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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  March 11, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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@with plans that work we make @immigration. @>> we will build a wall, triple @border patrol, and sanctuary @cities renege education. @>> i am a favor in ohio, high @standards first of all i would @take 125 federal education @programs put them in four @buckets and send them back to @the state. @>> and social security. @>> anyone who tells you social @security can stay the way it is @is lying. @>> line, and ask the wish @-- acquisition delivered with a @different tenor and targeted @earlier debate. @>> i have given my answer lying @ted. @>> tonight the candidates @showed restraint and even @respect. @>> i will let donald speak for @himself. @>>reporter: donald trump at one @point calling for unity and @even technology discussion had @changed. @>> we our all in this together @we will come up with solutions @and find the answers to things. @so far i can't believe how @civil it has been appear remake @they did not always agree, @challenging each other's plans, @policies, knowledge and ability
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@for-all of the last several @weeks that resembled a cage @match more than a conversation @with gone giving way to an @actual debate. @so the question now is will the @tone continue on the campaign @trail with just five days left @before the next round of @primaries. @ with the big showdown in @ohio around the corner we once @again find ourselves in the @spotlight tonight andrew @horansky found a few businesses @prepping for prime time as a @result. @>> we have been hearing a lot @about the economic benefits of @hosting the rnc. @as it turns out there is also a @payout to being a key swing @state. @wife, cameras and liquid @tonight msnbc set up shop inside @the routes cathay. @they will be here through the
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@morning around 6:00 a.m. @and go well into the afternoon. @there is a number of different @shows, chris janson will be here @here. @>> business will continue as @usual. @anyone here looking to see you @come in? @>> i'm curious i am excited to @see what will happen. @>> walk-ins will serve as walk @ons practically becoming part @of the set. @>> i love lakewood saying this @is pretty cool we back for @months the network has visit @local businesses along the @primary trail, something he @the script just got here from @detroit. @by monday they will move into @the urban farmer at the westin @getting big players in @politics. @>> at the political conversation @going and see how people are @feeling and what their issues @are, their concerns remake big @names in broadcasting like @chuck todd of nbc's meet the
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@university of mount union. all @this attention and is not even @july. @and it is very exciting the @first national hit we are @expecting tomorrow will be on @the today show tomorrow @morning. @as you know from your network @days, armies of crews coming @tonight, people at the hotels, @restaurants, good for the @economy early and hopefully @later this summer. @>> a cast of thousands and they @will spend money. @ boaters got a chance to @meet the candidates as the @presidential form that @candidates market place. @local, regional and national @candidates and spokespeople had @a chance to make their pitch to @voters and address some of the @issues. @the naacp, league of women @voters and the greater @collegiate chapter of delta @sigma theta sorority for the @events. @ an ohio judge deciding
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@a say in tuesday's primary. @17 -year-olds he will be 18 by @the november election can't @vote but there is a battle over @weather they will count in the @presidential primary. @secretary of state john houston @says ohio law lets 17 @-year-olds pick nominees but @not officeholders and voting @for delegates is the same @thing. @emmett sjoberg will be 18 next @month one of a handful of 17 @-year-old joining the bernie @sanders campaign, to have their @vote counts. @>> i will be extremely @disappointed. @i think that not being able to @vote in the primary election @will make me much more @disillusioned with the way our @political system is heading. @>> in addition to the sanders' @campaign, local voting rights @group also in on the lawsuit. @ times are changing in @huntington and first merit bank @closings and branches in many
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@ millions of frozen pizza @isn't in his recall. @find out why and how to tell @what is in your freezer is on @the list. @ attention shoppers, plans @unveiled four new outlet mall @coming to northeast ohio. @. @ we do have rain showers @coming down in northern ohio, @moving out but if you haven't @been outside recently, it is a @little cooler. @we will talk about what that @means for friday and through
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@ @. @ and even bank has announced @plans to consolidate or close @more than 100 notations the may @recall in january they @announced acquisition of akron @-based firstmerit bank. @today's announcement affects @huntington and merit locations. @ongoing employment to employees @whose locations close. @ honda has unveiled its @first solar cell vehicle called @clarity, described as the world @first five passenger sedan type @vehicle of its kind. @you can travel 466 miles on a @full tank.
