubert faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. parents talk to their kids about stranger danger. this is why it is important. an 11-year-old told police a man tried to grab her on her way home from school in glen burnie. she was able to get away. anne arundel county police put more patrols in the neighborhood and others are talking about this on facebook, including the girl's mother. >> she was just kind of letting other moms in the community be
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aware of the situation. she said she'll be cutting back her hours at work to be home, or pick up her daughter from the bus stop. >> police are encouraging parents to have kids walk in groups and stay in well lit areas. so we are dry on this wednesday morning but we have lots of clouds around. we have the chance for a few showers but i'll tell you when showers are more likely. that is coming up. >> there's a little fog too but fortunately no delays on 695ality dulaney valley road. more coming up on "good morning maryland." >> here's a live look in downtown baltimore, beautiful start to the day. stay with us. you score little victories every day.
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with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... skillet lasagna... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. take a look at this. you may be wondering what am i seeing? in arizona a dust storm made it hard to see. it's blamed for a string of accidents including one where three people were killed and 12 others injured because of this, a huge pile-up on i-10 in arizona. at least 19 cars were involved including several tractor-trailers. the highway was shut down while victims were treated at the scene and then the scene was cleared. the visibility here is not dust but turns out it's fog. how bad is it in lynette has more. >> we have reduced visibility, some numbers are coming in at 9 to 7 to 8, so thisis going to
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be north of the city. even as we head off towards the west as well. so around frederick, around york and even in the city this morning we're talking about 9 miles of reduced visibility. so you want to put a lot of distance between you and that vehicle. make sure you have the low beams on. you can see more of the road, less of the fog. remember, it's just patchy in spots. not everyone is in the fog. but we will be seeing rain moving in as well as we go through the morning hours. the possibility of a few showers but we will be seeing more rain likely as we head towards the end of the week which will be friday. we see the rain on the map now though in west virginia and all this is pushing off towards the east heading into virginia now. warm front, this is what we're going to be working with for today. this is going to warm the temperatures up and by tomorrow we're talking about temperatures in the 70s for highs. temperature now not so bad because of all the clouds out there. 50 degrees now in baltimore. 48 in yorkville.
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chesapeake beach 54 degrees now. the most accurate future trend in motion shows a light shower we could see as we head toward the 9:00 hour, but, more importantly, halloween, right? let's stop this at thursday evening, 10:00. most of the trick-or-treaters should be in by now. before then not really picking up on a whole lot of rain out there. maybe a stray shower, isolated shower but all in all i think the trick-or-treaters are going to be dry. the bulk of the rain moves in overnight thursday into friday morning. so this is how we plan our day today. you can see the pumpkins, i'm still poking at you, hopefully you have the pumpkins and run errands. 64 degrees by 3:00. let's check traffic now with lauren. >> no rain on halloween, fingers crossed. 83 haconstruction blocking
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the right northbound lane between middletownioed and rourkeioed. no -- york road. utility work downtown on calvert and pratt street. one lane going to be blocked at this time. 95 at 395 everything looking good. no problems through the fort mchenry tunnel. 895 through the harbor tunnel also going to be in great shape. 695, traffic moving along on the inner loop down to 95. the outer loop, normal drive time of 11 minutes to get from 95 to 83. west side of the beltway will take 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and that inner loop, just eight minutes from 795 up to 83. a huge fire breaks out at a pizza shop in york county, pennsylvania just over the maryland line. you can see huge flames shooting from the roof of delta pizza on main street in the town of delta.
