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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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subject of an incrediblbl amount of police activity. 329 calls in the last five years. but neighbors say they never thought it would come to this. >> watching tv. had the windows -- you know, we close our drapes in the evening. we heard a lot of slamming the door. >> evan: george bowman lives next door. he says the 95-year-old grandmothererho lives there was a great neighbor until her grandson and granddaughter moved in and brought crime with them. >> drugs, prostitution, suspicious vehicles. >> evan: at least half dozen officers came to the tally house and then to his. >> they started coming up the street and came in to our house and told us we had to evacuate because they found something over there. they didn't say what it was. >> evan: asheville police haven't said exactly what it was. but based on what neighbors
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>> we heard a loud voice. i'm assuming it was fire in the hole. as soon as that happened, police standing in our driveway went like that. it was all over. >> evan: gun powder and lead balls he has for some old muskets. neighbors say it's still alarming. >> we've had meetings with police chief anderson. we've had them with the new police chief. and you know, nothing much seems to happen. >> evan: coming up at 6, i will tell you about some incidence that neighbors talked about earlieie that really gave them a scared. >> tammy: two juveniles in
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charge for allegedly sending threatening instagram messages. the students and their parents showed us the instagram screen grab where the sender wrote "my gun will kill" and "i'll shoot you people." >> my friends are get threatened and i'm getting threatened. we're all scared to go to school and be alone. like, we don't know what this person is capable of. >> tammy: we're told the instagram post started two weeks ago with explicit messages. find out why investigators are made to wait in the arrest. >> darcel: a convicted felon is charged with illegally having a gun and possession of marijuana. authorities were investigating a separate incident when honeycutt arrived on the scene.
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gun in his car and later found two and a half grams of pot in his pocket. >> tammy: more snow on the ground today across parts of the mountains. we found covereds roads in madison county. >> darcel: beautiful but i'm not going to say it, jason, when are we going to see a change? >> jason: not too long. the changes will be felt in cold weather tonight and then a bigger warm up as we get in to the weekend. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network, we're looking from hendersonville northwest ward. 38 degrees in henderson county. up towards cold springs ranch, though, snow on the ground. there will be patchy black ice. down in to little switzerland
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they had a couple of inches of snow earlier today. 29 in boone. 30s and 40s as you go farther south. even 50s today and right now over the upstate. 34 degrees at 7. freezing at 9. looking for some increasing cloud cover by 11. layer up, too, in the upstate from 43 at 7 to 37 by 11. i'll show you the big changes for your weekend and how much sunshine is involved. stick around. >> darcel: in vote 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for tomorrow's south carolina democratic primary. on the republican side a prize endorsement starts today. marcy gonzales is following the race to the white house. >> reporter: from going head to head to standing side by side.
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proponent, governor chris christy. >> we don't need anymore washington politicians. >> reporter: trump brushing off attacks from marco rubio who went after the republican frontrunner. >> i don't know anything about bankruptcy in court. >> you know what? >> reporter: and continued today on the trail. >> what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. he's a con artist. >> reporter: but some political analysts speculate it is likely too little, too late. >> i think the only thing that could hurt donald trump is if in the aftermath of the debate, some of the attacks stick over the next debate. >> reporter: on the democrat's side, the focus is on south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders busy campaigning here
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primary. and clinton is heavily favored to win here. >> darcel: polls for the south carolina democratic primary open tomorrow morning at 7. we'll have live updates throughout the day and live team night. you can check our facebook and twitter pages for updates, as well as and now your on time traffic report sponsored by debruhl's used cars. >> tammy: this video was taken with our i-26 traffic cam. dispatchers say there were no injuries reported. the accident is in the final stages of being cleared and traffic is moving through that area. and you can expect major delays on i-240 west. no wrecks are reported on charlotte street. but drivers are experiencing
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a local veterinary hospital is going green. reach in asheville had almost 200 solar panels installed on its roof. the solar panels are expected to generate as much as 40% of the hospital's needed energy. whatever energy isn't used, will be fed back to the utility company. >> it makes us happy. every day i turn in to the driveway, the first thing i do is my eyes go up on the roof. sun's working, the roof's working. >> tammy: reach isn't the only local animal hospital to introduce solar panels to their building, fairview installed panels in 2014. charlotte street animal hospital had a similar project in 2011. we're all vulnerable to sexual violence and it can impact anyone.
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lady gaga shows. >> darcel: how pop icons and political figures are trying to make a difference. >> tammy: and yes, it is a rather unique experience.
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>> tammy: this year's biggest films will see how they stack up against each other at the oscars awards ceremony this sunday. news 13 zack green joins us live. zack, lady gaga will be performing. >> zack: her stance and performance is all about bringing a voice to those who are typically silent. you tell me it gets better it gets better in time >> zack: from the film "the hunting ground". >> our biggest barriers around sexual violence, i would say it's silence.
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struggle is closer than some may think. >> buncombe county, again, we're sort of a microcosm of what's happening at the larger level. >> zack: having such a prevalent figure bring this issue to a national stage is exactly what's needed. >> it brings it up to the forefront. and particular to lady gaga because she is a sexual assault survivor, it brings it to a whole different level. here i am an empowered woman at this international level and i was impacted by sexual assault. >> zack: pop icons have a stage. but policy change, that's law and political barriers. so to introduce the singing sensation, the vice president of the united states is rising to it. >> in spirit of what he had been
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politicians and millions of viewers, creating a conversation together come sunday night. >> community members could say, "did you catch that song on the oscars? let's talk about this" >> zack: if you need to contact them, you can find their information on >> darcel: you can watch lady gaga perform her song on the oscars which will premiere sunday. >> tammy: go to and find a nominee list. you can print and select who you think will win. >> darcel: you can find more oscars coverage on our morning show on sunday. and after the oscars, on news 13, we'll take you behind the scenes to show you what you didn't see on tv. >> tammy: for most folks today wasn't a winning forecast. hear.