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@minutes however not a chief @sticker price around $67,000. @ the wonderful pistachio @company voluntarily recalling a @limited number of of flavors @and sizes due to a risk of @salmonella. @the cdc is investigating 11 @cases in nine states that may @be linked to the product. @two have been hospitalized. @the pistachios were sold @nationwide and in canada under @the names wonderful, paramount @farms and trader joe's. @consumers can return the @product for a full refund. @ a recall from nestle @involving 3 million boxes of @frozen digiorno pizzas also @still first lasagna and lean @cuisine. @customers have found pieces of @glass in the food. @nestle says it may have come @from spinach used in the meals. @it is looking into the claims. @with a full list of items under @recall posted at on @the homepage.
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@plans in the works to build an @garfield heights the outlets @will be located at @transportation boulevard and @granger road. @no word on exactly what stores @will be included for went the @outlet could open. @ now coming up on 11:17, @betsy is here now this @springlike pattern continues. @>> the whiplash a little nice @and back to winter. @tomorrow one of those days, @just cooler than we have had, @we have been spoiled. @even though the sun will be @shining it will be chilly out @there. @things stacking up, dealing @with rain showers, light stuff @starting to break up. showers @continue to move out as we go @through the rest of the night @but we have some wet roads @across the area and we are @anticipating too many problems @as we go through the overnight @hours. @heavier showers in portions of
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@of dover, new philadelphia that @stretches to new carrollton @that will continue to move @east. @the rest of the evening farther @north we have scattered showers @that continue to akron, canton @and cuyahoga falls. @hudson streetsboro getting a @shower, this will pass through @and as we look further north @and west to lorain and western @sections of cuyahoga county, it @looks like be showers of @breaking up. @for the rest of the night just @damp and cool and foggy as @well. @temperatures now in the upper @30s along the lake shore. @40s and 50s hanging on father @south. @as we go through the rest of @the night we are anticipating @where we will have problems @when we have new software. @it still quirky and working out @of. @the back end of the rain @continues to move out cooler @air moving in as this right
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@it is good news bring in drier @air the bad news drier air is @colder air but we missed out on @the heaviest of the rain so @thankful for that. @as far as temperatures tomorrow @morning 30s potentially across @much of northern ohio @definitely a very chilly start @to the day your morning commute @damp and fog hanging around @mostly sunny through the @afternoon but the big thing is @it won't be warm only 40s maybe @50s farther south as we look at @the rest of the day. @the nice thing fog and clouds @will be clearing out midday @except along the lake shore up @but you can see dover likely to @make it to the 50s, 54 high @temperatures and akron/clanton @and cleveland likely to hang @out in the low 40s. @hopkins a few degrees warmer, @probably 42. @as far as planning we summarize @for you upper 30s, mostly @cloudy skies fog around
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@lakeshore will break up faster @farther south the mostly sunny @conditions will continue in the @evening. @look second nice evening, @chilly look at the temperature @spread from north to south @across the area of low 30s for @cleveland as we wrap up the @evening. @when donation seven day @forecast a cool day friday, top @champs likely to be in the 40s @right around 50 degrees, @lakeshore areas feeling colder @than everyone else. @sunday we have the time change @we get to spring forward, you @lose an hour of sleep but just @one of the things we have to @deal with. @note the temperature by @afternoon in the 60s even though @we have rain coming in. @we will continue on monday and @tuesday as ohio heads to the @polls once again, anticipating @temperatures to be in the 60s. @does not look like we will have @too many problems as far as @weather goes for the primaries @in northern ohio.
