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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they came back -- 90% came back. shary: -- sheree: the parents spoke out for the very first time saying that we are devastated by austin' s actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and the healing of an entire community. tammy is live at the school talking with parents and students about their first day back. reporter: as you can imagine, students and parents were still a little nervous to come back to school today. it but there was extra security to make sure everybody felt safe. it seems like everybody is ready to move forward. >> that day was so traumatic that i knew that this school had things under control. i just wanted to see my son. reporter: it' s much
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students are searching for a new normal. >> there is nobody in the halls talking. there' s no talking at all. it' s just really quiet. that is not normal for our school. >> one piece down here very visible. you can see it. >> the student was hurt by bullet fragments. he was not ready to come back today. >> the kids started shooting at us set our table, hitting two of my friends. we did not know what was happening until a looked over and saw that he had a gun. i jumped onto the floor and grabbed my friend. reporter: the focus now for students is on the positive. >> this is a tightknit community.
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suspects i -- side, there are community on all sides of this. >> this is an amazing community. we will get together and unite. no doubt. reporter: the superintendent said that not everybody took advantage of the counselors, but they will be here for everybody that needs them. sheree: this is a tough situation because the students and staff are so close with one another. mike: andrew setters spoke with the superintendent about the
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>> [indiscernible] reporter: not talking specifics, the superintendent said he did not expect violence from him. >> he doesn' t need any of the ve read about. maybe we can better prepare every school in the country for profile. mike: not just how to handle an incident like this, but how to recover. >> we are fortunate because the student surrendered and hopefully, we will get some answers. their slogan through this has been moving forward together. they took the first big step today. >> kids were glad to be back. that'
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compassionate? mike: the extra support, counselors at therapy dogs will are needed. >> with also get a clear picture of how the events unfolded. live with that part. nine seconds after the first shot was fired. the school resource officer called in the shooting at madison schools. >> suspect dressed in black heading east.
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the first medic arrived. >> as of now, yes. >> the medical helicopter had to be rerouted. >> operations to all units, be advised. the subject is still on the loose. no description. use caution. >> more than one student was shot. >> a gunshot to the abdomen. patient is stable at this time. reporter:
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the weapon of 11:36 a.m. , and at 11:39 a.m., they had james austin hancock in custody. and the first medical helicopter to arrive was able to transport both shooting victims to the hospital. a second helicopter was called in but not needed. sheree: and goodness. this could have been so much worse. we continue to lead the way with exclusive interviews with victims and witnesses of the school shooting. we stay updated on the very latest. mike: it is called the biggest abortion case and a quarter century. the supreme court heard arguments in a texas case that requires abortion doctors to have to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles and the procedure must be done in a surgical center.
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state' s abortion clinics to close. >> this law is cruel and harsh and it does nothing to advance medical health for women. mike: the conservative justices want to prove the law led to clinic closings, they question why texas hold abortions to a more expensive safety standards than like a section and colonoscopy that are higher risk. the swing vote suggests the best course of action would be to send the case back to the texas courts for a closer look. a for-four tie would leave the law in place but would not set precedent. sheree: funeral arrangements for the kentucky mother and woman found dead over the weekend. she is the mother of three
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her funeral will be held this saturday at the people' s funeral home in falmouth. she will be buried. police say the man was found in a burning car over the weekend. he was found in a wrecked . homicide. mike: streetcar four out of five has arrived. it was delivered on the back of a flatbed truck. the next delivery expected before the end of this month. ontrack testing is scheduled for tomorrow and friday along main street. celebrating the coming of spring, the parade is not until friday. hosting the bock beer
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there will be live music beginning at 8:00. it will include the fourth annual 5k saturday night. sheree: if a major rebuilding phase doesn' t get you to the ballpark, maybe this will. they hope to attract younger fans by giving them a place to hang out. they are attached to the back. it doesn' t offer a view of the field but will hopefully be a lot of -- it includes general admission seating. each ticket also includes your first drink. those of you that maybe want to own a piece of red' s history, look at this.
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for auction the auction ends at 8:00 tonight. the current bid is more than $2500 and belonged to a red staff member. it had a name engraved into it. >> you could be the next target for a string of thieves. >> she kept my attention while he did the dirty work. mike: how one woman says she was an easy target and what you need to watch out for. sheree: kevin: i will let you know how much we can get on the forecast. mike: pays a high price for being too close to the court.
