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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 19, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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@exactly, no one knows for sure. @>> there should be no secrecy @we want to know what kind of @equipment is being brought into @the city outside the scope of @normal police equipment. @>>reporter: the city's @response? @we will not discuss operational @security matters. let's take @you to sunny florida, tampa @specifically, in 2012 the rnc @unfolded. @>> we have to de-escalate @conflict and train folks. @>>reporter: the mayor giving his @best advice for a smooth @convention. @we also had a chance to speak @with the chief of police in @tampa during the time of the @rnc. @she said they also got a 50 @million-dollar grant. @where did the money go? @most towards personnel, even @things like bikes but activist @say they really want answers @and they want to know not just @for the citizens but elected @officials. @live in cleveland, hilary
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@ as the rnc inches closer @and closer, renovation projects @continue to take shape. @makeovers all over the except @the allen theatre where show is @scheduled, already rented out @during the event. workers are @repainting auditoriums and @lobbies, restrooms and @enhancing lighting. @paying special attention to @intricate details preserving @the integrity of the original, @intricate designs. @>> pretty eminent architect of @historic theaters in the 20s @and we are putting back one of @his original pieces that was @destroyed in 1964, it is huge @but we are doing is impressive. @>> a lot of that work being @done on the ohio theater. @next coming up improving seats @and balcony. @ developing news police have @issued an arrest warrant for a @man after discovering a body @inside his home. @police executed a search
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@levi rankin, that is the home @where they found the body. @he is wanted on murder charges. @police are not releasing the @victim's name until they notify @family members. @if you have any information @please call police. @ a northeast ohio man in @police custody tonight accused @of using an app to lure a @teenager from missouri to @minerva, a village about 80 @miles south of cleveland, @police say he met a teenager @online and drove to missouri to @kidnap her. @police say he met the victim @through an app called say high. @police were tipped off when the @teenager was able to call home. @investigators are looking into @whether other victims in the @case. @he has been charged with @kidnapping, assault and ray. @ a florida jury has awarded @famous entertainment wrestler
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@found guilty of violating his @privacy for posting his tapes @online. @the professional wrestler first @sued them for 100 million -- @$100,000 saying he never @consented to being taped or to @the release. @the jury awarded hogan $60 @million for emotional distress @and $55 million in damages. @they plan to appeal. @ coming up premature aging, @why you might want to cut back @on taking selfies if you're @trying to keep that youthful @look. @ haunted cleveland. @the historic site on the city @website featured in a national @tv show. @ a movie policy a nationwide @theater chain, not allowing @small children into certain @films. @find out why and how moviegoers @are feeling about it. @ we have an ever-changing @forecast headed our way for the @weekend. @spring versus winter and yes, a @better outlook
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@ @. @ now troll warning about the @security and electronics in @your car. @the fbi and national highway @administration have issued a
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@are becoming increasingly @are becoming increasingly @vulnerable to hacking. @criminals can access components @that control brakes, @transmission and steering. @consumers are urged to be @vigilant about installing the @latest legitimate security @updates. @ snap being too many selfies @can cause premature aging so @says a london blogger digging @into her own habits. @she decided to have her face @checked for early signs of @aging. @she was worried the light of @her phone could be damaging her @skin. @doctors confirm she is right. @light emitted from electronic @devices some studies suggest it @is as bad as uva light from a @tanning bed and can not be @blocked by sunscreen. @everything in moderation this @instagram star was taking up to @50 selfies the day. @ considered to be the most @haunted house in the us. @franklin castle here in @cleveland. @for the first time a camera @crew from the cable network,
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@inside to find out who or what @haunts this castle. @if it's on the corner of west @44th street and franklin, @surrounded by an iron gate. @>> i haven't seen anybody but i @have heard stories folks have @been in the window, a lady that @walks around but i have never @actually seen anything. @>> investigators from the show @paranormal lockdown spent three @days inside searching for @clues. @one story about a mysterious @little girl believed to haunt @the house. @she died more than 100 years @ago. @the episode erred tonight but @it is on again in a couple of @hours at 1:00 a.m. @saturday and again next friday @night. @ the weekend a prime time to @visit the movies that we @discovered some theaters have @new and little-known policies @in place that could affect your @experience. @a topic that has parents
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@live outside a movie theater @with the details. @>>reporter: children under the @age of six are not allowed to @attend r rated movies at regal @cinema, even if accompanied by @someone over the age of 21, a @policy the theater implemented @to create an interruption free @environment for adults but a @lot of people we talked to say @young kids have no place in an @r rated to the anyway. her @family recently visited the @theater to see the superhero @movie dead pool. @>> it's rated r and my husband @said there are a lot of smaller @children there. @there was a debate about @whether they should be allowed @to go in or not. @>>reporter: kids younger than @six would not have been allowed @in at regal cinema according to @their policy but that is to @benefit adults saying we want @to make sure there are minimal @interruptions during r rated @movies. @we achieve this through @controlling the number of young @film -- young children.
