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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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courtis: and i am courtis fuller in for mike dardis. we won' t get any answers until crews can pull the vehicle out. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is leading the way with the story. brian, it seems like someone should have been reported missing -- been reported missing now. brian : for those lives in the shadows of this bridge, proximity isn' t what makes them feel close to the crash here. >> people who saw it were traumatized. they said they just couldn' t get the image out of their minds for one thing. it is just really disturbing. brian: tracie peterson can' t help but think about the victims every time she walks into her backyard. tracy: you are almost haunted by the thought that person is down
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brian: somewhere new the bridge of that meant under fast-moving waters of the ohio river, a vehicle remains submerged. it is been there since about 4:30 on tuesday when it plunged about 100 feet off of the bridge during a crash involving a dozen cars. new calls to the campbell county 911 center have been released. >> a car just went off of the bridge into the water. >> it has been under the water for five minutes now. i don' t see anyone. brian: crews found the vehicle but because of the strong current, they haven' t been able to recover it or any of the victims. what is unusual is that no one missing. >> we have no one to answer any questions at this point. ach says everyone here is on edge waiting. heather: there has just been questions of who it is, how many
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anyone come forward, when are they going to be able to get the car, and how are they going to be able to get the car. brian: in a community where the bridge isn' t the only thing casting a shadow. the best hope is that some of the questions will be answered when they can get the vehicle out of the river. right now it looks like that will not happen until sunday or maybe monday. courtis: a press conference is set for tomorrow at where we hope to learn more about exactly how and when those recovery efforts will resume. allegations of improper contact have apparently cost a local coach his job. sheree: he is a girls ' high school track coach in brown county. he is well-known and well regarded for his track success. john london has more. john: from what we can report
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of improper text messages from coach mark day two students at eastern high. he was not a teacher there but was the track coach for years until monday. this is when he submitted his resignation effective immediately holding the school harmless for legal claims. day tells us he resigned for family and personal reasons. he said he appreciates the opportunity the eastern gave him to coach there. an external investigation was hired to look into the allegations which the score for two. the superintendent stated that "as soon as the district was made aware of the allegations, i immediately acted to place the coach on a ministry to believe. we think inducted a thorough investigation. the coach has since resigned." he texted us earlier and said that he was honored to be able to coach there. courtis: thank you, john. and a four-year-old boy is dead . his stepmother is under arrest. police say she dipped the child
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morning he was unconscious. franklin with the very latest. karin: today the warren county coroner ruled that the four-year-old, austin cooper, died due to homicide. the cause of death has not yet been released. franklin police say he was abused by his stepmother. right now 25-year-old anna ritchie faces and endangering that could be upgraded once a grand jury hears the case. police are still piecing together a timeline and are not sure when the father knew about the injuries when he called 911. people say that the boy was a happy go lucky four-year-old who loved spiderman. courtis: richie' s bond has now been set at $350,000. she is due in court tomorrow. sheree: a 17-year-old was
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police after he posted on facebook. the mother told police he was near bridgetown middle school with a rifle and she was concerned about what he might do. police say he didn' t have a weapon but a different shotgun style gun connected to him was found nearby. the boy had run away and his mother had not seen him in weeks. school leaders notified parents but they did say there was never a threat made. >> there was no threat made by the student. there was no threat against the school. there was no threat against any adults or parents. it was really just a mother who was concerned about a picture on facebook of her child with a gun. sheree: the 17 or older is now charged with obstructing and relisting -- and resisting arrest. at this point it is not clear where that rifle is. a man is in critical condition tonight after a stabbing in hamilton.
