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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@nominees but not vote for @issues or office holding and he @said voting for delegates is @the a group of teens joined the @bernie sappeders campaign and @sued to have the vote count and @they won. @thanks for joining us russ is @off and it's the end of the the browns. @johnny manziel is gone. @we have team coverage of the @browns decision to wave the @quarterback starting @chudowsky. @>> it's over and we will @remember march 11th, 2016 the @day we say good-bye to johnny @manziel. @for the last time i will say i @was all about taking the ootball when they @drafted him but today i am 1 @million percent behind the move @at 11:35 the browns sent out ing the browns waived @waived qb johnny manziel. @eye could have happened on @wednesday but the browns waited @to see if they could trade him.
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@but he is no longer our @problem. @matt said set the browns back @and it will take time @they owe him money for two sea @spbs and don't have a -- @seasons and don't have a @quarterback e started 8 games @in two years and didn't live up @to the hype. @here's voice of the browns. ago, when the @browns selected johnny manziel, @i like a lot of you, was all wow here he comes. @johnny football the heisman @trophy winner the sky's the @limit i felt it was a ging selection. @two years later, it definitely @was a franchise changing @selection. @two years ago nziel was a bold exciting @move by the browns. @the boldest move yet of the @ownership. @today that bold move turns out @to be a reasons. @as electric as johnny football @was op college football scene
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@when he was actually on field @as the @but even worse was the constant @distraction he was to the @entire organization. @and to the fans who wore their @approval on that draft t night, when he became @a brown the power of partying @and being anything but @professional took over manziel @and we had a pt from being cute to @stupid and immature to thanks @to the browns he is the future @of the franchise is frightening @but manziel is no longer the eland. @drafting of manziel turns out @to be a disaster. @the parting of way was manziel @shows you maybe there is hope @for the front office staff. @can he play the position in the @nfl as quarterback? @thence so far is no. @>> too small and he tonight ng in need @work and time to be a nfl @quarterback.
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@but it was a job that n of being a life of the @party. @as cleveland always does, we @took manziel in and rooted for @him and we applauded him when year ago. @but today, we say good-bye. @so put johnny manziel in your @rear view mirror and watch disappear. @>> well said. @what a ride. @here's the statement from @manzel i would like to thank @the browns for the opportunity @they gave me nearly two years @ago. @we all hoped we were building @what could be @teem team for cleveland i will @remember the support i receive @from the organization and my @teammates and especially the @fans. @comes across hollow to me ne is it's over. @and i think manziel is probably @happy it's over and we will see @where he ends up. @>> what happens? @there's been concerns about his @overall well-being. @>> first of all, think today @you might find him at a party @or bar and that will be on
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@today. @in the future there's couple @things. @will the nfl suspend them @there's a domestic violence @situation in texas and you have @that to deal with and will a @team take a shot at him? @i think so i think you will see @him resurface at some point but @doesn't know when. @but for now, he is out of @cleveland. @>> all right. @thanks dave. @we will talk to you soon. @ donald trump talks a lot @about making america great but @it's not just talk he means it. @i am going to be helping him. @others are going to be helping @him. @>> republican presidential @front-runner donald trump has @picked up an unexpected @announcement from his former @rival ben carson who dropped @out earlier after months of @plight plight cal attacks @carson says they have buried @the hatchelet. @carsons says he-- political @buried the hatchet.