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@pattern ships coming until @maybe thursday, which is kind @of a big deal because it is the @st. patrick's day thing. about @50 degrees, fingers crossed. @right now looks like i would @favor rain but we could get @colder and things could mix up. @>> you don't use the word but @we don't go to the actual word @that can possibly happen. @>> we will say mix. @>> i like that. @thank you very much. @ next the madness underway @as conference tournaments are @in full swing. @advances and who goes home @. @tonight [ applause @] @
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@ @ in la taking on the lakers @kobe bryant is going for the @last time against lebron james @because kobe is retiring. @kevin love not playing tonight @he has the flu, cavs really @ready to go tonight at staples @center. @lebron and tristan thompson and @all that cavs hugging out before @the the game and a monster jam
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@that down. lebron and the @cavaliers red hot in the 1st @half although the game has @gotten tight cavs leads by five @49-44 but they are shooting the @ball well so far in the 1st @half. @ college basketball and a @lot of it. @ohio state probably needs two @wins at least in the big ten @tournament to be under @consideration to make it to the @ncaa tournament next week in @march madness. @could they do tonight in their @opening game against penn @state? @penn state turns it over, mark @loving turns it over a 24-point @night for him and the case and @a tight game. @wild drives and scores coming @up, 22 in the game, buckeyes @lion 79-75. @to get the second win they need @tomorrow night you have to be @michigan state, tough task. @ in the heart of cleveland @over at the q number one seeded @akron coach in a pack of
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@michigan the number eight seed @as the zips are down by 12 with @eight and a half to go, reggie @mcadams had 20 but here is the @zips coming back. @isaiah johnson hit the big hoop @right there, 19 and akron @survives to win by two, 65-63. @ into the semifinals @bowling green who already this @week has @upset can't state and knocked @out central michigan at the @buzzer this afternoon that came @at 6:30 ohio university will @take on buffalo in the @nightcap. @girls high school basketball @and it is the semifinals @division three gilmore taking @on marian pleasantville. @gillman -- gilmore's hamilton 60 @points pleasantville gets back @camel had 17 the knockout @gilmore 15-47 -- 50-47. @day two of free agency for the @browns and the rest of the nfl, @although the rest of the nfl @realize it's day two of free @agency and you can sign
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@if you're keeping score at @home, the browns lost another @one tonight. @johnson has left the team @captain of special teams @terrific player out of stamford @has played well a tremendous @the detroit lions, two years @dollars. @if you're keeping score the @browns have lost five and @signed none but they have been @in talks about colin kaepernick @possible deal. @the broncos, the jets, rumored @to be talking to the 49ers @about a trade for their @quarterback, @colin kaepernick, recovering @from major shoulder surgery. @yet. @this that happens a lot of @people feel johnny manziel @could be part of a package @going to san francisco. @if that doesn't happen, manziel @still slated to be cut asap. @ sad news for football @tonight and around this area @too. @former new york giants great
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@a tremendous player cathedral @latin in cleveland and went on @to southern cal carried year @has passed away at the age of @61 the cause not yet known. @ indians on the cactus @league had a good week they @came in they had not won again @but they haven't lost a game. @checking out the san diego @padres carlos carrasco very @good on the mound the two run @double in these win again. @nfl five browns seven.
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@ @. @>> cool friday better we can. @>> absolutely. @>> thank you for joining us @channel three news today begins @at 4:30 a.m. @tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00.
