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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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alwa thank you so much, south carolina. >> hillary. hillary. hillary. >> thank you. >> it is a landslide victory
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the south carolina democratic primary. >> mrs. clinton picked up a big win over senator bernie sanders giving her boost heading into super tuesday. she got some before percent of today's vote was sanders getting 26%. we have team coverage for the celebration at the clinton camp. we begin our team coverage tonight at the clinton victory party. >> reporter: over all, they are saying that tomorrow the campaign goes national. she says there are no barriers this evening and that she is not taking anything for granted in this campaign. she gave the credit for the win to the grassroots efforts that is going on with minority voters and women voters saying
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supporting her are giving less support. she also made a direct reference to donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we do again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything that we do that we really are in this together. >> with that, even though she was taken on donald trump, she had a positive message about moving forward in this campaign and moving to super tuesday. she stuck around for about 20
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talking to voters and thanking them for their support, unlike some other candidates that we have seen. they came in and gave their speech and last. she stuck around to make sure that she thanked everybody and made sure that she was thankful. >> thank you. sanders congratulated secretary clinton on her win tonight. he said that this is just the beginning. sanders is campaigning a minnesota tonight it made no mention of his defeat in south carolina. >> democracy is about -- i really do love democracy. it is one person, one vote. if you disagree with me, that's fine. if you have a better idea than me, fight port. it is a beautiful thing.
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handful of billionaires buying collections. -- elections. i will tell you something else that democracy is not about. it is not about cowardly republican governors trying to suppress the vote. >> even though senator sanders is a minnesota, a local watch party took place in columbia. >> check ringgold was there. >> reporter: senator sanders was not in the state tonight. we are in love this stuff. we have zachary here. tell us why you are supporting senator can -- sanders campaign. >> there are a lot of reasons. he wants to get the money out of politics. he does not want to be bought.
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the social economic justice is much better on all of those issues. there are a lot of reasons. it would take all night. >> reporter: senator sanders was not here in the state tonight for the south carolina primary. how do you feel that that? >> i think it is good. i think that he needs to be in the other states that are coming up on tuesday. >> reporter: where do you think this campaign goes from here? >> strata. it is a matter of how many delegates we can get from here. it will go on from there. it is a matter of how many delegates we can get. >> reporter: what is your role in the campaign? are you a supporter? >> i have been helping out and i've been a supporter for the past -- for a long time. >> we hope you have a great night and enjoy the rest of your night. >> thank you. >> reporter: senator sanders did not win south carolina. the sanders campaign says they
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tuesday. >> joyce koh has also been busy tonight. she has been with the south carolina democratic party. she joins us with what democratic leaders are saying. >> reporter: with hillary clinton winning big in south carolina, that means she takes him a majority of the delegates here of the 59 delegates. this is a significant win for hillary clinton. we look back to 2008 when she ran against barack obama here in the state of south carolina, she ran an aggressive campaign against him. we saw a split voters that actually voted for barack obama. over the seven years, she has been able to mend fences with barack obama serving as his secretary of date. during this campaign, she is really campaigning as his successor to his ideas, the
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on and live out the rest of his legacy and the policies that he has championed. it is a big win in south carolina for hillary clinton. many people say there is a redemptive when. we talked to super delegate void brown. here is what he had to say about how significant this win is tonight. >> i think a win in south carolina puts her on the live have to the nomination. i don't know when burning sanders will drop out. i went in south carolinanawill put her in such a seat. it will all be over after that. we pick presidents here. we did eight years ago and we will do it again today. >> reporter: he says that he will be casting his vote for hillary clinton as a superdelegate here in south carolina. 13 states will be voting across
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their primary elections. several states, including southern states, tennessee, georgia, texas, oklahoma will all be voting. was south carolina being the first say in a cell to bend the primaries, it could be telling of how other southern states cast their votes with a similar demographic that we have here in south carolina. it could be telling how the democratic voters cast their votes in the primary elections. better turnout was light across the state of south carolina. pool reporters reported full -- few problems. leaders predicted of deployment 50,000 people voting today. today. that is not quite half the number republicans put up on saturday. today. as far as the 353 delegates go, clinton gets 39 of those
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picked up 14. while the south carolina primaries are over, the race to the white house are in full swing. to help you keep up with it all, we have a list of the next big dates in this year's race, to check it out, head to our website, we have a pleasant start to the weekend. we had a lot of sunshine all across the area. we are seeing clear skies right now. that has allowed our temperatures to drop. right now we are in the upper 30s and low 40s for the most part. 39 degrees in columbia in sumter. we will see clear skies overnight with lows dropping down to the low 30s. tomorrow will be even warmer
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we saw highs -- we will see highs near 70 degrees. tomorrow night lows will fall back down into the low 40s. we will take a close look at your sunday forecast in a few minutes. richland deputies are on the scene of a shooting outside of a grocery store tonight. it happened around 9:00 or so at the publix. we are told one woman was shot in the upper body. we are being told that her injuries are non life threatening. there is no description yet of a suspect or of a motive. one person was shot there. the woman was taken to the hospital. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest both on-air and online, in orangeburg woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing the father of her son. courtney price testified that she was abuse for years and carries a knife around to protect her. price told the jury that samuelson has tried to choke
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authorities say that she stabbed him in his sleep after seeing text messages about him having a child with another woman. the boys of summer take to
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it was a pleasant start to the weekend. we have cooled off. it is 39 degrees in columbia.
