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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@>> hundreds of other workers @were inside the future american studio when @they were told to evacuate @because of the fire. @happened. @>> witnesses heard deal of the @fire @authorities tell us it started @at 10:30 near two propane tanks @the air. @>> the fire burned for a bit @and then one of the tanks @ruptured and the huge explosion @was felt by near @>> i was sitting at my laptop @-- the monitor was shaking. @it was equipment shot @into the air. @a pipe to about a block away @and landed near where he was @standing. @he and others stood in hours waiting period about @a dozen crews responded and
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@explosion we are lucky no one @got hurt. @>> the inspectors are here and @that will determine if proper re followed. @state fire marshal is @investigating -- they don't @know the cause of the original @fire but as they released more @information we will pass it @along to you. @reporting live carly flynn k you. @>> american greetings responded @-- the acknowledged it took @place at the new studio site @expressed thanks authorities @for how they handled the @situatio@everyone was safe. @>> @ a lot of you are been @talking about this -- hillary @has been looking into that -- @she joins us with a look at @what people are saying. @>> good evening. cial media makes our world @instant -- we were seeing this @-- with pictures and video.
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@than what carly showed us the explosion @right there -- they were shaken @by what happened. @of course, a lot of pictures @are coming in showing what @happened with @>> this is interesting -- @aftermath pictures. @was posted at about 11:24. @we got ly @we wouldn't have seen it for @hours after something happened. @a lot of folks were unclear @about what was going on as the ion developed. @i'm a hot mess -- it shook me @and my home to the core. @>> another important thing is @how important the officials @were able to use this ter -- to communicate and @let folks know to stay away @from the area -- it could have @helped people from getting thank you very much, @hillary. @>> war coverage on the website @-- more pictures and sound and @reaction and if you are on the
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@free ad. @>> breaking news -- pertaining @to january announcement that it first @merit being. @they have plans to consolidate @workloads more than 100 @locations and nearly half are @in including @huntington and first merit @locations. @a spokesperson said the company @will offer ongoing employment @to employees whose locations @have close. @the closure will happen over @the @>> @ election news -- seven 710- @year-olds -- a voting righto make it @happen. @they are in for a fight. @tom barris is hereto shorted @out>> -- sort it out. @>> 15,500 young people who will @be 18 between primary election
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@the battle is over whether @those 17-year-old voters will @have their votes count in the @presidential primary. @>> a cleveland heights high @senior turns 18 next month. @she was excited about voting -- @they allow 17-year-old to cast @primary ballots that they are @18 before november. @>> on the first one i was @looking forward to it -- taking @my box and getting my sticker @and my p.m. @-- it is a rite of passage. @>> she looks forward to casting @the ballot for bernie sanders. @>> he is the truest form of a @democrat. @i feel like he is firmly on the @left and he holds a lot of @values i hold. @>> john houston said article 5 @section 7 of the law says 17- @year-old can go to nominate @candidates but not elect @officeholders. @picking delegates same thing.
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@actual presidential candidate. @we vote to elect a delegate to @go to the convention and vote @on our behalf for a particular @candidate. @>> this lawsuit is being hashed @out -- she will be up that is @she is stopped from voting. @>> i will be extremely @disappointed. @not being able to vote in the @election -- primary election @will make me much more @disillusioned with way our @political system is heading. @campaign. @>> with the election rides away @with it will have to come to a @decision soon. @there's a good chance the @losing side will appeal. @>> that young lady is @passionate -- it's good to see @she wants to get her involved. @>> will 17-year-old have their @own ballot? @no, the same one that everyone @else gets but they are put to @the side -- like in a separate @envelope and kept until after @the regular votes are tabulated
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@where they can legally vote are @tabulated. @i didn't know that. @another problem for the @election officials. @>> now we all know. @>> before the republicans @square off tonight at a debate @in florida -- five days away @from the winner take all @contest it the sunshine state @-- it is a big day -- it could @put donald trump closer to a @slamdunk. @>> chose governor. @kasich doing well but he is @still behind trump. @the latest poll project he @leads by six points. @however, a fox news poll has @kasich leaving trump -- it was @conducted after mitt romney @made a comment lasting trump.>> @ohio state football coach urban @meyer gave kasich his
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@in a video posted he cites the @leadership in ohio and his @personal friendship. @another endorsement is expected @next monday when the state @resident of youngstown and the @ohio state legend appear at a @town hall. @>> you today the mayor deliver @his 11th state of the city @address. @the mayor outlines some of the @major challenges and @opportunities facing the city. @he made his pitch for a @proposed half percent income @tax hike and said it is needed @to make ends meet. @he said the city is actively @lamenting new policies to @comply with the justice @department consent decree for @police report -- reform. @>> overall he said cleveland is @in a good place. @>> cleveland is a successful @city and is positioned to to @become a great city but it's @not guaranteed. @we have an opportunity to be @great but whether or not we get @there will depend on whether or @not we have the ability and @willingness to engage and @except the challenges before
