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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it is warming things up nicely. >> it is. it is helping our temperatures rebound back to the 40's. this is in paris mountain. it is hard to see a cloud in the sky. this is down into the upstate. 51 in forest city, middle 40's from lake toxaway. we'll likely make it to the 50's. sunny conditions. but the rain will begin soon enough. i'll tell you when coming up and let you know about the possibility of some wintry weather too. >> a horrible night for six victims including children at the dollar general in fairview. a robe held them at gun point demanding their money. kim, at least one victim is is praising deputies quick response. >> that's right. he says that buncombe county deputies arrived within mininutes of their frantic 911 call.
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to his head and he thought he was about to die. he asked we not show his face. he is recovering from having a gun to his head inside the dollar general store. he had gone in last night around 8:42 to buy cookies. >> i got down on my hands and knees. he was looking at me. he was looking for a girl and the girl was asking him not to shoot. he was pointing. i won't lie to you. i was asking him, i was begging him, don't shoot us. >> david said he then saw the suspect walk out of the store. there were children with their parents in the store, that would be his reference to the lite girl. all are fortunately ok. i want to show you the front door. according to david, that is right where the suspect came in with the gun, fired the gun up into theair, through the roof. they had to do some repairs to this building that we have been
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three people have been arrested less than a mile from here in a residential neighbhbhood. all three, two men and a woman arerom columbia, south carolina. >> an update on the breaking news we first brought you at noon, a high school a and the board of education were on a temporary lockdown, the sheriff's office says a deputy initiated a vehicle pursuit around the bingham road area. that was before 9:30 this morning. a perimeter lockdown went into effect for the nearby discovery academy and buncombe county board of education. the two suspects were taken into custody shortly after and the lockdown was lifted. the sheriff's office says the two were caught in the bingham road area. no word yet what led to that initial vehicle pursuit. >> in italy, there has been an arrest in the case of an american woman killed in florence. that story from marcy gonzalez
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>> italian investigators say they now know who killed american ashley olsen in her apartment in florence, arresting a suspect and revealing what they believe led to the 35-year-old's violent death. >> this case is rich in evidence between d.n.a., probably fingerprints, surveillance cameras and i think witnesses. >> investigators say early friday morning olsen left the florence nightclub pictured here from daily mail with a man she met.. an immigrant they claim had been there illegally and was known to police for drug related activities. investigators claimed olsen and the man were intoxicated on chal and possible drugs walking to the studio apartment where prosecutors claim they had consensual sex. deputies believe when olsen asked the man to leave there was a fight.
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and she fractured her skull. her body was found naked with scratches on her neck. >> an unsophisticated guy. >> investigators say they found the suspect's d.n.a. on a condom and cigarette in the toilet. they claim he took her celell phone which helped police track him down. >> there were reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olsen. he is now in police custody charged with aggravated homicide. >> we have an update now to the killings in jakarta. isis is claiming responsibility. at least three suiuide bombers blew themselves up, two gunmen attacked a police post nearby, at least one policeman was killed in addition to the bombers. the first explosion appeared to have triggered a gun battle between the attackers and the antiterror police squad. >> another round of testimony is expected today in the trial of a
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killing an arkansas realtor. aaron louis is charged with capital murder in the death of beverly carter. her body was found a few days after she disappeared. prosecutors believe louis kidnapped and killed carter after arranging a house showing. defense attorney claims the realtor was meeting louis to begin an affair and her death was an accident. louis's estranged wife was also arrested in the case. >> ride the duck seattle is one step closer to putting its amphibious tour vehicles back in business. it has been nearly four months since it has been out of the water. it crossed the line and hit a charter bus last september, killing five students. the coast guard now says the ducks passed their inspections. they found some mierp issues but they were fixed on the spot. >> border patrol officers in texas discover a huge drug shipment hidden in a batch of fresh carrots. authorities say the drug
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teams to smuggle the drugs. they found carrot shaped packages among the real thing. the drugs have a street value of nearly half a million dollars. >> a storm in northern california is bringing a snow pack but it is cause ago headache for motorists. the snow fellfell . >>. >> we are not having those problems here. >> you can go ski here in cataloochi. it is 39 degrees on our news 13 skycam network. there is a nice breeze. there are not many people up there. if you were to climb to the top of the rock today, it would be a beautiful sight. we have clear skies all across the region. you can see that on my radar and satellite. a lot of changes heading around the corner, starting tomorrow, we will see some precip, our rain gauges and a departure for
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temperatures this afternoon have climbed to 48 degrees. that's what we put in this category. right about normal for this time of the year. later we'll continue to feel the 50's. still this is warmer than what we felt the last 24 hours, 13 degrees warmer. 14 degrees warmer into greenville. 11 degrees warmer in greenwood. nine in franklin and also into andrews. right now, current conditions outside your door in asheville, just you should that 50 degree mark. middle to upper 50's for morganton down to forest city. 50 degreeses in franklin. it is feeling pretty nice down into the upstate. 56 degrees right now, 54 in anderson and further south in the middle to upper 50's too. winds remain pretty light. right now at 5 miles an hour. 5 into greenville. the wind is to our north in boon and out towards knoxville, close to 20-mile-an-hour winds in fact. look at the big picture, we'll start to see these clouds increase and then we'll start to see the rain pull up from the
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that starts as early as tomorrow morning. enjoy today, it is a great outdoor day. go for a hike or a walk or a jog or a bike ride even. into the dinner time hour, we'll see the clouds increase. this is 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, kids heading out to school, parents heading out to work, shouldn't need the umbrella yet. make sure you have it because as early as 9:30, this model is pulling some precipitation back here into western north carolina. you'll want to watch this throughout the morning, because the chance is there if we have the temperatures low enough with the precipitation, we could see freezing rain. that's the threat tpere in the highest elevations most of the day will be rain, on again off again showers. through dinner time too. clouds, maybe a stray shower early on sad morning, maybe a few snow flakes. nothing too exciting in the way of snowfall.
