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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing >> tonight, stephen welcomes spike jonze. from "the good wife" jeffrey dean morgan. and a musical performance by jack garratt. features jon batiste and stay human. . >> and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: whooo! thank you, everybody! that's nice.
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stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: very nice, very nice. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: welcomes to late show, everybody. welcome to the late show. thanks so much. oh my gosh. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thanks so much. welcome to the late show, i'm stephen colbert, thanks so much, everybody. an hey, can i give this to you, real quick. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. sure. >> stephen: you know what, say hey. thank you very much. thank you very much. these are the questions for the guests. what did you think of that thing? did you like it? >> i did like it. >> stephen: i loved it, i loved it. that was spike jonze's idea. >> really? i want to be friends with groffer. -- groafer. >> stephen: everybody wants to be friends with grover, he is the favorite muppet. he doesn't get enough air time. >> i think you shouldn't go away
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on the side of the street. >> stephen: i wouldn't walk away with one of the time square el mows but grover is perfectly okay. anyway, we want to thank oscar winner spike jonze for that opening tonight it was a ton of fun. >> it was beautiful, beautiful. very artistic. >> stephen: very artistic. that is what he is, very artistic, he has a great emotional radar, i think, he is always pinging humanity with his radar. >> jon: he understands that. stay human. >> stephen: yeah, exactly. he understands to stay human. that was also a beautiful version of the song you did for that. thank you very much. >> jon: thank you. cheers laws. >> stephen: anyway, that is what the show is going to be from now on just heartrending short films about my inner monologue am we did that suppose opening tonight because it is leap day and we do-- happy leap day. happy leap day, everybody. (cheers and applause).
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>> yeah, happy leap day. >> stephen: do you like leap day? >> i love leap day? >> stephen: really? >> yeah, it's like a bonus day in february. >> stephen: but who wants another day in february. >> i like february. >> stephen: i you should put it on the front of march, then you really achieve something. >> you know heat is coming. i don't-- . weather. >> i love cold weather. i sweat a lot. >> stephen: i think it is a crippling punishment from god. >> no, i thrive in it. i'm from the south but i thrive in cold weather. >> stephen: where are you from. >> not from the arctic or anything but i'm from philadelphia but i'm italian and-- . >> stephen: i'm not sure if they are applauding philadelphia or italian. >> but i come from a sweaty people. >> stephen: uh-huh. >> my grandmother, like, couldn't-- couldn't blow her hair dry without sweating so she just would let it dry. (laughter) you know, and it shoots out of my face first.
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>> stephen: you don't put this on your profile, do you? >> no, no, no. >> stephen: as i say, we do an alternate opening every leap year on the show. >> uh-huh, right. (laughter). >> stephen: and so we'll see new 2020 martin scorsese. start planning it now. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you. >> i'll put it down. >> stephen: now it just so happens that leap day always comes during a presidential election year. because the campaign just doesn't feel long enough without it! (laughter) and we've still got a lot way to go in this campaign. which means it's time for the road to the white house. (cheers and applause) >> and i promise i will never be in a bicycle race, that i can tell you. >> of course, those of you checking your calender know tomorrow is supertuesday which is 13 primaries.
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so for republicans tonight is sphincter clenching monday. (laughter) because because, and it's hard to say this, if the polls are right, tomorrow donald trump could secure the republican nomination. but-- that's how i show happiness too. (laughter). >> stephen: whooo! but trump could have a problem. you see, this time it's not about something he said. it's about something he didn't say. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this selection? >> i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists. and so you are asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here but. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. >> stephen: yeah, trump needs to know before condemning david
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it's not like they've muslim or born in mexico. he needs to think about it now i recently gave some advice to hillary clinton after she could not give a straight answer about whether she had ever lied to the american people. i said that that was the easiest question to answer in politics. well, i would like to apologize. i was wrong. this is the easiest question to answer in american politics. (cheers and applause) >> when someone asks you will you disavow the ku klux klan, just say yes and start high-fiving your future cabinet. i can understand why you would want to wait for the end of the sentence. if sun says will you disavow the koo-- they could be about to say koo koo for cocoa puffs or koo koo ka choo and you don't want to anger cereal lovers or beatles fans but once they say ku klux, you know what is coming next.