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@>> the mayor called the @national convention the latest @example of a new winning @attitude for the city. @>> police near pittsburgh are @looking for two gunman who @opened fire at a backyard house @party and killed six including @an unborn child. @>> two were wounded. @innocent bystander. @>> the left the neighborhood @reeling in the victims' @families devastated. @>> for the shooters taking @innocent lives -- you made @children lose their parents. @>> my daughter was a good woman @-- everyone that knew her @laughter. @>> she was an innocent @bystander. @>> five of the six victims were @related. @>> in the meantime good news in @stark county -- thumbs-up for a @job well done. @two months ago sergeant. @garver put his safety on the @line to stop and impaired
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@used his patrol car to strike @the suspect's card and abetting @the driver from harming anyone @else. @today they presented him with a @certificate of recognition for @his heroic effort. @>> @ up next safety threat @behind a major recall alert -- @will tell you why nestli is @pulling food from store @shelves. @>> hello -- the rain continues @in northern ohio and the cool @air is settling in. @the good news is the rain move @south of the cold air stay @spirit will talk about what @that means coming up in your @forecast next. @>> @ plus, the students teaching @master -- an interesting @concept. @will tell you what local @teachers are learning in a new @program when the news returns
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@ four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @coming up at 7 -- how students @are learning about the @holocaust with a performance @that takes them back to that @time. @plus the reason a glacier is @attracting tourists from around @the world. @see you at 7 three @>> ahead tonight violence on @the campaign trail -- what @happened between a reporter and
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@after a punch at a rally. @>> isis -- who is applying and @what you can do to help avoid @the known dangers associated @with daylight saving time @tonight.
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@ @nearly 3,000,000 boxes of
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@been recalled for glass in the @it includes digiornio, lean @cuisine, and stouffer. @nestli the company behind the @brand said no injuries were @reported. @the class they have come from @spinach used in the meals. @we have a link on our website. @>> mortgage rates rose this @year. @the second straight increase @for 30 year fixed mortgages. @rates remain at low levels of @the start of the spring @homebuying season. @>> some encouraging job news -- @last week. @the labor department said the @weekly jobless benefit of @occasions fell 18 droughts and @from the week before to the @lowest number since october. @this comes after the february @employers added 242,000 jobs. @>> for many of us thinking of @high school it brings back fond @memories for things we would @like to forget.
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@to those days. @they are switching roles in the @classroom. @tiffany tells us the teachers @are learning more than they @expected. @>> the days are long. @>> it's hard to sit still for @seven hours. @>> the work can be challenging. @>> i was more tired than i @thought it would be. @>>reporter: going back to high @school as a student isn't as @easy as you would think three @>> more than 25 years for the @high school principal -- today @he is just mark shadowing a @ninth grader. @>> is it weird to have me @sitting next to you? @>> a little bit. @everybody is watching what they @say. @>> is a project involving have @teachers at the small school. @>> first-year math teacher @organized swap. @>> i'm not giving instructions @to the class and telling kids @what to do -- if they slip up i
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@>> it's about understanding @more than just the struggles @the students face in the @classroom. @>> there are a lot of @challenges with poverty and @hunger and health issues @physical and mental. @things that were not front and @center for me. @>> i feel the teachers will @understand us more and if we -- @if they see us struggling they @will help us they were @understand how hard it is. @>>reporter: a learning @experience with the hope of @improving the future. @>> i love my school. @>> i didn't tell her to say @that. @>> tiffany tarpley channel 3 @news. @>> @ next week is the third and @final week of this challenge. @ >> that the is here now -- @i'm sure the betsy kling wing @is busy -- @>> also known as the detention @center. @>> [laughter] @>> there might be some names on
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@>> you said that -- i wasn't @going to go there. @>> i wasn't that bad. @>> let's see what's going on -- @the rain continues to come down @in northern ohio. @on the right by about 11 or 12 @a clock we should see the rain @start to dry up. @note the temperature drop -- @dropping slowly and steadily @through the evening. @a front passed through -- it @hung up south of akron we have @rain showers coming down apart @across part of northern ohio. @as we go through the evening we @anticipate showers to continue @and once we get into the latter @part of the night tonight it @looks like not only will we @deal with dry conditions but @also end up seeing cooler @temperatures settling in. @>> as we take a look closer you @can see it's mostly light rain @we are dealing with across @northern ohio and the showers @will continue not only west but @to the east. @let's take a look -- you can
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@light rain showers and eccles @down into summit county and @stark county is where we get @into the heavier rain showers @and they are lined up along us @30 connecting mansfield to @worcester to campton and as we @go through the evening the rain @showers along the front -- this @is an example -- will continue @to move to the east -- east @northeast and that will @eventually mean heavier rain @showers toward the youngstown @area. @the northern edge of the larger @stream of moisture continuing @to pour northward. @>> i mentioned the temperatures @-- near 60 and over -- downtown @cleveland they sure is in the @40s and as we go through the @evening the cooler air trapped @to the northwest will begin to @see in and the heat moves out @and we could probably say @goodbye to the temperatures in @term.