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harford county fire department did send some help. these photo years are courtesy of their facebook page. the fire started around 1:00 this morning. right now no word if anyone was hurt or the cause of the fire. we'll make some calls and let you know. we've been thinking pink all month long at abc2, also breast cancer awareness month. one thing women want to know, risk factors. sol can be -- some can be controlled, others cannot. doctors say assessing your family history is really important but keep in mind only 5% to 10% of breast cancer are hereditary. other factors include being overweight, lack of exercise, smoking and eating unhealthy foods. many of us will be eating a loof candy tomorrow for halloween speaking of unhealthy foods. you may want to enjoy black licorice but enjoy in moderation. it's been tied to irregular heart beat. >> it contains a compound that comes from licorice root that
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can lower potassium levels. that can cause be a normal heart -- abnormal heart arrhythmias. >> doctors say eating two ounces of black lick wish a day for two weeks is too much. researchers tracked 43,000 women, none had depression at the beginning of the study. those who ate fatty foods, red meat, refined grains such as pasta or drank sodas were 41% more likely to be diagnosed or treated with depression. if you're feeling a bit stressed with all the work you have to get done? it might actually be good for you. according to an expert at the duke institute of brain sciences here's the logic. stress builds resilience. it also helps your memory, when you're stressed cortisol is released into the body. boosting memory and learning. experts think that stress can even help kick your immune system into high gear.
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daylight savings time ends this weekend and we all welcome an extra hour of sleep but for some people the time change can actually cause headaches and literally -- literally can cause headaches. >> these attacks which occur everyday occur for six to eight weeks and then go away in a cluster cycle. they cluster, that is why it's called cluster and looks like you can actually trigger a cycle by switching the time with daylight savings time. >> there are a variety of medication that's work for cluster meddation. some doctors will even use melatonin to try to knock them down or prevent onset. oxygen also helps a lot so many times cluster headache patients are given an oxygen tank and mask to relieve their pain. something to think about. think about this -- a nice day on tap. we'll find out if it's one where you need to be prepared for the fog how long is it going to stick around?
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thank you for joining us. if you find yourself counting down the hours to the end of the work-day you're not alone. satisfaction, according to a survey done by turns out people who like their jobs, only 39% of us say we're fulfilled in our work. 70% of workers said that if they won the lottery they would be gone from their office the very next day. i have to argue with that. that might not mean that you don't like your job. you just might be rich. right? >> exactly. let's look at the big picture. out west they are still dealing with snow across that area. this area of low pressure really begins to ramp up as we slide a little further to the east, showers and thunderstorms across the ohio valley this morning. as we get closer to where we are we're just going to be dealing with some clouds as of now. patchy fog in spots but we have the potential for more showers to work their way in here as we
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head towards around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. patchy fog, yes, reduced visibility. around baltimore we've actually fallen since the last time i showed you this. we were at 9, now we're at 7. i-83 in york, you're encountering patchy fog, reduced visibility, eight miles now. this is the good part of the forecast if you don't like the cold -- it's 53 degrees now in the city. 46 perry hall. 51 cockeysville. remember yesterday cockeysville starting at 34 degrees. yes, so we're really ramping up the temperatures. as we head towards the lunchtime frame we'll be around 60 degrees. so a mild day on tap and this is what we can expect as we head towards halloween -- yes, halloween evening, 65 to 70 but by night we have the chance for the showers. we're talking overnight. the kids should be done with trick-or-treating by then. traffic with with lauren. >> sounds good to me. unfortunately i have bad news if you're travel in baltimore
5:19 am
city. we have a crash reported along the westbound lanes of coal spring lane as you -- cold spring lane as you approach falls road. in the tunnels nothing to get in the way. both nice and clear. heading to parkville, the beltway going to be in great shape as you make the push up to towson. 55 miles per hour on the outer loop as you approach dulaney valley road. the west side also up to speed at baltimore national pike. the inner loop will be free of delays all the way to 795. outer loop typical commute. and here in howard county there's nothing to worry about on interstate 70. calm ride from columbia pike to the beltway. good morning, topping "america's money" -- soaring stocks. both the dow and s&p 500 opening in record territory this morning. stocks have been booming because of the fed's stimulus prasm. we'll get word this afternoon of whether that program will continue. analysts predict major airlines will rake in $15 billion in extra fees this
5:20 am
year. that is up 1% from last -- 18% from last year. ralph lauren says every stitch of the u.s. uniforms for opening and closing ceremonies at the winter olympics are being made in america. worldwide wine shortage getting worse, americans are partly to blame. consumption has been on the rise, production has been shrinking. particularly in the u.s. and china. that's "america's money," i'm john muller. heated battle over hot sauce. people living near a sorrento plant in california say fumes coming from the plant are causing a lot of problems including burning eyes and irritated throats so the city is looking to shut down the pepper production but the plant says they've recently passed inspection.
