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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 25, 2013 3:30am-4:25am EDT

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>> he also said the shooter had been a recruiter six or seven years. other soldiers eventually subdued and disarmed him before police arrived. a bizarre story from florida. a man who posed as a doctor is going to jail for 366 days. o'neill ron morris was sentenced after pleading guilty to practicing without a license. his crime, giving injections in to patient's buttocks. he used mineral oil, super glue and other substances. he was born a man and now identifies himself as a woman. >> where do we begin with this little nugget? wow. >> some of the other substances were fix-a-flat. >> fix-a-flat. fix-a-flat what? sorry. it's not -- it's kind of funny. not really funny. it's kind of funny but that story is very layered. i don't understand why if people are going to get something like that wouldn't have checked out
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the credentials and background. >> you are right. there are true victims here obviously. but it's the cost of being able to go to someone who's not certified. you are not asking questions and they do it for a quarter of the price as to going to someone who is board certified, has a real office and will inject you with proper silicone/botox that goes in these areas instead of fix-a flat. what makes it semi comedic is how ridiculous it is and people kept going. >> and our body fascination that people are like i want my lips bigger, my backside bigger. we're obsessed with that stuff as a country. even at the perils of good judgment and health. you know what i mean? wow. >> tough one. >> discuss amongst yourselves. another major step in new york toward rebuilding the world trade center site. >> a commuter passageway under
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the sign is now for the first time open since the 9/11 attacks. the 600-foot long marble paved underground walkway accommodates mass transit users going in and out of lower manhattan. manhattan is bouncing back from sandy. one of the oldest bars is open for business. the paris cafe has been around since 1873. >> in one night superstorm sandy almost closed its doors for good leaving a million bucks in damage. it took months, but the doors are once again open. another sign of recovery. hard to believe it has been a year. coming back. >> sandy really did a number in lower manhattan. good to see them coming back slowly but surely. here's a look at the weather. cool in the northeast with rain and snow near the great lakes. cool but dry in the south. warmer in the midwest, but the west will be the place to be, above average temperatures. they always get the above-average temperatures, don't they?
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>> perfect weather for a butt injection. it could reach almost 90 degrees in the southwest and around 70 in the northwest. it will be almost as warm in the central plains and along the gulf coast. 50s in tennessee and the 40s, little chilly here in the northeast. all right. a unique world record attempt made yesterday in the philippines. thousands of women got together to try to break their own record for simultaneous breast-feeding. >> organizers say events like this took place in 1,000 sites across the country. wow. a thousand events around the country. they claim 21,000 women, roughly 42,000 breasts, participated. i was a math major. sorry. ad lib. >> the women were trying to send a message, a true message to
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politicians, as well. they were demanding new laws be created to protect breast-feeding. a good message, by the way, because more often than not there are places that forget what the laws are and harass women who are breast-feeding which is completely allowed. >> have you ever done it in public? >> like that out. >> in your own personal life, like at the denny's? >> i have had to do it out in the public, but i've never done it where it was out out. i have covered myself. >> there you go. so discretion. >> little bit. >> nutrition but discretion. >> yes. >> that's what life is all about. >> marriage made in heaven. >> oh, yes. coming up, actress tori spelling says she is so broke? how broke is she? so broke, her husband can't afford to get a vasectomy. details in "the skinny." >> that's so sad for her.