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crispies or ku klux crunchwrap. of course, clump had an answer for why he hesitated. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad earpiece that they gave me. and could you hardly hear what he was saying. but what i heard was various groups, i have a lousy earpiece that is provided by them. >> stephen: yes, he blames this one on the earpiece, though i think he should take some responsibility for the mouth piece. also, maybe the hair piece. (cheers and applause) you know, speaking of racial (laughter) i was up late last night watching the whole show, which went pases 11:30, i don't know how anybody watches tv that late. it's crazy. (laughter) the good news, i won my offices (cheers and applause). >> stephen: because, because
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okay. "spoltlight" no one else had that one. i also had a good feel being mark mangini for best sound editing. and i will put down chris rock for best host. now i want to congratulate all of last night's winners, especially leo. i call him-- (cheers and applause). >> stephen: i agree. you did it, leo! and i call him leo because i saw him on tv last night. see you this weekend, buddy. i'm going to watch "the beach." (laughter) this has been a long time coming for leo. he was first nominated for what's eating gilbert grape and 22 years later he finally won for getting eaten. i mean really earned this one. to get his oscar leo was mauled by a bear, buried alive, slept inside a dead horse, that erode off of a cliff. if he didn't win for that, his next movie was going to be about a man swallowed by a snake, run
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fist fight the nazi moose who abducted his wife. so again, congrat, will-- leo. now you can just sit back, relax and get fat. seriously, i think i speak for millions of men who would love to see you get fat. (laughter) now i am sure other people won too but i did not watch the entire ceremony. i like to flip around during award shows. you know during the super bowl half time they have animal planet with the puppy bowl? well, at the oscar half time i went to switch over to the poppy oscars which we had to make ourselves because they don't exist. (laughter) and this year the puppy oscars were absolutely magical. let's take a look at the action on the red carpet. a lot-- a lot of daring outfits this night. hollywood does like them young. hard for a dog to find work after they turn four. a bit of a run-in with the press. someone didn't like ryan
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the trouble with high heels, even though they are dogsk things got a little katy out there. of course the moment everyone was waiting for was who would win best acker. the crowd was on the edge of their seats. would it be matt damon for the martian, tom hardy for mad max, a long shot since he was not nominated. orally nardo dicaprio for "the revenant." and in the puppy oscars t went to matt damon. huge upset. (cheers and applause) there's matt's beautiful wife applauding. i don't-- i don't know why matt damon is dressed like a pilgrim but he still looked fabulous, none the less and there was in the a dry eye in the house, of course, when they presented the lifetime achievement award to dexter, a 15 year old toothless pug. and there is matt damon's lovely wife, sharing the joy again. my congratulations to the winners.
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and all the purposees in this individual-- puppies in this video are available for adoption. go get them. we'll be right back with spike jonze. >> the late show don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me.
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>> stephen: thanks, everybody. my first guest tonight is the talented and cool director who films include being john malkovich, adaption, where the wild things are an her. just today he launched a new cable network viceland. >> it's so much faster. >> . >> please welcome spike jonze.
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(cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you so much for coming to us with that new opening of the show. >> yeah. >> stephen: i just love it. >> i loved doing it. thank you guy, the band was amazing, that piece of music. (applause) >> thank you for playing. that was-- thanks very much. >> stephen: let's do it every four years. >> okay. >> stephen: are you available? we shot this last friday. it was cold. >> it was cold. >> stephen: so it was not hard for me to act miserable. >> good, good, you used that well. >> stephen: every time i shoot outside with like a real direct we are like a single camera, that kind of thing, i'm so happy that i work indoors and know where i am going every day. >> right. >> stephen: some place where water. >> right. although the man who is there to middle. we did that one shot in the middle of the street. >> stephen: exactly. you said why don't you walk out
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>> yeah. and you almost got run down by a school bus and the man who was there for your safety was not very happy about that. >> stephen: no, no, my security is specifically asked not to have me run over by school buses. (laughter). >> stephen: well, congratulations on viceland. >> thank you. >> stephen: now i know what vice is, what is viceland, what be? right? >> yeah, it launched today. it's basically our-- us-- like what-- chain is doing it the journalism and objective and what we are doing is more subjective. we wanted it to feel like a channel made by people about things we're interested in. it's almost like a whole tv channel that is personal. and so the shows are made by the people who came up with the ideas, ellen paige. >> stephen: she's got gaycation is the name of her show. >> yeah. >> stephen: about what it is