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@say that, at that age. @they would not understand it @anyway. @why scare them. @>>reporter: with violence in @movies today @that is what you are subjecting @your child to. @>> of girls under the age of @six i would never, could not @imagine. @>>reporter: a local manager @told us they have received some @pushback although almost @everyone we talked to agreed @with the age rule including @kids themselves. @>> kids this age should not see @r rated movies because they @have too many passing, too many @more violence i think it is @right. @>>reporter: this isn't a brand- @new policy, it has been in @place for about a year. @aamc and cinemark have @implemented and no six after @six rule which means they can @accompany adults during the day @but not after 6:00 p.m..
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@new residents. @check out the tiger cubs born @this week. @those two says they are healthy @and nursing well with their @mother. @there are now seven at the @columbus zoo. @they are needed to russia and @have been a critically @endangered species there due to @overhunting. @ absolutely adorable. @>> as we look to the weekend we @will get a little bit of @everything. @>> there has been some @promising developments in the @last couple hours. @we watch these models as they @come in and like everything @else, they change. @the good news it won't a little @on what we are expecting, still @going to feel like winter, @don't be fooled. @the calendar switches to spring @on sunday but it won't feel @like it until the middle of @next week. @tonight, overcast skies, a bit
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@out late it will be cool, not @only tonight but starting early @in two tomorrow morning, with @overcast skies. @the northwest wind and a little @windchill in some areas. @the good news we dried out, @quiet and satellite and radar @for the last three hours or so. @the planner for the morning, @once we hit the chill in the @upper 20s and lower 30s, it @will be a slow start tomorrow @morning. @don't expect a bump in @temperatures until the @afternoon with many of us @sticking to middle range 30s. @hour by hour by about noon time @we have overcast skies into the @evening, notice the lack of @moisture. @there is moisture moving from @the south but it will take more @of a delay to get here. @we are fine overnight, saturday @into early sunday morning. @for early morning plans. @then we see a pop to the south @and east as i advance this @forward, more of a mix of rain
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@and snow showers for others but @the best chance for snow, @according to the accumulation @forecast, way across the @southern and eastern zones. @notice much of the midsection @of northeast ohio is fine. @by the lake it looks like we're @not expecting too much in the @way of accumulation but we will @see scattered showers so be @prepared. @the forecast overall definitely @below average. @noticing with our weather @nation seven day forecast, @saturday, sunday and monday @below average. @we should be right around 48 @degrees this time of year. @we will stick to 30s, well into @monday. @the good news, once the snow @showers taper off monday @morning, we will break out with @sunshine midday and afternoon. @monday looks to be chilly but @at least a return of sun. @by tuesday a transition day, @try to get temperatures back @into the 50s. @with the overnight low, we have @a pretty good chance of seeing @a light coating are dusting on
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@morning. @certainly by the afternoon. @things will be clearing out. @toward the end of the week, @moisture moving through, @temperatures warm it will all @be rain. @>> comes back to that spring @like weather this time of year. @ diversity and inclusion @took center stage at the lorain @community urban league @conference today. @the organization held its @second equal opportunity day @conference and luncheon. @organizers say the goal was to @create a safe space to discuss @and the raise awareness about @issues that divide communities. @ross served as the moderator @for the panel during today's @conference. @ the cavs in florida with a @chance to clinch a playoff @spot. @are we officially in the @postseason?
