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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> frank: we begin this evening with breaking news out of colorado. police say multiple people have been shot. one person stabbed during a motorcycle expo at the denver coliseum. details are limited at this time. but we'll stay on top of the story on stay tune for news 13 tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. now the restructuring of asheville city schools have people knocking on doors today trying to make sure people who are affected know about possible changes. it's all about hall fletcher elementary. justin, why is this upcoming meeting so important? >> justin: well the proposed changes to handle growth within asheville city schools has a
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voice. the canvassing efforts today took place at housing complexes. we caught up with some as they went door to door. they wanted to invite them to tuesday's meeting to talk about what they'd like to see done with the school moving forward. they >> it's just important to come. you just never know unless you come and voice your opinion what's going to happen. >> justin: on the table right now, changing hall fletcher from a pre-k through a 6th grade school to a 4th grade through 8th grade school. now that meeting is scheduled to take place here at the little theater at hall fletcher elementary school on tuesday.
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expected to last in the 7:00. >> frank: madison county sheriff's deputies are asking for help finding a missing man. he was last seen on river road. smith is 6' tall, gray hair and brown eyes. contact the sheriff's office. the greenville county coroners is investigating a homicide. the body of jamie grier howard was found. the cause of death was a stab wound to the chest. no other information has been released at this time and the investigation continues. taking steps to ease traffic congestion on one of the most heavily traveled streets in hendersonville. meetings were held today involving city officials and the public.
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feedback on ways to improve travel in that area. it's part of a study to set long term goals. >> now as we see growth around the hospital and growth in the neighborhood that we need to continue to focus our attention on the neighborhood and improve circulation in the area. >> frank: this will be an ongoing project over the next several years. officials expect to get results of the study back in the spring then begin making recommendations for improvements there. kids in haywood county had to get up early today to go to school. administrators made sure a little bit of fun was thrown in. there was an impromptu dance party during lunch. and also a fond farewell for one of the assistants.
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assistants retired today. >> frank: to celebrate carolina panthers making it to the super bowl, students wore team gear and had an assembly inside the gym. sunny, very mild. even more on the way. karen wynne joins us with our skywatch forecast. >> karen: frank, hard to believe that a week ago today we were digging out from a foot of snow in many parts of the mountains. the snow was coming down also on many parts of the mountains. now we're looking at a day where many people topped out in the 60s. mid 60s in andrews. asheville, we actually made it up to 56. hendersonville, the high 53. right now we are quite mild for this time of year. 54 in franklin. lower 50s in the foothills. it's a little cooler in morganton, newland, of course, at 44 degrees. winds are all over the place right now.
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areas like in greer and also asheville. but the wind should come down as we go through the evening on in to the overnight. the evening planner in the mountains, go ahead and take that jacket with you. with the sun going down, we're going to cool down quickly. 42 degrees at 11. a quick look at the upstate. coming up, an even warmer second half of the weekend. >> frank: local cooks go head to head in asheville with the irit of mardi gras. the dishes will be open in the annual kajun cookoff. it raises money for the asheville mardi gras parade. it takes place one week from tomorrow. if you're thinking about going to the greenville zoo, you better do it in a hurry, like tomorrow.
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routine maintenance. they'll get together to clean, paint and make necessary repairs. the zoo reopens on saturday, february 13th, that is two weeks from today. a popular climbing destination in asheville is expanding. now open for business in the river arts district. the grand opening of the smoky mountain adventure center. this new space brings about its first climbing wall. kyle says this new set up is one of a kind. >> this will be the most unique feature in western north carolina, really the more unique ones in all of the country. >> frank: an elevated adventure area and zipline. the candidates making a final push before the iowa caucuses.
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are doing to influence voters. a big ban coming on social media. what two giants of social media want gone for good. make sure you join us tomorrow morning.
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>> frank: in just about 48 hours, the iowa caucuses will be underway. candidates all about the state today. brandi hitt is in des moines. >> ted's got a big problem. other people have problems. me, i have no problem. >> reporter: it's down to the wire in iowa. >> if you see a candidate whom washington embraces, run and hide. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio now clashing. >> he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign in the end on the things he's saying. people see through that. >> they've never been through a crisis. >> reporter: for the democrats, hillary clinton is bringing out
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her entire family out on the campaign trail. but she is not addressing friday's announcement from the state department declaring 22 of her e-mails from her private account top secret. clinton's campaign is reacting saying this is over classificatiti run amuck. >> large crowds also continue turning out for her opponent bernie sanders. >> i believe this democracy is one person, one vote. >> reporter: blasted with non-stop campaign ads on television. millions of dollars are being spent trying to court thousands of undecided voters. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines, iowa. >> frank: comomng up next on news
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visit and why it is significant. >> frank: the two remaining fugitives from a daring southern california jailbreak are finally back in custody. that story tops tonight's news reel. they were arrested by police in san francisco more than 400 miles to the north. the third fugitive showed up friday at an auto shop in santa ana. said he wanted to surrender. all three vanished during a sophisticated escape about a week ago. they are accused of murder, attempted murder and torture. president obama is about to make his first visit to a mosque located in the united states. a senior advisor says the president will celebrate the
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to this nation and reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life. mr. obama has visited mosques overseas but never to the u.s. during his presidency. facebook and instagram are telling private gun owners to take their business elsewhere. the social networks are updating policies to ban the sale. licensed firearm retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services. but sales of guns from one person to another person will not be allowed. volkswagen may buy back some of the cars linked to its emissions cheating scandal. cent statements from the company indicate it is reconsidering. last year vw admitted it sold millions of diesel cars with software designed to trick
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a buy back program may be a solution for some of those vehicles. it is amazing that a week ago we were still in a deep freeze, snow all over the place. doesn't look like that way, now. >> karen: we had record snow. but now sprg time in january. we're getting even warmer. the rain is eventually going to return. and yes, we do turn cooler later in the week.
