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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@it's a whole new ball game. @it's all back open again. @on channel 33 news.
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@march 15th, then that will take @three kasich ready to go all @out. @>> we're getting to move on to @march madness. @>> there's 13 days for the @antitrump forces to coalesce @and deny trump delegates to @force a contest in cleveland. @>> trump versus kasich, it may @be again. @>> that's big business @republican donors also coming @out in favor of kasich. @the national media treating as @low man on the totem pole. @>> we know he started @campaigning in michigan. @that didn't go well. @he had that tv appearance from
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@be in ann arbor. @wound up having to phone his @part in. @>> not as intended. @>> right ! tom, thank you. @>> news now on a cleveland @institution. @the westside market will open @its doors on sundays. @>> hi, russ, i went around to @stands in the west side market. @37 people told me they will be @open on sundays. @34 people told me they won't be @open. @sunday. @>> he says he already spends @about 63 hours a week at the @west side market. @and church day. @>> andrew agrees sunday is a @family day. @he says his stand will be open. @>> i'm willing to give it a
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@>> the westside market will be @open from noon to 6:00. @>> it's been ten years, and i @will be back. @>> sunday will be a good time @for me to come to the west side @market. @>> the next time morrison comes @back, the parking lot may look @different. @beginning next month. @the city plans to consolidate @more than 100 additional @spaces, but the spaces will no @longer be free. @>> i'm not sure how it's going @to work out yet. @i think they said a couple @hours free from market people. @vincent wants to see the the @market work, but like many @others here, he has fears. @>> i had a stand at the central @market, and i watch that get @ruined. @and i don't want to see this @one. @>> the city says the fee hasn't @been set yet. @the changes out here to these @two parking lots are expected @to be completely december and @that's when free parking will @end out here. @reporting live from outside the @west side market, alyssa @raymond, channel 3 news. @>> okay. @alyssa, thank you.
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@children are celebrating dr. @reading. @children not only enjoyed story @time with two cleveland police @and food. @>> people are saying to take @stuff. @the thing with me is like, when @you read, it's kind of fun to @me. @>> good to hear. @dr. seuss would have celebrated @his 112th birthday this year. @[music] @>> wow is right. @meet the northeast ohio teen @with the style that wowed the @coaches on last night's edition @of the voice. @hi, betsy. @>> well, guys, i think we have @another round of snow coming. @it does look like snow showers
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@through the day tomorrow. @i will talk all about that in @your hour-by-hour forecast. @next. @>> thanks. @are you afraid of heights. @a closer look at the nail @biting ride that will take you @on a dive this spring when
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@ @this northeast ohio singer's @rendition of good-bye yellow @brick road can put her on the @road to a big career. @her name, emily keener. @the 17-year-old from william @impressed coaches during the @blind auditions. @tonight her hometown is all @smiles with pride.
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@>> reporter: this big talent @comes from the small town of @wakeman. @we spoke about this talent @representing northeast ohio and @with emily herself about her @instant fame. @>> emily keener's performance @was the talk of the town today @at the brew pot cafe in @wakeman. @>> she has a lovely voice. @>> honestly, she's 16 years @old, she's phenomenal. @in a town of about 1,000 @people, this is a big deal. @>> it's just very nice, small, @quaint mayberry, if you will, @kind of town. @>> she said it felt surreal and @having all four coaches turn @their chairs. @>> i actually forgot the @coach's stood up for me. @i didn't think i got a standing @ovation.
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@thought, wait, what? @>> people in town thought it @was pretty cool too. @>> have a celebrity in a small @town. @>> it's good for wakeman. @>> i think she should know that @everybody supports her. @>> i hope that she wins. @>> keener says she'll never @forget the roots or those @cheering for her in northeast @ohio. @>> really cool to see my @friends and family and people i @never met before giving me so @much encouragement in this. @it's stunning, really. @>> emily chose pharrell as her @coach. @you can watch the voice on @monday and tuesdays on channel @3. @>> fingers crossed. @all right. @carly. @thanks. @ if you're afraid of @heights, it sounds like the new
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@the amusement park released @this incredible aerial footage @of this ride. @the final piece was placed @today. @the ride break as total of 10 @records, including the longest, @fastest, and tallest dive @coaster. @you can get a taste of the ride @when they open for the season @on may 7th. @>> i saw that video this @morning. @three words, forget about it. @>> that's a dive. @>> gets my stomach just @watching it on tv. @>> it will be roller coaster @season before you know it. @>> i tweeted out earlier. @that's kind of a big deal. @the sunrise goes into the 6:00 @hour. @tomorrow we'll gain three @minutes of daylight. @>> i love it. @>> it's good stuff. @we get to start it off on a @positive note. @and we have snow coming. @let's talk about temperatures @as we go through the evening. @we'll hold here in the mid-20s. @note that the wind shift is @taking place, though. @that's significant because of @two things. @number one, that will help to
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@lingering lake effect that @doesn't ever want to go away, @seemingly. @but it will also trigger a @little bit of some clearing. @so we're anticipating some @clearing after midnight. @once that comes in. @temperatures will likely drop @back into the upper teens and @low 20s. @then clouds increase toward @dawn. @it looks like tomorrow we'll be @making it back into the 30s. @that's good news. @we'll be off to a dry start on @thursday. @snow showers move in later in @the day. @we'll get some light @accumulations, not anything @we're not too concerned about @at this point. @another batch of snow is in our @forecast for saturday as well. @now i mentioned the lingering @lake effect. @it really does not want to go @away. @it's not added a lot of @accumulation. @we've had an inch in some @spots. @temperatures are currently in @the low 20s east. @we've got mid-and upper 20s @west, but the brisk breezes @that we hold on to as well, @it's dropping our wind chills
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@as the winds die back, those @wind chills will come up to @meet the air temperatures as @well. @of course the wind switch is a @trigger that something else is @coming in. @we have a clipper system that's @going to move in. @the rain and snow out to the @west of us will sweep through @the ohio valley. @as it does so, that will likely @spread the snow showers across @the state. @interestingly enough, the storm @center will be south of us so @we're actually expecting the @heavier amounts, which, believe @me, it's not that impressive of @the snow to be south rather @than north. @this is not lake effect we're @going to be dealing with. @cloudy skies remain as we head @through the midnight hour. @temperatures in the mid 20s, @fading back. @i do think this is a little @deceptive. @we'll go partly cloudy and the @temperatures will come back up @by daybreak and we'll begin the @day, the workday, the school @day, with temperatures in the @mid-20s. @note that the wind chills are @only in the low 20s. @by midday into the early @afternoon, we'll start to see @some snow showers developing on @the radar.