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ever stop at a light when someone comes to your car and begs for money? the panhandling law is getting opposition. a picture of the inner harbor. it's wednesday, october 30th. thank you so much for joining us on "good morning maryland." i'm megan pringle. charley crowson is off today.
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lynette charles is here. i know we were all worried about the rain for halloween but you said it's only an issue for late-night? >> keeping our fingers crossed but right now that is what it is telling me. we have a few showers now trying to creep in to frederick county so if you're traveling along i-270 you'll run into wet weather along i-81. this is working to the east so be prepared for that. as you head out the door takele rain gear. just the baby umbrella for today. we can see the showers around burktsville, copperfield, north jefferson, this is all moving to the east. so by 7:00, 8:00, still a few light showers will be seen this morning. all in although mainly dry, a few peeks of sunshine as we go towards the afternoon time frame. temperatures are on the up and up this morning because we have the clouds. it's 50 degrees in west
5:26 am
baltimore. baltimorea 46. columbia 46. these temperatures will -- should be in the low 40s and we're not seeing that. this afternoon temperatures nice and mild. you'll like tomorrow even better if you like the mild temperatures. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> in bawblght there's a crash on -- in baltimore city there's a crash on cold spring lane in the westbound lanes approaching falls road. watch for that. and we have fog, patchy fog in the city as well as in areas north and west of baltimore. so take it slow. you may need the low beams to improve that visibility. construction on 83 blocking the right northbound lane between middletown road and york road. no significant delays though. so that will be the good news. fortunately speeds will remain nice and high in the west side of the beltway. there's no problem to tell you about on the inner loop all the
5:27 am
way out to 795. the outer loop, nice normal drive time of 11 minutes to get from 795 to 95. interstate 70 is clear. heading to anne arundel county this is what 97 looks like. just a 17-minute ride from route 50 all the way up to the 895 spur. time now 5:32. whether you're leaving a restaurant in fells point or at a stoplight on president street there's a good chance someone has asked you if you can spare change. that may end. city council is looking into a crackdown on panhandling. roosevelt leftwich has more. is it a citywide ban or just specific areas? >> reporter: pretty much it would be citywide but that's what some critics of this measure are saying, the sponsor says it's to protect panhandlers and the public but as i mentioned, people critical of this say it's about keeping people out of public spaces. the new measure is sponsored by
5:28 am
baltimore city council member ricky spector. she says that basically she wants to create a 10-foot buffer in commercial areas to keep panhandlers way. she said it would help people when feeling most vulnerable at parking meters and outdoor restaurants. groups like the american civil liberties union says such a law would push panhandlers out of the city entirely. >> if you have restrictions 10 feet in commercial areas it basically means in no commercial area in baltimore can you engage in the first amendment rights. that is where people tend to congregate and where it makes most sense for people to be asking for money. >> it is your freedom to be in the public area. there are some -- also some protections we should have for people being aggressive or in our face. >> reporter: the measure is expected to go before the council's judiciary committee sometime next week. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news.
5:29 am
his brother is accused of murdering an ex-girlfriend. this morning he's speaking out. marie hartman, a mother was shot along with her boyfriend, a city firefighter. police say chris robinson was the one that pulled the trigger before turning the gun on himself. even though he's grieving wayne robinson spoke to us about his brother, a u.s. marine. saying that chris was never in combat and the family never saw signs or behavior that may have raised a red flag. >> i don't know why it happened but i just want the other two families to know that the robinson family is deeply sorry and apologetic and just wish that none of this had ever taken place. >> wayne robinson is a baltimore city firefighter just like the other victim in this case, andy hoffman. the hoffman family invited robinson to the firefighter's funeral which is this weekend. the controversy over the name "washington redskins" will take center stage in new york today.