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@while we see the cooler @temperature settling in it @helps quite a bit because the @moisture stream that has been @soaking the deep south will say @to the south of us as well. @through the evening the rain @showers moving out. @as far as the forecast for the @rest of the evening we will @continue to see that backing @out and it looks like all in @all the morning temperatures @will likely be in the mid-30s @across northern ohio. @we will be off to a drive start @-- mostly cloudy skies to @begin. @but by midday the clouds begin @start to warm up. @but we will still do with it @northerly breeze -- the @lakeshore temperatures will be @in the 30s and we will make it @the high temperatures in @cleveland public we about 48 -- @anticipate temperatures into
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@for akron and mansfield. @looking ahead sunday we are @looking for a high of 61 and @that's good because we are @don't forget. @the clocks need to be turned @ahead one hour and it's a good @reminder to remember to switch @the batteries in the smoke @detectors. @>> there's the forecast -- @rainy and springlike around 63 @>> we will take that -- not bad @at all. @>> you learned a lot at that @detention center. @>> coming up -- you may have @seen this today -- the browns @are shopping for a quarterback. @jimmy will have the latest on @the rumor mill next. @>>
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@ @jimmy is here -- a lot of brown @rumors out there. @>> yes, let me summarize what @the browns have done so far. @>> in free agency -- nothing. @yet. @so we look for some use from @the browns and they are @involved in a story surrounding @san francisco 49er quarterback @colin kaepernick -- they appear @to want to to trade away him @teams thing mentioned as a @trade partner.
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@lost two quarterbacks this week @and the new york jets -- that @is interesting because it seems @like the broncos want a fresh @young quarterback coming out of @the draft but they are @mentioned in the sweepstakes. @>> that would involve a trade @to -- they would have to trade @to get kaepernick and that @would make some sense as to @why they are holding onto @johnny manziel. @he is still a member of the @browns today. @>> if they were able to work a @deal for kaepernick they were @probably throw in mademoiselle @to the 49ers -- of note -- the @49ers are now coach by kelly @and he heavily recruited @mademoiselle. @>> how to college basketball -- @the tournament -- men's @quarterfinals today -- akron @has the number one seed and @played the early game today -- @the took on eastern michigan. @the steps the cabins had a @three point special -- 20 @points in the game. @he fouled out.
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@by 12 with eight doc 42. @the since kept plugging away @and johnson had a big hoop -- @19. @head coach. @>> sometimes i thought they @were killing us. @i felt they were up 18 and we @were in the game. @i've been around long enough at @both ends -- of 18 and down 18. @over. @>> akron most the semifinals @and in a shocker they will take @on bowling green tomorrow night @at 6:30. @the fighting falcons. @any one who was ever been @connected to that university @has a pride and spirit three @>> they will play bowling green @tomorrow -- they knocked off @central city this afternoon. @>> the cavaliers swing tonight
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@last night they needed all for @porters to knock off sacramento @but they got it done. @lebron had 25 -- 11 rebounds -- @kevin love hit a big 3. he @fouled with 17 and they beat @the kings 120 -- 111. @>> tonight the cavs take on the @lakers -- the last time bryant @goes against lebron. @the lakers will be in the @playoffs. @there's some talk he may take @off the night -- that would @bother out everyone going to @the game. @ron said it's up to the coach. @>> @ -- lebron said it's up to @the coach. @>> for me -- i come to play -- @but the coach may want to rest @me. @>> if he was a bowling green @falcons played -- they have @spirit.
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@>> is there a betsy kling @detention hall? @>> no, they are more lenient @there. @>> rollo longer, everyone. @>> takes for watching -- jimmy @and best people be back. @the nightly news is minutes @away. @have a great night.
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works?
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responsible for the content of this advertising. breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water rescues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard barbecue. tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-blooded killers. why this weekend


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