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how long we can now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: so what to do on a day when you're in the 50s and even 60s? why go skiing at cataloochee. 48 degrees. snow making still going on. and you can ski without getting too bitterly cold. right now we can see a few clouds moving on through the mountains and the upstate. but overall it is mainly clear. and so with the sun going down and the winds eventually coming down, we are going to cool down quite a bit overnight. right now 50 degrees. we have a breeze out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour. in the upstate, 56 degrees right now. in greenville, winds out at the
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it looks like we do see a little bit of cloud cover there in that shot at paris mountain. bigger picture for the future cast shows some warmer changes. if you can believe that. today certainly a nice warm day with highs in the 50s and lower 60s. this is going to make for a day with highs in the mid 60s in parts of the mountains with this nice warm, south-southwesterly flow. we're going to see a little more cloud cover coming ahead of our next cold front. overall just a beautiful day to be out and about and enjoy that break from winter. we see that cold front moving a little bit closer as we finish off the weekend. maybe a few showers for this early morning commute. most remaining dry until a little later in the day. very light spotty shower activity on monday. we are going to see things pick
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notice another big storm system out in the western u.s. by monday evening. hour by hour as we go closer to home, here is what we're looking at during the evening. pretty much nothing but a few high thin clouds by day break. that's mainly in the western mountains. we are going to begin chilly. many places a little below freezing. a quick warm up even with the cloud cover moving in. clouds are going too be on the increase. by 5 o'clock, we could see more clouds than sun in many mountain locations. spotty rain showers as we go on in to the monday morning commute. again, most folks are going to miss out on that. lows tonight are going to be a little chillier on the eastern part. milder as we head west. highs tomorrow are going to be unseasonably warm with a high of 63 in asheville.
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the upstate. enjoy that. next seven days of course we do see changes. very warm through tuesday. much cooler and dry later in the week. in the upstate, here's a quick look at your seven day forecast as well. cooling down later in the week. >> frank: some local boy scouts headed to the track today. they had their hand made miniatures put to the test. eacac car was raced twice. the winner determined by finish times average. but that's just a number. >> it's fun for everyone because it's good competition. everybody is just having a good time. >> frank: some bonuses, a bake sale, pizza and desserts all to help raise money for boy scout activities.
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to win our valentine selfie contest. the winner will be announced during our morning newscast on tuesday, february 9th. good luck. unc asheville taking on long wood at kimball arena.
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dogs are still o >> luke: it's been a special season for the unc asheville men's basketball team so far. the bulldogs entered the weekend in first place. asheville would need a victory today against longwood.
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two of his 21 points to lead asheville. later in the game, sam hughes kicks it to dwayne sutton. bulldogs up 4. 2-handed dunk as asheville takes control of the ball game. later, the freshman way outside. that's thomas there. smith will be good later. final 88 to 74. the best high school wrestlers in the area competing today. it's the mac championship where everyone was hoping to claim that conference title. let's start out with the highlights. let's pick it up in the action in the 113 pound weight class. big time victory there. a little bit later in the meet, 126 pound class, match of the day goes in to sudden death
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take down and two points against justin from erwin. back to college hoops, the unc tar heels are ranked as the number two team in the country, but the number one in the coach's poll. either one you look at, carolina is having a great season. best start ever under roy williams. in the first half, joe will bury on top of bryce johnson. later in the game, marcus paige breaks out of a shooting slump. carolina leads by 3. they would just keep it rolling. north carolina wins game number 12 in a row beating boston college 89-62. elsewhere in the acc, nc
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conference victory today hosting miami. later in the second half, cat barber misses the second shot. the wolfpack defense put a lot of pressure on the hurricanes today. 85-69. juan rivera and the carolina panthers getting one more practice in friday before they leave for california on sunday. panthers scheduled to arrive in california late on sunday to get ready for the super bowl. of course the broncos and the panthers will kick off next
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serena would w w the first set. match point, serena would fall. kirber gets her first ever grand slam title. >> karen: a high of 63 in asheville. a few more clouds but looking great. >> frank: thanks for joining us.
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at 10 and 11. welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the race for iowa now two days away. the final push candidates furiously crisscrossing the state. donald trump stepping off his plane and stepping up his attacks. . hillary clinton making her case to last-minute voters. tonight, new questions about those top-secret e-mails once again following her campaign. our team right here on the ground. and breaking news.
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three dangerous fugitives back
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