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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@and what led to the ter feeing @situation. @>> hidden drug danger. @actions a local school is @taking after a drug-laced @cereal bar sent students to the @hospital. @>> it's only monday but we have @a lot to talk about as far as @weather for the week ahead. @a couple storm systems to @track. @i will tell you all about it. @>> many women who left their @kitchens to go door to door and @put yard signs up for me. @>> a controversial comment @about women isn't the only @thing ohio's governor is @catching flak for on the @campaign trail. @>> this is channel 3 news @brought to you by universal @windows direct. @ good evening. @an amazing story to begin with, @a cleveland man survived a @freak accident and even he @doesn't know how it all @happened. @here is how it goes. @early this morning he woke up
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@truck with a broken leg and has @no idea how he got there. @this afternoon he spoke @exclusively to andrew horansky @who joins us where he was @found. @we are all ears. @>> reporter: that is quite a @lead in, isn't it? @this is where he ended up. @the way he describes it is it @is like that scene from star @wars where they ended up in the @trash suit. @the wall inside the truck kept @closing in on this guy. @fortunately though he wasn't @crushed. @talk about a close call. @this 29 year old father to be @admits having a few drinks with @co-workers last night but @insists he wasn't drunk. @the last thing he remembers is @coming home and stepping @outside for a smoke. @the rest is a blur. @because of some embarrassment, @we are not showing his face but @instead his fracture, after his @leg was crushed in the back of @a garbage truck this morning @after he had fallen asleep in
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@it was by banging a broom that @he got the driver's attention, @a driver by the way he doesn't @blame for anything. @>> screaming help hoping @somebody would hear. @i don't think it was @negligence. @>> is he awake? @>> he's yelling his leg is @broken. @>> is he breathing? @>> i hear him talking. @>> reporter: he knows he is @lucky. @this weekend in fair lawn, a 49 @year old man was accidentally @crushed after he ended up in @the back of a garbage truck @there. @investigators still aren't even @sure how he got inside. @as for the most recent case, @this man suspects his @medications mixed poorly with @alcohol. @at least that's one theory from @all of this. @he says he would have called @the process as well. @thanks. @sure. @ a woman died after a dive @lake. @a person walking by saw a car
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@the woman's body in the lake. @they called for help. @the dive rescue team pulled 41 @year old heather myers from the @water. @she later died at akron general @medical center. @the cause of her death at this @point is unknown. @ it's an off the cuff @comment by governor john kasich @and it is causing up uproar @among women. @this is on top of something @else he did this weekend adding @to controversy about women's @health. @>> reporter: john kasich just @made headlines signing a law @defunding planned parenthood. @a comment at a virginia town @hall meeting is not setting @well with women talking about @his first campaign 38 years @ago. @>> i just got an army of people @who -- many women -- who left
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@>> reporter: one woman called @her vote. @>> i will come to support you @kitchen. @>> i got you. @>> i don't have any tickets for @know. @go ahead. @>> reporter: a planned @parenthood spokesperson calls @the remarks flat out insulting @adding his attitude to women is @causing real harm. @women's health. @it's not in that group. @that organization is largely @discredited. @we'll put it places where @people can go. @>> reporter: a spokesman says @his campaigns have always been @homegrown affairs. @that's real grassroots @campaigning and he is proud of @support. @>> many women left their @kitchens. @>> reporter: to try and twist @the comment into anything else @is just desperate politics. @>> reporter: a footnote to the @story is an important one. @kasich appeared on cnn within
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@we posted this story on @facebook for you. @people have shared it dozens of @times. @our producer is here with us to @share some of the comments, a @lot of comments. @>> of course. @as you can imagine, it's an @emotional story. @rick asks us to listen to his @full quote. @this is taken out of context. @florence asks why are women so @upset? @women choose to remain stay at @home mothers even today. @but plenty of people are upset. @ruth says this ties in @perfectly with push to defund @planned parenthood in ohio. @amy says he has done all he can @to limit the rights of the same @women he is immune to how @sexist his comments sound, @totally tone deaf. @you have to wonder how this @could affect his campaign. @>> here is the thing about @governor kasich. @he has said throughout the @entire campaign since he
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@time of his life running for @republican nomination. @probably this is the worst day @so far. @thanks very much. @>> sure. @ developing in cleveland, @four students are recovering at @home after eating cereal bars @tainted with drugs. @hilary golston joins us live. @>> reporter: good evening. @authorities haven't told us @what was in the food but the @students complained of upset @stomach, felt out of sorts. @that's what a school @administrator told me. @this began when a student went @to the dean saying i just don't @feel right. @three girls and one boy sent to @the hospital, a school @administrator says they were @sent to the hospital after @eating cereal bars apparently @laced with some kind of drug. @some parents didn't even know. @>> wow!
