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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 18, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day, and we've got them for you. let's get started, "right this minute." a speeding car just nails a sitting duck in a terrible crash. >> but keep watching. >> because things are about to get a lot crazier. a snowmobiler is about to be swallowed by an avalanche. >> he's caught almost in the middle of it. >> uh-oh. >> see him try to out-run the monster as horrified friends rush to help. college students know, if you microwave your raman. >> sometimes it's good and sometimes it's undercooked. >> find out his envengs to give you. >> quality grade stovetop raman.
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and meet the brains behind the coolest place in town. >> i think in 20 years, we're get ahold of that thing and -- [ laughter ] don't blink in this one, because a lot happens very fast. garden grove, california. we're looking at a dashcam. watch. >> oh! >> out of nowhere, a car comes from the left and crashes into that silver car that's right in front of us, but keep watching. immediately the driver of that dark car gets out and is on the run. not checking on anybody. leaving his car in the middle of the road. he stumbles down on the sidewalk. you see him trying to hop a wall here at some point, but if you rewind it back, watch the crash again. now keep your eye on the silver car that was hit. >> it flew away, too! >> yeah. it goes forward and gets into nuer ofit f bender accidents as well as it speeds down this road. now, we have a call into the garden grove police department, but according to the guy who
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shot this video, the woman in the silver car who was hit, her ske accelerator stuck. >> the guy who's dashcam we're watching, he tries to make the call immediately to 911, but he also tried to use serie. >> probably his the button on the steering wheel to make the call. >> also the guy who shot the video spoke to police. they were able to catch this guy who ran away just moments later. >> he took off, did a face plant, and then tried to jump over a wall. uh-oh. >> enjoying their snowmobiles. their description, their second
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run of the season. >> that looks like fun. >> yeah. and then they zoom in, you see this start could crumble a little bit. almost immediately an avalanche starts. he's caught almost in the middle of it. >> outrun it, can he outrun it? stay up. >> watch him. de keep -- rex head down there. >> look at what happens here. just as he gets over initial avalanche site he's on, his snowmobile actually ends up on its side right here. somehow, he is able to gain control of the snowmobile again and take off, and beats it. >> that was -- awesome! he outran mother nature. >> after slipping sideways on his snowmobile. >> you can tell that these guys are experienced at what they're doing, because if you go to the guys' youtube channel, there's a ton of them snowmobiling. >> not one you see racing down
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the mountain and wiping everything out. >> he is racing down at 100 miles an hour, but he's doing 120, so it's just better. >> beat it anyway. >> yeah. holy cow. i think that's going to slow us down today. miracle of birth was caught on camera. >> and thanks to the "new york post" we get to see the video. >> is it going to be messy and syrupy. >> you're not going to see a lot of graphic detail. in fact, we're looking at the bronx police station at the yankee stadium subway stop. part of the subway station and 20-year-old tamika was on her way to see her doctor when he water broke. >> some police officers turned this part of their office if into a makeshift delivery room putting doan everything from blankets to bags to jackets. they have an emt on the phone and these guys happen to catch
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it on camera. listen to them talking about what's going on. >> oh, my god. he's not crying. >> these are concerned citizens worrying about whether or not the baby was crying. >> did you see the woman in the sweater? didn't seem concerned at all. >> this is grandma. grandma was on the train heading to the doctor with her granddaughter. >> now doing a facebook, "i am now a grandma." >> they wrapped the baby up. forgot to see the sex of the baby. they had to unwrap -- oh, it's definitely a boy. >> named maxwell, eventually ambulances showed up and took mom and baby to a local hospital, and they're both doing just fine. >> did they take the subway to the hospital? >> no! they took the ambulance. we've seen a lot of rnli video on "right this minute." that volunteer team of people in
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the uk who go out and do water rescue, but we've never seen one quite like this. doing a rescue in a dark boat, doing exercising, throwing somebody off the side and rescuing them. did you see something off of that boat? >> i saw a fin. >> that was a dolphin. he's on his back acting like he's going to get rescued and along comes a dolphin. under his legs. tapping in. getting close to the action. like, i can help. >> the dolphin's like, hey, guys, i can help. >> i can swim better than you guys. and this, on a photo safari in kenya and thought i'm going to put a gopro camera on a car and see what this lion does. >> he plays like a house cat would. >> took a swap at it, but his claws weren't out, so he was
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just playing around. >> kind of funny to see this lion in the jungle being afraid of this. does it taste like something i can eat? >> also captured photos as well of this adventure. >> what a great ad for gopro. this camera's been in the jaws of a lion, and lived to show us the video. two robbers hold up a gas station. >> hurry up! >> but then an opportunity to fight back gets handed to the cashier. see how it all goes down. >> he put the gun on counter -- grabbed the gun! >> and a girl tries to help a driver back out, but -- >> completely backfires. i do interior decorating