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43 degrees in charleston. things are cooling off tonight under clear skies. the sunny conditions that we had earlier are now up allowing our temperatures fall into the early 30s. we are expecting warm conditions tomorrow. we will put the forecast and emotion for you. sunday afternoon we will have a lot of sunshine with temperatures warming up into the 60s. monday we will have a few clouds. i don't think we will see any rain but we will see more clouds. we will call it partly cloudy conditions. we will continue to see partly cloudy conditions on tuesday as well. tonight we will have cooled conditions. 33 degrees in camden, columbia, and lexington. highs tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than what we saw today. we are generally in the upper
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69 degrees in columbia. this is what we are expecting for the next seven days. it will be a decent forecast. partly cloudy conditions. we will continue to see partly cloudy skies on tuesday. a system will approach the area by tuesday. that will bring us a chance for some showers. it will be a little bit cooler on thursday and we will see another system approaching by friday. we're looking ahead to next weekend. we are expecting partly cloudy conditions with highs around 47 degrees. it will be very pleasant with a lot of sunshine with highs in the upper 60s to nearly 70 degrees. high school girls from all across the midlands are feeling like cinderella tonight. earlier today they look for the perfect prom dress, shoes, and accessories. it was all for free. tonight fraser takes us inside the cinderella project
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shoes, and jewelry. we are met by hundreds of excited high school girls. >> everybody was like oh my gosh. it is so pretty. i was like, thank you. i wanted to cry. this is the right dress. people kept, many near. >> reporter: this high school senior found the perfect dress for her prom. her mom was touched by her daughters excitement and the opportunity to get a free down. >> i think it gives young girls the opportunity to get what they need and not feel pressured. not feel as if what they have is not good enough. they can find a beautiful gown and feel like a cinderella. >> reporter: these shoppers were just a few of the many who turned out for that cinderella project you teach. more than 300 girls have thousands of dresses to look
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the perfect night. vermont volunteers have been acting as fairy godmothers by collecting donations for young ladies and their families who may have trouble buying it down for prom. >> i am really happy and grateful that there is a place where people can find different types of dresses and they don't have to use a lot of money to find the dress they want. >> reporter: helping others look fabulous for a night they will always remember. g&a fraser, news19, wltx. >> this marks the 15th anniversary of the annual
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they are feeling the pressure tonight. we will start with the boys for a lower state championship. irma was against west ashley. he scores a quick buck up by showing a nice touch around the rim. watch no way jenkins. he does not give up on the play. his persistent pays off as he recovers the ball and scores. 22-11 lead at the half. they keep their feet on the gas. jalen wilson goes all the way to the hoop for two. irma will when the state championship with a 54-31 win over west ashley. this is the team that they lost one of the best players in the country. they are not miss a beat and they will play for the state title next week. perry dozer and it spring
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the 4a upper state title. jordan bruder swats it away. tommy bruna will bring it back. in the wall has the finish. later they will work inside. you will get it to go for two. down to the end. 69-66 is the final. birds will move on to play for the state title. the 4a state championship. the spring valley vikings arar taking on raquel. the vikings on offense. rock hill will try to go shot for shot with the vikings. they will counter. they will keep it moving. christian will go back on offense here for the vikings. she will bring a downtown and drop it for two. spring valley will punch their ticket as they win by a final of 57-39. the for a lower state championship over and fort
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jessica harris will take it she punches eddie van. the lady gone kayak -- the lady gamecocks fans are liking this. she gets it done and the pain for two. this will be as close as can be and will head into overtime. sumter is fighting for their lives. the gamecocks will get the win, 41-39 over north augusta. to a upper state final. that is where we find abbeville. they are off to a fast start. marshall gets two for the raiders. it will be a major poll. symmonds will find the money spot the behind the arts. he finds marshall who hit again. this time it is off the glass. abbeville will come back to get
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the panthers advance. over to calhoun county against ca johnson in the 1a upper state title game. let's start here with the hornets work in inside the paint is willy butler. no good. deandre martin is there for the rebound. calvin county will come out on top, 68-60 is your final. title. keenan versus newberry. we will start right here. she will sink the corner three. it will be robinson driving it on her own. we will try and do some work of their own. she is on the breakaway. she will try and get the bulldogs back in it with a two off of the glass. keenan has to misfire power today.
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richer when is looking to make a four in a row today against dorchester. they trailed by nine in the first half. marion coleman gets three. bailey taylor gets a steel. she will bring it downtown and find jc johnson who finishes. three-point lead. further. here is full-court move it from the eagles. johnson dropped it off the glass. richard when will go on to that state championship. let's take a look at some baseball action. the gamecocks are going into game two. check this out.