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hours, it does show about a tenth to a quarter of an inch in the asheville area. this model has pulled back on the rain chances. not showing too much in the way of accumulation. 50's today, get outside if you can. increase in clouds, 30 degrees. 58 in greenville today. and 35 tonight. what about the weekend, it is going to be cooler. 30's for highs on sunday into next week. bitter cold, just above freezing for mlk day. >> our weather app can make sure you get the avenued res and alerts for your areas for free. search were wlos in your app store. >> here's a look at the stories trending in your lunch hour. jordan faith is the face of ce cola. financial terms were not revealed but it is a multiyear deal. >> also trending, the countdown
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it could be a big year. the academy award nomination were announced. there were some surprises. >> it leads the pack, receiving 12 oscar nomination. >> mad max with 10. both films are among the eight nominated for best picture. >> the nominees are leonardo dicaprio dicaprio. >> he is among an a list group up for best actor. he took home an oscar last year. >> i'm scared. >> i know. >> nominated for best actress golden globe winner brie larsonlarson. >> i'm shaking right now. i am confused.
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flatattery in my field. >> she is competing against cate blanchette, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampling. >> it should be pointed out, it is a whitewash in the acting category. >> white actors representing all acting nominations again this year. the "star wars" awakens received five nods in technical categories as the countdown begins begins. >> some were surprised straight out of compton was not nominated or ridley scott for the martian. see who wins oscar gold february 28. >> british actor allen rickman has died. sources say he had been battling cancer. he was known for his rule as hans gruber in die hard and professor snake in the harry potter series. he was 69 years old. >> a dessert features apples.
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>> welcome into the carolina kitchen. we are happy to have you in for today. >> what are you making in. >> i'm making a restic apple dessert. you start with three apples that have been chopped finely. you add a quarter of a cup of brown sugar and some -- a half a cup of pecans, i like to cook with a lot of color, i add pomegranate which is delicious. you can play with that. the cranberry will be delicious, this is something you cannot
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a little bit of flour with a teaspoon. hicks mix that nicely. and add spice, a teaspoon of cinnamon and an eighth of a teaspoon of nutmeg. sometimes the danger with rolling dough, but this is store bought. one crust of the store bought, you put all your products inside in the middle. but it will be full. >> you have it piled in there for sure. >> you want it to have some success. you pick it up. this is the fun part, that's why it is called rustic. you just fold your dough like that. >> everybody can do that with all kinds of different products.
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be wonderful to do with raspberries raspberries. very simple. see how nice it looks. and you put that all around there. >> that will give it beautiful color. >> beautiful color. >> very important. when it is baked, everything stays together very nicely. >> how long do you bake this for? >> it will be baked for about 30 minutes. at 375. it is a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. that's going to give you a nice finish. >> much faster tha making an wall apple pie. >> you want to bring a dessert, here you go. everybody will think you are an incredible cook. >> what is easier getting produce, delivered local produce to your door.
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sign up you can send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive in asheville. check us out on pinterest. thank you for coming in. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, the better choice for breakfast. we offer how to for low carb high protein pancakes. they are quick and easy. >> electronic devices canelp you keep your resolution. up next, there are several apps for that. >> if you can't catch news 13 on tv, you can see our newscast on our newscast or your mobile
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go to . >>. >> don't worry, it is not too late to tackle new year's resolutions. one tool to use for help, your smart phone. >> mary shows us how to jump start your 2016 fitness goals.
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your step, check out the ap spring. it sends music to your page and it tracks your pace. think of it as pandora meets fit bit. another app, charity miles helpings you take care of the world while you take care of yourself. choose a cause from the vast list and the app will donate as you work out. on a bike, your charity gets 10 cents for every mile you ride. if you run, you donate a little more, 25 cents a mile. tired of feeling clueless at the grocery store, shop nutrition levels and rate food before you put it in your cart. best of all, all these apps are free so you can slim down while your wallet stays fat. for consumer watch, i'm mary maloney. >> sometimes you need help. >> and the app is free. >> some fun for packers fans.
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assaulted by an uber driver. >> packing a cold one took on new meaning for green bay packers fans today. they are sipping on green mill sglk the company started bottling green milk to celebrate the team's run. it is a green vanilla flavored milk hit store shelves. >> so far it has been well received by fans. >> what is the flavor? i think it tastes like eggnog. yeah, it does. years ago when you would make eggnog at home, that's what it tastes like to me. it is good. >> as long as the packers keep winning and the fans keep drinking, they will continue to produce the green milk. >> it will be interesting to see that in your lucky charms.
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it is warming up this afternoon. this is the best day by far for the next seven. sunshine and 50. get outside if you can. now, tonight and into tomorrow, we'll start to see the clouds and a chance for rain, mainly around lunchtime for a lot of us. sol models want to show freezing rain tomorrow morningmorning. a chance for light rain on saturday and sunday. temperatures back down to the 30's and teens. a big cooldown is expected. seven-day forecast in the upstate, you can use that umbrella tomorrow. then it is just cold. you'll need the winter coat again. >> we don't have school changes or delays.
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