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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@we have more on that story. @>> no not all the. @he's leaving the cleveland @browns. @no surprise. @we wondered when this would @happen, not if. @he's stepping away as president @of the clfe to say no one was stopping @him. @when mike petton was fired, he @was not part of when hue jackson was brought on @board, haven't seen him. @he was not part of the coaching @search. @he was in charge of the @situation, and that hasn't gone @well. @he'll step away and serve as a @consultant to the end of the @year. @in a statement, he calledand thanked
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@jimmy haslam said his guidance helped us succeed our @so, russ, this is the wise guy. @we're looking the wins rather be part of the @football operations. @he's the guy that knows more @about football. @there's nothing more for him to @do. @the bottom line is he's the @this is a new regime. @it's time to move forward. @>> it's been a very busy off- @season. @>> it will continue to keep e'll see you later in @sports sports. @thank you. @this morning saw another says @of a vehicle being hit by a @wrong-way driver. @that driver is said to be @drunk. @andrew horansky has that story. @>> reporter: that crash along
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@in our area in just days. @tonight, there's a real @concern. @a tour with employee people @took on nts before, the driver had @gone north in a southbound lane @near the i-90 split. @all passengers zero some first responders @are looking to see if something @could have kept that car from @getting far. @he's encouraging leaders to @consider spike let's see if there truly is a @problem. @>> in the wake of two deadly @crashes close to home. @last month both drivers died
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@a pickup truck struck her near @teeterman. @they're not sure the strips @the only thing not to do is @ignore the issue. @>> and it is critical to note @that in two of those three @local crashes, including the @one here this morning. @>> the voters have a light to @know. @>> you're the lying guy. @you're the one. @>> release the -- you're the @one. @>> excuse me. @i've given my answer, lying @ted. @>> guess what. @it's now march madness, and @we're headed up north to the @place -- to my turf. @okay? @let me just tell you this. @i will win ohio. @>> after another ruckus @republican debate, the push by
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@trump the domination continues. @we also got a first look at the @trump campaign headquarters @about to hope. @there's been no fancy opening @ceremony. @we have a first look. @trump head waters already @drawing a lot of folks behind @him who want to help and make @sure he keeps his lead and gets @the nomination. @>> this retired truck driver is @drawn to a candy store in @middle heights. @it's the heart beat for trump's @campaign. @>> i think he could turn things @around in washington. @the way they -- it's like @yesterday, it just makes you @sick. @there's back stabbing. @>> a tea party member now all @in with trump, a respective @delegate. @>> the conservatives have @failed. @they've failed miserablely. @>> trump is rich enough not to @need donations that come with
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@>> he cannot be bought. @he cannot be influenced by the @money interests in washington. @he's continually stood up to @him. @that's where a are the of his @support comes. @he has the shoulders big enough @to stand up for the american @people. @>> maybe not believing trump @can deliver everything he @promises. @>> believe me, donald trump @does 50% of what he says he'll @do, we'll be in a much better @position. @>> and willing to overlook @insults and slurs. @is that presidential? @>> and if the people did not @like what he was saying or how @he was speaking, he would have @not made it this far. @>> he predicts trump followers @won't take it lightly if they @this wart trump. @>> if they do that, the @republican party is writing @their own death warrant. @>> this place will be bustling @and if the predictions of @beating john kasich come true, @long after that.
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@havener details yesterday, but @he expects we'll get them @sometime soon. @it's also worth noting donald @trump campaign commercials @start running over the weekend. @some democrats as well. @>> they do. @ralph king says the party ought @to be grateful. @they're spending a lot of time. @>> first, mitt romney saying @donald trump is this, donald @trump is that. @had this two-hour debate where @they slam donald trump. @cruz, rubio, kasich, all of @them saying if he's the @nominee, they will support @them. @>> they're republicans. @what is their choice? @ governor kasich is still on @the trail. @sunday arnold schwarzenegger
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@if he doesn't win ohio, he'll @withdraw from the race. @ senator bernie sanders @brings his campaign tomorrow. @this will be his third visit to @northeast ohio. @the winner of the primary gets @all of the state's delegates. @with 136 days until the @republicans come to town, the @city of cleveland continues to @prepare just in case crowds get @out of control during the @convention. @city leaders want to buy riot @gear. @that will include riot control @suits and collapsible batons, @plus bags to carry the gear. @it will all be bought with a @security grant for july's @convention. @ the jury find the defendant @or -- @>> of course that seen from 21 @years ago. @today a potential bomb shell
