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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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64 in asheville, brevard, cherokee, 63. the same, wanesville, 60 degrees, more rain will return. we'll talk about how much will fall and how cold we'll turn in the extended forecast. >> investigators in mcdoul county work to locate a woman reported missing friday evening. they are looking for melanie nicole. laura is live outside the mcdowell county law enforcement center. where do authorities search this weekend? they have been looking for her >> they have. over the weekend, they received a tip that melanie was spotted with a man named walter mitchell. mitchell is a convicted felon. but they apparently were spotted together. police searched several spots but did not locate either of them. authorities today are still working to determine if these two may, in fact, be together or not. but family members of melanie say this is definitely out of character for this mother of two.
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and she says she last spoke with her daughter last monday on the phone and also with walter mitchell who she believes melanie is with. scared. the sheriff's office says at this point they are looking into all tips that have yet to name any suspects. >> we don't want to jump to any conclusions and say there is foul play when we don't know that for sure. we'll investigate every possibility. >> i'm scared that he is hurting her or maybe killed her. i don't know. it is just -- this is so out of melody's character. it is not like her. >> to give you an insight into walter mitchell conviction record, it shows he played a part in a second degree murder and kidnapping case and has several assault charges. h ehad a court date in mcdowell county today. investigators are asking
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for both melanie and walter and also melanie's car that is also missing. it is a 2012 kia seoul. if you have any information about the whereabouts of these two individuals, you are asked to call authorities here at the mcdowell sheriff's office. >> at least 73 people are now dead in a militant attack at an outdoor market in baghdad. that story starts today's newsreel. 100 others were hurt a. bomb tore through a crowded market. minutes later a suicide bomber blew himself up amid a crowd that that gathered at the other bombing site. 52 other people were hurt. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. fishlts say they bear the hall marks of the islamic state
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>> court resumed in andrews andrews case. barett admitted to stalking and i reduce after taking nude video of her through a peephole. andrews is suing for negligence saying someone on the hotel staff told barett which room she was staying in. >> salt lake city police shot and critically hurt a teen wielding a broom stick. officers put on riot gear and blocked streets. authorities say two officers were involved in the incident. police are not releasing the identity of them. >> police in ion hiem looking for a man in connection with the stabbings of three people at a ku klux clan rally. several others arrested saturday. they have been set free after police say they acted in self-defense. authorities say ku klux klan members were confronted outside a park where the rally was held. the stabbing victims are all
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>> the third time was not the charm for spaks x. the company called off the launch of its rocket launch after two similar cancellations in recent days. space x says the rocket and the payload are fine but it is not saying why the launch was scrubbed again. it was carrying a satellite to bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. >> it didn't appear weather was a problem. it is not a problem for us either. >> we are very lucky. over the weekend, yesterday and into today with our radar and satellite, staying clear. no rain, barely any clouds to share with you. this is the research institute in rosamond. beautiful conditions. another camera shot shows you waynesville. it is very nice. clouds left us in the time
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we have a chance for rain in the forecast. almanac for our temperatures this morning was unseasonably warm. 39 degrees is as low as we got at the asheville airport. we continue to warm up through late morning and in fact, we are already 10 degrees above that normal. 54 is normal. 64 is what we have gotten to so far. not going to be record breaking, anything like that. 77 in 1972. 63 in bryson city. our western zone, from macon to jackson county. the low 60's, french broad river valley. close to 70 in the foothills, same thing down into the upstate to start off this work week. we'll see rain chances go up. 60 on wednesday. dropping it back down for thursday our temperatures,
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working its way below the average high line by wednesday, back down to 49. we'll hold onto the 60's for another a couple of days. back to the 40's and 50's. the wind is an issue this afternoon. gusting right now in forest city. 23 miles an hour. 12 in morganton. 17 in asheville. not the best hair day in clemson, 16 miles an hour. and 14 in greer. got this weak cold front and we'll see high pressure building in and then another front, a little bit stronger bringing us the chance for decent showers. tomorrow and into wednesday. snapshot showing 50's and 60's with sunshine, clear skies through dinner time as well. a few passing clouds overnight. we'll stop it here at 7:00 a.m. we are starting off dry tomorrow. watch through late morning, we start to see a few showers develop by about 5:00, 6:00. that's when we can see the heavier showers and thunderstorms possible. a quick shot at some light snow
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temperatures drop back below freezing. how much rain by 5:00 p.m.? not going to be significant. a quarter of an inch at best. a half an inch to an inch in isolated areas. if we see these thunderstorms develop a chance for heavy downpours can't be ruled out. 65 degrees today for a high in asheville tonight. 38, it is cooler than this morning. not by much. enjoy the weather. 50% chance for rain tomorrow. once again, the chance for severe storms. overnight on tuesday, the rain will continue through wednesday. we get a break. the chance for some lingering moisture into friday morning with temperatures dropping back below freezing. into the upstate also showers likely tuesday and wednesday. back over to you. >> you can download our weather app for free and stay on top of the warnings, advisories and alerts. search wlos many your app store. >> a health alert now, stroke was the last thing a woman in
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after her trip to the salon. michael ken tells us what happened after she claims her mechanic was hyperextended during a shampoo session. >> for elizabeth, even simple tasks -- >> it is harder -- >> require a lot of effort. the results of a painful ordeal. >> it began two decembers ago to have her hair style. eight days later -- >> weakness on my leg. >> she came down with some strange symptoms that quickly disappeared a week later. >> i could barely speak. >> smith, a mother of who young children suffered a massive stroke. >> smith could hardly believe what killed her. her doctors appointed to her time in the shampoo chair. a rare but documented condition.