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night on mark avenue. police say the victim, clifford wagers, is in critical condition. after a lengthy search, officers arrested jonathan day. he is charged with felony assault. police said the victim and the suspect lived at the same home. courtis: and governor john kasich is headed into tuesday' s gop primaries in arizona and utah with momentum from his win in ohio. at stake on tuesday is 98 more delegates. kasich told reporters that he is the only republican left standing that can win a general election campaign. he also says the primary voting give him a home-court advantage. some political experts say that s win could be setting the stage for a floor fight at the republican s right. wlwt news 5' s richard
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joins us with more on this brewing gop battle right here in ohio. richard: some say it is a fight for the very identity of the republican party. 66 ohioans will be at the center of defining that identity. they will be at the center of selecting the republican nominee in what may be the most contentious convention in memory. >> legally we are bound to vote for john kasich for the first ballot if no candidate gets the requisite number to become the candidate of the republican party, and then we will be free agents. richard: as free agents, greg hartmann and other ohio delegates would be a valuable prize in the race to the 1237 votes needed for the nomination. greg: the party could find itself between a rock and a hard place. if donald trump got a large number of delegates and there is an attempt to take the
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going to have a lot of unhappy people. richard: eric deiters -- deters s kentucky delegates could also be in play number. longtime party organizers say that debate and deal makes a good thing. eric: i like the fact that potential he we' re going to go debate about who is going to represent the republican party. says the dealmaking has already begun. his leverage. and he is extra starting to play s and he is right. go bonkers. richard: donald trump, the republican front-runner, has 673 delegates, governor kasich is in third with 143, and this
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convention. courtis: spring is almost here and a lot of you might be planning spring break trips or summer vacations. ohio potter attorney general says there are a few things you should know before booking that vacation. attorney general mike dewine says you are not sure -- if you are not sure about a vacation offer, check with the better business bureau to see if a company has any complaints against them and ask for some references so you can check with previous customers about their experiences. he also says to be very cautious about offers for free vacations. mr. dewine: ohio losses if there is any kind of qualifications or anything that you have to do to get this free thing, you have to disclose it. the person that is telling you that this has to be disclosed and if they don' t they are in
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courtis: attorney general dewine says his office received 400 complaints about potential vacation scams this year. sheree: giving people a fresh start who were convicted of low-level felonies as young adults. kentucky lawmakers are looking at a change to kentucky law that would allow some elegies to be expunged. right now the state does not have a process for that. supporters say people who were convicted of low-level felonies when they were young have a hard time getting jobs or getting give them a fresh start. the creation museum is looking to the future and expansion. the local economy. sheree: and farm fresh food in suburbia. how they are doing it next. kevin: and a windy day across the area. the wind is going to change and it will be blowing in some much cooler temperatures.
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sheree: nine years after it opened its doors in northern kentucky, the creation museum is ready to expand. courtis: the museum is looking to resound several acres of land at its facility in petersburg, kentucky.
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kenneth: it is really exceeded expectations, yes, because when we really put together our original business plan, we were looking at maybe 150,000 people per year, but it has way exceeded that. courtis: in fact the creation museum report the annual attendance number is closer to 300,000 per year. but this appears to be just the beginning of what someone' s thought was only an experiment. kenneth: with the ark opening on the seventh of july this year, it is going to really increase numbers here as well as projections that it will double attendance here at the creation museum. courtis: with that, a $12 million through $15 million expansion is planned for this museum which promotes a typical view of life created.
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1300 spaces will be added us another two story building will join the current facility. more room is needed for additional exhibits. dustin battles just moved to the area. listen to his take on this nine-year-old museum. dustin: i heard great things about it. in fact, we first heard, we were moving to the area and people said, you are moving to cincinnati, so you need to go to the creation museum. we will come with you when you visit. courtis: officials say the big museum and projected success of the ark project will be the northern kentucky and greater cincinnati areas. kenneth: the economic impact for the ark and museum combined is that over the next 10 years, it will have a form in dollar impact on the state and up to 20,000 jobs generated. museum is still going through the zoning process. it is putting into words if and
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and a community which encourages free range chickens as well as the range kids is popping up in warren county. courtis: -- sheree: that' s right, aberlin springs is a new development in morrow and will be the first agri -community in our area. it is an organic farm that will serve as the centerpiece for the new neighborhood. able have farming, fresh food, education, and togetherness that will be the focus. >> our belief is that it is important to know where your food comes from. it is important to have a good, solid, healthy food system and that is why will have meats as well as vegetables. sheree: while each home will have its own area to plant and
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work will be done by a professional farmer. the houses in the neighborhood start in the $300,000 range and go over to half $1 million for the estates. courtis: and there was plenty of green beer and green apparel in bars all across the state today. >> st. patrick' s day means that i go out and have done, follow the family tradition, come out in the morning have some green beer, eat some irish food, and enjoy the atmosphere. sheree: here' s a look at the celebrations at the cock-n-bull, that is this morning here in hyde park. some of the partygoers we talked with say that the celebration started last night and it is still going on this morning with a kegs and eggs breakfast. announcer: cincinnati' s most accurate certified forecast. kevin: at least the weather is cooperated for all of the celebrations taking place this afternoon.