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online with a two-year price guarantee, plus a $200 verizon visa prepaid card. plus, there's new fios quantum for business, with internet speeds rated number 1 by pc magazine, up to an amazing 300 megs. that's the powerful difference 100% fiber optics makes. and it's all backed by our worry-free guarantee. so get 100% fiber-optic fios for as low as $94.99 a month when you sign up online, with a two-year price guarantee. visit verizon. the one good thing that comes out of this caper in spartansburg, north carolina --
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>> notice this car pull up to a is a n sunoco gas station. standing there. you think he's going to get gas. no. one guy raises him up, the other one follows, and they go into the store. >> literally grabs him bip ty t scrap of the neck. >> one of these video cameras has awed udio. >> hurry up. >> forced to the floor, gun to the neck while the other suspect is holding up the clerk. watch what happens while the clerk is getting the money out of the till. >> he put the gun on the counter. >> if he doesn't know thousahow handle a gun? >> he's an idiot. he left it there five full seconds trying to put this money ha half-happedly into his pocket. >> the girl didn't make a move
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for it. that guy in the back is telling the guy on the floor, stay down. >> [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> and he even picks his pocket. >> both of those workers are safer and that's the least you can ask for. in my opinion, the three major food groups of a college student, i've got to think, like, cheap beer, pizza and ramen noodles. >> of course. >> one of the perils of being a college student is you can't really have a stove in your dorm. they usually like let you have a microwave. >> on the back of these raman packages there's no microwave instructions. it only tells you as far as making it on the stove. >> you see davis alumni chris johnson who graduated in 2002, and he has come up with the rapid raman cooker. look at this thing. it's perfectly shaped for, you know, the little square, hard block of noodles.
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you put it in there. fill it up to the line, pop it in the microwave four minutes and it's ready to go. >> when i was here at davis, i would always make it in the microwave, and sometimes it's good. and sometimes it's undercooked. i was like, why is that? what's the variance there? what i found is that, if there's excess water, the microwave cooks the water and doesn't cook the noodles. >> featured twice on kca news and now says his seams are through the roof. he's shipped this product to all 50 states. >> i'll tell you what's clutch about this. the brick noodles, that are the cheapest, you can get them for like 30 cents, bupt they do sell the microwave kind, those are like $1.50. this thing pays for itself like that. >> in you've got a brother, sister, cousin, whatever, going to college. pretty cheap. you can get one rapid raman cooker fore$9.99 at rapid raman
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dotcom. >> it's amazing how it's blown up. it's becoming a college staple.. this video proves again that women -- can sometimes be bad driver. you see woman trying to back her car out of a spot. so someone runs over to guide her. watch me. i'm guide you out of this spot. completely backfires. >> oh! between the two cars? pinned? >> yeah. that looks like it's a girl, too. >> she got crushed between two cars, just by simply trying to help this person out. >> ow. she hit the ground. >> yeah, but she's able to walk away. people come over to help. she looks okay. >> in their defense, she was kind of wearing a really cute outfit. >> what? [ laughter ] >> so your motto is, if you're going to get smashed by a car
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from your friend trying to back out of a spot, at least be in acute outfit? >> yes. if you're going to go down, look really good doing it. >> oh, my gosh. >> ah! it's a crazy wedding video that will make you say -- >> wow. these people are just insane. >> a different kind of white wedding, next "rtm." and still to come -- it's a scary scene as a tank blasts its surroundings. >> oh, my gosh. this guy is in the building that's being shot at. >> see what happens when the camera is staring straight into the barrel. and fashion that looks good enough to eat. >> that is because they're made using chocolates. >> we could eat these dresses. like i do interior decorating
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end of the week friday edition of "rtm" means we got bonus video on our website. >> i've got a video to help with your coffee table. in case you wanted to make it look better, cupcakes and cashmere, tell you how to do it. a book, tray, fresh flowers and -- >> your coffee table's going to look like magic. >> if you want to see the video for yourself and have a weekend project, head to and click on -- >> best of "rtm." this video shows what is an everyday scene thanks to syria's civil war, and there have been many videos hitting the web, including this one that was
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posted by the local city council in syria. and you see a tank just blasting the buildings around it. >> oh, my gosh. this guy is in the building that's being shot at. >> but as soon as the dust clears up, you also notice that the tank is reaiming. it's setting up a new angle, and it looks like it's in the exact direction of the person recording this video, and then you see the shot. the area fills up with dust. amazingly, this person is still shooting this video. >> at what point do you drop the camera and say, i'm outta here? >> i mean what can you do? do you go hide somewhere in your building? because if they're shooting at your building, the whole thing could come down. >> this is one of those perspective videos for sure.