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who saw smith, her neck hyperextended, the vertebrae slicing through her artery. medical reports reveal a clot stroke. smith who racked up $250,000 in medical bills filed a suit against salon. >> the person involved didn't support her neck or adjust the chair to compensate for the small frame of the clooint. >> two years, smith has balance and strength and vision issues. her big concern is a clot in her brain. if it moves she could die. >> here's a look at some of the stories trending in your lunch hour. leonardo dicaprio finally takes home an oscar after getting snubbed nearly half a dozen times. a big surprise in the best supporting actor category, lauren lists a recap of hollywood's biggest night.
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>> a film about a newspaper investigating sex abuse took oscar's top prize last night, winning best picture. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this night. >> chris rock owned the night, addressing the controversy right out of the gate, placing black actors in parodyies of several films, even calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it is like, we like you rhonda but you are not a kappa. >> leonardo dicaprio after five acting nominations, his losing streak finally ended. his performance as wounded frontiersman wiping him gold for the revenant. his impassioned speech, a dire warning -- >> climate change is real, it is
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it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> best actress as predicted went to room's brie larson. >> the biggest upset, the supporting actor in a category chock full of hollywood hitters. the most awarded film of the night, not the sensitive serious film that dominated the awards but instead mad max fury road with a six win oscar haul. >> on social media, leonardo dicaprio's best actor win generated 433,000 tweets per minute, the most tweeted moment ever of a telecast. >> also trending, mac cosmetics is partnering with caitlin jenner.
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has come to represent courage, fearlessness. her lipstick will be called finally free. all proceeds from the sale will go towards programs aimed at transgender communities. >> the black franchise celebrates 20 years. in honor of the milestone, the company released a new video celebrating two decades of pocket monsters. that was the series original name in japan. since then, pokemon has grown into a multibillion dollar empire. >> breakfast got healthier. coming up, forget the cold cereal.
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>> welcome into the carolina kitchen. dr. joseph piccone is making us another healthy option for breakfast or snack. >> and a smoothie. >> we get asked a lot in the office, melissa, is is there something i can just grab and go, make quickly with not a lot of ingredients har nutritious and delicious for us. we have the perfect recipe for you. it is a smoothie. we'll start with one and a quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk. we'll add to that, four to six drops depending on how sweet you like things of the vanilla cream. half of an avocado. two cups of raw spinach. to that, we'll add additional protein. this is in -- the pea protein powder we sell.
