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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now at 6:00 -- racial slurs another group of parents speak out tonight. and harsh words for jay-z and for hillary clinton from donald trump. make america kind again?
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to. the movement that started with a humble idea. thank you for joining us, we begin tonight with continuing coverage after allegations of parents yelling racial slurs at 10 and 11-year- old children. a pee wee football game. we told but this last night. offending sideline are speaking out. channel 3 is a alyssa raymond is live in elyria with the story. good evening. >> today is the day these kids in the north ridgeville football league have been looking forward to and working towards all season long. it's the super bowl, the two elyria teams new to the league this year aren't playing here tonight and will try to explain more clearly why. the elyria mini pioneers played
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afternoon. yesterday though some of the parents told us their kids weren't being allowed to play in the championship game today because they were too good and too big. they also claim an assistant coach for another team punched one of their kids in the stomach. that parents on the other team yelled racial slurs at the kids. we spoke to yet another coach tonight who coaches a varsity tackle team in the league who explains why the elyria teams really aren't playing tonight. >> they had kids that were close to 200 pounds that were running and throwing the ball trying to be tackled by kids that are like 75 pounds. so, it became -- a safety issue. >> reporter: some of the elyria pioneers showed up tonight. the league presented them a plaque for being the interleague champions. and will all get individual trophies eventually.
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we talked to you -- we had the elyria mini pioneers, then the rams that they were playing against on october 29th. this is where that feud kind of got into one side saying one thing, the other side saying another. coming up tonight at 11:00 we talk to parents on the rams team and they are going to share their side of the story. back to you. >> thank you. election day is this tuesday. the presidential candidates are out in full force in key battleground states. while hillary clinton is dividing her efforts between places like ohio and florida, donald trump is focusing most of his attention on florida. and in his first stop today in tampa he took aim at hillary clinton's jay-z concert in cleveland last night. trump mocked hillary clinton for her friday appearance with jay-z and beyonce claiming she needs celebrities to draw an
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the language jay-z used. >> he used language last night that was so bad and then hillary said i did not like donald trump's lewd language. my lewd language. i tell you what, i've never said what he said in my life. >> and a loud - >> reporter: trump spent time in north carolina today while closer to home browns legend jim brown campaigned for hillary clinton at early voting events in akron and cleveland. clinton will be back in cleveland tomorrow that includes cavs star lebron james. after almost 600 days of campaigning the nasty negative presidential race is almost at an end. right now donald trump's leading in the polls here but hillary clinton is making a big push with three appearances in northeast ohio alone including a monday event at kent state university. last night's concert and tomorrow's event we just mentioned. tonight at 7:00 on "between the lines" tom and his commentators
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in ohio come tuesday. >> will police clinton's last minute blitz be able to flip things? >> no. i think the trend is not just the picture of the last day, it's the picture over the last 10 days. and the trend continues to see slight trump momentum in the buckeye state. >> i think trump too will take ohio. because i agree, the trend has been pretty dramatic actually. he's gaining gaining. >> they will also talk about the fate of the important school levee in cleveland along with that proposed income tax increase. again that is "between the lines," part of our "politics and people" show at 7:00. two young people are hospitalized after a police chase involving a stolen car. the chase started near south moreland boulevard and forest avenue in cleveland before 5:00 a.m. police started to chase the car after reports it was connected to an assault and was stolen.
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and corlett. two young people in the crash were hospitalized no details on how they were hurt or their conditions. to stark county -- alcohol likely involved in a crash that claimed the life of a 22-year- old massillon woman, happened at north avenue and 1st street. police tried to full over a car in the area, it sped away, off the road and hit two poles. the driver died in the crash. old was hospitalized but is expected to recover. still ahead -- make america kind again? what is behind this slogan and why you might think it sounds political it's anything but. turning back time, a reminder of the time change tonight and how to best take advantage of the switch. >> beautiful weather around northeast ohio today. temperatures in the mid-60s. that sunshine, sure was nice.
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day? that is in the extended forecast coming up. ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america.
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election day is three days away. for many of us it can't get here soon enough. the nastiness of the presidential election coming to a head, and a woman from california wants to change that by spreading her own message. natalie brunell from our sister station in sacramento reports. >> reporter: election season may be coming to an end but a new campaign sign is sending a strong message. make america kind again. >> it's just so much turmoil and so many feelings back and forth that this is nice because it can be supported by everybody. >> reporter: stay at home mom amanda blanc designed the signs and now totes hoping to change the tone of the political conversation. >> so many people say i'm voting for so and so because it's the lesser of two evils.