5:30 am
nfl officials will meet with representatives of a native american group that says the name is offensive and pushing for it to be changed. the team owner met with the nfl commissioner goodell yesterday and according to a source in "the washington post" snyder told goodell he has no plans to change the name. we could see history in boston tonight. the red sox need just one more win over the st. louis cardinals to claim the world series title. so it would be their first world series clincher at fenway park since 1918. babe ruth was still playing for the red sox that year. and television hadn't been invented. right now the cheapest tickets on-line are going for about $1,000 and that is standing room only. three members of the baltimore orioles have some new golden hardware. manny machado, adam jones and j.j. hardy each won gold gloves last night. the second straight year the os have had three players receive the awards. for manny machado his first. second for hardy and third for
5:31 am
jones. congratulations to those guys. we all have our little tricks.
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expect to shell out big bucks at this yard sale. oprah winfrey is selling a collection. prices start at $150,000 and people can check out the sale starting today at the santa barbara polo club. i don't think you can really call this a yard sale. proceeds will benefit the oprah winfrey leadership college fund for her students in south africa. time to check the weather. >> we have some showers possible today. temperature coming in at 64 degrees. it's going to be nice and mild. these temperatures are going to shoot up as we head towards tomorrow though and by tonight with the clouds around temperatures not going to drop off just like we're having this morning. mostly cloudy skies by tonight. that temperature at 48, a light southeasterly wind and this is what you can expect by tomorrow, 70 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. it's going to be warmer out there. so tomorrow we're talking about halloween. it will finally be here. in terms of temperatures we're not bad. this is going to be a nice day on tap. even as we head guards the
5:35 am
evening time -- towards the evening time frame it's looking pretty good. this is what we have the next few days. starting on friday that temperature coming in around 73 degrees but we warm up and then we'll start to cool back down. more likely the rain comes in friday. let's break down what we have as we head towards tomorrow. on the halloween forecast, as we head towards the evening time frame, this is when the kids will be out there. temperature 65 to 70. it looks like we'll just have clouds around and we'll stay dry for trick-or-treaters. as behead towards later than that -- we head towards later than that you might be wet. you might need the rain gear, the umbrella, 61 to 65 degrees though. looking good for trick-or-treaters. let's check the traffic. >> unfortunately a crash to tell you about in
5:36 am
baltimore city. along the westbound lanes of cold spring road. if you're using 95 at 395 nothing to get in the way traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. 695 just south of burnie highway traffic moving along. no problems across the key bridge. looking at the latest drive times. on the west side of the beltway typical 11 minutes to get from 795 to 95. no problems getting to the harbor tunnel, just nine minutes from 95 to the toll plaza. get the latest drive times, follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. stay with us. all the chicken in your grocery store
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. this is called revenge porn. when someone publishes a sexually explicit photo of a person on the internet without permission. usually after a breakup. today delegate jon cardin is
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bro deucing a bill to make this illegal in maryland. california and new jersey are the only other states that have similar laws. the battle to get people to quit smoking in our state is working according to the maryland state medical society. today they are releasing a report. they say it shows the 2008 cigarette tax increase is reducing the number of smokers especially among young people. the group is also poposing another tax hike to further decrease the numbers. a huge turnout at george washington carver. you can see the pockets of parents in different colors representing different communities. baltimore city wants to add seats to cromwell valley elementary school, renovate loch raven elementary and halsted elementary school. that could mean a shift on where you send your students to school in the future. >> if a community is brought in to endorse a plan that is already complete, are or we asked to participate in a good process to get to a plan?
5:41 am
>> one parent said depending on where you live you could be going to loch raven, towson or parkville high school. brian stewart tells abc2 news he was rejected from cappa alpha psy because he's gay. he filed a complaint with the university a few weeks later. stewart says his actions are a pivotal point in the lgbt rights and says this is only the beginning. >> it's what you believe to be right. i will stand and fight for it. i believe it's the right thing to do and i'm going to do it. >> so far the university doesn't have a timeline on when they hope to wrap up the investigation. the fraternity says they will cooperate with the university to assure and confirm chapter compliance with all the policies and principles. his death sparked a huge debate on how law enforcement works with with people with developmental disabilities. now the kid you see here,
5:42 am
robert ethan sailor's legacy is living through a new state commission. the group met for the first time yesterday responsible for finding ways to help public safety officials respond better to situations with disabled people. sailor had down syndrome, died in police custody while being removed from a movie theater in frederick. you want your family to have access to clean and safe drinking water. baltimore city is working to make that happen and they want your thoughts on how to do it. the department of public works is planning to build an underground water storage tank in hand long park -- hanlon park. the epa says it should be mandated a that all facilities should be covered. >> main concerns are that we are sensitive to the historical nature of both locations, ashburn and druid lake and also assurances from the utility at that we're going to take a lawful approach to the design.