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sheree: a team of thieves targeting senior citizens and women with disabilities. mike: natalie clarke spoke with the victim who has a warning for others. reporter: the 83-year-old woman tells me she was shopping here at this kroger in blue ash. a woman approached her for help. she turned her back to her cart and that is when she became an easy target. >> that man took my wallet. reporter: this woman wanted to make sure you heard her story. she says while she shopped at kroger, a woman approached her. >> she talked on and on and held my attention so much that i did not notice a person come up on the other side of my grocery
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reporter: he grabbed her wallet from her purse. the woman offered to help but quickly took off her self. >> after she was gone, it dawned on me that she was probably part of the action. she kept my attention while he did the dirty work. reporter: surveillance cameras caught the same woman at a nearby target, charging $800 to the victims credit card. >> it makes you feel terrible. reporter: a similar crime was reported in even dale. it woman with a similar disability was targeted at walmart. both crimes involve a man and two women in a dark green pontiac grand prix. as police investigate, the victim has advice for others. >> just remember to keep your person your hand, i guess. not in your grocery cart. and be very much aware of what it'
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reporter: police are hoping someone can recognize these thieves. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. mike: we have full descriptions of the suspects on her website. sheree: march 2 has been historically a bad day. four years ago today, lives destroyed in deadly tornadoes. 12 touched down on march 2. nine people were killed. it still did not come back. mike: there was a lot of
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kevin: and 19 years ago with the big floods. temperatures warmed up. this time of the year, it' s spring. an opportunity for snow tomorrow followed by 70' s at the tail end of the seven-day forecast. a very nice afternoon across the area. they climb out of the 30' s for highs.
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things will start changing overnight tonight and into the tomorrow. it will take a while to get here. matter of fact, the storm system that' s going to bring us our next opportunity for snow is still out in the nebraska panhandle. it will take a while to get here and is moving a bit slower. it doesn' t look like we will have problems for the morning commute. we will begin to see clouds increase to the midnight hour. not much really happening across the area. i' m no longer concerned about the morning commute tomorrow. however, as we go through the late morning and afternoon hours, i expect some snow to begin across the area. temperatures are going to be
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that time of year, we are end early march. even though we of clouds overhead, there' s enough of that sun angle getting through that it should prevent us from seeing much in the way of travel issues as it relates to snow accumulation. it' s not going to be for everyone. into tomorrow evening, occasionally mixing in. for some folks and less for others. and it begins to taper off as we get into tomorrow evening.
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rush and it would be a little more dicey. 27 for the low tonight. the slushy part not out of the area. we go from light accumulations to snow. it looks like a decent weekend. light passing shower saturday afternoon. the weekend doesn' t look bad. the night will be cool and we see things warm-up heading into next week.
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sheree: what he has to say about the experience and the changes to his body. sheree: mike: a two-year-old falls out
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mike: the desert with russian cosmonauts, scott kelly back on earth. >> he said a space travel record. he even took part in studies on zero gravity. he actually grew two inches while in space and is now taller than his twin brother, mark. during his time, some incredible images on -- of earth. >> leaving the space station was bittersweet.
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sheree: the spine actually lengthens because there is no gravity to compress the discs in your spinal column like there is on earth. i never wanted to go to space and all of a sudden, i do. mike: we can increase your height in the studio by having you stand on this. i thought i would share that with the audience there. construction crews showed up. police tracked down the driver that said she got stuck after following the wrong path. sheree: a toddler tumbles from the back of a van.
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a good samaritan scooped up the little boy and reunited him with his family. his grandfather said he had been rear-ended a few days ago and the accident must have loosened his truck' s latch. he couldn' t explain why that little boy wasn' t in a car seat. mike: i don' t even want to see it anymore. sheree: giving students the tools they need to feel safe. mike: in case of a school threat. the program launched by a former teacher. sheree: what we' re learning about the wyoming student that
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mike: a scary week for parents. mike:>> [indiscernible] there is a shooting. mike: shots fired at a butler county school. classes resume. school of issues at wyoming high school reassuring parents and
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-- there. classes went on as scheduled. in another school. sheree: a teenager is facing charges tonight. reporter: the student accused is arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated menacing. madison still fresh in everyone' s memory. class went on as planned. everyone felt the long shadow cast by events at madison. >> this is part of their lives. reporter: he' s taught at wyoming for three decades but is even more connected.