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dropping that and being nice to your neighbor. >> reporter: it may be a play on words on donald trump's now infamous slogan but -- >> it's for everybody. it's been next to trump, clinton. i want to represent kindness, i don't care about the politicians. >> reporter: two weeks ago she sold them on on etsy and orders poured in from all over the country. she's already sold almost 300 and the totes are almost sold out. >> this has gained so much more atti to be honest. >> reporter: this mom of two who also juggles on-line school, this small business is a welcome boost to her family's income. >> my husband being sole provider it's nice to help a little. >> reporter: she hopes to help people remember this, ahead of next tuesday. >> it's just about being america -- it's about coming together and believing in something, if you have to believe in kindness over politics then so be it. >> reporter: can you tells us who you are voting for?
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neutral. >> good for her. some of us are looking past to the election and on to thanksgiving. can you believe two weeks from thursday? with that comes the macy's thanksgiving day parade. some of the new balloons -- they were undergoing testing. inflated in queens for the outdoor test flights. the new balloons include charlie brown, diary of a wimpy kid, dreamworks trolls and felix the cat. this is the 90th the parade. more than 50 million people nationwide are expected to tune in. do not information to set your clocks bed one hour. daylight savings time officially ends overnight. 2:00 sunday morning to be exact. most the country officially shifts back to standard time. that will give most of us an extra hour of sleep this weekend. only hawaii, most of arizona and some u.s. territories will not be making the change because they don't observe daylight saving time. this is also the time when fire officials of course remind us
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smoke alarms. meantime sleep experts have advice on how to to make the most of the bonus hour tonight. they suggest instead of sleeping longer use that extra hour in the morning, go to bed when you feel tired and when you wake up get up and get moving. that is because interrupting your body's natural sleep cycle can end up making you feel more tired. also try to get your whole household on a similar schedule. another good idea too but with young kids of course in my household maybe a challenge. it feels like this weather keeps getting everyday. is there a chance that something may spoil it? tic around.
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ahead on nightly news, the presidential candidates press hard on this final weekend before the election. new details in a suspect in a harrowing abduction case as authorities search for more bodies on his property in south
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fame is greeting visitors on its plaza with a new sign made of giant red letters that proclaim long live rock. the outdoor sign will be formally dedicated this thursday. marks a multimillion-dollar redesign expected to include the hall of fame and main exhibit spaces. the letters are six feet high and the whole thing is 78 feet long. officials hope it will add
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already iconic local landmark. >> i think the land is a new one they brought to the world series. i love it. it's great for what people do a lot of, take pictures. it puts cleveland in your photos. today is beautiful. tomorrow is another one. if you're away from the lake and you did not get enough i encourage you tomorrow to all the communities within three to four miles of the lake because the colors are just peaking now near the lakeshore. because of the milder temperatures. take a drive to the lake and just enjoy it. it's absolutely gorgeous. we have a beauty coming up tomorrow. a a beauty now. 58 downtown cleveland. 57 elyria. 56 wooster. a comfortable evening. just a few scattered high clouds throughout the day today. really nothing to speak of in
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next 24 to 48 hours. light west and southwest breezes. that will act to keep the temperatures from falling too quickly. so evening upper 50s. to the low 50s, by 11:00. that tumble will continue during the overnight. another one of those huge ranges overnight. 36 to 52. check out that range. that is right. we've already peaked down to the south. we've seen so many temperatures down below freezing, down toward the route 30 corridor. you'll wake up to tomorrow. 39 millersburg. drive to the lake though and it's 47 downtown and just the low 50s towards mentor, on the lake. you have to zoom out to talk about the huge weather pattern affecting the united states. the jet stream, starts off, off the northern california coast. goes way up past edmonton into hudson bay and dives down across new england. it's this ridging, this northward motion of the jet stream that is really pushing all the storminess into central
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warm air from the south northward. for us, all we've got is a northwest wind that is actually bringing us plenty of sunshine, that will be back tomorrow and monday. it's actually milder to our west. our mild air is coming from the west and northwest. and that gets in here tomorrow. i think tomorrow, even a degree or two warmer than today. we will have to eventually talk about some storminess, that is this area of low pressure back here towards the west coast. that moves in on election day. should drop the temperatures a littleat afternoon and increase chance of rain as well. look at future view. this evening in the 50s. starting sunday morning, 30s down to the south. near 50 by the lakeshore. absolutely perfect tomorrow. what a day for november. 60 to 65, there may be a bit of a lake breeze right on the lakeshore but should be a beauty. some may see upper 60s come tomorrow afternoon. isolated shower window nation