11:55 pm
various countries around the world or various cultures an societies around the world. >> yeah, or thomas morton, he was in our short the other day, he has a show called balzik. and he goes with different cultures, a preparer in the south or the gay bear scene in provincetown, he lives with them. >> stephen: runs the gama of americana. >> he does. >> stephen: and just finds out what that life is like? >> yeah. >> stephen: is this all without judgement? >> i think so. that is our intention, yeah. >> stephen: i would say that the impression that i get from the time that i have spent with you and watching your work is you have an-- a really finely tuned emotional radar. and like people of all kinds. why do you like so many different kinds of people? because-- i'm not saying that people don't deserve to be loved, but we're in a very divided country. what is it about people that you like? cuz some people don't like
11:56 pm
>> u m, i guess i'm just curious. and i am i feel like that is what your show is about too. this show is made with heart. and no matter what jokes are you making it, underneath it is a thread of heart that is through it all, that just comes from you. >> stephen: i would hope so. (cheers and applause) >> yeah and i feel like you know, the same thing with the channel. this channel is made by all these young creative people. >> stephen: and they're very young. i mean mostly, when we went and shot, even the people shooting with us on that day, all of them could have been my children. you are the old man now. >> i am, yeah. >> stephen: just 40. >> 6. >> stephen: four years away from aarp. >> is that true. >> stephen: you can join aarp in four years, you get discounts on magazines. you can get discount to go see your own movie. >> i didn't know. >> stephen: absolutely, yeah tony hawk hit it like four years ago. >> wow.
11:57 pm
are you a tv exec now, what is your title now? >> my tv executive tight sell copresident of the channel, which is-- . >> stephen: se good. >> pretty ridiculous. but i think the hope is that the sooner we can sort of build this thing to give over to the younger creative minds, the better. and that things should have-- this thing should be creative anarchy. it should be, you know, like this organism that 24 hour cable chan theal can be anything. we want to play with it and not be precious about this. >> stephen: what would be the threw-line of it. is there a threw--- thru line for a spike jonze project. you have done so many different things, like i said, being john malkovich or her, but also jackass, there say real range of things you helped create. what is the commonality between those things? >> i don't know other than just
11:58 pm
people that i want to be around. and-- . >> stephen: do you ever feel like you are getting yourself in trouble when you say yes to something, like boy, why did i say yes to this? >> yeah, yeah, definitely, this channel wasn't easy. it seemed like a really fun idea. and then as we got into it, i think i started out as a creative director of the channel. because i have been with the company for ten years. oh, i've been pushing to do this channel because i liked the idea of having this place where we could make anything. and it started out as creative director and realized that six months into it, it was a lot of organization and a lot of communication and e-mails and that kind of stuff. actually to make the creative idea get-- to execute the creative idea. and so that's when i realized i wasn't sure why i got myself into it. >> stephen: is there a corner office or anything like that. are you living the executive lifestyle? >> no, me and my friend eddie, we share an office. >> stephen: oh, man. >> it's nice.
11:59 pm
it is pretty slick. >> stephen: you will be a tv exec, for as long as you are a tv exexec could i suggest a >> yes. >> stephen: spike doesn't seem like a tv e ex, peers, peers jones jonze, the next phase of the spike. >> yeah, i will change it on the door, okay, sounds good. >> stephen: we have to take a little break. do you have commercials? >> yeah. >> stephen: okay, we have commercials here too. i didn't know how hip the channel was. >> we're not that hip. >> stephen: we'll be right back with more spoke jonze,
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(cheers and applause). >> stephen: we're back here with spike jonze. we're back here with spike jonze. and can we get-- could i ask for a shot before we go further, could you get a shot of this couple in the front row, the man who looks like gandalf, there man right there.
12:04 am
(cheers and applause) you were just saying. >> i was just happy they were here. i was just commenting that shall-- . >> stephen: i asked if they worked for you. (laughter) cuz they really do look like somebody who just came along and said we have a show about me, my wife and my beard travel around the united states. (laughter) >> i want to ask you about this right here. you put an ad in the new york tiemsz t says viceland and had a number down here. and what was the purpose of this ad? >> that was to just check in on everyone, see how they are feeling. that's it. now people called in, this is before the show took off. >> yeah. >> stephen: before the network was launched. >> yeah. >> stephen: and people called in. >> we tweeted out the number and just asked random questions, how are you doing. and what's wrong. and what is going on in your relationship. >> stephen: with no explanation. >> no explanation, and just a phone number. and a lot of people called. we ended up having hours and hours.