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but first, caught in the act. allegedly a candidate for governor caught on camera partying with a room full of kids but he says the pictures don't say the full story. interesting nugget there. you are watching world news now. we'll be right back. ♪ i lift you up ♪ proceed to party ♪ proceed to party >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. colonial penn life insurance. [ female announcer ] when you pop in a tide pod,
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let's have a party ♪ >> that's my jam. >> good jam to have. i like that. if. if you stopped by a beach party attended by your teenager son and saw big red plastic cups everywhere would you wonder what is in them? >> apparently not breast milk. one law enforcement official wasn't curious and he is having to answer tough questions for it. here's jim avila. >> reporter: the photo the maryland attorney general now running for governor wishes had never been taken and certainly never published in the "baltimore sun." that's doug gansler, highest ranking law enforcement officer in his state. in the middle of what some at the party admit was under-aged drinking. >> there may have been college students or others drinking beer. i just don't know. >> reporter: when the story broke, he said even if kids were
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drinking he had no moral authority to stop them. different than the advice he handed out in this public service announcement. >> it is never too early to talk to your kids about smart ways to say no. >> reporter: did you set a good example of going to a party, participating in a party. >> what is participate, i'm walking through. >> reporter: it shows you taking pictures. >> i didn't take any pictures. >> reporter: is that your hand taking a picture. >> that's my hand -- my guess is i'm reading a text. >> the second picture shows him looking at his phone. >> i should have probably been more observant and determined whether or not there was drinking going on. >> reporter: 24 states hold adults liable in some way for accidents, injuries or damage done by teenager drinkers. >> parents are the leading influence in their kid's decisions to drink or not drink. >> reporter: a moral test many parents face with their teens and one the maryland attorney general would like another shot at. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> also reports he may have been
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abusing his state troopers to get him through traffic faster speeding with the sirens on and all of that. so this is not his first episode of questionable judgment. >> are you reading your text messages. >> i'm just checking texts. >> i'm just checking texts. okay. >> coming up next, it could be gaga's most outrageous look yet. no, that's not true. >> and the latest news about a lineup of lovely ladies. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny. >> another "the skinny." a chance to talk about women i think are hot. no journalistic context here whatsoever. >> we let him get away with it. >> i don't come back too much. first beyonce. apparently he was in new zealand on october 19th. and her miss carter world tour. there's a dance they use, an ancestral war dance. it is also used to honor distinguished guests like queen bee. she gets to new zealand an the crew kind of does this dance for her and of course being beyonce she joins in the ritual and joins in to this war dance in new zealand.
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and they kind of get in it to here. she was flattered by the whole thing. you can tell they are getting in it to. she's getting in to it and it is just beyonce, another piece of evidence of the world falling in love with beyonce. she is going nuts. just having a good time. >> whoa. i want to see her do some of that. >> jay-z is so lucky. >> very cool. doesn't matter what she is doing. she looks good and a classy girl. >> my ex-wife is taking over the world. i love her. rihanna very subtle and bashful. she doesn't put herself out there. >> very covered up. >> tmz found photos. >> very unlike rihanna. >> very unlike rihanna. >> this is her -- >> inverted. >> inverted, yes. bent over a pole wearing a tiny bikini in greece. she posted this for pervs like me that wanted to take a gander.
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is there he is. just hanging out in greece. no news value here, just a few seconds of titillation for me. thank you, rihanna for all that you do. >> for men like rob. >> just checking my texts. check this out. going from rihanna, not covered up at all, to a woman who decide go full out and completely cover herself. that is lady gaga. >> what is -- what? >> she is in germany. >> she looks like a crack head muppet. >> october 24th. she is out with a new album called "art pop" which is trying to promote. i remember the lady gaga who decided to change her look and she was a whole subdued look and wasn't craziness and she realized that wasn't getting her a lot of attention so she said let's go back to wearing -- suits. >> i think she is competing with miley for crazy. they are having a crazy contest right now, her and miley. >> i think you are right.
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moving on to this now. tori spelling is so poor. >> she is poor. >> she is the daughter of tv mogul aaron spelling who left the fortune to her mom. $600 million estimated fortune. she has had a falling out with her daughter. this is where she grew up. >> little shack. >> they aren't on speaking terms and she is on the outs financially. so poor that her poor husband can't get a vasectomy. so they are going to keep popping out kids. that's what you need to do when you are poor strung out for money. have more kids. >> >> the spelling empire is ridiculously insanely rich.