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she had contacts with friends on social media and let them know my dad would not of had me come to school. reporter: they did not cancel school today. but there are concerns that the threats were serious enough that the 15-year-old male student accused was charged with two counts of aggravated menacing. >> we have a police presence on campus throughout the day. we recognized the heightened awareness given the news of the week. we are carefully communicating with our parents. >> we look at each case.
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>> they could be arraigned as early as tomorrow. mike: it was a bit nerve-racking, as you can imagine. dan griffin talked with parents about this tough first day back. >> it was the first at getting things back to normal. two days after the shooting at madison junior and senior high school, he' s trying to get back to his normal routine. >> relaxing and waiting for the school bus.
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>> nothing like this happening again. i' m very glad about the school. >> they make sure there' s more staff on the buses and in the cafeteria. crisis counselors are on hand. >> they let them know. means that. the extra police presence make them feel very protected, very secure. that walk through last night everything that' s happened. mike: parents also telling us
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how the school has handled this entire situation, including phone calls and e-mail update. efforts to prevent school violence have taken on added s shooting. sheree: we' one program that connects students with success. >> the keyword is connection. reporter: during his 30 years, he learned all about the trials and tribulations students face. >> hopefully, we figure out a way to change this trend. reporter: he' shootings nationwide and at home. >> i turned on the tv and was shocked like everyone else. my first instinct was not to blame anyone. i think the school district did everything they could that day.
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he wants to begin what he calls blue dot conversations. >> they make them feel that they belong here. that is what the teachers are all about. >> they let kids know. >> we need to have something that kids in our schools can say i' ve got somebody i can talk to. this is something i don' t know where else to go to. you are my last hope. teachers become trained to say, what can i do to help? >> he knows some teachers are reluctant to hang up a blue dot because they' re worried about saying the wrong thing. >>
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you can make that kid feel like they fit in and like they belong. >> they can launch a conversation campaign. they reached out to him saying they wanted to start a similar program. that is what they' ve done. this program does not have to involve a blue dot. it lets students know the teachers are willing to help them when it feels like no one else will. mike: a middletown student was arrested. we now have new information about what happened. the student was approached by the schools resource officer. the student at first denying having a gun but then eventually admitting it. a semiautomatic nine millimeter
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we are leading the way on these developing stories right now. as well as the suspect arraignment. sheree: two men are facing charges that was the result of a team effort. several pounds of pot were found in a fairfield storage unit. 62 thousand dollars, three guns, and more marijuana found in two homes. both men are out on bond tonight. mike: the seven-month-old baby ejected from the car during a deadly crash was released today.
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sheree: the morning crash sent to women to the hospital. hamilton county says the driver of a black to ringo, the crash is still under investigation. just into our newsroom, now looking for a man that carjacked a woman. the 77-year-old woman showed her a gun and told her he needed the car. it was a 2002 black toyota camry. mike: a woman shot in west price hill. a woman was hit in the leg right outside the eagle watch
5:39 pm
15 to 20 shots , not clear if she was the intended target. investigators say she is not cooperating with police. no arrests have been made. sheree: launching a new witness support program. cincinnati citizens respect our part after kelsey crow. she would shot outside of a walnut hills party. they know several people saw what was happening but few have come forward. reassurance of the safety they need so that they will be more willing to work actively with police.
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of meth, how sorry they are for their loss. the tongue-in-cheek message asking the owner contacts police or come in ncs. the drugs are said to be a high grade of crystal meth. the room was rented using a gift card. sheree: a republican candidate bowing out of the race. mike: ohio' s governor john kasich says he is still in. why he' s staying in and what local leaders are saying tonight. sheree: a shoving match in the middle of a donald trump rally. the video now being shared all over social media. kevin: changes are coming. this storm system promises to bring us a little more' s no.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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mike: ben carson is effectively ending his campaign. he sees no path forward.
