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tv   News 19 7  CBS  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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are spending time in columbia tonight hoping to gain some last-minute support. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday. the democratic front-runner hillary clinton was in orangeburg this afternoon speaking to students at south carolina state. she stressed the importance of young voters getting involved seeing the primary will determine whether the issues are addressed or annoyed. one of the first points was the economy. she proposed ising them wage -- and new ways. she had the differences between herself and the republican habits especially kentucky about obamacare. >> replicants want to repeal it. they think if everyone of debates and speeches. here is what i want you to ask. what what they replace it with? you want to get rid of what we've got that is helping all of these vote? what with the replace it with? they cannot answer that question because basically they
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insurance companies. so you can be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition. where women will y more again for our health insurance than men. where young people will not be permitted to get on their parents policies up to the age of 26. you're not going back there my friends. we are going to stand and defend the affordable care act we are going to improve it and take it further. >> it is a family affair for the clintons president bill clinton and chelsea have been paying came in for mrs. clinton throughout the state today. the couple will be columbia tonight for a rally that starts at 8:00. bernie sanders was also in orangeburg the senator addressed students. sanders says he is running for president because it is too late for establishment politics and economics. yes, sir talked about his plan to comes to promote justice reform. >> is it somebody when they are
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police officer, or dies while they are in police custody, in every instance we are going to have a federal department of justice investigation. [ cheering ] and if a police officer -- and i'm a former mayor and have worked hard with police officers and most police officers are honest and hard- working guys. but if a police officer breaks the law, that police officer must be held accountable. [ cheering ] second of all, we are going to the most rise -- de-militarized local police departments so they don't look like occupying armies. >> sanders is attending a rally at the township auditorium that gets underway in less than an hour.
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university suggests mrs. clinton will win big tomorrow night up to of sensitivity voters surveyed 54% supported her while 14% support sanders. 22% remain undecided. if you are headed to the polls tomorrow over in lexington, the race for hunger could impact your drive. right now you can see the changes to roads on your screen. the race may effect your ability to get in and out of some neighborhoods tomorrow. the roads are expected to be reopened back by 10:30 am. we have more information on for more on the democratic primary more coverage you can head to . click on sd primary full coverage on -- sc coverage on headlights and we'll get you results as they come in right here on news 19. now the midlands' most accurate forecast with chief
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>> today it was sunny, cool, and drive. this morning we dropped to 33 at the airport and both locations warmed up to 257 degrees. we are under clear skies with winds diminishing from the west at 6 miles-per-hour. via the temperature of 49 degrees. tonight we will have near calm conditions and clear skies and a low temperature of 29. tomorrow will be sunny with a high tempeture of 50 of 58 degrees. then i haha the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. the state revenue department released a letter today that was sent to the richland county council that letter do that specific issues that need to be addressed within the penny tax program. the revenue department once counseled to hire an independent accounting firm to audit the penny tax program every year. any of the pay back money spent to create the small local business enterprise program, and the penny tax public
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the councilman seth rose say he has brought forth records that could have just the issues in event. however, he says counsel to not approve those reforms in january's meeting. >> i have a motion that i sponsored at the last penny committee meeting that would address the public relations piece of the program elements team's contract. rhaps even take that out of the scope of the penny program altogether and bring it in-house. >> in addition to those areas he presented i think we need to look at the entire program and make decisions that we feel are in the best interest of the county and that is what it is all about. hadley paved roads in an efficient manner with the taxpayer dollars? >> the council city will take all of the revenue departments concerns into consideration and more to make the proper changes. they have 30 days. the governor's domestic