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breakfast, pick me up. stevia is the greatest sweetness around. sugar, avocado is is good in high fats. protein powder, it is one of your sources of vegetable protein. often people are using weigh or soy protein. those are very difficult or undigestible. they are a terrible source of protein. this gives you fiber. there is zero sugar. >> you personally like this smoothie. >> i love this one. spinach, high in iron, antioxidants. the thing about fiber, people that have blood sugar problems, fiber will help to lower your blood sugar. it absorbs sugar inside your digestive track. people will ask, does it taste
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>> it is interesting. you can let this go however long you want to. if you don't like chunks of spinach in there, you can let this go longer. if you like chunks of spinach, feel like you are eating something vrsz drinking it, you can liquefy this. how long will this last? if you throw this in the fridge, can we do the night before? >> this is a great thing for moms when your kids come home from after school and they need a snack. don't let them see the spinach, blend it up, it is a green milk shake. >> and there you go. >> a great consistency too. click on the carolina kitchen
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self-addressed envelope to asheville. check us out on pinterest and check out foothills wellness. >> thank you for having us. >> that is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow, a take on your lunchtime entree. this grilled salad has a smoky flavor and it is a little different. >> a scam that targeted the elderly. how easy it was for the suspect to pull it off and what finally brought him down. >> remember if you can't catch news 13 on tv, you can catch our newscast on your website and
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go to and click watch >> our consumer news, a slick website cold kais are at the heart of the coin collection scam that cost millions of dollars.
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preyed on the elderly and they were relentless. >> this is what a high pressure telemarket sounds like. >> i don't have money now but i might have it tomorrow. >> postdate the check for tomorrow. tomorrow you might say you have the check and i'll say i'm unable to keep the position. you have been made abreast of your situation. >> in this case, joseph is trying to get an elderly man to buy more coins. romamo told people they needed to buy more coins to complete their collection.
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>> if you hurried up and purchased the coin today and express mail me the money, you would get coins. in reality those investors never existed. >> the calls were relenltless. some were urge today take out a line of credit or deplete their life savings. in reality the coins were worth only 10 to 20 percent of what coin were paid. >> then they would try to sell it to legitimate coin collectors. >> there were more than 3,000 victims and 80 million dollars in losses. as complabts came in postal inspectors shut down the operation and arrested romano and his coconcoconspirators. >> have it appraised. if victims would have done that early, they would have realized the coins were worth 10%, 20% of
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>> joseph romano was sentenced to 15 years to commit wire fraud and three years supervised release. >> some dogsdogs, how their luck turned around and why everyone is enjoying it. >> later today, remembering a local hero. how a news 13 tip led to an emotional family reunion. >> we are just three days away from the start of early voting. this year, there are new rules.
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to know >> a tennis match over the weekend proves you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> they were trained as dogs for the brazil open tournament. what was the job? to retrieve balls that went out of bounds and then bring them
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>> or play with the players, he went back. >> that was the goal. >> a shelter hopes to raise awareness with the initiative. >> can't you see folks doing this? >> oh, yes. there is a leash on the dog just in case. >> they are dressed for the part too. >> we were worried the slobber might impact the game. >> slipping or something. hey, it is an exhibition game. let's look at weather on this monday. it is fantastic outside. i will note that it is breezy. anywhere from about 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. 65 degrees. you can't beat that. sunshine and then we'll start to see showers tomorrow, a few before lunchtime and greater chance for severe thunderstorms late day into wednesday morning, as temperatures about 49 degrees. enjoy the 60's the next couple of days. we'll start to see the cooldown, partly cloudy thursday. then overnight on friday morning.
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temperatures are colder. sunshine and returning to the 50's into the weekend. a snapshot in the update. your forecast does bring showers late day tomorrow. then a return to the 50's with showers likely by the middle of the work week. >> a great day to play tennis or train your dog.
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>> thank you for joining u >> announcer: looking to indulge in something new and delicious? then look no further, because we're serving up your favorite treats with a twist. michael's grilling up a classic burger with a tasty twist that you can sink your teeth into. then carla's in the kitchen with the fabulous angela bassett. and they're baking up a decadent chocolatey treat that'll make you want to have dessert first. plus, mario takes a trip to the place were sweet dreams are made. >> this is brigadeiro bakery. >> brigadeiro is a classic brazilian sweet treat. it's basically fudge that you put sprinkles around, and it's just rich and pure delicious. >> announcer: get ready to treat
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[ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon. welcome to "the chew." you know there are things like a good, old-fashioned horror movie, or a delicious refreshing cocktail that are just better with a twist, am i right? [ cheers ] so all hour long we're taking your favorite treats and giving them a brand-new twist to keep you coming back for more. that's the theme of the show today. [ cheers ] >> nice. >> it is also leap day today. february 29th. does anybody here have a february 29th birthday? no, nobody here. 'cause i always find that interesting. happy leap day birthday. that's means that you're like what, 10? [ laughter ] so we get an extra day this year. day to spend it any way you wanted, what would you do? >> i would go on a trip with mario batali. >> there you go. >> i would stay home.


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