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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  March 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@up on sundays for years. @now, it's happening. @>> why are so many vendors @planning to stay closed. @ hello chris and everyone. @we have snow showers on wait @for the day tomorrow. @it looks like the weekend could @have snow as well. @i'll have the latest in the @forecast. @[ singing ] @ this is as close to @overnight fame is done. @she wows all four judges. @ @. @ thanks for being with us. @tonight a 35-year-old cleveland @man is in custody accused of @threatening to kill the
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@and it may not be his first @time doing that. @we spoke to the relatives today @and found out about his @troubled history. @>> he's a troubled individual @who lost his father and hatched @a plan basically. @according to what the feds are @telling us, he was at the west @side and had too much to drink @and placed a phone call that @would get him in trouble with @the feds. @>> would a local man's @fascination of history. @he read books about the @assassination of president @kennedy and was enarm name @order by the subject. @he called the field office in @chicago of the secret service, @he said i want to kill @president obama and he wants to
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@statedly lastly he wants @federal charges not little @state charges. @he was looking for work and it @just doesn't sound like him. @>> had he ever been a political @perfect or anyone with the @candidates before. @>> not really, he was wondering @about john kennedy and the @assassination and stuff like @that. @he's never said anything. @>> the granddaughter said her @brother needed help. @he entered the navy in 1999 @only to later be discharged. @earlier this year he called the @mobile crisis line to say he @was suicidal. @when police arrived he stepped @outside to what turned out to @be a fake gun in his waistband. @investigators are look into
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@similar threat, and that may @have been when he was in texas. @back to you. @>> sure. @>> we turn our attention to @politics now, and this central @question, is there any way to @stop donald trump from getting @his party's nomination in @cleveland. @he has a big upper hand on @tuesday. @senior political correspondent, @efforts to block him continue @at this hour. @governor john kasich is hoping @to play a key role. @>> hope against hope to take @town donald trump. @>> john kasich and marco rubio @and ted cruz have the same @common enemy right now, it's @donald trump, do they start @unofficially working together. @one less candidate in the mix, @ben carson says he sees no way @forward for his campaign. @>> and john kasich is in the
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@>> i got no coverage until new @hampshire. @>> i won ohio, i expect i will @do it. @it's a new ball game. @it's back open again. @>> that will be easier said @than done. @if all three candidates @conspire. @>> they agree not to agree on @kasich and if cruz sits out and @rubio wins. @donald trump no longer has a @way to get enough delegates to @get the nomination. @>> and cleveland has the @political tug of war @convention. @a lot of big ifs, ohioans can @play a key role to electing the @republican. @ this came down on the west @side market. @it will be open an additional
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@some don't plan to change their @schedules. @let's get the inside scoop on @that. @this may surprise some folks. @>> reporter: starting april @3rd, the west side market will @open its doors from noon until @6. as you mentioned all these @feelings aren't actually lining @up properly. @lining up, they're actually @split about how people feel. @i went to about 89 stands, 37 @people told me they will be @open on sundays. @34 people told me they won't be @open while another 18 said they @don't know yet. @a lot of people who own stands @told me it's a big decision. @they don't just come in and @turn the lights on. @he sees sunday as a family day, @customers. @>> if sundays turn out to be a @bust that's where we'll have a @problem. @we're diagnose to be spending @extra money buying stuff and @won't be selling it. @so, i mean like i said, we're
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@back and look at it and keep @going, like reviewing their @books. @>> owners of the stands will @not be open on sundays, they @believe the extra day won't @help them generate new @business, they think the extra @day will spread the business @out. @they need another day off. @they deal with the parking @situation out here. @they plan to consolidate these @two lots making one big lot @which they say will generate an @additional 100 plus spaces. @this is expected to be done by @december, and when that @december mark hits, parking out @here will no longer be free. @reporting live outside of the @west side market. @>> a lot of dominos with this @alissa you have hundreds @sometimes thousands of people @to fill out parking spaces and @restaurants and bars, it's @interesting to see how this @will play out.