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just in time for your weekend. any outdoor plans? i think sunday is your day. we have seen a wet start to the year. already close to nine inches. we have a surplus of 1.8.
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from chill to thrill. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it!
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every day, for life.
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weather. >> jason: oh yeah, the sunshine really just a psychological boost today here in the mountains. farther south in to the upstate, it made a bigger difference. but it was cold, no doubt. our jet stream coming in to the pacific northwest and diving across the great lakes. this has set the stage for unsettled weather. over time, warm weather is just going to come on in and cruise in for the weekend. that is good news. but with that persistent northwesterly flow here, we still have snow showers over west virginia and portions of ohio. wind north at 17. 30 degrees for the wind chill nr in asheville. colder in the high country, of course. chances of rain or snow in asheville. 30% chance of rain monday. 60% chance of rain on tuesday. as we double that chance from
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in the mountains, monday and tuesday, tuesday being the bulls eye for most of the rain at 70%. so it's going to get wet again around here. high pressure overall the dominant feature now. our winds are mostly northwesterly around this side of the high, which is the east side of it. as that starts to move a little farther east, our winds will turn more southwesterly, that's going to make a big difference in terms of our temperatures warming up. notice the cold front. those won't bother us initially. here comes another push of some colder air and certainly some wetter weather out ahead of it on monday and eventually tuesday here in to the western carolinas. your future cast. a closer view here. notice clouds overnight tonight in to the early morning, mostly affecting the mountains and the valleys here in western north carolina. sunshine tomorrow afternoon.
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still a little wind to deal with. it won't be strong but light breezes to moderate breezes. sunday morning starts out sunny. that is the theme all day sunday. really boosting our temperatures, up, too. cold night tonight, though. 21 in newland. mid 20s most valley locations. macon county. upstate. 20s and 30s there. once again the mild spots here. mid 50s south of 85. 40s in many mountain valleys as you go from i-40 north to the 50s in the foothills. 60s sunday and monday. staying in the 60s tuesday. of course we eventually pay the price and it's rain. we get colder again with a chance of a wintery mix wednesday and maybe some snow thursday.
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>> darcel: people who aren't pregnant can still get an idea of what it's like. >> tammy: we're talking about a so-called empathy belly. jay siltzer wore one for the day and had quite an experience. >> reporter: inside this bag is life changing. at least for a day. it's called the empathy belly. >> i think just the physical challenge of having 30 extra pounds on you at the end of pregnancy is a big hurtel to overcome. >> reporter: all jokes aside, i've had this on for less than 5 minutes and already my back is hurting. i feel like i have to go to the bathroom. >> every hour it seems like sometimes. night time i wake up a couple of times a night. >> reporter: alicia plans to deliver next month. that can't come soon enough
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the discomforts of pregnancy, especially the last trimester. >> reporter: one, my coat won't button. secondly, getting in a car is just about impossible. and thehe after doing that, you're almost out of breath. >> you just kind of have to deal with it. it can be very uncomfortable. and every stage of pregnancy has different uncomforts. the heartburn and stuff, i just deal with it. it hasn't been that bad for me. >> reporter: but this choice probably isn't the best. >> i would like to get a number 8 value meal with diet coke. also one cheese burger. >> reporter: i am, afterall, eating for two. >> i eat more, but i'm trying to eat healthy.
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>> reporter: jay siltzer, news 13. >> darcel: jay will try anything. doctors say why the empathy belly is good, physically it cannot replicate a woman's eemotional . there will be more than 100 exhibitors offering free health screenings, cooking demonstrations and entertainment. >> tammy: admission is free and you can find out more information on the
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>> zack: welcome to today's pet pals, joining me is asheville from pet rescue. we've got a fun little girl named seline. tell me about her . >> zack: what type of family would be best for seline in. >> i would say a young active family. >> zack: that's just because they need a little more exercise as a lab?
5:29 pm
she loves walks. but as soon as she's done with walks, she's ready to cuddle. >> zack: how would somebody go about adopting her today? >> you can stop by our location at 5526 hendersonville road or give us a call. >> zack: maybe some time she'll sit up, too. of course you can join us on for a little more information. ashley, thank you so much for coming in today. let's get this pup adopted. >> darcel: she wants to move and have a lot of attention. coming up, unique advice from new members of the office. >> tammy: how it can help prevent vehicle thefts. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. >> frank: seeking justice for a violent murder. the demands of a
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>> tammy: a local mid wife practice will soon be out of business. which center and why they're closing. >> jason: snow is over, or is it? well we still have clouds in the mountains. we'll tell you if they'll bring any flakes. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: a cherokee family is still seeking answers tonight two years after a loved one's body was found inside a burned car. >> tammy: but so far there's no arrest in the death of marie walking tree pheasant. rex, are investigators any closer to solving this case? >> rex: if there is new information, they're not releasing it just yet. as the investigation is continuing both here and also the the federal level. but since it's been two years, friends, family and neighbors of


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