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@it into the low and mid-30s. @note, even through the evening @commute, not a lot of snow @happening. @it's into the evening we see @snow spreading across the area. @as it goes to the south of us, @the heavier showers are @expected to stay south as well. @how much snow is coming, don't @get too excited. @trace amounts of one or two @inches. @as far as the accumulations @trace to one in cleveland. @kind of the borderline there. @with one to two around the @mansfield area. @those temperatures in the low @30s. @again, a lot of that snow will @be coming later in the day into @the evening. @morning snow showers lingering @on friday with low 30s @continuing. @we'll have another round of @snow, a clipper coming in on @saturday, light amounts, two @inches or less. @and then in your window nation @7-day forecast, things take a @fantastic turn. @we do get back into sunshine, @to 40s, 50s, and even 60s. @we have outdoor plans.
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@something like that. @>> picnic. @>> all right. @all right. @thank you, betsy. @ coming up, could the browns @be losing their pro bowl center @to free agency. @>> we have the latest on alex @mack.
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@ @ al joins us tonight. @the draft still almost two
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@>> here we go. @seems like all browns all the @time. @something is always happening @in the nfl and to cleveland. @hue jackson is hoping to bring @a new attitude to the browns. @-- is an unrestricted free @agent. @he had 24 million left on the @deal too. @mack's agent said he's @definitely leaving open the @possibility of returning, @unquote. @but this is the first @opportunity he has to truly @season. @so we'll see. @quarterback carson wentz is
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@including his wonder wonderlic @test. @mcshea has jared goff. @another qb going to the 49ers @at number seven. @ the the baseball now. @the tribe and reds going at it. @they won the cactus league @opener yesterday 6-5. today @cody anderson with the start @for the tribe looking for the @fifth starter's job. @he went scoreless innings, @striking out one. @didn't give up a hit either. @this game was tied at zero @until the fourth inning. @fifth. @jose ramirez. @look at him. @the reds come back in the 9th @9th to tie the game, and that's @the magic of spring training @baseball. @after 9 innings, you can be @done regardless of the score. @after playing three games in @four games, cavs players were @given yesterday and today off
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@lebron james flew to miami with @his family on tuesday. @this morning he worked out with @the heat's dwyane wade. @last year he spent a week in @miami while recovering from @back and knee injuries. @lebron also sent out this @cryptic tweet about making a @mistake that has caused a stir @in the social media world. @lebron has a history of such @tweets that are geared toward @teammates, but we won't know @for sure until he's asked about @it tomorrow at practice. @ meanwhile, the cavs are @reportedly interested in free @agent swing man marcus @thornton. @he was waived by the rockets @after a failed trade to the @pistons. @the small forward averaged ten @points in 47 games with houston @this season. @this weekend in iowa city, it's @the wrestling championships. @ohio state is the defending @champ and the defending @national champs too. @the buckeyes are ranked seventh @in the nation.
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@in the program's history last @year. @the championships are in @madison square garden on march @19th. @he's really built a power house @there in columbus. @>> we're at the point now where @fans can say and supporters and @alumni and buckeye nation, you @know, the wrestling team has a @shot. @shot. @that's the plan. @a huge vision here. @you know, i think the best is @yet to come here as good as @things are going. @>> good luck to the ohio state @wrestling team. @good luck to the browns as they @figure this out. @let's hope they can get the @right guy at quarterback. @there's three or four guys @they're considering right now. @>> that would be fantastic if @they got the right quarterback. @now, this move, a business @move, perhaps a smart one for @him. @>> very smart indeed. @even if he wants to stay here, @that gives him the opportunity @to drive up his price. @he said good-bye to 24 million @over the next three years.
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@from that from somebody else. @>> sounds like a good deal. @>> thank you so much for @watching. @jimmy is off tonight. @chrischris tye is in for him. @>> nbc nightly news is coming
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tonight. party panic as donald trump wins big on super tuesday. republican leaders revolt. mitt romney set to lead the charge against trump, but is it too late. also tonight, hillary clinton surges ahead, but bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. mystery debris found. nbc newsreaks the story. a piece of a boeing 777 that could be from that missing malaysian airlines flight american. could he help solve one of the world's most baffling puzzles? a major abortion fight at the supreme court. the biggest new battle in years that could have sweeping implications for women across the country. and automatic money back when you shop online.


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