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@>> thank you so much. @>> it is a say neigh, that's an @voice. @it's making a northeast ohio @town proud. @carly is live in the singer's @hometown. @that town is buzzing with @excitement. @>> wakeman is a small community @of a thousand people 60 miles @west of cleveland. @now, not too much happens here. @when 16-year-old emily sang on @television, people paid @attention. @>> so, goodbye yellow brick @road. @>> her unique rendition had all @four coaches begging her to @choose them. @her voice was the top of @conversation today. @>> she should know everyone @supports her. @she has a tremendous voice and
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@>> we spoke to her about the @instant fame and her voice. @>> i'm not used to this @overnight explosion of stuff @going on. @it's really cool and i'm trying @to keep my head on straight. @>> emily chose ferrell as her @coach. @you can watch it on monday and @tuesday. @>> great voice and incredibly @well put together. @ cedar point's newest roller @coaster are about to ready to @thrill. @this is the val raven track. @they break ten world records, @including the longest, tallest @and the fastest dive coaster.
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@degree bend in the track. @coming up, a success in a @becomes. @a great i'd in a a box, it @could leave skinnedders with @success with their folks. @and why the buckeyes may rest
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@ @ welcome back here at 7, @local kids are coming into @kindergarten unprepared. @and one cleveland teacher only @one of his 26 students knew the @alphabet on his first day.
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@idea to make sure kids sucks @seeds. @he's the man of the hour. @he's a winner of the 2016 @accelerate program. @thank you for being with us. @explain to us a little about @about into the solution. @you had a situation where kids @were coming in not ready? @>> i teach kindergarten in @cleveland public. @many of my kids were coming in @significantly behind, so for @example, you should know your @letters coming into @kindergarten, numbers, be able @to write your first name and @not many are able to do that. @>> one in 26. @>> knew their letters. @>> it's time to think of @something to solve this problem @and how did it take you to? @>> this the one thing that i @realized and discovered, the @parents of my kids have been so @supportive, they're willing to @do whatever they can to help @their kids, they didn't know @how to prepare their kid.
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@give parents tools to help @their kids, they'll use it. @they can come in closer to @where they need to be and we @can have a big impact. @>> thousand skitles and fruit @loops and play dough come into @this ben. @>> you should know how to @count, how to categorize and @sort things. @you take fruit loops, you put @all the green, red and blue in @a pile. @you're cat forrizing things, @and teach the child to count. @what pile has the most or @least, how many piles do we @have. @how many do we have left. @>> you're putting a component @to this. @>> exactly. @parents can see this can be @educational. @>> you're able to convey size @shapes numbers letters and all @of the things that kids are @comfortable and drawn to in the @first place.
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@nutshell version, you have @$5,000 to make this thing fly? @>> yeah, so accelerate is an @etenth vent put on by the @cleveland leadership center, @people can pitch different @ideas and i was able to present @and ended up winning the money, @i'll get as many of these boxes @i can and get them into @cleveland schools hopefully @district and charter, and @collect a little data before @and after, and see and hear how @it's work and how can we prove @it and scale it from there. @>> do you have a branding name @for this? @>> families building future @leaders. @>> all in a shoe box. @>> thank you. @>> thank you for your effort. @it's impressive. @ coming up for us, @prolonging dogs live, a unique @way to help canines with @debilitating conditions rather
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@how about that? @the news continues this @wednesday night, we'll have
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@ @ it's quarter after 7, we
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@time of day. @maybe you're looking for @dessert. @a bakery in practicing have a @doughnut cone, it's ice cream @and doughnut. @it is made with cinnamon and @sugar and ice cream in the @middle. @the unusual ice cream delivery @system is a take on a slovak @pastry. @remember you may want to hear @of that first. @ there's an alternative to @putting pets to sleep when they @are sick. @they can go into retirement @homes. @a local vet checks them. @the cost depends on the dog's @size. @they charge about $660 a month @on average. @it's not cheap.