5:43 am
>> in addition to keeping the historic integrity of hanlon park, there are also plans to expand the landscaping and recreation refacilities. let's talk about the temperatures. we're at 45 degrees in edgewood. 51 pasadena now. 352 shady side. 52. 50 monrovia. owings mills 49 degrees. goldsboro 46 as well as galina. as we go throughout the day the temperatures above average will stay above average. we will have a nice mild afternoon and it's going to get even more mild as we head towards tomorrow. look what we have on the satellite and radar. we have plenty of clouds and from the clouds, yes, we're seeing a few raindrops especially in west virginia and also virginia and some of this trying to get into frederick county as well. i step out of the way to the west we see that rain pushing from the west to east. as we go through the morning
5:44 am
hours that is what we'll get, showers in the forecast. looking ahead we have this warm front on top of us. that will continue to lift off to the north and with that we will be in the mild sector of this. as we head towards thursday, the temperatures are 70 to 74. it's going to feel pretty nice. but we have some rain in the forecast. some more rain in the forecast. abc2 news' most accurate future trend going into motion. here are the few showers working in as we go into around 9:00 this morning. i say it will enter a little earlier than that. the potential is definitely there. so as you step out and about heading the kids off to school, yes, give them the small umbrella, put it in the backpack and take one with you as well. the kids are wondering, you're wondering, what is going to happen for halloween? i do think trick-or-treating time frame, between 6:00, 9:00, i think we'll stay dry in that time. after that the wet weather
5:45 am
rolls in. this is thursday, 10:00. we start to see showers across the area. the bulk of the rain will move in here as we head overnight thursday into friday morning. so your commute is going to be a little on the dicey side. the wet side on friday. 60 degrees will be that temperature for lunchtime today. make sure you go to the web site,, download the app, you can get weather and traffic together. here to check on the 7-day forecast, we'll be mild thursday and friday and become chilly as we head towards the weekend. a person has been hit by a car in southwest baltimore, east patapsco avenue at third street. watch for that. the condition of the person injured is unknown but we'll bring you the very latest as it becomes available. i do have an update on a crash on cold spring lane, it was originally reported westbound approaching falls road, it's actually eastbound at evans chapel road so expect delays in the area. the jfx is going to be free.
5:46 am
54 miles per hour southbound at northern parkway. this is -- the camera went down but take my word for it, 695 in parkville nice and clear, 11 minutes from 95 to 83. the west side is also down as well but no delays to get in the way. in great shape from 795 to 95. big day today for students at magnolia elementary school in harford county. they are going to visit the first lady. they are going to help with the white house garden. michelle obama is making an announcement today about marketing healthier food options to kids. magnolia elementary school is one school that has been working hard to get better food choices to students. the students will help the first lady with the fall harvest in the garden. right now we're going to look live outside. dark out there at the inner harbor but looks like a clear morning right now. we'll find out more about the rain and when it's expected to come in.