12:05 am
channel today is these voice mails just us listening to these voice mails for 13 hours. >> stephen: i think we have a little clip of it right here. >> sometimes i get worried that technology is expanding and will go faster than the human condition can handle and that will be our demise. >> my name is jessie. i'm a 30 something year old woman. i have never seen "star wars." i've never seen goonies. i've never seen silence of the every-- movie. basically i'm lost in this life. i have not ever seen lord of the rings. i don't even know what the deal is with that. (laughter). >> stephen: why did you want these people to call you? >> we really just wanted to know what they were thinking. and check in with them. and here what they had to say. then when we got them they were so compelling, these messages, just like these very intimate phone calls from people's bedrooms. and unedited thoughts. and so we ended up just-- we
12:06 am
so we just thought it with be funny to air them for 13 hours. so that is what we did for the first day. >> stephen: that is a network executive filling up his schedule right there. >> yeah. (laughter). >> stephen: one thing that you and i share is a love of maury mawr es sendak. you directed where the wild things are. you put out a deumary about your time talking with maurice. an i was lucky enough to spend a day with him. >> i loved that piece. and i loved that piece. the piece did you with him just captured him. because he was like-- people sort of approached him like he was this precious, you know, wizard, children's book author. but as you know, he is this artist, this fiery, ver bose, articulate and foul-mouthed man. and you are like, a lot of people are kind of put off balance but you just-- i could tell you just loved him. >> stephen: what i loved, the very first time i met him, the first time i met him he couldn't
12:07 am
he didn't know which button to push. and i could hear him trying to figure out which button to push. he didn't have to push anything. we were already talking. and he finally apologized and he said i'm sorry, i'm just sorry. i-- i'm 84 and death looms. (laughter) i have two last questions for you, not to be so formal but i have two last questions. these are for jeffrey dean morgan, i better not ask you thoses. (laughter) i could, that would be fun. you were born adam speegle. >> yes, sir. >> stephen: do you think of yourself as spike or adam, does it ever switch? >> i think of myself as steve. (laughter) cheers plaws. >> stephen: who the [bleep] is receive. >> exactly my point. >> stephen: and the last one is, you have one clip on the in
12:08 am
when the grim reaper comes. >> or tomorrow. >> stephen: who knows, you could walk in front ever a school bussments you have one clip in the in memorium real, do you want something from "her" or something from "jackass." >> hmmmm, okay. i think i might pick a film called late show with stephen colbert, this touching fim am about sphef encolbert and grover and stephen kol berlt's existential crisis. >> stephen: they can learn that from me too. thank you, spike. >> thank you. >> stephen: viceland, go to to find out where to watch. spike jonze, everybody.
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(cheers and applause). >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. you know, now that i have got a network gig i've always wanted to do what i am about to do, which is to welcome our newest affiliate, wncn channel 17 in raleigh, north carolina, who just joined the cbs family today. we are certainly happy that are you with us. and i hope you all down there enjoy all the fine programming on cbs. from "2 broke girls" to "supergirl" to the upcoming "2 broke supergirls."
12:13 am
my next guest-- (laughter). >> stephen: that was harder to do than i thought. that was harder to welcome someone than i thought. my next guest starred in gray's an mat me and "watchmen" this season he also joined the cast of gtion the good wife ." >> look, it's not like you are married to the corner grosser, all right, it's the governor. >> an that's my problem. >> no, my problem too. >> he accepts it. >> no, he doesn't. he may say it but no one accepts it. >> okay. i accept it. and you kept me from drinking. if you don't come to me tonight, who knows, maybe i will start drinking again. >> way to make me feel guilty. >> stephen: please welcome
12:14 am
(cheers and applause) >> thai for having me. >> stephen: thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> stephen: and congratulations on "the good wife" this year. >> thanks very much. it's been fun. >> stephen: are you new to the cbs family? >> i did extent last year, actually with halle berry and then i went trait to the good wife so not that new. i've been there for-- . >> stephen: i heard the exciting news about wncn in raleigh. >> that is awesome. >> that's thrilling. >> stephen: it is. say i had to them, everybody. >> raleigh, north carolina. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: now i heard a rumor that you play like kind of a charming tough guy. >> yeah. >> stephen: on the show. you kind of are a tough guy, i understand, is it true you live >> do i. >> stephen: like a working farm. >> i do. we have cattle and alpaca and lama and chickens.