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he crushes home are if you missed any of today's primary results, we have you covered. >> from hillary clinton's victory speech to bernie sanders plans for super tuesday, can all be down tonight on that will do it for news19 at 11:00. we want to give you a final look at your forecast. >> we are expecting temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. it will be even warmer on monday and tuesday. the best chance for rain comes in on wednesday and then we will see it another chance for rain to round out the work week. in sports, >> we had gamecocks basketball action tomorrow. if you don't want to be outside, we have something going on. it was loaded today out there.
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have yourself a you to find onship jake ballard has with olivia pope. consider it done. previously on "scandal"... you are a liar! you wanted to know who i am? this is who i am. defiance is who i am. i'm moving across the street into blair house. don't worry. we'll take the tunnels. no one will see us. no one even needs to know what's happening. do you still love me? i do. but i can't do this anymore. (door slams) (water lapping) (water splashes) (exhales) well... someone went to summer camp. (water splashes) there are laws against stalking. i am here to protect you. from who? you? because you're the one who has been secretly filming . someone broke into your apartment with the intention of killing you.
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i understand that you may not want to see me, but i cannot leave your sight. i am here on orders. orders? military orders. i am a naval officer. the president of the united states is my commander-in-chief, and he has ordered me to ensure your safety. (laughs) were i to disobey his orders, i would face... (dialing) court-martial and jail... mm-hmm. and possibly charges of treason as well. this is olivia p pe calling for the president. yes. thank you! good morning, olivia. call off your puppy. (scoffs) i'd take pit bull or rottweiler, but puppy? come on, that's low. no. no? no. i want you safe. (closes door) your having me tailed by one of your boys isn't going to help with you and me. you get that, right? mellie moved out. she's living at blair house. i want jake ballard gone! you don't want to talk about the fact that my wife moved out and i'm alone at the white house? no, i don't, because that has nothing to do with me. then i don't want to talk about jake ballard. you cannot have me followed everywhere i go. yes, i can. no, you can't. yes, i can. no, you ca-- you know what? this conversation is over. good-bye. (chuckles) (cell phone beeps) (sets phone down) (cell phone rings) (sighs softly)
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yes. yes, sir. of course, sir. i don't think that'll be necessary, sir. well, yes. yes, sir. i will keep you informed. thank you, mr. president. (cell phone beeps) well? well, what? what did he say? he said that if you don't let me protect you, he will have the u.s. attorney obtain a material witness warrant and have you taken into custody and put in a cell, where you will be safe from harm. ugh! (sighs) (projector and camera shutter clicking) (projector and camera shutter clicking) we need to put out a blanket statement that teddy's come down with chicken pox and the president has never been exposed. he hasn't? i don't know! just say it! and that's why the first lady is at blair house. she's nursing her baby son back from the brink of an infectious disease with her own two hands. (sighs) (sets papers down) wh-why are you here? because something amazing has happened. that's wonderful, james.
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hopefully mellie will be able to make it by then. i think so, if we push the future farmers of america. cyrus, you're not listening to me! i'm listening. that's amazing. push it. (phone ringing) bnc offered me a job-- out of the blue. they want me to be on-air talent. on the air. on the airwaves! on television! me! and i know we had a deal. i know i said i'd stay home with the baby, and i have a line on a highly overqualified nanny. (phone ringing) and i'll be home for bath time every day. i could be the next anderson cooper. (ringing continues) because, come on, i could be the next anderson cooper. (ringing continues) don't you think? cy? fine. fine? mr. beene, that's emily's list calling for mrs. grant. (ringing continues) fine, james. fine. go on tv. (ring, receiver clatters) lillian! surprise. it's me-- cyrus beene. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (harrison) that's him. baseball c c. same guy i saw at the hospital. (david) all i see is ear. he knew where the cameras were. never showed his face. guy who gets to huck and works for albatross-- no way he lets himself get caught on camera. maybe if we zoom in. (david) we can see how an ear works. (keys click) is there another angle? another camera? a secret camera we could hack into? i don't know. i'm not huck. i've been poring over this stuff for two days-- every camera, every angle. it's--this is all we've got.
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welcome back. we were just looking over the footage from that night. we didn't want to bother you while you were... shaking off the crazy. it's true. play it. (taps key) that's charlie. (taps key) how do you know? that's his ear. (sighs) (projector and camera shutter clicking) please pass on my regards to your wife. i will. (breathes deeply) (lowered voice) you need to talk to her. saying she's quarantined herself with teddy buys us some time, but not enough, not if she's going to drag this out, and it seems that she is. she needs to be gone to and pleaded with. no. sir... (lowered voice) when a child throws a tantrum, you don't indulge them. you ignore them. you call their bluff. (normal voice) welcome to the white house. (lowered voice) i'm calling mellie's bluff, cy. believe me, she'll blink. (normal voice) mrs. okur. (speaking indistinctly) (sighs) (cyrus) i'm asking you to be an adult! stop holding your breath, quit stomping your feet! it's time to pick up your toys like a good girl


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