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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 1, 2016 12:35am-1:05am EST

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kinda looks like a serial killer. (chuckles) it's a self portrait. okay, i'm just saying. sean, i love it. i love the colors that you used. it's really good, don't you think? mm-hmm. no. yeah, it's good. joanne, hey. hi. how you doing? hi, mike. danny, you remember joanne, right? how you doing? hi. and chris keenan. the cop, right? detective. you on the job? fdny. ah! good. good. remember, dad, you said firefighters sleep all the time, right? i said firefighters sleep upstairs in the firehouse when they're not putting out fires. i'll bet your dad likes donuts. my dad? he loves donuts. well, you know what, why don't we all catch up at the coffee and dessert table? sounds good. see ya.
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yes. hey, michael, want to hang out after this? divorced? separated. how'd you know? i'm a detective. yeah, you are. okay, pal, thanks a lot. just the way you like it. i thought you were checking to make sure he was licensed, not buying lunch. when a fella makes gyros as good as cleo, he's an asset to the neighborhood. i like to support local business. you ever eat anything that's actually good for you? do cocoa puffs count? no. man: fire! fire! oh... there's a fire! go for help! there's a fire! (coughing) i called 911. there's a baby in there. where exactly? in the apartment on the second floor, facing the street. reagan! wait, buddy! fdny! (sobbing): baby! central, please be advised, i got a 59 of a story residential.
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jamie! (onlookers clamoring) (sirens approaching) (fire truck horn blaring) is he breathing? yeah! yeah! (coughing) how old is he? i don't know. his parents? i don't know. set up a humidifier with six to ten liters of non-rebreather mask. is he gonna make it? his lungs sound clear, so it's a good sign. (siren blaring) you okay? yeah. (coughing) huh? yeah. you done good, kid. yeah.
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really? ever. yeah. right now. (electronic weapons fire) hey! no video games at the table. but i'm done with dinner. well, sean is still eating. i'm done. come on, give it up. (cell phone buzzing) and no phones at dinner. respect your mother. you, too, giggles. boys, why don't you go play for a minute while i start dessert. here. go on up to your room, okay? okay, thanks. what's wrong, babe? i just got an e-mail from one of the moms at school. chris keenan. yeah, the firefighter we met. he hanged himself. (sighs) i thought you were gone.
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two uniforms responded to calls for help while on meal break,
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