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@before the pivotal primary and @greater cleveland will be the @epicenter as both parties @hopefuls trying to nail down @votes. @senior political correspondent @tom beeres has a run-down -- @beres has a run-down of what he @ahead. @>> reporter: -- what is ahead. @>> reporter: it's win tuesday @or pack it up at stay at home @for john kasich. @bernie sanders is hoping to @gain ground and you have a @choice of rallies and events to @attend. @brace yourself ohio for a @candidate blidz greater cleave @-- blitz greater scene lant @epicenter as they -- greater @cleave heland ep senter. @>> high candidates are hillary @bernie and donald trump. @>> reporter: msnbc at the @coffee shop. @the greater cleanland nate @knife on both sides -- @cleveland native. @>> on both side you've pile @pivotal moment and it turns on
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@>> reporter: rubio asking to @vote for kasich and rubio a @last ditch bid to block trump. @>> win he is in and lose he is @out. @kasich's chances. @>> i think he is the favorite. @if he can't wayne republican @primary in ohio, then maybe the @republican party has changed in @a way that most of the elected @officials have no idea what's @going on. @convention is contested. @>> stick to the rules i don't @think there should be anything @unfair about this at all. @we should say here are the @rules and get a majority great. @you are the nominee. @>> reporter: saturday kasich in @mansfield sunday strongfield @and trump in dayton and @cleveland. @clinton cleveland saturday and @columbus sunday and bernie @sanders in toledo today joining @clinton sunday at the @democratic party dinner. @all a convention warm up. @>> i think it's really exciting @i didn't wait to see all of the @delegates come in and i can't @wait for people to see @cleveland.
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@getting a sneak preview now. @donald trump just started @running his first attack ad @against kasich in ohio @reminding voters he used to @work for lehman brothers and @helped destroy the world @economy. @the question is how loyal will @ohio voters be. @>> we learned in the last hour @or so that 17-year-olds will be @able to vote on tuesday that @effort led by bernie sander @fans. @so how much can that help his @chance. @>> reporter: there are 115,000 @17-year-old that will be 18 @before ehex day it could help @some. @interesting county executive @wrote 17-year-old a letter @urging them to vote change @because he backs hillary and @important to note jon husted is @filing an appeal so maybe we @haven't heard the last word. @>> thank you. @ it seems like it, the race @for president is not the only @thing you will be voting on @this tuesday.
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@measure to allow bow hunting @within the limits for deer. @andrew horanski is live tonight @to explain why. @hi. @>> reporter: as you know there @are parts of northeast ohio @where just about at any time of @day or night you can see he @deer. @if you look behind me in this @section of parma you have to @look through the trees there @but there's a small family @makingway. @now for years, you know cities @across northeast ohio struggled @with how best to call @population. @some hired sharpshooters and @others looked at birth control @but now there may be a way the @most hands on one yet. @if you are able to get up @higher. @oh deer from cell phone video @of a wayward fawn. @>> it's has been following me @for a half mile. @>> reporter: to a doe stuck in @fence and this foe as co. @northeast ohio has a problem -- @fiasco northeast ohio has a @problem. @>> it's bad. @>> reporter: there's netting in @yards all over parma one of 6
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@allow hounders to thin the herd @the old fashioned way with bows @and arrows. @broadview heights north @royalton and parmel hyles and @strongsville are the others. @some residents say that's just @cruel. @>> they are missing or hurting @them and them running and @suffering that's bologna i @don't believe in that at all. @>> reporter: there will be @rules on the crossbows or @longbows allowed no guns. @a hunting license mandatory. @along with certificate to show @proficiency he in ashch arey @and they have to shoot from -- @arch arey and they have to @shoot from elevated platforms @and need more than 5 acres to @hunt on. @along with permission from that @land's owner. @done right, some say they would @give it a try. @>> i think it's going to be @better if they do that. @they need to come to some @conclusion. @no guns in the city because @there's too many houses around. @>> reporter: tuesday's vote @would be nonbinding which means @that if enough voters said yes @the government would consider
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@would possibly be dropped but @then they he would have to com @with something else because @this problem is not going -- @come up with something else @because this problem is not @going up. @>> thank you. @ developing news tonight @former akron police captain @douglas prade will be staying @behind barsch the prosecutor @argued that the dna found on @his ex-wife's lab coat three @years ago was not enough for a @new trial. @he has been in and out of @prison since was convicted of @killing his ex-wife back in @1997. @in 2013, a judge released him @from prison based on the new @dna evidence. @and an appeal sent him back in @2014 and today's determination @was -- while ted he -- today's @determination was being made. @ the investigation continues @on what caused a propane tank @to explode. @state fire marshals called in
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@near american greetings @creative studio. @the fire started near two @propane tanks 10 feet away from @the building. @thankfully no one was hurt. @just how much the damage will @cost is also still being @determined. @ next at 6, we say bye to @the legendary first lady nancy @reagan as she is laid to rest. @hi betsy. @>> i am excited to announce to @everyone the cleveland @metropolitan school district @and wkyc will be teaming up to @change the way weather is @learned in cleave cland. @we will talk -- cleveland. @we will talk about the weather @warriors program and look at @the forecast. @don't think it's too bad. @that's straight ahead. @>> thanks. @ plus, clipping cancer. @what extreme lengths the @students are going through in @order to fight childhood @cancer.