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@ @. @ give us the good news.
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@grinding through march, five @games in seven days tonight in @orlando looking for their 14th @straight win over the magic. @guess what happens. @cavaliers clinch a playoff spot @with a win tonight. @up in the 2nd quarter 53-47. @nice drive of the baseline @there. @orlando stays close, magic up @by 477-73 in the third, kyrie @irving would take over @three-pointer there finished @win. @by the way watch this. @and the foul too. @playoff spot. @they head south as far south as @you can go in nba to take on @the miami heat tomorrow night. @today in columbus in division i
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@westerville south ohio state @and crew the game tonight in @columbus a tough night to the @bulldogs led by hartfield 27 @sean christian had nine at @three-pointer westerville south @they offense to the final they @beat garfield high 87-78. @earlier today division 4 @cornerstone christian at @columbus wellington cornerstone @michael oliver more cornerstone @christian in the 2nd half @michael has 40, christian comes @back seven-point halftime @deficit 76-67 they are in the @division four state @championship game looking for @their first ever title tomorrow @in columbus. @of course we are in march that @means march madness. a @huge upset today did you hear @about this one? @number two michigan state
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@. you probably would've said @michigan state but let's be @honest you had middle tennessee @in the bracket. @middle tennessee state got up @big game, a three-pointer @there, raiders up by eight they @would go up by more and go on @to win by a final score of 90- @81. @middle tennessee and the season @of michigan state just like @that. @ brown's head west to check @out a potential quarterback. @who was it? @head coach and other members of @the organization went to cows @-- count to meet with jared @goff. @coach hamilton and quarterback @put in a weird request he @doused of football and water in @said make some throws with a @watered-down ball that is what @you will see in cleveland in @november and december. @is he expecting something like @this?
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@went -- when taking calls from @teams. @>> was pretty good from what we @understand. @quarterback joe haden underwent @a procedure on his ankle he @injured it against arizona in @week eight he should be ready @to start the regular season so @that is good news. @cactus league indians and a's @bases-loaded a block and a hit @by a pitch in a single and then @joey butler see you later @10-eight the final home run of
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@ @ bundle up this weekend it @today and tomorrow morning at @5:00. @have a great weekend everybody.
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@ @. @>> thanks for watching text @wkyc to 25543 to download our
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breaking news tonight. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world captured. only surviving plotter from the paris massacre taken alive in a dramatic raid in brussels. him and what he can tell investigators. spring snow storm. a big nor'easter bearing down on millions right as things are supposed toming up. targeting trump. mitt romney's big announcement as he tries to derail the front-runner. also a scare for ly. threats to his children. dangerous mix, the new warning about a spike in patients unknowingly sabotagingwn life-saving treatment because of something they don't tell their doctor.
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big hit, and millionof families who can't get enough. "nightly news" begins right now.ncer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good a success against terrorism. the words of belgium's prime minister after announcing a few hours ago that the only surviving attacker in 's terror attacks in paris has been taken alive. 130 people died in that awful night last when isis terrorists massacred concert--goers and patrons at a restaurant. all but one of the s were killed within days as the last slipped across the border into belgium, and it was there in a dramatic raid today that elusive suspect was shot and wounded and taken into custody. nbc's keir simmons has late details from brussels. >> reporter: gunfire
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forces aim at a suspect. they drag him to a police car. he's falled and then bundled into the back and a crowded street close by people flee as more gunfire erupts, and live onbelgian television an explosion. the dramatic police raids capturing europe's most wanted t, 26-year-old salam abdeslam on the run since the paris massacre which killed 130 people.night president obama called to congratulate belgium's prime minister who appeared with the french president cing the news. abdeslam, one of ten isis members identified by investigators as taking part in the paris attacks, all either died carrying them out, were killed or captured. he had been on the run from police for four months. th attacks he's seen on surveillance video in northern france at a gas station.