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@a sheepdog named stella has a @broken record delivering 17 @babies in napa california. @11 boys and six girls are doing @well and they'll go to farms to @work. @they're great at protecting @livestock. @17 is a record number for her @breed. @the vet who delivered the @puppies said it's the most seen @in a litter and the most is 12. @>> the numbers will get worse @before they get better around @here. @ it's relative. @>> that is a relative term. @>> and it's springish. @we're kind of in that season @where things can change very @quickly. @we have changes that will be @coming in and it starts tonight @actually. @we'll start to see the snow @that continues to linger in @northern ohio. @we'll get a period of partly @cloudy skies and clouds @increase depend. @temperatures dropping pack into @the teens and low 20s, by @daybreak we're likely to be in @the mid-20s, we have persistent
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@it's a stubborn through the day @today, the winds are changing @and the winds are changing in @advance of a clipper system @that's going to sweep through @in the deep south and ohio @valley, and the northern @extension of the ohio valley. @and it's moving across the @buckeye state especially later @in date rather than earlier. @>> let's go hour by hour in the @forecast, by daybreak, we'll in @the mid-20s to get the day @going. @peaks of sunshine, they'll be @around, hazy sunshine here and @there. @and midday temperatures are @likely to surge in the mid-30s, @here comes the snow chances @then as we head into the @afternoon, but the best chance @across all of northern ohio are @likely to come in the evening @hours, by 7:30 it's still dry @and we'll see snow showers @passing through the area as we @head into the evening and @overnight t doesn't look @impressive does it.
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@morning, we're looking at minor @locations, we could end up with @one to two inch total. @we'll keep an eye on how things @go. @tomorrow morning's commute it @does not look like a problem @for us. @then late day we'll start to @see snow chances ramping up. @temperatures holding into the @lows to mid-30s in the @afternoon. @we'll be in the lows on friday @as well. @once we get into the weekend, @the seven-day forecast mid-30s @on saturday with chance of @flushy snow accumulation, @sunday we see things taking a @nice turn, we'll see it going @into partly cloudy skies and @50s and 60s next week. @ is march coming in like a @lie cron or a lamb. @>> it's debatable at this @point. @we've had worse, but we'll take @it. @>> 60s on the five-day is not @bad. @>> yesterday was interesting.
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@ ohio state is chasing @another championship. @in the sport of wrestling. @>> this starts in northeast
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@ @ this weekend in iowa, the @city of iowa, it's the big ten @wrestling championship. @ohio state is the defending @champions and the defending @national champions.
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@northeast ohio right here is @the major reason why. @urban meyer, you know them @well, tom ryan he has something @special going on in columbus. @>> in coming here, the goal was @this type of thinking, a true @wrestling fan, every morning @they wake up thinking, these @guys have a shot, you know it's @just so hard to do, to win the @ncaa in a 100-year history of @the sport. @only 12 teams have won. @>> the buckeyes became 12 last @year winning the first national @championship in their 95 year @history. @it doesn't happen without the @help of northeast ohio. @the background of the program @has been rooted in northeast @ohio. @the place is special, the @northeast ohio, we started @greeting people. @>> nobody has won more at ncaa, @he became the 14th national @champion ever in the ohio @state.
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@matches that it takes to win @nationals again. @obviously, this weekend, the @big ten championship, i feel @prepared and ready to get after @it. @>> what he has accomplished @here in columbus, most @wrestlers can dream of and it @comes from the hard work and @dedication growing up in @northeast ohio. @>> we're watching these animals @attack with incredible passion. @>> and because nate and others @from our area are buckeyes, @ryan has a shot. @ @ that is very cool. @good luck to nate and the @buckeyes as they head west to @iowa this week. @i had friends calling and @texting me today, do they want @to put golf plans together @because it's in the 60s. @>> it will be mushy. @>> it's golf and it's march. @>> the rain between now, and
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@and then -- @>> it could be mushy and 80, i @mean come on, it's golf. @i'm shocked because you're such @a golf guy. @>> i like to do it when it's @perfect. @>> pristine, oh, geez. @spoiled. @>> we'll be back here at 11 @with russ and sarah as well.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive. >> don't trusttanyone. >> teresa and joe's last inteeview before he goes to prison. the tense new jersey house wife. her husband in tears. what will they say to their kids? >> my daughter, melania, tells me you are going away for a lot more months than mommy. >> the rumor and speculation is that you would be deported. >> then -- >> another "dancing with the stars" shake-up. first julianne left and now why her brother, derek, is out. now wait until you see the sexy new star back. >> and confessions of a celebrit >> we have hollywood's best kept


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