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@ @ about a thousand @dignitaries hollywood @celebrities and guests of honor @paid their final respects to @former first lady nancy reagan @today a private funeral was @held at the ronald reagan @presidential library. @gina kim has the story. @>> i am the resurrection and @the life said the lord. @>> reporter: under a gray skite @threatening rain nancy reagan
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@by closest family and friends. @those who knew her best from @the many roles that defined her @legacy. @from hollywood, to washington, @and perhaps the most important @roles of all mother and wife. @>> there was a circle of their @own private world and as clear @as if it was traced around them @indestructible impenetratable a @island for two. @>> most importantly she will @lay down besigh the man the @love of her life. @the one she loved to the end of @her days. @>> reporter: spokespersons at @the presidential lie yarr any @simi valley -- library in simi @valley planned the details what @music would be played and who @would speak. @ amazing grace @>> reporter: the service was @full of hymns bible readings @and loving tributes. @>> we gather here today to say @good-bye to nancy davis reagan.
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@>> reporter: all of the living @first ladies were in attendance @with the exception of 90-year- @old bar bush represented by her @son and daughter in law. @reagan was 94 when she died of @congestive heart failure at her @home in bel air and told her @daughter before dying she @looked forward to being with @her ronnie again. @she will now be laid to rest @next to the love of her life in @the final resting place. @gina kim nbc news simi valley @california. @ @ nearly 100 students staff @and family members saved their @heads in solidarity to help @fight-- saved their heads in @childhood cancer. @dollars for st. bardrick @foundation. @great effort. @happening.
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@>> weather warriors is the @program that we are @collaborating with the @cleveland metropolitan school @district. @and we will change the way @weather is learned very @practical approach. @and we have community partners @and this is all available @through a foundation grant from @the foundation for the arts and @sciences. @and we have 10h station that is @are -- 10 weather stations @being put in cleveland schools @and i want to announce almyra @julie beer was campus @international, at charles @dickens school lisa braxton as @the principal which principals @will be a important part this @they have teachers who will @help us develop a new @curriculum to teach weather so @excited. @clara ewestrop with the @principal there. @and dennison that was dennison. @and sonja clark and iowa maple
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@there. @and lieu lues with -- luis and @oliver h perry with anne and @the principal is there and page @watkins is the principal at @enthusiastic. @>> love the umbrellas. @>> and westrop or wilson with @dawn ahead n so we are excited @to have -- hayden so we are @excited to have the schools and @we will be work hard along cool @teachers to develop new ways of @showing kids why weather is so @important and how weather is so @important. @and here in northeast @ohioweather is a big deal. @we will have a lot of fun. @we will be developing the @program in the next month and @we are launching it for the @next school year so we will be @out and hopefully making fun @connections there. @one of the coolest things we @have going in northern ohio as @far as influencing the weather
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@sitting at about 35 degrees @right now. @these are tomorrow's 3 p.m. @temperatures so this is why the @lake becomes so important this @time of year. @we are starting to warm up. @it's spring and it's great. @but that lake water does create @a lake breeze and that lake @breeze will help to hold down @lake shore temperatures. @look at the temperature @difference when you go farther @south. @they will be in the 60s so it @looks like the cooler lake @shore areas will be kind of the @place to take a jacket with you @if you are going out and about. @but farther south you may not @need the heavier jacket. @somebody we are talking about @raincoats -- sunday we are @talking about raincoats and on @thursday we will have @temperatures in the 50s for st. @patrick's day with a slightrain @chance holding on as well. @things will be a little cooler @for our st. patrick's day. @we talked about temperatures @and wind direction and the @relationship. @it's in the mid and upper 30s @with the lake shore with the @northeast wind. @farther south warmer it gets.