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john kasich and the pressure of possibly pulling the plug on his campaign. john london heard from team kasich today. reporter: the strategy always was to survive the southern swing and reach home-court advantage even as pressure mounts for him to step aside. his campaign continues to point to ohio. >> we will win ohio. kasich is trying to find purchase somewhere. they'
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weekend. >> he' s not getting down in the gutter like some of the other out there. it is him. you are you think of ronald reagan into the meal sitting down and sorting out their differences. reporter: as the price for traction, they sense he is an impediment to a coalescing around marco rubio and time is running out to stop shop. >> if the voters select him as our nominee, we should honor that. >> he can live with trump but prefers the state governor. >> there is clearly room for john kasich to make his case and ohio gives him that opportunity. >> now we' re moving the friendlier territory. we will win ohio and be the only
5:46 pm
winner take all state. >> it is his last best chance to try to have any role at the republican national convention. >> they now consider him formidable but they believe kasich would be their strongest opponent in ohio. kasich spending a lot of time in michigan. sheree: meanwhile, it is getting rowdier at donald trump rallies. he talked for 30 minutes last night down in louisville. he was also interrupted by protesters. that' s when supporters and protesters clashed. you can see a woman being shoved until she eventually just left. kentucky republicans will hold
5:47 pm
mike: marco rubio taking advantage of early voting and casting a ballot for himself. >> i voted for marco rubio. what an incredible honor to vote for myself today. this is were my career began and elected office. mike: he spent the rest of his time in detroit today. >> it has been an unseasonably cold march day and we didn' t even climb out of the 30 this afternoon. thursday promises to be much like today with the exception of the fact that we are going to throw a little snow into the mix. a clear and cold evening coming up. no problem dropping quickly with
5:48 pm
here is what to expect as we head into thursday. because the system has slowed down a little bit, the morning commute is fine. no problems getting to school and work. i think by midmorning, snow will arrive. here is what is interesting. in the month of march. with temperatures tomorrow at or above freezing in most cases, it will be snowing and coming down time.
5:49 pm
especially the temperatures never made it out of the 30' s. we still have that west brees out there at 10. it is way out to the nebraska panhandle and was it down towards kentucky and tennessee. it could fall mostly with snow. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it should be a dry start tomorrow. notice how the snow begins to increase.
5:50 pm
especially on the roadways. it will be above freezing. occasionally mixing in with rain. maybe an inch and a half. it is not the morning commute now because we pushed the system back. it is the evening commute that can be a little dicey. clouds increase and a mix of snow and rain. there is your snow picking up midmorning.
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mike: the national cherry blossom festival.
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mike: police officer' s are able to take it without even pulling them over. it allows them to catch speeders in an area without red light cameras. >> are you planning a trip to our nations capital? we will show you the cherry it is a huge event this time of year. >> the best days are coming up. the national cherry blossom april 17.
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best bet of seeing them in all their glory between march 31st and april 3. >> taking part in a white house tradition today. they' ve also coincided with dr. seuss' s 112 birthday. she read green bigs and ham to a class of first graders at a houston elementary school. first lady michelle obama also took part in today' s read aloud month. thousands of cincinnati children will start getting free books sent directly to them through the mail. these are pictures from cincinnati children' s hospital. it will focus on kindergarten readiness. families can sign up there. it is open to any child between the ages of zero and four years old that are eligible for
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mike: we are hearing about the first da y @ccccc back ccccc . ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc sheree: ccccccccc@ the ccccccccccc@ cancer @cccccc
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>> shots fired. >> going back-to-school for the first time since the shooting that injured for teenagers. >> he doesn' t meet any of the profiles i read about. maybe we can be better prepared. mike: hoping to prevent another school tragedy. and what the family of the accused shooter is saying tonight. sheree: learning to recover. mike: thanks a lot for joining us. it was the first time since the
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classmates in the cafeteria -- tammy spoke with parents about the return. reporter: everybody is trying to get back to normal. students and parents trying to get a sense of normalcy here. this shooting is something they will never forget. the anxiety was expected. >> when i first walked in, the building was really quiet. reporter: students and parents are struggling to process the horrifying shooting. >> that day was so dramatic. reporter: 90% of students returned to class today. one student not ready to come back spoke only to wlwt about the shooting that left bullet


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