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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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@showed clinton in the lead. @>> we start tonight on the @republican side -- trump has etition so @far. @how can ohio be such a boom for d he will be a major @player at this summer's @convention one way or another. @>> @>> good evening. @it's understandable if you were @sitting in your living room @scratching your head and saying @virginia and new hampshire. @how is it if john kasich winds @only back in @the game? @how does that work? @let's walk you through it. @it all comes down to d dot is a delicate in @march. @the fifth 5 march versus @tonight -- how many are at play ri, ohio, @florida. @now take a look at how many to @date trump has collected --
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@he needs to get to the -- @1237 -- to get to the final @how many delegates everyone @else has combined. @we talked to john kasich last @night about how confident he is @he july when @the convention rolls around. @>> i won cuyahoga river county @-- everyone is doing >> is that why you are spending @election night in berea? @>> i'm glad to be be there in july at @can loans arena? @>> where else would i be? @i would if you were a betting man @you would say you are there? @>> yes, i'm getting go to the @convention no matter what @happens. @>>.in the cheap seats but -- @>> i think we will go @convention strong and at the @end they will want to pick reign-policy @experience and domestic record @of success.
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@talking to us -- take a look at io when he @ran for governor -- he was the @caller red. @he hopes that his gone by and 30 years and @elected office the team to a @big victory on the biggest @night of his career. @>> he is hoping for yes, this will be fun to @watch closely. @>> thank you. @>> let's check in with the @senior ent @live in berea where kasich will @be making a speech later @tonight. @>> good evening. @we are in the gymnasium onnd in a few hours @governor. @kasich will make a speech -- @either celebrating a that will keep @his campaign alive or @acknowledging a crushing defeat @that will send his campaign d. @>> kasich voted in his hometown
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@victory over trump and hoping @they will reward his @>> he was chagrined by trump @unflattering remarks about @women. @>> this is @campaign has been pointing @since he started to run in @july. @if he wins he's gocheduled tomorrow in @pennsylvania. @if you loses he said it is game @over for him and mainstream @republicans hoping to find a @way to keep donald trump from up delegates before the @convention. @>> thanks, tom. @>> and @florida he could all but locked @up the nomination. @the voter turnout in florida @has been high which could help @marco rubio win in his home @state in ohio the voter turnout @is only 18% in coyote coca @county as of the last update at @4:30.
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@will be the party's nominee. @speaker of the house paul ryan @fortunately called trump to @tell him voters will pick the @nominee, not the party elite. @>> now to the democrats -- @bernie sanders reporters will @be at the hilton london in @tonight and that is where @andrew is now -- good evening. @>> good evening, russ -- the @watch party begins at 7:30 -- @you know you are in the right @place when you see a big red @bus -- the hope sanders can @produce another update like @last week in michigan. @>> the senator is looking for @the next major contest and when @the results come in he will be @arizona speaking in phoenix. @>> he was in akron yesterday. @he knows how important ohio can @be any he hopes it might be a @little bit unpredictable @because as we saw last week in @michigan hillary clinton went @in with a lead and came out @with a loss. @many supporters hope the same
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@>> back to you. @>> thanks a lot. @>> i will check in now with the @hillary clinton watch party. @>> hello, russ -- a lot of @democrats supporting hillary @clinton are expected to show up @at the winking lizard and @suspect that her poll numbers @will hold up five points over @sanders which is disconcerting @for many because of how similar @michigan and ohio are -- @sanders beat clinton in @michigan. @>> earlier she was in probably @north carolina talking about -- @talking with folks at the @polling okay should be @>> there she took aim at donald @trump saying he has laid out a @dangerous path.