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kickoff temperature 61. grab a light jacket for tailgate. the should be perfect in terms of the weather. look what happens in the week, a big cold front that arrives thursday night into friday morning. that 42 for next saturday could be on the warm side. so soak it up. could finally have real november weather on the way next weekend. >> thank you. still coming up -- lebron james is on the doorstep of another milestone as head to philly tonight to take
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welcome back. this week taught us not to be cocky when we're ahead but you have to feel pretty confident into tonight. >> i think it's ok if yo cavs fan to have it in the bag. it's a gut feeling. the cavaliers are off to a dominating start this season. there's no reason to believe that it will change tonight. as the cavs play the worst team in the nba, in the city of brotherly love. cleveland is 5-0 to begin the campaign. their best start since they won their first eight game back in the 1976/977 season. also the only team in the nba that hasn't lost a game this year. the big three of lebron james
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averaging 22 a game. philadelphia lost its first 18 games last season and first 17 the year before. it will lose at least its first five after tonight. trust me. lebron james, to a hot start. fresh off his nba record 54th player of the week award, james needs two points to surpass the total of 26,964 and in 10th place on the nba's all-time scoring list. points, almost a triple double and the second time in his career his team started 5-0. here's had notes on lebron chasing history. you can see kareem is number one at 31,387. he has a little work to do to get there but it's possible. lebron could catch him before his career is over. the college football, ohio state buckeyes hosting the
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horseshoe in columbus. osu won 13-14 prime time games. the buckeyes can't afford another loss after dropping one to penn state a couple of weeks ago. also barely beat northwestern last week. a statement game against the huskers tonight really is a must. jk barrett, quarterback seems far from panished with the situation the buckeyes currently find themselves. >> last year we were in it, november, we were not it in. the year before that we were not in it. won a couple of games. this year we are in it. we're not playing the playoffs, this saturday. >> fourth ranked texas a & m and mississippi state in a shake-up in the rankings coming. bulldogs quarterback fitzgerald with a huge day. including this run from the first play from scrimmage. to give mississippi state the
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and two t.d.s through the air. and msu upset texas 35-28, knocking am out of the top four and probably any chance at the playoffs. meanwhile the browns are hosting the surprising cowboys this sunday at the stadium. they are still searching for their first victory of the season. rookie cody kessler will be calling the signals for the brownies and will have a tough time navigating his team to victory. the cowboys off to a great start. at 6-1 they along with the patriots are the the nfl with only one loss. honestly, the cowboys should have little trouble with the browns this sunday. but veteran tight end jason is not taking anything for gran thed. >> i never lined up in 14 years and just had a gimme. those don't exist. young players have to understand that and realize we're going to get their best shot. a lot of the games were leads
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of situation. and you're expecting a lot of different things thrown at you. it's going to be a big challenge. >> reporter: jason whitten speaking kindly of the cleveland browns. sports tonight, after the late news, coming up tomorrow, browns and cowboys. jimmy's take on what happens and super dave goes one-on-one with scott. don't miss it after the late news tomorrow night. the indians had a great season. cavaliers off to a great start. the browns but the cavs already there. >> thinking positive. thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next. latest news, weather and traffic and sports always on our app and hillary will be back at 11:00.
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on this saturday night the final push on this last weekend before the election. the candidates make their cases to crucial voters in key states. hillary clinton drawing on star power to make a plea to minority voters and the trump campaign faces new questions about his past white house lockdown. the tense moments as secret service confronts a masked man with a gun. serial killer. the search for more bodies on a remote farm in south carolina as a deeper and disturbing picture emerges of the suspect being held in the brutal kidnapping of a young woman. and grandmother's kitchen. in fast food age. we'll take you back to a place where they cook up a homemade family meal the way it used to be.


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