12:15 am
with them? >> i don't kill them. >> stephen: what do do you with them? >> they're just more pets, really. >> stephen: really? >> yeah. >> stephen: do you go out there and literally take care of the cattle. >> yeah. >> stephen: throw a hoove. >> no, i don't throw a hoove, that would be horses. >> stephen: they have hooves tho, they can't throw a hoove. >> they don't really throf them. >> stephen: really sphr? >> not that i know of. >> stephen: how bay curled hoove. >> you can, they girl out, have i highland cattle, that can be an issue. look, i'm talking totally up my ass right now. i am a gentleman farmer. >> stephen: you go out there on the rails and fikszing fences. >> yeah, as a matter of fact, that storm that just passed through new york like what, last week. >> stephen: i stayed inside most of the time. >> i was actually in the city but trees fell down and took down a bunch of fencing. so when i was doing the preinterview for this show i was actually out pounding nails into fence trying to keep my animals enclosed. >> stephen: is it also true,
12:16 am
jeffrey dean morgan. >> oh no. >> stephen: gentleman farmer, tough guy. do you really also own a candy shop with paul rudd. >> yes, that is true. >> stephen: you own a cannee shop. >> we own a candy shop. >> stephen: are you wily wonka? what do you mean you own a cannee shop. >> i don't know exactly how this all happened in my life. we moved to upstate new york. hi lived in l.a. for years. and kind of paid my dues there. and had done some films in upstate new york. and i loved the area. hudson valley. and the first guy i met in this town called ryneback was this ira and he owned this candy stomplet and he passed away a couple of years ago. and paul and hi been friends for awhile. and we just didn't want it to turn into a smoothie stand or something. and it had been there since the early 90 as he. a sond we're like yeah, let's pool our money together and get a candy store. so now we are the proud owners of samuel's sweet shop. >> stephen: oh really? >> yeah, yeah. (applause).
12:17 am
son? >> he is going to be six in march. >> stephen: okay. which is more impressive, like. >> for my kid. >> stephen: being a movie star or a candy shop. >> it's not even close. although he's not convinced that he knows exactly-- he doesn't know exactly what i do for a living. one day i'm a cowboy or i'm doing walking dead sew know there is going to be some zombie. >> stephen: yeah. >> so that is superexciting for him. but by far, the candy store, i think wins out. but for one, he thinks he owns it you know, people come into the store, if he is there and he's like welcome to my candy shop. and then he steals the candy. >> stephen: put this on my father's account, pie good man. >> dad's god it. >> stephen: spheak to the old man about this one. let me ask you, whenever i talk to somebody without is in a successful zombie show, or something, zombies are so popular right now yvment do you think in our culture zombies are so prominent yvment do we fear on a subconscience level that our friends are going to turn against us and we have to shoot them in our head.
12:18 am
people rex sielted at the prospect of shooting your friends in the head. going. >> stephen: does yu son believe in zombies. >> he does believe in zombies. i'm a horrible father for this. don't tell anybody. (laughter) >> we were on vacation and my wife had fallen asleep. my kid and i-- i was watching tv. my kid, it was 3:00 in the morning. my kid was fast asleep and sleeping next to me in bed and i was watching the walking dead and it was a scene where zombies are eating a horse. >> stephen: yup. >> and all of i sudden i hear this-- and it was my kid and his eyes are this big and he is seeing this take place. and you know, it was he was like three at the time. so since then, it's all he wants to talk about is zombies. that saul he wants to talk about. so when i do the show walking dead i will take him down and he wants to have makeup done. he kind of understands that there are fake zombies too but
12:19 am
>> stephen: son, those aren't the real zombies, these are fake zombies. the real zombies come to you in the middle of the night when i'm not around. >> that's right. >> stephen: excellent. be good. >> we took him to trinity church downtown because he was obsessed with alexander hamilton. and he was-- (cheers and applause) >> yeah. but he was like look at the grave site going now is he going to come out of there like a zombie? >> he might, yeah. >> what a thrill. what a show. >> amazing. >> right? >> stephen: jeffrey dean morgan, thank you for being here. does everybody call you by all three names. >> when i'm in trouble. >> stephen: jeffrey dean morgan, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: the next episode of the good wife airs sunday march 6th on cbs.