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friends and then t through a border checkpoint and into belgium. the manhunt accelerating when his was found abandoned in paris later that month. twice since, once in december and again prosecutors said his fingerprints had been found in raids in brussels, and the key breakthrough was that tuesday raid in the brussels neighborhood of molembique. a suspect is shot dead after abdeslam was to have slipped away but tonight police closed in hon him. the top terror suspect who was able to avoid long, even in a major european capital, now providing investigators with an gold mine. >> this case is all about intelligence, the ability to look and see if there are other pending attacks or those that are in place right now. additionally they will be looking at other co-conspirators co-conspirators, other e
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abdeslam was found in this neighborhood just childhood home. meanwhile tonight the french president saying there were many in the paris attacks than was first thought. lester? >> keir simmons tonight in belgium, thanks. our chief correspondent richard engel has covered this manhunt from paris to brils and beyond. richard, what do you make of this takedown? >> reporter: left, i t revealing aspect of all of this is location. why did he go back to his home neighborhood, and i think it reveals how isolated he you see, from isis' perspective abdeslam was a failure. the other attackers all died in the and if you're an isis suicide commando the group does not expect you to survive. he couldn't go tosyria now having failed in this attack. he couldn't slip away back into isis-held territory, so he went e where he still had a network of friends and supporters who were able to shelter him. perhaps the belgian have been looking in
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lester? >> and the question, of course, what can he tell authorities? richard, thank you. 's turn now to a late-break political development here at home. just two weeks after his scathing public n of donald trump, mitt romney has announced he'll vote for ted utah primary. the 2012 republican is not calling ittan endorsement, but he's being quite open about his motivation. hallie jacksonvering the cruz tell us more about this, h ha llie. >> reporter: sure, lester. this move by mitt romney is like a batsignal to the rest of the establishment to get on board behind ted cruz who is campaigning on the border in arizona today, but utah were romney's influence could make the most difference. they have modelled their path to the nomination on not justutah but winning big to scoop up every delegate and cut into donald trump's lead but don't call this an endorse president. mitt romney isn't. instead he says
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unite behind cruz to force an open convention and that tells us two things, first, that the establishment hasn't fully settled necessarily on who it's for, although it knows who it's against and, second, how serious party leaders are that a contested convention is the most plausible way to stop trump. >> listen, in my book when someone says i'm voting for you and i encourage everyone else to vote for you, that's pretty darn good, and i'll take that and take that happily. >> reporter: all of this a blow to john kasich, lester, with romney calling a vote for him a vote for trumpism. >> all right. hallie jackson tonight, thanks. we're going to get reaction to this from the trump campaign. nbc's katy tur has that for us. katy, what are you hearing. >> reporter: hey there, lester, donald trump is responding in typical donald trump fashion tweeting that mitt romney is a failed presidential candidate, a mixed-up man who choked in 2012. now, although romney's support could help ted cruz in iowa, it is important to note that
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conservative state, much like iowa, much like oklahoma. both of which ted cruz won and donald trump lost. still, trump is campaigning there, even amid news and some serious security concerns for him and his family. >> reporter: security around donald trump tightening as new threats target the gop front-runner and his family. the joint terrific task force now investigating a suspicious envelope filled with white powder delivered to trump's son eric in his new york city home. preliminary tests show the powder was not hazardous, but police sourced tell nbc news the letter, postmarked mass marks demanded donald trump drop out and threatened the contents of the next envelope won't be fake. >> this is a call to arms. >> reporter: and now the hacker group anonymous declaring total war on trump. >> we need you to dismantle this campaign and sabotage his brand. >> reporter: the group promising to expose the billionaire, now posting personal


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