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how does not have money left? >> she is so poor she had to move out of her beverly hills mansion and is now living in malibu. >> the ghettos of malibu. >> and her his want can't. >> he can't get snipped. >> more babies. >> the bad news just keeps on the best generation of dawn power, platinum! [ bell dings ] here we go! [ female announcer ] dawn platinum power clean's micro-scrubbing enzymes give you the power of an overnight soak in 3 minutes, and 3 times more everyday grease cleaning ingredients. for all your dishes. so if you like dawn, you'll love platinum. [ sponge ] the champion! [ female announcer ] dawn platinum does even more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ proud mary keep on burning >> we never, ever do anything nice and easy. tina. finally, of course, it is friday, tgif, everybody. this week began with the president apologizing, of course, for the whole health care website mess. >> and unfortunately that's how it ended, as well. here's our "friday rewind." >> there's no sugar coating it. the website is too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process and i think it's fair to say that nobody's more frustrated by that than i am. >> the no one is more frustrated than i am and the president wanted it to be smooth and easy and let consumers compare plans. >> i have no idea whether i will
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be offered a better plan or if the government will subsidize it. >> the kid took the gun out of his backpack and threatened to kill the teacher and at that point my heart was racing. >> he pulls out a gun and shoots my friend and walks up to a teacher and says back up. the teacher backed up and he pulled the trigger. >> he got bullied a couple of times and i saw kids pushing him around and doing a lot of mean things to him. >> the fact that maria has been identified and rescued is a miracle in and of itself. roughly one to two percent of with statistics stating that roughly one to two percent of victims ever get rescued. it is a miracle. >> i would never ask our kids not to play hard. i would never tell them to go out there and let them score. that's not what you want to teach kids. [ laughter ] >> how much pressure did i put on it? i wasn't trying to put pressure other than moving my body.
3:52 am
i'm not a small guy so that's some weight behind it but it went. >> the sexiest thing i think -- actually, i know, is class. >> i like that she said the sexiest thing is class. it is nice to hear one of our young starlets say that. >> agree. >> i agree, too. we want to remind you about a special feature for our facebook fans out there. >> it is called "in case you missed it." it features the best of the week from our antics here at world news now. all you have to do is log on to and check it out. >> i'm jealous it is a feature you all started after i left the show. made a fool of myself. for two years, eight months and three days. >> i question the brain the u.s. trust that came up with it after you left. i do. i really do. in the two days you have been here we filled up the entire thing. >> we will be back. >> announcer: from this is abc's "world news now" informing is abc'scs for two decades. "world news now" informing
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making news in america this morning -- breaking news today. a packed ride at a state fair malfunctions, injuring several people. witnesses are describing a terrifying scene. we will have theery latest. americans abducted. pirates attacking a ship taking crew members hostage. we're live with new details overnight about where the victims may be now. candidate controversy. what's wrong with that picture right there? a powerful politician, doing some damage control after he is seen in the middle of what appears to be a wild teen party. perfect prank. a halloween stunt done so well, even we can't figure out how someone pulled it off.
3:56 am
and good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. filling in today for john muller. we do begin with breaking news out of north carolina, where several people are hurt after a state fair ride accident. >> the vortex flipped riders upside down, then spins them. but this one started up again while people were trying to get off the ride. five people were sent to the hospital. two are in critical condition. eyewitnesses say riders were thrown to the ground. >> screaming and a lot of people in pain. family members ran away. like, they couldn't bear to look at it. they were dropping about 30 feet high up in the air. >> some of those hurt may have included members of the same family. the ride operator was also among the injured. investigators will be looking at the vortex to find out what went wrong. we'll have live updates from raleigh, coming up on "gma." another story unfolding overnight. americans kidnapped off the coast of africa. their families, along with the fbi, are seeing what demands the
3:57 am
kidnappers may make. >> tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: terror on the high seas. it happened after dawn. pirates stormed the supply ship, kidnapping two americans. the crew was sorted by nationality. and only the two americans, the ship's captain and chief engineer, were taken captive. >> you take americans, you have a good price. at the same time, you bring a lot of heat on you, too. >> reporter: the americans were likely taken to land, where they will be held for ransom. >> it's on land, it's problematic. this is going to be a negotiated process. it's not going to be a rescue attempt. >> reporter: "the sea retriever" is a oil supply vessel. it was 15 miles off the coast of nigeria. 30% of u.s. oil comes through those waters, making it a prime target for piracy. >> on the west coast, pirates ten to be more of the criminal
3:58 am
element. >> reporter: the u.s. is closely monitoring the situation. but there are no plans for a military rescue, like the dramatic one portrayed in the hit movie "captain phillips" where u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s saved the captain from somali pirates. the actual captain, dealing with prirts, deals with commanding the vessel. >> if you don't want to deal with piracy, you need another job. >> reporter: authorities are treating this as a potential kidnapping for ransom. not an act of terrorism. diana and rob? >> tahman bradley, live for us in washington. thank you. at least one person is dead after an explosion at a candy factory in mexico. dozens were injured and some are still missing. the blast caused the top floor to collapse on the first. a new boiler was installed recently. the plant is owned by a u.s. company. there is mounting pressure on health and human services
3:59 am
secretary kathleen sebelius over the botched health care website rollout. sebelius says the plan is working and 700,000 people have applied so far. >> the federal government at some of the best tech experts who weren't necessarily on the ground working on this project. but are now involved. >> some of the contractors responsible for the site testified before congress yesterday. they revealed how much the site is actually costing the two largest contracts alone. $375 million. that is well over twice as much as apple spent developing the iphone. the outrage over u.s. spying on our european allies is dominating the summit meeting in brussels. early this morning, germany's chancellor said trust with the u.s. needs to be rebuilt. angela merkel and her french counterpart are rethinking their nation's intelligence cooperation with the u.s.