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@it's not just here at the @winking lizard that people will @gather but other places across @ohio. @person absent here and @noticeably absent is clinton @herself. @she did not make an appearance @in ohio but is expected to give @comments about the results of @the contest in florida. @>> live in downtown cleveland, @digiornio, lean cuisine, and @stouffer thanks a lot. @>> tension was high today at a @polling location in cleveland. @poll worker was arrested after @he pulled a gun while arguing @with other coworkers. @this happened at louisa may @alcott elementary school. @he was charged with aggravated @abuse. @>> let's look at some of the @ballot today be @>> if you are a democrat you @are making a choice for county @being challenged by former
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@>> the voters are deciding @whether to renew a 4.8 mill @levy for health and human @services that will fund @emergency services and drug @treatment programs. @it's a renewal, not a new tax. @>> voters across northeast ohio @are choosing between former @governor. @strickland and city councilman @pg sittenfeld and the political @new cormark -- newcomer. @>> republican voters will @choose between portman and @eckardt. @>> voting in parma or parma @heights for seven hills or @strongsville the controversial @bow hunting issue is on the @ballot. @this would allow hunters to use @those and arrows to hunt deer @in designated areas with a @license. @>> there was some confusion @over the ballot today -- why @did voters need to select a @presidential nominee twice? @we talked to state election
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@from the newsroom. @>> what are you trying to do? @>> with almost every primary @election there comes a bit of @confusion. @women to vote, where to vote, @and how to vote. @>> i guess i missed the cutoff @time. @i wasn't able to voted today @that i will go to my location @when i leave here. @>> one problem this time was @the republican ballot form. @>> was confusing. @it was disheartening -- the @fact that there were many @candidates on the ballot that @withdrew -- they were still on @the ballot. @>> people casting their vote @had to pay special attention as @they marked down their choice. @>> we are trying to address @this issue as quickly as we can @so voters can vote and move on. @>> although there was a lot of @confusion with the balance @there is still time to cast @your vote. @as for secretary of state they
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@those will be tallied but as @for the republican ballot only @vote double count is one at @large. @>> jazmine monroe channel 3 @news. @>> @ young voters could decide @the close race -- what is said @to be a close race -- we will @see. @17-year-old turning 18 by @november can vote in today's @primary thing to a court ruling @last week. @alyssa raymond joins us now. @>> hello. @i spoke to two high school @seniors and both were extremely @excited about voting today. @they both cast their votes @where they went to preschool. @>> afterschool tuesday tj did @his civic duty -- he turns 18
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@first time in the primary @election. @>> saw summit. @i couldn't believe i would be @able to do this. @>> this allows 17-year-old @turning 18 to vote for @candidates but not ballot @issues. @exciting. @>> sophie hansen said she voted @for john casey. @>> it's intimidating because @your vote does count although @some don't think it does. @i wanted to make sure i made @the right decision. @>> most people don't like to @say whom they voted for. @>> congratulations. @>> hunt probably share. @>> i had to vote for my dad -- @that was cool. @>> tj and sophie are two of the @potential new voters here in @ohio. @that to you, russ next -- @picture proof that you voted -- @posting online is a no-no -- @how your ballot selfie could
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@>> tune in for the most @extensive election night @coverage. @we will have instant results @online and on your mobile @device as well as live @streaming comment -- content of @the time the polls close up to @the news at 11.
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@ @coming up tonight at seven @conservative radio talk show
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@chair face-off on the issues on @today's ballot in what is sure @to be a lively debate. @plus it looks better than the @real thing -- the reason one @company is making big money off @of fake food. @we will see you at 7. @>> all day it's that the the @team at newsradio 1100.
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@ @we hope you are sporting your i
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@hopefully you didn't take a @selfie -- that's illegal in @ohio. @monica explains why. @>> this is such a close @election. @many might be tempted to take a @selfie and posted online. @a word of advice -- you your @camera phone in the car and @don't be breaking the law. @>> this morning the board of @elections tweeted a reminder -- @taking a selfie with your @ballot is illegal in ohio and @35 other states. @feel free to post with your i @voted sticker or post your @political choices on your @social media. @that's okay. @there's a reason most polling @places have banned cell phones. @some argue with a violation of @priests reach but it's meant to @prevent voter intimidation. @while this law was made before @twitter and facebook taking a
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@indicate the proof of a vote @and the way to get a pay day or @a message to others to vote a @certain way. @>> while you may see news media @taking pictures of the polls @they are allowed to see your @ballot in for. @there's been some talk of @updating the law but for now @it's against the law here. @>> the penalty for posting a @ballot picture online are not @clear. @we couldn't find any cases that @have been prosecuted. @cause this is such a hotly @contested race this could @change -- is better to be safe @than sorry. @>> thanks, monica. @>> it can all come down to @tonight -- degrees in florida @and ohio could seal the deal @for trump. @>> kasich comes out on top the @road to a contested convention @becomes shorter. @>> it's great to see you as @always. @>> you have covered an election @or two in your time. @>> if you look at the path to
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@guy that is not one a single. @as far -- even if he wins ohio @does he have a realistic shot @at the nomination in the @contested convention for @>> apparently it's only a @brokered convention. @he has only one 61 delegates @and the amazing thing is that @if john keswick were to win all @of the delegates available in @the primaries to come it would @still not be enough for him to @get to the matching 1237. @>> to me it seems the @convention is the path. @the way the brokered convention @works is that on the first @ballot if no candidate wins the @majority and 80% of the @delegates are free other @pledges and obligations to vote @for the candidate selected in @the primaries. @on the second ballot if there