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@police in los angeles are @investigating a knife found @years ago on the property once @owned by simpson. @reports say it was discovered @by a construction worker in @1998 who gave it to an off-duty @officer. @that officer later retired and @never turned over the knife to @his bosses. @even if it is the long searched @for murder weapon, at this @point, that's a big if, legally @the case could not be reopened. @>> the double jeopardy would be @in place here, so we could not @charge mr. simpson with the @homicides that he's already @been charged with because he's @been acquitted. @>> lapd forensic teams will see @if they can get dna or other @evidence from the knife. @unrelated charges. @ a shooting of a kent state @student off campus last month, @the suspect is being held as an @adult. @the judge set bail at $2 @million. @the prosecutor only asked for a
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@because the jail is out of @room. @the teen is one of two teens @suspected in the 18-year-old's @death. @that 18-year-old, he tied in a @shooting death. @>> it just shows, you know, @what a great community we have, @how much support these kids @have for one another. @>> next at 6:00, dodge ball for @a cure. @how a community is rallying @support for a teen fighting for @his life. @ hi, greg. @>> hi, russ. @we'll talk about the snowflakes @in the forecast, plus, the one @day this weekend you will want @to make outdoor plans for. @>> prepeeled oranges. @what? @why a grocer is apologizing for @them. @that story and more when @channel 3 news at 6:00 returns
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@ @ check this out. @a twitter user posted this @photo showing prepeeled oranges @being sold in plastic @containers at a whole foods
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@critics say it promotes @laziness and violates whole @foods ecofriendly policies, and @the store seems to agree. @the item has been pulled. @they were selling for 6 bucks a @pound. @ going to akron. @strickland's frozen custard is @open. @they emerge with spring around @the corner. @this month stricklands is not @back open, but it's celebrating @a milestone. @they opened back in 1936. @ tonight, the story of @people coming together for @someone they probably don't @even know but who need their @help. @monica robbins brings us this @story of a young man fighting @cancer and the people fighting @for him. @hi, monica. @>> just six weeks ago. @jacob thought he had the flu, @but the symptoms became @progressively worse. @when he swelled, his mom took
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@the flu was actually cancer. @>> 14-year-old jacob rago had @to grow up pretty fast in the @last six weeks. @that's when he learned he had @an aggressive but rare cancer @that caused a large tumor in @his abdomen. @this taught him very important @things. @>> patience, gratitude, being @thankful that we have, like, @this great hospital and @everything right here. @i was able to get the treatment @that i needed and everything as @quickly as it was there. @>> jacob played football. @wednesday friends rallied 20 @dodge ball teams from several @county schools to have a @tournament to help fundie cob's @medical needs. @his -- fund jacob's medical @needs. @>> it shows what a great @community we have, how much @support these kids have for one @another. @>> it's nice knowing that many
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@>> it was amazing. @i couldn't believe so many @people could come together to @support jacob. @>> jacob has been home just @five of the last 40 days. @he has four more days of @intense chemotherapy in the @hospital before he can head @home. @but he knows it's working. @>> he has three cycles of @chemotherapy left. @after each we hope to say that @he's cured. @>> jacob won't be going back to @school this year, but he's @finishing up his studies, and @he plans to join his sophomore @class next year. @>> thank you, monica robbins. @ the greater cleveland @hosted their annual meeting @today. @united way shared more than @$40.5 million. @next week starts the beginning
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@it's a chance to shine a light @on things like scams and @identity theft. @it threatened both your privacy @and money. @it's also a team effort, which @means lawmakers, law @enforcement, and citizens all @alert. @monday channel 3 is partnering @with a number of organizations @to host a 90 minute phone bank. @monday evening. @representatives will be on hand @to answer your questions. @of course we'll have the phone @number up so you can take @advantage of that on monday. @ betsy is off tonight. @greg dee is here. @how are you? @>> very good. @pretty good for the weekend, we @have a little storm moving @through. @man, once we get past that, @russ, it's looking good. @>> i took a sneak peek. @>> well, i will tell you what @russ saw here coming up in the @next couple of minutes. @>> he got up there and got that @extended forecast before i @could take it off the screen. @temperature in the 30s as i go
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@30 in wooster after snow last @night. @a lot of it melted throughout @the day. @that's all you need this time @of year is little bit of @sunshine. @that sun is strong and we're @really going to put that sun to @work beginning on sunday. @scattered clouds not leading to @any rain or snow this evening. @if you're headed out, going to @see temperatures in the upper @20s, mid-20s. @cloudy skies, not much wind @either. @i think wind chills really @comfortable as we go through @the rest of the evening hours. @it should stay in the low 20s. @your weather headlines the next @couple of days, a messy mix @coming up on saturday. @that's the day for indoor plans @this weekend. @that sunshine really starts to @return on sunday. @temperatures will respond @slowly on sunday, but really @start to spike by monday and @tuesday of next week. @we're going to get spring like @quickly, i think. @next week. @looking at the big picture @around the region. @there's the area of low @pressure out to the west.