4:00 am
all this is fallout from reports that the u.s. monitored her private phone conversations. classes are expected to resume this morning at the suburban boston high school still in mourning for a murdered teacher. police have charged one of her students in the case. a classmate says the popular young math teacher had asked the suspect to stay after class for extra help. still, there's no word on any possible motive here. school officials do promise extra security measures will be in effect today. and ambulances rushed to a national guard armory in tennessee, after a recruiter opened fire there. two other recruiters were wounded. the military says they both suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the shooter had just been relieved of duty. he's now in custody. after wounding the victims, he was subdued and then disarmed by other soldiers. almost a year after the massacre in newtown, connecticut, the demolition of sandy hook elementary is under way. contractors are under nondisclosure to not reveal
4:01 am
anything about their work. the metal will be melted down to prevent any bit of the school from becoming an odd collector's item. the demolition will be completed by the shooting anniversary in december. also in connecticut, kennedy cousin michael skakel remains in prison, as a judge is set to decide whether he will be set free on bond. skakel's conviction in the 1975 murder of 15-year-old martha moxley has been thrown out. a judge ruled that skakel's trial attorney, mickey sherman, did not provide a constitutionally adequate defense. a hearing on that case will be held next week. other news this morning, a brief mention of world series game two. say it. i love the way you say it. >> big papi. >> i love that. david ortiz put the red sox ahead in the sixth with a two-run home run. >> the cards took the lead right on back, thanks to some sloppy defense by boston. their three-run seventh inning was good enough. the cards win this one, 4-2. game three is tomorrow night in
4:02 am
st. louis. full highlights coming up later in the show. and power being restored to thousands of customers in ohio. trees that still had their leaves held on to wet, heavy snow and fell on to power lines. >> at one point, as many as 50,000 customers may have been without electricity, after what residents are calling an october surprise. it may take until tomorrow for everyone to have power once again. >> and it's only october. >> yes. it's going to be mostly dry there in the midwest today. but cool for this time of year. and you'll find that the best weather in the country today, is in the west. warmer than usual. also, chilly in the south, up to the northeast. >> the northwest will have mild temps today. in the 80s in the southwest. the highs in the 60s across the plains. temperatures in the northeast will be in the 40s and the 50s. and the white house was bathed in a rosie glow last
4:03 am
month, as it was turned pink for breast cancer awareness month. >> a sense of peace at a time when there's anything but. >> agreed. students in high school are being handed a contract aimed at cracking down on what they do on the dance floor. >> good choice of words. and a candidate for governor, slammed for showing up at a wild teen drinking party. the pictures he's trying to explain this morning. and football star shocker. brett favre opens up about what's happening to his mind and the toll concussions may be taking. [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment?
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that's call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. and welcome back.