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@on when the kids come out. @calling parents. @>> reporter: a robo call went @to parents letting them know @what happened before lunch. @the 8th grade girl brought the @cereal bar or bars to school @kids. @>> we feel our children truly @aren't just our students. @they're our children. @administrator says the student @who handed this out to fellow 8 @8th graders won't be in school @tomorrow. @bishop also says there could be @a reprimand here but they are @still investigating, trying to @get to the bottom of exactly @how this happened. @he says the school protocol is @for kids not to be sharing food @and to bring what the school @provides or what they bring @from home and eat themselves. @jimmy. @>> thanks very much. @ when we come back on the @news at 7:00, moves by good @samaritans that saved a @driver's life before his suv @ignited.
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@item inside the vehicle that @survived the fire. @plus. @>> this is the biggest thing @that ever happened here. @>> one photo is the only @evidence of a great memory of @babe ruth 94 years ago. @until now, how one phone call @has united great bambino fans @young and old to relive a very @special game right after the
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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@ @ we've got some baseball for @you tonight. @94 years ago, a small town @welcomed the gift of a @lifetime. @babe ruth played an exhibition @baseball game in a place called @sleepy eye minnesota. @boyd hooper of our sister
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@of the legendary game is still @very much alive through the @eyes of a long-time fan. @on cold winter days, baseball @never seems further away. @but in sleepy eye, one game is @always held close. @>> this is probably the most @well known photo in sleepy eye @history. @>> this is the biggest thing @that ever happened here. @>> reporter: for scott, dean, @and randy, the obsession -- @>> i would say so. @two for three on here. @>> reporter: this took route @before they were born. @ruth was already an icon but @local boosters and baseball @crazy sleepy icon vinceed him @to play off season exhibition @here. @>> he was the biggest star on @the biggest stage. @>> reporter: randy, research.
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@>> reporter: he has researched @every nuance of the day. @>> when he stepped off the @train -- @>> reporter: the babe's brief @stay at the hotel, the banquet @he attended at st. mary school @and departure from the depot @and a game played 94 years ago, @babe youth and his yankees @teammate on the left. @>> i think what's neat is we've @got one photo and the stories @that the one photo is telling. @>> reporter: one photo with @many faces. @>> this is john cutting. @>> reporter: some are still @alive to share their stories @until the years took their toll @and in 2011. @>> that's little spin right @there. @>> reporter: spin at 99 was the @last to go. @>> at that point you think @they're all gone. @>> for sure, yes.
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@seemingly out of nowhere, a @message arrived from five hours @away. @>> i know i have heard the @story from my grandpa multiple @times. @>> reporter: joel youngman grew @up listening to his grandpa's @boy hood stories from sleepy @eye. @>> he would talk and talk about @him. @>> reporter: joel. @>> i think it will be @interesting to hear this. @>> reporter: a bomb shell. @that long unidentified tike in @the cap was lynn, joel's @grandpa. @>> never got tired of hearing @it. @>> this is special. @>> reporter: joel had babe ruth @ruth's home run ball. @>> sleepy eye, minnesota. @>> reporter: he also still had @the grandpa who gave it to him. @>> i will be 105 in march. @>> reporter: what do you think @happens next? @>> something is telling us we @gotta go.
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@>> of course they wondered will @lynn still be sharp? @a man doesn't forget playing @with his childhood friends @beyond the outfield fence. @>> here comes this baseball @flying way over the center @fielder's head. @he didn't even chase it. @it came right to me. @i picked it up and ran with it. @>> reporter: nor will three men @fresh from a five hour drive @ever forget this. @>> lynn, nice to meet you! @from? @i can't imagine anybody coming @this far for a baseball. @>> this was of course never @about the ball. @>> this is a 1908 team. @>> i know them all. @>> reporter: rather, the next @five hours they will spend @talking hometowns and baseball.
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@>> no, he don't. @>> reporter: connections, past @to present. @>> he will always be baseball's @great man. @>> reporter: young to old, @winter to spring. @>> what a story that was! @when we come back, holy beer. @monks are going to great @lengths to create a special @brew that will help restore a @religious landmark. @>> betsy is here to show us @when snow can come back to our
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@ @ a memphis man can thank @good samaritans for saving his @life before his car exploded. @this is what the scene looked @like after strangers pulled the @driver from his car. @someone side swiped his suv @sending it off the road and @into a pole. @good samaritans smashed the @windows and helped authorities @pull him out. @eve girawong was charred -- @everything was charred except @for one thing, a bible. @the sight was so moving it @prompted witnesses and a k-9 @officer to pray. @ beer brewed by monks in @italy is so successful, it will
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@the monks use the money to fix @their centuries old italian @monastery. @it's a belgian style brew. @it's on its way across the @atlantic right now. @look for it soon. @here is a little known fact. @the tradition of monks brewing @beer goes back to a time when @monks drank the beer during @lent to help them fast. @ a dream come true, a @magical sight to see. @this was virginia's dream to @lady michelle. @the 106 year old was so excited @she started to dance and then @the obamas danced with her. @mclauren told them she never @thought she would live long @enough to see the white house @and she was there as part of @black history month and a @celebration held in washington. @>> we have had some incredible @stories tonight in the show. @>> it's an uplifting monday. @>> it's great.