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@have a great night. @. @>> thanks for watching channel @three news take news and @weather wherever you go. @text wkyc to 25543 now to
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breaking news tonight. accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water rescues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard barbecue. tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-bloodeders. why this weekend is especially high
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and strokes. "nightly news" begins >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a vicious punch thrown at a protester at a donald trump rally and caught on camera, led to criminal chargesing filed against one of his supporters today amid concerns over the increasingly hostile environment at many trump events.ecent weeks, trump has fired up crowds by ordering protesters removed in ways that some fear might encourage violence. hitting still closer to home is an allegation tonight of violence against trump's campaign manager, from a ho claims she was physically harmed. the trump campaign tonight strongly denying it. nbc's peter alexandhas full details. >> reporter: stunning new video capturing a trump supporter sucker
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the officers escorting jones away last night. jones yelling at the jeering crowd before blindsided. >> get out of here. go home to mom. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies walking right by the attack, instead going after jones. >> i turned. as soon as i turned he hit me dead in my eye. >> reporter: 78-year-old john mcgraw was unrepentant. >> he deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> reporter: today he was arrested and h assault. tonight the trump campaign tells nbc news the incident was unfortunate, that they have no control over the supporters' behavior and take significant measures to keep attendees safe. it's exactly the kind of behavior trump has encouraged at his ies. >> who's protesting? anybody? get out of here. i'd like to punch him in the face, i tell you. i love the old days. hat they used to do to guys like this in a place
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they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. knock the hell -- iomise you, i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. >> reporter: tonight new allegations that hit closer to home for the campaign.p's campaign manager accused of roughing up a reporter. this afternoon, michelle fields from aervative website showed bruises after a fight she said he nearly pulled her down by the arm tuesday night. campaign said the accusation is entirely false. writing no other outlet a reporter witnessed or questioned any that transpired that evening, and questioning whether fields' accusation is part of a larger pattern of her ting incidents. late today, cory tweeted, we're calling b.s. on michelle fields. a "washington post" he witnessed the whole thing and he supports fields' version of the story. there's also reportedly an audio recording of the not been released. all this sure to come up in tonight's
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>> peter alexander, thank you. we want to turn now to our politicalrector, chuck todd. chuck, what do you make of this? >> well, i tell you this, donald trump's been playing with fire for some he does take his crowds and he fires them up. and sometimes it's a positive reaction he gets, and sometimes it's negative. he can be very mea the protesters as peter pointed out, very vicious, frankly, in call out the press corps so he can out individuals. this has been a concern. this has been a concern of mine, frankly, with just the press corps and others that are there. that said, look, weow politics has been messy in this country for hundreds of years. so let's not pretend this is the first time that we've seen something like this happen. however, in this day and age of social media, it is the responsibility of the campaign, they can't be responsible for violence that takes place, but they can help set the tone better. john mccain in 2008 at
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end started to get a little raucous and rowdy toward the end, and he said, that's not right, that's not what you do. donald trump at some point needs to take control of this situation, and do that at one of his rallies. >> chuck todd with some perspective tonight, thank you. the death toll has risen to five in louisiana and mississippi, where thousands of families are evacuated as relentless floodwaters overwhelm cities and towns. one college campus so waterlogged, that there are large fish swimming down the street. nbc's janet shamlian is in the storm zone. of children and their mom. among the hundreds of high-water rescues in and around boser city, louisiana. >> water just comes so quick, people don't understand that. >> reporter: it's been raining nonstop for 24 hours.
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women and six dogs. >> called the sheriff. they said they would send somebody. >> reporter: these are the hardest hit areas, accessible only by military style trucks. it's beyond belief how much of this community is actually under water. we've been driving national guard for and all of it looks just like this. relentless rain has swamped the region. a state of emergency in 22 parrishs, entire communities devastated. louisiana's governor warning drivers of ongoing danger. >> we have more road closures than we have signage to mark them. so we need people to be very, very careful. >> reporter: more than 20 inches of rain in some areas. fish swimming along sidewalks in monroe. beyond louisiana, 12 million are under flash flood watches and warnings. no relief for the weekend. >> they said it might not crest until saturday. >> reporter: whether it's a couple of horses --
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>> reporter: -- or a frightened child, saving lives has become full-time work. dozens of schools in the area have closed once again today. and tonight, a bit of a reprieve here. it has stopped raining. but forecasters say unfortunately this is only temporary. lester? >> all right. janet shamlian, thank you. a manhunt is under way for two suspect in a backyard massacre in the pittsburgh area. five people were killed at a family party. among the victims, a pregnant woman, and the motive remains a mystery. nbc's blake mccoy has the details. >> reporter: a backyard barbecue turned horrific murder scene at a family gathering last night near pittsburgh. five adults killed, three others injured while cooking out and playing cards. >> it was boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: among the dead, three siblings, their mother jessica shelton today struggling for words. >> it just breaks my heart.


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