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for the first time, toyota will pay millions in connection with a crash involving unintended acceleration. a jury in oklahoma blamed faulty electronics for a 2007 crash. a passenger in that car died and the driver was seriously injured. earlier this month, toyota was cleared from another similar case. mortgage rates are now at their lowest in four months. of course, that is good news for the housing recovery. but it's partly the result of a slowdown in employment, as well as the government shutdown. there was also a slight decrease in mortgage applications this week. and refinancing continues to slow. and wells fargo is giving mortgage holders a break this month. it is not assessing late fees on borrowers that missed the october payment deadlines. wells fargo is the largest home mortgage lender in the u.s. let the buyer beware. especially these days, with an aprently expanding number of websites selling knockoff luxury
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goods. an increasing number of customers are being fooled by professional-looking phony websites. prices that are more in line with wholesale of end of season discounts are luring in more and more bargain hunters. and several italian restaurant chains are offering up some deals so you can properly mark world pasta day. the exchange want you to mange with them. world pasta day has been celebrated since 1995. pasta itself dates from the mid-12th century. >> it is so good. >> now, i'm hungry. >> me, too. when we come back, a homeowner gets a huge surprise when she looked out the back of her window. how a car ended up like this. >> oh, man. and the wrong crook to mess with. a robber comes face-to-face with an employee who was not going down without a fight. louis never smiles.
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check out the fog rolling in over seattle. it's been this month in washington state and oregon. the fog is a combination of high-pressure systems, light wind and drought. and while some fog is normal this time of year, it's worse than usual now. one local meteorologist is calling it fogmageddon. >> it looks pretty, though. >> it does. now, for a look at other morning road conditions on your friday. watch for rain and snow up near the great lakes. but otherwise, the interstates should be dry. >> and if you're flying, it should be clear skies, except for -- expect possible delays because of foggy seattle. well, the maryland attorney general is on the defensive this morning after a photo showed him at a party where teens were apparently drinking alcohol. >> doug ganzler admitted it was a mistake. he was questioned by abc's jim avila.
4:11 am
>> reporter: did you set a good example by going into a party, and participating in the party? >> i was walking through. >> reporter: it shows you taking a tpicture. >> is that your hand on the cell phone? >> i'm reading a text. >> it's especially embarrassing since his own son was at that party. the attorney general starred in a public service announcement last year, in fact, in which he claimed parents were the leading influence when it came to their kids drinking. these psas are expected to be withdrawn. it could be more difficult to get prescription painkillers. the fda is recommending tougher restrictions on drugs containing hydrocodone. it's a top choice for pain. but it's one of the most abused medicines in the u.s. and overdose deaths among women are soaring. police in the pittsburgh area are looking for a robber who got into a brawl with a store clerk. all of it caught on surveillance
4:12 am
tape. the employee said the robber came in with a knife and told him to give him money. a fight then ensued and continued outside the store until the robber fled before police arrived. the clerk was cut on the hand. but he is going to be okay. and you don't want to see that in your above-ground pool. somehow, that car wound up there yesterday. it happened in a backyard near san antonio, before landing in the pool. the car crashed through a fence. thankfully, though, no one was injured. and now, to a bear that wanted to play cat and mouse near pasadena, california, running through residential backyards. police responded to calls about a bear running loose behind homes north of the rose bowl. the bear avoided officials. and residents were warned to stay away. >> go get 'em, smoky. >> he meant business. that one is interesting. a high school in maryland is the
4:13 am
latest to crack down on dancing that is deemed a little too provocative. and they are making students that want to attend the next homecoming dance promise to tone it down. >> reporter: annapolis high school has to sign a contract a ban that bans twerking. if anyone breaks the rules, you're out of here. thrown out of the dance. >> see what miley cyrus has done to the country? >> this is the kind of school i like. they are putting their foot down on the issues that matter. >> yes. yes. >> they are focused. >> diana is very anti-twerk. >> i am. i cannot stand the idea of a twerker. now, to football. and the highlights. former nfl player yet to come out and speak about head trauma. brett favre's toughness was legendary during his two-decade career. >> he once started 321-consecutive games. but on the radio yesterday, he admitted he is not sure about
4:14 am
how much he may remember from both on the field and off. >> i think after 20 years god only knows the toll. this was a little shocking to me, that i couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer. it was just one summer, i think. >> the legendary q.b. is now 44 years old. he's also a grandad. he called recent interests by the st. louis rams flattering. but he said there's no way he would be coming out of retirement to get back on the field. time, now, for a look at the rest of sports. a few costly mistakes by the boston red sox in the world series. >> here's our friends over at espn with all of the highlights. >> hello "gma" auence. kenny mayne with neil everett. time to wake up. >> we're going to begin with a world series. give me a fenway frank. i don't care what day it is. red sox had a run of the cardinals. don't tease me. david ortiz, off michael wacha.