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@delegates are free to vote for @anybody. @if the primaries didn't -- as @at the primaries didn't happen. @>> the hope is that they will @turn to him because he has more @government experience at the @federal level. @>> we have a lot to talk about @-- [11 as well. @>> you are buying dinner? @>> okay. @>> over to you. @>> greg joins us -- they said @the voter turnout may be @affected by the rain -- it @seems like every time you step @outside -- @>> yes, personally and clouds @and missed -- the worst is @avoiding ohio tonight -- let me @the pesky clouds stick around @all afternoon. @as we go through the evening @the clouds will be with us. @we were so close -- take a look @at columbus they did clear out @earlier tonight and the clear @line is setting up 71 video
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@sunset temperatures down -- @it's 60 in dover but near the @lake we are in the 40s, stuck @with drizzle because the vote @went off the water be @>> remember the water @temperatures this time of year @-- 370 the current lake water @temperature and that will hold @them in the 40s all evening. @farther south we will stay in @the 50s. @overall the forecast for the @evening most of you are in the @50s and 40s -- the 50s will @cool down. @wind will churn from the south @and we will see cloudy skies. @>> i don't think the @temperatures will fall too fast @tonight because of what's @happening to the west tonight @and that is this -- a major @severe weather event going on @southwest of chicago with a @tornado watch box from illinois @to northern missouri and @eastern iowa with thunderstorms @developing near quincy and they @will spread to the east and @northeast toward chicago and
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@most of them will avoid us @going through the night. @the area of low pressure @generating the storms is off to @the west/northwest tracking @toward central canada and that @is why the storms are heading @toward michigan and illinois. @behind the system some real @cold air. @it won't miss -- it arrives @with we get rain tomorrow and @the temperatures start to fall @for the rest of the week and @into the weekend. @>> below normal for several @days -- temperatures in the 50s @this evening -- 40s to the lake @-- they be sprinkle. @tomorrow is the best @opportunity to see a broken @line of showers may be a @thunderstorm rolling through. @mild early and then they will @blow by and the wind could see @a break of sunshine or two. @upper 50s to maybe 60 -- 50 is @more common heading into @tomorrow first 2 cloudy with a @couple of sprinkles and showers @during the afternoon.
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@trending downward -- highs in @the 30s that is 100 below @normal of a which is can it -- @by sunday or monday we could @see rain or snow showers. @>> sports is next. @stay with us. @>> future view.
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@ @now the sports report. @the browns had a free agent @today -- demario davis was in
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@an interesting pick if they get @him to sign -- 27 years old -- @a former third round pick @second 2012 -- one of the @linebackers that made the hit @on the opening game -- and @knocked him out. @>> here's the thing -- he has @played in every game since he @joined the gets. @that's the kind of free agent @you need to have -- a guy @without a big injury past -- a @guy the place a lot. @a guy that when you give them @the money he will be on the @field every sunday -- a wide -- @a wise move is designed have @been. @>> here's an interesting story @the new chief strategy officer @for the browns coming over from @baseball -- he tells story @about leaving the nfl scouting @combine in like to get on a @plane and the people behind him @from other nfl teams. @they were mocking him saying @what is he doing here? @bringing money ball and
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@>> he said he is driven by the @fact that people criticized @him. @>> he remembers people doing @this when he was trying to @bring money ball into existence @with the oakland a's and it @worked. @>> college basketball -- and it @down in columbus state to get @on the zip -- they both wanted @to be in the tournament but @they have to settle for this. @the buckeyes are young -- 20 @and 13. @akron is brokenhearted after @losing the championship game @ascended up at the get a chance @tonight against the big ten @team. @>> the big thing is to freshen @up -- this will be four games @in six days -- they have an @advantage. @at the same token at least we @aren't going to be rusty -- we @played a lot of games and it @will be a fun deal. @>> they went dry in the last @8.5 minutes -- they paid the @price. @they lost the first and only @game of the road trip -- three @and 1 in the four-game trick.
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@it took 42 three point shots @and they missed 32 of them. @>> my advice is to move in a @couple of feet. @>> tonight able take on the @mavericks coming up. @>> also the boys state high @school championship weekend in @columbus -- vikings are back in @a familiar spot in the state @tournament in in the semifinals @they will play at 10:45 @thursday morning and take on @lynchburg. @how about this -- the 15 trip @and they won the state @championship six times. @>> the only people you have to @prove anything to is yourself. @>> i think we've done that. @we have said we are good enough @to be here and we belong here. @>> we don't hang up runner up @banners -- we have to get it @done. @that's the plan. @>> we are there now -- why not
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@>> the highlight of the week -- @ignatius wildcats. @they one another state @temperature of hockey over the @weekend and it's therefore the @state title. @minutes away.
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tonight. a major make-or-break moment in the race for president. will trump knock out rubio with a win in florida? can kasich stop him in ohio and force a contested convention? and can bernie sanders pull off another shocker? also breaking, one of the biggest public transportation systems in america to suddenly shut down amid urgent concerns over safety. millions bracing for a nightmare commute. admission. for the first to imthe link playing football disease. and pain killer epidemic epidemic. a major alert about a painful secret at homes across america. hooked on pilots


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