5:47 am
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it's halloween eve. that means the mischief night patrol is hitting the streets in towson. police say the night before halloween is usually when young
5:50 am
vandals cause the most trouble. so officers will be out looking to catch anybody who might be throwing eggs, smashing pumpkins or causing any sort of mischief so just don't do it. there's usually one person who hands out the toothbrushes, raisins, shiny new penny but a woman in north dakota is taking it a step further. handing out letters to children she believes are moderately obese. >> i just want to send the message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's just really irresponsible of parents to let them have free candy just because the other kids are doing it. >> i hope the parents are not bothering to let their kids go to that house. psychologists say this letter may do more harm than good. i am going on a limb and saying
5:51 am
it's definitely ridiculous. just talking about hal week. we're -- halloween and the vandals and the trouble they cause during the season. they stole one woman's pumpkin from her house. she left a message to thieves that is getting a lot of attention this morning. also ahead -- take a look. 2-month-old baby, why is she crying? it's nothing new but we'll tell you why she's tearing up. that is causing this video to go viral. >> maryland's most powerful doppler radar is wet now, we're seeing showers in the forecast. i'll tell you if the showers stick around for halloween. details coming up. >> i'm following a crash on route 32 in howard county and two more in baltimore city. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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the blame game continues. while politicians point fingers at what failed in the rollout of the president's health insurance plan many of you are wondering if you have health insurance. as you wake up and get your day going we're here to help you prepare. this is a live look at the inner harbor on this wednesday,
5:55 am
october 30th. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charley crowson is off today. let's get to meteorologist lynette charles. is fog still the situation? >> yes, there's patchy fog but also rain, reduced visibilities. maryland's most powerful doppler radar showing some showers across the area. so let's take you on a little radar tour this morning. we'll start you in montgomery county around olney, you can see it around cloverleaf, fairland and also seeing showers in clarksville as we head to howard county this morning. you can see it around scaggsville, i-95 there will be wet weather. glenelg and columbia. to baltimore county there are showers. this is trying to work its way to harford county and some of the showers will make it across the border as we go throughout
5:56 am
the morning hours so be prepared for that. in white marsh, also dealing with a few light showers, even around towson, along i-83 dealing with wet roadways but very light in nature. where you're seeing the green, maybe just a couple of sprinkles. this is going to be the scenario as we go through the rest of the morning. as you leave the house make sure you have that umbrella. you will need it. as we go throughout the afternoon things will improve a bit. maybe a few peeks of sunshine but the clouds will hold tough for today. temperatures, speaking of the clouds, well, because of the clouds the temperatures are above average, coming in around 50 degrees in owings mills. as we go through the rest of the day the high at 64. let's check the traffic. it's raining in howard county now. and we have a crash there eastbound route 32 as you past clarksville pike. more problems for those of you traveling in baltimore city. we have reports of a person that has been hit by a car in
5:57 am
eastern patapsco avenue and third street. and cold spring rain and evans chapel road, a crash. 54 miles per hour downtown, southbound at northern parkway. and look at the latest drive times. this is a typical six-minute ride from the thruway to the fort mchenry tunnel. the beltway also in the clear, just the normal 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. the west side in great shape, 12 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. breaking news. six people are dead including two children in a murder/suicide. police were called about a hostage situation. when they arrived no one inside answered at the home. they say the killings were a result of a domestic dispute, this was in greenwood county, south carolina. police say the two children were about 10 years old. >> this is a situation that just takes your heart.
5:58 am
it's just sad, it's horrific. your heart has to go out to everyone that -- in the -- of the family members. >> we're told the gunman had a history of violence and called the sheriff's office before the shootings and said he was feeling "edgy." the obama administration plays offense and defense today on a new health care law. the president will speak today asking for patience with the web site while kinks are still being worked out. meantime his secretary of health and human services heads to capitol hill to face lawmakers. kathleen sebelius will answer questions about problems americans have had signing up for health insurance on-line. documents show that the main contractor warned the government will issues with the site before it went live. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. >> my problem with obamacare is not just the web site, it's the whole law. >> another issue people have, private plans.
5:59 am
some may no longer exist because health care laws, the new one, requires companies to provide hospital coverage, maternity and prescription drugs. so those who didn't have this basic coverage must now buy a new plan. on something you don't even want to think about, your child walking home from school when someone tries to kidnap him or her. you hope that doesn't happen to your child but someone did that to a young girl. an 11-year-old told police a man tried to grab her on her way home from school. she was able to get away. this happened at heritage crossing and ellsworth terrace in glen burnie. police put more patrols in the neighborhoods and others are talking about this on facebook including the girl's mother. >> she was just kind of letting the other moms in the community be aware of the situation. one mom said she will cut back her hours at work to pick up her daughter from the bus stop. >> police are encouraging parents


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