4:15 am
two-run shot. and boston has the lead. all is god. top seven, all became bad if you're a red sox fan. jonny gomes made the catch. that was a mistake. that was off -- and craig breslow started the third. that was a bigger mistake. john farrell said, we didn't get here by making the mistakes. the cardinals are going to win 4-2. kevin rosenthal, he smokes them in the bottom of the ninth. game three, saturday. i did my whole segment with my jacket unbuttoned. >> he's wearing jeans. >> how does this look, america? >> those guys have a lot of fun. >> they do. coming up next this morning, "the pulse." a superstar in disguise. can you guess who is behind that wild outfit? and just in time for halloween, an elaborate prank that had people running for their lives.♪ [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of
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♪ all right. lady gaga's new hit is getting lots of applause. but her new getup is not. >> check out what she donned yesterday in berlin. a furry, triangular headpiece. as well as a golden beak. she completed the classy look with yellow heels, a long, yellow coat and a fur coat. she looks like a crackhead muppet. >> i can only get what she was trying to do there. >> you almost wore that to work today. >> i'm so happy i didn't.
4:19 am
thank god those pictures came out in time. this next one is all about being photogenic. maybe you've seen it. start off with this guy. who could forget the ridiculously photogenic guy running a race in south carolina. the new photogenic heartthrob. >> he's ken mcdaniel. he was photographed at the moment his helmet came off on saturday, during the irish 14-10 victory. take it easy, ladies. we understand he's taken. but, man, oh, man, is he smokin'. wow. he wasn't even trying. >> good for him. and it's time for -- that time of year, for tricks and treats. ghosts and goblins. and in louisville, kentucky, cemetery, the angel of death. the parition has been chasing joggers, soccer players and others. it's the brainchild of tom may, a comedian known for his pranks. >> oh, no. doing it to kids on a playground. that's just not right.
4:20 am
>> it's that time of year. man up, folks. what does that first spoonful taste like?
4:21 am
ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
4:22 am
checking our top stories -- five people are injured after a ride malfunctioned at the north carolina state fair. it happened when the ride started up again while people were trying to get off. new fallout from the reports of u.s. spying on world leaders. germany and france will now renegotiate their spy services agreements with the u.s. and families of two americans along with the fbi are waiting to hear what demands are being made by kidnappers holding their loved ones in africa. they were taken off a ship in the waters off nigeria. the northwest will have mild temperatures today. stps in the southeast will be in the 40s and the 50s. well, the health care overhaul has been frustrating for a whole lot of people. but the late-night comics are having a ball with the whole situation. >> here, now, are your "friday funnies." >> it's amazing.
4:23 am
a lot of people are speculating about what president obama will do once he leaves office in 2016. one thing we can safely rule out, website designer. >> has been plagued by glitches. >> glitches. >> glitches. >> snafu. >> the bugs. the kinks. whatever you want to call this. >> glitches. apparently the website has 99 problems but a glitch is all of them. >> the president says he's bringing in the best and the brightest to solve the problem. here's my -- why didn'tbring in brightest in the first place? just typical washington. they only bring in the best and the brightest as a last resort. all right. let's do this. >> the white house just announced it is bringing in the best and brightest tech experts to fix the glitches on the obama care website, which is a great plan. what would have been a better plan is hiring the best and
4:24 am
brightest tech experts to make the obama care website. >> will people sign up? the answer is overwhelmingly yes. >> their number one worry was, will i be able to get health insurance out of this thing? and the answer to that appears to be 90% -- >> 24-year-old man in new york arrested for trying to join al qaeda. here's the amazing part. he said it's easier to join al qaeda using their website, than it was to sign up for obama care. and he was in. it was like, two minutes. >> i find it fascinating. our national health care website barely functions. and yet, every single porn site in the world works like a charm. >> i can verify that. >> kimmel has a very good point there. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday and a great weekend, everybody.


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