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@first this, warm front, that's @likely going to bring scattered @flurries and snow showers @early. @then we'll take a break, late @morning into the afternoon, @cloudy skies and a southeast @wind followed by this cold @front moving by tomorrow @afternoon. @i think at first most of that @will fall in the form of rain. @but, as this whole mess moves @away saturday night as @temperatures fall, a new thing, @there will be a chance for snow @to end that whole system. @we're definitely on the cold @side of things now to the north @of a very active jet stream to @our south this. @dip in the jet stream, helping @to pull much cooler air down @toward the great lakes. @that also will start to change @as we head through the 2nd half @of the weekend with the jet @stream lifting towards the @north toward canada. @a big chunk of this mild air @that's really building down @toward the rio grande river and @several days of southerly @winds. @we'll make sure we not only get @into the 40s or 50s but @possibly we're still talking
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@looking good in that extended @forecast coming up in just a @minute. @temperatures on our future @view. @8:30. @cold but dry. @there are snow showers and snow @flurries early saturday @morning. @a mine nor dusting possible. @temperatures below freezing. @your neighborhood roads may get @slick in a couple of spots. @main though roadwayway will be @find -- thoroughway will be @find. @we'll get rain moving there. @as that system pulls away, @colder air moves in on the @backside and by saturday night, @we'll change some of those @raindrops to snow showers and @snow flurries. @minimal accumulation. @sunday morning starts cloudy @and cold. @plenty of sunshine and winds on @sunday afternoon puts us well @into the 40 d.c. and the @warming trend continues after @that. @how much snow tomorrow, very @little. @i think even less than what we @saw with this last system. @generally an inch or less with
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@adjusting and the rain in @between will really wash things @away. @there's your extrended @forecast, 41 on sunday. @58 on monday. @low 60s on tuesday and then @next week, heavy rain likely by @wednesday and thursday. @sports is coming up next, but, @first, let's check in with joe @who's at the cleveland @autoshow. @ well, good evening. @the cleveland autoshow is @exciting enough, right? @well, things just got more @exciting. @mike joins me. @big news. @tim lolly chevrolet has moved. @>> we're at the heart of i271 @480. @so easy to get to. @people drive by every day. @it's really accessible. @>> you spent $15 million to @move this dealership. @why? @>> well, it seemed like the @right time to invest in @cleveland. @the people in cleveland have @supported us over 90 years and @really because our customers @deserve it. @>> and state-of-the-art @technology waiting for anyone @who stops by.
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@that we have, either sell or @service a car is brand new. @state-of-the-art. @it's amazing. @>> your third generation in @this family. @and your son, brock, is also @involved as well. @>> the fourth generation. @>> congratulations on the new @dealership. @you're here until sunday. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs?
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let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @more on the alex shiner news @and other stuff. @>> we like to close out the @week. @broncos. @no surprise tonight. @alex is stepping away as the @browns. @the future. @shiner has not been seen over @the last few months. @wasn't involved in the head @coaching search, one of many @signs he'll step away as of @march 31st but serve as a @consultant to the end of the @year. @jimmy haslam thanked alex for @helping him as a new owner, but @there was no room for shiner in @the new structure. @bryant has been suspended for @the first four games of last @season. @he violated the policy on @performance enhancing @substances.
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@following a traffic stop. @police found marijuana, @prescription drugs and a @handgun. @bryant can take part in off- @season workouts and preseason, @but it's possible he could be @released. @ okay, the cavs back at it @tonight, hosting the wizards. @cavaliers haven't played since @monday, but it doesn't feel @that way. @what a drama filled week. @i say get us to the playoffs. @cavs have lost three of their @last five games but didn't beat @the pacers on monday. @tonight a great point guard @battle. @john wall for the wizards. @let's ask lebron james. @do you have to give kyrie any @motivation or talk to him about @going up against one of the @best point guards in the game? @>> i don't. @i don't think there's a need @for it. @at the end of the day, you @know, it's not about one on one @individual matchups. @it's about the team getting a @win and for us to get better. @so those matchups are not @needed. @those conversations are not @needed. @>> maybe he'll send a tweet out
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@>> kevin love won't play @tonight. @don't worry. @no injury. @just rest. @they went to give guys rest @before the playoffs. @you wonder if the cavs want in @the playoffs. @the cavs, the miracle of @ridgefield team. @the first cavs team with the @winning record. @first team to make the @playoffs. @they lost in the eastern @conference finals. @what a great team. @that included campy russell. @>> nobody was ever beyond @reproach, meaning that, you @know, you could say and do and @talk and say whatever you want @to each other, but we all said, @okay, we hear you. @okay. @now, let's go play basketball. @>> jim jones doesn't get hurt, @maybe they win it all. @sorry to tell you tonight, bud @collins has passed away. @the legendary tennis writer and
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@collins was beloved for his @cheerful and enthusiastic @coverage of tennis. @he covered the sport for almost @50 years. @here on nbc, nobody knew it @better. @ cactus league taking on the @white sox. @the white sox get two in the @ninth. @and we end in a tie. @5-5. russ sell, it's the second @time -- russell, it's the @second time in a week. @>> we didn't play the reds @today. @>> no. @they took a day off. @>> they're right there, right @next to him. @going back to the browns for a @second, you said they're not @surprised at all by this move. @>> that is right. @truth be told, you know, alex @stepping away, but i think this @is the browns being nice to @alex, letting him step away @from his own. @you have other guys. @there wasn't any more room for @alex.
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@do, but definitely a business @move here. @>> thanks a lot. @>> we thank you all for @watching. @we are. @we're all coming back.
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tonight, trump's about face. he reverses what he said just last night in that raucous debate about torture, and it's hardly his first change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new twist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now testing it for evidence. hotel horror. following days of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award erin andrews $75 million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room. and stopping peanut allergies. what doctors say you could be doing now that might prevent a


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