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talk about how they will put last year's recommendations into action. the division that looks at services to victims wants to establish more advocates and help survivors seek child- support safely and create better shelter standards. the chair of the division katie morgan said she thinks the group is on the way to making serious progress on the issues. >> you cannot undo the positive relationships that we talked about because of the efforts of the balance task force. they will be sustained over years to come and help out those relationships i really going to have that impact that we want to have to change the culture. >> the full governor task force is also looking forward to meeting at a summit this spring. >> the deputies have arrested a man who hit a woman several times. he is 38-year-old darian grant. deputies responded to the parklane road after getting calls. they see the woman suffered
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she is expected to be okay. grant has been charged with criminal domestic violence. he is being held at the richland county jail. a building in sumter is never credit to be measured with the city or face a fine. the deadline is fast approaching. colby gallagher explains. >> reporter: ways are looking at 1100 homes that need attention, that is a lot. seemed vacant homes in building is not uncommon. the president kimberly mathews says her team met with local theaters friday. >> the properties are absolutely an i saw her -- eye sore and we are wanted to work with the city because this is where we work and play and if we can all work together then obviously it would better for everyone. >> reporter: ththwork to bring these buildings up to standard again in april again in april 2015. the city council passed an
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of vacant homes to register and maintain. >> the primary goal is public safety. >> reporter: they say uninhabited buildings could attract crime. >> if they can make sure these buildings say secure and the doorare secure and nobody is living there than that will help keep that element out of it. >> reporter: the first year is free but those with vacant properties to register and provide contact information will be find $250 per month. they say this isn't to talk at those with low cut and the buildings but to deter people from letting the properties go downhill. >> these residents are patrolled frequently anyway. but this will be one more tool in the toolbox to make sure things stay safe. >> reporter: colby gallagher, news 19 , wltx. >> you have 30 days to register the building with the city of webster. they can means empty for 60
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the zika virus has many worried about travel and the overall health. at usc doctor eric brunner opened a lecture on the issue. he said all of these to go to zika as a public health emergency enemies they are gearing up to study it and learn more about it. he believes in six months researchers will know more about the severity of zika infected with them. >> right now this is not mosquito season in south carolina. by june or july we will be following this closely. >> no one in south carolina has been diagnosed with having the zika virus.
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why patients are data start your week with trying to this morning. the voice continued with a brand-new place to play. >> are glam squad joins us for the wrapping up a fashion. plus like to eat with us were thought. >> monday is a leap day and a great deals -- change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability.
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he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profititfrom mass imprisonmeme. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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you are watching news 19 at 7:00 with j.r. berry. >> the bimetal help heart hospital is having their 10th anniversary fofoa decade. the been operating at the only christian hospital dedicated to heart care. they've a lot to celebrate. the cardiac patients have been treated more than any other hospital in the midlands. i had a chance to she -- speak with one of the former patients. >> i first saw the building being built and that that would be in a's hospital and not ever agining i would need their help or that i would be a patient here. but i am very grateful for the staff and the doctors here. they are pretty awesome. >> since that hospital open they then choose the advanced
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taking part in the nationwide va standdown. veterans will learn about the services available to them regarding healthcare and benefits. also available is information on resources and services. this is taking place from 8:00 until 10:00 tomorrow in the main lobby of the va hospital and is open to all veterans. thousands of students in the midlands received books today thanks to a local woman's club. they spent the day heading and 20,000 books to local schools that serve low-ininme families. >> this benefits them because they know that someone cares that they are learning to read. they need to to the teachers told them to read it makes a difference if somebody else shows them that meeting is fun and it gives them two books of their very own to be excited about. two new books. >> this weekend they will be delivering 100,000 books for children nationwide. if you have outdoor plants
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>> today was a preview of what
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lots of sunshine and it will looks like the weekend is looking pretty good if you have any after plans and next week as well not looking that bad. >> we are timing this beautifully. we will see rain in the middle the week and for the weekend it is beautiful. >> absolutely. >> let me show you today was a bit on the cool side but still