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@tomorrow, that will be the same @pace. @as far as clouds we are seeing @the clouds beginning to break @up but through the rest of the @evening we will be keeping an @eye on two systems. @one to the north that's a cold @front and then this one to the @south that will be bringing the @moisture and that will be @coming our way as we head @through the day tomorrow. @so, it doesn't look like @tomorrow we are going to have @any problems. @as a matter of fact, i think @temperatures are going to be @rather nice although we did @mention that those top @temperatures across northern @ohio would be varied in the @area. @we will probably about 57 at @hopkins and 60 or so farther @south but look at the lake @shore areas sandusky with @temperatures in the upper 30s @to right around 40. @and rain comes in on sunday. @monday we have rain chances as @well and, of course, tuesday we @are looking forward to election @day voting chances across @northern ohio and it doesn't @look like we have any weather @issues. @temperatures going to be in the @60s in the afternoon and, of @course, we are looking for dry @conditions for the most part. @just an isolated chance in the
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@>> spring like forecast. @thanks betsy. @we will be right back. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> hi thursday may 8th 2014 the @browns drafted johnny manziel. @short of two years later @marchlenth 2016 -- march 11th, @2016 they released the troubled @quarterback.
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@two days after he could have @gone down they sent out an e- @mail reading the cheekland @browns have -- cleveland browns @have waived qb johnny manziel. @the roller coaster ride is @over. @2 season 8 starts 7 picks 8 @touch dops and a ton of @problems off the field n @statement he thanked the browns @and will always remember the @support from the team and the @fans. @bye johnny. @as the news comes out, this @morning, the browns front @office busy in columbus for @ohio state pro day. @more on that in a moment. @you see the vice president of @player personnel on hand. @brown and scouts were there as @well as hugh jackson not there. @he is sick. @urban meyer was there. @browns signed offense i lineman @bailey and linebacker tugel @baby start -- bailey started @three games for seat. @tugel started 11 in three years @in houston. @super bowl. @it's on its way.
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@browns are trying to trade for @the 49ers quarterback colin @caper neck and adam schecter @says he wants to play for the @browns and it's about getting @out of san francisco and @playing for hue jackson. @broncos trade for mark sanchez. @craig robertson started 47 @games past four season. @he say seat wants him maybe we @should keep him around. @back to the pro day in columbus @and it was something to see @insightedding at lectic center. @-- athletic center. @22 players and for ohio state @including our guy jones and he @had great day. @on his mark with his throws qb @coach said jones did everything @he wanted to see. @and at the combine he pulled @the hammy and feels impressed. @>> a lot of teams and it's a -- @it's like i'm wild card or sit
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@for a year or whatever whisper @fetly cool but i think that -- @which is perfectly cool but i @think they think i am a humble @mature young manage. @>> cavs spending four days in @l.a. @as they wait for the game @sunday against the clim @clippers. @last night they beat the lakers @and the last time kobe and @lebron will face each other. @cavs win the second straight @game. @the number one seed is akron @and they are tipping in moments @at the q against bowling green. @michael brantley as we talk @indians and finish with them he @took part in batting @practicefor the first time this @spring he's comes back from the @right shoulder injury. @no setbacks so far. @so sara they want to direct the @league manziel. @>> it's out. @>> done. @>> yeah. @>> signing off with that you @know he we are leaving it @there. @>> someone else's problem. @>> we would be okay with that. @thanks dave. @>> all right. @>> thank you for watching. @we are all back at 7 tonight. @nbc nightly news is just
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breaking news tonight, frantic rescues. families on rooftops clinging to trees. homes suddenly destroyed as historic floods rage for millions, states of dangerous. violence and vulgar ree erupt at another trump rally. tensions boil over. a man dragged away bloody and trump's campaign manager under fire as a reporter charges him of assault. a stunning twist. was a member of putin's inner circle murdered in america? airport nightmare. just in time for vacations, why the tsa lines are suddenly getting a lot longer.


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