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another nice day and friday won' t be terribly bad, either. but things do change heading into the weekend. the big change is that it is not going to feel like spring going into the weekend. spring starts on sunday but it won' t feel like it. we will have a few showers on in just a moment. saturday. upper 30' s to start so jackets morning. s and the upper 50' s. there might be less wind so it might not feel as cool out, that it should be a very nice afternoon for the end of the week. we have plenty of sunshine and clouds are beginning to dissipate across the area and that will make for a chilly night. , look at the dew point. drive. once the air goes down and the wind relaxes, these comfy
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right now, for most of us, 62 in hamilton, 60 in batavia, that is going to all fall. it will fall probably down into the upper 40' s for many of us for the time that you join us for news 5 at 11:00. so if you are headed out, bring the sweater or the jacket with you. here is a look at the radar. it is quiet. weather map shows this storm system which is slowly beginning to pull away from the area. tomorrow, the winds are going to start to relax but it will also help to bring in more clouds and maybe another week or storm system -- another, weaker storm system. we will get rid of the clouds for a chilly night and we will have a basic repeat performance. then the models trying to -- kind of disagree on what is happening here.
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we will have light rain on possibility of light showers here or there. it is certainly going to be a lot cloudier and as a result, a cooler weekend. not too much of a dip in the jet stream tomorrow, but as we get into saturday and sunday, we are going to tug down some pretty chilly air for late march year and it looks like temperatures night. over the weekend, highs will only be in the mid 40' s when we should be in the mid to upper 50' s. 37 for a low tonight, chilly conditions under a clear sky. tomorrow, look for an afternoon high of just about 60 tomorrow. here is your day planner, 50 by lunchtime and a tad cooler tomorrow in the upper 50' s. here is your seven-day forecast. mid 40' s by the weekend and next week, it will be cool. then we will see things start to warm up heading into next week.
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sheree: all right, kevin, thank you. no green on kevin tonight. [laughter] sheree: george and c ourtis have green ties on. [laughter] courtis: march madness is getting underway tonight. sheree: this is my dress, by the way. [laughter] courtis: yes.
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and george: now we get down to the business. welcome back, everyone. the local teams are getting ready for battle as we begin in st. louis where second seeded extreme here just met with the
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that includes our own lc jesse -- elise jesse mike: -- elise jeese. >> that' s right. this is what this team has worked so hard for. >> this is a matter of just being locked in and going out and taking care of it. >> this is what you work for. to get in the -- work for. to get an a tournament and advance. re going to do tomorrow night. he says that he has prepared his team well. all right. the bearcats will hit the floor in spokane for practice later this evening. derek forrest is with you see and has more from the great pacific northwest. derek: welcome to spokane,
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weekend of the ncaa tournament. here is a little bit of a break down of spokane, also known as the lilac city. but here are in cincy , it is a rivertown -- li but like here in cincy, it is a river town . the spokane river is one of its biggest attractions and spokane falls, which was the original name of the city back in the late 18th century before they dropped the falls part, just became spokane. now spokane arena is literally right around the corner from the falls and in this very building the air cats will meet up with saint joseph' s on writing night. reporting from spokane arena, i am derek forrest, wlwt news 5 sports. george: and the kentucky wildcats take the floor tonight
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they are the fourth-seeded team and a tip off around 9:40. indiana sees action against chattanooga at 7:10. and roger bacon fans were making noise in columbus for the ohio finals. central catholic. bacon' the hoop. but bacon fell in a big hole early and it is lima central catholic advancing 74-56. sheree: and now we have breaking news, there was more information
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developing news tonight. water wars. fireworks and finger pointing over who's to blame for the toxic crisis that has poisoned an american city. tonight, angry calls for an embattled governor as the epa head resigns. a storm of controversy forces the end of an era at sea world. what it means for the killer whales that made the theme park famous. hitting the brakes. a major announcement about life-saving technology. your car taking control, stopping a crash before it happens. sounding the alarm about a surge in kids rushed to the e.r.


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