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a little bit of a breeze out t there. the high temperature in rock hill was 52 degrees bunny columbia it is 57. 56 in sumter and 58 down in charleston. right now the sky is generally clear across the area. there are no big storm systems in the country right now. just as area high pressure dominating the weather from the rockies all the way to the east coast we don't see any systems moving through this weekend. temperatures have been cooling off now that the sun has gone down. it is chilly in the northeast and in the ohio river valley were t tperatures are in the 30s. but this is not bad for late february. temperatures around the area look like this. 45 degrees in saluda and winnsboro and 49 in columbia and 43 in manning that 51 degrees in orangeburg. are winds are diminishing as
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now they are about 5 miles-per- hour from the west and they would continue to diminish this evening. we will see a little bit colder temperatures tonight. upper 20s to talk low 30s and 29 in winnsboro. as well as in columbia with 28 in bishopville and 30 in sumter. tomorrow i think we will see temperatures similar to what we saw today with 57 degrees in newberry and 58 degrees in columbia and 60 in orangeburg. our seven-day forecast has warmed up beginning this weekend. by sunday you will have southwesterly winds and partly cloudy monday and 70 up to 72 on tuesday. we expect to see rain, the wednesday morning with a high temperature of 66 and partly cloudy thursday and friday another chance for some showers friday morning. but then it starts to clear out with a high temperature of . >> a week from friday is the
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>> and i still expect the game to be under dry conditions. >> speaking of baseball, minor league baseball is back in the capital city and crews are
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place at spirit all right gang ladies tomorrow from 8:00 until noon here will commit brookland baptist church f f the annual cinderella project.
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bar again lawyers have elected hundreds of dresses, purses, and issues to let all of the night. just bring the student id with
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we are about six weeks or so away from the first pitch at spirit communications park a columbia and this morning single-game tickets for the columbia fireflies went on sale. opening day is april 14 against the greenville. the team leaders are encouraging folks to go ahead and get tickets because they believe opening- night is going to sell out quickly. if you like more information had on to our website at "weird al" yankovic is bringing his world tour to columbia. tickets went on sale this morning. the four time grammy award- winning artist will be at the koger center on september on september 7. a quick reminder the democratic presidential primary is tomorrow. the polls will open at 7 a.m. and stay open until 7 pm. the latest poll numbers show hillary clinton with a 50 point
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the clinic -- clinton campaign says they are not taking anything for granted and bernie sanders says he is not giving up on south carolina. the polls open tomorrow and we will have results for you right here on news 19 . we a special coverage beginning at 7:30 tomorrow night. darci strickland and i break down the numbers. that is tomorrow night right here on news 19. that's our time for now. inside edition is coming up next.
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for news 19 at 11:00. they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans,
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to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. military state of security at the oscars. >> mixed with the glom mouse
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sniffing dog, roof top snipers. trump would be right now? trump watches. >> this guy is a joke artist and liar. and who is the woman who wouldn't stop screeching? [ screaming ] plus -- >> would you like to be the president of the united states? >> the lost donald trump interview. and he's alive. >> oh, my god. >> the wife who sees her husband for the first time since the workplace shootings. and then legendary pin-up cheryl tiegs, her scathing attack on the plus-sized "sports illustrated" cover girl. >> i don't think it's healthy. plus, this contestant from "the voice," it's curl single digits sue. >> i know what i'm doing. then, the woman who will do anything to look like kim kardashian. even surgery. >> i want all this to go here. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and
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all the big stars heading to the oscars this sunday will be forgiven if they feel like they have arrived in a military state when they hit the red carpet. unprecedented security is being put into place. guests will go through three separate security check points before they even enter the theater. >> reporter: it's the first oscar ceremony since the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris and there will be unprecedented security. the famous red carpet is still covered with plastic but on sunday, this is where the stars will be walking into the theater but mixed with the glamour will be intense security, bomb sniffing dogs, roof top sniper, undercover cops and secret service agents and s.w.a.t. teams and every star and every car will be screened before coming into the area. security expert jeff walked me through some of the security


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