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@positive monday? @is it positus. @>> so it's positive tuesday @eve. @ let's look at what's going @on with the weather. @it's not so positive @unfortunately. @tomorrow will be beautiful. @we have a few clouds around the @region. @you can see the snow showers in @michigan. @that's really not part of what @is a winter storm watch that @goes from wednesday through @thursday. @that is just one little piece @of a much larger puzzle that @brings in winter storm @warnings, weather advisories in @the rockies, flood watches in @the deep south. @all three are related by one @storm system that will be @developing through the next 24 @hours. @you see the dip, the rain @starting to come out, really @start to develop in texas. @this is the beginning of the @storm system that will hook @through the mississippi river @valley and come right up over @the buckeye state. @that means a big mess for us as @we head through the week. @let's look at the forecast and
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@tomorrow it's going to be @beautiful. @it does look like the storm @system as it develops in deep @south will begin to move @through mississippi river @valley. @it is starting to track into @the tennessee valley. @on wednesday that storm will be @in tennessee. @the center of the storm. @but the rain ahead of it will @be spreading over northern ohio @and at times we can have heavy @rain moving through. @there are concerns as far as @flooding potential for @wednesday. @then the cold air gets here on @thursday. @that means that rain will be @changing to snow and we are @anticipating one to three @inches or so of the sloppy wet @accumulation by the end of @thursday. @as far as tomorrow, i mentioned @it's going to be beautiful with @temperatures well into the 40s @across the area. @window nation seven-day @forecast does bring that rain @in for wednesday and changes it @to snow for thursday as @temperatures drop. @friday, we have lake effect @that continues. @saturday and sunday, fine. @then more snow starts to move @in as we get into monday.
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@northeast ohio after the break @and the afore mentioned super @dave checks in from arizona. @>> how is francisco lender
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@ @ okay everybody, let's go to @arizona. @that is where super dave is at @indians training camp in good @year, arizona. @dave, we all waited and waited @for francisco lindor to come to @the majors. @what we saw last year was worth @the wait. @>> reporter: i will tell you @what, you are right about that. @i remember going to interview @him in akron a few years ago @and thinking how mature he was
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@he got to the majors he would @be big time. @i didn't know it would be this @quick. @there are a lot of expectations @for the indians team, a lot of @smiles and energy and a big @reason why is francisco lindor. @we have been spoiled in @cleveland watching great short @stops. @oh the memories. @it's time to be spoiled again @we hope for a long time. @>> i am excited. @i can't wait until opening day. @it will be fun to open up, my @first opening day in cleveland. @>> reporter: listening to @francisco lindor talk and @watching him play you would @think he's had many opening @days. @spring training, old hat. @the 2011 first round pick @guaranteed the guy for the @first time. @>> great, yeah. @i still gotta compete. @the way i am, the way i have @always been, i gotta compete. @i gotta compete and get better.
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@this is going to be a big year @for him. @he is no longer new. @that's what i have always said. @for every young person in this @game, the first year you are @kind of new. @the second year is always the @toughest. @>> reporter: lindor won't use @losing rookie of the year last @year as motivation this year. @>> i didn't win. @i don't play for awards. @the only awards i want, i want @a ring. @i want to win. @ultimately if i win i get to @tell everybody, whatever you do @in life, i am a winner. @>> reporter: boy i love hearing @that. @that's a lot of excitement, @jim. @>> anyway, i think he was going @to say the exciting thing about @francisco lindor is once he got @here last year, he did it all. @we always knew he would be a @slick fielding short stop and @we have had great short stops @during our years here. @but the fact that he hits so @well and he was so aggressive,
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@to the team. @so it will be fun to watch him @in game two, year two of the @season. @dave will be with us. @we will unfreeze him and have @him ready to go the rest of the @week from goodyear, arizona. @that's it for us. @entertainment tonight is next. @have a great rest of your @monday night, everybody. @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @take channel 3 news with you @wherever you go by downloading
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tonight, new kardashian backlash. what happened after kris general jenner w booed in front of thousands. >> and kanye breaks up a violent paparazzi brawl. >> wait until you see the crazy way he broke up the plus, we have the first photo of kim and kanye's baby boy. st. west. then exclusive photos of bill cosby's wife before testifying in her husband's defamation case. what does camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene.


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