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you think you're having a bad day? this guy has tanks outside his window shooting at his building. far and away the coolest do-it-yourself home improvement project you will ever see. the time lapse video, a project taking place in a home just outside of chicago. and you will soon see what makes this the coolest thing on the block. you see guy working feverishly putting up this white wall. >> looks like he's putting up a fence. how can that be? >> keep watching. this entire project took about 30 hours and about five days to complete. do you have any idea what's it is yet? >> a soccer field. >> close. they're going to put in a rubber liner. throw in two hoses. fill this -- ice rink -- up, in his backyard. >> backyard ice rink. this thing measures 65x42 feet. holds 15,000 gallons of water. took 14 hours to fill up.
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once it's done, this thing is -- >> smooth, too. >> you bet it's smooth. this is perfect for skating. perfect for the kids to come around and play hockey on. beautiful. >> that's awesome. >> joining us "right this minute" is scott. this is his home where the rink is. he's obviously a chicago blackhawks fan. scott, tell me who built this for you? because that's not you out there? >> no, it's absolutely not, and i am very fortunate to have a very handy and hard-working cousin. my cousin matt, and this is the third year we've actually put up the rink and matt was the architect and the, really, the sole builder of the rink. we kind of joke that my wife and i are the gm, and the only thing that go is, we write the check and he 4rilifts all the equipme and heavy tools to make a
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fantastic ice rink for the winter. >> did you think this was crazy to put an ice rink in your backyard? >> the original idea was my wife's, and my cousin said, hey, i'll do it and turned it into a reality. when i get my water bill in january, every january, it spikes from about $100 to $150. >> that's pennies. >> year after yoear it just ros and in 20 years -- we'll be ready for anything. >> can you get your kids to do basically anything you want them to do now because you have this as leverage? >> don't i wish. yeah. my wife are and i know that we're leaving a pretty awesome l remember. cherished memories skating in the backyard for years to come. top ways to kill a snowman. >> my favorite, just a flat out football full-speed tackle. >> see them a
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there's a fire on the top floor of this apartment building in siberia, so a firefighter begins to extend the ladder of the fire truck to rescue a toddler that's stuck on the top floor. >> you see the firefighter approaching the top of the ladder, but it's not the fire he needs to worry about -- >> oh, no. oh, wow. >> that huge chunk of snow that breaks off the roof, hits the firefighter right in the head and knocks him back down the ladder. thankfully, another firefighter is nearby, goes up to rescue the
2:25 pm
toddler. the firefighter hanging on to the ladder was not injured, thankfully. >> looks like his leg got caught in the ladder and that saved him. >> he somehow caught himself from falling all the way down the ladder. >> so much worse, if it just knocked him to the left or right. >> look at the window. the only place where the chunk of snow is, above the window. >> apparently the fire caused it to crack off and knock the firefighter away. the worst possible time. this is not only a visually beautiful fashion show, it's also tasty. >> you're seeing these beautiful dresses, right? but notice the color. they're brown. that is because they're made using chocolate. ♪ >> are you saying that's chocolate or chocolate was used to dye the colors, or all of the above. >> oh, no, no, no. those are chocolate pieces that make up those dresses.
2:26 pm
>> we could eat these dresses? like i could eat that dress? >> soon as you get off the runway, you could break off a piece and start having at it. >> you're saying that veil is edible? >> not the entire thing. they put pieces of chocolate in different places. they're not all chocolate. this is celebrating 0 wone inind in china of chocolate. >> why don't they do that here? there are many ways to skin a cat. well, let's get rid of that one and change it over to, there are ten ways to kill a snowman. this video shows us how from the thrash lab. one way an ax, right to the skull. here in a 2x4, bit of a golf swing. the next one, a little
2:27 pm
unconventional way. the guy take as weed whacker to the snowman, doing a number on the old carrot nose. also got a snowman's worst enemy. hot water. melts the face of frosty there. >> it's like throwing acid on a human. >> ah! >> a couple in a row that are just flat out explosions. ♪ >> this one, snowblower. that looks like a snowman child. >> look. you can even see frosty's eyes and nose going through the snowblower. here we go winter sports-style snowboard smash right to the snowman's face. >> ah. >> this one, the old-fashioned way. i've got to say, my favorite, just a flat out football full-speed tackle. then last, but not least, the sled bomb just takes the sled right into the snowman. due to this tweet you'll notice
2:28 pm
ashton kutcher himself tweeted this video out. why? because ashton kutcher's production company, catalyst, they're behind thrash lab. ashton was actually the executive producer of this. which is your favorite to destroy a snowman or do you have a better way? let us know on our website, or facebook. that's it for us here at "rtm." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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