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. now you guys may have heard last week that facebook unveiled a new invasion. it's the facebook reaction button to let you respond to a post with something other than the old like thumbs up there. now you can also say love, ha
12:24 am
or possibly i just shaved my head and got a sunburn, i'm not entirely sure. it's like mark zuckerberg said, people want to express a wider range of emotion. although six, not exactly a wide range of emotions. the emojis on my phone let me express so many more like when i'm thoughtful or in the mood for flamenco dancing or if i just feel medium sized boat. (laughter) sometimes you do. but i still think these new reaction buttons are great. now when facebook tells me a couple broke up, instead of being limited to clicking like, can i click the more appropriate ha ha. latch (laughter). >> stephen: not true, not true. i would never do that. but i'm even more intrigued by another new facebook feature that is just about to drop. and facebook just released the launch video. z. >> when we introduce the like button, we introduced a whole new way to interact with technology.
12:25 am
something you liked, you had to stand outside their window and give them a thumbs up. sometimes they called the cops. >> then thanks to facebook's reaction button, users could finally let the world know what your thumb would look like if it had a face. but now, we're bringing you the next level of pernal-- personal communication. introducing facebook alpha. >> alpha is a comprehensive series of 26 beautifulfully crafted communication lifelines. for example, this is the shape of a person's standing, an individual, so we call it i. facebook alpha icons can be used to convey complex emotions that no emoji ever could. for example, say your friend posts about a funeral. you can use facebook alpha to convey the feeling, i am sorry
12:26 am
it's pretty powerful. >> and instead of using the eggplant emoji, the facebook alpha, you can just type out penis. >> in fact, we are able to communicate the complete works of shakespeare using just the icons of facebook alpha. that is how powerful this tool is. >> have i seen the future of the internet and it's giant blocks of text. >> was' next for facebook? well, i can't say too much. but what if could you describe the amount of things. (laughter).
12:27 am
back with music by jack garratt when we're walking, rolling and rocking it feels so sweet when we rock that beat! feels like i'm dreaming, but i'm not sleeping here we go! what's it gonna be? an oven-baked digiorno? or waiting for delivery? did you have that beard when we ordered? a hot, fresh-baked crust? or? did we order extra soggy? don't settle for delivery. rise to the occasion. it's not delivery. it's digiorno. can't get unlimited data for your family? other carriers either don't offer it, or it's too expensive! not t-mobile! get three lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just fifty bucks each, th line, free! hurry. only at t-mobile.
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who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. yeah, we rocking right now. there's a party over here. there's a party right now.
12:29 am
>> stephen: my next guest is the 2016 brit kriltics choice award winner.
12:30 am
and gentlemen, jack garratt >> my nights are broken up by the sounds of women i'll never meet and when my eyes are closed i can start to feel you staring at me the right side of my bed has always left me feeling stuck in between everything i know and all the lies i tell myself so i can sleep pick apart the pieces you left don't you worry about it don't you worry about it try and give yourself
12:31 am
and let me worry about it let me worry about it you came around to say that you'd been away like i hadn't known as if i don't wake up every single day not seeing you go as if this moon of ours only shines a half to make me feel whole as if i haven't felt your breath in every step i take when the wind blows pick apart the pieces you left
12:32 am
don't you worry about it try and give yourself some rest and let me worry about it let me worry about it pick apart the pieces you left don't you worry about it don't you worry about it try and give yourself some rest and let me worry about it
12:33 am
( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: his album "phase" is out now. jack garratt, everybody, we'll
12:34 am
12:35 am
(applause) we call ourselves the greenwood runners. the open water paddlers. the hike life trail club. for us it's not about running faster. it's about being out here together. the feeling is hard to describe. you cant put put into words. but we don't have to. for friends who come together to reach for better. we brew a superior tasting light beer with fewer carbs and calories.
12:36 am
>> stephen: that's it for the late show, everybody. tune in tomorrow when my guest will be christina hendricks, a cooking demonstration with model chrissy tiegen and mythbusters adam savage. now stick around for james corden. good night. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> reggie: are you ready to have some fun
12:37 am
[ singing ] it's the late late late show >> reggie: ladies and gentlemen, all the way from australia, give it up for your host the one, the only, james corden! >> james: thanks for being here. thank you. thanks very much, cheers guys thank you. thanks for being here ladies and gentlemen. last night was the oscars, the campylobacter awards, the night where something good finally happened in leonardo


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